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     o Gator Games Newsletter: April 11 to April 24 2011
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HELP WANTED at Gator Games
Must be able to work Weekends. You will be working Sat & Sun.
Must know & play Warhammer 40K

We will be Closed Sunday for Easter.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

20% off Easter Sale+
Slow moving & overstocked items have been discounted thoughout the store

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 11-2pm 7 Wonders & Carcasonne
4pm D&D 4e March of the Phantom Brigade by Ryan $3
end of may/June: D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard

Tues.: 11-2 Demos Axis & Allies War at Sea & Set Cubed
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed.; 11-2 Demos primordial Soup & Small World
4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

04/20 Giant-Sized X-Men
Prize: Cable LE Figure
400 pts Sealed

04/27 "Operation: Zero Tolerance"
800 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Karima LE Figure
Special Rules: At the beginning of the game, each player selects a figure on his team to be his "Hunter." All figures defeated by a Hunter are worth double victory points. If a Hunter is defeated, that figure's player declares a new Hunter.

Thurs. 11-2 Demos 7 Wonders & Resident Evil
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective October 19, 2010)

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

April 23 Sat 11:00 Magic Archenemy $5 by Randi
http://Archenemy Rules
Playmat will be given out to Winner, Archenemy Prizes to all
afternoon demos: 7 Wonders & Nightfall

April 24 Closed for Easter

April 30, Sat 10:30am Yugioh Extreme Victory Sneak Peek $20 (36 players)
May 1, Sun 10:30am Yugioh Extreme Victory Sneak Peek $20 (16 players)
Ultra Rare promotional cards to everyone.
Game Mat to Winner and at least one Random

May 7, Sat 11am Magic New Phyrexia Pre-release $25 (36 players)
May 8, Sun 11am Magic New Phyrexia Prerelease $25 (16 players)

May 14 Sat 11am Magic New Phyrexia Launch Tournament $25
May 15, Sun 11am Magic New Phyrexia Booster Draft by Aidan $15

May 21 Sat 11am L5R "Before the Dawn" Sealed (1 starter & 3 boosters) $25
Before the Dawn is also the first dual bugged expansion for L5R for the new base set Emperor Edition.

May 22, Sun 11am Magic New Phyrexia Booster Draft by Aidan $15

May 28 Sat 11:00 Yugioh Tournament Sealed "Player's Choice" $20
Players pick any 5 regular priced Yugioh Pack and play
Yugioh Messenger Bag given to winner, choice of Holos and boosters awarded
(instead of tournament packs)
May 29 Sunday 11:00 Magic Archenemy $5 by Randi
(bring a Standard/ type II deck)
http://Archenemy Rules
Playmat will be given out to Winner, Archenemy Prizes to all

June 4, Sat 11am Magic Legacy $5
Legacy Format Deck Construction
Playmat will be given out to Winner,
WotC has asked us to run this due to the popularity (and the commander deck coming out)

June 11 Sat 11am Magic New Phyrexia Game Day $5
(bring a Standard/ type II deck)
June 12, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

June 18 Free RPG Day
June 19 11:00 magic Commmander launch party $30

June 26, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

July 9-10 Magic 2012 Core PreRleases $25
July 16 Magic 2012 Launch Party $25
July 17 Magic 2012 Booster Booster Draft by Aidan $15

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

MDG 7022 Deluxe Wooden Car Token Set (180) Acc $25.00
MDG 7102 Magnum Copper Sleeve (100) Acc $3.50
MDG 7103 Magnum Silver Sleeve (100) Acc $3.50
MDG 7104 Magnum Gold Sleeve (100) Acc $3.50
MDG 7106 Premium Magnum Copper Sleeve (100) Acc $4.95
KON 88691-D Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series 4 Dis (5) CCG $149.95
RGG 438 Carcassonne Dice Game Dice Game $17.50
RGG 439 Carcassonne Phantom Exp BG $6.00
RGG 201 TransAmerica BG $32.95
RGG 444 Airlines Europe BG $59.95
FFG GW04 Chaos in the Old World Horned Rat Exp LCG $24.95
FFG MEC03 LTR LCG Conflict at the Carrock Adventure Pack LCG $14.95
KON 88695-D Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal '11 Str Dis (10) $99.99


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 7 days.
All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

KEN 173 Knights o/t Dinner Table #173 Comic $5.99
KON 88583-D Yu-Gi-Oh Storm of Ragnarok SE BD(10) CCG $99.90
KOI88041 YGO: Duelist Pack Collection 2
KOI88102 YGO: Collectible 2009 Tin Set 1
KOI88138 YGO: Collectible 2009 Tin Set 2
WIN 1152 Instant Insanity II(NET) Toys $6.19
OPD KQ17 Kobold Quarterly Magazine #17 Magazine $7.99
RPR 01432 Easter Mousling Mini $4.99
RPR 03537 Bone Pack Mini $5.49
RPR 03552 Klichik, Mantis Warrior Mini $6.49
RPR 03554 Coral, Mermaid Mini $5.99
RPR 03555 Thilinos Nightflame, Dark Elf Mini $5.99
RPR 03556 Ashlan Fellthrush, Heroic Paladin Mini $5.99
RPR 03558 DHL Classics: Lizardmen II Mini $11.99
ASY 20033 Giant Rats (3) - painted Mini $5.99
ASY 20035 Gnoll Warrior - painted Mini $5.29
DSP DGP049 PS 238 #49 Comic $2.99 4/13 128
AMYBF4132 Battlefields: XP - Body Parts $ 5.99
AMYCP3021 Colour Primer: Wolf Grey $ 14.99
PLB515-2 HU: Aliens Unlimited $ 24.95
PLB813 Rifts: Mercenaries $ 20.95
PLB851 Rifts: Phase World: The Three Galaxies $ 20.95
PLB855 Rifts: Adv SB #3: The Black Vault $ 9.95
ULP82710 DB: Vault: MtG Chain Lightning $ 4.85
GAW57-38 40K: Grey Knight Brother-Captain Stern $ 20.00
GAW89-06 WFB: Orc Boyz $ 29.00
GAW89-10 WFB: Orcs & Goblins Battalion $ 95.00
OSPFGR004 FoG-R: Colonies and Conquest $ 24.95
ZMG 4026 Saboteur reprint Non-CCG $14.99
ZMG4026-E Saboteur 2 $ 15.00
ZMG4072 Lords of Scotland $ 10.00
PIP 31086 WM CG Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Resculpt) Miniature 34.99
PIP 31089 WM CG Charger Light Warjack (Plastic) Miniature 18.99
PIP 32075 WM PT Flameguard Cleanser Officer Miniature 14.99
PIP 32084 WM PT Repenter Light Warjack (Plastic) Miniature 18.99
PIP 34081 WM CX Revenant Crew Rifleman Attachment Miniature 5.99
PIP 34090 WM CX Defiler Bonejacks (Plastic) Miniature 19.99
PIP 35025 WM Ret Dawnguard Destor Thane Cavalry Miniature 29.99
FFG DSH63 Dragon Shields Mini (50) Brown Accessories 4.49
FFG DSH64 Dragon Shields Mini (50) Pink Accessories 4.49
PAL 0154 Rifter #54 Role Playing 11.95
PUI 10676-D Pokemon Black & White TD Dis (12) CCG
MASC00030 Conversion Lab: Nezumi Chem Heads (5) $5.25
MASC00031 Conversion Lab: Orc Captain Bikers (2) $10.49
MASC00034 Conversion Lab: Nezumi Samurai Heads (5) $6.49
LAOGMG067 Dice Towers: Pirate Dice Tower $19.99
IWM 20-5013 Eisenfaust EFT-7X Mech(TRO 3085) Miniature 11.25

FMGHBGCERT Axis & Allies: Production Certificates $9.99
Paper Production Certificates to be used in Axis & Allies and any other game that requires Second World War themed Money. Axis & Allies 1942 and Axis & Allies 1940 series no longer come with paper Production Certificates. The rule book states "Use a piece of paper..." BLAH! Conquer the world in Style with this inexpensive set of Production Certificates. Each pack contains 120 color Bills consisting of 60 ones, 20 Fives, 20 Tens, and 20 Twenty's.

SGRLEV01 Leviathan: Leviathan Rulebook $10.00
Softcover rulebook, covering the rules for the Leviathan fantasy game. Also included are army lists and background for all of the warring factions and the war-torn world in which they fight.

RBLRMRED2 Red Ops 5 $11.95
Red Ops 5 is a fast-paced modern Zombie skirmish miniature game for 15mm and 28mm scales. Powered by the award winning game engine found in all games by Two Hour Wargames, Red Ops 5 is next evolution in tactical Zombie warfare. So Lock and Load, you've got a few Zombies to kill... Red Ops 5 is NOT All Things Zombie(ATZ), it just uses the engine that is also in ATZ. Red Ops 5 is a stand alone game system.

RBLRMMHV2 Modern Havok $11.95
Modern Havok is a fast paced set of skirmish rules for modern urban warfare. Designed for our 15mm modern miniatures line, these rules are based on the award winning Chain Reaction System by Two Hour War Games.

RBLRMMAA-H Mighty Armies: Ancients $11.95
Mighty Armies: Ancients is a fast, easy to learn rule set that allows you to command a host of Ancient Armies. Featuring a modified version of the original Mighty Armies system, MA:A let's you march against the Armies of your opponents to prove who is the greater General!

IWM 10-046 House Liao Light-Medium Lance Set Miniature 39.95
This BattleTech miniatures set includes Duan Gung (25 tons), Sha Yu (40 tons), Snake (45 tons), Men Shen (55 tons), and Liao Medallion.

IWM 10-047 House Liao Heavy-Assault Lance Set Miniature 44.95
This BattleTech miniatures set includes Helios (60 tons), Ti Ts'ang (60 tons), Lao Hu (75 tons), Yu Huang (90 tons), and Liao Medallion.

PSI CB30016 Savage Worlds RPG Necropolis 2350 RPG $19.99
In the dark days of the 24th Century, mankind stands on the brink of extinction, locked in a desperate battle against undead invaders - the Rephaim! While the heroes of humanity - the Third Reformation Church - use advanced weapons and call upon the power of faith, the twisted Rephaim are masters of necromancy and wield vile technology created from living tissue. Adventure Compendium 1 contains a fantastic set of adventures for the sci-fi horror campaign world of Necropolis 2350.

PSI CB7100 Victoriana Dark Harvest/Frankenstein RPG $36.99
What if Frankenstein got it right? What if Victor Frankenstein had embraced his discoveries rather than seeking to destroy them? Fueled by the Heresy Engine system and fully compatible with Victoriana 2nd Edition, Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein is a detailed, fascinating game setting with a terrifyingly plausible alternative history and a fiction anthology.

CRI ATSMET Advanced Tobruk Kursk Metal Gods Board Games $59.95
This module by Larry Winslow tells the story of the Battle of Kursk by providing a unique, new battlefield created with two large linking maps. The product comes in two versions: the ASLComp edition provides all the counters you need to play the scenarios, while the ATS edition provides an expansion sheet of counters including new aircraft types, OP tanks, and the Panzerjager VI 'Elephant' in quantities heretofore never seen on an ATS battlefield.

CRI ATSPEL Advanced Tobruk White Beach One: Peleliu 1944 Board Games $49.95
White Beach One: Peleliu 1944 is a historical module that provides eight scenarios, all playable on the new map and ranging from fast-play to monster. It includes a sheet of new color die-cut counters and special rules pages in two-column format.

BFM UH-1B Hog 1-4 units $23.00
BFM UH-1D Slick 1-4 units $23.00
BFM M113 ACAV 1-3 units $52.00
BFM M125 / M106 Mortar Carrier 1-2 units $52.00
BFM VBX06 M113 APC 2-4 units $52.00
BFM VBX08 M132 Zippo 1 units $52.00
BFM VBX12 Infantry Battalion HQ (PAVN) 1 unit $45.00
BFM VBX13 Infantry Company (PAVN) 2-8 units $40.00
This is the new Vietnam Range (VB) - Army lists are found in Wargames Illustrated 282 only

SJG 4211-D Munchkin Monster Enhancers POP Dis Non-CCG $49.90
SJG 4211-S Munchkin Monster Enhancers Bstr Pk Non-CCG $4.99
Munchkin Monster Enhancers feature 15 cards designed to make the monsters tougher and send the other players crying for their mommies! With 13 favorites from More Good Cards, now in full-color, plus two brand-new cards, Hollywood and Ultimate, this set is a monster's dream and a player's nightmare!

AEG 3305 L5R RPG Emerald Empire 4th Edition RPG $39.99
This Legend of the Five Rings RPG Fourth Edition sourcebook not only details the various aspects of Rokugani life, politics, war, commerce, and the basic rhythms and rituals of daily existence, it also contains nearly one-hundred pages of new information on the Empire, as well as updating all of the previous statistics for the L5R Fourth Edition rules set. Featured herein are dozens of tables and hooks designed to provide quick reference for GMs who want to incorporate details of how daily life is lived in Rokugan, as well as anyone who is simply interested in the intricate life of the samurai, plus clear and systematic descriptions of Rokugan's social and political hierarchy, a comprehensive look at law and order in the Empire, and all-new information, including new schools and returning favorites such as the Shinjo Bushi and the Ikoma Lion's Shadow.

CHA 2026 Basic Role Playing Hardcover Edition RPG $44.95
Designed to be intuitive and easy to play, Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying is a core rulesbook that gathers in one place the rules, modules, and options for one of the original and most influential roleplaying gaming systems in the world. The modular rules system allows for play in any genre imaginable while allowing the GM to tailor the rules set to the needs of their individual campaign

MFG 3108 SOC Dice Game BG $15.00
Discover, explore, and settle Catan in the Catan Dice Game, a fast, fun way to experience Catan on-the-go, anywhere and anytime, even solo! The Catan Dice Game comes complete with six colorful, high quality, embossed 16mm plastic dice, and a generous pad of full-color, double-sided score sheets featuring two maps for alternate play.

OTB 5151 Shake N Take BG $27.99
In Shake 'N Take, aliens are on the loose and it's up to each player to capture them!

OTB 8101A Flips Dog BG $9.99
Solve this series of puzzlers by flipping and sliding the Flips dice to create the pattern on the Challenge Card. Each game comes with eight Flips Dice, one Out of the Box Die, 18 Challenge Cards (36 Challenges), and complete rules.

OTB 8105 Flips Cat BG $9.99
Solve this series of puzzlers by flipping and sliding the Flips dice to create the pattern on the Challenge Card. Each game comes with eight Flips Dice, one Out of the Box Die, 18 Challenge Cards (36 Challenges), and complete rules.

GGP 6120 Mega Dungeon 1 Adventures Map Acc $25.00
Gaming Paper Adventures Maps can be used to build thousands of unique dungeons in practically any shape or configuration. The Mega Dungeon 1 set features 100 unique, highly detailed dungeon geomorphs created by fantasy cartographer extraordinaire, Christopher West. The two-sided design details unfurnished dungeon rooms for players to fill on one side, while the opposite contains furnished rooms imagined and rendered by Christopher West himself. Together, all one-hundred sheets combine for a massive, single mega-dungeon - that's nearly 65 square feet of playing surface!

WIN 1143 Tile Lock Scrabble Board Game 25.00
Your Scrabble words won't be slip slidin' away, thanks to this board's clever "tile-lock" design. Ideal for travel, this compact and portable version of Scrabble features soft pads on its base that allow you to effortlessly slide the board across a table or rotate it for a better view.

WIN 1146 Crocodile Dentist (Rev) Toy 14.99
Poor old croc has a tooth that's bothering him... pretend to be a dentist to help him out. But, press the wrong tooth and he'll surprise you with his snapping jaws! To win, be the only dentist who doesn't rile the crocodile!

WIN 1147 Big Boggle Board Game 25.00
The world-famous, 3-minute word game is now available as Big Boggle, featuring the new "Double Letter" cube that makes it easier to form longer words, as well as a bigger grid and more cubes that allow for higher scores.

WIN 1148 Flip For It Card Game 18.75
Press down on Flippy, let go, and watch him flip and roll the dice for you! Claim a card that matches the number on either die or their total.

WIN 1149 Pass the Pigs Pig Party Ed Board Game 19.90
Now up to four players can play all at once with Pass the Pigs: Pig Party Edition! Four pairs of Pigs are included. It's Pass The Pigs and more! More pigs, more points, and more fun!

WIN 1150 The Game of Life It's A Dog's Life Board Game 25.00
The world famous Game of Life has gone to the dogs - in the best way possible! It's a Dog's Life comes complete with a gameboard, plastic gameboard pieces (spinner, fire hydrant, doghouse, tree, and pooch palace), bone money pad with pet insurance certificates, five plastic cars, cardboard dog tokens (including blanks for customization), puppy pegs, and illustrated rules.

WIN 1151 Instant Insanity Toy 7.50
The classic colored-cubes puzzle from the 1960's is back to tease your brain!

WIN 5027 Rubiks 3 X 3 (Rev) Toy 15.00
With 43 Quintillion possible moves and only one solution, Rubik's Cube is the world's popular 3-D puzzle phenomenon!

DSP DGP049 PS238 #49 Comic $2.99
by Aaron Williams Moon Shadow and Argonaut have a huge problem: They're stranded in an unknown and increasingly hostile part of the galaxy, running low on supplies and without any way of navigating home. Their only hope is... Cecil Holmes, one of their classmates, who holds the key to their return to Earth.

FFG GOT68 Game of Thrones LCG Gates o/t Citadel CP Board Games $14.95
Oldtown. It is the oldest city in Westeros, and home to the Citadel, a vast center of learning that is headquarters to the maester organization. The first monthly Chapter Pack for the Secrets of Oldtown expansion to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Gates of the Citadel introduces characters like Oldtown Advisor and Leyton Hightower and support cards like At the Gates and The Maester's Path.

NSG 250 Say Anything Family Board Games $19.99
Discover what your family really thinks in this light-hearted party game! Dig deep into your heart or just come up with something witty - this is your chance to Say Anything! Features 360 family-friendly questions!

MBG 001 Caravelas The Portuguese Discoveries Board Game 59.90
Western Europe at the end of the 15th century. At a time when people believed the world was flat and navigation methods were rudimentary, the Portuguese set out to sea to discover new lands, meet new peoples, and introduce the world to new ones. Are you up for the challenge to round the Cape of Good Hope?

FES 0185 Mimiq Card Game $8.99
Using facial expressions, players ask for cards from their opponents. Don't have the card you're asked for? Stick out your tongue! In Mimiq, players win cards by "MimiQ-ing" the faces on the cards in their hands. When you have three identical cards, you have a trump - the player with the most trumps at the end of the game is the winner!

FES 0192 Calm before the Little Storm Card Game $8.99
Calm Before the Little Storm is an engaging children's game where young players test their concentration, memory, motor skills, and physical awareness to acquire as many cards as possible.

QNG 60601 Show Manager Board Games $62.95
As managers of a stage troupe, players hire performers from a talent pool of 120 different actors with the purpose of producing four different musicals (Ballet, King Lear, Queenie, and Wolf) in five cities. Who can hire the best talent and put together the best shows?

APL 0838 PG: Go for Broke Board Game 24.99
They were suspected of being Japanese sympathizers and collaborators during World War II. Their families were confined in "relocation camps" such as Manzinar. Many of their loved ones fell ill and died during internment, and many more had their homes taken from them. But they were determined to prove their honor. They enlisted in the U.S. Army to fight the Germans. They were the men of the 442nd Infantry Brigade - a segregated unit comprised entirely of Japanese-Americans. And they became the most decorated unit in all of World War II. Panzer Grenadier: Go for Broke is the story of these brave soldiers, who suffered in battle against the Germans and in discrimination from their own country.

APL 1803 GWAS: Airships Board Game 9.99
For a brief period, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin's giant floating cylinders seemed poised to play a major role in naval warfare. But just as the technology matured, high-performance aircraft, a spectacular accident caught on film, and the Great Depression combined to bring an end to military and most civilian use of the rigid airship. Featuring 10 scenarios based on missions that took place or could have taken place, this supplement for the Great War at Sea series of games builds on the popular Zeppelins to take a further look at lighter-than-air operations.

APL 1823 PG: Divizione Corazzata Board Game 9.99
Based on Italy's planned but un-built vehicles, this Panzer Grenadier supplement draws on pieces already provided in the Desert Rats game and Gold Club supplementary counter sheet, but until now never used in scenarios. Divisione Corazzata features 10 scenarios exploring the potential use of these vehicles.

APL 1824 SWWAS: Orange Waters Board Game 9.99
This Second World War at Sea supplement features 10 scenarios focusing on the Royal Netherlands Navy.

ASM BUG01US Bugs & Co Board Games $14.99
Collect as many identical monsters as possible in the shortest possible time in Bugs & Co! Shuffle the little creature tiles, discard seven of them at random, and put the rest face down on the table. Set out the Trophy tiles face up alongside the monsters. Three, two, one everybody plays! Players turn over the tiles with one hand, then either transfer them face down to their hand or turn them back over on the table. Careful - you're not allowed to return a tile from your hand or look at them again. So, you'll need to memorize the beasties in your hand as you capture them.

ASM SKR01US Skull & Roses Card Game $19.99
Think you can reveal the most Rose cards without ever discovering a Skull card? Think you have nerves of steel? From a hand of four cards, players can either play or start issuing challenges. Then, players flip as many cards as was bragged about. If a Skull is revealed, then that player fails and loses all of the cards in their hand! So play your Skull at the right time, force your opponents to overbid, and bluff like you've never bluffed before!

MFG 3108 Settlers of Catan Dice Game Board Games $15.00
Discover, explore, and settle Catan in the Catan Dice Game, a fast, fun way to experience Catan on-the-go, anywhere and anytime, even solo! The Catan Dice Game comes complete with six colorful, high quality, embossed 16mm plastic dice, and a generous pad of full-color, double-sided score sheets featuring two maps for alternate play.

FES 0185 Mimiq Card Game 8.99
Using facial expressions, players ask for cards from their opponents. Don't have the card you're asked for? Stick out your tongue! In Mimiq, players win cards by "MimiQ-ing" the faces on the cards in their hands. When you have three identical cards, you have a trump - the player with the most trumps at the end of the game is the winner!

HRGPKGH-010 Panzer Korps: Banderas Adelante! - Spanish Civil War Handbook $29.95
Designed for the wargamer in mind, Banderas Adelante! breaks down the various factions, formations, weapons, and ideologies of the Spanish Civil War. Includes 8 complete scenarios, Orders of Battle and maps. Covers the Condor Legion, the Italian CTV, and the various International brigades as well as weapon systems. Organizes and allows the wargamer or casual historian to get a handle on the various political ideologies and diverse forces for Panzer Korps.

APL 1823 PG: Divizione Corazzata Board Game 9.99
Based on Italy's planned but un-built vehicles, this Panzer Grenadier supplement draws on pieces already provided in the Desert Rats game and Gold Club supplementary
counter sheet, but until now never used in scenarios. Divisione Corazzata features 10 scenarios exploring the potential use of these vehicles.

KON 88631-D Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Arsenal 4 BD (24)  CCG $95.76
Hidden Arsenal 4 unleashes Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! This super-powered Dragon works well in ANY Deck, just like the Ice Barrier Dragons from past Hidden Arsenal sets. In addition to Trishula, this 60-card, all-foil set features 59 brand-new monsters, including 10 Dragunity monsters and two Dragunity Synchro Monsters. Offered on 24-count displays.

PZO ZOEJQ003 Journey Quest Season 1 DVD Acc $14.99
PZO 3017 GM Item Cards Carrion Crown Deck RPG $10.99
Grasp tightly your stake and holy water in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path with this chilling new assortment of 54 unique GameMastery Item Cards.

PZO 9044 PF Adv Path Trial o/t Beast RPG $19.99
The Beast of Lepidstadt, a savagely cunning flesh golem, has long terrorized the simple folk of the land, murdering, robbing, and sowing carnage none can withstand. When a violent attack releases the berserker, its trail leads to the laboratory lair of a mad scientist and his blasphemous creations - crazed conspirators in the maniacal plot of the Whispering Way.

PZO 9231 PF Camp Set Rule of Fear RPG $19.99
Enter the shadow-cloaked realm of Ustalav, the seat of horror in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Here accursed counts vie for power over terror-torn lands of mystery and dark legend, endlessly plagued by terrifying creatures of the night and the eternal curses of a haunted past.

PZO 9416 PF Player Companion Faiths of Purity RPG $10.99
This handy guide to the good gods of the Pathfinder world covers everything a worshiper needs to know to properly venerate his deity, from the god's background and history to the religion's sacred rituals, taboos, and organizations. Also, new religion-specific character traits and equipment give a player's-eye view to the value of being on the side of righteousness.

PZO 9530 PF Mod Tomb o/t Iron Medusa RPG $13.99
Hidden in the remote southern range of the World's Edge Mountains lies a mysterious necropolis protected by legendary guardian known as the Iron Medusa. When the last heir of the dungeon's long-dead noble builders hires the heroes to explore the forlorn and deadly site in search of evidence that may clear his family name, the heroes soon find themselves in over their heads!

PZO SQW30038 GM Flip Mat Necropolis RPG $12.99
The corpses of fallen heroes and the spirits of the unquiet dead all end up here, in the haunted paths of the Necropolis! From the graves of common soldiers to the fine mausoleum of the noble dead, Flip-Mat: Necropolis contains a massive graveyard teeming with adventure and plenty of opportunities to give player characters a new permanent home!

GAW 57-37 40K GK Castellan Crowe Mini $16.50
GAW 57-39 40K GK Jokaero Weaponsmith Mini $12.25
a week late - they arrived after I placed my weekly order.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you
TYV15028 Monty Python Black Knight Mini-Bobbler $ 9.95
TYV15033 Monty Python Knight of Ni Mini-Bobbler $ 9.95
TYV22001 Rubiks Cube Plush $ 14.99
TLG80104D C&C: Players Handbook, Digest (SC) $ 19.99
TLG80113D C&C: Monsters & Treasures, Digest (SC) $ 9.99
TLG8017D C&C: Of Gods & Monsters, Digest (SC) $ 11.99
TLG8019D C&C: Monsters & Treasures of Aihrde (SC) $ 11.99
OSPACE092 Fw 190 Defense of the Reich Aces $ 22.95
OSPAEU039 57th Fighter Group - First in the Blue $ 25.95
OSPAEU040 Jasta 18 - the Red Noses $ 25.95
OSPCAM230 Nile 1798 $ 19.95
OSPCAM231 Nez Perce 1877 $ 19.95
OSPCAM232 The Bismarck 1941 $ 19.95
OSPCMD011 Hannibal $ 18.95
OSPCOM087 B-24 Liberator Units of the CBI $ 22.95
OSPCOM088 Victor Units of the Cold War $ 22.95
OSPFOR102 Defense of the Rhine 1944-45 $ 18.95
OSPGEN4772 SEALs (PB) $ 18.95
OSPGEN4796 No Greater Ally (PB) $ 14.95
OSPMAA465 Brazilian Expeditionary Force in WWII $ 17.95
OSPNVG176 IJN Heavy Cruisers 1941-1945 $ 17.95
OSPNVG177 Humber Light Reconnaissance Car 1941-45 $ 17.95
OSPRAID017 The Great Expedition - Sir Francis Drake $ 18.95
OSPWAR153 Bronze Age Greek Warrior 1600-1100 BC $ 18.95
OSPWAR154 Border Reiver 1513-1603 $ 18.95
OSPWPN007 Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Dagger $ 17.95
PSI3000 PSI Demo Pack - Light Strategy (6x2) $ 210.74
CGX0802 Lumps (Non-Seasonal Edition) $ 8.00
CGX0821 Portrayal $ 25.00
CGX0862 Siege Stones $ 25.00
CGX0873 Tongue Tanglers $ 25.00
CGX0914 Hide & Seek $ 20.00
CGX1001 Discombobulation (2nd Edition) $ 10.00
COA1104-125 American Fleets $ 15.75 NPI
COAATO-10 Against the Odds Annual 2010 $ 29.50 NPI
COAATO-30 ATO #30 - The Lash of the Turk $ 22.94 NPI
FZMRHM5005 RH: Drekinn, Chthonic Hydra $ 49.99
DCG ST-268 Strategy & Tactics #268 Magazines $29.99 12-Apr 134
ANC20226 Xyston 15mm: Carthaginian Elephant with War Tower (B) $10.49
ESLESFA010 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (10 Vallejo Slots) $22.50
ESLESFA011 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (11 Citadel Slots) $26.95
ESLESFA020 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (20 Vallejo Slots) $26.95
ESLESFA022 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (22 Citadel Slots) $44.95
ESLESFA040 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (40 Vallejo Slots) $44.95
ESLESFA044 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (44 Citadel Slots) $67.50
ESLESFA062 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (40 Vallejo Slots, 22 Citadel Slots) $67.50
ESLESFA080 Assembled Paint Racks: Paint Bottle Holder (80 Vallejo Slots) $67.50
SGR31104 VOID Miniatures: Viridian Behemoth Fire Support $52.50
SGR31110 VOID Miniatures: Viridian Behemoth Troop Transport $52.50
SGR31111 VOID Miniatures: Viridian Behemoth Infantry Support $52.50
SGRACR23 VOID Miniatures Accessories: Kryomek Antennae (9) $3.99
SGRACR36 VOID Miniatures Accessories: Campsite Set $7.00
280550000 FRB - Sword of the Gods (PB) $7.99
GLGID005 IronDie 9-Dice Starter Pack - Purple
GLGID082 IronDie Individual Die - Yellow Swarm
CIS HD1004 HD Devilish Ambassador Mini $10.99
CIS HD3004 HD Retiarius Mini $15.99
CIS HD4002 HD Lemure Pack B Mini $9.99
CIS HD7005 HD Blades for Hire Mini $11.99
WYR 1035 Hoffman Box Set Mini $37.00
WYR 4035 Insidious Madness Mini $10.00
WYR 5049 Hamelin the Plagued Mini $9.00
WYR 5050 Stolen (3 pack) Mini $18.00
WYR 5051 Nix Mini $10.00
WYR 5052 Rat Catchers (2 pack) Mini $16.00
WYR 5053 Obedient Wretch Mini $9.00
WTW 06323 Ultra Blue Rocky Lake (PO Only) Miniatures Games $32.00
WTW 06906 One Rock Hill Set-Summer (PO Only) Miniatures Games $19.99
WTW 11005 Red Brick Walls (6) Miniatures Games $9.99
WTW 11007 Grey Brick Walls (6) Miniatures Games $9.99
ZVE 6123 German Dive Bomber Ju-87 B2 STUKA Board Game 3.95
ASY 00400 Legendary Encounters Complete Line $375.74
GRD INC05 Incursion SNAFU Expansion Book $25.00
GRD INC107 Incursion Bazooka APE $13.00
GRD INC209 Incursion Blitzhund 2 $11.00
GRD INC210 Incursion Drohne $11.00
GRD INC211 Incursion Panzeraffe $20.00
GRD INC212 Incursion Sturmzombies Pack A (6) $24.00
GRD INC213 Incursion Sturmzombies Pack B (6) $24.00
GRD INC305 Incursion Zip Kelly $9.00
GRD INC306 Incursion Gracie $25.00
ANC20225 Xyston 15mm: Carthaginian Elephant with War Tower $10.49
FDYREV202 28mm Fantasy - Elves: Wolfflax Nymphs (7) $23.25
FDYREV204 28mm Fantasy - Elves: Lacemoss Nymphs (7) $23.25
FDYREV205 28mm Fantasy - Elves: Helleborine Nymphs (7) $23.25
FDYREV500 28mm Fantasy - Elves: Cherubs #1 (6) $23.25
FDYSV501 Street Violence Modern: Urban Zulu Warriors $20.49
HCS602252 Winning Snacks: Tiger Blood Transfusion Bag $3.99
HCS602256 Winning Snacks: Adonis DNA Transfusion Bag $3.99
MASB03021 Battle Bases: Wraithstone Bases, Round 25mm (5) $6.99
MASB03023 Battle Bases:Wraithstone Bases, Round 60mm (1) $6.99
MASB03101 Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 20x20mm (5) $7.00
MASB03102 Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 25x25mm (5) $7.00
MASB03105 Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 50x50mm (1) $7.00
MASB03106 Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, Chariot 50x100mm (1) $10.50
MASB03223 Battle Bases: Urban Bases, Round 60mm (1) $6.99
MASB03225 Battle Bases: Urban Bases, Bike 25x50mm (4) $10.50
MASB03226 Battle Bases: Urban Bases, Elipse 120mm (1) $21.00
MASD03700 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Tolliver Groat (1) $13.99
MASD03800 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Lord Downey (1) $13.99
MASD03900 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Adora Belle (1) $12.25
MASM00021 28mm Sci-Fi: Officer Sarah Anderson (1) $13.25
MASM00022 28mm Sci-Fi: Mary Fearless (1) $13.25
MASM00023 28mm Sci-Fi: Alice Tinkerly (1) $13.25
MASM00024 28mm Sci-Fi: Lilly the Timewitch (1) $13.25
MAST00043 Infinity Sci-Fi Terrain: Concrete Wall Set 1 (6) $50.75
MAST00044 Infinity Sci-Fi Terrain: Concrete Wall Set 2 (9) $78.75
CYC10700 Crystal Caste: Pyrate's Plunder Poker Set (Pirate) $89.00
WYR1035 Malifaux 32mm - Guild: Hoffman Box Set $37.00
RHM3006 32mm Fantasy - Rusted Heroes: Rhinah of the Wild with Totem of the Dead $9.99
RHM3007 32mm Fantasy - Rusted Heroes: Brahn Life Cleaver $9.99
RHM5005 32mm Fantasy - Rusted Heroes: Drekinn, Chthonic 6-Headed Hydra $49.99
COR280145 Infinity (#287) Ariadna: Dozers, Field Engineers (Akrylat-Kanone) (1) $11.75
COR280247 Infinity (#288) PanOceania: Magister Knights (4) $49.99
COR280445 Infinity (#289) Haqqislam: Khawarijs (Rifle + Light Shotgun) (1) $11.75
COR280815 Infinity (#291) ALEPH: Dasyus (Hacker) (1) $11.75
DCGST268 Strategy & Tactics Magazine #268: When Lions Sailed $30.00
DSM7970 Limited/Special Edition Miniature: Fox Bard $9.99
DSM7971 Limited/Special Edition Miniature: Ali Sparrow, Female Cat Pirate $9.99
DSM7972 Limited/Special Edition Miniature: Honey Badger Barbarian $14.99
DSM7973 Limited/Special Edition Miniature: Sad Panda # 2 $14.99
DSM7974 Limited/Special Edition Miniature: Olivia, Red Panda $9.99
ESXTT13 Essex Field of Glory: Camillan Roman Camp $26.25
ESXTT14 Essex Field of Glory: Marian Roman Camp $26.25
ESXTT15 Essex Field of Glory: Early Imperial Roman Camp $26.25
ESXTT16 Essex Field of Glory: Middle Imperial Roman Camp $26.25
ESXTT17 Essex Field of Glory: Late Imperial Roman Camp $26.25
ESXTT18 Essex Field of Glory: Assorted Roman Camp Workers (6 per pack) $4.00
ESXTT19 Essex Field of Glory: 2 Roman Tents $4.00
ESXTT20 Essex Field of Glory: Temporary Roman Palisadestrips (40mm long, 4 per pack) $4.00
BAU15A42CB Cama Scenics (15mm WWII): VF6a Spotter bunker $11.25
BAU48014CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): German Reinforcements $12.75
BAUFOG1 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Roman Semi-Permanent Camp (FoG) $33.75
BAUGAB1 Hoppidus: Gabion Artillery Emplacements (2) $6.75
BAUGAB2 Hoppidus: Individual Gabions (16) $5.25
BAUHOP7 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Gabion Fortifications (8) $21.75
FBMGOB015 Freebooter's Fate: Hueso Narg $14.99
LAOGMG052 Advanced Naval Compass $8.99
LAOJPL1021 RPG Accessories: Multi-Color Boundary Token Set (12) $5.99
GF9SK201 Movement Tray: Skirmish 20mm 5x1 Formation $6.99
GF9SK202 Movement Tray: Skirmish 20mm 5x2 Formation $6.99
GF9SK203 Movement Tray: Skirmish 20mm 5x3 Formation $6.99
GF9SK204 Movement Tray: Skirmish 20mm 5x4 Formation $6.99
GFM020 Game Forces Magazine Issue 20 (English Edition) $9.99
FENSM04 Fenryll Miniatures: Hydra (1) $56.00
FENSM10 Fenryll Miniatures: Griffin (1) $80.50
FENTC07 Fenryll Miniatures: Dragon Skulls (3) $16.75
FENTC46 Fenryll Miniatures: Grandma & Grandpa Roswell (2) $12.50
FENTCMC06 Fenryll Miniatures: Round Column $5.00
FENVPA07 Fenryll Miniatures: Amazon Country Bike (2) $33.25

WZK 70193 DC HC Watchmen Colossal Dr Manhattan CMG $79.99
This newly designed Colossal figure of Dr. Manhattan comes with an updated paint job and completely re-designed campaign rules, card, dials, and map, making for an entirely new Watchmen HeroClix experience.

FFG DT011 Dust Tactics Kommandotrupp Board Games $14.95
Two new Dust Tactics expansions bring amazing versatility to your battles! Both The Boss and Kommandotrupp have the Command Squad ability, making them indispensable in overseeing your other forces. Their exceptional motivational skills even allow them to reactivate units that you've already used. What's more, both squads have the Artillery Strike ability, meaning they can serve as spotters for any friendly tank armed with Artillery!

FFG DT012 Dust Tactics Boss Board Games $14.95
Two new Dust Tactics expansions bring amazing versatility to your battles! Both The Boss and Kommandotrupp have the Command Squad ability, making them indispensable in overseeing your other forces. Their exceptional motivational skills even allow them to reactivate units that you've already used. What's more, both squads have the Artillery Strike ability, meaning they can serve as spotters for any friendly tank armed with Artillery!

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UDAF78244 CAM NEWTON Auburn Autographed Mini Helmet 4/11/2011
UDAF78246 CAM NEWTON Autographed NFL Duke Football 4/11/2011
UDAF78249 CAM NEWTON Auto Auburn Wilson Commemorative FB 4/11/2011
UDAF78252 CAM NEWTON Auburn F/S Authentic Autographed Helmet 4/11/2011
UDAF78255 CAM NEWTON Auburn F/S Replica Autographed Helmet 4/11/2011
UDAF78268 NEWTON BCS NC "Scramble" 8x10 UNFRAMED 4/11/2011
UDAF78271 CAM NEWTON BCS Celebration 16x20 UNFRAMED 4/11/2011
UDAF78273 NEWTON BCS NC "Scramble" 8x10 UNFRAMED 4/11/2011


11UDF 2011 UPPER DECK FOOTBALL 4/12/2011

11AATEX 2011 Ace Authentic EX Tennis 4/22/2011

11TOBGQ 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball 4/27/2011

10UDHSPA 10/11 UD SP Authentic (NHL) Hockey 4/19/2011
10IGHE 10/11 ITG Enshrined HOF Hockey 4/29/2011


MTHALORS3-51 HALO Reach S3 JUN SOLID 8ct 18651-2 4/18/2011
MTHALORS3-52 HALO Reach S3 ODST JETPACK SOLID 8ct 18652-9 4/18/2011
MTHALORS3-53 HALO Reach S3 ELITE SPEC OPS SOLID 8ct 18653-6 4/18/2011
MTHALORS3-54 HALO Reach S3 GRUNT HEAVY SOLID 8ct 18654-3 4/18/2011
MTHALORS3-55 HALO Reach S3 SPARTAN MPC (MALE) 8ct 18654-3 4/18/2011
MTHALORS3-56 HALO Reach S3 SPARTAN AIR ASSAULT 8ct 18656-7 4/18/2011
MTHALORS32P McFarlane HALO Reach Series 3: 2-Pack Asst 18665-9 4/18/2011
MTHALORS32P-66 HALO Reach S3 COVENANT RANGERS 2-Pack 18666-6 4/18/2011
MTHALORS32P-67 HALO Reach S3 SPARTAN LOADOUTS 2-Pack 18667-3 4/18/2011
MTHALORS32P-68 HALO Reach S3 UNSC SUPPORT STAFF 2-Pack 18668-0 4/18/2011
MTHALORWABS HALO Reach WARTHOG Accessory Box Set Asst 18937-7 4/18/2011
MTHALORWABS-38 HALO Reach WARTHOG Rocket Launcher 18938-4 4/18/2011
MTHALORWABS-39 HALO Reach WARTHOG Gauss Cannon 18939-1 4/18/2011

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