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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon.11-2 Demos: Eldar Sign & Puzzle Strike
Jan 23 Mon, 4pm Yugioh Duelist Tournament $5 (all ages)
Jan 30 Mon, 4pm Yugioh Duelist Tournament $5 (all ages)
We will have a stack of Duelist League Rare/Participation Prizes and they will be shuffled randomly and everyone gets Four.
Gator Games will be putting Sneek Peek Holos and other Holos into the mix.
Players will have 3 rounds of play - 50 mins each.
If you win, the loser gives you a prize of choice.
if you drop, you get to keep one of your prizes at random.
We will give a Turbo Pack 6 & Duelist Leather case to the Overall Winner.

Feb 6 4pm Warhammer 40K 700 pts +2 battle points for ending the game with all remaining units within 12" of the center of the table, +1battle point all painted army $5
Feb 13 4pm Warhammer 40K 1000 pts, +2 battle points destroying all enemy elite choices +1 battle point all painted army $5
• Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably if the weather is bad.
• Each win 20 battle points. • Each draw 10 battle points. • Each loss 5 battle points.
• Force Organization changes: 0-1 HQ, 1-6 Troops
• Winner to choose Plastic Box set up to $25 retail, everyone else gets a paint pot as a prize.

Feb 13 4pm Redikai Tournament Free

Feb 20 4pm "Seeking the Ring" 400pts LOTR
Prize: Nazgul LE
After all objects have been placed, place a special object an equal number of squares from each players starting area. At the end of the game, if that item is held by or occupies the same square as a character, that character's controller earns an additional 100 victory points

Tues.: 11-2 Demos: Kittens in a Blender & Nuts
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed. 11-2 Demos: Star Trek Deck Building Game & Risk Legacy
Jan 25 Wed 4:30pm "M.A.D." Heroclix $5
Prize: Gamma Bomb Special Object
800 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: After all normal objects have been placed, each player must place a Gamma Bomb Special Object on the Map.

02/01 "After the Bomb"
700pts Unrestricted
Prize: Choice of either Red Kryptonite or Gold Kryptonite Special Objects
Special Rules: The Character with the highest point cost on each team must have obtained its superpowers from some form of radiation. (Being bitten by an irradiated animal counts)

02/08 "Quick Reflexes"
700 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Bruce Banner LE
When an attack misses, if the target had its defense value replaced with Defend, the target may immediately make an attack as a free action against the attacker. If the attack is made, place an action token on the character that used Defend.

02/15 Infinity Guantlet Month 2
600 pts Sealed
Prize: The In-Betweener LE

02/22 "Kept in the Dark"
400 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Daredevil LE
All characters' range becomes 0. While a character has Super Senses, that character ignores this rule.

02/29 "The Fall of the Superhuman"
500 Pts Unrestricted
Prize: Major Glenn Talbot LE
Teams may have no more than one character worth more than 100 points.

Thurs. 11-2 Demos: Ascension & Small World
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2010)
We can only take 16 people.
Turbo Pack 7 just came in and will be available for choice of prize.

Fri 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonal foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

Jan 28 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (32 players)
Jan 29 Sun 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (16 players)
signups at 10:30am - everything depends on the weather.
If Weather is bad, 2nd tournament will start at approx. 2pm
We go to 8 person tournaments all weekend.

Feb 4 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Launch (32 players)
10:30am singups
Feb 5 - Sun 11am - 2pm Painting Class by Randi
bring your models that you are working on and ask for advice such as Dry-Brushing.

Feb 11, Sat 11am Game of Thrones LCG $5 (Jousting Format)
Feb 12
, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
(we are looking for a new host to do boosters drafts twice a month)

Feb 18 11am Free Game Giveaway Day (we will be raffling boardgames to entries)
Feb 19 11am Game of Thrones LCG $5 (Jousting Format)

Feb 25 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Game Day
Bring a Type II - standard deck
Feb 26 Lord of the Rings Heroclix $5 "Fleeing the Eye of Sauron" 600 Pts LOTR
Prize: Choice of Dead Men of Dunharrow or Troll Horde Tokens
Each team must contain at least one figure with the "Fellowship" Keyword and at least on figure with the "Forces of Sauron" Keyword. Any figure with one of these keywords defeated by a figure with the other keyword is worth double victory points.

July 7 & 8 M13 Core Set Pre-release $25
July 14 M13 Core Set Launch $25
Aug 4 Magic Game Day $5

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

_____ WOC A0239000 AD&D 1st Edition Premium Dungeon Master's Guide HC $44.95
_____ WOC A0240000 AD&D 1st Edition Premium Monster Manual HC $34.95
_____ WOC A0241000 AD&D 1st Edition Premium Player's Handbook HC $34.95
_____ QNG 60743 Kairo $59.95
_____ QNG 60913 Maharani $54.95
_____ QNG 60923 Kingdom Builder Nomads Expansion 1 $34.95
_____ RGG 448 Credit Mobilier $29.95
_____ RGG 455 Upon a Salty Ocean $49.95
_____ RGG 459 Roll to the South Pole $34.95
_____ RGG 466 Cavemen $34.95
_____ RGG 467 Monster Factory $29.95
_____ RGG A40 Forgotten Planet $59.95

o *** Mfg. Notices***

The following games are also part of the low stock warning: Bacchus, Blazing Aces by Reiner Knizia, Boomtown, Bridgetown Races, Bucket Brigade, Cavum, Destination Tresor, Genesis, My Dwarves Fly, Phoenicia, Take it Easy!, Techno Witches, The Club, Uptown, Warriors, Warriors: Dragon Hordes Expansion, Worm Up!, and Why Did the Chicken...?

Star Trek Catan
On Boardgame Geek and a slew of other websites (MTV Geek, etc) has announced Star Trek Catan. It's a beautiful board and everything, however, there's a snag at the moment. Currently, this is only being released in German by Kosmos. At the moment, Mayfair has not come forward to say that they'll be carrying this- nor do I know of any other vendor that is getting this published in English and bringing it into the United States.


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.

BL316H 40K Hardback The Last Ditch (HB) Sandy Mitchell $24.99
BL247S 40K Paperback The Emperor's Finest SB Sandy Mitchell $8.99
BL317 40K Paperback Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus James Swallow $15.00
BL318 Warhammer Paperback Luthor Huss Chris Wraight $8.99
BL319 40K Audio Drama Labyrinth of Sorrows George Mann $17.00
AGS WOTR002 LTR WOTR 2nd Ed Card Box w/sleeves Acc $14.90
AGS WOTR003 LTR WOTR 2nd Ed Upgrade Kit BG $29.90
LOG 046 Walnut Grove BG $55.00
GWI 319 Rory Story Cubes - Actions BG $7.99
FFG CT52 COC LCG Shadow o/t Monolith AP DBG $14.95
VOGE-0001 Carnevale: Core Rulebook (English) $37.50
IWM20-5026 BattleTech Miniatures: Mongoose II MON-266 Mech (TRO3075 - 40 ton) $11.25
IWM20-5027 BattleTech Miniatures: Merkava Mk VIII Heavy Tank [1] (TRO3075 - 75 ton) $13.25

GMT 1112 Fast Action Battle: Sicily BG $60.00
This second scenario for Fast Action Battle takes you to the Allied invasion of Sicily. As the Allied player, you will choose your invasion beaches after seeing where the Axis player has deployed his units. Do you choose Montgomery's historical 'Husky' plan, Patton's alternate plan, or a hybrid plan of your own?

PSI CB6804 PF Dark Path Curse o/t Golden Spear RPG $19.99
You came to Kaidan, escorting a merchant and the gift he carried - a gift meant for a powerful Kaidanese lord. Yet this gift bore a powerful curse and unless you can reclaim the golden spear you will be forever trapped in Kaidan! Now, a dark path lies before you, full of wicked undead, vicious demons, and unnatural warriors! To survive, you will need all of your skill, cunning, and bravery in this third adventure installment of The Curse of the Golden Spear, suitable for 7th level characters.

WWP 25033 VR Ressurectionists RPG $19.99
They say an infamous old vampire is buried in an overgrown cemetery outside the city. This nefarious bloodsucker was some kind of cult leader back in his nights. Stole mystic secrets from the Sanctified and the Acolytes alike and eventually went into hiding - in torpor - back in the '30s or '40s. But his hiding spot was lost, even by his own cult... until tonight! You've got the only known clues to his whereabouts, a sealed box containing some thing of his that'll supposedly wake him up, and one night to find his grave, dig him up, and bring him back to the city. Get to it. Tonight, you're the Resurrectionists! The Ressurectionists is a Vampire: The Requiem adventure for use with White Wolf's Storytelling Adventure System.

FFGCT52 CoC LCG: Shadow o/t Monolith Asylum Pack $ 14.95
Pull back the final veils shielding you from the truth in Shadow of the Monolith, the sixth Asylum Pack in the Ancient Relics cycle. As the different factions of Call of Cthulhu travel to the South Pacific, they are greeted by malevolent cultists and their dark spells. Who will prosper when the region's Relics are unearthed? Who will gain power when the region's secrets are revealed? Who will fall mad or die along the way?

BHG 001 Mafia: Death & Deception Non-CCG $29.99
Do you know who your enemey is? Through arguing, accusations, and heated debate, players in Mafia: Death and Deception attempt to figure out who is a member of the mafia, and eventually vote to execute each other. The members of the mafia, meanwhile, try to lie and deceive their way to safety while secretly killing civilians.

GRR5503 MM: Gamemasters Guide $32.95
The Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster's Guide features everything a Gamemaster needs to set up and run a superhero-themed game - from guidelines on creating challenges and adventures to advice on designing your own setting and series.

FRD EG101300 Dragon Rampage BG $59.99
In this strategic dice game, players assume the role of adventurers seeking to earn points by fighting against (or running from) the dragon they just woke up, and tallying the treasure and gold they obtain in the dungeon.

MMY 010 Surveillance Station RPG $11.99
There's something out there! With the Surveillance Station terrain cards you can instantly assemble a functional outpost for nearly any purpose, from an interstellar eavesdropping facility to an emergency medical station. This set comes complete with 12 double-sided, 5x8 inch, full-color, reusable terrain tiles printed with 1-inch grids.

MMY 011 Mass Transit III RPG $13.99
Mass Transit III features "Boarding Action," showcasing two starships linked together in the depths of space, and "Strike Force Carrier," detailing a devastating assault cruiser. This set comes complete with 12 double-sided, 5x8 inch, full-color, reusable terrain tiles printed with 1-inch grids.

RGG 212 Bohnanza High Bohn Plus Exp BG $14.95
This expansion to Bohnanza contains new game variants and two new bean types, the Cognac bean and the Field bean.

ZVE SRS49765 Space Pirates English Edition BG $39.95
From the creator of Dungeon Twister! Space is your hunting ground! Search the universe for freighters to board and pillage, accumulate massive amounts of wealth, and avoid asteroids, cosmic storms, the Galactic Police, and your fellow freebooters in your quest to become the most famous (and notorious) Space Pirate ever!

ZVE SRS49769 3 Musketeers English Edition BG $49.95
Proudly don your plumed hat, wear the tunic of the Musketeers, and lift your sword - the honor of the Queen is in your hands! Return the diamond pendants recklessly given by the Queen to Buckingham before Cardinal de Richelieu unmasks his noble enemies and compromises the Queen! Duels, chases through the rooms of the Louvre, elixirs of seduction, secret passages, and many other events await you in this cloak-and-dagger adventure fraught with plunder and peril!

CHP1001 Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition: Dungeon Module F1 - The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies $11.99
24 pages, saddle-stitched, with retro-style detached cover and maps on the cover interior.

DVG 9103 Bang! Gold Rush Exp BG $16.90
DVG 9204 Lupus Tabula Ldy Werewlf Revg Exp BG $16.90
AEG 3307 L5R RPG Imperial Histories RPG $39.99

KON 88881 YGO Duelist Portfolio Acc $7.99

KON 88884-D YGO Order of Chaos Boosters CCG $95.76
The stunning sequel to 2004's Invasion of Chaos expansion, Order of Chaos unleashes 100 new monsters, spells, and traps into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG arena! In Order of Chaos, Transforming Ninjas do battle with an invading army clad in insectoid power armor, amid a sea of all-devouring Xyz Monsters! Plus, cards from Order of Chaos can be combined with cards from the Dragunity Legion Structure Deck, Gold Series 4, and Photon Shockwave for incredible combos!

These Products Cannot Ship Till ***Street Date 1/26/12***
RGG A41 Lamborghini BG $54.95
Sign Up, Suit Up, and Drive! Officially licensed by Lamborghini, this fascinating economic-management board game focuses on a Lamborghini racing team. Sign the best driver, purchase your car, equip it to face stiff competition at the qualification session, then drive your Lamborghini Murcielago at 350 Km/h on the Monza or Hockenheim straights!

RGG A42 Leader 1 Hell of the North BG $59.95
In this new, updated version of Leader 1, the fast-and-furious, competitive cyclist racing board game, players can recreate cycling races, choose their own cyclists' advancing, manage their energy, and define the peloton and breaking away tactics.

PIP NQ40 No Quarter Magazine #40 Magazine $7.50
CYT26208 SR: Conspiracy Theories (SC) $ 29.99
PIP73064 Hordes:LoE Battle Engine $ 94.99
PZO3021 Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks $ 10.99
PZO8033 Planet Stories: The Chalice of Death $ 15.99
PZO9053 PFA: Tide of Honor $ 19.99
PZO9242 XPFCS: Jade Regent Poster Map Folio (SC) $ 19.99
PZO9421 PFPC: Dragon Empires Primer $ 10.99
PZO9534 PF Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament $ 13.99
SQW30043 Flip-Mat: Pirate Ship $ 12.99

These Products Cannot Ship Till ***Street Date 1/26/12***
MFG4122 Giza the Great Pyramid! $ 35.00

BB115 Ruined Monastery $ 26.00
BB116 Vineyards $ 26.00

Desert Buildings (BB133)
Scenery plays a part in any Flames Of War game as the Battles of World War II took place from the deserts of the Sahara to the frozens wastes of Siberia. This collection of fully painted scenic items will allow you to create a focal point for your North African battles.

Large Desert Building (BB134)
We take a look at the pre-painted Large Desert Building from the Battlefield in a Box range.

Company HQ (BR746)
We take a look at the Australian Company HQ that includes the Flames Of War Warrior, Corporal John 'Jack' Edmondson.

Assault Gliders (GBX57)
Crete was the first and only operation of the war that saw the deployment of the entire Luftlandesturmregiment, or Airlanding Assault Regiment.

Company HQ (FJ) (GE761)
The Fallschirmjäger made the first airborne infantry assaults in history. In 1940 in Western Europe they were used to take strategic positions with parachute and glider assaults.

Luftlandesturm Platoon (GE767)
Crete was the first and only operation of the war that saw the deployment of the entire Luftlandesturmregiment, or Airlanding Assault Regiment.

PKU10749 PKM: Mewtwo Collection Box $ 15.99

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you

CIS HD1012 HD Damned Ones of Sloth Mini $11.99
CIS HD3011 HD Fangs of the Pit Mini $9.99
CIS HD4003 HD Lemure Pack C Mini $9.99
CIS HD6012 HD Fatina Mini $10.99
CIS HD7012 HD Anna Bogna Pavlova Mini $10.99
CVB 280337 YJ Japanese Sectorial Army (Starter) Mini $44.56
CVB 280138 AR Chasseurs (Adhesive-Launcher) Mini $10.39
CVB 280811 AL Rebots (REM) Mini $37.52
CVB 280149 AR Loup-Garou Mini $32.16
CVB 280150 AR Traktor Mul Mini $50.25
CVB 280152 PO Dragoes Mini $44.58
CVB 280821 AL Patroclus Mini $10.39
HFMH015 Hasslefree Miniatures: Humans - Gayle, female leaning on spear $8.00
HFMK320 Hasslefree Miniatures - Kindred: P.Hazel, Rocket Launcher $6.00
HFMK321 Hasslefree Miniatures - Kindred: T. Tripp, Rocket Launcher $6.00
SPM10415 Soda Pop Miniatures - Relic Knights: Noh Berserkers #2 $23.95
SPM10616 Soda Pop Miniatures - Relic Knights: Delphyne & Ekhis $26.95
VOGC-0100 Carnevale - Rashaar: Starter Box $52.50
VOGC-0101 Carnevale - Rashaar: Magi-Rashaar $16.50
VOGC-0102 Carnevale - Rashaar: Ugdru-Rashaar (2) $27.00
VOGC-0103 Carnevale - Rashaar: Hybrids (2) $22.50
VOGC-0150 Carnevale - Ospedale Doctors: Starter Box $52.50
VOGC-0151 Carnevale - Ospedale Doctors: Rhinoceros $27.00
VOGC-0152 Carnevale - Ospedale Doctors: Plague Doctor $16.50
VOGC-0153 Carnevale - Ospedale Doctors: Madmen (2) $22.50
VOGC-0154 Carnevale - Ospedale Doctors: Doctor of the Arsenal $16.50
VOGC-0200 Carnevale - The Patricians: Starter Box $52.50
VOGC-0250 Carnevale - The Guild: Starter Box $52.50
VOGC-0251 Carnevale - The Guild: Capodecime $16.50
VOGC-0252 Carnevale - The Guild: Harlot $16.50
VOGC-0253 Carnevale - The Guild: Venetian Citizens (2) $22.50
VOGC-0254 Carnevale - The Guild: Pulcinella (2) $22.50
VOGC-0255 Carnevale - The Guild: Butcher $16.50
FDYVC029 28mm Victorian: Rippers $20.50
FDYVC100 28mm Victorian: Dickensian Characters $20.50
FDYVC103 28mm Victorian: Victorian Legends and Monsters $20.50
FDYVC106 28mm Victorian: Secret Agents of the Crown $20.50
MBA10158 Miniature Building: Gate House $89.95
MBA10160 Miniature Building: 45 Degree Tower $29.95
MBA10170 Miniature Building: Wall Privey $10.95
MBA10620 28mm Spanish Main Series: Bermuda Sloop $115.95
MBA10621 28mm Spanish Main Series: Lean To $34.95
MBA10624 28mm Spanish Main Series: Ships Cannons $19.95
WLGWGH-GR-01 28mm Ancients - Ancient Greeks: Spartans (40) $40.00
WLGWGH-GR-02 28mm Ancients - Ancient Greeks: Ancient Greek Hoplites (42) $40.00
PHI 70056 Warlord 4E Fist o/t Golden Dragon NCG $16.99
PHI 70057 Warlord 4E Apocalypse Ship NCG $16.99
GF972771 4E: Evermelt Vinyl Game Mat $ 22.50

FRD AYG5312 BoA 1812 The Invasion of Canada BG $65.00
The year is 1812. Great Britain and her allies are battling Napoleon for control of Europe. In response to British seizure of American ships and goods, the young United States declares war on Britain and invades Canada. In 1812 - The Invasion of Canada, players take command of the armies of the British Redcoats, Canadian Militia, and Native Americans, or of the American Regulars and American Militia to decide the fate of the Americas

FOX 310178 Zoologic BG $24.95
In this wild logic game, players attempt to place animals (dogs, cats, and mice) and food tiles (bones, fish, cheese) in a specified sequence, while avoiding obstacles like bad dogs, angry bulls, and hungry ants.

FOX 310536 Turbo Mind Twister BG $16.95
Put your brain into high gear with Turbo Mind Twister, as players slide cars and twist the sphere to put each car in their matching color spot.

FOX RISE Rise or Fall BG $24.95
Goths! Geeks! Jocks! Cheerleaders! Climb the social ladder in your quest to become the most popular clique!

PHI 70055 Warlord 4E Serpent NCG $16.99
This third series of faction-based Adventure Packs for the City of Gold expansion for Warlord: Saga of the Storm 4th Edition features three, 50+ card sets: Fist of the Golden Dragon, The Apocalypse Ship, and The Serpent.

CMNANNUAL10 CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2010 $34.99
The CoolMiniOrNot Annual is a 140 page full color, hard cover volume containing some of the best miniatures submitted to CoolMiniOrNot in 2010, printed in all their high resolution glory! Measuring 11.2" x 8.5" and about a half inch thick, this matt covered, foil stamped beauty showcases all the amazing talent the world has to offer.

ACG003 When The Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates $30.00
When the Navy Walked: Airships and Skypirates is a miniature rules set that covers an alternate history of Victorian Science Fiction set in the skies above the universe of When the Navy Walked! For years, The Great Powers have ruled the skies above with their airships and battlecasters as unquestioned masters but with the discovery of Earthin the Skypirates have emerged and are terrorizing the citizens and challenging the Great Powers domination of the skies and the Aether.

These Products Cannot Ship Till ***Street Date 1/27/12***
WYR3050 Arcanists: Angelica $ 10.00
WYR3051 Arcanists: Alternative Arachnid Swarm $ 9.00
WYR4044 Neverborn: Alternative Zoraida $ 10.50
WYR4045 Neverborn: Avatar Zoraida - Small Box $ 35.00
WYR5059 Outcasts: Alternative Som er Teeth Jones $ 10.50
WYR5060 Outcasts: Avatar Som er Peaches - Small $ 45.00
WYR5068 Outcasts: Ten Thunders Brother (3 Pack) $ 20.00

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes, Toys & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
Deposit is required - have to order by case (toys & Replicas)
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off.

Code Descrption Release

12OABIC 2012 Onyx Icons - Autographed Baseballs 1/23/2012

12HABLH 2012 Historic Autographs Legends of the Hall BB 1/27/2012


PGG31000 GAMER'S RULER: CLEAR 1/23/2012
PGG31001 GAMER'S RULER: BLACK 1/23/2012
PGG31005 GAMER'S RULER: GOLD 1/23/2012

MTBKS20 McFarlane NBA Series 20 HOBBY Asst 8ct 76670-7 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-71 McFarlane NBA S20 K Bryant 8ct SOLID 76671-4 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-72 McFarlane NBA S20 K Durant 8ct SOLID 76672-1 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-73 McFarlane NBA S20 D Wade 8ct SOLID 76673-8 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-74 McFarlane NBA S20 Blake Griffin 8ct SOLID 76674-5 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-75 McFarlane NBA S20 C Anthony 8ct SOLID 76675-2 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-76 McFarlane NBA S20 Derrick Rose 8ct SOLID 76676-9 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-77 McFarlane NBA S20 John Wall 8ct SOLID 76677-6 1/23/2012
MTBKS20-MM McFarlane NBA Ser 20 MASS RETAIL Asst 8ct 76670-7 1/23/2012

Releasing next week

Code Descrption Release
12TOB1 2012 TOPPS SERIES 1 BASEBALL 2/1/2012

12LEMPM 2012 LEAF METAL POKER T/C 1/30/2012

11PAFPP 2011 Panini Plates & Patches NFL 2/1/2012
11PAFTC 2011 Panini Totally Certified NFL 2/1/2012
11TOFPRE 2011 Topps Precision Football 2/1/2012

11PAHCR 11/12 Panini Crown Royale NHL 2/1/2012


o Used Listings (new in our web store)

Battlesystem Skirmishes Miniatures Rules AD&D 2nd Edition USED Excellent/ b01 Price: $6.99
Oak Lords Dragonlance AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ b01 Price: $3.99
House Davion Battletech USED/ S60 Price: $6.99
House Steiner The Lyran Commonwealth Battletech USED Excellent/ b01 Price: $14.99
Mercenary Handbook Battletech USED Good/ b01 Price: $9.99
Rhonda's Irregulars Battletech USED Good/ b01 Price: $9.99
Technical Readout 3025 Battletech USED/ S60 Price: $5.99
Before the Fall Call of Cthulhu USED/ B01 Price: $59.99
Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep Call of Cthulhu USED/ B01 Price: $38.99
Escape from Innsmouth Call of Cthulhu USED/ B01 Price: $29.99
Lurking Fears Call of Cthulhu USED/ B01 Price: $22.99
The Creature Companion Call of Cthulhu USED/ B01 Price: $19.99
Arena of Thyatis D&D DDA1 USED/ b01 Price: $11.99
Temple of Death X5 D&D USED Fair/ b01 Price: $6.99
The Orcs of Thar D&D Gazetteer GAZ 10 USED Excellent/ b01 Price: $19.99
Mechwarrior Battletech RPG 2nd Edition USED Good/ b01 Price: $6.99
Invid Invasion Robotech RPG Book Five USED Fair/ b01 Price: $5.99
Lancer's Rockers Robotech USED Poor/ b01 Price: $3.99
The Northeast Emer Book II Rolemaster USED/ B01 Price: $5.99
Overkill Solitaire Adventure Tunnels and Trolls USED/ Excellent b01 Price: $5.99
Tunnels & Trolls Box USED/ B01 Price: $14.99
Character Pack Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay USED/ S60 Price: $19.99
Battlesystem Miniatures Rules AD&D 2nd Ed. USED/ S24 Price: $4.99
Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix AD&D USED/ S24 Price: $19.99
Minions Call of Cthulhu USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
The Compact Trail of the Tsathoggua Call of Cthulhu USED/ S24 Price: $14.99
Rage of the Rakasta Dungeons & Dragons USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
Digital Web Mage the Ascension USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
Storyteller's Screen Mage the Sorcerers Crusade USED/ S24 Price: $2.99
Arcane Companion Rolemaster USED/ S24 Price: $19.99
Companion V Rolemaster USED/ S24 Price: $7.99
Rolemaster Character Records Rolemaster NEW/ S24 Price: $11.99
Rolemaster Companion III Rolemaster USED/ S24 Price: $5.99
Rolemaster Companion VII Rolemaster USED/ S24 Price: $19.99
Spell Law Rolemaster USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
Dark Ages Companion Vampire the Dark Ages USED/ s24 Price: $5.99
Vampire the Dark Ages Vampire the Masquerade USED/ S24 Price: $11.99
Dharma Book Devil Tigers Kindred of the East Used/ s24 Price: $5.99
The Vampire Players Guide Vampire the Masquerade USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
Black Furies Tribe Book Werewolf: The Apocalypse USED/ S24 Price: $4.99
Children of Gaia Tribe Book Werewolf the Apocalypse USED/ S24 Price: $5.99
Rage Across Egypt Werewolf the Apocalypse USED/ S24 Price: $9.99
Storytellers Screen Werewolf: The Apocalypse Used/ S24 rice: $5.99
Wendigo Tribebook Werewolf: The Apocalypse USED/ S24 Price: $4.99
Sundown on Starmist Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn USED/ s29 Price: $6.99
Ancestral Vault Nyambe D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Aztecs Empire of the Dying Sun D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Diomin D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Endless Sands Araban Adventures D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Gods D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $3.99
Interludes Brief Expeditions to Bluffside D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Minions Fearsome Foes D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Nile Empire War in Heliopolis D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
Noble Steeds D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $8.99
The Malady of Kings D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $1.50
The Mask of Marruk Tales from the Blood Plateau D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Tsar Rising D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Villains D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $3.99
Earth 2089 D20 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
The Grimoire: The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 14th Edition 2050 Shadowrun USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Beyond all Reason Sword & Sorcery D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Starspawn of Vulturnus Star Frontiers USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
Sundown on Starmist Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn adventure USED/ s29 Price: $6.99
Dragons of Deceit AD&D Dragonlance DL9 USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
Dragons of Flame AD&D Dragonlance DL2 USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Dungeon Master's Guide AD&D 2nd Edition First Printing USED Poor/ s29 Price: $4.99
Dungeon Master's Guide AD&D 2nd Edition First Printing USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Fiend Folio AD&D 1st Edition USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
Legends & Lore AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
Road to Urik AD&D 2nd Edition Dark Sun Boxed Set USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
The Complete Wizard's Handbook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Bluffside City on the Edge D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $7.99
Swords of Evil D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $9.99
The Bloody Sands of Sicaris D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
The Complete Monstrous Undead Compendium D&D 3rd Edition USED/ s29 Price: $29.99
Ultimate Character Record Sheet D&D 3.5 NEW/ s29 Price: $5.99
Invasion Terra Mekton Wars Mekton Zeta Tactial Scenarios USED/ s29 Price: $4.99
Mekton Empire R Talsorian Games USED/ s29 Price: $5.99
Pigmania Dice Game Recycled Paper Products inc USED/ b39 Price: $5.95
Banshee Screams Deadlands Lost Colony Novel NEW/ B55 Price: $19.95
CORPS 1st Edition Used/ B55 Price: $5.99
System Guide Amazing Engine USED/ B55 Price: $3.99
Southern Republic Southern Leaguebook One Land of the Snakes Heavy Gear USED/ s51 Price: $9.99
The Paxton Gambit Peace River Showdown Heavy Gear Campaign Setting 2 USED/ s51 Price: $5.99
Dragon Magic AD&D 2nd Edition Dragonlance DLE2 USED/ b39 Price: $6.99
Horde Campaign AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ S33 Price: $9.99
Keeper's Screen Call of Cthulhu USED/ b39 Price: $9.99
Swords & Sorcerers Chivalry & Sorcery Vikings, Steppes Nomads, Gales and Picts USED/ s51 Price: $49.99
The Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook USED/ s51 Price: $34.99
The D6 System Core book USED/ s33 Price: $5.99
Martial Arts Adventures GURPS USED/ b39 Price: $14.99
Code of Bushido Legend of the Five Rings B-1 USED/ b39 Price: $5.99
Legacy of the Forge Legend of the Five Rings B-2 Bushido Series USED/ b39 Price: $11.99
Way of the Lion Legend of the Five Rings USED/ B55 Price: $9.99
Lords of Middle-Earth Vol. II The Mannish Races USED/ s33 Price: $19.99
Over the Misty Mountains Cold Lord of the Rings Adventure Middle Earth USED/ S33 Price: $19.99
Rolemaster Companion III Rolemaster USED/ B55 Price: $5.99
Arms and Equipment Guide Star Wars RPG USED/ b39 Price: $14.99
Gammarauders Boxed Set USED/ s28 Price: $44.99
Johnny Reb Civil War Adventure Games USED/ s28 Price: $11.99
Cause for War Psi World USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Injection Battlelords of the 23rd Century 3rd Edition USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Mission Arcturus 2300 USED/ S33 Price: $5.99
Race for El Dorado Dream Park USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Ranger 2300 AD USED/ S33 Price: $4.99
The Curse of the Khalif Dream Park USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Blood Bowl 1st Edition Boxed Set Warhammer Fantasy USED/ s28 Price: $59.99
Black Courser Forgotten Realms AD&D 2nd Ed. NEW/ S33 Price: $4.99
City of Gold Forgotten Realms AD&D 2nd Ed. NEW/ S33 Price: $4.99
Dark Sun Campaign Setting Boxed Set AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s36 Price: $44.99
Descent into the Depths of the Earth AD&D USED/ S33 Price: $6.99
Endless Armies Forgotten Realms AD&D 2nd Ed. USED/ S33 Price: $8.99
Falconmaster Greyhawk Adventures AD&D 2nd Ed. NEW/ S33 Price: $24.99
Flint's Axe Dragonlance AD&D 2nd Ed. NEW/ S33 Price: $6.99
Hordes of Dragonspear Forgotten Realms AD&D 2nd Ed. NEW/ S33 Price: $5.99
In the Phantom's Wake D&D AD&D USED/ s36 Price: $19.99
Tale of the Comet AD&D 2nd Edition Odyssey USED/ s28 Price: $14.99
The Astromundi Cluster AD&D 2nd Edition Spelljammer USED/ s28 Price: $14.99
The Complete Bard's Handbook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s28 Price: $4.99
The Complete Psionics Handbook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s28 Price: $5.99
The Complete Wizard's Handbook AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s28 Price: $5.99
The Ghost Tower of Inverness AD&D USED/ S33 Price: $7.99
The Ivory Triangle AD&D 2nd Edition Dark Sun USED/ s36 Price: $14.99
The Legend of Spelljammer AD&D 2nd Edition Spelljammer USED/ s28 Price: $14.99
Champions: The Super Role-Playing Game 4th Edition USED/ s36 Price: $19.99
Character Record Sheets Dungeons & Dragons NEW/ S33 Price: $4.99
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rulebook 1st Edition 1977 USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
In the Phantom's Wake D&D AD&D USED/ s36 Price: $19.99
Keep on the Borderlands D&D USED/ S33 Price: $4.99
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide 4th Edition USED/ s36 Price: $14.99
Slayer's Guide to Centaurs D20 USED/ S33 Price: $5.99
GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1 USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Orbital Decay Transhuman Space GURPS USED/ s36 Price: $5.99
Star Trek the Role Playing Game 2nd Edition Boxed Set USED/ s28 Price: $19.99


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