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     o Gator Games Newsletter: March 17 to March 23 2008
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Legend of the Five Rings Deal.  - Box of Greed!
The Box of Greed is back and will be shipped with the initial orders of Samurai Edition: Banzai booster displays.
For every display of boosters purchased you will receive a Box of Greed. 
Each Box of Greed will contain fifty (50) random Samurai legal rares. 
Very limited supply!
AEG14425  L5R: Samurai Edition:Banzai BD 36 Count Booster Box  Note : Two Rares per Pack!
$132.84 SRP (your price $99.63- 25% savings)

Turn in your old D&D  Revised Third Edition (3.5) Players Guide
and $2 and you get a brand spankin' new Exalted 2nd edition book.
Gator Games has 8 copies coming.
limited to 2500 copies.  Books will arrive May 26th - 31st.
For details about this latest promotion for White Wolf's popular fantasy line,
please visit:

o Gator Specials & Sales
These have to be non-sale or discounted items

St. Patrick's Day Sale -  20% off+
Anything in the store with Green Colored Packaging
(if a ccg booster has green in it, any booster will count)

+There will be items marked no discount. If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+ This does not count towards any sale items or free items given.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
o Free promo with your purchase+ (only when not on sale)
  Limit 3 per day / per person

These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm and get one free figure, counters, maps - your choice
  buy $10 non-foil promos = L5R, Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord
  buy $10 non-foil promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, raw deal, Vtes, Naruto
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord,
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase)
  buy a 40K starter and get a promo card
  Buy any looney labs product and get a free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack

o Happy Birthday Day Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Monday is Senior Citizen Day
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent,
just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Store Trade given for running events at Gator Games, up to $10 max.
Events are canceled  if the person running the event does not show up.
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
(sign ups on the Wizkids website does not matter, we can only take 8 people period).
We are running demos dependent on what Staff knows if we have the extra staff. Just ask!

Weekday Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players

Mon. :
    4pm  3/17, 3/24, 3/31  WoW CCG Tournament $3
4/7 MLBPA Baseball Card Clubhouse - reserved for a cub scouts troop
5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26  DC Legends Beatdown #2

Tues.:  4pm Pokemon League $3 (no openings)
if someone doesn't not show up and there is room, you may play for the day

Wed. 4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft)
   Half of paying attendance will go to boosters as prizes.
3/19 Crisis Week 3, Floor 50% 300 pts: Build a 300 point team, at least 150 points of your build must come from Crisis. Prize Maneuver
3/26 Crisis Week 4, restricted 300 points: Build a 300 point team of unrestricted characters. Prize: Kinetic Accelerator

Thurs.: 4pm 3/20 Yu-gi-oh Tourney $5 
  3/27 Yu-gi-oh Tourney $5
   Champion Packs or Hobby League cards will be given out to all as prizes.
(no trading allowed not even in front of store, loitering will not be tolerated)

Fri.: 4pm Magic Tournament $3 (no proxies)  3/21 Standard
  DCI foils given to the winners and Gator adds other foils so everyone wins something
  3/28 Buy a theme deck and play it!

Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

3/22 Sat 11am  Vampire the Eternal Struggle CCG  (Vtes) $3  (run by Ian)

3/23 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 morningtide, 1 lorwyn)

3/23   Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

3/29 Sat National Baseball Card Day - Come and pick up your free pack as supplies last
• Each pack will contain 13 cards, consisting of: 5 base cards from Topps, 5 base cards from Upper Deck, 1 chase card from Topps, 1 chase card from Upper Deck, and 1 informational card.
3/30 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 morningtide, 1 lorwyn)
    Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

4/5  11am  Yu-gi-oh Sealed Deck (buy 5 phantom darkness boosters and play them) $21.60
8000 life point start - must have 3 people to do this, construct a deck min. 20 cards
No trading of cards or adding to any deck.
(no trading allowed not even in front of store, loitering will not be tolerated)
4/5 2:30 Kingdom Hearts: Curse of  the Heartless Promo Tourney $3

4/6 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 morningtide, 1 lorwyn)
    Sun 2:30 pm Axis and Allies Miniatures $3

5/1  Sat  Comic Book Day (we aren't part of the official this year, but we have comics to give away)
6/7 Sat  Dungeons & Dragons Game Day 2008
6/21 Free RPG Day  1 batch free / another batch free with purchase
o Gamer News
Manga, Art & Graphic Novel Expo for Teens: from Anime to Zines
Saturday, April 26, 2008
10am to 5:00pm
Fremont Teen Center in Central Park, Fremont, CA
We have pictures advertsiing this event in the store, they usually get about 2000 people.

Anime Street Pavillion @
4th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration
Saturday May 17, 2008
Japantown - San Francisco
11am - 6pm
The Anime Street Pavillion celebrates the otaku (anime-fan) culture in San Francisco. Anime fans all over the Bay Area are invited to an exciting day long line-up of live Japanese rock performances, an anime/asian themed fashion show produce from Japanese designers, anime exhibitions, and an anime cosplay masquerade.

Games Workshop Lucky 13s Scenario 2  - email this address and Jean will send you the attachment.
Fascinating look at Wargames Factory
Fantasy Names Generator
For Earth-based games, use this tool to print calendars with such info as moon phases and holidays. There's also space for notes.
Roleplaying Tips Weekly #394: Court Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts and Call of Cthulhu - Tips For New Players
With a second Chaotic TCG release due out later this month, ICv2 has the inside scoop on the next 100-card expansion that is set for May
he red-hot Last Night on Earth zombie game will be back in print soon, followed by a major expansion and a stand-alone ancillary product
WizKids will release a four-figure HeroClix booster tied to Batman in June
Endless Games will release a Godfather game in June
Greg Leeds is replacing Loren Greenwood as the President of Wizards of the Coast
Paramount is reviving the Heavy Metal film franchise with an animated anthology with segments directed by David Fincher (Zodiac) and Kevin Eastman (TMNT)
The final Harry Potter book will be coming to the silver screen as a pair of films, one set for November 2010 with Part II in May of 2011

5 Room Dungeons Volume 14 Now Available
The next volume of 5 Room Dungeons contest entries is now
ready for download. Featured in this volume:
1) Caravan of Courage by Nathan Wells
2) Escape From Slavers' Isle by Jason Kemp
3) Vault of the Wiglord by Ken McCutchen
4) The Towers of Wisdom by manfred
5) Through the Maze  by Margaret Coffey

o Product Information

The title of this product has changed from Wings of War: Dawn of War to Wings of War: Dawn of World War II.

Price Changes
IMP SKP0801 Quactica Battles/Soul Middle Aesopia is now $11.95.
IMP TLG7442 Gygax Gord/Rogue Saga o/t Old City is now $24.95.

FFG is finally releasing the CoC line again in stages and I just received a press release saying the GW trucks are finally arriving, so they assume they will start shipping next week, GW, SAB, etc to distributors.
o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM
Code       Description         Release      Due   
07UDHBAP  2007/08 UD BE A PLAYER HOCKEY    06/17/08   03/21/08
RIMNFLD08  2008 NFL DRAFT REPLICA MINI    04/14/08   03/21/08
MTFBLBS12  NFL LEGENDS BARRY SANDERS 12"    09/??/08   03/22/08
MTMIWW2S2  MILITARY WW2 SERIES 2 ASST    09/??/08   03/23/08
08SAFAS   2008 SA*GE ASPIRE FOOTBALL       05/??/08     03/28/08
08DPFDE  2008 DONRUSS ELITE FOOTBALL    06/11/08   03/28/08
08SAFHHI  2008 SA*GE HIT FOOTBALL HIGH SERIES    04/25/08   03/28/08
GGS10632   STAR WARS SANDCRAWLER KUSTOMZ       07/??/08     03/27/08
GGS11439X  PRINCESS LEIA CHUBBIES    07/??/08   03/27/08
GGS11439P  STAR WARS PILOTS CHUBBIES    07/??/08   03/27/08
GGS11439L  LUKE SKYWALKER CHUBBIES    07/??/08   03/27/08
GGS11410  HALO KUBRICKS SERIES 2 4-PACK    07/??/08   03/27/08
GGS11439J  JANGO/BOBA FETT CHUBBIES    07/??/08   03/27/08
GGS11439E  EWOK CHUBBIES    07/??/08   03/27/08
MTHK19   HOCKEY SERIES 19       08/??/08     03/28/08

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Not responsible for typos.
RAF 1007   CHINESE POWER BASES (6)  $6.95 
RAF 1008   BIOHAZARD BASES (6)  $6.95 
RAF 1009   GREAT BASES (6)  $6.95 
RAF 1010   METAL STARSHIP BASES (6)  $6.95 
RAF 1003   SPEC BASE NY SEWER LID (6)  $6.95 
RAF 2827   USX PRETENDER #1  $3.95 
RAF 2831   USX PRETENDER #3  $4.95 
RAF 2916   SERVANTS & STAFF  $6.95 
RAF 2918   POLICE OFFICERS  $6.95 
RAF 2927   SHOGGOTH  $7.95 
RAF 2934   NYARLATHOTEP  $11.95 
RAF 2943   SERPENTMEN  $6.95 
RAF 2945   YIG  $6.95 
RAF 2949   LENG SPIDER  $6.95 
RAF 2951   WAMP  $6.95 
RAF 2959   HOUND  $7.95 
RAF 2994   ADVENTURERS ASST  $10.95 
RAF 3736   LAMIA
KEN 137   Knights of the Dinner Table #137   4.99   
6 boxes of used games including champions, d20, AD&D, white wolf, etc
OMM MOR299   Miniature Wargames Magazine #299   9.00 

*Dark Heaven 25mm Heroic Scale Miniatures*
RPR 03291   Heinz Stargazer, Wizard Astronomer   8.99 
RPR 03292   Almaran the Gold Heroic Paladin   6.99  
RPR 03293   Ursula Silverbraid Female Dwarf War   3.99  
RPR 03294   Tobias Winterthorn, Druid   7.99 
RPR 03295   Snar Mangebelly Kobold King   2.99  
RPR 03296   Snowman Goons (3)   9.99 
RPR 03300   Children of The Zodiac: Pisces   6.99 

*Warlord 25mm Deluxe Army Packs*
RPR 06186   Isiri Warriors   39.99
RPR 06194   Isiri Archers   39.99 
RPR 14462   Tanwylen, Satyr Sergeant   4.49
RPR 14475   Reptus Raptor   5.99 

TLC 2014   Zombies!!! 4: The End (2nd Edition)   24.99
Featuring new art and updated rules! In this stand-alone expansion for Zombies!!!, players attempt to successfully undo the spell that is making the dead rise by collecting as many pages from the Book of the Undead and make it back to the cabin to perform the ritual - that is, before the always-hungry pack of zombie dogs hunt you down! Zombies!!! 4 comes complete with 30 map tiles, a 50-card event deck, six player tokens, and life and ammunition counters.

TLC 3401   Innsmouth Escape   39.99
In the summer of 1926, a Miskatonic University field trip goes horribly awry when the students and faculty find themselves in the shadowy, monster-infested town of Innsmouth! Now, held captive by the fiendish, fish-like Deep Ones, who mean to sacrifice them to their watery god Dagon, their fate rests with a lone student - and he's not leaving without his friends! In the Innsmouth Escape game, one of the players takes on the role of the escaped student, while the other players play groups of Deep Ones trying to prevent the Human player from escaping.

TLC 3501   Zombie Town 2: Road Rage   9.99   
This expansion to the Zombie Town board game comes complete with 12 Car tokens, six new "Key" cards for the event deck, Damage tokens, and a brand-new Scenario deck for added strategy and tactics. Requires a copy of the Zombie Town core game to play.

UDC 61004-D   Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx: Duelist Pack Tin
Featuring Jaden, Jesse, and Zane images on the embossed lid, each Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duelist Pack tin contains five Duelist Packs (two each of Jaden Yuki 3 and Jesse Anderson, and one Zane Truesdale), plus a brand-new, ultra-rare card and Beginner's Guide.

GRR 1906   Freeport Companion (d20)   27.95   
This d20 rules supplement for the Pirate's Guide to Freeport contains game stats for all the major characters, plus information on new core and prestige classes, famous magic items, new spells and incantations, and an insanity system, and includes an introductory adventure.

*Spinespur Miniatures*
CFC 0102   Mr. Jingles (1)   7.99  
CFC 0115   Martin Greygun (1)   7.99  
CFC 0121   Cerebeast (1)   13.99   
CFC 0122   Pigskin (1)   8.99   
CFC THUG   Thugs (4)   14.99  
CFC 1001   Spinespur Rulebook: Threshold   24.95 
Get them chainsaws oiled up! Enter a world where terror reigns supreme and the worst humanity has to offer is running rampant through the streets of modern society in Spinespur, a new horror-themed, skirmish-style, tabletop miniatures game utilizing 28mm, heroic-scale models.

GMT 0801   Manoeuvre   45.00
In this fast-playing game of battlefield command set in the early 19th Century, players take command of opposing armies (Great Britain, France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the United States) in one-on-one battles.

GMT 0802   Pacific Typhoon   40.00 
Pacific Typhoon depicts the history of the air-naval battles of the Pacific Theatre in World War II.

PZO 1106   Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide To Korvosa   17.99
This full-color sourcebook serves as an exhaustive guide to Korvosa, the largest city-state in all Varisia, including details on all major points of interest, profiles on the city's movers and shakers, and countless adventure hooks for enterprising GMs to expand upon.

PZO 9000-2   Pathfinder: Curse Of The Crimson Throne Player's Guide (5-pack)   9.99
Get a native's overview of the sprawling city of Korvosa with the Pathfinder: Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide! Packed with everything you need to either save or sacrifice the largest city in Varisia, each 16-page Player's Guide features maps of the entire city and the region beyond, as well as new weapons, equipment, and feats to prepare you for the dark days ahead.

PZO 9007   Pathfinder #7: Curse Of The Crimson Throne - Edge Of Anarchy   19.99  
The King has died, and the city of Korvosa is in chaos! Riots, banditry, monsters, and mayhem are turning the normally safe streets into a war zone! Desperate to regain control of her city, Queen Ileosa seeks heroes to aid her in reclaiming control before the largest city in all Varisia consumes itself from within!

PZO 9200   Pathfinder Chronicles: Harrow Deck   15.99   
The Harrow deck has long been a sacred tool of Varisian fortunetellers. In skilled hands, it can predict crop results, divine the gender of your unborn child, or give hints about your immediate future. The Harrow includes one 60-card deck illustrated by Kyle Hunter, and a rulebook with divination and card game rules.

RGG 356   Thurn & Taxis: All Roads Lead To Rome Expansion   29.95
This two-in-one expansion for Thurn & Taxis features "Audience," where each player must escort five clergyman to attend an audience with the Pope in Rome, while in "Offices of Honor," players utilize the office holders as evenly as possible in order to receive different office tiles for greater benefits.

WIZ 0687   HorrorcCix: Nightmares Booster Pack   10.99 
HorrorClix: Nightmares brings your most dreadful fantasies and horrible dreams into reality! Every HorrorClix player will want to add all 60 new monsters to their collections, including the Zombie Cheerleader, the infamous Shoggoth, and the giant Nessie.

WIZ 0695   HorrorClix: Freddy Vs. Jason Action Pack   24.99 
The HorrorClix Universe expands to include some of the iconic characters from the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies! The Freddy vs. Jason Action Pack includes five exclusive figures and two objects, five monster cards and two object cards, six victim tokens, two double-sided maps, and a rulebook.

WIZ 3403   Marvel HeroClix: Fin Fang Foom Orange   90.00 
If you missed San Diego Comic-Con in 2007, you missed the exclusive orange-paint variant of Fin Fang Foom! Available in limited quantities, now's your chance to grab this rare, colossal HeroClix figure!

WOC 22193   Diplomacy   30.00  
At the turn of the 20th century, prior to World War I, the seven Great European Powers engage in an intricate struggle for supremacy. Alliances are formed and trust is betrayed as players negotiate and outwit one another to gain dominance of the continent in this game of international intrigue and treachery!

WOC 21647   Dungeons & Dragons: DT7 - Fane of the Forgotten Gods Tiles   9.95 
These illustrated cardstock terrain tiles for use with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game offers Dungeon Masters an easy-to-use and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their campaigns. Each Dungeon Tiles accessory contains six double-sided sheets of die cut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock with which to build exciting dungeons, temples, and monster lairs.

WOC 2172372   Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron Adventurers Guide   19.95  From the soaring spires of Sharn and the monolithic mountain strongholds of the Mror Holds, to the cyclopean ruins of Xen'drik and the gleaming glaciers of the Frostfell, this lavishly illustrated visual guide explores the magical, medieval fantasy world of Eberron.

CAT 26003   Shadowrun: Arsenal   34.99  
From armor and drugs, to advanced electronics, spy toys, and the latest state-of-the-art drones, Arsenal details all of the gear, guns, and wheels your shadowrunner could ever want. Also included are advanced combat rules, as well as rules for modifying weapons and vehicles.

UPR62222    YGO: Phantom Darkness SE Display 
The reign of darkness in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME continues with Phantom Darkness Special Edition! From the abyss, new villainous versions of many fan favorite monsters arrive to support and update many Deck types. Phantom Darkness, the largest set since 2004, includes 20 cards exclusive to the American and European regions: 10 world premiere cards and 10 cards previously only released in Japan. With something for every level of Duelist, are you ready to step into the darkness?

PIP 31051   Warmachine: Cygnar Epic Warcaster Sebastian Nemo   15.99  
PIP 34055   Warmachine: Cryx Warcaster & Master Necrotech Mor   27.99  
PIP 71024   Hordes: Trollblood Troll Bouncer Light Warbeast   26.99 
PIP 72031   Hordes: Circle Orboros Tharn Ravager Shaman Unit Attack   15.99

DSP DGP029   Ps238 #29   2.99  
Miss Kyle's Las Vegas vacation continues to spiral out of control as she and her stowaway students are called upon to solve a mystery that even the greatest casino security team has been unable to crack. Can Miss Kyle, Poly Mer, Zodon, Julie, and the Flea figure out who is robbing the casino blind? Meanwhile, back at ps238, Tyler finds that being in stasis isn't as peaceful as one would think! All this and more in ps238 #29!

PSI MWP1008   Battlestar Galactica GM Screen   14.99
This four-panel Battlestar Galactica Game Master's Screen provides everything you need to run the Cortex System game rules at a glance, complete with a poster map revealing the full deckplans of Galactica itself, with the new ship - The Griffon - on the opposite side.

PSI SOF1132   Refraze Junior Edition   15.99
This junior edition of the popular "Name Game" - where the names of songs, movies, or TV shows are "rephrased" and the players race to be the first to figure out the actual titles - is designed for children ages 8 and up.

WWP 05161   Mwahahaha!   34.99 
In this devious card game of mad scientists and global domination, players assume the role of an evil genius seeking to build a criminal empire and construct a doomsday device to cow a trembling humanity! Be the first to complete your device and collect the highest ransom to earn the title ruler of the world!

WWP 75006   Scion (6-Pack)   188.95
The savage titans have escaped their eternal prison to wage war with the gods once more, and their battles in the heavens have spilled over into our world. Armed with birthright weapons and possessed of mighty boons granted by their divine parents, the Scions, the offspring of both god and man, stand as humanity's only defense against the dread titans' spawn. Utilizing a modified version of the popular Exalted system, play a ready-made Scion of Thor, Horus, Aphrodite, Baron Samedi, Tezcatlipoca, or Susano-o, or the child of one of 50+ gods from across six different pantheons!

MFG 3199   Settlers of Catan: Pre-2007 Adapter Kit   10.00  
The 2007 edition of The Settlers of Catan provides an outer frame that encloses the 19 hexes that make up the island of Catan. This adapter kit provides that frame, the extension pieces for the 5-6 player extension, and the harbor pieces that allow you to vary the harbor locations from game to game.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
RAF 1942   WW2 BATTLE BASES RUSSIAN 2 X 1  $8.00 
RAF 1947   WW2 BATTLE BASES RUSSIAN 6 X 1  $6.95 
RAF 1948   WW2 BATTLE BASES RUSSIAN 3 X 2  $6.95 
RAF 2833   USX BRIGS W/SAW M283  $4.95 
RAF 2880   PARKING CURBS 1/43 (6)  $6.95 
RAF 1941   WW2 BATTLE BASES GERMAN 2 X 1  $8.00 
RAF 1945   WW2 BATTLE BASES GERMAN 6 X 1  $6.95 
RAF 1946   WW2 BATTLE BASES GERMAN 3 X 2  $6.95 
IWM 20-423   Da Ji100 Mech Recovery Vehicle (DAFF)   10.95
IWM 20-424   Bombardier Mech (TRO 3050)   10.95 
IWM 20-426   Galleon Tank (Dark Age/TRO 3058) (2)   10.50   
DFL 008103   Rptiles: Tavern Set   15.00   

DFL 006007   Dragonfire Armada: Titiania's Fury   75.00
Lead your campaign into the unfriendly skies with this multi-level flying ship designed for sky-battles and inspired by the Airships book from Dragonwing Games.

DFL 008001   Rptiles: Cannon Tile Set   10.00
Whether manning the walls or knocking holes in other ships, this set of 1-inch square tiles will literally increase the firepower of your game.

DFL 008015   Rptiles: Conditions Set   10.00
Head arguments off at the pass about which person is stunned or dazed by being prepared with this set containing all of the conditions in the d20 glossary in an easy-to-use format.

STR 10   Deluxe Baseball 2008 Edition   46.00
Stratomatic Game Co., Inc. has created a baseball game that is actually 3 games in 1 - a basic version, an advanced version, and a super advanced version. This baseball game depicts unbelievably all the realistic aspects of baseball and gives complete strategical control to you, the manager. The portrayal of the hitting, pitching, fielding and running ability of present and past major league players presented in Stratomatic is truly amazing! Stratomatic Baseball may be played on a solitaire or "Head-to-Head" basis.

WIZ 1300   Halo ActionClix: Battle-Damaged Scarab   249.99  
If you missed San Diego Comic-Con in 2007, you missed the unveiling of one of the largest "miniature" game pieces ever realized: the Halo ActionClix Halo 3 Battle-Damaged Scarab! Pocked with white-hot bullet points, but still armed and dangerous, the Battle-Damaged Scarab is still available - but, supplies are limited!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
FUN FN-08672   Ragnarok V3 (DVD)   29.98 
FUN FN-08179   Fullmetal Alchemist Season 2 Part 2 (DVD)   49.98 
FUN FN-08635   Witchblade Anime V5 (DVD)   29.98 
MDB KVD-0813   Inmu: Feast of Victims V2 (DVD)   19.99   
VIZ DNR22   Naruto V22 (DVD)   19.99 

FUN FN-04571   Aquarion Season 1 V1 (DVD)   59.98  
The Shadow Angels are back and they are harvesting humans in order to reclaim their dominion over Earth! But, there is hope. The Mechanical Angel Aquarion has been discovered and a boy appears to be the reincarnation of Aquarion's pilot, the great warrior Apollonius. Can he lead the battle against the Shadow Angels?

FUN FN-08699   Speed Grapher Box Set (DVD)   69.98 
When the anger of the high-tech underground focuses on the romance between a jaded photographer and an innocent young dancer, it's action through the lens of a high-speed camera! "Click!" - you're dead!

MDB AWD-0809   Tweeny Witches V1 (DVD)   24.99 
When Arusu finds herself transported to a magical world, she meets two young witches, Sheila and Eva. But, one wild broomstick ride later, all three girls are blamed for releasing the witches' source of magic: captured fairies! Now, they're tasked with recapturing the ellusive fairies - a difficult thing to do when Arusu keeps freeing them!

VIZ DRTV6RBS   Ranma 1/2 Season 6 Random Rhapsody 2008 (DVD)   49.98 
Ranma 1/2 is the story of a boy who turns into a girl, a father who turns into a panda, and the strange Chinese curse what did it to 'em!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discounts
Code       Description         Release      MSRP
TOIJH  INDIANA JONES HERITAGE T/C    03/19/08   $48.00 
08SAFHLO  2008 SA*GE HIT FOOTBALL LOW SERIES    03/21/08   $119.70 
JL64AI8  1:64 AUCTINO INSANITY 2008 8CT    03/2008   
08UDBP  2008 UPPER DECK PREMIER BASEBALL    03/26/08   $300.00
07TOKBE  2007/08 BOWMAN ELEVATION BASKETBALL    03/26/08     
07UDHMJ  2007/08 UPPER DECK MINI JERSEY HOCKEY    03/24/08   $125.82
o NEW RELEASES: Current E-bay Sales
  We start listing again this week.
See all items I'm selling


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