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     o Gator Games Newsletter: April 12 to April 18 2010
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GTM 122 PDF is on the website for your preorders.
Birthday Coupon is on the website.

Legend of the Five Rings - Imperial Gfit II has arrived.
Free with $10 purchase. Please only 1 per person.
this is the same gift as last years, they finally reprinted.
Free Dungeons and Dragons Player HB 3 giveaway
with @johnnfour and @gatorgames.
comment or retweet to Win.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

20% off Primer, Tools, Terrain, Paint & Brushes +

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
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o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2010)

Tues.: 4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS League and Pokemon Rumble by Rickki $3

Wed. 4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
New League Prizes! Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

4/14 "April Showers"
Prize: Legendary Day BFC
800 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: Reduce the movement of flying figures by two (2) to a minimum of one (1). Increase the movement of swimming figures by two (2).

4/22 The Bold & the Brave
400 pt Draft
Buy 2 Boosters and use them to make a team
Prize:Black Lantern #D object s008 + card

4/28 "Time Warp
800 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All figures with the Scientist keyword gain Probability control.
Prize: TBD (we will get the kit in this week and will be in next week's newsletter)

Thurs. 4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2010)

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
(this is so we can hold 16 people)
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

April 17 Sat 11am Magic: Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease $25
(extra signups start at 10:30 - play starts at 11am sharp)
If it rains, we will be holding another tournament at 2:30.

April 18, Sun Noon World of Warcraft Miniature Tournament $5

April 24 , Sat 11am Magic: Rise of the Eldrazi - Launch Party $25
(extra signups start at 10:30 )
April 24, Sat 3pm Legend of the Five Rings Tournament $5
April 25 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15
Gator Games will add additonial foils, boosters and other prizes. All Rares are put in the 'prize' pot.

May 1, 11am Yugioh Shining Darkness Sneak Peek $20
(extra signups start at 10:30 - if weather isn't nice, we will run sneak peeks all weekend)
no t-shirts, only Game Mats this time as top prize
one tournament entry per day.



______ AEG15400 L5R CCG: The Plague War Starter Deck Display (6) Retail: $83.94
______ AEG15401 L5R CCG: The Plague War Starter Deck (1) Retail: $13.99
______ AEG15410 L5R CCG: The Plague War Booster Pack Display (48) Retail: $177.12
______ AEG15411 L5R CCG: The Plague War Booster Pack (1) Retail: $3.69
______ AEG5012-E Thunderstone Expansion: Wrath of the Elements Retail: $34.99
______ PIP1031 Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries (SC) Retail: $34.99
______ PIP1032 Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries (HC) Retail: $44.99
______ PIP31069 Warmachine - Cygnar: Stormblade Stormgunner Retail: $11.99
______ PIP32067 Warmachine: Protectorate Exemplar Errant Seneschal Retail: $14.99
______ PIP34073 Warmachine: Cryx Satyxis Blood Hag Retail: $9.99
______ PIP41073 Warmachine: Mercenary Drake Macbain Retail: $11.99
______ PIP71046 Hordes Trollblood: Trollblood Dire Troll Bomber Box Pack Retail: $42.99
______ PIP71051 Hordes Trollblood: Trollking Runebearer Retail: $12.99
______ PIP72044 Hordes Circle Orboros: Warpwolf Stalker Retail: $32.99
______ PIP74047 Hordes Circle Skorne: Razor Worm Retail: $17.99
______ XRP6014 Pathfinder RPG - 1 on 1 Adventures #14: A Sickness In Silverton Retail: $12.00
______ XRP6015 Pathfinder RPG - 1 on 1 Adventures #15: Cipactli's Maw Retail: $12.00
______ XRP6113 Advanced Adventures #13: White Dragon Run (OSRIC/1E Adventure) Retail: $12.00
______ XRP6114 Advanced Adventures #14: The Verdant Vault of Malakum (OSRIC/1E Adventure) Retail: $12.00
______ XRP6115 Advanced Adventures #15: Stonesky Delve (OSRIC/1E Adventure) Retail: $12.00


o Product News

Per Richard McWilliam, Upper Deck's CEO and Founder:
"Over the past year, Upper Deck has attempted to negotiate a new licensing deal with NFL Properties. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were not able to reach agreeable terms, and therefore will not be issuing any NFL Properties-licensed trading cards for the 2010 season. Upper Deck will continue to focus on its exclusive license agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company and co-exclusive agreements with NHL Enterprises and the NHL Players' Association, as well as its multiple entertainment licenses."

As a result, this product has been cancelled:
10UDFLC 2010 Upper Deck Legacy Collection NFL

This product solicitation was recently sent out via email - it will not be produced:
10UDF 2010 Upper Deck Football


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 7 days.
All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice\

RPR 03483 Slimes (2) $7.99
RPR 03484 Karlov Diedrich, Wizard $3.99
RPR 03485 Alfred Redlute, Bard $3.99
RPR 03486 Fairy Wings Pack $7.99
RPR 03487 Dragonette $5.99
RPR 03488 DHL Classics: Highlanders $7.99
RPR 03489 Black Orc Warriors (2) $14.99
RPR 03490 Warg $10.99
RPR 60022 Karzoug, Runelord of Greed $6.99
RPR 60023 Justice Ironbriar $4.49
Crimson Crisis Singles restock
WOC 25089 Star Wars CMG Masters o/t Force Bstr $14.99
WOC 25126PR D&D The Plane Above HC Pre-Release $29.95
CB7 5400 Wild Talents (Second Edition) $49.99
CB7 5401 Wild Talents The Kerberos Club $39.99
CHA 23117 COC Strange Aeons II $34.95
MGP 6157 Traveller RPG Reign of Discordia $34.99
MGP 6158 Earthdawn Nations Barsaive V1 Throal $29.99
MGP 6677 Paranoia Mr Bubbles $12.99
APMU102 The Uncharted Seas - Terrain: Island and Harbour Set $19.99
OSP CAT10B Osprey July - December 2010 Catalog in store Wed 14th
FFG CS1030 Anima Tactics LF Hiro Miniature 9.99
FFG CS2014 Anima Tactics DF Ligori Miniature 27.99
FFG CS2029 Anima Tactics DF Iosara Miniature 9.99

LAOGMB033mx-100 Square Heavy Duty Magnetic Base Bottoms. 20 mm. 100 count $13.75
This product line consists of magnetic base bottoms that you can use on our bases, your own, or others. They allow you to magnetically "stick" you figures to steel-bottomed carry boxes. They are more affordable and much easier to use than store-bought magnetic sheeting. Just peel-n-stick! No cutting necessary! They live up to the same high quality standards that our full line of plywood bases do. These bases bottoms are made from 0.020" magnetic sheet.

KEN 1210 Roleplay Resource Deadly Trappings $14.99
This useful roleplaying resource features over 75 twisted traps usable with any fantasy campaign setting or level of difficulty, complete with details on design, mechanisms, lethality, and suggested damage and/or damage substitution rules.

KEN 5008 Aces & Eights Trouble/Sequoyah Star $24.95
This innovative Aces & Eights adventure occurs on board a passenger train heading towards a date with destiny, and comes complete with three playable factions, full-color train car maps for use with miniatures, detailed NPC sheets, regional maps, a train ticket, handouts, an easy-to-use timeline, new rules of the rails, and much more!

AEG 5008 Myth Pantheons Card Game 24.95
Athena sends her followers to attack Troy. Anubis calls a plague upon Rome. Tiamat guards Babylon with wind and flame. Thor smites his foes with lightning, while Amaterasu divines the future from the heavens. In Myth, each player takes on the role of a mythic deity, vying to gain the worship of the ancient world's great cities and gain the most followers. Myth is a stand-alone card game with a deck for mortal affairs, unique deity cards allowing each of twelve ancient gods to wield their influence in a different manner, tokens for the godly powers, and a deck of 30 different cities each bringing rewards unique to the deity who can claim them.

FFG GW02 Horus Heresy Board Game 99.95
Long before the grim darkness of the 41st millennium was a time of myth and legend, where god-like beings met in a monumental battle of brother against brother. Let us return to the Imperium of the 31st Millennium when a golden age was shattered by betrayal, and exploded into the greatest battle of all time! In Horus Heresy, an epic board game for two players set in the dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, can Warmaster Horus succeed in his profane quest to crush the Imperium, drowning the galaxy in a flood of Chaos and destruction, or will the steadfast Holy Emperor of Mankind break the bloody siege, turning the tide of assault against the cruel machinations of the Dark Powers of the Warp?

FFG WHC06 Warhammer LCG Warpstone Chronicles BP CCG 9.95
The War Crown of Saphery! Basha's Bloodaxe! The Rune Fang of Solland! The forces of Order and Destruction have turned to the ancient relics of the Old World in the hope of gaining a deadly advantage in the ongoing war. Offering an impressive array of formidable attachments with the ÒrelicÓ keyword, this 40-card Battle Pack contains 20 never-before-seen cards designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Warhammer: Invasion metagame.

MGP 3833 Traveller RPG Reft Sector 24.99
Continuing the exploration of the Third Imperium, Reft Sector provides new ground for your players to explore, colonize, and capitalize! Part of the Great Rift, Reft Sector is a true wilderness, with opportunities abounding for lucky or skilled Travellers - or those on the run from more civilized space.

MGP 8178 RQ II Monster Coliseum 39.99
Foes, beasts, and creatures from every corner of the world can be found in this tome, as well as detailed rules on how they clash in the center of the Monster Coliseum!

MGP 8180 RQ II Glorantha The Second Age 39.99
Glorantha is a world permeated by magic and shaped by myth. Its heroes achieve power by questing for runes, physical manifestations of the eternal abstract forces that shape its destiny. Covering every nation of Glorantha, this sourcebook lists the histories, myths, and cultures of the world, complete with maps and detailed illustrations that bring the setting to life.

MWP 1023 Supernatural Guide/Hunted 34.99
Everybody knows rock salt keeps out ghosts and silver kills werewolves. That's just Folklore 101. But when you need to get rid of a crocotta, banish a tulpa, or deal with an Angel of the Lord, you're going to need a really good guide. Centuries of monster lore meet years of seasoned hunting experience and a handful of potentially unreliable Internet files in this essential sourcebook for the Supernatural RPG.

S2P 10501 SW Super Powers Companion 19.99
The Super Powers Companion includes and updates the superhero power system originally presented in Necessary Evil, and gives you everything you need to create your own superhero setting or expand the one you've got.

WZK 70021-C DC HC Brave/Bold Bstr Case (20) CMG 239.80
Team-up and fight for justice! DC HeroClix: The Brave and the Bold brings famous heroic (and a few villainous!) pairings from the pages of DC Comics to your tabletop. Featuring 55 all-new figures, including classic DC Comics duo-figure team-ups like Flash/Green Lantern and Luthor/Brainiac, The Brave and the Bold showcases some of the most exciting figure sculptures ever seen in HeroClix. Plus, the new game mechanic - Alter Egos - brings secret identities to HeroClix like never before!    

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.

DCR 102015 HTHM Last Train to Paris Reprint $32.00
DCR 102057 HTHM Tragical Mystery Tour Reprint $32.00
DCR 102184 HTHM Class of '54 Reprint $32.00
DCR 102288 HTHM Saturday Night Cleaver Reprint $32.00
DCR 102369 HTHM BBQ With a Vampire (teen) Reprint $32.00
DCR 106514 HTHM Watersdown Affair Reprint $32.00
QWS 6PIR02 Pirate Dice (2) Accessories 7.50
QWS BORK101 Orc Dice Bag Accessories 8.99
QWS SDEA17 Orange & Black Deadlands Dice Set (7) Accessories 19.50
QWS SPIR02 Pirate Dice (2) & Bag Accessories 15.25
QWS SSTE02 White & Black Steampunk Dice Set (7) Accessories 19.50
MGCKWU131 Undead Revenant Troop(10) $ 14.99
MGCKWU141 Undead Revenant Command(10) $ 14.99
MGCKWU151 Undead Balefire Catapult (2+WM $ 14.99
MGCKWU231 Undead Balefire Battery (4+2WM $ 24.99
MGCKWU311 Undead Omens of Death Detachme $ 34.99
MGCKWU411 Undead Warhost(52+WM) $ 59.99
WYR2025 Resurrectionists: Canine Remains (2) a Rottweiller and a Bulldog. $ 14.00
WYR2026 Resurrectionists: Canine Remains #2 (2) a Doberman and a Pug. $ 14.00
WYR1017 Guild: Peacekeeper $ 25.00
OSPAEU036 VF-11/111 Sundowners 1943-95 $ 25.95
OSPCAM219 Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo $ 19.95
OSPDUE025 FW-200 Condor vs Atlantic Convoys: 41-43 $ 17.95
OSPDUE026 P-38 Lightning vs Ki-61 Tony $ 17.95
OSPELI178 Hatamoto Samurai Horse & Foot $ 18.95
OSPELI179 Pike & Shot Tactics 1590-1660 $ 18.95
OSPGEN1665 Dogfight: War in the Skies $ 15.00
OSPRAID008 Cockleshell Raid, The-Bordeaux $ 18.95
LAOTS126 Condition Markers: Mini Wound Marker Set (10) $4.99
LAOTS127 Fantasy RPG Condition Tokens: Torch Bearer Marker Set (3) $4.99
LAOTS128 Fantasy RPG Condition Tokens: Invisible Character Marker Set (10) $9.99
LAOTS129 Condition Markers: Micro Number Marker Set (Red) $4.99
LAOTS130 Condition Markers: Micro Number Marker Set (Blue) $4.99
LAOTS139 Condition Markers: Power Field Markers (3) $6.99
WLGWGB-FJ-1 28mm Bolt Action (German) - Fallschirmjager $45.00
WLGWGP-07 28mm Pike & Shotte - Dragoons (24) 12 ft. 12 mtd $52.50
TAM003 The Ancible Magazine - Its war Jim but not as we know it (Issue #3) $8.99
ZSMZSQ14 This Quar's War: Crusader Cavalry Command (2 Riders/2 Mounts) $18.00
ZSMZSQ15 This Quar's War: Crusader Cavalry Close Combat (2 Riders/2 Mounts) $18.00
ZSMZSQ16 This Quar's War: Crusader Cavalry Rhyflers (2 Riders/2 Mounts) $18.00
ZSMZSQ17 This Quar's War: Town Militia A (8) $30.00
ZSMZSSP01 28mm Sci-Fi: Starport Travelers A (12) $40.00
MASS01001 Movement Tray: (Temple) 5x3 20x20mm $12.25
MASS01002 Movement Tray: (Temple) 5x4 20x20mm $12.25
MASS01003 Movement Tray: (Temple) 5x3 25x25mm $14.00
MASS01004 Movement Tray: (Temple) 5x4 25x25mm $14.00
MASS01005 Movement Tray: (Temple) 5x2 25x50mm $14.00
MASS01006 Movement Tray: (Temple) 3x2 40x40mm $14.00
MASS02101 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 5x3 20x20mm $12.25
MASS02102 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 5x4 20x20mm $12.25
MASS02103 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 5x3 25x25mm $14.00
MASS02104 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 5x4 25x25mm $14.00
MASS02105 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 5x2 25x50mm $14.00
MASS02106 Movement Tray: (Jungle) 3x2 40x40mm $14.00
MASW00001 Wolsung Miniatures: Harriet Kinsley (1) $11.50
MASW00002 Wolsung Miniatures: Thorvald Nielsgaard (1) $11.50
MASW00003 Wolsung Miniatures: Lord James Fouley (1) $11.50
MASW00004 Wolsung Miniatures: Timmy ''Weasel'' O'Connor (1) $11.50
RBG0050 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (Dvergr) Merry Stigandr Hornskald $5.99
RBG0051 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (Dvergr) Ymir the White, Lord of StoneGate $5.99
RBG0056 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (HelsVakt) Hakar the Horrible $8.99
RBG0057 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (HelsVakt) Svartulf the Savage $8.99
RBG0058 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (HelsVakt) Bloody Garm $8.99
RBG0059 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: (HelsVakt) Hordesmen Pack B $24.99
RBG0061 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: The Keeper - Human Necromancer $8.99
RBG0062 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Gunhildr of Uhterby - Njorn Female Barbarian $8.99
RBG0063 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: The Rogue Ravenna - Aelfar Female Rogue $8.99
RKHCOC102 AT-43 - Cogs: Recon Strider (Multi Weapons)Unit Box $30.00
RKHCORE04 AT-43 - Cogs: Stalkers Unit Box $30.00
RKHRACH02 Confrontation Ram: Rhea of Brisis Hero Box $10.00
RKHRACH03 Confrontation Ram: Melmoth Hero Box $10.00
RKHRACH04 Confrontation Ram: The Gorgon Hero Box $10.00
RKHRACH05 Confrontation Ram: Ejhin of Vanth Hero Box $10.00
RKHRALV02 Confrontation Ram: Wamphyrs Unit Box $25.00
APMM205 Terrain: 15mm WWII - North African Building Small $3.00
APMM206 Terrain: 15mm WWII - North African Building Medium $3.50
APMM207 Terrain: 15mm WWII - Tent Set $5.00
APMT202 Terrain: 54mm - Trench Section $11.50
APMT203 Terrain: 54mm - Ruined Cottage $11.50
APMT204 Terrain: 54mm - Strategic Bunker $12.00
APMU102 The Uncharted Seas - Terrain: Island and Harbour Set $19.99
APMU103 The Uncharted Seas - Terrain: Island $15.99
APMU104 The Uncharted Seas - Terrain: Harbour $5.99 
APMZ243 Terrain: 28mm Future Zone - Trench T Junction $8.00
APMZ244 Terrain: 28mm Future Zone - Trench Bunker $12.00
APMZ245 Terrain: 28mm Future Zone - Fortress Wall Section $9.00
APMZ246 Terrain: 28mm Future Zone - Fortress Bastion $19.00
APMZ247 Terrain: 28mm Future Zone - Fortress $50.00
CPS1012 Bataan! - The Battle for Bataan: 1942 $62.00
DCGWW11 World at War Magazine #11: Afrika Korps $29.99
DSDGER017 AE-WWII: German Wehrmacht MG42 Team $11.99
DSDGER018 AE-WWII: German Wehrmacht Flamenwerfer Team $11.99
DSDGER019 AE-WWII: German Wehrmacht Granatenwerfer Team $11.99
DSDGER020 AE-WWII: German Werhmacht Panzerschreck Team $11.99
SPGFAAP06 Firestorm Armada: Aquan Escort (6) $19.99
SPGFACV01 Firestorm Armada: Civilian Vessels Pack 1 (5) $26.99
SPGFADF06 Firestorm Armada: Dindrenzi Escort (6) $19.99
SPGFASC06 Firestorm Armada: Sorylian Escort (6) $19.99
SPGFATA06 Firestorm Armada: Terran Escort (6) $19.99
TABBA-BAM-30 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Bamakas/Wasteland, Round 30mm $12.00
TABBA-BAM-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Bamakas/Wasteland, Round 40mm $10.50
TABBA-CFSQ-20 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Classic Castle Floor, square 20mm $9.00
TABBA-CFSQ-25 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Classic Castle Floor, square 25mm $12.00
TABBA-CFSQ-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Classic Castle Floor, square 40mm $10.50
TABBA-DH-RECT Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Dwarven Hall rectangular 25x50mm $12.00
TABBA-DHSQ-25 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Dwarven Hall Square 25mm $10.50
TABBA-DHSQ-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Dwarven Hall Square 40mm $10.50
TABBA-FARS-25 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Factory bases, round 25mm $12.00
TABBA-FGSQ-25 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Forest ground, square 25mm $12.00
TABBA-FGSQ-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Forest ground, square 40mm $9.00
TABBA-MSRR-30 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Machines scrapyard, round 30mm (rounded edges) $12.00
TABBA-MSRR-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Machines scrapyard, round 40mm (rounded edges) $10.50
TABBA-MSRS-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Machines scrapyard, round 40mm (straight edges) $10.50
TABBA-SFRS-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Skull field, round 40mm (strait edges) $10.50
TABBA-SFSQ-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Skull field, square 40mm $9.00
TABBA-SGRR-25 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Slate ground, round 25mm (round edges) $12.00
TABBA-SGRR-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Slate ground, round 40mm (rounded edges) $10.50
TABBA-SGRS-40 Eden 32mm - Resin Bases: Slate ground, round 40mm (straight edges) $10.50
TABEDE-BL-ABA Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Abama Large Belly $16.50
TABEDE-BL-ANT Eden 32mm - Jokers: Anton $12.00
TABEDE-BL-ARY Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Sister Arya $12.00
TABEDE-BL-CHD Eden 32mm - NPF: Chitinous Hound $10.50
TABEDE-BL-DAI Eden 32mm - ISC: Grey Daimyo $27.00
TABEDE-BL-DOG Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Dog Man $10.50
TABEDE-BL-ELE Eden 32mm - Jokers: Elenia $12.00
TABEDE-BL-GRA Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Sister Gracianne $12.00
TABEDE-BL-IEV Eden 32mm - Jokers: Ievgueni $12.00
TABEDE-BL-ILO Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Sister Ilona $10.50
TABEDE-BL-ILY Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Sister Ilyiss - Inquisitor $12.00
TABEDE-BL-KUN Eden 32mm - ISC: Black Kunoichi $12.00
TABEDE-BL-MAM Eden 32mm - ISC: Green Mamushi $22.50
TABEDE-BL-MUC Eden 32mm - NPF: Mutant Critters $10.50
TABEDE-BL-NGO Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Ngobo Swift Arm $12.00
TABEDE-BL-NGW Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Ngwane Lightning Claws $16.50
TABEDE-BL-RON Eden 32mm - ISC: Carmin Ronin $22.50
TABEDE-BL-SIG Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Sigujana Clear Spirit $13.50
TABEDE-BL-TOY Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Toy Man $10.50
TABEDE-BL-TUK Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Tukwila Bloody Fangs $16.50
TABEDE-BL-VAS Eden 32mm - Jokers: Vassiliev $13.50
TABEDE-BL-VLA Eden 32mm - Jokers: Vladd, Gang Leader $13.50
TABEDE-BL-WRA Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Wrath Man $10.50
TABEDE-BL-YUR Eden 32mm - Jokers: Yuri $12.00
TABEDE-SB-BAM Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: Bamaka Clan Starter Box $46.50
TABEDE-SB-ISC Eden 32mm - ISC: ISC Starter Box $46.50
TABEDE-SB-JOK Eden 32mm - Jokers: Jokers Starter Box $46.50
TABEDE-SB-MAT Eden 32mm - Matriarchy: Matriarchy Starter Box $46.50
TABFM-ARQ Fantasy 32mm: Elite Elf Handgunner $9.00
TABFM-BAH Fantasy 32mm: Female Barbarian Huntress $9.00
TABFM-FNI Fantasy 32mm: Female Ninja $9.00
TABFM-HSA Fantasy 32mm: Heavy Samourai $8.25
TABFM-MEI Fantasy 32mm: Meiko the geisha $8.25
TABFM-MIE Fantasy 32mm: Elf Missionary $8.25
TABFM-ULF Fantasy 32mm: Fantasy football Werewolf $11.25
TABPA-BAM Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Bad Max Wasteland Hero $8.25
TABPA-EMB Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Emet B. Mercenary Scout $9.00
TABPA-IRI Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Irina, Mercenary $9.00
TABPA-MBR Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Mutant Brawler $10.50
TABPA-MSA Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Mutie Shop Assistant $12.00
TABPA-TKG Post-Apocalypse 32mm: Tankist Girl $11.25
BOG 00301 Pocket Yamslam $10.00
PHI 70041 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Ember Winds $16.99
PHI 70042 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Secrets/Winterhold $16.99
PHI 70043 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Forest of Bone $16.99
PHI 70044 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Tales o/t Ruby Rogu $16.99
PHI 70045 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Rites o/t Ogre Magi $16.99
PHI 70046 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Blood for Blood $16.99
PHI 70047 Warlord 4E Exp 3 Ebon Wings $16.99

GWI 241 Too Many Monkeys $11.00
Primo the Monkey was fast asleep until his friends swung by for a surprise pajama party! Help Primo chase away the primate pranksters by flipping and swapping cards in numerical order. But, watch out for elephants and giraffes who want to crash in on the fun!

GWI 5517 Can You See What I See? $15.00
Can you see a seashell? How about a kangaroo? Reveal a Find Me tile and try to find the featured object among your set of Keep Me cards in this visual game of hide and seek.

MAT R4651 Mad Gab Game To Go 19.50
It's not what you say, but what you hear! In this entertaining, talk-out-loud game, players square off against their opponents in solving mondegreens - puzzles comprised of small words that, when said together, sound like a phrase, famous person, place, or thing.  

RKH COC102 AT-43 Cogs UB Cog Recon Strider* $30.00
RKH CORE04 AT-43 Cogs UB Stalkers* $30.00
RKH RACH02 CON Ram HB Rhea de Brisis* $10.00
RKH RACH03 CON Ram HB Melmoth* $10.00
RKH RACH04 CON Ram UB The Gorgon* $10.00
RKH RACH05 CON Ram UB Ejhin de Vanth* $10.00
RKH RALV02 CON Ram UB Wamphyrs* $25.00

To get these, you have to preorder, the place I get them from is only filing preorders now.

MDB KVD-0945 Words Worth Outer Story (SO's Only) DVD  $19.99
MDB KVD-0946 World of Words Worth Collection (SO's Only) DVD $34.99

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes, Toys & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off.

Code - Release
RAM70A MARVEL 70TH ANNIVERSARY T/C 4/14/2010 $84.00
MTBBCCS7 McFarlane MLB Cooperstown Series 7 Asst 71510-1 4/12/2010
MTBBCCS7-11 McFarlane MLB Cooperstown Series 7 T Gwynn 71511-8 4/12/2010
MTBBCCS7-12 McF MLB Cooperstown Series 7 Yastrzemski 71512-5 4/12/2010
MTBBCCS7-13 McFarlane MLB Cooperstown Ser 7 J Morgan 71513-2 4/12/2010
MTBBCCS7-14 McFarlane MLB Cooperstown Series 7 B Ruth 71514-9 4/12/2010
MTBBCCS7-15 McF MLB Cooperstown Series 7 T Munson 71515-6 4/12/2010
UPRIM2 IRON MAN 2 "MOVIE" T/C 4/20/2010 $71.76
10PPRP 2010 PRESS PASS PREMIUM RACING 4/21/2010 $99.80
MTHALO10DVBS2 HALO 2010 Deluxe Vehicle Bx Set Ser 2 Asst 18930-8 4/19/2010

o NEW in Web Store (new and used stuff)
There is a will call option for store pickup but you do pay for it online.

Ebay - 7 day auctions
working now on the discontinued ccgs.

This will be happening in March and April.


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