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     o Gator Games Newsletter: April 13 to April 19 2009
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GTM 110 orders are due April 21st
those of you who ever wanted one free - come and try it out. I bought 10 extras this month.
If you put in a preorder - you get the next issue free, make sure to ask.
Make sure you do not miss your next favorite release due to short-print runs.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

10% off  General Sale +

Time to save ....   We are discounting extra stock and older stock at 25% and 50% off retail price.
Hundreds of items have already being discounted. When we are done, over 1/3 of the store
should be on sale. This is all everyone at Gator has been doing. There will be over 1000+ items you
can save on.

This deal has to be preordered for you.
Supplies are limited; act now!
March 20 through May 20, 2009, you can purchase any of the following products at Buy One Get One Free pricing:
AEG 14700-D Heavens Will Starter Display
AEG 14710-D Heavens Will Booster Display    
AEG 14405-D Banzai Edition Starter Display
AEG 14480-D Stronger than Steel Starter Display 
AEG 14490-D Stronger Than Steel Booster Display 
AEG 14240-D Truest Test Starter Display  
AEG 14600-D Words and Deeds Starter Display   
AEG 14610-D Words and Deeds Booster Display    

Additional Sales+
these sales can be changed at any time.
25% off Wizkids Products including singles
50% off Bleach TCG
50% off Spoils TCG
50% off Mutant Chronicles
25% off Rackham products
Yu-gi-oh Rise of Destiny boosters .99 pack
Yu-gi-oh Gladiators Assault, Magic Ruler and Lost Millenium $2.99 pack
Mechwarrior Boosters $2.99
Mage Knight boosters $2.39
Dreamblade Boosters $4.49
IndyClix Boosters $2.08
WoW Heroes of Azeroth Starters and Molten Core Raid Deck $14.99
Deadlands & Hell on Earth RPG's - mostly $9.99
Haloclix Starters $18.75
Horrorclix Boosters $5.99 (small) $8.25 (large)
D&D 3.0 and 3.5 products - as marked  (WotC, Atlas, FFG) -mainly 25% off.
Anarcronism starters $6.99, boosters $3.49
most Lord of the Rings - 25% or 50% off as marked
Heroes of Azeroth Playmats $12.99
VS starters 4.99    boosters 1.99   Gallery 2.99
SNK starters 4.88  SNK boosters 1.99
UFS starters  4.99 boosters 1.75

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
note: BFM will not let us discount over 10% - so that is the maximum discount.

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Free promo with your purchase+ as supplies last
Limit 3 per day / per person / per game for Promos
  Please remind or ask the saleclerk, as these change often.

  CCG & CMG specials 

Free with Purchase: DDM stat cards (no figure)
Free demos decks - Kingdom Hearts, Vampire the Eternal Struggle, Magic the Gathering
Free paper playmats and instructions for Kingdom Hearts
Buy $20 Star Wars Pocket Models = free promo pack of 2 ships
  buy one pack/starter of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy one pack/starter of Bella Sara = 1 Free promo card (2+ $10 in product)
  Buy $10 L5R = clan pack of the month, Imperial gift
  buy $10: promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Maple Story, Bleach
  buy $10:  promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, Naruto, V:tes
  buy $15:  foil promo = L5R, Maple Story, Vs., Kingdom Hearts
  buy $20:  foil promo = Bleach, Vs
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter:  Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  Buy $10 in baseball cards:  and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy 2 booster boxes of Magic = free magic backpack or Nicol Bolas Playmat
  Buy 3 booster boxes of Magic = Free land playmat of choice (or the backpack)
  Free L5R Imperial Heralds - no purchase required
  Buy one Booster Box of WoW TCG and get a Heralds of Azeroth playmat free.

  Buy 5 boosters of I Chomp NY : one limtied edition figure C-Type Shinobi Shadow Unit for every five boosters purchased. Players who collect 12 I Chomp NY boosters box tops and their receipts can redeem them for a mega Pieradax limited-edition figure to be sent to the brick and mortar store of their choice. (hopefully Gator Games)  
Buy any WoW tmg product and get a free winterspring/tanaris map.
Heroclix - Buy $15 and get a free clix of choice from box (Thor, Batman, Vlad the Impaler)
Heroclix/Horrorclix -  Free map with purchase
Pirates - Buy $15 and get a free pack promo ships (Submarine)
World of Warcraft TMG = promo cards attached to core and starters only. (left over from marquees)
4/30 release  For each three boxes of Alara Reborn boosters pre-ordered, you will received one Alara Reborn Land Playmat
Please let us know, these have to be ordered.

RPG specials
May 19th release : Monster Manual 2:  Monster Bookmark with preorder
For each D&D Player's Handbook 2 $34.95,  you will receive a special Character Sheet Folder

Buy One of Each - 4E Player's HB, DMG and Monster Manual and get a free Dragonlance Stained glass (without frame)
Deadlands D20 Rulebook -  Free with any $100 rpg purchase (please ask)

Card & Boardgames specials
Buy $10 in looney labs products:  and get either free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack or a free Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower Pack  (retail $2)   Monty Python Fluxx: Castle Expansion (when it arrives)
SJG3907 Munchkin Quest with all the promos 
Killer Bunnies Journey to Jupiter = our copies have promos taped to them.
Munckin - Taped promos to all our copies in stock at this time.
Formula De' - promo car attached.
Killer Bunnies Blue - promo attached

Miniatures specials
Mutant Chronicles = free playmats attached to product.
BFM FW051 Flames of War: Art of War II: The Wehrmacht Edition!
Limited: The Steel of War - Poster with pictures 31 different armoured vehicles from the German army, painted by the Battlefront Studio, featured in one massive poster, free with every copy of The Art of War!

Upcoming Promotions - we have no details yet on some
May : Worldwide D&D Game Day: Power Card Deck Boxes
May : Goodman Games:  20% off sale on Dungeon Crawl Classics for month.
July-Sept: Magic Core Set: Magic Rulesbooks
Sept : Dungeon Master's Guide 2:  Laminated Wet-Erase Initative/Condition/Health Tracker, with preorders
Oct: New Magic Set: pre-order promotion TBD
Nov: New Magic Set Post-Release: Loyalty Counters, with reorders (credit card style life counter)
Oct-Dec: Draconomicon 2: preorder promotion TBD

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will receive a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Weekly Raffle -
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.
Temporary: we are announcing the winner on Twitter.
o Baseball Card Clubhouse - an event free for Scouts 
Have your scoutmaster contact us if interested.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
- you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, bitz parts or Sale items

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Twitter Updates
We are now on Twitter @gatorgames
We will be announcing events, the winners of the events, hot new releases

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store
Newsletter from e-bay sent out every Thursday or Friday

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Demo Policy
We are trying to run more demos and need your help.
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.

Mon. :
  4pm Games Workshop Miniatures League $3 
4/13 Warhammer 40K +1 for taking the not defenseable terrain feature in your opponents deloyment zone, +1 for all painted army
4/20 Warhammer Fantasy +2 for not using rare choices, +1 for all painted army
4/27 Warhammer 40K +2 for ending the game wth all remaining units within 12" of the center of the table, +1 all painted armry
• Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably.

• Each win 20 points.  • Each draw 10 points.  • Each loss 5 points.
• 40k in 40 Minutes as found White Dwarf issue 284 or found on the web.
•  GW Events: Winning Prize:  2+ =$5 trade, 4+ =$10 trade, 6+= $15 trade, 8+=$20 trade
•  GW gives Gator additional prizes after we report how many attended each GW event each month and we have to report what winners bought with their GW store trade

Tues.: 4pm Pokemon League by Ethan $3 
Win Booster Packs, Pins and Stickers based on your game play. At least one booster pack is opened every week for additional prizes.

Wed. 4pm Heroclix by Jason  free unless draft 
Specifics to each event posted at store.
4/15 Tax Man 400 pts
4/22  no event
4/29 Mystery Guests (Sealed/Constructed) 200 pts

Thurs.:  11-2 Demos provided by Gator Staff on Request
     4pm Flames of War Tournament - 600 pts  (Demos are available if the store isn't busy. )
Nick has everything painted up and ready to show.  Infantry, Tanks,  and Planes. FoW is the ultimate battle.
(starting April 16th, the new Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring demos will be available too)

Fri.: 4pm Friday Night Magic Stardard 'type 2'  $3
Prize Pool = 1 booster per every 2 players
( Person with the most wins for the Month gets a Nicol Bolas Playmat (limited playmat by Wotc to Gold tier stores)

Weekend Events!
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.
Please contact to schedule a demo
We really need Board Game and 2-3 RPG demos.

April 18, Sat 11am The World of Warcraft ® Miniatures Game: 2009 April Battlegrounds $5
Exclusive Miniature Tauren Bear Form, Action Bar Card Bear Form , Action Bar Card Mark of the Wild,  Action Bar Card Kick, Double-sided Maps
we are playing this one close. The kit is to arrive the day before, if it late, we will owe you the prizes.

April 18, Sat 3pm World of Warcraft TCG 2009 Battlegrounds Kit #4 $5
promos to all - T-shirt to the winner  

April 19, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
2 Conflux boosters and 1 Shards of Alara booster 
Prize Pool = 1 booster per every player excluding Adam
( Person with the most wins for the Month gets a Nicol Bolas Playmat (limited playmat by Wotc to Gold tier stores)

April 25 Sat 11:00 Alara Reborn Prerelease SEALED $25 
Sealed Format: Players get 3 Alara Reborn Boosters and 3 Shards of Alara Boosters
we will take 8 signups. Anyone else depends on the weather.  (signups at 10:30)
We will run another event after the 1st - for late people or those that want more magic. (side event)

May 2, Sat 11:00 am Magic: Offical Alara Reborn Launch Party Sealed $25
Sealed Format: Players get 3 Alara Reborn Boosters and 3 Shards of Alara Boosters
All players will receive a Knight of the New Alara Promo Card.
we will take 8 signups. Anyone else depends on the weather.  (signups at 10:30)

May 3, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
(1 shard, 1 conflux, 1 Alara reborn)
May 16, Sat 11am VTES: Imperator Storyline Kit $5
• 10 of each of 2 different VTES promo cards  • 12 booster packs of Prize Support.
May 17, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
May 23, Sat   11am Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons® Game Day - (Monster Manual 2 Release) $3
May 31, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
June 20 Free RPG day  - no purchase is necessary,  1 item per person
July 11, Sat 11:00 am Magic: The Gathering 2010 Core Set Prerelease
Sept 25, Sat 11:00 Magic:  Zendikar pre-release 
Oct 3rd, Sat 11:00 Magic: Zendikar launch party

o Preorders   These items are short solicits and may not appear in any issue of Game Trade.
______ [SPGSHU005] The Uncharted Seas: Human Imperial - Martyr Ship(x3) [Retail: $8.00]
______ [SPGSHU007] The Uncharted Seas: Human Imperial - Human Heavy Cruiser (1) [Retail: $11.25]
______ [SPGSOR006] The Uncharted Seas: Human Imperial - Orc Assault Ship (1) [Retail: $11.75]
______ [SPGSTE005] The Uncharted Seas: Elven War Dragon (1) [Retail: $11.99]
______ [SPGSTE006] The Uncharted Seas: Elven Assault Destroyer (2) [Retail: $9.75]

______ RRG 932 Pants on Fire   BG $19.95
Can you tell who's telling the truth and who's a liar? A card is flipped over... and you come face to face with three events in your life.  Everybody races to write down a little something about each event and then... one by one, reveal their secrets. But who says you have to tell the truth?  Time to embellish a bit, twist the facts around, or hey, just like like a rug! But remember, everyone will be betting on which of your stories are real and which are false. So if you're going to win Pants on Fire, will you be truthful... or a liar?

______ RRG 935 Pressure Point  BG $19.95
Can you keep your cool under pressure? Only the coolest cucumbers will win in this party game where how fast you can spit out answers is more important than how much you know. Beat the clock to get the most points!  C'mon, you can do it... the pressure's on!  Every player in turn will be asked to say a list of things that match a category: "Types of Flowers", "National Parks", "Girls Names Starting with N". Before this player sees the category, every other player will be shown the category, and every other player votes on how many correct answers will be given in 10 seconds. Bids are recorded on the voting dials. If the player votes correctly, they win their bid in chips from the supply. If they overbid, they must return a chip to the pile, and if they underbid, they must pay a chip to the current Guesser.  Who ever has the most chips when the rounds are over wins the game!

______ RGG 387 Zooloretto Exotic Expansion     $29.95
Now the zoo becomes more exotic with the building of a new jungle experience path with strange animals from all over the world. These new exotic animals attract a large number of curious visitors. And the stands pay double because of the increased business. Of course, the other zoos also have their exotic animals to lure customers to them. The player who creates exhibits that keep visitors in his zoo earns bonus points at the end of the game.

______ [RGG370] Dominion: The Fast-Paced Game of Strategic Deck Building [Retail: $44.95]
Dominion back in stock next week!

______ KON 88086-D     Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series '09  $11.99
Following the extraordinary success of the original Gold Series in 2008, comes the highly anticipated follow-up release - Gold Series 2009! Similar to the 2008 version, Gold Series 2009 will remain a hobby exclusive. Gold Series 2009 will consist of some of the most popular tournament-level card types including the all-powerful Monarchs and Six Samurai. The 50-card set will contain 18 Gold Rares including the highly sought after and hard to get "Dark Armed Dragon," and previous SJC prize cards, "Gold Sarcophagus" and "Des Volstgalph"!


o Gamer News
Hasslefree Miniatures - Coming in May! We will be doing on a pre-order basis.

Flying Buffalo on Twitter: @BUFFALORICK
Flying Buffalo on Facebook: Richard Loomis

Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus has acquired Michael Carbonaro's Big Apple Con, and plans to move the show to Pier 94 for the fall show this year.

Rackham Entertainment has extended its schedule as it reorganizes and rebuilds staff.

Marvel Studios has announced that Iron Man 2 has begun shooting, directed by Jon Favreau and written by Justin Theroux.

Wizards of the Coast has sued eight individuals alleging copyright infringement for posting digital copies of Player's Handbook 2 on the Web.

Wizards of the Coast has ended download sales of PDF editions of its products.

Pinata Games has announced that it will form an alliance with Catalyst Game Labs to produce new games, rather than to run HeroClix as they had previously hoped.

A statement on the Score Entertainment Website proclaims the end of the Bleach Trading Card Game.

Review of the card/board game Dominion from Rio Grande Games.

Duncan Toys has revealed more details of its organized play program for Warball, which it will preview at GAMA Trade Show.

White Wolf has new tools for Hunter: The Vigil.

140+ Twitter Tools and apps.

Arcane Heroes miniatures preview from WOTC is available

D&D Podcast with PennyArcade / PvP Episode 8.

FFG have released the FAQ for their boardgame Android.

Firestorm-Bagration Handbook
We have created this handy download with useful handout and sign-up sheets.

German Pionierkompanie Late War

Point Of The Spear Scenario
The first of three Hammer and Sickle scenarios by Ken that we didn't have room for in the Book.

Finding Your Way! Scenario
The second of three Hammer and Sickle scenarios by Ken that we didn't have room for in the Book.

Sicherungs and Walküre

Panzerpionierkompanies Late War

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #441: On-Call Players

Campaign Mastery: Ask The GMs: Weather, Not Climate

Judges Guild launches their 3rd website.

wwNEWS - Between GameStorm and GTS (Looney Labs)

Hobby game sales declined only slightly in 2008 despite the most difficult conditions for retail sales in a generation, according to the recently released ICv2 Insiders Guide #64.

Konami has announced that it is organizing its second round of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG sneak peaks, supporting the release of the Raging Battle expansion.

The U.S. Postal Service revealed the designs for its Simpsons stamps on Thursday.

These charts of the Top Five CCGs Over-all, Top Ten Hobby Channel CCGs, and Top Five Mass Channel CCGs reflect sales in November 2008 through February 2009.  The charts are based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

For the bestselling CMGs in the hobby channel.

For the bestselling board, card, and family games in the hobby channel.

For the bestselling non-collectible miniature games in the hobby channel.

For the bestselling RPGs in the hobby channel.

Dave Arneson, co-creator with Gary Gygax of Dungeons and Dragons, passed away last night in the company of his family.

DAVE ARNESON 1947-2009 R.I.P.

Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick comic for Dave Arneson

Charity auction in memory of Dave Arneson at GTS
If you'd like to donate an item for the auction, please contact Trey Reilly ( with the details of your donation. Please bring the items with you to GTS. If you're unable to attend GTS this year but still wish to donate an item to the auction, please contact Trey to make arrangements for shipping.

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
RPR 03393   Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard   4.49
RPR 03395   Ghostly Summons   10.49 
RPR 03397   Raging Barbarian   6.49  
RPR 03399   Lydia Copperthumb, Dwarf Rogue   2.99
RPR 10028   Legends of the Sands: Arabian Heroes   24.99 
RPR 50057   Miss Scarlet, Wild West Madam   3.99
RPR 50063   Jeeves, Clockwork Robot   3.99 
RPR 50064   Briony, Cybertechnician   6.99  
RPR 50065   Rex, Dark Future Hero   3.99  
RPR 50066   Zombies (3)   9.99
RPR 65043   Toreth, Male Dark Elf   2.99 
RPR 65044   Shadarn, Dark Elf Sorcerer   3.49 
RPR 65045   Silas, Male Cleric   3.49 
RPR 65046   Boris, Evil Fighter   4.79 
RPR 65047   Giant Rats (4)   5.29  
RPR 65048   Adrielle, High Elf Queen   4.79  
RPR 65049   Garravank The Ghoul King   9.29 
RPR 65050   Lions (Male and Female)   9.49 
RPR 65051   Jolie, Female Scribe   2.99
RPR 65052   Lydia Copperthumb, Dwarf Rogue   2.49 

WOC 25076-D   MTG: Duel Decks - Divine vs. Demonic Display   119.94   E   MW   SW   W  
An endless war rages in the heavens! The skies blacken and crackle with dark magic. Bellows of grim laughter drown out the beating of black, leathery wings. The demons have come! Then, a ray of golden light pierces the darkness. A flight of angels arrives, swords gleaming. The champions of law have arrived to cleanse the sky! Duel Decks: Divine vs Demonic contains two ready-to-play, 60-card decks that showcase some of the best spells the forces of light and darkness have to offer.  This was highly allocated across the Nation - Gator Games only has 36 to sell.

MGP 3815   Traveller RPG: The Trouble With Drazi   9.95 
Of all the races in the Babylon 5 galaxy, the Drazi may be the most underestimated. Though the Drazi are accounted by all the races as relentless, skilled warriors, in the eyes of most other races the accolades stop there. The Trouble with Drazi drops the players into the midst of this simmering mess, giving them a front-row seat for a Drazi power play and a chance to observe some of the race's best and worst qualities.

MGP 6129   Dragon Warriors RPG: The Elven Crystals   19.95 
Across the kingdom of Ereworn adventurers race to uncover four shards of an ancient crystal that, when combined, form a gateway to another world. But, were these shards split apart to stop anyone from leaving this world... or to prevent something from getting in? The Elven Crystals is a short campaign of four linked adventures designed for the Dragon Warriors RPG.

MGP 3807   Traveller RPG: Fighting Ships   24.95  
From the most agile, high-technology fighters to immense leviathan-like dreadnoughts, Fighting Ships contains the full history, design elements, and deck plans of the mighty warships that traverse the spaceways of Traveller universe.

BFM IGBX29    Luftwaffe FlaK Nest    1+ units   late $  55.00 
This box set contains 3 different buildings with 3 different tops (Flak gun stations).  The buildings are hollow but the rules state they are filled with whatever to support the guns.  Either way it could allow for some nifty scenery.  These buildings are treated as bunkers and can be set them up over 16 inches away from each other to provide valuable anti-aircraft and anti-infantry support.  They can be placed with the roof section only or on the building.  Please note that these are unpainted.  They are different than the scenery in our Battlefields in a Box.  Have a look at these here.

BFM SU104    M10 3in. Lend Lease    3-5 units    late  $11.00 
This blister gets a Soviet player a versatile anti-tank gun with a turret.  The crew of the M10 is Russian and you can even mount Tankodesantniki (SU739) on the chassis.  These tank hunters will make a perfect addition to the T-34 (both 76mm and 85mm) lists in Hammer & Sickle.  Please check them out here.

BFM SU402    Ford GPA (amphibious) Jeep (x3)    1-6 units    mid-late   $ 15.00 
This amphibious jeep can be an upgrade to the transporter platoon for a 5 point upgrade.  Amphibious jeeps treat impassible water as difficult going.  Great for those river crossing missions from Firestorm or the occasional Soviet Lake Tahoe retreat.  This good old jeeps were designed by the same guy that developed the DUKW.  More pictures and information.

BFM SU543    85mm obr 1939 gun    2-4 units  late   $12.00 
his blister contains one 85mm gun with everything needed to make the gun with or without the extra crew.  Think of this gun as a Soviet version of the German 88 Flak.  The difference is a lack of a gun shield (dig them in!) and 8 inches shorter range.  They are great area denial guns as they are also heavy AA guns which mean you can have a chance to shoot down aircraft with them as well as tanks.  Have a look at their detail here.

BFM SU747    Spetsnaz Platoon    1 unit   late  $11.00   
SU747 - Spetsnaz/LW Scout Platoon.  This blister contains the figures needed for making late war scouts and Spetsnaz platoons.  These figures have submachine guns in the form of ppsh's and mp40's.  Great for making those Strelkovy scouts or using them as Spetsnaz in Hammer & Sickle.   Oh and one important note: The blister label says late war scouts and we did not receive new labels to accurately label them as late war scouts AND Spetsnaz.  Please be aware of this as you may receive questions on this. Have a look at them here.

HWFK03   Hot Wire Foam Factory: AC Powered Crafters Scroll Table Set   $59.99
One speed plug-in-the-wall power supply and the Original Scroll Table. 12"x14" Scroll Table for cutting accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones . . . Simple adjustment for making angle cuts. World's best tool for modeling buildings, slicing walls, making columns, custom signs, and much much more. Made of industrial strength ABS. Comes with four long life 8" tall cutting blades. Works with both power supplies. Comes with 4 cutting blades and 12 feet of tool cord.

RGG A24   Genoa   59.95
This reprint of the classic Traders of Genoa features larger boxed packaging and completely new graphics! In this game of trading, wares, and negotiation, players take on the roles of traders in Genoa in the 16th century, fulfilling orders, delivering messages, and taking ownership of buildings in the city. Of course, this is not possible without the help of the other traders - thus, the need for clever negotiation!

WGF DF001   Zombie Horde   17.95    
Introducing 24 multi-part, polystyrene, 25mm, voracious Zombie miniatures to unleash upon your tabletop gaming campaign.

WGF FG001   Field Of Glory: Caesar's Legions   29.95
Battle across the Mediterranean world and launch your invasion of Britain with the finest military machine of the Ancient World with this box set providing the forces to create the legions of Julius Caesar. This 25mm-scaled miniatures set features 48 multi-part, polystyrene figures, replete with numerous arms, heads, shields, and weapons options to allow you to customize your forces for battle.

WGF FG002   Field Of Glory: Celt Warband   19.95  
Defend your homeland from the ravages of the conquering Romans with this miniatures box set providing the forces you need to create warbands of Gallic (Gaul) and British Celts. This 25mm-scaled miniatures set features 32 multi-part, polystyrene figures, replete with numerous arms, heads, shields, and weapons options to allow you to customize your forces for battle - everything from leaders and warriors, to musicians and standard bearers.

WGF FG004   Field Of Glory: Celt Chariots   19.95
This Field of Glory set features three multi-part, polystyrene, 25mm Chariot miniatures to outfit your Gallic and Ancient British Celts, complete with six multi-part horses, 14 multi-part figures (plus 31 interchangeable heads), and loads of extra weapon and shield options.

MND YBSX3040   You've Been Sentenced: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Add-on Deck   7.95  
Set your phasers to stun and prepare for a warp-speed ride through the most memorable vocabulary from the sci-fi/fantasy genre with this Add-On deck for You've Been Sentenced.

PZO 9019   Pathfinder Adventure Path: Legacy of Fire V1 - Howl of the Carrion King   19.99
The Legacy of Fire Adventure Path begins with a bang as a new band of heroes are called upon to rescue an enslaved village in the shadow of mysterious Pale Mountain from a powerful tribe of bestial monsters - the gnoll marauders of the ferocious Carrion King are on the march!

PZO 9207   Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited   19.99
Dragons Revisited puts a new spin on these timeless monsters, reimagining them for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting while keeping true to their mythological and gaming roots. Within you'll find in-depth ecologies for the ten most popular dragon types - both the scheming chromatics and the noble metallics - detailing their biology, society, and relations to other creatures. Plus, learn what wonders their lavish lairs contain, and how cunningly they're guarded, and delve into draconic history within the world of Golarion.

PZO 9404   Pathfinder Companion: Legacy of Fire Player's Guide   10.99
The Legacy of Fire Player's Guide serves as an introduction to the fourth Pathfinder Adventure Path, giving you all the tools you need to create characters from the exotic nation of Katapesh. Herein you'll find new feats, equipment, magic, character traits, class options, a new prestige class, and more - everything your character will need to withstand the fury of The Legacy of Fire!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
GRGINC207   Incursion - Germans: Hans the Hunter   $12.00 
GRGINC208  Incursion - Germans: Blitzhund  $9.75 
WSTC-SOTR09   Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Liberty (U.S. Character)   $8.00 
WSTG-SOTR02  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Mech Grenadiers GWHER 45 Auto Rifles II (SHS) (4)  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR26  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Mech Grenedier Snipers (2)  $9.00
WSTG-SOTR28  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Panzershreck Team  $8.00 
WSTG-SOTR30  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German NCOs w/ Assorted Weapons (4)  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR31  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Pioneers (4)  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR33  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Packed LMG (2)  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR33  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Packed LMG (2)  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR34  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Flamethrowers  $8.00 
WSTG-SOTR35  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Wolf Runners MP47  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR36  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Wolf Runners Sgt.  $8.00 
WSTG-SOTR37  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Zombie Bombs  $12.00
WSTG-SOTR38  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Pinger and Controller  $9.00 
WSTG-SOTR40  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Vampire (1)  $8.00 
WSTG-SOTR41  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Mortar Team (4)  $12.00 
WSTNAM011  NAM U.S. Figures: U.S. Special Forces Squad w/ Boonie Hat (12)  $24.00 
WSTSHS-RBH1  Age of Arthurian Miniatures 28mm: British Heads (20)  $6.00
WSTSHS-SOTR11  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet Weapons Upgrade Pack (3 sprues)  $6.00 
WSTSOV-SOTR08  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet Mortar Team (4)  $12.00 
WSTSOV-SOTR10  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet Zombies (4)  $9.00 
WSTSOV-SOTR17  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet RPG (4)  $9.00 
WSTSOV-SOTR18  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet Zombie Horde (20)  $39.99 
WSTUS-SHS1  Berlin or Bust: US in Steel Helmets  $4.50 
WSTUS-SHS2  Berlin or Bust: US in Steel Helmets and Netting  $4.50 
WSTUS-SOTR05  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: U.S. Armored Infantry BAR (4)  $9.00 
WSTUS-SOTR08  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: U.S. Bazookas (2)  $9.00 
WSTUS-SOTR11  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: US Mortar Team (4)  $12.00
WSTUS-SOTR11  Secrets of the 3rd Reich: US Mortar Team (4)  $12.00
WSTWVG02  Berlin or Bust: German Kubel Wagon  $18.00
COA0812-113   Harpoon Naval Review 2009   $30.00  
DVGDV1-003A  Down In Flames - Aces High - Extra Decks (6 Player Expansion)  $19.99
GZM01-23   Gamezone Miniatures: Chaos - Fiendish Offspring Standardbearer   $15.00  
GZM01-40  Gamezone Miniatures: Chaos - Chaos Hounds I  $14.25 
GZM01-49  Gamezone Miniatures: Minor Demon I  $7.25
GZM01-50  Gamezone Miniatures: Minor Demon II  $7.25
GZM01-92  Gamezone Miniatures: Anointed Cavalry Box Set  $32.50 
GZM03-10  Gamezone Miniatures: Elves - Sorceress with Grimoire  $14.25 
GZM06-06  Gamezone Miniatures: Dark Elves - Dark Elf Huntress  $4.75 
GZM06-40  Gamezone Miniatures: Dark Elves - Chariot with Predators  $46.50 
GZM07-20  Gamezone Miniatures: Vampires - Mournful Knight Standardbearer  $14.25 
GZM07-35  Gamezone Miniatures: Vampires - Mournful Knight I  $14.25 
GZM07-36  Gamezone Miniatures: Vampires - Mournful Knight II  $14.25 
IWM66-002  Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Earth Alliance Omega Destroyer (1)  $19.95 
MGP336110  Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Minbari Torotha Assault Frigate  $11.95 
MGP336902  Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Raiders Strike Carrier  $13.95 
MGP336930  Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Dilgar Garasoch Heavy Carrier  $17.95 
MXMCB010  Skull Tribe Helmets (10)  $7.25 
OGMAOS-01  Age of Sail 1/2400th Miniatures: Spanish Trafalgar (15 ships in set)  $34.95 
OGMAOS-02  Age of Sail 1/2400th Miniatures: French Trafalgar (25 ships in set)  $55.95 
OGMAOS-03  Age of Sail 1/2400th Miniatures: British Trafalgar (31 ships in set)  $69.95 
WYR1012  Wyrd Miniatures 32mm: The Executioner - Witch Hunter (1)  $8.50 
WYR3004  Wyrd Miniatures 32mm: Rasputina, The Ice Witch (1)  $8.50 
WYR3011  Wyrd Miniatures 32mm: Elemental Gamin - Arcanist Constructs (3)  $15.00
AOW05   Avatars of War: Orc Hero   $17.50  
AOW14  Avatars of War: Netherhound  $17.50 
CDGP011  Pathfinder Miniatures: The Skinsaw Man (1)  $7.95 
CDGWGE147  Wargods Of Aegyptus: Beloved Of Sobek  $29.95 
COR280129  Infinity (#185) Ariadna: 3rd Highlander Rifles (AP HMG) (1)  $10.50
COR280232  Infinity (#183) PanOceania: Croc Men (Hacker)  $10.50
COR280529  Infinity (#181) Nomads: Tsyklon Sputniks (2)  $38.50 
COR280625  Infinity (#180) Combined Army: Slave Drones (2)  $14.00 
JRM1530   Terrain: 15mm WWII - Church Ruins w/Courtyard   $9.00  
JRM1539  Terrain: 15mm WWII - Anti Tank Obstacles (24pc)  $5.75
JRM1611  Terrain: 15mm ACW - 1859 Factory  $5.75
JRM1670  Terrain: 15mm Ancient - Lg/Sm Huts w/Shed 3pc  $5.75 
JRM2037  Terrain: 1:300 Sci-Fi - Communications Center  $19.00 
JRM2040  Terrain: 1:300 Sci-Fi - Stackable Ofc Bldg #3  $8.25 
JRM3619  Terrain: 15mm Finished - Tank Ditch Desert  $5.75 
JRM6221  Terrain: 25mm WWII - Provision Sacks w/Pallets  $6.00 
VEL9100   Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: English Royal Galleon (2)   $12.49  
VEL9101  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Spanish Royal Galleon (2)  $12.49
VEL9102  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Great Ship (2)  $12.49 
VEL9103  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Carrack (2)  $12.49 
VEL9104  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Armada Galleass (2)  $12.49
VEL9105  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: English Man o' War (2)  $12.49
VEL9106  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Spanish Treasure Galleon (2)  $12.49 
VEL9107  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Galleon of Small Burthen (3)  $12.49 
VEL9108  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Caravel (4)  $12.49
VEL9109  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Pinnace (4)  $12.49 
VEL9110  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Mediterranean Galleass (2)  $12.49
VEL9111  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Mediterranean Galley (4)  $12.49
VEL9112  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: English Sinking Ships (4)  $12.49 
VEL9113  Age of Sail 1/1200th Miniatures: Spanish Sinking Ships (4)  $12.49
CDGP004   Pathfinder Miniatures: Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog   $9.95  
CDGP010  Pathfinder Miniatures: The Scarecrow, Flesh Golem (1)  $14.95 
OPD KQ09   Kobold Quarterly Magazine #9   7.99 
DCGST256   Strategy & Tactics Magazine #256: RAF The Battle of Britain 1940   $24.99  
LAOGMG040  Age of Sail Accessories: Trafalgar Template Set  $19.99 
LAOTS109  Age of Sail Accessories: Trafalgar Token Set  $24.99
NECA40064  Christmas Story Board Game    $37.50
NECA49221  300 Board Game     $37.50
NECA60551  Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cup Challenge     $43.76
NECA30653  Gremlins Board Game   $37.50
NECA33224  Sin City Board Game   $37.50
NECA39691  The Crow Board Game   $37.50
NECA60252  Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat Plush     $50.0

CRI 8013   Pointe du Hoc 2nd Edition   32.95  
More counters, more scenarios, and more play aids! Pointe du Hoc 2nd Edition contains six action-packed scenarios, one full-color map, an 8-page variant campaign and rules booklet, one Pointe du Hoc Landing Craft Play Aid, one German bunker Play Aid, three Destroyer Cards, one American CG Card, one German CG Card, and 212 color die-cut counters.

CRI 8015   Pointe du Hoc 2nd Edition Upgrade Kit   16.95 
This Upgrade Kit contains everything Pointe du Hoc 2nd Edition contains, except the map: six action-packed scenarios, an 8-page variant campaign and rules booklet, one Pointe du Hoc Landing Craft Play Aid, one German bunker Play Aid, three Destroyer Cards, one American CG Card, one German CG Card, and 212 color die-cut counters.

CWI 001   Powerboats 48.00
Search for the best course in the lap, accelerate on fast lines, brake in time for curves, and don't crash on the islands in this fast-paced, speedboating race to the finish line!

MDG 7026   Animeeples: Deluxe Euro Token Expansion   29.95 
This Animeeples token set contains 33 wood, 27 bricks, 15 white, 20 stone, 27 wheat, 20 gold, 18 carrots, and 36 additional food (12 each of bread, fish, and drum-sticks/chicken leg). 

MDG 7027   Animeeples: Wooden Farmer Expansion   15.95  
This Animeeples token set contains five sets of five wooden farmers families, offered in five unique colors: Purple, Red, Blue, Green, and Natural.

APB HGAME   APBA Pro Hockey Board Game   22.00 
For well over 50 years APBA has been the unchallenged king of quality sports entertainment products! Now with APBA Hockey you can get in on the excitement with 44 classic, real player cards to choose from - players that make up two of hockey's great championship teams! With APBA you're the coach. You set the lines. You set the situations. You make the calls that put your team in position to win! So what are you waiting for? Get off the bench and get on the ice!

MND YBSX3010   You've Been Sentenced: Readers Digest National Word Power Challenge Add-on Deck   7.95  
Get your word on with this unique Add-On deck for You've Been Sentenced that will challenge even the most proficient linguists!

MND YBSX3020   You've Been Sentenced: Gourmet Cuisine Add-on Deck   7.95
This Add-On deck for You've Been Sentenced features famous chefs, exotic spices and ingredients, and all of the kitchen gizmos and gadgets necessary to cook up some fun!

MND YBSX3030   You've Been Sentenced: Pop Culture Add-on Deck   7.95 
Do you know Lindsay from Jen? What's an IM? And how do you crump? In this Add-On deck for You've Been Sentenced you'fll find the latest dance crazes, techno terms, and celebrities for LOL fun!

MND YBSX3050   You've Been Sentenced: Sports Highlights Add-on Deck   7.95  
Ready, set, hike! Putt, smash, or dunk! Get your sports game on with this Add-On deck for You've Been Sentenced.

PIP 71036   Hordes: Trollblood Mulg Troll Unique Heavy Warbeast   59.99  
PIP 72041   Hordes: Circle Orboros Stoneward & Woldstalkers   24.99  
PIP 73043   Hordes: Legion of Everblight Blighted Swordsmen Abbot & Cham   14.99 

LOG 29   Le Havre   70.00
From Uwe Rosenberg, the acclaimed designer of Agricola, comes this Euro-style game of harbor management, building ships, and constructing buildings. Gather valuable resources and upgrade them to more expensive commodities while making the best use of invested properties and buildings in your quest to accumulate the largest fortune!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 

ADV DMCRBX2   Macross Complete Collection (DVD)   89.98
FUN AR-01160   Air TV Complete Collector's Box Set (DVD)   49.99  
FUN FN-01150   Vandread Box Set (DVD)   49.98 
FUN FN-04571   Aquarion Season 1 Part 1 Box Set (DVD)   59.99 
FUN FN-01130   Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Complete Set (DVD)   69.98 

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off. 

Code    Release Date   MSRP
09PPF   2009 PRESS PASS FOOTBALL   4/8/2009   $111.72 
09UDSMLS     2009 UPPER DECK MLS SOCCER     4/7/2009  
08TOKS     2008/09 TOPPS SIGNATURE BASKETBALL     4/15/2009     $159.92  
PPKISS   KISS IKONS T/C   4/14/2009   $47.76 
08UDHOPCU   2008/09 O-PEE-CHEE UPDATE HOCKEY   4/14/2009   


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