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GTM 143 ready to download

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

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Webstore = 20% off anything already not on sale
through Jan 8, 2012

We ask that you bring in all returns and exchanges by Jan 10th.

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+finecast is included on the 3rd week of release.

o Happy Birthday Discount
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 4pm Various Events

Jan 16, Mon 4pm
Lord of the Rings Heroclix $5
(Demos will be provided)
"Sound the Charge"
Prize: One of the Nine LE
600 pts LotR Clix
Special Rules: Each player may begin with one Horde stack up to 4 squares outside of their starting area.

Jan 23 Mon, 4pm Yugioh Duelist Tournament $5 (all ages)
Jan 30 Mon, 4pm Yugioh Duelist Tournament $5 (all ages)
We will have a stack of Duelist League Rare/Participation Prizes and they will be shuffled randomly and everyone gets Four.
Gator Games will be putting Sneek Peek Holos and other Holos into the mix.
Players will have 3 rounds of play - 50 mins each.
If you win, the loser gives you a foil or promo of choice.
We will give a Tournament Pack & Duelist Leather case to the Overall Winner.

Tues.: Jan 17 4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed. Jan 18 4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
New League Prizes! Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

Jan 18 Wed 4:30pm The Incredible Hulk Heroclix $5
Prize: Adam Warlock LE Figure and Globe of Ultimate Knowledge Special Object
300 Pts Sealed

Jan 25 Wed 4:30pm "M.A.D." Heroclix 4:30 $5
Prize: Gamma Bomb Special Object
800 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: After all normal objects have been placed, each player must place a Gamma Bomb Special Object on the Map.

Thurs. Jan 19 4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2010)
We can only take 16 people.

Fri. Jan 20 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

January 14, Sat 11am Yugioh Order of Chaos Sneak Peek $20 (32 players)
January 15, Sun 11am Yugioh Order of Chaos Sneak Peek $20 (16 players)
signups at 10:30am

Jan 21 Sat 11am Lord of the Rings Heroclix $5 (Demos will be provided)
"A Meeting of Armies" 1000 pts LotR Clix
Prize: The One Ring Special Object
Special Rules: Increase the Maximum Stack Size for all hordes by 1. Each Player may perform up to two Epic Actions per turn instead of 1. No Epic Action may be repeated two turns in a row.

Jan 22 Sun 11am Nightfall Tournament Free
There will be only one personal archive draft and you will have this throughout the tournament
Games will be 60 min Rounds.
Ahmad Hassan and Pale Fury promos to all.

Jan 28 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (32 players)
Jan 29 Sun 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (16 players)
10:30am singups

Feb 4 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Launch (32 players)
10:30am singups
Feb 5 - Superbowl Sunday - no events

Feb 12
, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

Feb 24 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Game Day
Bring a Type II - stanard deck

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

PSI CT35123 Battletech: Technical Readout 3055 Upgrade $29.99
_____ QNG 67011 3 IN 1 (Three Classic German Gardgames) $29.95
_____ WWP 25033 Vampire The Requiem: The Resurrectionists $19.99
_____ GWI 319 Rorys Story Cubes - Actions $7.99
_____ SJG1485 Munchkin 8: Half Horse, Will Travel $ 19.95
_____ SJG5540 Munchkin Cthulhu Kill-O-Meter $ 6.95

_____ FFG DJ01 Descent: Journeys In The Dark 2nd Edition $79.95
Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a narrative board game in which one player takes on the role of the treacherous overlord, and up to four other players take on the roles of courageous heroes. This updated version of the classic dungeon-delving board game features a host of enhancements, including new heroes and monsters, streamlined rules, a class-based hero system, campaign play, and much more!

_____ FFG DJ02 Descent: Journeys In The Dark 2nd Edition Conversion Kit $29.95
The Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Conversion Kit includes everything you need to transfer your First Edition heroes and monsters to Second Edition. With Second Edition-compatible cards for every monster and hero ever produced (including promotional heroes!), this convenient conversion kit is an indispensable tool.

_____ FFGDW08 Deathwatch: The Jericho Reach $ 49.95 SRP
The Jericho Reach is an exciting new supplement for Deathwatch! This comprehensive tome provides in-depth information on the struggles of Kill-teams currently operating throughout the Reach. Each chapter delves into detail on the personalities, planets, and themes of a specific salient, while providing players and Game Masters alike with important resources for integrating the setting more deeply into their campaigns. What's more, The Jericho Reach includes a full adventure. When Watch Fortress Erioch receives an astropathic distress signal from deep inside a Tyranid-infested planet, the Kill-team is immediately dispatched to investigate. Now, they must fight their way through monstrous adversaries while working to uncover the source of the strange message. But can they solve the mysteries of this war-ravaged world in time?

_____ FFGMEC10 LotR: LCG: Road To Rivendell Adv. Pack $ 14.95
Having traversed the freezing snows and treacherous mountain pass of the Redhorn Gate, the heroes of Middle-earth continue their winding journey through the hills west of the Misty Mountains. But the way is long and perilous, and dangers await those sent to escort Arwen Undómiel along the Road to Rivendell. Road to Rivendell is the thrilling second chapter of the Dwarrowdelf narrative arc. Ferocious enemies lie in wait throughout the high hills west of the Misty Mountains, ready to ambush the intrepid heroes, and players must shield Arwen from danger even as their heroes fight for their lives. Road to Rivendell introduces 60 new cards, including an all-new scenario, a new hero, three copies of each new player card, and an exciting new Ambush mechanic that changes how enemies engage with players.

o *** Mfg. Notices***

Mansions of Madness Replacement Cards
Learn how to request your free set of reprinted cards.


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.

GBG 030021 Forest Dlx Lotus Dice Bag Acc $9.00
GBG 030022 Forest Mega Lotus Dice Bag Acc $18.00
GBG 030061 Cherry Dlx Lotus Dice Bag Acc $9.00
GBG 030062 Cherry Mega Lotus Dice Bag Acc $18.00
GBG 030050 Midnight Mini Combo Lotus Dice Bag Acc $5.00
GBG 030052 Midnight Mega Lotus Dice Bag Acc $9.00
PKU14002 PKM: Mini-Sticker Book: Black Edition $ 4.99
PKU14003 PKM: Mini-Sticker Book: White Edition $ 4.99
PKU14004 PKM: Mini-Sticker Book: Victini Edition $ 4.99
GTM 143 Game Trade Magazine #143 Mag .50 or free with preorders
UPR 82123-3 MTG Mana 3 All Symbols DP Accessories $10.99
SGR100046 28mm Fantasy Terrain: Dragon Altar $14.00

PLE89400 Magicians Kitchen $ 30.00
Kaboom! Hiss! A colourful cloud of smoke billows out of the magic cauldron. It's a hot day in the old magic kitchen, where the little magician's apprentices are learning the art of brewing magic potions. They need to put plenty of ingredients in the cauldron for this.
Be careful! Make sure you don't stumble.
Once all of the ingredients are in place, it's time to make a fire. But will it be that easy?
Leg of toad and stumbling curse, which of you will be the first?

ELF GA01 Arcanum BG $60.00
In Arcanum, players represent different paths for Fate, each seeking to shape the destiny of those Houses to best suit their goals. The first board game by acclaimed Tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo, Arcanum includes a complete tarot deck featuring wondrous illustrations by Patrizio Evangelisti.

ELF RG2015 Ristorante Italia Board Game 65.00
Enter the tasty world of Italian food as you become the manager of your very own Ristorante Italia! Build a menu of your favorite dishes, gather ingredients from the market, take a cooking class, and add on a new dining room. Make enough money to keep your restaurant afloat long enough to wow the critics, attract famous customers, and ultimately prove that you're the greatest Italian chef in the world!

ELF SCR0011 011 Board Game 65.00
An Investigative Race Against the End of Time Inspired by the Music of Therion! Eight souls are given a rare opportunity: to delay the inevitable war of the gods and forestall the end of the world. To achieve this feat, they must locate the Chosen One, compose the 'Song of Making,' and deliver both to the 'Inscrutable Organ of Eternity' hidden somewhere in the mystic city of Turin. But they have only 11 hours... 011 is a game of mystery and adventure set in a steampunk-style world inspired by the music of Swedish symphonic metal band Therion.

ZMG 7093 Dungeon Petz Board Games $64.99
The game consists of several rounds in which players use unusual worker placement mechanisms (players simultaneously prepare different sized groups of imps in order to play sooner than others). To become the leader of imp family that has just started a new business, they will have to prepare themselves for the uneasy task of raising creature cubs and pleasing their different needs represented by cards in order to sell them as grown scary creatures to Dungeon Lords. In the meantime they also attend various contests in which they show off their pets, scoring additional points.

CIS CS1034 Anima Tactics LF Natures Wrath Mini $29.99
A Nature's Wrath is an incarnation of the unleashed power of Gaia. An instrument of vengeance that Gaia allows to run free to destroy anything that is a menace to the planet. These powerful elemental beings can be summoned from time to time to do the bidding of especially powerful practitioners of the magical arts.

CIS CS2036 Anima Tactics DF Morrigan Mini $59.99
In more than seven centuries of history, Samael has had among its members the strangest of entities. With the possible exception of the Fallen Angels themselves, none of these beings can be compared to the creature that is Morrigan, Lady of Space and Time. Her origins are a mystery. She is a legend among legends, a being out of dark tales that roams the earth having taken physical form. The most widely believed tale is that she is one of the nine great Demon Queens, born in ancient times from a distortion in existence that gave her consciousness. However, this may simply be another of the many stories inspired by her thousands of years of existence.

GGS 003 Ascension Storm of Souls Exp BG $39.99
The shadow of Deofol still looms over Vigil. Samael has fallen, but his actions have forever scarred the foundation of the realms. His surviving minions are scattered and hidden, plotting evil. Yet, even as the Vigil gathers itself against this remaining enemy, it is beset by a new darkness. The storm looms. Who among you will stand before it? Playable as a stand-alone game or combine with the Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer core set to create even more wondrous possibilities, the 200-card Storm of Souls expansion introduces new mechanics, strategy, and excitement to the world of Ascension, including all-new Event cards that change the rules as you play and new Trophy rewards to collect to gain power!

TGM FOR01 Fortuna Board Games $39.99
Many roads lead to Rome! In Fortuna, the players are ambitious young Romans striving for influence in the Roman Empire. In their quest for power, happiness, and wealth they leave their own village and travel towards the City of Rome. The road to Rome can be long and there are many ways to reach your life purpose. Can you reach the City of Rome to witness the March to Victory? Serve the Empire well, and it will serve you!

TGM OPR01 Opera Board Games $54.99
In 1607, Monteverdi's opera La Favola d'Orfeo had its worldwide premiere. Now, more than 400 years later, Opera the Board Game will be presented to the world! This strategic board game takes the players on a journey through three centuries of opera, leading them through the periods of Baroque, Classicism, and Romance, revolving around the famous music of Handel, Monteverdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, and Verdi.

FOX OCTI Octi Board Game 29.95
Build! Move! Conquer! In this fun, easy-to-learn game, players need to choose between moving their pieces - or improving them!

FOX PARADISO Paradisio Board Game 24.95
Immerse yourself in unexplored islands and create idyllic archipelagos in this tile-based board game.

FOX TAIGA Taiga Board Game 24.95
The taiga is home to many kinds of animals. Families of red foxes, porcupines, beavers, snowy owls, and caribou live there, hidden in nature. Sarah and Jacob, two biologists, are trying to study them and need to take a closer look. Can you help them find the hidden animals in this memory and deduction game?

IMP GMG5065 Dungeon Crawl Classics #66 (GSL) Role Playing 14.99
Some old ladies bake cookies. Others plot the destruction of the town that exiled them! Elziba Caulwik is the latter. Before the heroes can mete out justice to the crone of Tanglethorn Manor, they'll have to rescue their kin from a burning guard tower, assault a stronghold of marsh-bound freaks, and navigate the sewers of their dying city.

IMP LZG0100 Node Card Game 18.00
Challenge your rivals in a battle of wits in Node! In this competitive card game, Hackers compete to prove their mettle by infiltrating and compromising a corporation's servers and data havens. Players attempt to expand and capture five different types of nodes on the server, trying to outflank each other without losing their lead, and lock down the nodes they've captured.

FFG WHC26 Warhammer LCG Karaz-a-Karak BP Card Game $14.95
The great Dwarf hold of Karaz-a-Karak teems with activity, as skilled smiths hammer day and night. But will it be enough to pay back a centuries-old grudge? The fourth Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, Karaz-a-Karak introduces three copies each of 20 unique cards and serves as an invaluable expansion for players harboring ancient grudges against past opponents. This hard-hitting Battle Pack introduces a host of options to players' Dwarf decks, as well as never-before-seen support, tactic, and unit cards for players of all six factions.

SFP 1200 SOC Vikings Game Set Board Game 29.95
SFP 1201 SOC Chinese Game Set Board Game 29.95
Expand the Settlers of Catan game with these official game pieces! Each set features four cities, five settlements, and 15 roads from different cultures in history, hand-crafted in fine pewter, complete with a special Robber token modeled after each cultural setting.

ELF GA01 Arcanum Board Game 60.00
In Arcanum, players represent different paths for Fate, each seeking to shape the destiny of those Houses to best suit their goals. The first board game by acclaimed Tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo, Arcanum includes a complete tarot deck featuring wondrous illustrations by Patrizio Evangelisti.

NSK WT01 Warriors & Traders Board Games $69.99
Rewrite History! Forge Your Destiny! Conquer your opponents - or outwit them - to build the most prosperous kingdom in Warriors & Traders! As king of an embattled country set during the Dark Ages, your capital is surrounded by hordes of barbarians who've settled on the lands - but you feel that under your rule these provinces could bring prosperity and glory. Develop your production and engage in trade to gather precious resources that will allow you to claim the lands which are rightfully yours. You may be a peaceful trader who fills the royal treasury with gold, but for the other kings your wealth is a temptation. Build forts to defend your lands - or take fate in your own hands and prepare for battle!

FRD 101350 Pret-a-porter BG $64.99
Money can be a dangerous weapon! An economic strategy game set in the world of fashion, players in Pret-a-Porter run clothes companies and fight for dominance during fashion shows. During the game players open new branches and outlets, hire new workers, and try to gain new capabilities. New Design Agencies, Brand stores, or Preparation rooms are opened, Accountants, Models, and Designers are hired, while lucrative contracts are signed to allow for short-term profits and expand company's competencies.

FRD 101351 The New Era NCG $54.99
Four factions have grown and their boundaries widened. The conflict is not to be averted. Blood will soon be shed. Mutants Union is the power that made rocks roll and attack, and the other factions responded quickly. The New Era begins... the era of war! This standalone expansion for 51st State contains more than 80 new cards and a new, fifth faction - The Hegemony, a violent band of criminals.

FRD GG101311 Santiago de Cuba BG $39.99
Welcome to Santiago, Cuba's second largest city! The chaotic streets hum with the sounds of bustling crowds and busy commerce. Your business card says "broker", but in reality you're a shady wheeler-dealer who arranges deals with the locals and corruptible officials to move goods and meet the demand of those ever-present cargo ships. If you are the best at seizing the ever-changing opportunities that arise and invest your limited money more wisely than your fellow brokers, you'll win!

MGP 30000 CA Star Fleet Main Rulebook RPG $29.99
Throughout humanity's space-age history, the Federation has come under pressure from many enemies. Now you can play out these confrontations on the tabletop with entire fleets drawn from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire, or any one of the many other fleets that range across the galaxy, using the Origins Award-winning A Call to Arms system. From skirmishes involving lone destroyers to the clashing of large fleets against their bitterest rivals, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is your ticket to exciting battles that take place in the depths of space in the Star Trek universe. [These products are done as a joint venture with ADB, Inc. under the strict terms of their contract with Paramount.

MRP 0017 COC Horror for the Holidays RPG $19.99
Holidays. Special days of commemoration and celebration. Feasts and festivities. Remembrance and revelry. But what dark things lurk just out of sight, in the shadows of those celebrated days? Edited by Scott David Aniolowski (Singer of Strange Songs, Return to Lovecraft Country), this anthology brings new classic horror from Ramsey Campbell (Cold Print, Scared Stiff) and Thomas Ligotti (The Nightmare Factory), as well as newer voices to this dark choir.

QNG 60661 German Railways Board Games $64.95
The first game in the new Iron Horse Collection! The 19th Century: Witness the time when proud iron horses pounded the earth and steamclouds rose up to the sky! Choose one of Germanys most efficient railway companies and lead it to greatness - again!

QNG 60681 Castelli Board Games $59.95
Conquer! Control! Expand! Quarreling Dukes battle for supremacy over the last remnants of land in their diminishing kingdom in Castelli.

PUI 10715 Pokemon Victini Tin CCG $24.00t
Each Victini Tin features five Pokemon TCG: Black & White - Noble Victories booster packs, as well as a Victini promotional card and an exclusive Victini figure.

MEC08 Lord of the Rings LCG: Khazad-Dum
BW07 Battles of Westeros: Brotherhood Without Banners
GOT76 A Game of Thrones LCG: Lions of the Rock Expansion
GOT81 A Game of Thrones LCG: Where Loyalty Lies Chapter Pack
SWS01 Star Wars Art Sleeves: Darth Vader
SWS02 Star Wars Art Sleeves: Yoda
SWS03 Star Wars Art Sleeves: Boba Fett
SWS04 Star Wars Art Sleeves: I Have You Now
SWS05 Star Wars Art Sleeves: X-wing Assault
SWS06 Star Wars Art Sleeves: Han Solo

GBX55 SS Light Artillery Battery 1 unit EM War Turn:C $45.00
The 10.5cm leFH18 has proven to be an excellent artillery piece during the campaigns in Poland and France and will surely carry on providing our troops with indirect support. There are two battalions are assigned to each Panzer division and form the core of divisional artillery assets.

GBX56 SS Heavy Artillery Battery 1 unit EM War Turn:C $45.00
The 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 or sFH18 (German: "heavy field howitzer, model 18"), nicknamed Immergrün ("Evergreen"), was produced by Rheinmetall and Krupp companies and adopted by the German army in 1935. It was the first artillery weapon equipped with rocket-assisted ammunition to increase range. The 15cm sFH18 was also used in the self-propelled mounting of the Hummel.

GE793 SS Infanterie Platoon 2-3 units EM War Turn:B $29.00
Leibstandarte SS 'Adolf Hitler' had participated in the blitzkrieg of both Poland and France and was expanded from a regiment-sized unit to a strong brigade just before the invasion.

GE556 7.5cm leIG18 gun (SS) 1 unit EM War Turn:C $21.00
One of the tactical lessons learned during the first war, was that each battalion of infantry would benefit from its own artillery support. This led to the development of light guns that could be used in this role.

GE796 SS Pioneer Platoon 1-2 units EM War Turn:C $29.00
The pioneers create pathways for the army to move through by blowing holes in the enemy fortified line or using simple picks and shovels to clear and create obstacles. Either way, the Pioneers continue the tradition of leading assaults with the flame-throwers and enough explosives to reduce any fortress to rubble.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you
DP9 9191C HGB Perfect Storm NuCoal Guide (SC) Mini $55.00
DP9 9219 NuCoal Chasseur Two-Pack Miniature 20.75
DP9 9221 NuCoal Jerboa Two-Pack Miniature 20.75
DP9 9237 NuCoal G.P. Squad Miniature 43.00
DP9 9238 NuCoal Strike Squad Miniature 44.50
DP9 9239 NuCoal Fire Support Squad Miniature 53.75
DP9 9240 NuCoal Recon Squad Miniature 43.50
DP9 9251 NuCoal Cuirassier Two-Pack Miniature 21.75
DP9 9252 NuCoal Chevalier Pack Miniature 20.75
DP9 9253 NuCoal Hussar Walker Mode Pack Miniature 43.50
WMP 799 Voyage of Lewis & Clark Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 862 Candy Wrappers Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 864 World War II Posters Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 869 Matchbooks Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 876 The Three Stooges Puzzle Collectible 14.95
CVB 280308 Infinity YJ Ninja (CCW Shock) Mini $10.39
CVB 280609 Infinity CA Speculo Killer (Mono CCW) Mini $10.39
CVB 280703 Infinity MERC Yuan Yuan (Rifle, Chain Rifle) Mini $17.76
CVB 280325 Infinity YJ Guilang (Ghost Wolf Sniper) Mini $10.39
CVB 280525 Infinity NM Tomcats (Comb. Rifle) Mini $10.39
CVB 280133 Infinity AR Loup-Garous (Sniper) Mini $10.39
CVB 280802 Infinity AL Garuda Tactbots (Comb Rifle) Mini $11.73
CVB 280803 Infinity AL Nagas (Sniper) Mini $10.39
CVB 280136 Infinity AR Caldonian Mormaers (T2) Mini $11.73
CVB 280808 Infinity AL Dasyus (Comb Rifle) Mini $10.39
CVB 280810 Infinity AL Garuda Tactbots (HMG) Mini $11.73
SGS DWBS14 DW BS Tsukuyomi Class War Gyro (1) Mini $23.99
SGS DWBS15 DW BS Fujin Class Corvette (6) Mini $9.99
SGS DWBS16 DW BS Tanuki Class Gunship (3) Mini $17.99
SGS DWCA13 DW CA Callimachus Time DilationOrb (2) Mini $16.99
SGS DWCA14 DW CA Daedalus Class Large Flyer (1) Mini $22.00
SGS DWCA15 DW CA Thales Class Corvette (6) Mini $9.99
SGS DWCA16 DW CA Zeno Class Armoured Cruiser(3) Mini $17.49
SGS DWCA22 DW CA Archimedes Class Heavy Walker Mini $23.49
SGS DWCA23 DW CA Atticus Class Medium Walker(6) Mini $11.99
SGS DWCA24 DW CA Socrates Class Bombard (6) Mini $11.99
SGS DWCA25 DW CA Xenophon Class Small Walker (20) Mini $11.99
SGS DWFS14 DW FS Valley Class Airship (1) Mini $19.99
SGS DWFS15 DW FS Revere Class Corvette (6) Mini $9.99
SGS DWFS16 DW FS Princeton Class Gunship (3) Mini $17.99
SGS DWKB14 DW KB Eagle Class War Rotor (1) Mini $23.49
SGS DWKB15 DW KB Swift Class Corvette (6) Mini $9.99
SGS DWKB16 DW KB Agincourt Class Gunship (3) Mini $17.99
SGS DWPE14 DW PE Gewitterwolke Class Airship Mini $21.49
SGS DWPE15 DW PE Saxony Class Corvette (6) Mini $9.99
SGS DWPE16 DW PE Hussar Class Gunship (3) Mini $17.99
SGS SBG001-N US BG Starter Fleet Mini $58.00
OMM MOR345 Miniature Wargames Mag #345 Magazines $8.50
GMS0302-9045 GameScience RPG Dice Sets: Green Glow Precision-Edge d6 Set (12) $15.00
GMS9001-9043 GameScience RPG Dice Sets: Coal Black Polyhedral 7-Die Set (No Ink) $6.25
CDSDEAL16 Doctor Who Miniatures: Eavies (4) $17.50
COL3311 Shenandoah: Jackson's Valley Campaign $60.00
ESXBZA18 15mm Thematic Byzantine: Skutatoi $4.2
ESXBZA19 15mm Thematic Byzantine: Skutatoi Archer $4.25
ESXBZA26 15mm Nikephorian Byzantine: Skutatoi Archer $4.25
ESXDBAV2-II80c 15mm DBA Army: Hephthalies in India 470 - 570AD $38.00
SPGSOR009 The Uncharted Seas: Orc Raiders Carnage Class Heavy Cruiser (2) [New Sculpt] $23.00
MGP 30002 CA Squadron #1: The Federation Mini $29.99
MGP 30003 CA Squadron #2: Klingons Mini $29.99
MGP 30004 CA Squadron #9: Romulan Mini $29.99

IMP TLG80209 CC A9 Before the Helm of Night Role Playing 6.99
There is a mustering in the north, a gathering of mercenaries, warriors, and men of ill repute upon the northern reaches of the Blighted Screed. The Great Horn has risen and forshadows the return of the Winter Dark. Who among the heroes of the south shall rise to combat the issues of Aufstrag? A Castles & Crusades adventure designed for character levels 9-11.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes, Toys & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
Deposit is required - have to order by case (toys & Replicas)
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off.

Code Descrption Release

11PABDEE 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball 1/5/2012


11UDHBD 11/12 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey 1/6/2012

Releasing next week

Code Descrption Release

12HABD5060 2012 Historic Autographs - Decades 50's & 60's BB 1/12/2012

11TOFS 2011 Topps Supreme NFL 1/11/2012
11UDFSPA 2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football 1/10/2012

RIAUAL11 Alabama 2011 National Champion Full Size Auth VSR4 1/13/2012
RIAULSU11 LSU 2011 National Champions Full Size Auth VSR4 1/13/2012
RIDUAL11 Alabama 2011 National Champions Full Size Deluxe 1/13/2012
RIDULSU11 LSU 2011 National Champions Full Size Deluxe Rep 1/13/2012
RIMUAL11 Alabama 2011 National Champions Replica Mini VSR4 1/13/2012
RIMULSU11 LSU 2011 National Champions Replica Mini VSR4 1/13/2012
RISUAL11 LSU 2011 National Champions Full Size Speed 1/13/2012
RISULSU11 LSU 2011 National Champions Full Size Speed 1/13/2012

o Used Listings (new in our web store)

20% sale going on through Jan 8

Lair of the Orc Lord Campaign Book Warhammer Quest USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

A Shadow in the East Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game USED/ s82
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Legions of Middle-Earth Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game USED/ s82
Price: $19.99 $15.99

The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game USED/ s82
Price: $39.99 $31.99

The Ruin of Arnor Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game USED/ s82
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG Core USED/ s82
Price: $13.99 $11.19

Warhammer Online Age of Reckonging Official Game Guide USED/ s82
Price: $4.99 $3.99

Warp Storm Battlefleet Gothic White Dwarf Presents USED/ s76
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Warhammer 40k Wargear 4th Edition USED/ s76
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Lair of the Orc Lord Campaign Book Warhammer Quest USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

A Hero's Tale AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $16.99 $13.59

A Paladin in Hell AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Carnival AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft USED/ s58
Price: $14.99 $11.99

Castle Spulzeer AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Children of the Night The Created AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft USED/ s58
Price: $8.99 $7.19

Chilling Tales AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Chronomancer AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Cult of the Dragon AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s76
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Dawn of the Overmind AD&D 2nd Edition Monstrous Arcana USED/ s58
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Death Unchained AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft USED/ s58
Price: $24.99 $19.99

Demihuman Deities AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s76
Price: $12.99 $10.39

Den of Thieves AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Eye to Eye AD&D Monstrous Arcana 2nd Edition USED/ s76
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Giantcraft AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Prayers from, the Faithful AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $7.99 $6.39

Reverse Dungeon AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Sea of Fallen Stars AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Temple Tower & Tomb AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

The Apocalypse Stonre AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s76
Price: $6.99 $5.59

The Complete Ninja's Handbook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook Al-Qadim AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ 58
Price: $14.99 $11.99

The Vilhon Reach AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $12.99 $10.39

Treasure Tales AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Wyrmskull Throne AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s58
Price: $9.99 $7.99

Against the Giants The Liberation of Geoff Silver Anniversary Edition D&D USED/ s76
Price: $14.99 $11.99

Temple of Death D&D 1st Edition USED/ s58
Price: $6.99 $5.59

The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth AD&D 1st Edition USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Player's Handbook D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s82
Price: $14.99 $11.99

Scavenger Sons Exalted 1st Edition NEW/ s82
Price: $15.95 $12.76

Apple Lane RuneQuest USED/ s58
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Dark ages Europe Dark Ages Vampire USED/ s76
Price: $24.99 $19.99

Iron Kingdoms World Guide Full Metal Fantasy Vol. 2 Hardcover USED/ B28
Price: $54.99 $43.99

Descent into the Depths of the Earth AD&D USED/ B28
Price: $6.99 $5.59

Secret of the Slavers Stockade AD&D USED/ B28
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Vault of the Drow AD&D USED/ B28
Price: $9.99 $7.99

The Book of Shadows Players Guide for Mage The Ascension USED/ B28
Price: $5.99 $4.79

Vampire The Masquerade USED/ B28
Price: $9.99 $7.99

The Bloodstone Wars AD&D H3 USED/ b08
Price: $29.99 $23.99

Vecna Reborn Ravenloft AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ b08
Price: $49.99 $39.99

World Builder's Guidebook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ b08
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Night Howlers Creature Crucible D&D PC 4 USED/. b08
Price: $17.99 $14.39

Living Greyhawk Gazetteer D&D 3rd edition USED/ b08
Price: $14.99 $11.99

Unearthed Arcana D&D 3rd Edition USED/ b08
Price: $19.99 $15.99

Destiny's Price Black Dog Mage the Ascension USED/ b08
Price: $12.99 $10.39

Bloodlines: The Chosen Vampire the Requiem USED/ b08
Price: $14.99 $11.99

The Blood the player's guide to the requiem Vampire the Requiem USED/ b08
Price: $14.99 $11.99

Destiny's Price Black Dog Mage the Ascension USED/ b08
Price: $12.99 $10.39


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