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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Jan 26 to Feb 1 2009
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Family Game Night 4:30PM - 9:30PM
Friday, January 30, 2009
San Carlos Adult Community Center, 601 Chestnut St.

Come enjoy a fun evening with your family and friends. Play a variety of board
and card games that are fun, competitive and educational in nature. Local board
game players will loan their personal games for play, plus teach and coordinate
game playing. Gator Games of San Mateo has donated a number of quality games
that will be given out as prizes throughout the evening.  Bring games from home to share as well.
Hot dog dinners and drinks will be sold from 5:30-7:30PM. Come join in the fun!

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

10% off General Sale+
Happy Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Ox
1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

Monday-Thurs we will be handing out our popular coupon page for your use next time

Additional Sales+
Yu-gi-oh Rise of Destiny boosters .99 pack
Yu-gi-oh Gladiators Assault, Magic Ruler and Lost Millenium $2.99 pack
Mechwarrior Boosters $2.99
Mage Knight boosters $2.39
Dreamblade Boosters $4.49
IndyClix Boosters $2.08
WoW Heroes of Azeroth Starters and Molten Core Raid Deck $14.99
Deadlands & Hell on Earth RPG's - mostly $9.99
Haloclix Starters $18.75
Horrorclix Boosters $5.99 (small) $8.25 (large)
D&D 3.0 and 3.5 products - as marked  (WotC, Atlas, FFG) -mainly 25% off.
Anarcronism starters $6.99, boosters $3.49
Games Workshop Lord of the Rings - 25% or 50% off as marked

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Free promo with your purchase+ as supplies last
Limit 3 per day / per person / per game for Promos
Everything in Red is new promos put out this week.**

  CCG & CMG specials 

Free with Purchase: DDM stat cards (no figure)
Free demos decks - Kingdom Hearts, Vampire the Eternal Struggle,
Magic the Gathering
Free paper playmats and instructions for Kingdom Hearts
Buy $20 Star Wars Pocket Models = free promo pack of 2 ships
  buy one pack/starter of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy one pack/starter of Bella Sara = 1 Free promo card (2+ $10 in product)
  Buy $10 L5R = clan pack of the month (found more crab and unicorn)
  buy $10: promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Maple Story, Bleach
  buy $10:  promos =
WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, Naruto, V:tes
  buy $15:  foil promo =
L5R, Maple Story, Vs., Kingdom Hearts
  buy $20:  foil promo =
Bleach, Vs
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter:  Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  Buy $10 in baseball cards:  and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy $25 in Yu-gi-oh cards = 1 free promo card/Foils (some may not be promos)
  Buy 2 booster boxes of Magic = free magic backpack
  Buy 3 booster boxes of Magic = Free playmat (or backpack)
  Buy one booster box Bleach = Shoen Jump Playmat Free
  Buy 6 boosters of magic and get a free Wotc land pack
Buy any WoW tmg product and get a free winterspring/tanaris map.
Free Imperial Heralds - no purchase required
  Buy one Booster Box of WoW TCG and get a playmat free.

RPG specials
Buy One of Each - 4E Player's HB, DMG and Monster Manual and get a free Dragonlance Stained glass (without frame)

Deadlands D20 Rulebook -  Free with any $100 rpg purchase (please ask)
most of the Deadlines and HoE line we are selling at 50% off.

Card & Boardgames specials
Buy $10 in looney labs products:  and get either free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack or a free Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower Pack  (retail $2) 

SJG3907 Munchkin Quest with all the promos  49.95 each. (about 12 left)
The Munchkin Quest Gold Piece can be spent during the game every other turn.  It's worth 100 gold pieces, which can help the lucky Munchkin buy that ever-so-needed level.The Coaster Room looks like a Munchkin Quest room tile, but is actually a drink coaster.  Depending on which room your glass is resting on - either the Tavern or the Lab - sipping the drink itself grants special bonuses.  Promo Set 1 contains a new room tile: the Troll Booth on one side and the Healing Fountain on the other.  And since every room needs a monster, we've included the classic Troll.  Filling out the sheet is everything you need to add both to Munchkin Quest - rules, links, and even the monster's card!

Killer Bunnies Journey to Jupiter = our copies have promos taped to them.  2 copies
Munckin - I managed to get some promos - Taped promos to all our copies in stock at this time.

Miniatures specials

Free Hordes buttons & Rules

Mutant Chronicles = free playmats attached to product.

BFM FW051 Flames of War: Art of War II: The Wehrmacht Edition!
Limited: The Steel of War - Poster with pictures 31 different armoured vehicles from the German army, painted by the Battlefront Studio, featured in one massive poster, free with every copy of The Art of War! This offer is strictly whilst stocks last so get in quick! 

Upcoming Promotions  Feburary 6th, National Wear Red Day
Celebrate the choices we have to beat heart disease - the nation's No. 1 killer of women - by wearing red on National Wear Red Day, Friday, February 6.  We will give a mimimum of 20% off your purchase minus exclusions.+

February 13th - 28th, 2009 WotC's Scavenger Hunt - 24 free Planeswalker Spindown counters
Wizards will host a scavenger hunt on, which will provide participants with the opportunity to redeem a Planeswalker™ Spindown gift at participating Premier Store locations.

Every year in May, Goodman Games sponsors a 20% off sale aimed at consumers. This year features their Dungeon Crawl Classics.
Our print ads will be in Knights of the Dinner Table and Kobold Quarterly.

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will receive a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Weekly Raffle -
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.
o Baseball Card Clubhouse - an event free for Scouts 
Have your scoutmaster contact us if interested.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
- you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, bitz parts or Sale items

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store
Newsletter from e-bay sent out every Thursday

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Demo Policy
We are trying to run more demos and need your help.
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.

Mon. :
  Miniatures League $3
Warhammer 40K Escalation League $3 (must have 1 tank this month)
1/26 1000 pts +2 If your force is fully painted, +2 For losing less than 10 models -  Manditory to have one tank in your army.
Free Warhammer 40K pin or Fantasy pin to all those attend this week.

note: we now have to share Monday's with the other miniatures games.
2/2 : Warhammer Fantasy  800 points   +1 If your force is fully painted
2/9:  Warhammer 40K  700 pts  +1 If your force is fully painted
2/16 Flames of War  600 pts  +1 If your force is fully painted
2/23  Warhammer 40K  800 pts  +1 If your force is fully painted

Combat Patrol AKA: 40k in 40 Minutes as found White Dwarf issue 284 or found on the web
Prizes are given on a monthly basis. Make sure we mark your scores correctly.
Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably.
• Each win that you have will be worth 20 points.
• Each draw that you have will be worth 10 points.
• Each loss that you have will be worth 5 points.
• Scenarios will be rolled out of the back of  the rulebook.
• Bonus points will be awarded each week for special modifiers.
• Prizes are based on how many Participating each week.

Tues.: 4pm Pokemon League by Ethan $3  - we have openings.
Pokemon League has been revamped by Gator Games since Nintendo has stopped supporting league events.
Win Booster Packs, Pins and Stickers based on your game play. A least one booster pack is opened every week for additional prizes.

Wed. Heroclix by Jason  free unless draft 
1/28 Arham Asylum Week 9: Sinestro Wants YOU (Draft - buy 2 DC boosters any set) You may bring one DC characters under 100 pts who has any of the following keywords: Sinestro Corp, Animal, Legion of Doom, Psychic. After the Draft make a 300 pt team that may or may not include the character you brought.  Prize Grodd

Thurs.:   1/29 4pm World of Warcraft ® Miniatures Game:  2009 January Battleground Kit $5
   Demos will be given this day by Gator Games Staff.
   Prizes include: Miniature Daxin Firesworn, Action Bar Card Fog of War, Action Bar Card Curse of Agony, Double-sided Maps

2/5 4pm Bleach Tournament Free (offical prizes)
2/12 Yu-gi-oh Tournament Sealed $20
Get 3 boosters (of choice $3.99 or lower)  and make a deck
Prize Pool = 1 booster per person  and everyone wins a championship booster (2 to winner)
2/19 tba
2/26 4pm World of Warcraft  Trading Card Game 2009 Battlegrounds  Kit # 2 $5
Andiss Butcherson for winner,  Earth Mother's Blessing ( 2nd-4th place prize card)
3/5 4pm Bleach Tournament Free (offical prizes)
3/12 4pm World of Warcraft : 2009 Miniatures February Battleground $5
prizes include Miniatures Shienor Sorcerer, Action Bar Card Magma Totem, Action Bar Card Blessing of Kings and Double-sided Maps (winterspring and tanaris)

Fri.: 4pm Friday Night Magic Stardard 'type 2'  $3
Must have 8 to give the FNM prizes.
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack. 

Weekend Events!

We are going to be cutting Tournament  Events for the weekends. Boardgames have become one of the most popular items bought.  Boardgames and our event area share common ground.  Boardgame customers really can't browse or shop during a tournament and this is drawing too many complaints.  We are a store first and do tournaments only as a courtesy, so we will limit tournaments on weekends. We are looking for Demo people. We can do demos without interference to the board game area in the afternoons.  Please email Jean to set this up.

We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

Note:  To answer questions on conflux. We have to follow WotC rules. Period.
WotC gives prize direction on the prize pool and how the boosters will be distributed. It is set in stone.
There will be NO shards tournament starters used - only Boosters. (WotC mandate)
Additonal Prize support that is NOT CONFLUX Boosters is at the discretion of the organizer.
Gator Games will be adding to prize support as always, its up to Jean and she does not tell the employees, so don't pester them. They do not know.

Jan 31, Sat 10:30
sharp Conflux Prerelease SEALED $25 (Official Release)
3 Conflux boosters and 3 Shards of Alara booster 
Malfegor promo card to all,  Prize Pool = 2 boosters per every person
note: All Magic Players in this tournament  can buy  Conflux: Magic: intro packs (theme decks)

To be determined : depending on how many show at 10:30, we will run a second tournament.
Jan 31, Sat  approx 2-2:15ish  Conflux SEALED $25 
3 Conflux boosters and 3 Shards of Alara booster 
Malfegor promo card to all,  Prize Pool = 2 boosters per every person
note: All Magic Players in this tournament  can buy  Conflux: Magic: intro packs (theme decks)

Feb 1, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
2 Conflux boosters and 1 Shards of Alara booster 
This event is limited to 8 people so we can use Conflux. (requirement of WotC)
note: All Magic Players in this tournament  can buy  Conflux: Magic: intro packs (theme decks)

Feb 7 , Sat  11am Conflux SEALED $25 
3 Conflux boosters and 3 Shards of Alara booster 
Prize Pool = 2 boosters per every person

Feb 7 , Sat Afternoon: Upper Deck Day TBA
As of right now - I do not have official confirmation that Gator will take part.
Anyone like to volunteer this day to help with demos, we could use the help with WoW TMG and TCG demos.

Feb 8 Sun 11am Conflux Launch Party - Booster Draft  $12.96  (Official Release)
2 Conflux boosters and 1 Shards of Alara booster 
Obelisk of Alara promo card and a mini poster to all

Feb 14, Sat  11am Yu-gi-oh Tournament Sealed $20
Get 3 boosters (of choice $3.99 or lower)  and make a 20 card deck
I wanted it to be a surprise - but yes Gator Games will add one special booster to your sealed.
Prize Pool = 1 booster per person  Everyone wins a championship booster (2 to winner)

Feb 21 Sat 11am World of Warcraft ® Trading Card Game:  2009 Battlegrounds Kit # 2 Marquee $5
Crusader's Sweep Extended Art cards (Marquee Event participation card)  
Warbring Arix'amal Extended Art cards (Marquee Event Top 8 prize card) 
Other prizes, T-shirts,  Landro Coins, and Badge of Justice cards 

Feb 21 Sat 2pm  World of Warcraft : 2009 Miniatures February Battleground Marquee
Will buy one booster and play it -  don't forget to bring your u-bases.
Bring 3 figures for your army (if you don't have any, buy one booster has 3 figures of same faction in it)
prizes include Miniatures Shienor Sorcerer, Action Bar Card Magma Totem,  Action Bar Card Blessing of Kings and Double-sided Maps (winterspring and tanaris)

Feb 22, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
2 Conflux boosters and 1 Shards of Alara booster 

Holding events for Feb 28 and March 1. Jean is trying to get Konanmi's Yu-gi-oh Sneak Peek Crimison Crisis.

Feb 28, Sat 3pm  Monsterpocalypse Tournament and Demos  by PJ (privateer rep)
must have 6 signed up on website to give out Meta-prize, if we get at least 4, Gator has one meta-prize for winner.
This type is played using 1 monster pair (alpha and hyper forms) 2-12 buildings and 4-15 units. When players roll off for first turn, the player that loses the roll chooses which map (the one they brought or the one their opponent brought) they will be fighting on.


o Preorders   These items are short solicits and may not appear in any issue of Game Trade.

Pitchcar and Mini-Pitchcar and all the expansions should pass customs and be ready to ship at the beginning of Feb. If you need anything, please let Gator know asap so i can put a preorder in for it when the cargo container arrives.

With Konami taking over, all the new Yu-gi done by them will now be discoutable. You wil get 20% off when ordering a box.

KON 88012-D     Yu-Gi-Oh Yusei Duelist Dis(30)  CCG     $59.70 
Introducing the first Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duelist Pack from Konami! Duelist Packs are the heavily sought-after introductory booster packs for anime fans and TCG beginners. Duelist Pack -Yusei- has all the powerful monsters and cards, including Stardust Dragon, used by Yusei, the protagonist from the popular new Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's animated series. The number of cards and rarities are adjusted to appeal to beginners, featuring cards right out of the TV show. Each pack contains a strategy card with tips and combos with cards from previous sets and decks to help guide new players. Contains 5 new cards to appeal to existing players.  30-card complete set (5 new cards, 25 existing cards) Collect 17 Common Cards (4:1), 7 Rare Cards (1:1), 4 Super Rare Cards (1:5), 2 Ultra Rare Cards (1:15), and 10 Strategy Cards (1:1) release date February 24th

KON 88030-D     Yu-Gi-Oh Crimson Crisis BD (24) CCG     $95.76
The third Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's booster release from Konami, Crimson Crisis, includes monsters and cards used by Yusei, Jack, and Aki from the! popular new animated series! Behold the awesome power of the Assault Mode monsters making its first appearance in Crimson Crisis. This booster set contains 10 world-premiere cards and 10 cards never-before-released in North America! Each pack contains at least one Rare Card with a chance for more!  100-card complete set.  Collect 48 Common Cards (8:1), 20 Rare Cards (1:1), 14 Super Rare Cards (1:5), and 10 Ultra Rare Cards (1:12) release date March 3rd

[BLH033] Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar - Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail 1795-1815 (SRP: $38.00)
Description: It was a battle that changed the balance of power for a hundred years. A battle that turned men into heroes and created a legend. Warhammer historical is proud to present Trafalgar, a brand new original naval wargame set in the age of sail. Within this book you'll find all rules, history and hobby information you need to fight naval battles throughout the period 1795-1815. The game is simple enough to make large fleet actions achievable, but detailed enough so single-ship actions are great fun to play. Trafalgar accommodates ships in a wide variety of scales. Every man must do his duty!

  o Product Information

GIPOTS01 Order of the Stick #1: Dungeon Crawlin' Fools (Full Color Throughout, Trade Paperback) $24.95 OUT OF PRINT

GMG5061 Dungeon Crawl Classics #62: Shrine of the Fallen Lama  (4th Edition GSL Adventure) $11.99 Mar 2009 PRICE CHANGE FROM $12.99


o Gamer News

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #430: How to Game Master at Conventions

A strong December pushed Q4 comic sales into positive territory-find out how 2008 sales of comics and graphic novels compared with 2007's.

These are estimates of the sales of the Top 300 Comics by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during December 2008.

These are estimates of the sales of the Top 300 Graphic Novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during December 2008.

Mattel buys Blokus

Upper Deck has revealed that it will not distribute Crimson Crisis, the next scheduled product for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Investing in Games (written from a game educator)

ICv2 takes its annual look at the feature films scheduled for the rest of the year.  Part I covers Coraline to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

In Part II of Best in Shows, ICv2 covers releases from Ice Age to Avatar.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a second wave of expansions for its World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game non-collectible miniatures game.

From here you will see everything cool about collecting Sports cards -Including Amazing interviews with Super Athletes, Celebrities and Industry Icons...

Columbia has won an auction for the movie rights to Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy.

USAopoly has announced two new licensed games tied to major properties: Risk: Halo Wars Collector's Edition and Clue: 24 Edition.

Huntik: Secrets and Seekers came in as the #1 show for boys 9-14 among Saturday morning animated shows in its premiere weekend.

Konami will hold hobby store sneak peek events for Yu-Gi-Oh!: Crimson Crisis the weekend before releasing the set.

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that it will release Duelist Pack-Yusei, the first 5D's Duelist Pack, on February 24th.

In a sign of the times, three publications for retailers have stopped publishing print copies in the past month.

More News:
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Crimson Crisis Sneak Preview canceled
Upper Deck Day offers tournaments for every UDE brand
Hall of Fame Magic players launch Epic TCG
Mongoose Publishing new releases
Privateer announces 2009 OP plans

More News:
GAMA Names New Executive Director
Global Authentication Files for Bankruptcy Protection
Retailers Tally Losses from Disappointing Year
New Program for World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

More News:
Gen Con scheduled to emerge from Chapter 11
Open Call for 4E GSL "Book of Rituals"
Duels of the Planeswalkers in Beta
World of Warcraft Adventure Game league launched
Precis Intermedia Revives A Fistfull of Miniatures


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

Citadels - yes out of print but we found some!
Bang - third edition - yes out of print but we found some!  $19.99
Rook Storage Metal Capsules -  all out of print - but we found some! $3.45
Heros of Azeroth playmats $19.99   sale price $12.99
Duelmaster playmats $1.99
WH Fantasy bowmen (pack of 2) .99
Mutant Chronicles plastics - (squad of 5) $2.99
5 trees & Flock $3.99
tons of magic novels sale price $12.99
Magic Die $3,  Set Booklets .50
SRY 4130   Scrye Magazine #130   5.99
GAW WD-349   White Dwarf #349   8.00 
OPD KQ08   Kobold Quarterly Magazine #8   7.99
PAL 0145   Rifter #45   11.95
QWS BBIO102   Color Biohazard Bag  $10.70
QWS BCTH102   Call of Cthulhu Dice Bag  $10.70
RPR 03377   Dark Heaven: Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem   12.99 
RPR 03378   Dark Heaven: Santoine De Fronzac, Pirate   5.99  
RPR 03379   Dark Heaven: Dandy Franchesca, Female Pirate   5.99 
RPR 03380   Dark Heaven: Rovag, Irongrave Knight   6.99  
RPR 14518   Warlord: Dwarf Forgemaiden   4.99 
RPR 14524   Warlord: Valana, Dwarf Forgemaiden Sergeant   4.99
RPR 14528   Warlord: Lupine Slayer   12.99 
RPR 14529   Warlord: Ragon The Blooded, Lupine Hero   11.99
RPR 50030   Chronoscope: 19th Century Weapons   6.99  
RPR 50045   Chronoscope:Jesse Moonwalker, Werewolf Tracker   7.99  
RPR 50046   Chronoscope:Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist   4.99  
RPR 50047   Chronoscope:Tank Hutchins, Biker Boss   4.99 
RAT45A001  .45: .45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era $16.00
RAT45A002  .45: Dragon Bones: Adventures in the Gobi Desert $12.00
RAT45A003  .45: Amazing War Stories: Pulp Action in World War II $20.00
RAT45A004  .45: Mooks, Mobs, and Men of Honor    $8.00
RAT45A005  .45: Gargoyle: Death Soldiers o/t Jade Hood   $18.00
RAT45A006  .45: Super Science Tales: Terror of the Metal Menace  $18.00
RAT45A007  .45: Thrilling Expeditions: Valley of the Thunder Lizard $18.00
RATBA001   BA: Broadsword Adventures: Savage Tales of Fantasy    $20.00
RATFW001   FW: Fantastic Worlds: Pulp Action in the Far Reaches of Space $18.00
RATGL001   Gloire: Swashbuckling Adventure in the Age of Kings   $17.00
RATGL002   Gloire: Ye Mean and Mighty: A Rogues Gallery  $8.00
RATGL003   Gloire: Under the Black Flag  $18.00
RAT45M002A .45: Major Steele vs. Professor Kroon (2)     $6.50
RAT45M004A .45: Sgt. Grant vs. Field Marshal Kluge (2)   $6.50
RAT45M006  .45: Waterfront Characters (4)     $10.75
RAT45M007  .45: Bud and Lour: Minions of the Jade Hood (2)    $6.50
RAT45M008  .45: Citizens of New Commerce (4)     $10.75
RAT45M009  .45: Shaolin Monks #1 (4)     $10.75
RAT45M010  .45: Shaolin Monks #2 (4)     $10.75
RAT45M011  .45: Mongolian Death Worm (1) $10.75
RAT45M013  .45: Robot Type II Army Builder (10)  $26.00
RAT45M015  .45: Bridget and Mo: Allies of The Gargoyle   $6.50
WFP028  Warpstone Magazine #28     $9.95
WTW 06020   Round Rock Ridge A - Summer   16.00
WTW 06021   Round Rock Ridge B - Summer   22.00
WTW 06022   Round Rock Ridge C - Summer   28.00
WTW 06200   Rugged Hill A - Granite   16.00
WTW 06201   Rugged Hill B - Granite   16.00
ULP82322   DB: Diamond Dragon BLK     
ULP82333   DB:Diamond Dragon NVY
ULP82336-P Portfolio:4pkt PKU Platinum  
ULP82337-P Portfolio:9pkt PKU Platinum  
ULP82292   DB: MtG Black Lotus  
ULP82293   Portfolio:9pkt MtG Black Lotus    
ULP82323   DP: MtG Conflux   
ULP82324   DB: MtG Conflux  
ULP82325   DB: Horiz Load: MtG: Conflux 
ULP82326-P Portfolio:9pkt MtG Conflux    
DAG9306  Dark Age Bases: Groundwerks - Mosaic Ruins (30mm) (3)  $5.99 
DAG9406  Dark Age Bases: Groundwerks - Mosaic Ruins (40mm) (2)  $3.99 
DRM140  Dragon Rune Orcs: Bodyguard Shields (20)  $6.50 
LAOTS069  Mini Blast Marker (10)  $4.99 
LAOTS071  Mini Smoke Marker (10)  $4.99 
LAOTS090  Flak Markers (Set of 3)  $12.99

High Society    (those hard to get German games)
Players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth, namely the ten luxury possession (positive-number) and three 2X multiplier cards; while avoiding its pitfalls represented by three cards altogether, including the gambling (-5) card; the thief (lose a possession) card; and the calamitous fire (lose 12 the value of all your possession cards) card. While bidding, though, players must keep an eye on their remaining cash... at the end of the game, even though all those positive-number cards might add up to a win, the player with the least money isn't even considered for victory. This dual-objective creates a nail-biting auction experience. For 3-5 players over 10 years old, this 30-45 minute game can be played as a light filler between longer games, but we'll be honest with you: this one is very hard to put back in the box! 

Gem Dealer (those hard to get German games)
Throughout history, beautiful gems have been the prized possessions of kings, artisans and lovers alike. Now as then, wealthy clients send gem dealers to search the world over for the finest stones to add to their fortunes. In a back room of The Club Hotel in San Isidro, Peru, you face rival dealers from other gem syndicates. You use cunning, strategy and a little bluffing as you bid against each other for the precious stones that will complete your client's collection - and perhaps line your pockets as well! For 3-5 players over 8 years old, this 30-45 minute game can be played as a light filler or repeatedly for a much deeper entrée. Gamers who love to play with their game pieces while they consider their next diabolical move won't find a better game than Gem Dealer! Artwork by well-known Eagle Games artist Paul Niemeyer.

Reiner Knizia's Money  (those hard to get German games)
The object of this gorgeous Reiner Knizia card game is to collect as many of one type of currency as possible. Players bid cards from their hands to exchange for 'lots' of cards, with the order being determined by whoever put out the highest valued cards. The cards themselves are beautiful renditions of currencies from around the world, with vibrant colors and designs on all of them, from American Dollars to Japanese Yen and many in between.

Stefan Dorra's For Sale (those hard to get German games)
Going once! Going twice! Sold to the highest bidder! In this perfectly-crafted bidding game, players are forced to make a multitude of difficult decisions every minute...and that's just in the first phase of the game! Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win this Stefan Dorra classic. For 3-6 players ages 8 and up, this 20 minute game may seem short, but expect your gaming group to decide that there's time for "just one more play!"

Matt Leacock, Roll Through the Ages (of Pandemic fame) (those hard to get German games)
Build a thriving civilization--in under an hour!  Collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your growing population. Grab those dice and Roll Through the Ages! in this addictive and strategic new game from Matt Leacock, designer of Pandemic. Roll Through the Ages plays in 30-45 minutes. The game is for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up.

Conquest of the Empire  (those hard to get German games)
It is the 2nd century AD, and the 200-year Pax Romana of Augustus Caesar has come to an end. With the death of the Philosopher-Scholar Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire is without a competent leader. Disorder reigns and civil war looms. Mars will be pleased... it is a time for war. It is a time for Conquest of the Empire! Over 300 historically accurate, professionally sculpted miniatures are included in this detailed, epic board game. Plus, Conquest of the Empire is really two games for the price of one! Included in every box are rules for both the original classic game and all new advanced rules that give the game additional depth and strategy!

(those hard to get German games) - some new, some reprinted, some just restocked
Incan gold, My dwarves fly, Space Dealer, Uptown, Worm up!, 2 de Mayo, PitchCar Extension #4 Stunts, Rails of Europe, The Club, Arthur saves the planet, Reiner Knizia's Blazing aces, Can't Stop, Cheeky Monkey, Brass (it just won a Meeples Choice Award and allocated last print run).

AEG 14800-D   L5R CCG: Glory of The Empire Starter Display (6)   77.94 
AEG 14810-D   L5R CCG: Glory of The Empire Booster Display (48)   172.32 
Continuing the epic storyline of Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Glory of the Empire is the first expansion to be dual-legal for the existing Samurai Edition tournament arc and the upcoming Celestial Edition tournament arc.

IMP FDP5018   Counter Strike: Liberia - Descent into Hell   22.95 
In this two-player simulation game focusing on the Liberian civil war of 1989-1997, players (one representing President Samuel Doe's Armed Forces of Liberia and its allied factions and the other the insurgent forces of Charles Taylor and his allies) seek to control enough territory and resources to win a post-war election and become the undisputed President of Liberia.

IMP GMG5224   Dungeon Denizens (GSL)   24.99 
Tired of facing the same old kobolds? Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens takes the very best original monsters from the pages of over 55 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures, converts them to 4th Edition, and compiles them into one volume.

IMP GMG5350   In Search of Adventure (GSL)   19.99 
If you're looking for great adventures, deadly foes, and cunning puzzles, look no further! From the ancient temples of a forgotten snake god, to the maddening maze of an exiled fey, In Search of Adventure collects six all-new Level 1 adventures by some of the brightest writers of 4th Edition!

MGP 5202   Wraith Recon: Mission Pack 1 (gsl)   24.95
From border raids designed to keep vicious humanoids in check, to infiltrating rival kingdoms and disrupting their magical research, Mission Pack I is guaranteed to test the mettle of even the most highly trained Wraith Recon operatives.

MGP 6663   Paranoia XP: Mandatory Mission Pack   9.95
Designed for the hassled or brain-fried Games Master who needs a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a mission, this Paranoia XP sourcebook contains dozens of plot seeds, side encounters, weird events, and bizarre paranoid locations that can be dropped into any mission.

MGP 8151   RuneQuest: Elric - Cults of the Young Kingdoms   29.95
Cults of the Young Kingdoms explores the religions of the Young Kingdoms, examining the cults described in the Elric of Melnibone rules and detailing new ones.

IMP TLG1114   The Crusader: The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer Volume 4, #14   3.50  
This issue features: Dweomercraefter's Den: Towers of Adventure by James M. Ward; Auld Wyrmish by Mike Stewart: Mike takes a look at Arms and Armor in Castles & Crusades; Hammer & Anvil by Casey Cannfield: More hammering on how to create games for fast and fun play in the role playing universe; Aihrdian Chronicles (Fiction): Prince Meltowg's quest carries him into the darkness of the west; Cartoons: Battle Juice by Jason Walton and Steve Chenault & more from!

IMP TLG8024   Castles & Crusades: A5 - The Shattered Horn   8.95  
Atop a cursed mountain, in towers of ice and snow is a danger of primordial origin - the Lord of Frost. From his frozen keep he threatens the lands and peoples in the shadow of his mountain, bringing low all who come too near. Help is needed to break the hold the Lord of Frost has over this land and end his reign before his powers reach well beyond the mountain. The weathered mountainside presents great challenges, yet this pales to the dangers awaiting those who dare cross the threshold into the Frozen Keep. The Shattered Horn is a Castles & Crusades adventure designed for character levels 6-8.

WIN 1121   Risk 1959 49.99
This classic reproduction of Risk features an oversized, bi-fold game board with original 1959-style art, six sets of beautiful wooden "army" pieces conveniently stored in clear plastic boxes with lids, a deck of area cards with original style art, high quality dice, and a rules book featuring a History of Risk.

PZO 9017   Pathfinder #17: Second Darkness - A Memory of Darkness   19.99 
Upon arriving at the elven nation of Kyonin, the heroes find their claims falling on deaf ears. Courtly intrigue leads to a confrontation with a mysterious elven order called the Winter Council, deep in the demon-haunted shadows of the legendary forest known as the Tanglebriar.

PZO 9205   Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide To Absalom   17.99 
The largest and most important metropolis in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting comes alive in this comprehensive guide to the City at the Center of the World! Explore the winding ways of this teeming fantasy community with neighborhood-by-neighborhood summaries loaded with adventure hooks, plus information on key movers-and-shakers in the city, organizations beneficial and malevolent, and rumor-generation tables that lead to fabulous adventures.

PZO 9403   Pathfinder Companion: Osirion - Land of Pharaohs   9.99 
Scoundrels, archaeologists, pathfinders, and foreigners scour the sand-choked pyramids and temples of ancient Osirion, seat of the Pharaohs of antiquity, as they race to discover the lost treasures of this once mighty kingdom! Pathfinder Companion: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs provides a comprehensive overview of Osirion from its star-crossed ancient history, to its treacherous modern politics.

FFG CS1013   Anima Tactics: Light Faction - High Saint Elienai   14.99 
Elienai is the most great and powerful of all the saints of the Church. For centuries, her mortally wounded body has been entombed in suspended animation in the depths of the sacred city of Albidion, while she projects her soul across the world save it from destruction.

FFG CS1015   Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Romeo   14.99 
Romeo Exxet, The Supreme Inquisitor, is the most pre-eminent figure in the Inquisition. His name is whispered with a mixture of fear and unconditional devotion. Every part of him, from one of its hairs to the last drop of his blood, emanates true power. As it was foretold in ancient times, he is the chosen of the light, the embodiment of the dynasties of the seven Beryls. Blessed since the instant of his birth, Romeo has always been a giant among ants. His natural presence is such that even the most powerful Inquisitors and elementals kneel before him and serve him as if his word is law.

FFG CS2020   Anima Tactics: Dark Faction - Ophiel   14.99 
Ophiel Akerontes Zeros, favourite son of the darkness, is the youngest and most ambitious of all the lords of Samael. Despite being the last to join the Circle of Fallen Angels, in only two decades he has become on of the most powerful and active members of the Circle. He is a gloomy figure who enjoys using his shadowy network of agents to advance his agenda of absolute chaos.

FFG CT19   Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Horror Beneath The Surface Asylum Pack   9.95 
The Summons of the Deep expansion to the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game continues with its second monthly Asylum Pack of 40 fixed cards, The Horror Beneath the Surface! Each Asylum Pack contains 20 never-before-seen cards that place a newfound emphasis on the Investigation struggle, designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Call of Cthulhu metagame.

FFG GOT40   A Game of Thrones LCG: The Raven's Song Chapter Pack   9.95  
With the onset of winter, the songs of ravens fill the sky. As the nights grow darker and the winds blow colder, the maesters and stewards of Westeros have taken to their castle rookeries, sending forth a flock of messenger birds with schemes and tidings that shape the future of the realm! The Raven's Song 40-card Chapter Pack adds 20 distinct cards to a player's collection that both expands upon the decks in the A Game of Thrones Core Game, and allows players to customize and create strategies and decks of their own.

FFG VA52   Runebound: The Frozen Wastes Expansion   39.95 
To the North of Terrinoth, across the Sea of White Fangs, lies cold and desolate Isheim, the Land of Ice. After millennia of sleep in this frozen realm, the Ancients are beginning to stir. These strange and powerful creatures arise to serve the wrath of their immortal master, Arshan the Mad. The Years of the White Death are at hand! Runebound: The Frozen Wastes takes place on a never-before-seen continent in the world of Terrinoth, and features six new heroes, new winter survival gear, and new icy terrain types, as well as new creatures including vicious icewyrms, menacing wendigos, and formidable frost giants.

XCG9001 Galactic Emperor $54.95
Galactic Emperor is a fast paced empire-building board game of exploration, conflict and struggle for dominance. The last Galactic Emperor has met with a sudden and quite fatal accident. Now there is a power vacuum in the galaxy, and you're one of the Planetary Dukes who wants to fill it. Each player controls a space sector with a home planet, and for a time, shares the power of the galactic throne. During the fight for control, the central Omega Sun is heading toward collapse... a cataclysm that will only accelerate the chaos!

GMTC3I021  C3i Magazine #21 $20.00
C3i #21 includes 18 "Combat Commander Europe Variant Rules" by designer Chad Jensen & John Foley which include Rubble, Night Rules, Starshells, Smoke Barrage, Mortar Spotting, Rate of Fire, Panic and more. Also two new "Combat Commander Europe" scenarios - Scenario 106 "The Lost Battalion" Vosges Mountains, Alsace, France, 30 October 1944 designed by Greg Wong; and  Scenario 107 "Operation Deadstick" Benouville, France, 6 June 1944 designed by Bryan Collars.  A new 22" x 17" color "CC" mapsheet insert.  There will also be new "CC" counters, plus fixes for the Molotov Cocktail counters from "CC:Mediterranean."

CFY0126 The Torn (3)  $9.99
The torn are the unfortunate souls the Anti-Pope forces into his wicked service after death should have freed them. Any man falling on a field of battle where the Anti-Pope may tread can easily find himself forced into service of the Dark one and feeding off the innards of his one time companions. These poor Souls eventually find themselves driven so crazy that they begin to tear their own flesh from their bodies.

CFY0130 Dark Cardinal Falcifer     $9.99
One of the Anti-Popes Dark Cardinals, Cardinal Falcifer wields a scythe created from the metal tips of the spears King Herods soldiers used in biblical times. Falcifer uses this dread weapon to bring pain and suffering to any battlefield he chooses to enter. Of the three Dark Cardinals, Falcifer is the most cruel and violent.

BPN7081 Dice Tower Kit, Cherry Wood   $18.00
Blue Panther is pleased to introduce a new line of gaming accessories designed to make your board, miniature, card and roleplaying game more enjoyable. The first product in the BPGA line is the BP Dice Tower. Dimensions of the tower are approx 7.75" high by 3.75" wide by 3.75" deep to accomodate lots of dice at once. Base is detachable and approx 8" long by 4" wide by 1.75" high. The tower folds in to the base for easy storage. The tower and base are made from 1/8" smooth birch plywood with a cherry stain finish and a polyurethane protective coat.

DVS0038 Murdero    $16.00
Murdero is the Murder Mystery card game with twists!  Easy to play with rummy style rules!  Unpredictable, with 15 twists ensure no two games are the same!  Get together and bring everyone around the table for a fun night! Murdero is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5! Build your case by creating sets of cards numbered from 1 to 5. Sounds simple, but watch your back. Some cards break sets, remove cards and even change the rules of the game!  Includes 60 cards and rules, for 2 to 4 players aged 10+.

FAH1000 Swashbuckled! $39.95
But ye be warned that this be a game not for the faint-hearted. Once ye embark from port, ye never know where the winds will take ye. But if ye think ye are up to it, then set canvass, hoist anchor and shiver-me-timbers we'll play the game of yer life. Ye start the game with 10,000 pounds. Ye sail from port to port making money from yer cargo (or better, by stealing it from others) and to win the game, ye must be the first to arrive in port with 100,000 pounds. Sounds easy, eh? Aye, but beware. The seas, they are full of pirates and surprises!!. Welcome aboard, Matey! Featuring a beautiful playing board of the world as of 1806, the game features travels and trials around the world. For those 12 years of age and over, Swashbuckled! is as educational as it is fun to play.

RAF0016 USX Modern Day Heroes Rulebook     $20.00
Designed to complement RAFM's USX and Cthulhu range of figures the 32-page rulebook offers players a fun and fast game system. Printed in full color the book fills in areas that were hinted at in the Basic set with rules for Vehicles, Armor, Mythos creatures and spells. Specialty weapons and ammo such as flash bangs and man stopper rounds augment the game with special "Advanced rules" that work well when fighting off hordes of zombies or blinding the bad guys before your forces make their assault.USX is a flexible and fast game system capable of handling 2 player contests or group games with 4 and more players. Additional players do not slow USX and games will be concluded in 2 hours or less depending on the scenario. USX also features our "Dual initiative system" making the game more fun for all players involved.

CMU002   Crusader - Historic Miniatures Rulebook   $24.99
Crusader is a set of wargames rules that allow you to game some of the greatest battles in history from Biblical times to the Medieval period. Although written with 28mm figures in mind the rules are stand-based and so easily translate to any scale of model. The rules cater for many popular basing methods so there is absolutely no need to rebase your figure to be able to play Crusader. At the heart of the rules is the concept that you are representing units of troops in battle rather than individual warriors. Dispensing with the traditional phases within a turn the unit-based mechanics allow for a fluid game that simulates the quality and training of troops rather than the abilities of a few super characters. The rules have been created with the flexibility to allow armies from widely differing time periods to fight against each other through the use of a consistent points system.


RGG A22   Highland Clans   34.95  
RGG A16   Galaxy Trucker Big Expansion   54.95
This Big Expansion for Space Trucker features pieces and rules for five-player games, an updated version of Rough Road Ahead (a set of cards previously released in a downloadable format), plus a slew of new adventure cards, alien species, ship building components, and ship classes.

WOC240377200    MtG: Agents of Artifice (HC)  $24.95
We will have a MTG: special card with our extra copies - Had to preorder to get the card.
Ari Marmell reimagines planeswalkers, taking fans deeper than ever into the lives of the Multiverse's most powerful beings: Jace Beleren, the prodigal son, a powerful telepath whose choices now will forever determine his path as a mage; Liliana Vess, a temptress whose beauty belies a dark secret and even darker associations; and Tezzeret, leader of an interplanar consortium whose quest for knowledge may be undone by his lust for power. Follow these characters in their quests for knowledge and pwer.  Will Jace's choices lead him astray of the right path?  Will Liliana's past finally catch up with her?  Will Tezzeret allow hubris to obscure his vision? It is the dawn of a new age in the Multiverse.  The balance of power is shifting and Agents of Artifice brings readers to the heart of a planeswalker struggle.

PZO9203 Item Cards: Second Darkness   $9.99
>From the weapons of the insidious dark elves to artifacts called down from outer space, this gorgeous play accessory collects all of the notable items from Pathfinder's Second Darkness Adventure Path! This 54-card set allows heroes to keep track of their equipment in style and is completely compatible with all of Paizo's other GameMastery Item Card sets. Each of these full-color cards features a beautiful portrait of the item on one side with space on the back to keep notes. GameMastery Item Cards are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game

PHA6028 Sutter's Mill $45.00
Experience the sudden rise and decline of the Californian town of Coloma during the gold rush! Players must first build up the town, bring new citizens into it, and, last but not least, dig gold. However, when it is time and the gold vein is almost spent, they better take their belongings and get the hell out of Coloma! In the game, this is represented by a division in two phases: build up followed by tear down. At the beginning of the game, all players start in the build up phase. It is up to the players themselves to decide when there's no more profit to be had and to enter the tear down phase. Each player makes this choice for himself, so while some players are already tearing down the place, others will still be building up.

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DFL 008408   Power Tokens: Ranger Powers Levels 1-10 (GSL)   25.00  
DFL 008409   Power Tokens: Warlock Powers Levels 1-10 (GSL)   25.00
DFL 008411G   Power Tokens: Action Points Coins Gold (GSL)   10.00
DFL 008411S   Power Tokens: Action Points Coins Silver (GSL)   10.00
DFL 008411W   Power Tokens: Action Points Coins Wood (GSL)   10.00  
DKD AME013   World War II: American M2-2 Flamethrower Team (2)   10.99
DKD AME014   World War II: American Browning M1919 Team (2)   10.99 
DKD AME015   World War II: American M9 Bazooka Team (2)   10.99
DKD AME016   World War II: American M2 60mmmortar Team (2)   10.99
DKD RUS010   World War II: Soviet Guarddp-28 Lmg Team (2)   10.99  
HBA004  Berlin: Red Vengeance
HBA015  Tropic Thunder    
HBA016  SS-III - Neither Fear Nor Hope    
HBA018  FireFights! 
HBA019  Buckeyes!    
HBA031  SS Update Pack    
HBA021  Recon by Fire 2  
HBA022  FireFights! 2
HBA023  Recon by Fire 3   
HBA028  Special Forces 
HBA032  Recon by Fire 4   
HBA033  Recon 4 Replacement Countersheets    
HBA027-1   Kreta Map Upgrade 
RKHWFEL08  UB: Animae Sylvestres
RKHGRLV03  AoR: UB: Executioner
RKHSCEL04  AoR: UB: Nemesis Evolution  
FFGCOS13   AoR: UB: Dasyatis Evolution 
RKHUKLICF01     Aor: Army Book: Lahnar   
RKHTHC102  AT-43: UB: Hekat Golgoth
RKHUNC301  AT43: UB: Fire Crawler   
RKHUNC202  AT-43: UB: Defender's Snake  
RKHRBC202  AT43: UB: Hussar
COA0001-81   Harpoon Naval Review 2000   $26.00 
COA0301-95  Clash of Arms: Mighty Midgets - Volume 5 in the Command at Sea Series  $30.00
COA0601-109  Baltic Arena - Volume 6 in the Command at Sea series  $35.00
COA0603-111  Best of the Naval SITREP  $25.00
COA9606-59  Clash of Arms: No Sailor But a Fool - Volume III in the Command at Sea Series  $32.00
COA9608-61  Regulations of the Year XXII - La Bataille Rules 4th Edition  $19.95
COASITREP34  The Naval SitRep #34  $6.95
COASITREP35  The Naval SitRep #35  $6.95
RAF2005   RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Orc War Triceratops - Hartha the Death Machine   $21.95
RAF2006  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Bone Warriors Army - Shambling Death  $21.95
RAF2007  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Dream Dragon  $21.95 
RAF2008  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Illusionist - Dream Warrior Army (16)  $21.95
RAF2009  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Darklord's Guardian Dragon - Vasmilian the Vile  $21.95
RAF2010  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Skeletal War Wagon  $21.95
RAF2013  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Firey Serpent of Terror  $21.95
RAF2014  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: The Necro-Drake Mighty Dragon Lich  $34.95
RAF2015  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Earth / Air Dragon Elemental  $21.95
RAF2016  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Fire / Water Dragon Elemental  $21.95
RAF2930  Call of Cthulhu Miniatures: Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath  $14.95
RAF3027  Reptiliads: War Turtle  $11.95
RAF3028  Reptiliads: Rogue War Turtle  $8.95 
RAF3901  Player Characters: Male Figher with Sword  $2.95 
RAF3902  Player Characters: Female Figher with Sword  $2.95
RAF3903  Player Characters: Male Fighter with Two-Handed Sword  $2.95
RAF3904  Player Characters: Female Fighter with Two-Handed Sword  $2.95
RAF3905  Player Characters: Male Thief  $2.95
RAF3906  Player Characters: Female Thief  $2.95
RAF3907  Player Characters: Male Ranger  $2.95
RAF3908  Player Characters: Female Ranger  $2.95
RAF3909  Player Characters: Male Cleric  $2.95
RAF3910  Player Characters: Female Cleric  $2.95
RAF3913  Player Characters: Dwarf Fighter with Axe  $2.95
RAF3914  Player Characters: Dwarf Fighter with Hammer  $2.95 
RAF3917  Player Characters: Male Bard  $2.95
RAF3918  Player Characters: Female Bard  $2.95
RAF3922  Player Characters: Female Desert Warrior  $2.95
RAF3923  Player Characters: Male Mage  $2.95
RAF3925  Player Characters: Male Druid  $2.95
RAF3926  Player Characters: Female Druid  $2.95
RAF3927  Player Characters: Monk  $2.95
RAF3929  Player Characters: Male Evil Cleric  $2.95
RAF3930  Player Characters: Female Evil Cleric  $2.95
RAF3931  Player Characters: Half Orc Brigand (Male)  $2.95
RAF3932  Player Characters: Female Brigand  $2.95
RAF3933  Player Characters: Male Pirate  $2.95
RAF3934  Player Characters: Female Pirate  $2.95
RAF3935  Player Characters: Evil Male Gothic Fighter  $2.95
RAF3936  Player Characters: Evil Female Fighter  $2.95
RAF4510  Dwarves: Forgemaster  $4.95
RAF4511  Dwarves: Flammjager  $4.95
RAF4512  Dwarves: Speigelshrek  $4.95
RAF4513  Dwarves: Boomers (3)  $5.95
RAF4514  Dwarves: Trench Pounders (3)  $5.95
RAF4515  Dwarves: Stone Eagles (3)  $5.95
RAF4516  Dwarves: Crossbowmen (3)  $5.95
RAF4517  Dwarves: Dwarven Ogre  $6.95
RAF4518  Dwarves: Dwarven Sergeant  $4.95 
RAF4602  RAFM Fantasy Boxed Sets: Reptiliad Untanth (12)  $24.95
RAF4605  Vanir: Spider Lancer  $21.95
SPGSTE002  The Uncharted Seas: Elven Kind Battleship (x1)  $15.00
SPGSTE003  The Uncharted Seas: Elven Kind Cruiser (x1)  $9.00
COR280101   Infinity (#001) Ariadna Starter Pack (Revised) (6)   $49.99
COR280127  Infinity (#165) Ariadna Equipe Mirage - 5 (AP Rifle + Light GL, 1 Chain Rifle) (2)  $35.25
COR280230  Infinity (#167) PanOceania: Swiss Guard (HMG) (1)  $12.75
COR280331  Infinity (#168) Yu Jing: Karakuri (Combi Rifle) (1)  $12.75
COR280527  Infinity (#169) Nomads: Moran Maasai Hunter (Combi Rifle, CrazyKoalas) (3)  $19.50
COR280622  Infinity (#170) Combined Army: Suryats (Multi Rifle) (1)  $12.75

CMU004   Crusader - The Macedonian and Punic Wars   $17.99
The first release for the popular Crusader rules is a 52 page, perfect bound, full colour supplement in A4 format.
The Macedonian and Punic Wars is the first army list book for the Crusader Wargames Rules. Youج12ll need a copy of these rules to gain the most from this supplement but there is enough useful information (and some very nice photographs) to make this a worthwhile book in its own right. There are seven major armies listed as well as details for allies and mercenaries that can supplement the forces of any of the major powers. As well as the army lists each nation has information on its history and major campaigns and advice on how to organise your forces and get the most from your troops on the tabletop. Carthaginian 275 - 146 BC Gallic 400 - 25 BC Hellenistic Greek 250 - 50 BC Macedonian Successor 320 - 146 BC Numidian 300 - 25 BC Roman 275 - 105 BC Spanish 200 - 20 BC

MAG P02   Colors   30.00
Through combinations of raids, blitzes, walls, and various manoeuvers, players attempt to take opposing pieces by creating triangles of the three primary colors of blue, yellow, and red in this addictive, skill-based, two-player game.

OSP CAM203   Trenton and Princeton 1776-77   19.95  
Using a combination of modern photographs and period artwork, this book tells the story of the legendary campaign that restored the morale of American forces, caused the British to abandon large parts of New Jersey, and established General George Washington's reputation as a daring military strategist.

OSP CAM204   The Second Crusade 1148: Disaster Outside Damascus   19.95 
After the fall of the crusader kingdom of Edessa, the Pope called for a new crusade in 1145. This new campaign by the Christian west against the forces of eastern Islam would culminate in the 1148 siege of Damascus, then the capital city of an Islamic state that had been friendly towards the crusaders.

OSP COM072   Vulcan Units of the Cold War   22.95  
The best of the three RAF jet bombers in the early years of the Cold War, the Vulcan was designed as the Avro 698. This book examines the design of the Vulcan, exploring the improvements made to its engine and its evolving combat role.

OSP ELI166   The Bay of Pigs - Cuba 1961   18.95 
In early 1961, President John F. Kennedy gave the go-ahead to an existing plan for Cuban exiles to return to overthrow Fidel Castro's communist regime. While the CIA helped in the planning stages, the attempt would not be assisted by any US armed forces. On the night of April 16, 1961, a force of 1,400 exiles, known as 2506 Brigade, landed at the Bay of Pigs on the south coast of Cuba.

OSP NVG151   Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces   17.95  
This book tells the often-forgotten story of the vessels that formed the backbone of the Kriegsmarine, and combines fascinating anecdotes, detailed technical information, and full-color artwork.

WIN 5021   Rubik's You Can Do It 20.99
Everyone knows and loves the Rubik's Cube, but only a select few can solve it. World famous speedcuber Tyson Mao taught Wil Smith and he will teach you, too, as the easy-to-follow DVD shows you how to twist and turn the Cube and methodically solve it.

IMP YMG025   Battleground: Fantasy Warfare - Kingdoms   14.95 
This campaign system and scenario generator for Battleground: Fantasy Warfare combines map cards, scenario cards, and special situations to create a vast number of interesting battles for players to fight. 

DSP DGP2386   PS238 Volume VI: Senseless Acts of Tourism   15.99
The super-kids are taking trips to Las Vegas, deciding the fate of all super-powers, and discovering that super-villainy can be big business!

TRW1004 Lucid: Dreamscape Reality (HDL)    $14.99
What is dream, and what is reality? When are you asleep, and when are you awake? Is there truly a difference? When is one really lucid - in his dreams, or the "real" world? Are we in control of our lives, or merely victims of our own dreams? Enter a world where the boundary between dreams and reality fades into shadows. Dreamers, rare but powerfully gifted individuals, are able to not only step from dream to dream, but into the real world as well, and control reality as they would their own lucid dreams. Yet lurking in the twilight, born of nightmares, are the Shadows: beings of darkness and dream energy that hunt the Dreamers, stealing them away for purposes yet unknown.  To use this book, players also need the HDL Basic Rules, and each gaming group needs a set of HDL Cards (sold separately).

HCS271802  Health Energy Potion (12 pack)     $41.40
Health Energy Potion is the new premium energy shot from the creators of Mana Energy Potion. Made to help restore energy, the new tasty potion has the same 5-8 hours of smooth, powerful energy as the original Mana Energy Potion, but is packed with natural herbs like Elderberry and Ginseng, and vitamins like Biotin and Folic Acid, to boost your HP and aid in recovery. While Mana Energy Potion gets you up pumped up for a fight, quest or adventure, Health Energy Potion restores you after the battle so you can get back into the heat of the action. The Potion doesn't contain sugar, which means no aftercrash, and has a mellow apple-cinnamon flavor. Each magical bottle of Health Energy Potion looks like it's straight out of a video game, and is sure to help add +160 to your HP.

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BAN 80285   Clamp School Detective (DVD)   49.98  
BAN 80362   Ghost Slayers Ayashi Part 1 (DVD)   39.98  
FUN FN-07443   Claymore V3 (DVD)   29.99
FUN FN-07990   Afro Samurai Season 2 (DVD)   34.99
FUN FN-08290   STRAIN: Strategic Armored Infantry (DVD)   59.98 
FUN FN-09621   Baccano V1 (DVD)   29.98
FUN FN-02250   Dragonball Z Remastered Complete Box Set Season 8 (DVD)   49.99  
FUN FN-04875   Dragonball GT Set Season 2 (DVD)   49.99  
FUN FN-07443   Claymore V3 (DVD)   29.99  
FUN FN-07990   Afro Samurai Season 2 (DVD)   34.99  

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08TOKH   08/09 TOPPS HARDWOOD NBA   1/21/2009   $90.00 
TOIC     iCarly T/C     1/19/2009     $48.00  
08IGHBBER     2008/09 IN THE GAME BLEU BLAN ET ROUGE HOCKEY     1/23/2009 
09PPRWE   2009 PRESS PASS WHEELS ELEMENT RACING   1/21/2009   $95.76
TOAH     TOPPS AMERICAN HERITAGE     1/28/2009     $72.00  
08TOFM   2008 TOPPS MAYO FOOTBALL   1/28/2009   $96.00 
08UDHSPGU   2008/09 UPPER DECK SP GAME-USED HOCKEY   1/28/2009   


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