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DunDraCon 32 -  flyers are in the store
President's Day Weekend: Feb 15-18, 2008
Full membership pre-reg by 2/1/08 $40,  at the door $50
The San Ramon Marriot Hotel
2600 Bishop Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583

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20% off  Boardgames+

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+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+ This does not count towards any sale items or free items given.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items

o Clearances
Warlord CCG - 50% off

o Free promo with your purchase
These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm
  buy $10 non-foil promos = L5R, Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord, Marvel,
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord,
  Buy any looney labs product and get a free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack $2 retail
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase)
  buy $10 in yu-gi-oh packs/starters and get a free Nobleman of Crossout (
2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! Hobby League Kit #1)

o Happy Birthday Day Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Monday is Senior Citizen Day
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Reedem your Kumon Dollars
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Store Trade given for running events at Gator Games, up to $10 max.
Events are canceled  if the person running the event does not show up.
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
(sign ups on the Wizkids website does not matter, we can only take 8 people period).
We are running demos dependent on what Staff knows if we have the extra staff. Just ask!

Weekday Events: 
Mon. :
   1/28 Dungeon and Dragon Miniature game $3

Tues.:  Pokemon League $3 (no openings)

Wed. (no clix this week)  UFS tournament $3

4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft)
   one booster is added to the prize mix - everyone wins a prize
2/6 Mutations & Monsters Constucted Event : 300 pts  Prize Charles Xavier
2/13 Creature Feature (unrestricted) 500pt. No Monster Hunter feats. No Dupes or monster/giants Characters with the monster keyword or giant symbol have the follow abilities: Do not take push damage, Can use regeneration, can use ESD, can use the Superman TSA, Damage Dealt to the character as a result of a ranged attack, hss, charge, or move and attack is reduced by 2
2/20 Justice League Monsters: Make a 500 pt team. 4 actions per turn. All components of your build must be from Justice League and Mutations and Monsters, as well as any special objects. You must have 150 pts in figures from each set.
2/27 Planet Hulk (unresticted) 400 pts. We will be using the planet Hulk event dial. Details will be updated when info is availble.

Thurs.:    1/31 WoW TCG tournament $3
   2/7 WoW TCG tournament $3
  2/14 Wow TCG tournament $3
  2/21 DC Legends Beatdown: Build a Legend $3
  2/28 DC Legends Beatdown: Build a Legend $3

Fri.: 4pm Magic Tournament $3
  DCI foils given to the winners and Gator adds other foils so everyone wins something
   2/1 Will be a Booster Draft featuring Morningtide - Players must bring their own land.$10
Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

2/2, Sat 11am Heroclix: Sealed Event:  buy 2 boosters and build your best team  2007 Thor Convention Figure to all
2/2, Sat 2:30 am Heroclix: Sealed Event:  buy 2 boosters and build your best team 2007 Submarine Pack Convention Figure to all
2/3, Sun 11am Heroclix: Sealed Event:  buy 2 boosters and build your best team   2007 Dark Knight Convention Figure to all
2/3  Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

2/9 Sat, 1pm Mutations & Monsters Planet Hulk Finale: This is a Floor: 50% event. 300 pts.
     At least 150 pts must consist of Mutations and Monsters, Prize Planet Hulk Event Dial
2/10, Sun 11:00 Street Fighter: Domination Sealed Prerelease $20
2/10, Sun 2:30 SNK: Cutting Edge Sealed Prerelease $20

2/15, Sat 11am  Horrorclix: Sealed Event:  buy 2 boosters and build your best team  2007 Vlad the Impaler Convention Figure to all
2/15, Sat 2:30  DC Legends Beatdown: Build a Legend $3
2/16 Sun 11am Heroclix: Mutations and Monsters Sealed Event:  buy 2 boosters and build your best team
                    (choice of 2008 Convention Figure Thor, Submarine Pack, Dark Knight or Vlad)
2/16 Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

6/21 Free RPG Day
o Gamer News
Roleplaying Tips Weekly #387: 17 Ways To Fall In Love With GMing Again - Good Source for D&D entertainment!
The Kids-RPG e-mail list has wonderful parents and teachers on it who can provide advice, tips, and support for gaming with kids
Sci Fi Channel has picked up Jericho
Mayfair will release the Catan Dice Game in May
Green Ronin is going to do Anime/Manga and Comics Fantasy versions of its Mutants and Masterminds RPG (plus other M&M news)
WizKids has announced a redemption promo for its upcoming Pirates PocketModel release
Top 300 comics for December 2007
Top 100 graphic novels for December 2007
WotC is bringing the Heroscape miniatures game, previously published by Milton Bradley, into its family of games with a first release due out in June:
PiQ, the successor to Newtype USA, will feature a much different format and focus from its predecessor
AEG is ceasing publication of the Warloard CCG, but many of the characters will turn up in a new board game and an online game

Dungeons Rooms #5 ready to Download (PDF 1.0 MB):

1) To Sell a Gem  by David Hickman
2) Place of the Embalmers  by Wulfhere
3) The Nobleman's Daughter by Dragon Lord
4) The Great Gate by Davide Quatrini
5) Heart of the Dwarves by Paul Darcy

MFG 3199   SOC Pre-2007 Adapter Kit  $10.00
The 2007 edition of The Settlers of Catan (Settlers-2007) provides an outer frame that encloses the 19 hexes that make up the island of Catan. This adapter kit provides That frame, the frame extension pieces for the 5-6 player extension, and the harbor pieces that allow you to vary the harbor locations from game to game.  This adapter kit also allows you to use the Catan: SeafarersR 2007 edition with pre-2007 editions of Settlers, MFG0483).

o Product Information -price change 
WIZ 3643-D Star Wars TCG Order 66 Theme Deck Dis (8) has decreased in MSRP from 103.92 to 79.92
WIZ 3643-S Wars TCG Order 66 Theme Deck has decreased from 12.99 to 9.99.

o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM
Dungeons of Dread, the next release for the popular Dungeons and Dragons Collectible Miniatures Game will be hitting store shelves in April, and Wizards of the Coast will be providing a special promotional figure! One figure will be provided per case of boosters preordered while supplies last!  This latest D&D Miniatures Game release includes D&D characters and iconic D&D monsters, including several figures drawn from key 2008 D&D titles.
WOC 21551   D&D CMG Starter Set   $14.99  PRE
WOC 21550   D&D CMG Dungeons of Dread Bstr  $14.99 

The following products have been cancelled by the manufacturer
FFG GOT30-D  GOT CCG A Clash of Arms Bstr Dis(30)
FFG GOT30-S  GOT CCG A Clash of Arms Bstr
FFG GOT31-D  GOT CCG Five Kings Legacy Pk Dis(10)
FFG GOT31-S.  GOT CCG Five Kings Legacy Pack
Orders Due this week         
Code      Description      Release     Due     MSRP                        
___    08TSBHTNY    2008 HIDDEN TREASURES AUTO BB NY BRONX EDITION     02/28/08     01/25/08     $79.99  
___    07JMBFSJR    2007 JUST MINORS:JUST ROOKIES BASEBALL FACTORY SET     02/??/08     01/25/08   
___    08TOBF    2008 TOPPS FINEST BASEBALL-18/5     04/02/08     01/25/08     $150.00                         
___    07UDKSPRT    2007/08 UPPER DECK SP ROOKIE THREADS BASKETBALL     04/08/08     01/25/08     $300.00                       
___    GGS10656    INDIANA JONES ON HORSEBACK STATUE     07/??/08     01/24/08     $210.00
___    GGS10271    HARRY POTTER GALLERY STATUE     07/??/08     01/24/08     $290.00
___    GGS10651    INDIANA JONES MINI BUST     07/??/08     01/24/08     $55.00
___    GGS10272    VOLDEMORT GALLERY STATUE     07/??/08     01/24/08     $315.00      
___    BMMMSFAA    MARILYN MONROE SHAW FAMILY ARCHIVES T/C ALBUM     02/15/08     02/01/08   
___    BMMMSFA    MARILYN MONROE SHAW FAMILY ARCHIVES T/C     02/15/08     02/01/08   
___    RAWM    WOMEN OF MARVEL T/C     04/09/08     02/01/08     $84.00
___    RAWMA    WOMEN OF MARVEL T/C COLLECTORS ALBUM     04/09/08     02/01/08     $19.99
___    BMCP    CELEBRITY POSTER T/C     02/15/08     02/01/08   
___    BMCPA    CELEBRITY POSTER T/C ALBUM     02/15/08     02/01/08          FOOTBALL        
___    08UDFDE    2008 UPPER DECK DRAFT EDITION FOOTBALL     04/25/08     02/01/08     $95.84    
___    07UDHUC    2007/08 UPPER DECK ULTIMATE COLLECTION HOCKEY     04/18/08     02/01/08     $400.00         
___    08RABPBAHL    2008 RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES PBA HEROES & LEGENDS     03/07/08     02/01/08     $120.00                      
___    MTMIWW2S1    MILITARY WORLD WAR 2 SERIES 1     06/??/08     01/30/08   
___    MTMIWW2BS1    MILITARY WW2 FOX HOLE BOX SET     06/??/08     01/30/08                                  
___    RASTOS40S2A    STAR TREK: ORIGINAL SERIES 40TH ANN SER 2 TC ALBUM     03/12/08     02/08/08     $39.99 
___    IWSM6    SMALLVILLE SEASON 6 T/C     02/20/08     02/08/08     $82.44 
___    IWSM6MS    SMALLVILLE SEASON 6 T/C MINI PRESS SHEET     02/20/08     02/08/08     $69.95 
___    IWSM6A    SMALLVILLE SEASON 6 T/C ALBUM     02/20/08     02/08/08     $19.95 
___    RASTOS40S2    STAR TREK: ORIGINAL SERIES 40TH ANN SER 2 T/C     03/12/08     02/08/08     $84.00 
___    TOHSMEE    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL EXPANDED EDITION T/C     03/17/08     02/08/08     $47.76          FOOTBALL         
___    08PPFSE    2008 PRESS PASS SIGNATURE EDITION FOOTBALL     05/06/08     02/08/08     $155.88 
___    08PPF    2008 PRESS PASS FOOTBALL     04/22/08     02/08/08     $111.72          HOCKEY         
___    07UDHOPCP    2007/08 UPPER DECK OPC PREMIER HOCKEY     05/20/08     02/08/08     $200.00
___    UPDPBSN    BELLA SARA - NIKE - DECK PROTECTORS     ??/??/08     02/04/08     $2.99 
___    UPDPBSB    BELLA SARA - BELLA - DECK PROTECTORS     ??/??/08     02/04/08     $2.99 
___    UPDPBSV    BELLA SARA - VENUS - DECK PROTECTORS     ??/??/08     02/04/08     $2.99 
___    UPDPBSF    BELLA SARA - FROYA - DECK PROTECTORS     ??/??/08     02/04/08     $2.99  

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Not responsible for typos.

SRY 4118   Scrye Magazine #118   5.99
ADB 5736   Captain's Log 36   18.95
The whole used section is full of 'new' Used items - over 200 items
MAX 100LDAG   Deck Armor: Dark Angel (Vertical Load) 2.15   
MAX 7060DAG   Sleeves: Dark Angel (50)   3.50
MAX 7060LDAG   Mini-Sleeves: Dark Angel (50)  3.50
WAR WIS243   Wargames Illustrated Magazine #243   9.00  
KEN 135   Knights Of The Dinner Table #135   4.99 
RGG 132   Tikal   44.95 reprint
RGG 211   Carcassonne Traders & Builders Exp   14.95  reprint        
RGG 242   St Petersburg   27.95   reprint
RGG 320   Zooloretto   44.95  reprint
PZO SFG004 The Red Dragon Inn 34.95  reprint
PLE 40100 Killer bunnies $25 blue reprint
TOY 06020   Mystic Lands Swamp Deck Box   4.95    

BAI 14611-D   Naruto CCG: Battle of Destiny Booster Display (24)   95.76 
Combining cards from the original Japanese sets and U.S. exclusives, Battle of Destiny covers the destined battle between Naruto and Sasuke, unleashes the Four Sound Ninja and Kimimaro in their State 2 Forms with all of their powerful Jutsus, and introduces new versions of your favorite characters such as Gaara, Kakashi, and Sakura Jiraiya.

SAB BI500   Warhammer 40k RPG: Dark Heresy   49.99 
Combining the grim darkness of the far-future with award-winning game design, Dark Heresy sees players take the role of an Inquisitor's retinue as they fight against the corrupt agents of Chaos! This first in a trilogy of Warhammer 40K RPG core rulebooks serves as an ideal introduction to the dark and gothic 41st Millennium.

SAB BI501   Warhammer 40k RPG: Game Master's Kit   19.99   E
The perfect addition to every Warhammer 40K RPG Game Master's arsenal, this kit offers both a handy, attractive and durable reference screen as well as a comprehensive guide to running Dark Heresy campaigns.

SAB BI502   Warhammer 40k RPG: Dark Heresy Character Record Folio   6.99  
This color folio is a beautifually detailed, 24-page character sheet and campaign journal that allows players to record all aspects of their character, adventures, equipment, and notes.

AEG 3205   Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Masters Of War   34.95 
Of the Great Clans of Rokugan, three have always embraced the art of war with a dedication that their peers cannot match: the Crab, the Lion, and the Unicorn. Describing them with unprecedented detail through their contributions to Rokugani military practice and history, Masters of War reveals the soul of these three Great Clans.

GFT002  GiftTRAP 2nd Edtion English/Spanish             $29.99
A new edition of the great party game! GiftTRAP is a hilarious social conversation starter for people who think they know each other well or want to know each other better. Unlike other party games you don't need skills in drawing, acting or trivia so it works well when you have a crowd of mixed ages/skills. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in the gift giving world! You are sure to learn something as you give from the 640 gift ideas from the basic to the bizarre. GiftTRAP has received rave reviews from adults and children alike, making it a great addition to any game cabinet.

ADB 4007   Federation Commander: Line of Battle   19.95  
This supplement for Federation Commander features extra copies of double-sized, full-color, laminated battleship cards designed to build larger and stronger fleets. Included are Federation Mars class, the Kingdom B10, Romulan King Condor, Kzinti Supercat, Gorn Godzilla, Neo-Tholian Warhammer, Lyran Cave Lion, Hydran Monarch Battleships, and the planet-cracking Seltorian Battlewagon, plus three new bonus battleship scenarios.

K2D BPN06010   Courtyard   25.00 
It is the height of the castle building era in Europe - and it is a matter of national pride that the royal couple's courtyard be the most ornate and splendid in the land. Courtyard melds high-quality wooden components, traditional medieval themes, and simple border-drawing mechanics to create a strategy game with a timeless feel.

GLE 10100   Galactic Destiny   60.00 
Politics! Manipulation! War! In a new galaxy with many civilizations, the six political Parties struggle for dominance. Some quest for Enlightenment, some fear, or relent to, the demonic Infestations of another plane, but all seek to sway the cosmos to their views! Galactic Destiny features an innovative, interactive rules system designed for strategy and intrigue.

GLE 40100   Kill the Hippies Card Game   21.08  
God is judging you! Join your brothers and sisters in the crusade against drugs, LSD, tie dye, and dreadlocks in Kill the Hippies, the satirical card game where players attempt to bring the lost and fallen, the stoned, the tree-hugging, and peace-protesting back to any means necessary!

K2D DYP1000   Neverwhen RPG   29.99 
Merging magic with technology, Neverwhen is an omni-genre roleplaying game that allows gamemasters and players to travel between their favorite d20 settings. Bring your swords and sorcery together with Sci-Fi, explore post-apocalyptic worlds where science and magic meet, or journey to the city of Manzala and the universe of Neverwhen! The possibilities are endless!

K2D GGI2000   Bulldogs!   29.95 
Powered by the d20 system, Bulldogs! is an action-packed, science-fiction roleplaying campaign setting that boasts an innovative system for generating sci-fi-themed races, an acclaimed space combat system that puts the emphasis on the characters rather than deep-space physics, and new races, classes, feats, skills, and weapons.

MGP 7808   Conan: Player's Guide To The Hyborian Age HC   29.95  
The Hyborian age is the ultimate "age undreamed of," and one of the fundamental inspirations for the sword-and-sorcery genre. This sourcebook for the Conan RPG offers players the tools to breathe additional life into their created characters.

MGP 8128   RuneQuest: Blood of Orlanth   29.95 
With their rituals broken and their schemes crushed at every turn, the sorcerers of Jrustela plan to magically tear the secrets they need from the souls of the hidden Orlanthi cult. One way or another, war is coming to Dragon Pass - a secret war, a Shadow War!

SAB BL136   Warhammer 40k: Desert Raiders MMPB   7.99    
When an Imperial listening station receives an enigmatic call for help from a far-flung planet, a regiment of Tallarn Desert Raiders is sent to investigate, only to find themselves locked in a desperate battle with wave upon wave of Tyranids!

SAB BL137   Warhammer: Defenders Of Ulthuan MMPB   7.99    
Two brothers fight for the love of the same woman against a backdrop of war as the dark elves launch a massive invasion of the elf homeland, Ulthuan. Can the high elves drive back their evil kin before the forces of magic are unleashed and rip the world apart?

SAB BL701   Blood Bowl: Rumble In The Jungle MMPB   7.99  
After winning the Spike! Magazine tournament final, the Hackers set sail for the fabulous land of Lustria to seek new challenges. Here in the hot, steamy jungles, Dunk and his friends have to fight off zombies, pygmy halflings, lizardmen, and more - and that's before they face off against the Amazon team in the Tobazco Bowl!

SAB BL770   Warhammer 40k: Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer   19.99  
Bursting with a wealth of information describing tactics, combat, enemies, prayers, and much more, and scribed in tongue-in-cheek, pseudo-propagandist dialogue, this revised edition of the definitive handbook for the loyal soldiers of the Imperial Guard features additional sections on fighting in space and combating the alien Tau

PZO 3002   GameMastery: Treasure Chest   49.99    
The GameMastery Treasure Chest contains a host of the most popular GameMastery products, all packed together in an attractive box for easy transport: GameMastery Map Pack: Inns, GameMastery Flip Mat: Woodlands, GameMastery: Critical Hit Deck, GameMastery Item Cards: Elements of Power, GameMastery Campaign Workbook, and GameMastery Module TC1: Into the Haunted Forest.

PZO 8005   Planet Stories: Elak of Atlantis   12.99    
Explore the origins of Sword & Sorcery with Henry Kuttner's Elak of Atlantis! Originally published in Weird Tales in the late 1930s, these four stories depict a brutal world of flashing swords and primal magic, touched by a hint of Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Also included are Kuttner's two Prince Raynor stories from 1939's Strange Tales.

PZO 8006   Planet Stories: The Secret of Sinharat   12.99      
Enter Eric John Stark, adventurer, rebel, wildman. Raised on the sun-soaked, savage world of Mercury, Stark lives among the people of the civilized solar system, but his veneer of calm masks a warrior's spirit! "The Secret of Sinharat" and "People of the Talisman" make an excellent introduction to the science-fantasy work of Leigh Brackett.

IMP PEL001   The Dying Earth RPG   29.95        
Enter a world where the sun is in its dotage, where a flashing sword is less important than nimble wits, persuasive words, and a fine sense of fashion. Based on master fantasist Jack Vance's seminal work, The Dying Earth features easy, fast-playing rules that encourage creativity and interaction.

Upper Deck ***1/29 STREET DATE***
UPR61027        YGO: Jaden & Jesse Duelist Pack Display      
Now you can create your own Deck based on your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animates series character. With New Elemental Hero's in the Jaden Yuki 3 and Crystal Beast's in the Jesse Anderson Duelist Packs their moves and combos are at your fingertips. Just add these cards to your staple Deck and "Get your Game on!" *Contains one Jaden Yuki 3 Display and one Jesse Anderson display.*

WIZ 6210-D   Pirates PMG: Rise of the Fiends Booster Display (36)   143.64 
Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends PocketModel game explores the stories of legendary Pirates characters like Calico Cat, "Cannonball" Gallows, and the Hag of Tortuga - and there's more to these characters than any fan knows! Each Rise of the Fiends Game Pack comes with a chapter of a 10-tale story, each illuminating the life of a prominent character in the Pirates of the Cursed Seas story arc. Each booster pack contains two ships, one whirlpool/island card, one crew or treasure card, complete game rules, one die, and a Pirates of the Cursed Seas story.

WIZ 6215   Pirates PMG: Rise of the Fiends Value Box   9.99 
Each Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends PocketModel value box contains one Limited Edition 4-masted ship, six ships, two whirlpool/island cards, three crew or treasure cards, complete game rules, one die, and one Pirates of the Cursed Seas story.

WOC 21615-D MAGIC  MORNINGTIDE BOOSTER      $143.64     
WOC 21616-D MAGIC  MORNINGTIDE THEME DECK      $147.48     
WOC 21618      MAGIC  MORNINGTIDE FAT PACK      $34.99     

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
ADB 4406   Federation Commander: Border Box #6 - Battleships   99.95
KEN 135   Knights Of The Dinner Table #135   4.99
DCG ST-248   Strategy & Tactics #248   23.99

OSP CAM189   Sevatopol 1942   19.95 
Operation Sturgeon Haul, the final assault on Sevastopol, was one of the very few joint service German operations of World War II. This volume closely examines the impact of logistics, weather, and joint operational planning upon the last major German victory in World War II.

OSP FOR072   German V-weapon Sites 1943-45   18.95 
From the V-1 ski sites to the mobile basing employed by the V-2 units and the other secret weapons bases like the 'V-3' high-pressure gun at Mimoyeques, this book examines the impact of these weapon systems and defenses not only on the war but on modern weaponry.

OSP MAA444   Napoleon's Mounted Chasseurs Of The Guard   17.95
Formed from his original escort of 'Guides' and the 'Consular Guard' in 1799, the Mounted Chasseurs were a personal favorite of Napoleon's. This book offers a concise history of the hand-picked elite cavalry guard that served as Napoleon's close personal escort and were committed to the most dangerous areas of combat on the battlefield.

OSP NVG140   Armored Trains   17.95 
First seen during the American Civil War and later in the Franco-Prussian and Boer Wars, the military use of the armored train came to the fore during World War I, reigning supreme on the Eastern Front. Steven J. Zaloga examines the origins and technical development of armored trains and how they were implemented in combat.

OSP WAR126   Highlander In The French-indian War   18.95  
Colonial American historian Ian Macpherson McCulloch uses rare sources to bring to life the stirring story of the three Scottish Highland regiments that operated in North America during the French-Indian War.

WOC 2162374   Forgotten Realms: Realms of War MMPB   6.99    
The millennia-old history of Faerun is punctuated by wars both local and world-spanning. From forest elf assassins to jungle-dwelling halflings, from the mighty Seven Sisters to primitive goblins, warriors in every form struggle for their place in the Forgotten Realms world in this anthology of all-new stories of conflict.

WOC 2163374   Magic The Gathering: Morningtide MMPB   6.99        
Hunted by his own people and fleeing a pastoral world gone mad, Rhys must struggle not only to solve the mystery behind his master's cryptic suicide, but also to survive!

WOC 2173074   Dragonlance: Dragons of the Highlord Skies MMPB   7.99         
Kitiara ventures to Ice Wall to force Highlord Feal-Thas to accept Emperor Ariaka's plan to retrieve a dragon orb, but her journey does not end there. Thrown out of favor, she conceives a daring plan to enlist the aid of the most feared beings on Krynn - Lord Soth and the Dark Queen!

DSP DGP028   Ps238 #28   2.99    
by Aaron Williams
Has Miss Kyle left ps238 for good? Why was Zodon spotted holding onto the tail of her airliner? These and other questions are why the Flea is chasing these rogue meta-persons out West! Is Sin City ready for ps238's ultra-kids?!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
FUN FN-07752   Negima V2 Viridian Collection (DVD)   19.99 
FUN FN-08405   School Rumble V5 (DVD)   29.98
FUN FN-08634   Witchblade Anime V4 (DVD)   29.98 
VIZ DNR20   Naruto V20 (DVD)   19.99     
VIZ 23791-7   Naruto V6 Box Set (DVD)   49.98 
VIZ 23792-7   Naruto V6 Special Edition Box Set (DVD)   69.98 

BAN 20047   Anime Legends: Cowboy Bebop Remix (DVD)   49.98
Join the bounty hunting crew of the Bebop - the always cool Spike, investigative genius Jet, the fabulous Faye, the amazing (but weird) Ed, and the super-smart Welsh Corgi named Ein - as they try to make a buck in the year 2071.

BAN 22245   .Hack//Roots V6 (DVD)   24.98           
Enraged and drunk on the terrible strength gained from the Forest of Pain event, Haseo embarks on a ruthless search for information concerning the whereabouts of Tri-Edge. Meanwhile, the mysterious Pi and Master Yata watch events unfold with intense interest, hoping to witness the awakening of Haseo's special power.

BAN 23332   Clockwork Fighters V3 (DVD)   39.98         
In 19th century Japan, when a peaceful village is destroyed by the Wind Gang - a group of clockwork and steam controllers seeking to violently create the new Industrial Era - Hiwou, a young clockwork controller, escapes with a giant clockwork doll named Homura, and together begin a journey to restore peace to the land.

DIA 356776   Essence of Anime: Ghost in the Shell DVD  24.99
DIA 356778   Essence of Anime: Blood The Last Vampire 24.99
DIA 356779   Essence of Anime: Read or Die DVD  24.99
DIA 356780   Essence of Anime: Perfect Blue DVD 24.99
DIA 356781   Essence of Anime: Street Fighter Alpha (24.99
The Essence of Anime series features a selection of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed anime films ever produced, offered in new, eye-catching foil packaging!

DIA 359176   Tokko Complete Collection DVD Box Set 39.99
When police academy graduate, Shindou, is assigned to the Tokki: Special Mobile Investigation Force, he meets Rokujo Sakura, member of a secretive group within Tokki - and a woman who's been literally haunting his dreams! Together they must solve the mystery of his parent's brutal slayings and the mass murder of residents in his hometown.

DIA 359228   Noein Complete Collection DVD Box Set 49.99
When a violent battle erupts between the benevolent La'cryma and the destructive forces of Shangri-La, it falls upon the gallant Dragon Calvary to traverse space and time to quest for the key to stopping Shangri-La's invasion - a mysterious object known as The Dragon's Torque!

FUN FN-01880   Dragon Ball Z: Movie 3-Pack (DVD)   19.99  
This DVD 3-Pack contains the following DragonBall animated movies: The Path to Power, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, and Mystical Adventure.

FUN FN-08175   Fullmetal Alchemist Season 2 Part 1 Uncut Box Set (DVD)   49.98 
The quest for the Philosopher's Stone is wrought with madness, and as the Elrics dig into the darkest realms of humanity, one thing is clear - everything is about to change!

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Destiny's Price World Of Darkness MAGE White Wolf 4040$7.992Jan-29-08 15:22:53 PST
I3: Pharaoh by Tracy & Laura Hickman / TSR AD&D / Poor$3.990Jan-29-08 16:36:26 PST
Hall Of Heroes / AD&D Forgotten Realms TSR 1989 / Good$5.990Jan-29-08 16:36:28 PST
I4: Oasis of the White Palm / TSR AD&D / Very Poor$3.990Jan-29-08 16:36:29 PST
Steve Jackson's GURPS Basic Set 3rd Ed / Used Excellent$6.990Jan-29-08 16:36:32 PST
Ultra Vilelence Module 2 - Mind Bleeder & Head Hunter$11.990Jan-30-08 18:16:47 PST
Miniatures Handbook / DDM / D&D 3rd Ed HC As New$14.992Feb-01-08 09:47:20 PST
Web Of Illusion / AD&D Ravenloft RM3 Module / OP & VG$6.990Feb-01-08 12:47:35 PST
Golfmania Game - Fantasy Flight, 1997 NM w/sealed Cards$9.992Feb-01-08 14:51:21 PST
Kanawa Heavy Weapons / TORG Role Playing Game / VF+$14.990Feb-04-08 12:19:55 PST
Tome Of Magic / TSR #2121 for AD&D 2nd Ed / VG $7.990Feb-04-08 13:24:45 PST
Troll Shaman / Iron Wind 17-002 / Bob Olley 80mm NEW$9.990Feb-04-08 13:46:34 PST
Barbary Mage / Iron Wind 17-007 by Behrle Hubbuch 60mm$9.990Feb-04-08 13:49:01 PST
Human Wizard / Iron Wind 17-004 by Tim Prow / 60mm Tall$9.990Feb-04-08 13:59:12 PST
Necromancer / Iron Wind 17-001 by Chris Jackson / 50mm$9.990Feb-04-08 14:02:26 PST
Heroes of the Diamond Throne / 10-28mm Iron Wind Minis$24.951Feb-04-08 14:11:11 PST
FANTASTIC FORCES Marvel HeroClix 3-Figure Booster NEW$4.990Feb-04-08 15:56:06 PST
New York New York / TSR Marvel Super Heroes Game / INC$4.991Feb-04-08 16:15:42 PST
Defenders Of The Faith / D&D Cleric & Paladin Book / XF$4.990Feb-04-08 16:29:36 PST
FUDGE Expanded Edition by Steffan O'Sullivan / Used, NM$14.990Feb-04-08 16:29:38 PST
Goblin Bat Rider / Ral Partha CRUCIBLE boxed set AS NEW$9.991Feb-04-08 16:50:30 PST
Adventurer's Club #26 HERO Games for Champions OP & VF $4.991Feb-05-08 12:31:13 PST
Streets of Silver TWIN CROWNS D&D d20 City Of Parma NM$4.990Feb-05-08 12:31:15 PST
Dwarfs: Warhammer Armies / Games Workshop 2000 / XF$4.991Feb-05-08 12:31:17 PST
Champions: New Millennium Alliances / FUZION Powered!$4.990Feb-05-08 12:31:17 PST
WILDS: Wilderness Handbook for D&D d20 by Alderac USED$8.990Feb-05-08 12:31:18 PST
Dystopia / Atlas Games for Champions/Dark Champions NM$3.990Feb-05-08 12:31:20 PST
The Empire: Warhammer Armies / Games Workshop 2000 / VF$4.990Feb-05-08 12:31:31 PST
GURPS Religion by Naylor & Julian (2nd printing, 1995)$5.992Feb-05-08 16:06:50 PST
RISE OF DESTINY Yu-Gi-Oh 1st Ed. Sealed Booster Box NEW$49.990Feb-05-08 16:20:03 PST
Pendragon Player's Book 1st ed Chaosium + EXTRAS$4.990Feb-05-08 16:30:52 PST
FLIGHT 13 / GURPS Horror/Space by W.G. Armintrout / VG$4.990Feb-05-08 17:19:21 PST
SJG6512 GURPS Magical Items 2 by Steve Jackson Games$4.990Feb-05-08 17:24:58 PST
GURPS Fantasy 2nd Ed TATE & NAYLOR SJG6522 NM$4.990Feb-05-08 17:53:51 PST
Ancient Sanctuary (AST) Yu-Gi-Oh Sealed Booster Box NEW$44.990Feb-06-08 10:45:20 PST
Lego Bionicle Metru Nui - Vahki Zadakh NEW - MINT $8.990Feb-07-08 15:56:38 PST
Everquest Player's Handbook / Fantasy Role Playing / VG$8.990Feb-08-08 11:12:59 PST
Arms & Equpment Guide / AD&D 2nd Edition Supplement NM$6.990Feb-08-08 11:22:30 PST
GURPS Goblins / Steve Jackson MINT COPY$9.991Feb-08-08 11:35:46 PST
Dharma Book Devil Tigers / Vampire: The Masquerade$9.991Feb-08-08 13:13:40 PST
Battle of Bones / Hill of Lost Souls AD&D Faerun MINT$9.990Feb-08-08 14:55:28 PST
Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts / AD&D Ravenloft MINT$9.991Feb-08-08 14:56:24 PST
Killing Streets: Vampire: The Masquerade & KotE $9.991Feb-08-08 15:29:01 PST
Heresies Of The Way: Vampire: The Masquerade & KotE NM$9.994Feb-08-08 15:41:12 PST
WARMACHINE: Prime / Privateer Press 2003 / NM Used$8.990Feb-08-08 16:18:09 PST
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes / Werewolf The Apocalypse / XF$6.990Feb-08-08 16:18:16 PST
Crusade Lore for MAGE Sorcerer's Crusade White Wolf NM$6.991Feb-08-08 16:18:17 PST
Ascension: Time of Judgement / White Wolf MAGE As New$6.991Feb-08-08 16:18:19 PST
GURPS Fantasy / World & Magic Rules / 1986 SJG$5.992Feb-08-08 17:07:09 PST
Boat Wars Boxed Edition / Steve Jackson Games MINT $14.952Feb-09-08 10:43:20 PST
Black Death / Ars Magica Supplement by White Wolf 1991$5.990Feb-09-08 11:22:22 PST
Stormrider / Ars Magica by White Wolf & Mark Rein*Hagen$4.990Feb-09-08 11:33:24 PST
More Mythic Places Ars Magica 3rd Ed White Wolf 1018$4.990Feb-09-08 11:36:06 PST
Mythic Europe for Ars Magica 3rd Ed. by White Wolf$5.990Feb-09-08 11:40:32 PST
Ravenloft: Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Undead$6.991Feb-09-08 11:52:35 PST
TSR2138 Dungeons & Dragons Game Rule Book$1.990Feb-09-08 11:52:37 PST
Lathan's Gold / AD&D 1st Ed / X SOLO Series Module OP$5.992Feb-09-08 11:52:38 PST
Hidden Lore / White Wolf #4301 for MAGE / 1996 $8.991Feb-10-08 12:58:08 PST
Technocracy: Progenitors / White Wolf for MAGE VF $4.990Feb-10-08 13:32:06 PST
Loom Of Fate / White Wolf MAGE the Ascension / Used VF$4.990Feb-10-08 13:32:08 PST
FTL: 2448 Book 1 / R. Tucholka / Tri Tac 1993 SF RPG XF$6.991Feb-10-08 13:32:09 PST
FTL: 2448 Book 2 / R. Tucholka / Tri Tac 1993 SF RPG XF$6.991Feb-10-08 13:32:10 PST
Legion of Super Heroes DC HeroClix LSH Starter Game NEW$19.950Feb-12-08 09:12:44 PST
Sword And Fist: D&D 3rd Ed. Fighters & Monks / Used XF$4.990Feb-12-08 16:11:13 PST
Shadow of the Exile / Privateer Iron Kingdoms d20 D&D$5.990Feb-12-08 16:18:43 PST
Complete Fighter's Handbook / AD&D 2nd Ed TSR 1989 NM$5.990Feb-12-08 16:18:46 PST
Storm Riders / AD&D Forgotten Realms Module VF$4.991Feb-12-08 16:18:47 PST
Arms & Equipment Guide / AD&D 2nd Ed by TSR 1991 XF$6.990Feb-12-08 16:18:48 PST
Complete Fighter's Handbook / AD&D Supplement 1995 $5.990Feb-12-08 16:29:18 PST
For Love Of Mother-Not / GURPS Solo / Alan Dean Foster$11.990Feb-12-08 17:45:01 PST
Complete Fighter's Handbook / AD&D 2nd Ed. 1989 / Fair $8.990Feb-13-08 12:24:57 PST
Complete Wizard's Handbook / AD&D 2nd Ed 1990$8.990Feb-13-08 12:28:16 PST
Warmaster Miniatures Rules / Warhammer / GW 2000 $14.990Feb-13-08 12:53:52 PST
Grasp Of The Emerald Claw by Bruce Cordell (2005)$4.990Feb-13-08 13:12:50 PST
TSR2100 Dungeon Masters Guide AD&D 2nd Ed 1989$4.990Feb-13-08 13:20:05 PST
Z Gundam Character Edition Vol #1 Newtype 100%$12.990Feb-13-08 13:56:41 PST
WWP4018 Mage Chronicles #3 two adventures 1993$9.990Feb-13-08 14:39:57 PST
WW16500 EverQuest Player's Handbook, 2002$10.990Feb-13-08 14:42:23 PST
Tome Of Magic / TSR AD&D 2nd Ed / USED Fine$6.990Feb-13-08 14:45:42 PST
The Created / TSR Ravenloft AD&D Module / 1993 OP & VG$6.990Feb-13-08 14:45:46 PST
GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse Setting Book / Used, VG$6.990Feb-13-08 14:51:39 PST
Bay City Sourcebook / Hero Games #10021 / Champions XF$8.990Feb-13-08 17:56:24 PST
Monster Manual II by GYGAX for AD&D /TSR 1983 / VF Used$9.991Feb-14-08 11:54:51 PST
Dungeon Master's Guide / AD&D 2nd Ed TSR 1989 / Used VF$8.990Feb-14-08 11:54:52 PST
Song And Silence D&D 3rd Ed Bard & Rogue Book / XF Used$8.990Feb-14-08 11:54:53 PST
Sword And Fist / D&D Fighters & Monks Guidebook / XF$8.990Feb-14-08 11:54:54 PST
Tome And Blood / D&D Wizards & Sorcerers Guidebook / VF$8.990Feb-14-08 11:54:55 PST
Defenders Of The Faith / D&D Cleric & Paladin Book / XF$8.990Feb-14-08 11:54:56 PST
Infected: An Earthdawn adventure by ROBIN LAWS / XF$9.990Feb-14-08 12:20:57 PST
Mists of Betrayal adventure for Earthdawn / FASA # 6301$9.990Feb-14-08 12:20:58 PST
FANTASTIC FORCES Marvel HeroClix 3-Figure Booster NEW$5.990Feb-14-08 15:16:23 PST
Storyteller's Handbook Vampire / White Wolf 1992 Used F$4.991Feb-14-08 16:58:48 PST
Mekton Empire Role Play / R Talsorian 1990 / OP & VF $9.990Feb-14-08 16:58:49 PST
Mekton II / by Mike Pondsmith / R.Talsorian 1987 / XF$9.990Feb-14-08 16:58:51 PST
Gamma Knights boxed RPG TSR 1992 GOOD USED COPY$14.990Feb-15-08 10:56:23 PST
Portals & Planes / Legends & Lairs D&D d20 MINT$6.990Feb-15-08 10:56:25 PST
Warmachine Repenter / Protectorate Light Warjack NEW$5.990Feb-15-08 11:08:52 PST
Fluid Mechanics Book / Blue Planet RPG / NM - As new$8.990Feb-15-08 11:11:04 PST
Secrets of the Phoenix / Legend of the Five Rings / NM$8.992Feb-15-08 12:19:18 PST
Queen Euphoria / Adventure for Shadowrun / FASA 1990 NM$4.991Feb-15-08 12:19:19 PST
Hollow World Player's Guide by Aaron Allston / TSR 1990$2.991Feb-15-08 12:19:23 PST
Chainmail / D&D Mordengard Faction Box MINT - SEALED$8.990Feb-15-08 12:19:25 PST
Deep Horizon by Skip Williams / D&D 3rd Ed Module USED$4.990Feb-15-08 12:19:26 PST
GURPS Third Edition Boxed / Steve Jackson 1986 / VG$4.990Feb-15-08 12:19:27 PST
The Hero Builder's Guidebook / D&D Accessory$12.990Feb-15-08 12:19:28 PST
Heart of Nightfang Spire by CORDELL / D&D 3rd Ed Module$4.990Feb-15-08 12:19:30 PST
Exalted Role Playing Game / White Wolf 2001 Edition XF$9.990Feb-15-08 17:27:20 PST
AEG8505 WAR d20 system AS NEW$5.990Feb-15-08 17:27:21 PST
MGP1018 Encyclopedia Arcane, Blood Magic$6.992Feb-15-08 17:27:23 PST
MGP1022 Encyclopedia Arcane, Sovereign Magic$6.990Feb-15-08 17:27:24 PST
Laws of the Hunt Player's Guide White Wolf WEREWOLF XF+$5.990Feb-16-08 12:16:32 PST
Mind's Eye Theatre Journal #8 Vampire: The Masquerade$4.991Feb-17-08 10:26:33 PST
Spycraft: Shadowforce Archer / ALDERAC Hardcover / Mint$12.990Feb-17-08 10:43:12 PST
WWP1021 Pax Dei Ars Magica 3rd Ed Sourcebook$9.991Feb-17-08 10:49:30 PST
Into the Darkness #2: UNTO THIS END / Diomin d20 D&D $4.990Feb-17-08 10:56:53 PST
Sunrunners by M. Miskulin (1996)$8.990Feb-17-08 13:49:23 PST
ICE 5103 Cyber Space CyberRogues Character Compendium$4.990Feb-17-08 14:27:45 PST
PAL454 Monsters & Animals (1st Edition), 1985$7.991Feb-17-08 15:07:43 PST
SJG6512 GURPS Magicl Items 2 by Steve Jackson Games$4.990Feb-17-08 15:25:39 PST
TSR2111 PHBR2 Complete Thief's Handbook, TSR, 1991$5.990Feb-17-08 15:42:28 PST
TSR3111 Player's Secrets of Ariya - Birthright$4.990Feb-17-08 15:52:46 PST
Anime Water-Baron Bandai Limit Ed Series #12 1996 NEW$9.991Feb-17-08 15:58:05 PST
Ex Model Jet Core-Booster, 1/144 Scale Model Kit$19.992Feb-17-08 16:02:21 PST
Ex Model S-Gundam Attacker, 1/144 Scale Model Kit$19.990Feb-17-08 16:04:37 PST
Gundam Azieru, Mobile Armor NZ-333, Transforming Bot$15.990Feb-17-08 16:07:43 PST
Gundam MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, Transforming Mobile Suit$17.990Feb-17-08 16:09:26 PST
Gundam YMS-15 Gyan Gundam, Mobile Suit NEW UNBUILT$11.990Feb-17-08 16:14:32 PST
Gun Blastor Gundam League Militaire 1/110 Scale NEW$16.990Feb-17-08 16:23:03 PST
A-taul, A-class Heavy Metal Mobile Suit, 1/144 Scale$14.990Feb-17-08 16:29:47 PST
Gundam MSM-07 Z'Gok Gundam, Mobile Suit$15.990Feb-17-08 16:33:35 PST
Shadow of Infinity (SOI) Yu-Gi-Oh SEALED Booster Box$54.991Feb-18-08 11:54:56 PST
GURPS Horror / 1st Ed 1990 by Scott Haring / VG & OP $4.990Feb-19-08 10:31:17 PST
Witchfire 3: Legion of Lost Souls / Iron Kingdoms D&D $7.991Feb-20-08 12:13:50 PST
Unveiled Masters: Essential Guide to Mind Flayers / XF$9.990Feb-20-08 12:13:51 PST
Penumbra Touched by the Gods / d20 D&D Sourcebook ATLAS$7.991Feb-20-08 12:13:52 PST
Kindred of the East Companion / Vampire: The Masquerade$6.996Feb-20-08 12:43:38 PST
DUELIST PACK SPECIAL EDITION Yu-Gi-Oh SIX Booster Packs$3.995Feb-20-08 13:00:47 PST
Forgotten Realms Adventures / AD&D / TSR 2106 / Good $5.990Feb-20-08 14:40:01 PST
Silver Age Sentinels d20 / Guardians of Order 2002 / NM$12.990Feb-20-08 14:40:02 PST
Clanbook: Brujah / Vampire: The Masquerade / 1992 VF$6.991Feb-21-08 10:54:24 PST
Lord Of The Rings: KNIZIA / Fantasy Flight / XF - Used$24.951Feb-21-08 10:54:29 PST
Third Reich by John Prados / Avalon Hill 1974 / Used$12.991Feb-21-08 10:54:35 PST
Strike of Neos (STON) Yu-Gi-Oh SEALED Booster Box NEW$58.454Feb-22-08 14:58:13 PST
Web Of Heroes / Web Games 1996 / Super Hero Role Play$8.990Feb-24-08 10:35:49 PST
Webs Basic Gaming / Web Games 1995 / Superhero RPG$8.990Feb-24-08 10:35:51 PST
Mindscapes by Bruce CORDELL / Malhavoc Press, D&D/d20 $4.991Feb-24-08 10:54:47 PST
Slave Tribes by Bill Slavicsek / AD&D Dark Sun TSR DSR1$8.990Feb-24-08 15:53:58 PST
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