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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Feb 25 to Mar 2
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Jean is usually in the store Fridays and Saturdays but
usually in the back room since she cannot stand more than 10-15 min at a time.
Just ask to see her and she will come out or have you come in messy back room. :)

Alex Child is Store Manager (He has off Sun and Monday)
Krysta Hopper is Asst. Mgr. (She has off Wed and Thursday)
Brian Collins is no longer an employee.

o Gator Specials & Sales
These are in-store specials OR you must call to order.+

20% off Role-Playing Games, Mags or any type of Book

+There will be items marked no discount. If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+ This does not count towards any sale items or free items given.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
o Free promo with your purchase+ (only when not on sale)
These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm and get a free figure, counters, maps
  buy $10 non-foil promos = L5R, Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord, Marvel,
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord,
  Buy any looney labs product and get a free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack $2 retail
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase)
  buy $10  in wizkid products and get a mysterious islands Submarine Pack (pirates)
  buy  $15 in wizkid products and get a double-sided HeroClix/HorrorClix maps OR Horrorclix Vlad the Impaler
  buy $20 in wizkid products and get a Marvel Thor OR a DC Dark Knight
  buy $10 in Naruto and get a free Promo card
  buy $10 in V:tes and get a free promo card

o Happy Birthday Day Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Monday is Senior Citizen Day
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Web Update

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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Store Trade given for running events at Gator Games, up to $10 max.
Events are canceled  if the person running the event does not show up.
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
(sign ups on the Wizkids website does not matter, we can only take 8 people period).
We are running demos dependent on what Staff knows if we have the extra staff. Just ask!

Weekday Events:  Boosters maybe added depending on how many players

Mon. :
  5pm  UFS Tournament $3 (now weekly)

Tues.:  Pokemon League $3 (no openings)
if someone doesn't not show up and there is room, you may play for the day

Wed. 4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft)
    if 4+ people: one booster is added to the prize mix - everyone wins a prize
2/27 Planet Hulk (unrestricted) 400 pts. We will be using the planet Hulk event dial. Details will be updated when info is available.

Thurs.: 4pm DC Legends Beatdown: Build a Legend $3
  3/6 Yu-gi-oh Tourney $5  (1st come, 1st serve - 8 people only)
  3/13 Yu-gi-oh Tourney $5 1st come, 1st serve - 8 people only)
(no trading allowed not even in front of store, loitering will not be tolerated)

Fri.: 4pm Magic Tournament $3 (no proxies)  'standard format'
  DCI foils given to the winners and Gator adds other foils so everyone wins something
3/7 type I
3/14 Extended
3/21 Standard
3/28 Buy a theme deck and play it!
Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

3/1 Sat 11am  World of Warcraft '08 Battlegrounds Marquee #2 $3
             T-shirt, Landro Dice Bags, Extended-Art Participation Cards, Extended-Art TCG Cards

3/1 Sat 2pm Sealed Starter Yu-gi-oh Tournament - must buy a sealed starter from the store
    No prepay for this tournament - 1st 8 people to buy a starter is in.
   (no trading allowed not even in front of store, loitering will not be tolerated)
    3 rounds of swiss, 2 tournament packs to winner, 1 to all others
   Depending how much trouble this is - we will decide whether we run future events

3/2 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - buy 3 packs from Gator and bring your land
         Magic Play Mat for Winner (must have at least 4 players)

3/2 Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

3/8 Sat 11am  Vampire the Eternal Struggle Tournament $3
3/9  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - buy 3 packs from Gator and bring your land
  Magic Play Mat for Winner (must have at least 4 players)
      Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

3/16  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - buy 3 packs from Gator and bring your land
         Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

3/23 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - buy 3 packs from Gator and bring your land
       Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

3/29 Sat National Baseball Card Day - Come and pick up your free pack as supplies last
• Each pack will contain 13 cards, consisting of: 5 base cards from Topps, 5 base cards from Upper Deck, 1 chase card from Topps, 1 chase card from Upper Deck, and 1 informational card.
3/30 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - buy 3 packs from Gator and bring your land
         Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

6/7 Sat  Dungeons & Dragons Game Day 2008

6/21 Free RPG Day
o Gamer News   Smugglers of the Galaxy 2.0 Rules, Solo Rules and expansion 'Alpha Expansion' all Free downloads
Games Workshop Black Gobbo 109 Is Here!
    Painting Corsairs, Harad as Allies, Harad Army Lists, Painting Harad Details, Corsairs of Umbar Sprue
    Haradrim Raiders Sprue, Orks Terrain
Roleplaying Tips Weekly #391: Motivating Yourself As A GM
2007 Topps Performance Football Case Rip-Party Video
Magic: The Gathering expands to additional platforms
Gen Con LLC files for Chapter 11 Protection
Marvel reported a very strong Q4 and a sterling 2007, but there could be trouble ahead for 2009 since the writers' strike has slowed development of the Marvel Studios movies:
WizKids is preparing for the 2009 launch of a Pocketmodel TCG based on the popular Storm Hawks animated series currently running on the Cartoon Network
A half dozen cast members and the characters they'll play have been announced for the Wolverine movie
In the wake of a suit by Lucasfilm, Gen Con has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
In an open letter Gen Con's Peter Adkison explains the decision to file Chapter 11 and why Gen Con Indy will go on as normal
Universal signed an agreement with Hasbro to produce four movies based on Hasbro properties such as Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering, and Clue
Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros. are planning to release the first half of a 2-part live action adaptation of Akira in 2009
Bandai is staggering the release of its Naruto CCG: The Chosen's Theme Decks (April) and Boosters (May)--and has a free retailer OP promotion to interest new players in the game Gaming and Auction marketplace
Roleplaying Tips Weekly #392: Assembling The Party - Reconciling Diverse Backgrounds
The Cartographers' Guild,, and The Campaign Builders' Guild have launched Fantaseum zine, with maps, fiction, and more. You can't beat free. Large PDF file (29 MB)
Awesome Munchkin Quest playtest set images.

5 Room Dungeons Volume 11 Ready To Download
1) The Mercenary Shrine (sci-fi)  by Ancient Gamer
2) The Cursed Keep of the Wastelands by Captain Penguin
3) The Well by Bert Isla
4) The Governor's House by Anthony Hart-Jones
5) Blind Pack by Jean-Christophe Pelletier
(PDF 1 MB)

5 Room Dungeons Volume 12 Now Available
1) Stranger Than Fiction by Uri Lifshitz
2) Aboleth by Andrew Anderson
3) Dragon's Lair by Aki Halme
4) Lord and Killer by Drackler
5) Upshi Rises by Cheka Man
(PDF 1 MB)

o Product Information
RGG 211 Carcassonne Traders & Builders Exp has increased from $14.95 to $17.50 MSRP
   and RGG 242 St Petersburg has increased from $27.95 to $34.95 MSRP.
WIZ 1316 Halo ActionClix Banshee Action Pack has changed from $24.99 to $19.99 MSRP

o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM
BPSAPR   SPORTSCARD BECKETT--APRIL, #277       03/10/08    
RIMBAS08   2008 MLB ALL-STAR GAME REPLICA MINI       03/??/08   
08TOBBJ   2008 BOWMAN BASEBALL JUMBOS       05/14/08  
08TOBB  2008 BOWMAN BASEBALL    05/14/08

UPR62872  WoW Minis: Core Starter Set   Fall '08  $24.99 (10% off if you preorder)
UPR62874  WoW Minis: Deluxe Core Starter Set  Fall '08  $39.99 (10% off if you preorder)
UPR62881  WoW Minis: Core Set Booster     Fall '08  $14.99 (10% off if you preorder)
Arrows fly through the air, axes crush the unwary, and spells illuminate the landscape. From the forests of Ashenvale to the rolling dunes of Tanaris - Horde, Alliance & Monsters battle for domination! Victory is huge in this miniature world. The battle is here. Cut your opponent down to size! Core Set is the inaugural set in the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, a premium collectible miniatures game based upon the award-winning massively multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft.

UDC 62323-D     Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series  $19.99 (10% off if you preorder)
This is a hobby exclusive.  5 packs to a box
The Gold standard for the Trading Card Game industry will be released in late March with the introduction of our Hobby Exclusive, Gold Series. The Gold Series set is specifically designed to be desirable to all aspects of hobby with an appealing never seen before gold technology. Legendary cards such as "Jinzo",  "Don Zaloog", "Mirror Force" and "Crush Card Virus" will also be making their return with this set which will make this a must have item for players and collectors.  The unique cards along with the new high end packaging makes Gold Series perfect for collectors or current Duelists seeking to increase the rarity and prestige of their Decks.

       ~ Cover Story ~
WizKids Cracks Down on Scum and Villainy
Bounty Hunters, renegades, and scoundrels lurk in the dark corners of WizKids' Star Wars PocketModel universe in Scum and Villainy!
       ~ Features ~
Descent: Road to Legend
Save - or enslave - the world of Terrinoth in Road to Legend, the latest expansion to Descent: Journeys in the Dark.
Warmachine/Hordes: Call to Arms Scenario
Call to Arms Tournament scenario, "Ground Zero"!
        ~ Previews ~
World of Darkness: Innocents
Explore the shadows with wide-eyed, youthful abandon in this essay gleaned from the pages of the World of Darkness supplement, Innocents.
Vampire: The Requiem - Lords Over the Damned
The Ventrue power-play is revealed in this snippet clipped from the Vampire: The Requiem clan book, Lords Over the Damned.
The Future of Star Wars
       ~ Scenario ~
Memoir '44: "Disaster at Dieppe"
     ~ Game Trade Giveaways ~
Fantasy Flight Games Prize Pack!
Game Trade Magazine #97 is your Pre-Order Guide for product being released n April-May 2008.
o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Not responsible for typos.

GTM 97   Game Trade Magazine #97 
PSM POL005     POLYMANCER 5 V2 Magazine  $5.25
LPS ATO021   Against The Odds Magazine:  21 DAY OF THE CHARIOT KADE  $34.95
OTL400  Pizza Box Baseball              $29.95

Adventure Board Game • 2-6 players ages 12 and up
Be the captain of your own space freighter as you trade goods, upgrade your ship, fight pirates, evade bounty hunters, destroy space monsters and work for crime lords to prove yourself as the greatest smuggler in the galaxy...

ICE3009 HARP: Character Book  $16.00
Plunge into adventure instantly by choosing from over 60 pre-generated first level HARP characters. Each character is game ready, with good stats, balanced skills, a training package, and talents. Attack bonuses, defensive bonuses and skill bonuses are all figured. Just pick a character, choose a name and start adventuring.  We've even included equipment bundles for characters to choose from, so there are no worries about facing the monsters unprepared. Over 20 new training packages add interest and vitality to the characters. These packages give your character a past and a future - be an Explorer, a Vagabond, a Mercenary, a Lightbringer or a Dwarven Defender. Players interested in the Martial Arts, can choose from several new training packagers including "The School of the Mouse", a martial arts style designed for short people. The HARP Character Book is ideal for beginning and experienced gamers who are want to get into a HARP game quickly without going through the character creation process. The book is perfect for new campaigns.  Just ask the players to choose their characters from the Character Book for an interesting, well balanced group of characters in a hurry.

ICE6504 RMFRP: Creatures & Treasures   $32.00
Completely revised and updated, Creatures &Treasures contains descriptions and stats for hundreds of monsters, animals and fantasy races, including Dragons, Demons, Elementals, and Giants. With C&T, even random encounters are fraught with danger. Thanks to the complete set of random encounter tables, adventure waits in the most unexpected places. Why do adventurers kill monsters? For treasure of course! C&T includes a host of magic items to add sparkle to any campaign, enough to satisfy the greediest of adventurers. There are also guidelines for generating treasure to go with monsters, to make the encounters worthwhile.

INIIBC-001  I've Never...?  Bar Cards   $10.00
The I've Never Game is the most outrageous and exciting drinking game ever!  This game is not for the shy - it's wild, it's revealing, and it's laugh-out-loud funny! Can be played as a Strip and Drinking Game. The Editor at Playboy said, "Get your friends together, fill the refrigerator with booze, and come clean abut what you've done in the sack, in the Jacuzzi, and on your desk at work. This game rocks!"  The I've Never Game was played on the HIT TV Shows Family Guy, LOST, and The Bachelor - Perfect game to play at Adult Parties, Bachelorette Parties, College Parties, Ski Trips, Cruises, Happy Hour, Girls Night Out, etc. - Makes a Great Gift Item!      

GRR 1711   True20 Expert's Handbook   19.95  
Spotlighting the heroic roles of True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the True20 Expert's Handbook details the expert role, including new information on skills, feats, and diverse paths suited for a variety of adventure genres. Also included is an expanded look at equipment and suitable challenges for expert characters, from traps to cunning foes and beyond.

HER 222   Champions: Stronghold   26.99    
Featuring prison maps, daily prison routines, and security technology, this Champions sourcebook takes an in-depth look at a special prison designed for holding super-human criminals.

HCG 413-D   Bella Sara TCG: Native Lights Booster Display (36)   107.64      
Introducing the rich traditions of Native American cultures, Bella Sara: Native Lights reminds us of our connection to nature and those who live in harmony with it! Now, new horses feature animal companions linked to the spirit of nature, which will join the Native Lights horses in their online stables, users' cottages, and other aspects of the Bella Sara world. This 72-card expansion is introduced in 7-card boosters packed in 36-count displays.

RGG 352   Utopia   59.95 
As one of the ministers of Utopia, players participate in the building of the most prestigious monuments and most awe-inspiring wonders in this strategy game for 2 to 5 players.

UGS BAS130   Banana Split Card Game   14.95  
Wild Cards, Extra Turns, and other Special Cards mean more choices and more fun! When you complete an Ice Cream card, you earn points. Play your cards right, and you could win a Banana Split!

GMT 0712   Fast Action Battle Series: The Bulge   55.00         
Like Bradley and Montgomery or Model, you command the division and brigade level units using the historical orders of battle as fought during the Battle of the Bulge from December 16th through December 27th.

GMT UGGHOTRE   History of the Roman Empire   47.00
Featuring a world map of the Mediterranean area and Asia Minor, the History of the Roman Empire strategic simulation game covers the entire rise and fall of the Roman Empire, starting with the first triumvirate of 60 B.C. composed of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey, and ending with the last emperor, Romulus Augustus, in 476 A.D.

WNM1115 Scrabble Me             $20.00
Play Scrabble the way you always wanted to-your way!  Build and control your OWN BOARD with real Scrabble play.  Players build words on their boards simultaneously and score just like in standard Scrabble.  After each round, players have the option to choose a replacement letter from the bag OR to select on of the 12 face-up tiles on the central podium.  Another exciting feature is the wild tile...each time one is played, that player must swap boards with an opponent.  This is a great way to thwart an opponent's progress!  When the tiles run out, the game ends and the player with the highest score wins!

WNM1116 Careers         $17.00
Careers, the all-time classic fame, has entertained families since bursting on the scene in the 1950's.  Now, its original play, look and feel are back.  Choose your own personal success formula (Fame, Fortune and Happiness) and decide which combination of careers will help you make it come true.

WNM1114 Play on Words           $12.00
Quick!  Before the timer sounds, write as many connecting words as you can using only the letters on the cubes.  The more words you "play on" and the more letters you use, the higher you'll score.  Try for special bonuses too!  Battle head-to-head OR challenge yourself with the solitaire version.  Whenever you've "Got a Minute" or more to spare, Play On Words will make it count.

WNM5005 Rubik's UFO             $10.00
An out-of-this-world puzzle experience from the inventor's of the world famous Rubik's Cube!  A few twists and turns completely scrambles the UFO.  The challenge is to put the UFO back in working order with all the colors matched up.  Rotates into almost 40 million positions with only one correct solution.

APL1803 GW@S: Airships          $9.99
A supplement for the very popular Great War at Sea: Zeppelins, adding 10 more scenarios in the same spiral-bound format as Panzer Grenadier: Alaska's War. Take to the skies with German, British, Russian, French and Italian airships in both operational and battle scenarios from the First World War to re-create both historical battles and a few that could have taken place, but did not.

***2/26 STREET DATE***
HCG 413-D   Bella Sara TCG: Native Lights Booster Display (36)   107.64
Introducing the rich traditions of Native American cultures, Bella Sara: Native Lights reminds us of our connection to nature and those who live in harmony with it! Now, new horses feature animal companions linked to the spirit of nature, which will join the Native Lights horses in their online stables, users' cottages, and other aspects of the Bella Sara world. This 72-card expansion is introduced in 7-card boosters packed in 36-count displays.

HCG 418   Bella Sara TCG: Native Lights Value Box   9.99
Each value box contains four Native Lights packs, one bonus shiny card (Keetoowah), and an exclusive digital object (Flower Basket).

PUI 10256-D   Pokemon TCG: Diamond & Pearl 2008 Spring Tin 17.99
Collect them, trade them, train them...but don't miss them! Each Diamond & Pearl 2008 Spring Tin contains four Pokemon TCG booster packs, plus one of three foil Diamond & Pearl Series promo cards - Dialga, Palkia, or a new legendary Pokemon! Offered in 9-count displays.

WIZ 4229   DC HeroClix: Crisis Booster   10.99       
DC HeroClix: Crisis brings DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths multiverse-spanning battle to your tabletop! Crisis includes characters from Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, 52, and the ongoing Final Crisis storylines. Each Booster contains five exclusive new figures with character cards, plus one bystander token, feat card, battlefield condition, or event dial.

WIZ 6203   Pirates PMG: Pirates of the Cursed Seas Treasure Chest   19.99          
Pirates of the Cursed Seas is a world of high-seas excitement and adventure. Each Treasure Chest contains 14 ships or sea creatures (from Pirates of the Revolution, Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse, and Pirates at Ocean's Edge); seven island/terrain cards; seven crew or treasure cards; and one special edition mega card.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.

WNM6107 Monopoly: 1935 Deluxe Wood Edition              $100.00
Monopoly 1935 Deluxe Wood Edition comes in a striking wood case with detachable hinges for an exquisite bankers tray.  This faithful reproduction features a heavyweight game board with original artwork, original illustrated Chance and Community Chest cards, original Title Deeds and property colors, original tokens (brass-colored for this special edition), a double pack of money, wood houses and hotels, 4 sets of dice and a 16 page "Monopoly Memories" book that takes you back to 1935, reveals little known facts about the game and its early versions, and contains complete enhanced rules.

FFGDSH60        Playmat - Red Zone              $12.99
Push your game into the Red Zone! Dragon Shields: Red Zone Playmats are a high-quality gaming accessory for any game. Protect your valuable cards from spills and dirty tables while easing gameplay. The attractive Red Zone design printed on high quality cloth like playmats allows players to easily and unambiguously indicate attack and defense for various CCGs or other games. With two playmats placed head-to-head, a tournament-ready table is effortlessly created.

3SG 4510   Rules of Wor   15.95   
Rules of Wor is a d20 supplement designed to plug into your current gaming with revised combat based around the strike rank systems of Realms of Wor  and Erodani Adventures.

FFG GOT30   A Game of Thrones CCG: War of Five Kings Chapter Pack   9.95          
The five kings have summoned their mighty hosts, and their queens are protected by guardian knights. This expansion marks the gathering of forces that can only mean one thing: War is imminent! Each 40-card, fixed Chapter Pack adds 20 distinct cards to a player's A Game of Thrones CCG collection.

ICE3008 HARP: Essentials (CD-ROM)   65.00
Essential to your HARP RPG Game! HARP: The Essentials is a brand new type of product from ICE! Now you can get all the essential HARP RPG titles on a single CD-ROM: 3000 High Adventure Roleplaying, 3001 Martial Law, 3002 Monsters: A Field Guide, 3003 College of Magics and 3004 Loot: A Field Guide. This CD-ROM is packaged in a standard, plastic CD/DVD case (5 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 9/16") with a full-color cover insert.

DIA 358957   Spiderwick Chronicles Board Game 27.99
It's the kids versus the goblins! The Grace children race to discover the Fantastical Field Guide and get it to Arthur Spiderwick before the goblins steal it and give it to the evil ogre, Mulgarath. Based on upcoming movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles Board Game features a 3-D Spiderwick Estate and plastic molded goblins.

GMT 0405DLX   Sword of Rome Deluxe Map   20.00        
This package includes a Europe Engulfed-style thicker cardboard map as well as an updated Rulebook for Sword of Rome.

APL0816 2ndWW@S: Black Sea Fleets               $24.99
The actions of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, 1941-1944, plus the ships and aircraft that could have been in this scenario book based on both actual operations and plans for war in the Black Sea. Includes Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian fleets as well. Seventy "long" ship pieces, 140 standard sized pieces, 64 pages.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
FUN FN-08635   Witchblade Anime V5 (DVD)   29.98  
FUN FN-08179   Fullmetal Alchemist Season 2 Part 2 (DVD)   49.98 
VIZ DNR21   Naruto V21 (DVD)   19.99  

FUN FN-01040   Fruits Basket Complete Collection Slim Pack (DVD)   69.99
New Low Price! For every generation members of the Souma family - born under the signs of the Zodiac - are cursed to transform into that particular Zodiac creature if hugged by the opposite sex! So imagine the fun high-school student Tohru Honda has when she's invited to be a member of the family!

FUN FN-04571   Aquarion Season 1 V1 (DVD)   59.98    
The Shadow Angels are back and they are harvesting humans in order to reclaim their dominion over Earth! But, there is hope. The Mechanical Angel Aquarion has been discovered and a boy appears to be the reincarnation of Aquarion's pilot, the great warrior Apollonius. Can he lead the battle against the Shadow Angels?

FUN FN-08699   Speed Grapher Box Set (DVD)   69.98   
When the anger of the high-tech underground focuses on the romance between a jaded photographer and an innocent young dancer, it's action through the lens of a high-speed camera! "Click!" - you're dead!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discounts
07TOKTT   2007/08 TOPPS TRIPLE THREADS BASKETBALL       02/27/08  
07UDHFHP   2007/08 FLEER HOT PROSPECTS HOCKEY       02/27/08  
HW18BL2090  1:18 BATMOBILE MASS L2090    03/01/08 
o NEW RELEASES: Current E-bay Sales
Item TitleCurrent Price# of WatchersEnd time
FANTASTIC FORCES Marvel HeroClix 3-Figure Booster NEW$3.991Feb-25-08 12:12:46 PST
CYBERDARK IMPACT (CDIP) Yu-Gi-Oh SEALED Booster Box NEW$32.990Feb-26-08 23:51:48 PST
Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix AD&D Complete$14.991Feb-27-08 12:01:52 PST
The Masquerade 2nd Ed / Mind's Eye Theatre / White Wolf$4.990Feb-27-08 13:07:28 PST
I3: Pharaoh by Tracy & Laura Hickman / TSR AD&D / Poor$3.990Feb-28-08 16:36:26 PST
I4: Oasis of the White Palm / TSR AD&D / Very Poor$3.990Feb-28-08 16:36:29 PST
Steve Jackson's GURPS Basic Set 3rd Ed / Used Excellent$6.990Feb-28-08 16:36:32 PST
Ultra Vilelence Module 2 - Mind Bleeder & Head Hunter$11.990Feb-29-08 18:16:47 PST

Miniatures Handbook / DDM / D&D 3rd Ed HC As New$14.991Mar-02-08 09:47:20 PST
Golfmania Game - Fantasy Flight, 1997 NM w/sealed Cards$9.992Mar-02-08 14:51:21 PST
The Grimoirefor Shadowrun / FASA 7903 from 19902/ VF$4.990Mar-02-08 15:58:52 PST
Shadowrun: Awakenings: New Magic in 2057/ FASA 7120 VF$4.990Mar-02-08 15:58:53 PST
The Grimoire for Shadowrun / FASA 7106 from 1990/ VF$4.991Mar-04-08 13:24:32 PST

Kanawa Heavy Weapons / TORG Role Playing Game / VF+$14.990Mar-05-08 12:19:55 PST
Tome Of Magic / TSR #2121 for AD&D 2nd Ed / VG $7.990Mar-05-08 13:24:45 PST
Troll Shaman / Iron Wind 17-002 / Bob Olley 80mm NEW$9.990Mar-05-08 13:46:34 PST
Barbary Mage / Iron Wind 17-007 by Behrle Hubbuch 60mm$9.990Mar-05-08 13:49:01 PST
Human Wizard / Iron Wind 17-004 by Tim Prow / 60mm Tall$9.990Mar-05-08 13:59:12 PST
Necromancer / Iron Wind 17-001 by Chris Jackson / 50mm$9.990Mar-05-08 14:02:26 PST
Heroes of the Diamond Throne / 10-28mm Iron Wind Minis$24.952Mar-05-08 14:11:11 PST
FANTASTIC FORCES Marvel HeroClix 3-Figure Booster NEW$4.990Mar-05-08 15:56:06 PST
New York New York / TSR Marvel Super Heroes Game / INC$4.992Mar-05-08 16:15:42 PST
FUDGE Expanded Edition by Steffan O'Sullivan / Used, NM$14.990Mar-05-08 16:29:38 PST
Goblin Bat Rider / Ral Partha CRUCIBLE boxed set AS NEW$9.992Mar-05-08 16:50:30 PST

Adventurer's Club #26 HERO Games for Champions OP & VF $4.992Mar-06-08 12:31:13 PST
Streets of Silver TWIN CROWNS D&D d20 City Of Parma NM$4.990Mar-06-08 12:31:15 PST
Champions: New Millennium Alliances / FUZION Powered!$4.990Mar-06-08 12:31:17 PST
WILDS: Wilderness Handbook for D&D d20 by Alderac USED$8.990Mar-06-08 12:31:18 PST
Dystopia / Atlas Games for Champions/Dark Champions NM$3.990Mar-06-08 12:31:20 PST
The Empire: Warhammer Armies / Games Workshop 2000 / VF$4.990Mar-06-08 12:31:31 PST
GURPS Religion by Naylor & Julian (2nd printing, 1995)$5.991Mar-06-08 16:06:50 PST
RISE OF DESTINY Yu-Gi-Oh 1st Ed. Sealed Booster Box NEW$49.990Mar-06-08 16:20:03 PST
Pendragon Player's Book 1st ed Chaosium + EXTRAS$4.990Mar-06-08 16:30:52 PST
FLIGHT 13 / GURPS Horror/Space by W.G. Armintrout / VG$4.990Mar-06-08 17:19:21 PST
SJG6512 GURPS Magical Items 2 by Steve Jackson Games$4.990Mar-06-08 17:24:58 PST
GURPS Fantasy 2nd Ed TATE & NAYLOR SJG6522 NM$4.990Mar-06-08 17:53:51 PST

Ancient Sanctuary (AST) Yu-Gi-Oh Sealed Booster Box NEW$44.990Mar-07-08 10:45:20 PST
Bergholt I By Shadow of Night/ TLG 1204 in 2002/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:16 PST
Dzeebagd Under Dark and Misty Ground/TLG 1202, 2001/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:16 PST
Penumbra: The Tide of Years/ AG 3203 in 2001/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:17 PST
St. Anton's Fire/TLG 1901 in 2002/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:18 PST
Blood Royal/ TLG 1902 in 2002/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:19 PST
The Malady of Kings/ TLG 1601 in 2001/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:21 PST
The Malady of Kings/ TLG 1601 in 2001/ XF$4.990Mar-07-08 11:13:23 PST
The Malady of Kings/ TLG 1601 in 2001/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:23 PST
St. Anton's Fire/TLG 1901 in 2002/ XF$5.990Mar-07-08 11:13:27 PST
Lego Bionicle Metru Nui - Vahki Zadakh NEW - MINT $8.990Mar-08-08 15:56:38 PST

Everquest Player's Handbook / Fantasy Role Playing / VG$8.990Mar-09-08 12:12:59 PDT
Arms & Equpment Guide / AD&D 2nd Edition Supplement NM$6.990Mar-09-08 12:22:30 PDT
GURPS Goblins / Steve Jackson MINT COPY$9.991Mar-09-08 12:35:46 PDT
Dharma Book Devil Tigers / Vampire: The Masquerade$9.991Mar-09-08 14:13:40 PDT
Battle of Bones / Hill of Lost Souls AD&D Faerun MINT$9.990Mar-09-08 15:55:28 PDT
Killing Streets: Vampire: The Masquerade & KotE $9.991Mar-09-08 16:29:01 PDT
WARMACHINE: Prime / Privateer Press 2003 / NM Used$8.990Mar-09-08 17:18:09 PDT
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes / Werewolf The Apocalypse / XF$6.991Mar-09-08 17:18:16 PDT
Crusade Lore for MAGE Sorcerer's Crusade White Wolf NM$6.990Mar-09-08 17:18:17 PDT
Ascension: Time of Judgement / White Wolf MAGE As New$6.991Mar-09-08 17:18:19 PDT

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