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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Jan 30 to Feb 12 2012
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GTM 144 is ready for download and preorders

Feb Birthday Coupon is up. on the web site.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

25% off Legend of the Five Rings CCG

20% off Reaper Line
(Models, Paints, Books & Modeling Supplies)

20% off Gator Gamse Online Store
(used in the store too)

70% off Selected Boardgames - in store only
going fast - most are around $5 or so now.

Penny Arcade Promos now attached to Product in the store.
Nightfall promos now attached to Product in the store.

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+finecast is included on the 3rd week of release.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Games Online Store
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o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon.11-2 Demos: Small World & Aquarius
Feb 6 4pm Warhammer 40K 700 pts $5
+2 battle points for ending the game with all remaining units within 12" of the center of the table, +1battle point all painted army
Feb 13 4pm Warhammer 40K 1000 pts $5
+2 battle points destroying all enemy elite choices +1 battle point all painted army

• Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably if the weather is bad.
• Each win 20 battle points. • Each draw 10 battle points. • Each loss 5 battle points.
• Force Organization changes: 0-1 HQ, 1-6 Troops
• Winner to choose Plastic Box set up to $25 retail, everyone else gets a paint pot as a prize.

Feb 20 4pm Lord of the Rings Heroclix $5 "Seeking the Ring" 400pts
Prize: Nazgul LE
After all objects have been placed, place a special object an equal number of squares from each players starting area. At the end of the game, if that item is held by or occupies the same square as a character, that character's controller earns an additional 100 victory points

Feb 27 4pm Lord of the Rings Heroclix $5 "Fleeing the Eye of Sauron" 600 Pts LOTR
Prize: Choice of Dead Men of Dunharrow or Troll Horde Tokens
Each team must contain at least one figure with the "Fellowship" Keyword and at least on figure with the "Forces of Sauron" Keyword. Any figure with one of these keywords defeated by a figure with the other keyword is worth double victory points.

March 5 4pm Warhammer Fantasy 1000 pts $5
There will be 3 50 Minute Rounds. Each round will use a different scenario from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook
• Each win 20 battle points. • Each draw 10 battle points. • Each loss 5 battle points.
+2 battle points for a fully painted army with movement trays (as appropriate)
+1 battle point for the first winner to report results each round
• Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably if the weather is bad.
• Winner to choose Plastic Box set up to $25 retail, everyone else gets a paint pot as a prize.

Tues.: 11-2 Demos: Penny Arcade & Ascension
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed. 11-2 Demos: Puzzle Strike & Nuts
02/08 Heroclix Quick Reflexes" 700pts Unrestricted $5
Prize: Bruce Banner LE
When an attack misses, if the target had its defense value replaced with Defend, the target may immediately make an attack as a free action against the attacker. If the attack is made, place an action token on the character that used Defend.

02/15 Infinity Guantlet Month 2
600 pts Sealed
Prize: The In-Betweener LE

02/22 "Kept in the Dark"
400 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Daredevil LE
All characters' range becomes 0. While a character has Super Senses, that character ignores this rule.

02/29 "The Fall of the Superhuman"
500 Pts Unrestricted
Prize: Major Glenn Talbot LE
Teams may have no more than one character worth more than 100 points.

Thurs. 11-2 Demos: A Game of Thrones LCG & Memoir '44
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2010)
We can only take 16 people.
Turbo Pack 7 just came in and will be available for choice of prize.

Fri 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonal foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

Feb 11, Sat 11am Game of Thrones LCG $5 (Jousting Format)
We have Official League prizes!

Feb 12 , Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
(we are looking for a new host to do boosters drafts twice a month)

Feb 18 11am Free Game Giveaway Day (we will be raffling boardgames to entries)
Feb 19 11am Game of Thrones LCG $5 (Jousting Format)
We have Official League prizes!

Feb 25 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Game Day
Bring a Type II - standard deck

Feb 26 Sun, 11am Flames of War Tournament 600 pts, Late War $5
• There will be three rounds of one hour each.
• Scenarios will be chosen from the rulebook.
• Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably if the weather is bad.
• Winner to get an autographed rulebook - FoW 2nd ed. HC

Mar 3, Sat 11am Redikai Tournament Free
(all kinds of League stuff to hand out) / demos will be provided.

Mar 4, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15
(we are looking for a new host to do boosters drafts twice a month)

March 10 Sat 11am Yugioh Duelist Tournament $5 (ages 13 and younger only)
We will have a stack of Duelist League Rare/Participation Prizes and they will be shuffled randomly and everyone gets Four.
Gator Games will be putting Sneek Peek Holos and other Holos into the mix.
Players will have 3 rounds of play - 50 mins each.
If you win, the loser gives you a prize of choice.
if you drop, you get to keep one of your prizes at random.
We will give a Turbo Pack 6 & Duelist Leather case to the Overall Winner.

Mar 11, Sun11am Warhammer Invasion LCG $5
We have Official League prizes!

Apr 28 &29 Prerelease - Avacyn Restored $25
May 26 Magic Game Day - Avacyn Restored
July 7 & 8 M13 Core Set Pre-release $25
July 14 M13 Core Set Launch $25
Aug 4 Magic Game Day $5

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

_____ GF9 72729 D&D HoS Binder Token Set $12.99
_____ GF9 72730 D&D HoS Blackguard Token Set $12.99
_____ GF9 72731 D&D HoS Executioner Token Set $12.99
_____ GF9 72732 D&D HoS Vampire Token Set $12.99
_____ PAL 0886 RIFTS: Black Market RPG $20.95
_____ PAL 0887 RIFTS: Northern Gun One RPG $20.95

_____ DIA 461621 D&D Forgotten Realms Comic #1 $3.99
Telling the tale of two all-new adventurers who find themselves caught up in a kidnapping plot they never wanted a part of, this series offers a fresh new jumping-on point for new readers and fans. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: FORGOTTEN REALMS features art by Lee Ferguson (G.I. JOE: Snake Eyes), inks by renowned comic artist Sal Buscema (The Incredible Hulk), and covers by acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons artists Tyler Walpole and Steve Ellis.

_____ MGP 8502 Wayfarers Game Master's Reference Book $29.99
In conjunction with Ye Olde Gaming Companye, Mongoose Publishing is proud to bring you the Wayfarers RPG. A new system with an old-school feel, Wayfarers enables you to play a warrior, priest, wizard, ranger or rogue, or to create an entirely unique persona. With dozens of disciplines and proficiencies, four types of magic, and over 500 spells, the possibilities for characters are limited only by the player's imagination. For the Game Master, Wayfarers provides hundreds of detailed creatures, items, optional rules, useful analysis and advice, and the vivid World of Twylos campaign setting.

_____ CZE 01374-D WOW CCG 2012 Champion Decks DIS(10) $119.90
_____ CZE 01374-S WOW CCG 2012 Champion Deck $11.99
• First complete product where players can take on the role of iconic characters from World of Warcraft.
• Each deck is playable right out of the box.
• A good entry-level deck for in-store Battlegrounds.
• Players can choose to take on the roll of a courageous hero OR a monstrous villian!
• Monster heroes! Players can play as Monster heroes from Azeroth's lore, including Hogger, Murkdeep, and Elderlimb.
• Faction leader heroes! Players can choose iconic Horde and Alliance leaders as their heroes, including Jaina and Sylvanas.
• Exclusive hero cards with new, unique powers!
• Bonus reprint card randomly inserted!
• Low $11.99 MSRP makes these a great buy for beginners and existing players!
• Loot
o Common - Nightsaber Cub
o Uncommon - Statue Generator (Instant Statue Pedestal)
o Rare - Blazing Hippogryph

_____ WZK 70696 Pathfinder Battles Encounter Pack: Champions of Evil 12.99
• Heroes beware! Evil strikes back with deadly power in this exciting Encounter Pack!
• An Evil Cleric commands three Zombies, while a Succubus and Scarlet Gargoyle torment adventurers with their own brand of villainy!
• Champions of Evil was designed specifically to work with "Dawn of the Scarlet Sun," the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure slated for Free RPG Day 2012 (June 16 at participating hobby retailers), but works with any Pathfinder RPG campaign.
• Featuring six miniatures with all-new (alternate) paint schemes, this encounter pack is ideal for Game Masters who want an easy random encounter for their heroes, or collectors and players who want to jumpstart their Zombie collections!
• The Champions of Evil Encounter Pack is a fixed product intended to supplement the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game line.

o *** Mfg. Notices***

Games Workshop: THE AVAILABLE TO ORDER (ATO) SYSTEM IS BEING UPDATED: This means it will take 11-14 business days to process and ship your ATO (what we used to call Direct) orders. Please keep this in mind when ordering ATO products.

RSS 50XXX line of art capsules will have their MSRP increased to $9.95 effective immediately.

Flames of War Free 3rd edition to Open Fire HC owners:
Our shipment arrives at Gator Feb 10th. The version 3 soft cover book is only to be swapped with any customer who has a version 2 hard cover rule book. (The OPEN FIRE mini-rule book is not eligible for exchange.) We are going to sticker your Hardcover book and give you the new 3rd Edition. All you do is have to bring your Hardcover in and agree to sticker it.


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.

GAW BL316H 40K Hardback The Last Ditch (HB) Sandy Mitchell $24.99
GAW BL247S 40K Paperback The Emperor's Finest SB Sandy Mitchell $8.99
GAW BL317 40K Paperback Blood Angels: The Second Omnibus James Swallow $15.00
GAW BL318 Warhammer Paperback Luthor Huss Chris Wraight $8.99
GAW BL319 40K Audio Drama Labyrinth of Sorrows George Mann $17.00
GAWWD385 White Dwarf # 385 $ 9.00
DCG ST-273 Strategy & Tactics #273 Magazine $29.99
RPR 03591 Lola Darkslip, Female Thief Mini $6.99
RPR 03599 Drake Whiteraven, Young Mage Mini $7.99
RPR 14639 Shadowguard Darkreach Mini $6.99
RPR 50256 C.S. Joe Don Mitchell, Sheriff Mini $5.99
RPR 50257 C.S. Dr. Thomas Welby Mini $5.99
RPR 50258 C.S. Nurse Anne Foster Mini $5.99
RPR 50263 C.S. Erik Proudfoot, Intergalactic Marine Mini $5.99
RPR 60101 P.F. Kiramor the Forest Shadow Mini $7.99
RPR 60102 P.F. Trinia Sabor Mini $5.99
RPR 50148 C.S. Astrid Berger, Female Spy Mini $4.29
UPR 82903 MTG D.A. Vert. D.P. Acc 11.00
UPR 82904 MTG D.A. Vert. Deck Box Acc $3.00
UPR 82905 MTG D.A. Horizont. D.P. Acc $11.00
UPR 82906 MTG D.A. Side Load Deck Box Acc $3.00
UPR 82907 MTG D.A. Playmat #1 Acc $25.00
UPR 82908 MTG D.A. 2" Album Acc $17.00
UPR 82918 MTG D.A. 9pkt Portfolio Acc $10.00
UPR 82919 MTG D.A. Playmat #2 Acc $25.00
WTW 11027 Grave Stone Walls (4) Acc $9.99
FFG DT032 Dust Tactics Hvy Kommandotrupp Mini $19.95
FFG DT033 Dust Tactics Corps Officers Mini $19.95
FFG VA05 Runebound 2nd Ed reprint
FFG TM02 Talisman Revised 4th Ed Reprint
FFG WHC27 Warhammer LCG City of Winter BP Non-CCG $14.95
GLG ID001 IronDie Black Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID002 IronDie Blue Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID003 IronDie Green Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID004 IronDie Orange Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID005 IronDie Purple Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID006 IronDie Red Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID007 IronDie White Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GLG ID008 IronDie Yellow Starter Set (9) Dice $28.75
GGD JPG002 Tanto Cuoro Expand the House Exp 59.99
TAP CP3007 A.P. Colour Primer Barbarian Flesh Paint $14.50
TAP ST5108 A.P. Most Wanted Wargamer Brush Set Acc $11.99
GSDHMCA01 Carnival $ 10.00
GSMTPSF01 Startup Fever $ 30.00
GSSRNFD02 Flash Duel - 2nd Edition $ 17.50
IMP MNIVF100 Venture Forth (Board Game) BG $49.99
IWSEGY-013 Miniature Terrain: Egyptian Gateway $9.99
IWSFRT-008 Miniature Terrain: Gabions $8.99
IWSRUN-007 Miniature Terrain: Column Ruin $9.99
GAW 04-01-60 LoTR: realms of men $24.75
GAW 05-01-60 LoTR: The Free Peoples (English): 64pp Army Book $24.75
GAW 08-01-60 LoTR: Mordor (English): 48pp Army Book $24.75
GAW 09-01-60 LoTR: The Fallen Realms (English): 48pp Army Book $24.75
GAW 11-01-60 LoTR: Moria & Angmar (English): 48pp Army Book $24.75
GAW 09-07 Easterling Kataphrakts: 6 Fig Box Plastic $36.25
GAW 09-62 Amdûr, Lord of Blades : 2 Fig Clampack - Resin $33.00
GAW 09-63 Easterling Dragon Knight: 1 Fig Clampack - Resin $23.00
09-64 Easterling War Priest: 1 Fig Clampack - Resin $23.00
GAW 11-41 The Watcher in the Water: 1 Fig Box - Resin $71.00
GAW1-62 Warg Marauder: 1 Fig Clampack - Resin $24.75
GAW 11-42 Dweller in the Dark : 1 Fig Box- Resin $41.25
GAW 11-60 Grôblog, King of the Deeps: 1 Fig Clampack- Resin $15.25
GAW 11-61 Ashrâk, the Spiderkin: 1 Fig Clampack - Resin $13.25
GAW 08-44 Great Beast of Gorgoroth: 1 Fig Box- Resin $71.00
GAW 04-41 Gondor Commanders: 4 Fig Box - Resin $39.50
GAW4-42 Rohan Commanders: 4 Fig Box - Resin $39.50
GAW 05-40 Galadhrim Elf Commanders: 4 Fig Box- Resin $39.50
GAW5-41 Dwarf Commanders: 4 Fig Box - Resin $39.50
bGAW itz - 99811499008 Lord of The Rings Casualties: 8 Fig Box - Resin $29.75

IIG111A Disposable Heroes: Point Blank $25.00
Point Blank is a brand new squad level skirmish system for 1:1 modern tactical firearm combat. Players are in charge of a squad or several fire teams and control the individual actions of their soldiers, weapon teams, vehicles or support weapons. The rules are focused on the tactical concepts of fire and maneuver, command and control, and morale as well as training and experience. Any period of modern firearms combat can be simulated, from The Great War all the way to today and beyond.

PSI CT12010 Hex-A-Gon BG $39.95
In Hex-A-Gon, players jump hexagonal pieces over each other to seize them from the gameboard. During each turn, a player selects any "knight" on the gameboard and jumps them over other knights into open hexes. Any number of jumps into open hexes can be made in a turn, seizing a string of knights that count toward victory at the end of the game. However, be careful, as every move can open an avenue for your opponents to do the same!

VAN 1439 Art of the Dragon HC Book $39.95
VAN 1446 Art of the Dragon SC Book $24.95
Art of the Dragon: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Paintings serves up the ultimate collection of contemporary dragon paintings and provides insights about the foremost dragon-painting fantasy artists including Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Keith Parkinson, Todd Lockwood, Donato Giancola, John Howe, Bob Eggleton, Don Maitz, Stephen Hickman, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Greg Hildebrandt, and record-breaking Hugo Award-winner Michael Whelan.

ZVE SRS49769 3 Musketeers ENGLISH Ed BG $49.95
Proudly don your plumed hat, wear the tunic of the Musketeers, and lift your sword - the honor of the Queen is in your hands! Return the diamond pendants recklessly given by the Queen to Buckingham before Cardinal de Richelieu unmasks his noble enemies and compromises the Queen! Duels, chases through the rooms of the Louvre, elixirs of seduction, secret passages, and many other events await you in this cloak-and-dagger adventure fraught with plunder and peril!

ZVE SRS49765 Space Pirates ENGLISH Ed BG $39.95
From the creator of Dungeon Twister! Space is your hunting ground! Search the universe for freighters to board and pillage, accumulate massive amounts of wealth, and avoid asteroids, cosmic storms, the Galactic Police, and your fellow freebooters in your quest to become the most famous (and notorious) Space Pirate ever!

FFO TBIUS01 Big Idea Card Game Non-CCG $24.99
You have just invented the Liquid Toupee, the Kiddie Musical Chainsaw, or the Desktop Fireworks - now you gotta sell 'em! With absurd product and ridiculous pitches, it's tons of fun for everyone in The Big Idea Card Game, James Ernest's party game of creation without restraints.

SJG 131320 Cthulhu Dice (Bone w/ Red Ink) Acc $5.95
SJG 131321 Cthulhu Dice (Red w/ Yellow Ink) Acc $5.95
Serving Cthulhu is fun, except for all those other cultists out to get you. So, get them first! Cthulhu Dice lets you drive your rivals mad... very, very quickly. The last sane cultist wins... unless everyone goes mad together! This edition of the Cthulhu Dice Game features one custom, 12-sided die, 18 glass marbles, a baggie, and rules.

OOC 1104 BS By Her Majesty's Sacred Egg RPG $14.95
Defend the Zoallan empire and earn your place in the queue of royal succession. Her Majesty, the Queen, has an eye (or three) on you! This expansion for Battlestations contains a 48-page adventure/rulebook, plus new personal equipment, missile upgrades, special abilities, and a complete campaign with 11 missions.

KON 88884-D Yu-Gi-Oh Order of Chaos BD (24) CCG $95.76 
The stunning sequel to 2004's Invasion of Chaos expansion, Order of Chaos unleashes 100 new monsters, spells, and traps into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG arena! In Order of Chaos, Transforming Ninjas do battle with an invading army clad in insectoid power armor, amid a sea of all-devouring Xyz Monsters! Plus, cards from Order of Chaos can be combined with cards from the Dragunity Legion Structure Deck, Gold Series 4, and Photon Shockwave for incredible combos!

AEG 3307 L5R RPG Imperial Histories RPG $39.99
The Imperial Histories pulls back the curtain on many tumultuous eras of the Emerald Empire, including The Dawn of the Empire, The Gozoku Era, The Clan Wars, and The Race for the Throne, revealing not only the glories of the Rokugani, but also their failings and tribulations.

DVG 9103 Bang! Gold Rush Card Game $16.90
A cascade of gold nuggets will be the reward for the quickest gunslinger in Gold Rush, the latest expansion for Bang! Earn shiny gold nuggets and buy new equipment, while the new shadow-gunslingers keep you playing until the last BANG!

FFG BC03 Black Crusade RPG Hand of Corruption RPG $39.95
Hand of Corruption is an adventure in three acts for Black Crusade. Presented in one comprehensive volume, this epic story takes a small band of Heretics from the swirling depths of the Screaming Vortex to the far reaches of the Calixis Sector, and then to a parched and windswept Imperial penal world called Saint Annard's Penance.

FFG VA80 Nexus Ops BG $59.95
In Nexus Ops, a board game of fierce sci-fi battles and fantastic alien creatures, players control factions of corporate troops and strange life forms on an alien moon, deploying troops from their home base to explore the landscape, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions, all in an attempt to gather enough power to claim the moon for themselves! This new edition of Nexus Ops features detailed plastic figures, fantastic new art, a clarified rulebook, and a host of optional rules and variant play.

FOX 310536 Turbo Mind Twister BG $16.95
Put your brain into high gear with Turbo Mind Twister, as players slide cars and twist the sphere to put each car in their matching color spot.

FOX 310178 Zoologic BG $24.95
In this wild logic game, players attempt to place animals (dogs, cats, and mice) and food tiles (bones, fish, cheese) in a specified sequence, while avoiding obstacles like bad dogs, angry bulls, and hungry ants.

FOX RISE Rise or Fall BG $24.95
Goths! Geeks! Jocks! Cheerleaders! Climb the social ladder in your quest to become the most popular clique!

IMP BPN1120 SOL (Custom Wood Board Game) BG $35.00 23-Jan NS
Influence the planets - and the stars themselves! In Sol, two players compete to control distant suns through the skillful and strategic placement of moons in orbit.

IMP L99100 BattleCON: War of Indines Non-CCG $39.99
Take on opponents in a fast-paced, head-to-head duel of tactical wit and strategic might in Battle Connection! In BattleCON: War of Indines, players choose from 18 different characters and a variety of play modes such as regular versus, 2v2, tag team, and 3v1 "Boss Mode", then attempt to defeat one another in single combat in a world of conflict and adventure

IMP MNIKOS10 Kingdom of Solomon (Board Game) BG $49.99
King Solomon presided over a Golden Age of peace and prosperity in ancient Israel. As one of Solomon's chief governors, you must procure materials and oversee construction of buildings and roads across the land for the glory of the King.

IMP PELG09 Gumshoe RPG Invasive Procedures RPG $11.95
The kids all say Our Lady's Hospital is haunted. They should have torn the place down years ago... instead, they send you there to die! In Invasive Procedures, you are a patient of a decrepit hospital. The equipment is outdated, the staff unmotivated, and the whole place reeks of disinfectant, death. and seventy years of despair. Oh, and ghosts and spirits walk the halls! But, they're the least of your worries. Dr. Drake, the resident surgeon, is a genius - and like all geniuses, he has his secrets, his obsessions, and his madness. One such obsession has taken root in the hospital.. and all you can do is try to get out alive! A Fear Itself adventure from Gareth Hanrahan (Arkham Detective Tales), Invasive Procedures includes conversion information for the Trail of Cthulhu system as well as an extract from The Book of Unremitting Horror.

IMP PELGLF01 Gumshoe RPG PC Lorefinder RPG $11.95
Lorefinder puts you in the role of a brave adventurer in search of forbidden secrets and lost treasures. Uncover strange cults, solve baffling murders, or delve into the deepest dungeons and face their denizens - and, if you are both clever and lucky, return to tell the tale.

MFG 4122 Giza the Great Pyramid BG $35.00
Pharaoh is worried! His tomb at Giza is behind schedule and he fears it will not be done in time for his funeral. He is offering great rewards to the faction that contributes the most work on his pyramid in the next 10 years. Are you smart, organized, and diligent enough to lead your people and earn Pharaoh's favor?

PSI CT26208 SR Conspiracy Theories RPG $29.99
This sourcebook for Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition, looks at the intrigue and paranoia spreading across the Sixth World in the wake of the Aztlan-Amazonia war, the renegotiation of the Treaty of Denver, and the pursuit of powerful ancient artifacts.

PSI CT35162 BT Record Sheets 3055 Upgrade Mini $9.99
This companion volume to Total Warfare and Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade introduces a host of additional BattleMech and Vehicles to play, all completely compatible with the rules from Total Warfare, plus ready-to-play scenarios and quick-start rules for fielding artillery.

PZO 9053 PF Adv Path Tide of Honor RPG $19.99
The heroes arrive in Minkai only to discover the empire on its knees! The Jade Regent has twisted the ruling government to cater to his despotic whims. Before the heroes can attempt to stand against the Jade Regent and liberate Minkai, they must first earn the trust and respect of the ancient empire's people. A Pathfinder RPG adventure for 12th-level characters, Tide of Honor continues the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

PZO 9242 PF Camp. Set. Jade Regent Poster Map RPG $19.99
This map folio features three, huge, 8-panel poster maps for use with the Jade Regent Adventure Path - Kassai, the capital city of the empire of Minkai; the frozen reaches of the Crown of the World; and the entire continent of Tian Xia from the chill steppes of Hongal to the north to the trackless monster-infested Valashmai Jungle far to the south.

PZO 9421 PF Plyr Comp. Dragon Empire Primer RPG $10.99
Enter the mystical land of Tian Xia - the Dragon Empires - a new realm for Pathfinder players to explore! Player-friendly descriptions of more than two-dozen nations, details on five new character races, notes on local religions, new Asia-inspired archetypes, feats and martial arts styles, magic items, spells, and a system to track honor and dishonor provide numerous exciting character options.

PZO 9534 PF Mod. Ruby Phx Tournament RPG $13.99
Once every ten years, the cosmopolitan city of Goka on the eastern coastline of Tian Xia hosts the Ruby Phoenix Tournament on an island in the city's harbor. Infamous for its strange spectacles and exciting mix of fighting styles, the contest draws combatants from all over the world. Its winner gets his choice of a single item from the legendary treasury of an ancient spellcaster. But this year, not all who have come to compete do so out of respect for the traditions of battle or even out of greed for the reward. They seek, instead, nothing so much as red revenge! The Ruby Phoenix Tournament is a tournament-style Pathfinder Module designed for 11th-level characters.

PZO SQW30043 GM Flip Mat Pirate Ship RPG $12.99
Prepare to keelhaul scurvy scallywags with GameMastery Flip-Mat: Pirate Ship! One side presents side-to-side vessels pulled close for ship-to-ship combat, while the other reveals the decks of one ship, making this durable accessory perfect for both high-seas combat or your home on the waves in any tabletop fantasy campaign.

PZO 3021 GM Plot Twist Cards Flashbacks RPG $10.99
The past is what you make it with GameMastery Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks! Each of the deck's 51 cards presents a different event or life lesson that the GM and players, working together, can weave into the game's narrative, as well as related rules effects. With Plot Twist Cards: Flashbacks, everyone can help tell the story and bring their characters' pasts into the present.

PZO 8033 PS Chalice of Death (FICTION) RPG $15.99
by Robert Silverberg Three complete novels of mystery in space from science fiction Grand Master and multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Robert Silverberg explode back into print for the first time in decades in this thrilling new Planet Stories collection: The Chalice of Death, Starhaven, and Shadow on the Stars.

RGG 212 Bohnanza High Bohn Plus Exp Board Game 14.95
This expansion to Bohnanza contains new game variants and two new bean types, the Cognac bean and the Field bean.

RGG A41 Lamborghini Board Game 54.95
Sign Up, Suit Up, and Drive! Officially licensed by Lamborghini, this fascinating economic-management board game focuses on a Lamborghini racing team. Sign the best driver, purchase your car, equip it to face stiff competition at the qualification session, then drive your Lamborghini Murcielago at 350 Km/h on the Monza or Hockenheim straights!

RGG A42 Leader 1 Hell of the North Board Game 59.95
In this new, updated version of Leader 1, the fast-and-furious, competitive cyclist racing board game, players can recreate cycling races, choose their own cyclists' advancing, manage their energy, and define the peloton and breaking away tactics.

WZK 70438 Star Trek Expeditions Exp Set CMG
Explore More Strange, New Worlds! Supplementing Reiner Knizia's acclaimed cooperative board game with characters based on J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek movie, the Star Trek Expeditions: Expansion Set introduces three new crew members (Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, and Ensign Pavel Chekov) along with their respective character cards.

WZK 70494 Star Trek HC Tactics Boosters Disp CMG
Relive your favorite legendary battles between the Federation and the Klingons with this exciting addition to the Star Trek universe! Compatible with the standard HeroClix core rules system, Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics features over 20 pre-painted ships from Federation and Klingon affiliations designed with HeroClix Powers and Abilities and inspired by all eras of Star Trek.

WZK 70445 Star Trek HC Tactics Starter Set CMG
Relive your favorite legendary battles between the Federation and the Klingons with this exciting addition to the Star Trek universe! Compatible with the standard HeroClix core rules system, Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics features over 20 pre-painted ships from Federation and Klingon affiliations designed with HeroClix Powers and Abilities and inspired by all eras of Star Trek. Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics is introduced in Starter Sets containing four pre-painted ships with new dials, HeroClix Powers, and Abilities card, a HeroClix core rulebook, dice, and two maps, as well as single figure boosters packed in 12-count Counter-Top Displays.

FFG DH15 Dark Heresy Chaos Commandment HC RPG $24.95
A conspiracy at the highest levels of the Calixian Church has finally come to fruition, and the sector rests on the edge of interstellar upheaval. Can a small band of Acolytes prevent this coming apocalypse? The Chaos Commandment is the final chapter in The Apostasy Gambit trilogy.

FFG WIZ01 Wiz-War BG $49.95
Apply your wiles to obfuscating opposing wizards in Wiz-War, the classic board game of magical mayhem! In Wiz-War, players assume the roles of mages in a subterranean maze, scheming to steal each other's treasures. Cast spells to shapeshift, make doors, fireball foes, and more! Score points by stealing treasures from opposing wizards, or by eliminating the opposition!

OPD ZGPF PF Zobeck Gazetter RPG $19.99
The Zobeck Gazetteer brings award-winning designer Wolfgang Baur's Free City of Gears and Steam to life, now available for the Pathfinder RPG! This is where the continually expanding campaign setting of Midgard was born: in the twisted alleys of the Kobold Ghetto, the schools of clockwork magic, and the ticking hearts of the gearforged PC race. GMs looking for a new and different setting will find a clockpunk city forged in the fires of revolution, with monsters and magic drawn from the dark folktales of medieval Eastern Europe.

OPD CKGGD Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design RPG $29.95
This compilation of the first three volumes of The Kobold Guide to Game Design features over 200-pages of tips, tricks, and how-to guidance from an all-star cast of authors and designers, including Monte Cook, Wolfgang Barr, Keith Baker, Ed Greenwood, Colin McComb, and Rob Heinsoo.

BHG 001 Mafia: Death & Deception Card Game 29.99
Do you know who your enemey is? Through arguing, accusations, and heated debate, players in Mafia: Death and Deception attempt to figure out who is a member of the mafia, and eventually vote to execute each other. The members of the mafia, meanwhile, try to lie and deceive their way to safety while secretly killing civilians.

GSG KB01 Seven Card Game $12.00
In this turn-based, set-collecting card game, players attempt to gather as many of the seven sets as they can. You can collect sets by asking other players for cards during your turn, while Jokers allow you to lie if queried. Plus, 17 special cards add unique twists that can hasten or hinder your search!

WSP 40101 A Fistful of Penguins (SO's Allocated) Board Game $17.95
Here come the animals! Add lions, camels, and kangaroos to your zoo in this simple dice game the whole family can enjoy. Lions are a big draw, but they scare the camels. Those pesky squirrels will pilfer your peanuts, but a moose won't go anywhere without a squirrel. And the more kangaroos the better. Use your penguins wisely, and you can have the best zoo in the country!

ASM GOS02 Gosu Expansion Card Game 29.99
Five new clans join the battle for goblin supremacy in Kamakor, the first expansion for Gosu! This 100-card expansion introduces Kobuke Goblins, Warmachine Goblins, the Shadow Goblins, Dragoon Goblins, and the Shibuke of the World Tree.

ASM MUND01 Mundus Novus Board Game 29.99
Trade in the New World! It is the sixteenth century. You are a powerful merchant in search of riches from the recently discovered Mundus Novus - the New World. To transport gold and precious commodities, you and your fellow conquistadores must charter fleets of caravels, seek the support of famous backers, build warehouses, and buy goods. Expand your business empire and make a fortune in Mundus Novus!

FBI0087 Tunnels & Trolls RPG: Dew Drop Inn $11.95
This is a 72-page solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls by Ken St Andre. It is compatible with both the 5.5 rules and the 7.5 rules. The DewDrop Inn is the most famous hotel on Trollworld. It's run by a retired adventurer, an old wizard who wants to try his hand at being Dungeon Master. You have nothing to fear in this hotel, unless you're an adventurer. In that case, you might be sorry you dropped in to the DewDrop Inn. This adventure is intended for any humanoid character, levels 1-5.

MMY 010 Surveillance Station RPG 11.99
There's something out there! With the Surveillance Station terrain cards you can instantly assemble a functional outpost for nearly any purpose, from an interstellar eavesdropping facility to an emergency medical station. This set comes complete with 12 double-sided, 5x8 inch, full-color, reusable terrain tiles printed with 1-inch grids.

MMY 011 Mass Transit III RPG 13.99
Mass Transit III features "Boarding Action," showcasing two starships linked together in the depths of space, and "Strike Force Carrier," detailing a devastating assault cruiser. This set comes complete with 12 double-sided, 5x8 inch, full-color, reusable terrain tiles printed with 1-inch grids.

WOC292270000 MtG: Mirrodin Besieged BD $ 143.64
WOC292280000 MtG: Mirrodin Besieged Intro Pack Display $ 129.90
WOC292420000 MtG: Mirrodin Besieged Fat Pack $ 39.99
Command the Night! Innistrad has been overrun by creatures of the night. While the forces of good struggle to hold back the threat, villagers cower behind walls and pray for the morning light. The second, 158-card expansion for the Innistrad block for Magic: The Gathering featuring two never-before-seen game mechanics, Dark Ascension is introduced in Intro Packs, Fat Packs, Event Decks, and Booster Packs.

BFM GE513 5cm PaK38 gun (Gebirgsjäger) 1 EML C $ 29.00
Issued to the German Army in April 1941, the 5cm PaK38 was the successor of the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun. Developed in the late 1930s by Rheinmetall-Borsig, the 5cm Pak38 soon proved its worth during the early campaigns and into Operation Barbarossa.

BFM GE554 7.5cm leIG18 gun (Gebirgsjäger) 1 EML C $ 21.00
One of the tactical lessons learned during the first war, was that each battalion of infantry would benefit from its own artillery support. This led to the development of light guns that could be used in this role. Each blister includes two 7.5cm leIG18 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & two Medium bases.

BFM GE555 15cm sIG33 gun (Gebirgsjäger) 1 EML C $ 21.00
The 15cm schweres InfanterieGeschutz 33 (sIG33) was designed and built to fulfill the requirement for a powerful, close support gun for the infantry. The German Army preferred infantry support guns rather than the mortar that most other countries tended to favor for this kind of role. Each blister includes two 15cm sIG33 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & two Medium Bases.

BFM GE836 Gebirgsjäger Pioneer Platoon 1-2 EML C $ 29.00
The 15cm schweres InfanterieGeschutz 33 (sIG33) was designed and built to fulfill the requirement for a powerful, close support gun for the infantry. The German Army preferred infantry support guns rather than the mortar that most other countries tended to favor for this kind of role. Each blister includes two 15cm sIG33 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & two Medium Bases.

BFM GE553 7.5cm GebK15 gun (Gebirgsjäger) 1 EML C $ 45.00
The old Skoda 7.5cm mountain gun was designed for the First World War, but it is still an exceptional piece of equipment. The lightweight guns are ideal for the Gebirgsjäger, who can easily move the gun up and over difficult terrain. Each blister includes four 7.5cm GebK15 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Staff team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & five Medium bases

BFM GE834 Gebirgsjäger HMG Platoon 1 EML C $ 12.50
Capable of firing up to 800 rounds a minute, the MG34 had a unique feature of being able to produce semi-automatic by pressing the upper segment of the trigger, while fully automatic fire was achieved by pressing the lower segment. Each blister includes one Command SMG team, four HMGs with crew (MG34 or MG42 options), one Small base & four Medium bases.

CZE 01302-D WoW CCG Aftermath Crown Heaven Boost. CCG $143.64
CZE 01346 WoW CCG Card Sleeve (80) Selora Acc $8.99

CZE 01300-D WoW CCG Aftermath Crown Epic Coll Dsp CCG $479.88
Monsters, Monsters, and Even More Monsters! Aftermath - Crown of the Heavens introduces new playable Monster hero races and classes to the World of Warcraft TCG arena! Demons, Dryads, and Ogres are among the featured Monster races, each boasting exciting, new powers, plus brand-new Murlocs make their epic appearance! This World of Warcraft TCG expansion is introduced in Epic Collections containing six Crown of the Heavens booster packs, five random foil heroes, one common Loot card, 10 card dividers, a playmat, a deck box, and a Crown of the Heavens pocket guide, all packaged with a reusable storage box. Supplement your play with 16-card boosters packed in 36-count displays.

KON TBA001-D Yu-Gi-Oh Dragons Collide (8) CCG $79.92
Dragons of Light and Dark have put aside their differences to unite as one unstoppable force! This Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Structure Deck includes powerful Dragons, Lightsworn monsters, and some of the best Dark and Light monsters, all merged together into a Dueling juggernaut! The Dragons Collide Structure Deck contains 37 Common Cards, two Ultra Rare Cards, one Super Rare Card, a Game Mat, a Dueling Guide, and a rulebook.

PKU10749 PKM: Mewtwo Collection Box $ 15.99

PIP 33074 Warmachine KD Ally Kayazy Eliminator Unit Miniatures Games $13.99
The kayazy eliminators are assassins who practice their deadly trade with the finesse of the finest artists. Working in pairs, the lithe eliminators move with deft agility to conceal their silent presence. When the time comes to perform their bloody services, they do so with a grace that would seem like ease were anyone present to observe it.

PIP 33081 Warmachine KD Battle Mechanik Officer Battle Miniatures Games $21.99
Battle mechanik officers are hardened combat veterans who specialize in the maintenance and battle repairs of the vaunted Man-O-War armor. Trained in the use of steam-powered armor, they rely on its protection to wade deep into the thick of battle to repair warjack and Man-O-War alike. The mechaniks' presence ensures no soldier's armor becomes disabled, keeping Khador's signature heavy infantry in the fight. Accompanied by a mechanik officer and his crew, a unit of Man-O-War soldiers gains all the resilience of the mighty warjacks they fight alongside.

PIP 35035 Warmachine Ret Aspis Light Warjack Miniatures Games $20.99
A marvel of Iosan force mastery, the Aspis is capable of manipulating its own protective force field. It can reshape and strengthen its shield in response to incoming threats. This ability, coupled with its incredible reaction time, allow it to intercept enemy fire directed at nearby allies, literally catching bullets before they strike. A warcaster accompanied by this myrmidon with its regenerating field can feel secure in taking risks that might otherwise be reckless.

PIP 74062 Hordes SK Archidon Heavy Warbeast Miniatures Games $29.99
rchidons rule the skies over the Stormlands of the Bloodstone Desert with preternatural viciousness. Hunters possessed of keen eyesight and tremendous speed, the enormous winged reptiles are known to trail small groups of nomads traveling across the wastes. Once an archidon has its quarry, it soars upward to drop its hapless victim upon the jagged stones far below before descending to feast upon the broken body. Skorne tyrants and beast handlers appreciate the survival instincts and fighting prowess of these savage beasts.

BAN23610 Naruto: Tales of the Gallant Sage $ 57.00
WOC 356170000 DDR - Heroes of the Elemental Chaos $29.95
WOC 389290000 DDR - D&D Fortune Cards: Spiral of Tharizdun - Booster $3.99 each
FRO110 French Artillery Group 1 EM D $29.00
The French artillery arm is the pinnacle of military technology. When an observer places a request for fire, the artillery battalion's poste central du groupe, its fire direction centre, assigns all available artillery batteries to fire the mission. This way the artillery's resources are used in the most efficient manner. For this to work all request must go through the proper channels with trained officers directing the fire. Each Special Order blister includes two Command teams, one Staff team, two Observer teams, four Artillery piece crews, four Anti-tank gun crews, four Small bases & one Medium base.

FRO181 French Kepi Head Sprue 1 EM D $3.75
The Kepi was a common piece of headgear in the French Army; worn by officers, the French Kepi Head sprue allows you to create endless modeling variations for your French forces. Each Special Order baggie includes three head sprues each with four Kepi heads.

GBX61 12.8cm K81 gun Battery 1 L C $45.00
The 12.8cm Kanone 81 series of heavy artillery pieces was a based on the 12.8cm Kanone 44 (K 44) gun developed for the army's request anti-tank guns of larger and larger calibres. Each small box includes four 12.8cm K81 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Staff team, two Observer Rifle teams, three Small bases, one Medium base & four Large bases.

GE682 T-34/76 Turret Bunker 1-4 L C $12.50
The 12.8cm Kanone 81 series of heavy artillery pieces was a based on the 12.8cm Kanone 44 (K 44) gun developed for the army's request anti-tank guns of larger and larger calibres. Each small box includes four 12.8cm K81 guns with crew, one Command SMG team, one Staff team, two Observer Rifle teams, three Small bases, one Medium base & four Large bases.

HSO501 40mm Bofors AA Nest 1-4 L D $17.50
The standard anti-aircraft weapon of all Hungarian divisions is the Swedish designed 40mm Bofors gun. This modern and very effective anti-aircraft weapon is ideal for protecting your troops from roaming Allied ground-attack aircraft. Each small Special Order box includes one resin nest & one 40mm 36M gun with crew.

HU711 Heavy Mortar Platoon 1 L C $17.50
During the fighting on the Don in 1942 the Hungarian were able to capture a number of 120mm Soviet mortars. The Hungarians were impressed with this weapon and similar mortars used by the Germans. They soon began to make their own, giving their infantry added heavy support in the front line. Each blister includes four 120mm 43M mortars with crew, one Command Rifle team, one Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & four Large bases

SBX16 45mm obr 1942 Nests 1-4 L C 3 $35.00
An unusual type of Soviet infantry formation was the Fortified Region (Ukreplennye Raiony). These infantry units were designed to man fortified lines such as the Stalin Line. Each Fortified Region was essentially a regiment or brigade strength unit made up of a number of Machine-gun Artillery Battalions (Pulyemyetno-Artillyeriyskiy Batalon). An important part of these positions were the anti-tank guns used to back up the machine gunners. Each small box includes two resin gun nests and two 45mm obr 1942 gun with crew.

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WYR3050 Arcanists: Angelica $ 10.00
WYR3051 Arcanists: Alternative Arachnid Swarm $ 9.00
WYR4044 Neverborn: Alternative Zoraida $ 10.50
WYR4045 Neverborn: Avatar Zoraida - Small Box $ 35.00
WYR5059 Outcasts: Alternative Som er Teeth Jones $ 10.50
WYR5060 Outcasts: Avatar Som er Peaches - Small $ 45.00
WYR5068 Outcasts: Ten Thunders Brother (3 Pack) $ 20.00
ZVE SRS29771 3 Musketeers FRENCH Ed BG $49.95
ZVE SRS29767 Space Pirates FRENCH Ed BG $39.95
GF9 72771 D&D Evermelt Vinyl Game Mat Accessory $19.99
GF9 72759 D&D Abandoned Hamlet Vinyl Game Mat Acc $19.99
OMM MOR346 Miniature Wargames Magazine #346 Magazine $8.50
WOC280530000 Gamma World: Sooner Dead (PB novel) $ 7.99
WOC280540000 FR: The Stories of RA Salvatore (PB) $ 7.99
PGG31000 Gamers Ruler - Clear $ 6.49
PGG31001 Gamers Ruler: Black $ 7.99
PGG31002 Weapon Destroyed Marker: Clear $ 3.99
PGG31003 Weapon Destroyed Marker: Black $ 5.99
PGG31004 Weapon Destroyed Marker: Gold $ 5.99
PGG31005 Gamers Ruler: Gold $ 7.99
PGG31010 Wound Indicator: Clear $ 4.99
PGG31011 Wound Indicator: Black $ 5.99
PGG31012 Wound Indicator: Gold $ 5.99
PGG31013 Status Markers: Basic $ 4.99
GIO GU006 Jesus's Life BG $24.00
GIO SL0128 Goblins Epic Death BG $24.90
SGS SOR009-N U.S. OR Carnage Cls Hvy Cruiser (2) Mini $23.00
SGS SBG007-N U.S. BG Phantom Cls Destroyer (3) Mini $14.50
IWSBAS-001 Miniature Terrain: 25mm Round Rock bases $5.99
IWSBAS-002 Miniature Terrain: 25mm x 50mm Round Rock Bases $5.99
IWSBAS-003 Miniature Terrain: 40mm Round Rock Bases $5.99
IWSBAS-004 Miniature Terrain: 60mm Round Rock Bases $5.99
IWSBAS-005 Miniature Terrain: 25mm Round Ice Bases $13.99
IWSBAS-006 Miniature Terrain: 25mm x 50mm Round Ice Bases $13.99
IWSBAS-007 Miniature Terrain: 40mm Round Ice Bases $13.99
IWSBAS-008 Miniature Terrain: 60mm Round Ice Bases $13.99
GCTBCY005 Bushido Miniatures - The Cult of Yurei: Gengo (Cult Burakumin) $14.00
GCTBPR005 Bushido Miniatures - The Prefecture of Ryu: Daisuke (Healer of Ryu) $14.00
GCTBSW005 Bushido Miniatures - The Savage Wave: Okina & Oto (Bakemomo Drummers) $16.75
GCTBTR005 Bushido Miniatures - Temple of Ro-Kan: Riku (Water Monk) $15.75
GFM021 Game Forces Magazine Issue 21 (Spanish with English Translation) $12.99
GFM022 Game Forces Magazine Issue 22 (Spanish with English Translation) $12.99
GFM023 Game Forces Magazine Issue 23 (Spanish with English Translation) $12.99
SPGSBG002 The Uncharted Seas: Bone Griffons Plague/Reaper Class Battleship (1) $17.50
SPGSHU002 The Uncharted Seas: Imperial Human Eagle Class Battleship (1) $31.00
SPGSHU003 The Uncharted Seas: Imperial Humans Hawk Class Cruiser (2) $26.00
SPGSHU004 The Uncharted Seas: Imperial Humans Falcon Class Frigate (3) $14.00

LLP1011 Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition $59.99
Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes 2nd Edition returns the aboriginal Lock 'n Load series game to print. This will be professionally printed and boxed, with die-cut counters, mounted maps, etc. The art has been completely updated. Each counter has been redrawn, every map created anew, and Skill Cards, scenarios, charts, and rules laid out with painstaking care. In fact, all the 2nd edition has in common with the original is the Lock 'n Load series rules and the scenarios.

MFG 4522 Automobile Dlx BG $120.00
Automobile carries you back to the birth of America's car industry, when inventors, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs created a wild array of marvels and misfortunes. This deluxe edition of Automobile is packed in a fine, dark wood box, with the Automobile title laser-etched on the lid, and includes a limited-edition pewter turn marker and wooden cars in place of counters.

TOY 73101 Zombie Plush Slippers Acc $39.99
The screams outside awaken you. Hurriedly, you hop from your bed and slink into your soothing, soft slippers. That's when you notice the squirming, squishing, suckling feeling at your heels. Frightened, you glance down your trembling legs and realize that you're slowly being digested by the beheaded undead! You're now wearing your new pair of ZOMBIES AFOOT SLIPPERS!

OSP CAM239 Plataea 479 BC Magazine $19.95
Plataea was one of the biggest and most important land battles of pre-20th century history. Close to 100,000 hoplite and light-armed Greeks took on an even larger barbarian army that included elite Asian cavalry and infantry from as far away as India, with thousands of Greek hoplites and cavalry also fighting on the Persian side.

OSP ELI119 Apache Tactics 1830-86 Magazine $18.95
The Apache culture of the latter half of the 19th century blended together the lifestyles of the Great Plains, Great Basin, and the South-West, but it was their warfare that captured the imagination. Drawing on primary research conducted in the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, this book reveals the small-unit warfare of the Apache tribes as they attempted to preserve their freedom, and in particular the actions of the most famous member of the Apache tribes - Geronimo.

OSP GM002 Para-Fitness Flick Book, The Novel $9.95
Maj. Sam McGrath, the former head of the British Army's elite Paratrooper Qualification and Selection Course, has assembled 150 workout moves to get you "Para Fit." The Paras are a Special Forces unit of the British Army. Like the US Army Rangers and the US Navy Seals, the Paras are known worldwide for the difficulty of their qualifying trials - a grueling 7-day process comprised of eight tests of physical and mental endurance, given at the end of a 20-week training program.

OSP NVG186 US Marine Corp Tanks WWII Magazine $17.95
The US Marine Corps formed six tank battalions in World War II which saw combat in some of the most varied and extreme conditions of the Pacific theater. This book examines the Marine use of tanks in World War II and the tactics and technology that made their experiences so unique in the annals of tank warfare.

OSP RAID027 Tomahawk and Musket 1758 Magazine $18.95
In 1758, at the height of the French and Indian War, British Brigadier General John Forbes led his army on a methodical advance against Fort Duquesene, French headquarters in the Ohio valley. The French, alerted to this move, launched their own counter-raid. 500 French and Canadians, backed by 500 Indian allies, ambushed the highlanders and sent them fleeing back to the main army. This book tells the complete story of these ambitious raids and counter-raids, giving in-depth detail on the forces, terrain, and tactics.

OSP WEAP017 Lee-Enfield Rifle Magazine $17.95
The Lee-Enfield is one of the 20th century's most recognizable and longest-serving military rifles. Featuring first-hand accounts, brand-new, full-color artwork, and close-up photographs, this is the story of the Lee-Enfield, the innovative, reliable, and long-lived rifle that equipped British and other forces through the world wars and beyond.

DVG 9204 Lupus Tabula Lady Werewolf's Revenge Card Game $16.90
Under the light of the full moon Lara, the Lady Werewolf, takes her revenge! Who will survive? In this expansion to Lupus in Tabula, the village of Tabula has grown as creepy creatures have joined the villagers, a whole new faction works in the shadows, and ghosts with special powers haunt the town!

WOC 36706K-S MTG Korean Innistrad Bstr (SO's Allocated) CCG $3.99
WOC 38718-D MTG Dark Ascension Bstr Dis (36) (SO's Allocated) CCG $143.64

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12LEMPM 2012 LEAF METAL POKER T/C 1/30/2012

11PAFPP 2011 Panini Plates & Patches NFL 2/1/2012
11TOFPRE 2011 Topps Precision Football 2/1/2012
11PAFPC 2011 Panini Playoff Contenders NFL 2/8/2012
11UDFSPA 2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football 2/7/2012
11UDFSPA 2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football 2/7/2012

12UDHNHC 2012 National Hockey Card Day - in AMERICA! 2/11/2012
11PAHCR 11/12 Panini Crown Royale NHL 2/8/2012
12UDHNHC 2012 National Hockey Card Day - in AMERICA! 2/11/2012


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11PAFPC 2011 Panini Playoff Contenders NFL 2/17/2012

BW12SP 2012 Benchwarmer Soccer Premium T/C 2/13/2012

MTBBPMS3 McFarlane MLB Playmakers Series 3 Asst 72650-3 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-51 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Adrian Gonzalez 72651-0 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-52 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Robinson Cano 72652-7 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-53 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Starlin Castro 72653-4 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-54 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Cliff Lee 72654-1 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-55 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Buster Posey 72655-8 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-56 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Derek Jeter 72656-5 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-57 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Josh Hamilton 72657-2 2/13/2012
MTBBPMS3-58 McF MLB Playmakers S3 Jacob Ellsbury 72658-9 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6 McFarlane HALO Reach Series 6 Figure Asst 18830-1 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6-31 HALO Reach S6 Kat SOLID 8ct 18831-8 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6-32 HALO Reach S6 Jun SOLID 8ct 18832-5 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6-33 HALO Reach S6 Brute Major SOLID 8ct 18833-2 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6-34 HALO Reach S6 Elite Zealot SOLID 8ct 18834-9 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6-35 HALO Reach S6 Sabre Pilot SOLID 8ct 18835-6 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6DBS HALO Reach Series 6 Deluxe Box Set Asst 18855-4 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6DBS-56 HALO Reach S6 Deluxe Box Set INVASION 18856-1 2/13/2012
MTHALORS6DBS-57 HALO Reach S6 Deluxe Bx Set TEAM OBJECTIVE 18857-8 2/13/2012

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Divine Power D&D 4th Edition USED/ b03 Price: $9.99
Dungeon Master's Guide 2 D&D 4th Edition USED/ b03 Price: $9.99
Eberron Player's Guide D&D 4th Edition USED/ b04 Price: $14.99
Martial Power 2 D&D 4th Edition USED/ b03 Price: $14.99
Martial Power D&D 4th Edition USED/ b03 Price: $14.99
Primal Power D&D 4th Edition USED/ b06 Price: $9.99
Psionic Power D&D 4th Edition USED/ b06 Price: $14.99
Blood on the Rhine Weird War II NEW/ b06 Price: $12.50
Dragon Magazine 153 USED/ s12 Price: $1.99
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rulebook USED/ B49 Price: $9.99
Dungeons & Dragons Expert Rulebook USED/ B49 Price: $10.99
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Maze of the Minotaur d20 NEW/ S12 Price: $7.50
The Quintessential Dwarf D&D 3.5 d20 NEW/ S12 Price: $9.99
Creatures D6 Adventure NEW/ B49 Price: $7.99
Ships D6 Space NEW/ B49 Price: $6.50
Vehicles Expansion 2 GURPS USED/ B49 Price: $5.99
Denizens of the Dark Wood MERPs NEW/ B49 Price: $34.99
Forest of Tears MERPs NEW/ B49 rice: $29.99
Perils on the Sea of Rhun MERPs NEW/ B49 Price: $24.99
Raiders of Cardolan MERPs NEW/ B49 Price: $19.99
Rogues of the Borderlands MERPs NEW/ B49 Price: $39.99
Woses of the Black Wood MERPs NEW/ B49 Price: $34.99
The Elfquest Companion USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Anauroch AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s48 Price: $14.99
Cloak & Dagger AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s48 Price: $14.99
College of Wizardry AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Cormanthyr Empire of the Elves AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s48 Price: $24.99
Den of Thieves AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s48 Price: $12.99
Dungeon Master Screen & Master Index AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $15.99
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $29.99
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume One AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $6.99
Monstrous Compendium Appendix AD&D 2nd Edition Mystara USED/ s48 Price: $11.99
Monstrous Compendium Appendix II Terrors Beyond Tyr AD&D 2nd Edition Dark Sun USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Skullport AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms/ USED s48 Price: $14.99
The Fall of Myth Drannor AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms USED/ s48 Price: $12.99
Players Handbook 2 D&D 4E USED/ S92 Price: $19.99
White Wolf Magazine #24 USED/ s48 Price: $4.99
White Wolf Magazine #38 USED/ s48 Price: $3.99
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $7.99
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Two AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $6.99
Monstrous Compendium Kara-Tur Appendix AD&D 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $14.99
Rage across Appalachia Werewolf the Apocalypse and Changeling the Dreaming USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Castebook Zenith Exalted 1st Edition USED/ s48 Price: $3.99
Destiny's Price Black Dog Mage the Ascension USED/ s48 Price: $12.99
Halls of the Arcanum Mage the Ascension USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Mage The Ascension Core Book USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Order of Hermes Tradition Book Nine Mage the Ascension USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
The Book of Shadows Mage the Ascension Player's Guide USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Libellus Sanguinis Masters of the State Vampire the Dark Ages USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
A World of Darkness Second Edition Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
A World of Darkness: Mummy Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Cities of Darkness Volume 3 Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
Clanbook Tremere Vampire the Masquerade 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand Vampire the Masquerade 2nd Edition USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Elysium Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Giovanni Chronicles III The Sun Has Set Vampire the Masquerade Black Dog USED/ s48 Price: $12.99
Storytellers Companion Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
The Anarch Cookbook a friendly guide to vampire politics Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
The Hunters Hunted Vampire the Masquerade USED/ s48 Price: $9.99
The Storytellers Handbook Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd Printing USED/ s48 Price: $3.99
Book of the Wyrm Werewolf the Apocalypse USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Rage across Appalachia Werewolf the Apocalypse and Changeling the Dreaming USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse Werewolf the Apocalypse USED/ s48 Price: $4.99
Destiny's Price Black Dog Mage the Ascension USED/ s48 Price: $12.99
Mummy Second Edition World of Darkness USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Buried Secrets Wraith the Oblivion USED/ s48 Price: $5.99
Storytellers Screen Wraith the Oblivion USED/ s48 Price: $4.99
The Hierarchy Wraith the Oblivion USED/ s48 Price: $9.99


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