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     o Gator Games Newsletter: April 14 to April 20 2008
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o Gator Specials & Sales
These have to be non-sale or discounted items
20% off Dice, Terrain, Tools, Paint, &  Accessories+
(ex: dice bags, terrain cup holders, brushes, primer, etc)

+There will be items marked no discount or on sale. These do not count.
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+ This does not count towards any sale items or free items given.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
o Last Report Card of the Year  - issued in May and June 2008
Do you get good grades?  Here is where you get rewarded for it!
Bring your report card in Friday or Saturday when Jean, the owner
is in the store. She will tell you how much free store credit you get
for your good grades. It's that simple. Free credit is on a Case by
Case basis since there are so many grading systems. 
Up to $3 per Report Card. Expires June 30th

o Free promo with your purchase+
  Limit 3 per day / per person / per game

These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm and get one free figure, counters, maps - your choice
  buy $10 non-foil promos = L5R, Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord
  buy $10 non-foil promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, raw deal, Vtes, Naruto
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord,
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase) - note: getting low on this offer
  buy a 40K starter and get a promo card
  Buy any looney labs product and get a free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack
  Buy $10 in baseball cards and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy  a full case of WOC215500000 D&D Minis: Dungeons of Dread Booster Packs and receive Tiefling Warlock promo mini.
   very limited, we only rec 8 packs - L5R: Clan of the Month is Mantis  Buy $10 and get a free mantis pack

o Happy Birthday Day Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Monday is Senior Citizen Day
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Weekly Raffle
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Monday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Sunday, you win.  Pick a prize.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy - you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent,
just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with. Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged
o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Miniature Painting Contest
You signup when you buy the piece for your entry.
Painting Contest Entries based strictly on painting skills.  
Conversion Will NOT be considered, in this contest.

1st Place will get $15 in store merchandise
2nd Place will get $5 in store merchanidse

Two Age groups for each category
• Youngbloods age 12 and younger
• Veterans age 13 and over

Two different categories
• Single Figure (historical, fantasy, or science-fiction figure)
• Fantasy/Science Fiction Skirmish Group (at least 4, not more than 10 figures)

1.  You must use at least 3 colors
2. Please Glue and/or Pin your figure correctly.
    It should not fall apart when the judges pick it up.
   Gator Games is not responsible for your figure for this reason if your figure falls apart.
3. There is a list of what we judge painting on, on the 'primer' window.
4. Your figures are due in the store by 5-4 Sunday  and will be displayed in the store at least one week.
     Gator Games staff (only those that paint) will judge entries 5-10 Saturday and Winners will be announced.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Store Trade given for running events at Gator Games, up to $10 max.
Events are canceled  if the person running the event does not show up.
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
(sign ups on the Wizkids website does not matter, we can only take 8 people period).
We are running demos dependent on what Staff knows if we have the extra staff. Just ask!

Weekday Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players

Tues, Wed, Thurs -   Noon to 3pm  Daily Demo set up by Gator Staff

Mon. :
5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26  DC Legends Beatdown #2

Tues.:  4pm Pokemon League $3 (no openings)
if someone doesn't not show up and there is room, you may play for the day

Wed. 4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft)
   Half of paying attendance will go to boosters as prizes.
4/16 Crisis Week 6, restricted 400 pts:  Build a 400 pt team of restricted characters. Prize: Donna Troy
4/23 Crisis Week 7, Floor 50% , 500 pts: Build a 500 pt teram, at least 250 pts of your build must come from Crisis. Prize: Garth
4/20 Crisis Week 8, Special restricted 500 pts. Build a 500 pt team of restricted characters from only DC universe sets. Prize Roy Herper

Thurs.: 4/17 4pm 40K Skirmish (bring 400 basic troops) $3
4/24  4pm Privateer Skirmish $3

Fri.: 4pm Magic Tournament   4/18 Two-Headed Giant (Bring a partner)
  DCI foils given to the winners and Gator adds other foils so everyone wins something
4/25 Vintage , 5/3 Standard

Constructed List and Banned / Restricted Lists for DCI-Sanctioned Tournaments

Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

4/19 Sat  11am Legend of the Five Rings Tournament (FREE)
  players signed up on web site and got us a uncut sheet of cards. - this is 1st place.

4/19 Sat  2:30 World of Warcraft : 2008 Battlegrounds Kit #4  $3

4/20 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 Lorwyn, 1 Morningtide)

4/20  Sun 2:30 UFS $3

4/26 Sat 11:00  Legend of the Five Rings Tournament (FREE)
  players signed up on web site and got us a uncut sheet of cards. - this is 1st place. 
4/27 Sun 11:00 Axis and Allies Miniatures $3 (all day)
5/3 Sat  Comic Book Day (we aren't part of the official this year, but we have comics to give away)
5/3  Sat 2:30 Bleach Tournament $3  (registered with Score)
5/4  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (3 Shadowmoor)
5/17 Sat 11am  Legend of the Five Rings CCG pre-release event Words and Deeds! $25.00
will get a starter and 3 booster to play (and keep) and special foils.
5/18   Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 Lorwyn, 1 Morningtide)
5/18 Sun 2:30 Bleach Tournament $3 (registered with Score)
6/7 Sat  Dungeons & Dragons Game Day 2008
6/8  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs from Gator (2 Lorwyn, 1 Morningtide)
6/8 Sun 3pm  VS System HL DC Legends Beatdown #3  $3
  Batman t-shirt to winner.
6/21 Free RPG Day -  Free with purchase

o Gamer News
MySpace Games has Arrived!
Fight Klub™ Trading Card Game by Decipher
Pokemon USA and Nintendo America are leading a major crack down on counterfeit Pokemon cards that ranges from stores in New York City to factories in China
Hasbro and Mattel, the rights owner for the Scrabble board game, are contemplating legal action against the online Scrabulous game
The terms of Borders' financing deal may be less onerous than earlier announced, but incentives designed to increase the pressure to sell the company are strong and the leading player has big stakes in both Borders and Barnes & Noble:
Two Alabama 12-year-olds were arrested after school authorities found a Death Note-like notebook and turned it over to the local sheriff, who called what the kids said they was a joke, terrorism
Viz Media is showcasing a number of properties at MIPTV including two shojo anime series, Kilari and Nana
Troubled #2 video rental chain Movie Gallery is closing 160 more stores in an effort to get out of Chapter 11
Privateer Monsterpocalypse news
Sign up for the Privateer's Monster Watch Newsletter
kids-rpg mailing list
kids-rpg mailing list on Yahoo! Groups
RPGs for Kids
Young Person's Adventure League
Youth For Creative Adventure Storytelling
Roleplaying with Children
Kids RPG Community on LiveJournal
Games Workshop Black Gobbo 113
Chaos Datasheets - 40K Daemons Preview - 40K Daemons Miniatures
WH: Daemons Preview - WH Daemons Miniatures - Konrad von Carstein
Reference Sheet - Building a Ziggurat - Ziggurat Scenario

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #398: Why Use Inns, Taverns, and Restaurants?

The Final Volume of 5 Room Dungeons Download(PDF 810 KB):
Featured in this volume:
1) The Tomb of Three Brothers by Jake Sorensen
2) The Wizard's Retreat by Jake Sorensen
3) The Shifter by The Shifter
4) The Braun Castle by Monstah

o Product Information       

MGP 6656 Paranoia Card Game 2nd Ed
MGP 6653 Paranoia Card Game Exp Secret Society
MGP 7730 Conan and the Waking Dream
MGP 8131 RQ Hunters of Granbretan

o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM

Games Workshop 25th anniversary model :
Harry the Hammer $25
This limited edition model is selling out via preorder quickly!  Be sure to get you preorders in asap. 
He releases on April 26th and can only be sold during that weekend. 

USO    CH000099    Peanuts Chess    Board Games    $50.00 
USO     MN00059    Wizard of Oz Monopoly    Board Games    $38.00
USO     MN00407    My Disney Villians Monopoly    Board Games    $38.00    N/S 
USO     MN00414    Chronicles of Narnia Monopoly    Board Games    $38.00  
USO    MN00415    Planet Earth Monopoly    Board Games    $38.00 
USO     SP00004    Simpsons Spoons    Board Games    $15.00   
USO    SP00350    Dog On It Spoons    Board Games    $13.00  
PSI GTES001    GiftTrap California Ed Game  $29.99

APL 1805  PG Siege of Leningrad     $9.99
On 22 September 1941, Adolf Hitler issued Directive 1601 which ordered that "St. Petersburg must be erased from the face of the earth." The consequent 900-day Siege of Leningrad resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million innocent Russian civilians, mostly by starvation. But the Soviets never stopped fighting to defend their city, and SIEGE OF LENINGRAD puts Panzer Grenadier players right into the action as the Germans advance on all fronts to cut the great city's lifelines while the Red Army makes them pay for every yard of ground taken. It includes ten battle scenarios (or game situations) covering the valiant defense. SIEGE OF LENINGRAD is the fourth in our line of low-priced Panzer Grenadier scenario book supplements and follows the same format as North Wind and Alaska's War.

GMT 0804  SPQR Barbarian     $25.00
Barbarian is a module designed to be played using rules, charts and counters from SPQR or SPQR Delux. The module contains five battles playable as regular or simple GBoH:
Lautulae (315 BC):  Samnites again defeat the Romans in mountain warfare.
Tifernum (297 BC):  A hard-fought Roman victory over their Samnite opponents.
Sentinum (295 BC):  The decisive Roman victory over the Samnites and their allies.
Telamon (225 BC):  A smashing Roman victory over invading Gallic tribes sets the stage for the Second Punic War.
Cremona (200 BC):  The last Cisalpine Gallic bid for freedom ends in a massive defeat.

GMT 9201-08     SPQR Delux   $99.00
SPQR Delux contains nine additional scenarios from out of print SPQR modules no longer available to gamers:
From Phyrric Victory - Heraclea and Asculum
From Consul for Rome - The Trebbia and The Metaurus
From Africanus - Baecula and Ilipa
From War Elephant - Magnesia
From Jugurtha - Muthol River
From C3i Magazine - The Great Plains

FFGDH03 (NEW CODE!)  40KRPG: Purge the Unclean  $34.95 SRP   May
This thrilling trilogy of scenarios holds horror, investigation and danger in equal measure.
• Shades on Twilight sees the players board a mysterious space hulk in the company of a Deathwatch Space Marine in search of a mysterious artifact
• Rejoice for you are true takes the action to glittering noble courts, where intrigue is not the only deadly force at work.
• Baron Hopes takes the players deeper into danger as they masquerade as mutants in order to undercover rebellion and heresy in the Gorgonid mines on Seraphus Secundus.
Each adventure forms part of a terrible conspiracy that the players must foil if the Calixis sector is to survive!

FFGDH04 40KRPG: Inquisitors Handbook $44.95 SRP  May
Ready your bolter and fulfil your destiny!
The Inquisitor's Handbook is the essential tome for creating richly developed, properly equipped, and thoroughly indoctrinated Acolytes to serve the God-Emperor. It covers everything needed to create a unique character in the 41st Millennium and is suitable for both players and Game Masters.
Explore advanced character generation, alternative ranks, and career paths including Black Priests of Maccabeus, Metallican Gunslingers, and Adepta Sororitas.
Equip yourself with a host of weapons and gear from across the forges, hives, and warzones of the Calixis Sector.
Develop rich character backgrounds with in-depth commentary on the Calixis Sector, ranging from religion and superstition to unique tools and resources of the Holy Ordos.
Discover hints and tips on establishing alter egos, gaining new contacts and informants, and other detailed advice for agents of the Golden Throne.

FFGDH05  40KRPG: Disciples of the Dark Gods  $44.95  Summe
The definitive guide to the enemies of the Imperium.
The shadowy tendrils of corruption, malevolent cults and dark gods reach deep into the very fabric of the Imperium, twisting and subverting countless human souls in an endless thirst for power. Whether it is the lure of false truths, the adoration of the alien or the deceit and guile of the Daemon, this mighty tome details the myriad of cults, secret societies and powerful personalities who hide in the dark spaces of the Calixis Sector. From opposing Inquisitorial factions to Calixis' most wanted, here are all manner of threats and crimes that acolytes of the Inquisition can investigate and hunt-down in their service to mankind.

HCS314201  Mana Energy Potion (6 pack)  $20.70 SRP
HCS314203 Elixir Health Potion (6 pack) $20.70 SRP
HCS271804 Mana Energy Potion (12 pack) $41.40 SRP
HCS271802 Elixir Health Potion (12 pack)  $41.40 SRP
Ask Alex and Krysta about these. They have drank these.
Comes in a shrink-wrapped chipboard frame with graphics.
Mana Energy Potion and Elixir Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers are bottled in plastic containers. It's for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash.  It's a citrusy formula with a bit of a sour bite. It has a sour bite that makes you feel like you definitely got a dose of energy. If intense isn't your bag, try diluting it with club soda or your favorite juice.
You must be a level 12 or higher to use this potion, by that we mean not for children under 12.
These will be available in their new containers and packaging in June.

     Code      Description      Release     Due     MSRP     
08JMBMJ    2008 JUST MINORS MYSTERY JERSEYS BASEBALL     05/07/08     04/18/08
07TOKF    2007/08 TOPPS FINEST BASKETBALL     06/25/08     04/18/08     $150.00  
08DPFDC    2008 DONRUSS CLASSICS FOOTBALL     07/02/08     04/18/08     $108.00  
08TSBWGCC    2008 TRISTAR WORLD'S GREATEST CARD CHASE BASEBALL     06/03/08     04/25/08     $19.99 
IWSNCMS    SUPERNATURAL CONNECTIONS T/C MINI PRESS SHEET     05/07/08     04/23/08     $69.95 
IWSNCA    SUPERNATURAL CONNECTIONS T/C ALBUM     05/07/08     04/23/08     $19.99 
IWSNC    SUPERNATURAL CONNECTIONS T/C     05/07/08     04/23/08     $83.76    


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Not responsible for typos.

KEN 138   Knights of the Dinner Table #138   4.99    
MEM 20032   Shields Assortment (20)   9.99
MEM 20033   Weapons Assortment (20)   9.99 
MEM 40017   Kangaroos (5)   9.99  
MEM 90018   Villagers (23)   24.99 
RPR 03301   Sir Titus, Guardian Knight   5.99 
RPR 03303   Cavegirls (2)   5.99 
RPR 03306   Dark Heaven Legends Classics: Female Dwarves (3)   7.49 
RPR 03308   Marise Greyshroud, Wraith Queen   13.99
RPR 03310   Children Of The Zodiac Aries   6.99
RPR 06193   Mercenary Samurai Warriors   39.99  
RPR 06196   Dwarf Kneebreakers   39.99 
RPR 14473   Darkspawn Ice Demon   9.99 
RPR 14479   Elven Dryad   6.79   E  
RPR 92004   Hobby Que: Learn To Paint Kit   29.99 
VAL 70122   MC Panzer Aces Set 01 (8)   23.89  Reprint 
VAL 70123   MC Panzer Aces Set 02 (8)   23.89  Reprint     
VAL 70126   MC Panzer Aces Set 03 (8)   23.89  Reprint
VAL 70127   MC Panzer Aces Set 04 (8)   23.89 Reprint   
VAL 70128   MC Panzer Aces Set 05 (8)   23.89  Reprint  
VAL 70129   MC Panzer Aces Set 06 (8)   23.89   Reprint    
OMM WSS032   Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #32   12.00  
FFP 0101   Last Night On Earth - The Zombie Game   49.95    Reprint
ZMG 7019   1960: Making of a President   49.99  Reprint
UPR 82094-D   Monte Go 4 Throat Deck Protector Display 48.00
UPR 82095   Monte Go 4 Throat Deck Box 2.70 
UPR 82115   MTG: Ash & Flamekin Deck Box 2.70
UPR 82130   Pokemon Mysterious Treasures 4-pocket Portfolio 7.40
UPR 82131   Pokemon Mysterious Treasures 9-pocket Portfolio 8.90
UPR 82136   Monte Go 4 Throat Playmat 15.40
UPR 82145   MTG: Planeswalker 9-pocket Portfolio 9.40
WAR WIS246   Wargames Illustrated Magazine #246   9.00     

FFP 0102   Last Night On Earth Special Edition CD Game Soundtrack    11.95
This Special Edition Game Soundtrack for Last Night on Earth features 16 tracks of chilling and thrilling music created specifically for the game, complete with new artwork and liner notes from the composer, and two game cards exclusive to this soundtrack.

FFP 0103   Last Night On Earth: Growing Hunger Expansion   39.95  
As the living nightmare of the Zombie attack continues, the bitter struggle for survival grows increasingly deadly! The Growing Hunger Expansion for Last Night on Earth introduces new game mechanics, heroes, buildings, and three exciting new scenarios to challenge players, as well as a two-player mini-game.

MSL 77001   Alpha Omega Core Rulebook   54.99  
It is 2280. The world has been reclaimed by primal forces, savage and deadly. Humanity is evolving, its ingenuity unchained, fighting to reach out from beyond the protection of its great cities to reestablish global order. However, ancient war returns - fought by legendary enemies of incredible power threatening all that has been rebuilt! Utilizing an innovative dice pool system (6-6 System), Alpha Omega is a roleplaying game set in a futuristic, war-torn, post-apocalyptic Earth.

MFG 4106   Bacchus' Banquet   20.00  
It is 37 AD and Caligula is the extravagant Emperor of Rome! It is a time of excess and intrigue, and the latest gala in Caligula's short reign is starting tonight - Bacchus' Banquet! As one of nine honored guests each with their own secret objective, you fully participate in the orgy of rich cuisine, fine wine, and elaborate entertainments. Caligula is watching! But be careful, accompanying every course is the potential of a drunken stupor, a subtle poison, or an assassin's dagger.

IMP PELG06   Esoterorrists: Profane Miracles   9.95  
Not all miracles are holy! From the opulence of high society, to the dangers of The Core and Skid row, Profane Miracles thrusts Esoterrorist agents into a fast-paced, action-packed adventure - one that will take a miracle to survive!

IMP CGF001   Sneeze Card Game   8.00    
Starting with one allergy, players place sneeze cards into the upwind or downwind side of the pool. If a player's allergy cards are matched in the windy side, then they sneeze and receive another allergy.  Watch out for the tissue cards, which have special effects! The last player with less than four allergies wins!

IMP CGF004   Glory To Rome Card Game   25.00 
In 64 A.D., a great fire originating from the slums of Rome quickly spreads to destroy much of the city - including the imperial palace! Reporting directly to Emperor Nero Caesar, you are responsible for rebuilding the structures lost in the fire and restoring Glory to Rome in this card-based city building and resource management game.

IMP CGF005   Aapep Card Game   8.00
Just beyond the horizon, Aapep lies in wait, greedily charting Ra's progress across the heavens. At dusk, as the setting sun brushes the western mountains, he prepares to strike! In Aapep, you play either the demon Aapep, trying to swallow the sun, or the god Ra, fighting to escape the dark seas of the underworld.

RGG 355   Fruttirelli   44.95
In this cheekily cheerful forest rally, players are eager animals searching for food. Who will help the hedgehog, the hare, the squirrel, and the badger to take all the tidbits to their families?

RGG A01   Airships   39.95 
In this exciting, high-flying game, players use their marketing and engineering skills to expand their own companies in their quest to build an impressive fleet of airships.

RGG A02   Eketorp   59.95 
The Viking fortress Eketorp on the northern side of the Baltic Sea island needs reinforcing against enemy attacks. As Viking chiefs, players must send out their bravest men to bring back the necessary construction materials to fortify their stronghold. But supplies are rare and battles must be fought to gain them!

BAI 14579-D   Naruto CCG: The Chosen Theme Deck Display (8)   79.92 
This 342-card expansion for the Naruto CCG unleashes new, powerful versions of Jutsus like Chidori, Lightning Blade, and Blazing Rasengan, and brand-new U.S. exclusive Jutsu cards from the Namco/Bandai video game Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3! The Chosen expansion is introduced in four unique Water Chakra theme decks (Gaara, Kisame, Orochimaru, and Tsunade) offered in 8-count displays, and 10-card boosters packed in 24-count displays.

IMP TLG3380   Lejendary Adventures 6: The Rock   8.95 
Perclainate Bron, an outcast Ulf, has gathered a small band of trolls near the human hamlet of Barleytown. Now, the avatars find themselves embroiled in all manner of roadside mayhem that sets them between a rock and a hard place!

IMP TLG7442   Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue: Saga of Old City   24.95 
Fortune favors the bold!  When young Gord's caretaker, the aged and foul-spirited Leena, dies, she leaves the boy destitute and adrift in the midst of the slums of the Old City. Not until his Master Theobald slays his paramour does Gord seize the day! Follow the wild adventures of this young thief as he fights impossible odds to attain the rank of Master Thief!

APL 1804   Panzer Grenadier: March on Leningrad   9.99
March on Leningrad is a Panzer Grenadier supplement featuring 10 scenarios chronicling the battles waged by the German and Soviet Armies on the roads leading to Leningrad.

APL 820   Panzer Grenadier: Arctic Front Deluxe Edition   24.99      
In November 1939, the Soviet Union launched over a million men in an unprovoked attack against Finland. This Panzer Grenadier supplement covers those battles, and similar ones from the Continuation War of 1941-44. Ownership of Eastern Front, Road to Berlin, and Battle of the Bulge is required to play.

MGP 7803   Conan RPG: Bestiary of the Hyborian Age   29.95 
From creatures springing from Robert E. Howard's epic novels like the standard Grey Ape and Black Shark to new threats such as the sociopath Maneless Lion and the bloodthirsty Wolfen, Bestiary of the Hyborian Age details a host of beasts, animals, and demons to unleash into your Conan: The Roleplaying Game second edition campaign.

BWS 0201   Numbers League: Infinity Level Expansion   9.95
A 60-card expansion deck to the original Numbers League: Adventures in Addiplication Game, Infinity Level adds 11 heroes, 15 devices, and 24 villains designed to expand the math skills used to incorporate addition and multiplication of simple decimals and multiplying by negative numbers.

MDG 3061   Settlers of Catan: YuCatan Adventure Board Expansion   24.99  
A custom board expansion for use with Settlers of Catan.

SAB BL142   Warhammer 40k: Blood Ravens - Dawn of War Omnibus    11.99 
In the nightmare future of the 41st Millennium, the superhuman Space Marines wage an endless war to protect humanity. Containing Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Ascension, and Dawn of War: Tempest, this mighty omnibus follows the adventures of the Blood Ravens and Captain Angelos as they clash against savage alien orks, the forces of Chaos, and the enigmatic elder.

SAB BL144   Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy - Legion MMPB   7.99 
A Great War is coming, and it will engulf the Imperium of Man! The Space Marines of the Alpha Legion, the last and most secretive of all the Astartes brotherhoods, arrive on a heathen world to support the Imperial Army in a pacification campaign against strange and uncanny forces. But what drives the Alpha Legion? Can they be trusted, and what side will they choose when the Great War begins?

SAB BL145   Warhammer 40k: Wolf's Honour MMPB   7.99 
Following the events described in Sons of Fenris, the Space Wolves find themselves under attack from all sides by the Thousand Sons Chaos Space marines. In a last-ditch attempt to stop their ancient enemy, Ragnar and his battle-brothers launch a lightning strike on the Thousand Sons' base!

SAB BL146   Warhammer: Ancient Blood MMPB   7.99  
Life in the Old World is a constant struggle for survival, especially for the nomadic strigany people, who wander the lands of the Empire. As reports of strange illnesses and disappearing bodies increase, the Elector Counts of Averland and Stirland decide to get rid of this menace once and for all by driving the strigany out of the Empire forever. As the strigany are rounded up, a massive force of hard-bitten mercenaries is sent to intercept them, but would-be slaughterers find the tables turned when they discover the strigany have dark and ancient allies who rise to their defense!

SCO 85708-D   Bleach TCG: Bankai Starter 11.99 no discount
SCO 85711-D   Bleach TCG: Bankai Booster  3.99
Reach the pinnacle of a Soul Reaper's power - unleash your Bankai! New Bankai events, Dual Guardians, side deck mechanics, and aggressive and defensive keywords highlight this 284-card expansion for the Bleach TCG! This series is introduced in starter deck s containing 72-cards, two bonus boosters, a playmat, and a rulebook, all offered in 6-count displays, as well as 10-card boosters packed in 12-count displays.

OPD KQ04   Kobold Quarterly Magazine #4   7.99     
Kobold Quarterly is the scrappy little magazine that covers the world's premiere roleplaying game. This issue features articles focusing on fighters, dragons, angels, and an original take on 4th Edition gnomes, as well as material for the Free City of Zobeck and new monsters for 3.5E.

USOMN004250     Monopoly: Chronicles of Narnia    $37.99 (no discount)
Step through the Wardrobe with the Penvensie children where the magical world of Narnia comes to life in the world's most famous board game, MONOPOLY! Traditional MONOPOLY properties are transformed into the many wondrous locations in Narnia from the first two films including The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. Buy, sell and trade Cair Paravel, the White Witch's Castle, Aslan's Camp, and many more magical, enchanted locations as you relive the stories that continue to capture the imaginations of Narnia fans everywhere. All components, including 6 collectible pewter tokens, are completely customized. A must-have for Narnia fans of all ages.

PIP 42009   Warmachine: Cygnar Precursor Knights Standard Bearer   19.99 
PIP 42012   Warmachine: Khador Kayazy Assassin Underboss   7.99 
PIP 71029   Hordes: Trollblood Stone Scribe Chronicler Solo   14.99
PIP 71032   Hordes: Trollblood Trollkin Caber Thrower Sw Attack   11.99  

WWP 02786-D   Vampire The Eternal Struggle CCG: Blood Shadowed Court Collector Deck Display (6)   59.94
The Camarilla court is a dangerous place to do business. Take care how you handle these regal fiends! This set for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collects 100 reprints of the Camarilla Edition vampires in a single deck.

WWP 80002   Exalted 2: Manual of Exalted Power - The Abyssals   31.99 
Gifted by the Deathlords with the corrupted Essences of Solar Exalts, the Abyssal Exalted are perhaps the greatest extant threat to Creation and its Exalted defenders. These so called knights of death ride forth with one shared mission: to drag the world and all that lives into the Void at their masters' behest! This character sourcebook for Exalted, Second Edition, details the Deathlords, their goals, and their terrible powers.

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ABG 4016   Rezolution: Dravani Baggers Team Box (2)   29.99 
ABG 4019   Rezolution: Dravani Volkoda Team Box Set   19.99 
IWM 20-425   Shiro Dark Age Mech (Dark Age: Fire For Effect)   11.95  
IWM 20-427   Main Gauche Light Support Tank (2)   14.56   

IMP FDP5001X   Counter Strike: Autumn Mist - The Battle Of The Bulge   22.95
Autumn Mist: The Battle of the Bulge is a tabletop simulation game of the German's last-ditch offensive through the Ardennes forest in December 1944. The Allied player controls all American and British (UK) units. The German player controls units from the German Army, the Schutzstaffel (SS), and the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).

IMP FDP5003X   Counter Strike: Freikorps   22.95
Freikorps is a tabletop simulation game based on a hypothetical invasion of Germany by the Soviet Union's Red Army of Workers and Peasants in 1920.

IMP FDP5007X   Counter Strike: Algeria   22.95 
This revised edition of original Counter Strike: Algeria game simulates the conflict from 1954 to 1962 between the FLN (Front de Liberation National) Arab nationalist guerrillas and the French government.

IMP FDP5008X   Counter Strike: Warplan Crimson   22.95
In the early part of the Twentieth Century, the military leaders of America developed contingency plans to invade and conquer the various countries of the weakening British Empire. Color coded various shades of red, Warplan Crimson was the secret plan of battle with their neighbors to the north, the Dominion of Canada.

IMP FDP5009X   Counter Strike: The Final Frontier   22.95  
Final Frontier simulates man's expansion into the Solar System, as players - representing competing global powers - build mines and colonies to tap into planet resources to boost their nation's global economy, while crafting ships, satellites, and troops to protect their interests.

IMP FDP5010X   Counter Strike: Smokejumpers   22.95  
The first solitaire game in Fiery Dragon's Counter Strike mini-game line, Smokejumpers pits man against nature as the player must conquer the most primal of elements: fire!

WOC 452909-D   Eye of Judgement CCG: Biolith Rebellion Blister Carton (36)   135.00  
Biolith Rebellion introduces 100 all-new creature and spell cards to the Eye of Judgement CCG, offering gamers deeper challenges and experiences with rich, new mesmerizing graphics and exciting new combos and strategies.

MIH DDAY21B   D-Day: The Great Crusade 2nd Edition   69.95 
This edition of D-Day: The Great Crusade updates the previous version with all errata input, complete with new, detailed invasion variant counters, scenarios, and rules.

MIH DDAY21C   D-Day: The Great Crusade Expansion Pack   19.95    
This expansion pack for D-Day: The Great Crusade provides new counters, rules, and scenarios for a detailed invasion sequence.

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FUN FN-08636   Witchblade Anime V6 (DVD)   29.99   
SNP BUDH0133   Super Robot Wars The Original Generation: Divine Wars V5 (DVD)   49.99  

VIZ DBRBSO1   Buso Renkin Box Set V1 (DVD)   49.99 
When high-school student Kazuki Muto is killed fighting a homunculus - a malevolent creature that feeds on humans - a mysterious girl, Tokiko Tsumura, revives him by replacing his heart with an alchemical device called a kakugane. With this device Kazuki can create his own Buso Renkin, an alchemical weapon in the form of a huge lance, capable of destroying homunculi. With his new weapon in hand, Kazuki decides to join forces with Tokiko to eliminate the homunculi and destroy their master, the strange and eccentric Papillon Masked Creator! Contains Episodes 1-13.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
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Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20 to 25% off.
  Code Description   Release      MSRP
08PPF  2008 PRESS PASS FOOTBALL    04/18/08   $111.72 
07TOKLB  2007/08 TOPPS LUXURY BOX BASKETBALL    04/23/08   $159.90  
08UDFDE  2008 UPPER DECK DRAFT EDITION FOOTBALL    04/22/08   $95.84
08SAFHHI  2008 SA*GE HIT FOOTBALL HIGH SERIES    04/23/08   $119.70
07UDHSPA  2007/08 UPPER DECK SP AUTHENTIC HOCKEY    04/24/08   $119.76
08PPRP  2008 PRESS PASS PREMIUM RACING    04/22/08   $99.80 
JL64PUC  1:64 PIN UP CARS 8CT    04/2008   

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World of Warcraft Molten Core Raid Deck
Dragon Magazine set Issues:140,141,142,149,122,123,138
Clout Fantasy: Collectible Throwing Game Collection
Tide of Iron/ FFG TD01 in 2006
Mechwarrior Counterassault 4-pack/ WZK 2204
Mechwarrior Falcon's Prey 4-pack/ WZK 2205
Mechwarrior Domination 4-pack/ WZK 2211
Mechwarrior Annihilation 4-pack/ WZK 2211
Mechwarrior Vanguard 4-pack/ WZK 2216
Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box Cyberdark Impact Unopened
ZatchBell! the Card Battle Spellbooks
WHFRP Castle Drachenfels/GW 0036 in 1992 XF
Space/SJG 6005 in 1988 XF
Champions Foxbat Unhinged/ AG 3505 in 1996 F
WFRP The Dying of the Light/ HP203 in 1995 XF
WHFRP Companion/ GW 0035 in 1990 XF
GURPS Timeline/SJG6513 in 1992 XF
WFRP Death's Dark Shadow/ GW 0037 in 1991 XF
Marvel Hero Clix Fin Fang Foom Convention Exclusive
WHFRP Castle Drachenfels/GW 0036 in 1992 XF
Mutants & Masterminds, Freedom City
Cartoon Action Hour
Greyhawk Adventures Falconmaster
Dungeons & Dragons Slave Pits of the Undercity
Dungeons & Dragons Secret of the Slavers Stockade
Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in Blackmoor
Dungeons & Dragons Skarda's Mirror
Cosmic Encounters
Secrets of the Phoenix / Legend of the Five Rings / NM


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