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     o Gator Games Newsletter: May 9 to May 31 2011
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o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

25% off Vampire the Eternal Struggle Card Game+

20% off Avalanche Press Games for the rest of the Month of May
Any orders placed by May 31st will receive 20% off
Due to the Tornado devastation in Alabama - many of whom are now homeless and/or suffering the loss of a loved one has effected Avalanche Press.  Avalanche Press has asked the gamer community to  donate to Habitat For Humanity.  Show your support & join our movement to help our friends at Avalanche Press and show that the tabletop games industry is strong, caring & generous.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale - Fri. Sat, Sun, Mon
20% off General Sale+

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Games Online Store
There is a will call option for store pickup. You still must pay for it online via paypal.

o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people
to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged!

o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 11-2pm Demos Redakai & 7 Wonders
4pm D&D 4e March of the Phantom Brigade by Ryan $3
end of may/June: D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard

Tues.: 11-2 Demos Redakai & Axis / Allies War @ Sea
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed.; 11-2 Demos Redakai & 7 Wonders
4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

05/25 "Grand Melee"
400 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Special Object
Special Rules: Matches will be 3- or 4-Way Free-For-Alls

06/01 "Oooh Look! A Distraction!"
Prize: Psylocke LE Figure
400 Pts Unrestricted
At the beginning of each player's turn, that player may modify the speed of any character by + or - 2 until the beginning of that player's next turn.

06/08 Heroclix Sealed
Prize: Cable LE Figure
600 pts Sealed

06/15 "Grab Bag"
Prize: Assorted Prizes
400 pts Unrestriceted
Each figure must have at least one keyword that no other figure on its team has.

06/22 "In UR Base"
800 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Map of Choice
Players can give any of their figures in an opponents starting area a power action to gain 50 victory points

06/29 "Using the Tools at Hand"
600 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Special Object of Choice
All Figures have Super Strength

Thurs. 11-2 Demos:  Redakai & Settlers of Catan
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective October 19, 2010)

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

May 28 Sat 11:00 Yugioh Tournament Sealed "Player's Choice" $20
Players pick any 5 regular priced Yugioh Pack and play
Yugioh Messenger Bag given to winner, choice of Holos and boosters awarded
(instead of tournament packs)
Afternoon Demos: Redakai & Small World

May 29 Sunday 11:00 Magic Archenemy $5 by Randi
Archenemy Rules
Archenemy Prizes to all
Afternoon Demos: Redakai & 7 Wonders

June 4 Sat 11am Wizkids Star Trek:Expeditions Demo Day
(this is an official demo day by Wizkids, we were one of the 50 stores selected)

June 5 Sun 11am Magic Legacy $5
Legacy Format Deck Construction
Playmat will be given out to Winner,
WotC has asked us to run this due to the popularity (and the commander deck coming out)

June 11 Sat 11am Magic New Phyrexia Game Day $5
(bring a Standard/ type II deck)
June 12, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

June 18 11am - 5pm Free RPG Day
One New 2011 item and One 2010 or older item per person

The list of 2011 sponsors.
(we will have other items out such as comics, stickers, magazines, Magic Demo decks, etc)
June 18  4pm Sports Card Presentation for Den11  for Pack 61 (Belmont-Redwood Shores)

June 19 11:00 magic Commmander launch party $30

June 25, Sat 11am Flames of War Tournament  $5
for a signed Rulebook to the Winner!

June 26, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

July 9-10 Magic 2012 Core PreRleases $25
July 16 Magic 2012 Launch Party $25
July 17 Magic 2012 Booster Booster Draft by Aidan $15

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

GAW 45-06   40K DE Battleforce $95.00
GAW 45-11   40K DE Talos Pain Engine    $44.50
GAW 45-15X    40K DE Venom $30.00
GAW 45-16   40K DE Scourges    $25.00
GAW 45-17   40K DE Razorwing Jetfighter  $41.25

ASMDX03US Dixit Odyssey  $34.99 SRP
The fantastic universe of Dixit, winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2010, returns to entrance you once more! With Dixit Odyssey you can continue the adventure in enchanting and dreamlike new worlds. The idea is still the same: the Storyteller chooses a card from his hand and, inspired from the card, speaks. The other players then choose a card from their own hands. All the cards are shuffled and revealed. The players' objective is to find the Storyteller's card. Discover 84 new cards drawn in the magical style of Pierô and colored by Marie Cardouat. Dixit Odyssey is a standalone game for up to 12 players and contains, among other things, a new, more practical, scoreboard, voting pads and new "rabbit" tokens. Furthermore, Dixit Odyssey enables you to store all the cards from Dixit and Dixit 2 in one place. Very practical for taking the game wherever you go! With Dixit Odyssey, discover or rediscover Dixit! It's a whole new universe to explore!

AEG5016 Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege $34.95 SRP
Deep in the heart of Thornwood Forest lies the Stone of Blight, one of the Thunderstones desperately needed for the salvation of the world.
With the forces of Doom ravaging the lands, time is growing short. When brought together, the Stones have enough power to cast him out of the world- but every stone must be captured if the heroes hope to succeed! The heroes are now gathered in Wulfburg at the border of the forest, prepared to brave the dangers of the wood and seek out the Thunderstone, but there is a problem: not only is the Stone fiercely guarded by Doom's minions, they are attacking the town. You must break the siege! This expansion to Thunderstone introduces new monsters such as the Raiders and Siege Engines which bring the battle to you!  These monsters can destroy cards in the village, kill heroes not yet hired, and even hurt you on turns when you are avoiding the dungeon! Will you survive to claim the Thunderstone?
Contents: Seven New Heroes, Fourteen New Village Cards, Five New Monster Groups, Special Tokens, Rules, Card Dividers

o Report Card Rewards
(for mail order, you may fax us your report card)

Good grades get free games! Gator Games rewards good students.

It's report card time and Gator Games has a special treat for all good students. From now until July 31, bring in your final report card for the year, and Gator Games will give free games to students with good grades. Any student from kindergarten through college can bring their report card to Gator Games. 

Each Report Card has a $4.00 maximum that a student can get.
For every "A", students get 50¢ in store merchandise, and 25¢ for each "B".

For Pass/Fall, students get 25¢ for each "Pass"  - each pass/fail report card will be on a individual basis.
We've seen pass/fails report cards with over 200 pass/fails, but if a major class with sub pass/fails, we take the main class only.
(an example I have seen is Arts & Crafts - then over 20 sub-breakdowns such as painting, drawing, ceramics, etc)

If a Student brings in a Straight "A" report card, an "A" in every subject, he or she will receive the $4.00 maximum in free games for that report card.

Gator Games will stamp each card with a Gator stamp when the grades are rewarded.
This is not a gimmick. This is free, no other purchase is necessary.
Ends July 31 2011


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 7 days.
All stock numbers, titlesons that guide through the design process, biographies on famous designers, game industry careers, and much more.
SMMCPAS0074  Conversion Parts: SF Lion Accessories Set  $8.25 
SMMCPRH0076  Conversion Parts: SF Roman Halberds (3)  $10.50 
SMMCPSH0073  Conversion Parts: SF Shoulder Pads #2 (8)  $8.25 
SMMCPTO0075  Conversion Parts: Templar Torsos (8)  $10.50 
SMMTEER0001  Conversion Parts: Egyptian Ruins Terrain (4)  $25.50 
FFGCE01  Cosmic Encounter: The Galactic Game of Alien Powers Reprint $59.95
KRM513_KRAQ3-N1  KR Multicase: AquillaThree (40 Figures) w/ Strap  $44.99  
KRM514_KRAQ4-N2  KR Multicase: AquillaFour (80 Figures) w/ Strap  $54.99  
KRM515_KRAQ1-M1  KR Multicase: AquillaOne (25 Figures)  $26.99  
TYV12029  Cthulhu Plush: My First Cthulhu Plush  $18.99  
MDG7104  Large Card Sleeve: Dixit - 80 MM X 100 MM  $3.25
BFM BB510  Small Pine Wood   $30.00
BFM BB511  Large Pine Wood   $30.00
BFM BB520  Tree of Woe   $50.00
BFM BBX22  OQF 4.5" Howitzer Field Battery 1-2 units early war  $45.00
BFM BR505  Hotchkiss 25mm gun (BEF) 1 unit early war  $26.00
BFM HU520  75mm 40M Anti Tank Gun 2 units late war  $21.00
BFM HU550  80mm 29/38M Anti-aircraft gun 2 units late war  $14.00
BFM HU580  149mm 14/31 Howitzer 1-2 units  late war  $21.00
BFM BB531  Elven Tower 4   $50.00
BFM BB532  Elven Pillars & Ruins $50.00
BFM BR400  Motorcycle Platoon (BEF) 1 unit early war  $26.00
BFM DD013  Romanian Dice Set $14.00
BFM PBX07  155mm Heavy Artillery Battery 1 unit early war  $35.00
BFM PL300  Wz.34 Armoured Car 1 unit  early war  $29.00
BFM RO580  Skoda 100mm howitzer 2-6 units late war  $21.00
BFM WI283  Wargames Illustrated # 283 $8.50
Race for the galaxy - gathering storm reprint
RGG 361    Stone Age Reprint $44.95
RGG 392    Space Alert Reprint $59.95
RGG 404    Dominion Seaside Exp   Reprint   $44.95
RGG 419    Carcassonne Bridges/Castles/Bazaars   Reprint    $17.50  
ZMG 7021-E Pandemic On the Brink Exp   Reprint $29.99 
ASM SEV-EN01   7 Wonders reprint  $49.99   
PLE 41425   KB UO Crops Expansion Deck (C)    CG  $9.00 
PIP 31092 WM CG Field Mechaniks Mini $24.99
PIP 32087 WM PT Choir of Menoth  Mini $31.99 
PIP 33089 WM KD Battle Mechaniks   Mini $27.99  
PIP 75035 H MN Farrow Slaughterhousers    Mini $44.99
PIP NQ36  No Quarter Magazine #36 Magazine   $7.50
ASY 20032    Kobolds (painted)   Mini    $5.99
ASY 20034    Dwarf Warrior (painted)    Mini    $4.99
GAW 94-01-N    WHF TK Tomb Kings Army Book   Mini  $37.25   
GAW 94-09    WHF TK Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphin   Mini  $49.50 
GAW 94-11    WHF TK Necropolis Knights   Mini  $54.50   
GAW 94-12    WHF TK Tomb Guard    Mini  $41.25 
GAW 94-13    WHF TK Battalion  Mini $120.00 
GAW B232S  40K The Chapter's Due SB $8.99
GAW BL253 Warhammer Bloodforged $8.99
GAW BL279 40K Battle of the Fang $11.99
GAW BL280 Warhammer Dwarfs  $15.00
GAW BL282 40K Dead in the Water Audiobook $17.00
KEN 4005  KODT Black Hands 2011 #1 Comic $3.99  
RPR 03564   Horgun Blackfetch, Dwarf Bowman Mini    $4.99 
RPR 03566   Valloa, Female Elf Thief DYOM    Mini    $5.99
RPR 14597   Toghra the Despoiler, Gnoll Warlord  Mini   $11.99   
RPR 50228   Whitney, Anime Heroine    Mini    $5.99
RPR 50230   Captain Nemo    Mini    $5.99   
RPR 50231   Townsfolk: Geeks (3)  Mini    $9.99 
RPR 60072   PF Chivane, Red Mantis Assassin    Mini    $5.99 
IWM 20-5014   Dark Crow (TRO 3085)  Mini   $12.25  
MDG 7102 Magnum Copper Sleeve (100)    Acc  $3.50  
MDG 7103 Magnum Silver Sleeve (100)  Acc  $3.50  
MDG 7104 Magnum Gold Sleeve (100)    Acc  $3.50 
MDG 7106 Premium Magnum Copper Sleeve (100)  Acc  $4.95 
MDG 7045 Mini Chimera Red Gm Sleeves (100)   Acc  $1.75 
MDG 7028 Euro Card Sleeve Reprint (100)   Acc  $2.25 
FFG CS1033 Anima Tactics LF Valis Ul Del Vilfai  Mini   $12.99   
FFG CS3040 Anima Tactics NF Male Samael Agent    Mini   $10.99
WOC 32299-D    MTG New Phyrexia Bstr Dis (36)    CCG    $143.64
WOC 32308-D    MTG New Phyrexia Intro Pack Dis (10)    CCG    $129.90  
WOC 32309    MTG New Phyrexia Fat Pack    CCG    $39.99 
WOC 33805 D&D The Shadowfell RPG $39.99  
CYC10202  Treasure Chest with Hidden Compartment - Medium  $15.00

FFG CT16E   COC LCG Mountains of Madness AP Reprnt LCG   $14.95
   Forgotten Lore brings back the long out-of-print standalone Asylum Packs for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, and updates them to the new 60-card per pack format (three copies each of 20 unique cards). These reformatted Asylum Packs also include updated card text based on the most recent FAQ and Errata. The Mountains of Madness is themed around the H.P. Lovecraft short novel of the same name about a doomed Miskatonic University research expedition to Antarctica. This Asylum Pack features Polar events, Alaskan Sledge Dogs, Antarctic Monsters, and more!  

FFG CT17E   COC LCG Ancient Horrors AP Reprint  LCG   $14.95
Forgotten Lore brings back the long out-of-print standalone Asylum Packs for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, and updates them to the new 60-card per pack format (three copies each of 20 unique cards). These reformatted Asylum Packs also include updated card text based on the most recent FAQ and Errata. Ancient Horrors centers around Monsters, Ancient Ones, and the brave (or insane) hunters that stalk them. Both Investigators and servitors of the Mythos will find powerful allies in this pack, such as Ghoulish Worshipper, Safari Hunter, Aspiring Artist, and new Ancient Ones Bokrug, Ghatanothoa, Atlach-Nacha, and others.
PSI CB6901  SW War o/t Dead Chapter Two RPG   $24.99  
The dead have risen to consume the Earth! Barely surviving the betrayal at Dalesbury, you've been forced onto the road. When you discover a survivor community, is their open welcome a true reprieve from the constant fight for survival, or an ulterior motive for something darker? And what of the rumors of a major survivor camp called Sanctuary? Is it truly a haven from the Living Dead? Included in War of the Dead: Chapter Two are rules for less-than-lethal weapons, new NPCs, and the second 13 adventures of the 52-adventure campaign.

PSI CB7001  AFF Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG  RPG   $29.99  
In the 1980s, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone produced a series of popular, interactive fantasy novels called "gamebooks", featuring the innovative Fighting Fantasy system. Re-written and re-released for a new generation of gamers, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG features revised rules, brand-new material, and original illustrations that combine to make this a classic roleplaying game for the modern age.

ZMG 4070 Nobody but us Chickens Non-CCG  $15.00  
As sunset approaches in Littleton, Kentucky, Farmer Johnson's chickens have had a hard day scratching, pecking, and egg-laying. But now it's getting dark - time to return to the coop and get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, a pack of foxes have found the coop and when the rats show up, they'll snatch every chicken they can lay their fangs on! Will the loyal guard dogs save the chickens from the foxes, or will a rat sneak in and snatch the best chicken for itself?

KON 88608-D  Yu-Gi-Oh Extreme Victory BD (24)   CCG    $95.76  
Extreme Victory takes Synchro Monsters to their ultimate extreme, with the new T.G. (Tech Genus) monsters! T.G. Decks are specially designed to crank out Synchro Monsters at a fast and furious pace - and they can do it over, and over, and over again! But Duelists can also put the smackdown on Synchro Monsters, once and for all, with The Meklords, a vast army of hungry machines that devour Synchro Monsters and use their powers for themselves! This 100-card expansion set also includes new cards for many popular championship Decks, including Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings, Six Samurai, and more!

ZMG 7073 Secret of Monte Cristo   BG  $54.99   
When the young and successful merchant sailor, Edmond Dante's, sails back to Marseille to marry his fiance, he finds himself falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, and imprisoned, without trial, in the Chateau d'If! It is during his incarceration that he learns of the existence of a colossal treasure buried on Monte Cristo, and upon escaping from his jailers, he manages to reach the island and uncover the treasure. With this newly acquired wealth, Dante's sets his revenge in motion! Years later, it is rumored that the Count of Monte Cristo has secreted a large cache of his fortune in the dungeons of Chateau d'If. Now, numerous smugglers, aboard untrustworthy skiffs, set forth towards the castle, hoping to get their hands on the fabled treasure!

ZMG 7075 Yggdrasil  BG  $54.99   
Yggdrasil, the 'terrible steed', a cosmic ash tree that supports the Nine Worlds, is in jeopardy. As the Ragnarok approaches, you, mighty among the Aesir and Vanir Gods, must face the relentless advance of evil and prevent them from destroying Yggdrasil and all of Asgard! The Ragnarok begins now!

ZMG 7079 Troyes    BG  $54.99   
In the year 1200, the foundation is laid for the cathedral of Troyes - but it will not be completed until 400 years later! Troyes invites you to experience four centuries of history by participating in the development of one of the finest medieval cities ever to make its mark on Western culture - Champagne! Representing prominent family from the Champagne region of France, players use their influence to recruit and supervise individuals from the military, church, and civilian populace in their quest to build power and prestige among the principle players in the city.

FFG BW06 Battlelore Tribes o/t Vale   BG $29.95   
   Tribes of the Vale introduces the clansmen of the Mountains of the Moon to Battles of Westeros! The harsh and rugged terrain surrounding the Vale is home to a savage breed of warrior, and it takes a cunning leader to channel their ferocity effectively on the battlefield. Tribes of the Vale introduces three new commanders (Shagga, Son of Dolf; Timett, Son of Timett; and Chella, Daughter of Cheyk), plus three new unit types, new keywords, new terrain types, and a rulebook with three new scenarios aligning House Lannister with these devastating clansmen.

FFG GOT49E  GOT LCG Kings o/t Sea Exp Rev   LCG    $29.95   
   Board your longships and harness the fury of the Iron Fleet with this revised edition of the popular A Game of Thrones LCG deluxe expansion, Kings of the Sea! Featuring three copies each of its 60 unique cards (not including the resin house card that came with the first printing), Kings of the Sea adds House Greyjoy as another playable faction, with its own particular set of compelling strategies.

CRP27BX003  Pathfinder RPG: Conflict Roleplaying RPG Boxed Set (Double Sided Edition)  $39.99
Description: Focused, Tactical, Player vs. Player Roleplaying for the pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Conflict-RPG is a table-top roleplaying game focused on tactical combat versus other teams and Players. Driving the combat are clearly defined objectives and your will to win.

XRP6015  Pathfinder RPG - 1 on 1 Adventures #15: Cipactli's Maw  $12.00
Following the award-winning Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore and powered by Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 1 on 1 Adventures #14: Cipactli's Maw is designed for 1 GM and 1 player, level 3-5, in which the PC is called to find the great Olmec Queen Huehaatl's legendary vault of riches.

CRP27B1002  Pathfinder RPG: Conflict - Area of Effect Templates  $5.99
Area of Effect Templates are printed on transparency film. These templates are coated with a clear polyester base, making it dry erase or permanent markers friendly. Jot down the spell name and effects directly on the template. A swipe with a dry eraser, its ready to reuse.

CZE 01111-S    WOW CCG War o/t Elements Epic Collec   CCG    $34.99 
The World of Warcraft TCG: War of the Elements Epic Collection includes one War of the Elements deck box, one Loot card, a War of the Elements playmat, card dividers, six War of the Elements booster packs, five foil heroes, and an Icecrown visual lore pocket guide, all packaged in a special storage box.

AEG 15800-D   L5R CCG Before the Dawn Str Dis (6)    CCG   $83.94   
AEG 15810-D   L5R CCG Before the Dawn Bstr Dis (48    CCG  $177.12   
It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn! The Crab lands have fallen, and the Scorpion lands are besieged! The Empire's war with the Destroyers approaches its final, feverish days. When the dawn finally breaks, and the war is concluded, will the sun rise upon the Emerald Empire, or only upon a suffering ruin once known as Rokugan? The final chapter of the Empire's fight against the armies of the champion of evil, Kali-Ma the Destroyer, is at hand in Before the Dawn, the first expansion designed for the Emperor Edition of the L5R CCG. This 156-card expansion is introduced in 84-card, pre-constructed Clan Starter Decks offered in 6-count displays [two Crab, two Lion, and two Phoenix Decks] and supplemental 11-card boosters packed in 48-count displays.

GRR 5502 MM 3E GM's Kit  Mini   $19.95 
The Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster's Guide features everything a Gamemaster needs to set up and run a superhero-themed game - from guidelines on creating challenges and adventures to advice on designing your own setting and series. The Gamemaster's Guide also includes guidance on creating heroes, archetypes that make building villains easy, world-building tips, and options for modifying the game to suit your group's play style.

IMP BBG4000  Please Stand By Zombies Miniatures  Mini   $12.00 
This two-pack blister of ready-to-play, 25mm Zombie miniatures is designed for use with Please Stand By miniatures rules or for any zombie-themed game. Choose from three different head choices for a variety of gruesome looks!

IMP TLG8015D   CC Castle Keepers Guide, Digest RPG   $24.99 
The third core book for Castles & Crusades, The Castle Keeper's Guide serves as a toolbox for gamers, filled with guidelines and rules as well as notes on directions for design, all laid out for the Crusader to enhance their game.

IMP VCT1000  ScrumBrawl (Boxed Strategy Board Game)  BG $39.95   
The Arena beckons to the five tribes of Avenbrae, promising glory to the victors. Elite warrior-athletes of each race converge upon the games to prove their prowess in sport and battle. They await your orders, ready to test their abilities in a chaotic and brutal match of ScrumBrawl!

IMP XRP6015  1 on 1 Adventures #15: Cipactli'sMaw    RPG   $12.00 
Find the great Olmec Queen Huehaatl's legendary vault of riches in Cipactli's Maw, a 1-on-1 Adventure powered by the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system and designed for a GM and a single adventurer of level 3-5.

MRP 0009 COC The Legacy of Arrius Lurco    RPG   $29.95 
Several years ago a wealthy patrician vanished in Crete. He was found weeks later wandering aimlessly with no memory of where he'd been or what had happened to him. What starts as an attempt to recover his lost memories soon becomes an epic struggle pitting investigators against sinister cults, inhuman minions, and the awesome powers of a Great Old One!

RGG 444    Airlines Europe    BG $59.95  
In Airlines Europe, courageous entrepreneurs establish the first airlines and compete for the few available licenses in the European air space. The rapidly growing market and the chance for high gains attract high-powered investors. But only the ones that use their influence skillfully and their cash wisely will turn their investments into the most profitable airlines.

UGS TRIP64 Tripolo    Non-CCG   $6.00  
Three-in-a-row makes Tripolo in this fast-matching card game!

PSI CB7301  QUERP: Bestiary RPG   $24.99   
This tome for QUERP - Quick Easy Role Playing - contains nearly 100 monsters and enemies that devious Gamesmasters can use to distract and attack their players. If it bites, claws, flies, roars, breathes fire, renders, tears, or gobbles you up in one bite - you will find it lurking within the pages of this book.

SJG 1335  Awful Green Things From Space Rev Ed Non-CCG  $24.99   
This revised edition of Awful Green Things From Outer Space includes Tom's "Outside the Znutar" rules and counters for going out the airlocks and fighting on the surface of the ship, as well as upgraded components, including a mounted gameboard and five Green Dice.

TOY 12029   My First Cthulhu Plush  Toys   $18.99  
Cthulhu loves children - and their innocent souls! But, his ghastly appearance can be off-putting to new worshipers, so here's a soft, huggable My First Cthulhu Plush depicting the Embodiment of Malevolence when he was just a star-spawn!

MGP 3857 Traveller RPG Starports    Mini   $24.99  
The Starport is the central base of operations for many Traveller adventures, but each one is far more than a collection of refuelling points and patron display boards - every starport in the galaxy is a living, breathing place. Packed with information on what facilities, characters, and businesses can be found at a starport, this supplement provides maps, vehicles, and ships that can be readily used to create your own starports, or utilize one of the fully fleshed-out starports included.

BAI 23560-D    Naruto CCG Shattered Truth TD(8)*  CCG  $79.92   
BAI 23614-D    Naruto CCG Shattered Truth BD (24)*  CCG  $95.76
Chronicling the final battle between Sasuke and Itachi as the truth behind the history of the Uchiha clan is revealed, Shattered Truth features new cards of the Six Tails and fan-favorite Ninjas with the new 'no effect' Ninja cards, while Madera and the powerful Jutsus Kirin and Susanoo make their first appearance in the Naruto CCG. This 100+ expansion is introduced in two, unique, 30-card deck configurations containing two boosters, exclusive Super-Rare cards, and a playmat offered in 8-count displays, and supplemental 10-card boosters packed in 24-count displays.

FFG GOT69  GOT LCG Forging the Chain CP LCG   $14.95  
The second monthly Chapter Pack for the Secrets of Oldtown expansion to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Forging the Chain develops more synergy for the Maester trait across several Houses, a key feature of the Secrets of Oldtown cycle, and includes deeper deck-building opportunities through cards like Jaqen H'ghar, Shireen Baratheon, and Riders of the Red Fork. Featuring three copies each of 20 new and unique cards, this expansion is designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the A Game of Thrones metagame.

MGP 1320 Lone Wolf Corruption of Ikaya RPG   $19.99
   A brand-new mini-campaign for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook, Corruption of Ikaya sees the players travelling to the Ice Wastes of Kalte to discover the fate of Kai acolyte Greyshadow and delegates of a Sommlending merchant house.

MGP 3858 Traveller RPG Supp 10: Merchants and Cruisers  RPG   $24.99  
Merchants and Cruisers is a giant resource for referee's looking to populate space between the stars with new ships, and players looking for a new ride. From the tiniest of fighters to powerful cruisers, every ship in this Traveller supplement is individually illustrated and presented with a vector-format deck plan. 

PZO 3019  GM Face Cards Urban NPCs RPG   $10.99  
In the big city, you sometimes don't know who you can trust without looking them right in the eye. Paizo's GameMastery line comes to the rescue with its newest tabletop gaming accessory, Face Cards: Urban NPCs. From street urchins to sages, specialists to adventuring heroes, this 54-card deck breathes life and visual flair to the city-based characters in your fantasy campaign.

PZO 9045  PF Adv Path Broken Moon RPG   $19.99  
When the savage lord of Ustalav's werewolves is mysteriously murdered, the nation's forests run with lycanthropic blood. Entreated by a lord of the werewolves to help unite his savage people, the heroes must risk becoming tainted by the curse of lycanthropy as they race across the heart of the nation to find an outcast heir. A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 6th-level characters, this volume continues the Carrion Crown Adventure Path.

PZO 8504  PF Tales Worldwound Gambit   RPG    $9.99   
In the foreboding north, the demonic hordes of the magic-twisted hellscape known as the Worldwound encroach upon the southern kingdoms of Golarion. Their latest escalation embroils a preternaturally handsome and coolly charismatic swindler named Gad, who decides to assemble a team of thieves, cutthroats, and con-men to take the fight into the demon lands and strike directly at the fiendish leader responsible for the latest raids - the demon Yath, the Shimmering Putrescence! From gaming legend and popular author Robin D. Laws comes a fantastic new adventure of swords and sorcery, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

PZO 8031  PS Hunt/Space Witch 7 Adv Time/Space    Novel $15.99 
Science fiction legend Robert Silverberg reflects on some of his earliest, least-reprinted tales in this new Planet Stories collection! Between 1956 and 1958, Silverberg contributed dozens of short stories and novellas to the digest pulps, each written in the bombastic, high-adventure style of the original Planet Stories magazine.

PZO 1117  PF Pathfinder Ultimate Magic HC    RPG   $39.99  
From arcane secrets uncovered by studious wizards and dazzling ki-tricks performed by canny monks, to new mutagens for alchemists, new oracle mysteries, and specialized channel energy options for clerics, this comprehensive reference unveils the magical secrets of the Pathfinder rules like never before! Ultimate Magic also introduces the latest Pathfinder RPG base class: the magus. Combining arcane spells with practiced martial skill, the magus incorporates elements of the warrior and wizard to walk a path balanced between two deadly efficient extremes. All this plus more than 100 new spells for all spellcasting classes, an innovative new "words of power" spellcasting system, a complete system for 1-on-1 spell duels, and more.

PZO 9232  PF Campaign Setting Rival Guide    RPG   $19.99   
The most dangerous foes in the world of the Pathfinder RPG are not always monsters. For the player characters are not the only magic-laden "heroes" with hopes and ambitions to bring sword and spell into desolate dungeons and crime-ridden cities. This useful reference volume includes ten completely detailed parties of rival adventurers suitable for use as enemies, allies, or anything in between.

PZO SQW30039 GM Flip Mat Country Inn   Acc    $12.99
Bandits in the hills? Saddle-sore and ready to trade in your sleeping mat for a comfy bed and a fresh cup of ale? Flip-Mat: Country Inn sets the scene for a relaxing rural break from the road-and makes the perfect locale for an ambush, assassination attempt, brigand raid, or any of countless other battle possibilities. This portable, affordable map measures 24" x 30", and features a coated surface designed to handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker.  

ZMG 4073 Junta Viva El Presidente    Non-CCG  $39.99   
Complete with El Presidente sunglasses! Several years have passed since the corrupt government of Republica de las Bananas was afflicted by unrest and attempted putsches. Since then, the army has lost importance; in its place, private militias do the dirty work. The members of the Junta live a reclusive life in grandiose estates financed by their Swiss bank accounts. The players belong to this Junta and now command their own private militias. And, as before, they rob their opponents unscrupulously and ambush the president as often as they can in order to become president themselves. The players must pocket as much development aid as possible, use this to hire new militias, and extend their estates.

ZMG 7065 Ascending Empires  BG $54.99  
Decimated to the brink of extinction, the remnants of Humanity have fled to a new galaxy in fear of annihilation at the hands of an unstoppable enemy. There, they uncover the ruins of four long-dead civilizations - and the race to develop new technology based on the alien relics has begun! Join the ranks of Humanity and fight for your survival! Ascend to the stars and claim the galaxy as your own in Ascending Empires!

APL 0838    PG: Go for Broke BG $24.99 
They were suspected of being Japanese sympathizers and collaborators during World War II. Their families were confined in "relocation camps" such as Manzinar. Many of their loved ones fell ill and died during internment, and many more had their homes taken from them. But they were determined to prove their honor. They enlisted in the U.S. Army to fight the Germans. They were the men of the 442nd Infantry Brigade - a segregated unit comprised entirely of Japanese-Americans. And they became the most decorated unit in all of World War II. Panzer Grenadier: Go for Broke is the story of these brave soldiers, who suffered in battle against the Germans and in discrimination from their own country.

HCG 872-D Bella Sara Summer Camp Dis (24)  CCG  $47.76  
Every ten years the families and horses of North of North gather for a great journey to explore the wonders outside Canter Hollow. The summer holiday is the backdrop for campfires, storytelling, and the amazing Travelers whose wagons accompany them on their trek. Here, Emma and her friends will discover the mystery of Herd Mustang, which disappeared a thousand years ago. Featuring 45 new, magical horses and 10 new story cards, Bella Sara: Summer Camp is introduced in packs containing five random horse, character, and/or story cards, one sticker card, and one Ticket Card with a secret code to unlock fun games, adventures, magical horses, and more at Offered in 24-count displays.

S2P 3EG102   Wu Xing Firebrands   RPG   $19.99  
Flames That Burn Brightly! Wu Xing: The Firebrands is the first clan sourcebook for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade. Experience the expansive territories, training methods, and individual cultures of the Fire-Aspected clans: The Blazing Dancers, who live the dance of fire, and the Virtuous Body Gardeners with their fiery-tempered blades.

S2P TGEC1100 Elemental Clash Starter Pack   Non-CCG  $17.99  
In ancient times, when the veil between the world of the humans and the realm of magic was fragile, almighty wizards battled in epic duels to determine who was the master of sorcery and arcane wisdom. Armed with a Spell book and the aid of the enchanted Element-Stones, the sorcerers summoned fantastic creatures and magical spells to best their opponents. Each Starter Pack contains two 40-card decks, one for each opposing player (Earth and Water / Air and Fire), complete with Creature and Spell cards, Element Stones, and a rules booklet.

PSI CB6800  Coliseum Morpheuon (Pathfinder)   RPG   $34.99  
One hundred teams enter. One team leaves! The Coliseum Morpheuon beckons your characters to travel the Realm of Dreams to enter a competition unlike any other. Set against the intrigue-laden setting of the Chimeric Ampitheater, the party will have to survive the contests in the arena - and because they happen in dreams, anything can and will happen!

WZK 70213   DC HC Green Lantern Fast Forces 6 Pk (First Wave)   CMG   
Just in time for the Summer's most anticipated movie release comes the DC HeroClix: Green Lantern Fast Forces 6-Pack! Ideal for new and experienced HeroClix players, each Fast Forces 6-Pack comes with a map, dice, and six figures (with never-before-seen dials, powers, and abilities) that can be used to form numerous HeroClix teams. 

MAT T8138  Blokus Junior BG  
Blokus Junior is the perfect way to teach kids as young as 5-years-old the art of strategy!

LOTFP008  Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Vornheim: The Complete City Kit (HC)  $17.50
Vast is Vornheim, The Grey Maze ... but I'm not here to bore you with that. This book is not about Vornheim, it's about running Vornheim - or any other city - in a fantastic Medieval setting. And about running it with a minimum of hassle - so you and your players can get to the good stuff...That's why we called it a 'Kit' - you can use it to build your own city, even in the middle of a game. Give somebody a floorplan and they'll GM for a day - show them how to make 30 floorplans in 30 seconds and they'll GM forever. That said, anyone hoping they bought a book containing The Real Vornheim That The D&D With Pornstars Girls Play In has got it. These are our rules and tables and monsters and places. I wouldn't want to spend all this time writing a book I could't use...

LOTFP102  Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Grindhouse Edition Box Set  $49.99
The Grindhouse Edition includes never-before-seen spells, magic items, and introductory adventure, as well as a revised layout and over 100 new pieces of fantastic art that will transport you into the nightmare world of LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing!

PSI CT35204    BT House Liao  RPG   $34.99   

PSI CB1202  The Laundry Black Bag Jobs    RPG   $24.99   
From the war-torn hillsides of Afghanistan to the corridors of power in Whitehall, from yoga lessons in Devon to the end of the world, it's time to break in and steal the secrets of reality with Black Bag Jobs, featuring six self-contained missions for your Laundry campaign.

PSI CB6801  PF Evocative City Sites    RPG   $19.99  
Why settle for the same old taverns, bars, and town? Add some character to your city and make it Evocative! From Bedlam Asylum, Clockwork Tower, the Intimate Shape Brothel, and Kavit M. Tor's Emporium of Collectible Curiosities, to Lorn's Entrepot, the Next Inn, the Rogue's Gallery Tavern, Voell's Garden, and a funerary vault, this bundle of nine extraordinary places is sure to bring the adventure into the streets and alleyways with style. Each location comes packed with material, offering multiple maps, as well as several fully detailed NPCs complete with statblocks, story seeds, and character secrets.

PSI CT26405    SR A Fist Full of Credsticks RPG   $14.99
Experience the popularity-driven atmosphere of Los Angeles and social networking the Shadowrun way! Shedding further light upon the Horizon Corporation, this second in a new line of Shadowrun sourcebooks combines setting, plot, and gear information in one book to give players and gamemasters a whole host of new options to use in their campaign.

KON 88627   Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi/Slifer Card Sleeve    Acc $3.99 

Duel Terminal Volume 5: Vylon's Advent  $1 each from machine
is a 50-card set, including cards DT05-EN001 through DT05-EN050. Cards -051 through -100 will form a separate 50-card set, Duel Terminal Volume 5: Steelswarm Raid, which will ship in a few months.  Both sets are numbered Duel Terminal 5 so that players can easily understand they will be legal for play when Hidden Arsenal 5 releases toward the end of 2011.

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CIS HD1005 HD Great Damned One of Wrath  Mini   $27.99 
CIS HD1005 HD Great Damned One of Wrath  Mini   $27.99  
CIS HD2004 HD Blade Master, Hybrid   Mini   $10.99 
CIS HD3005 HD Saurav Geet    Mini   $10.99  
CIS HD6004 HD Husaym al Dim  Mini   $19.99  
CIS HD6005 HD Dibukkim   Mini   $11.99 
CIS HD6006 HD Blessed Warriors Mini   $11.99  
CIS HD7005 HD Blades for Hire  Mini   $11.99 
CIS HD7006 HD Sara Zingaresce    Mini   $12.99 
MGP 3556 CA Hazat Adonais Dreadnought   Mini   $24.99 
MGP 3557 CA Deacdos Anikrunta Dreadnought  Mini   $24.99  
MGP 3558 CA Hawkwood Maestekulos Dreadnought  Mini   $24.99
MGP 3567 CA Hawkwood Vladimir Cruiser  Mini   $14.99   
MGP 3574 CA Decados Nightwing Stealthship Mini   $14.99
MGP 3577 CA Decados Grigori Cruiser    Mini   $14.99  
MGP 3584 CA Hazat Canai Cruiser    Mini   $14.99
MGP 3585 CA Hazat Trafalgar Carrier  Mini   $14.99   
MGP 3591 CA Al Malik Matachin Stealthship  Mini   $14.99   
MGP 3594 CA Al Malik Moriah Cruiser    Mini   $14.99
MGP 3602 CA Li Halan Maru Cruiser    Mini   $14.99   
OMM MOR337    Miniature Wargames Mag #337  Mini    $8.50
S2P TGEC1101 Elemental Clash Earth Pack  Non-CCG  $11.99
S2P TGEC1102 Elemental Clash Water Pack    Non-CCG  $11.99  
S2P TGEC1103 Elemental Clash FirePack Non-CCG  $11.99
S2P TGEC1104 Elemental Clash Air Pack  Non-CCG  $11.99   
S2P TGEC1105 Elemental Clash Fat Pack  Non-CCG  $34.99  
WLG WGBBI03    Commandos (25)   Miniature  38.66 
WLG WGBPI100  Polish Army TKS Tankette   Miniature  19.33
WLG WGBPI25    Polish Army 81mm Mortar team  Miniature  11.60   
WLG WGBPI26    Polish Army Squad  Miniature  29.00  
WLG WGBPI27    Polish Army Lancers  Miniature  15.47 
WLG WGBPI28    Polish Army Lancer command  Miniature  15.47 
WLG WGBSS28   Waffen SS Nebelwerfer  Miniature  23.20  
WLG WGH001  Hail Caesar (216 page hardback) Miniature  68.14 
WLG WGHCE01   Celtic Warriors (40)   Miniature  38.66  
WLG WGHIR03    Imperial Roman Praetorians (20+Emperor)   Miniature  34.80   
DCGWW18  World at War Magazine #18: South Seas Campaign, 1942-43  $30.00 
KST015  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Mace Windu (74mm)  $68.99 
KST016  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Luke Skywalker - Episode IV (70mm)  $61.99 
KST017  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Han Solo - Episode IV (70mm)  $61.99 
KST018  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Emporer's Royal Guard (74mm)  $61.99
KSTK30ST007  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Darth Maul (30mm)  $19.99
KSTK30ST008  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Darth Vader (30mm)  $19.99 
KSTK30ST009  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Aayla Secura (30mm)  $19.99 
KSTK30ST010  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Count Dooku (30mm)  $19.99 
KSTK30ST011  Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Leia Organa (30mm)  $19.99 
KSTMV019  Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Daredevil (72mm)  $68.99 
KSTMV020  Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Black Cat (72mm)  $68.99 
KSTMV021  Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Red Skull (72mm)  $68.99 
KSTMV022  Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Cyclops (72mm)  $61.99 
KSTMVB01  Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Punisher Bust (1/10 Scale)  $68.99 
VCT1000  ScrumBrawl: The Arena Beckons!  $39.95 
WYR1028  Malifaux 32mm: Guardian  $12.50
WYR1029  Malifaux 32mm: Hunter  $10.00
WYR1030  Malifaux 32mm: Watcher  $9.00 
WYR1036  Malifaux 32mm - Guild: Hoffman  $11.50
WYR1037  Malifaux 32mm - Guild: Mechanical Attendant  $9.00 
WYR4036  Malifaux 32mm: Nekima  $30.00 
WYR4037  Malifaux 32mm: Black Blood Shaman  $9.00 
DCG2100  War In Europe (Win): Computer Edition  $59.95 
DCG2101  Wolfpack: Computer Edition  $20.00 
EXC3717  Excalibre Games: 1944: Second Front  $38.00 
EXC3W20  Excalibre Games: Salvo 2  $28.00 
LAOTS203-FBL  RPG Accessories: Flooding Tokens (10)  $4.99 
LAOTS204-WHT  RPG Accessories: Evasive Maneuver Tokens (10)  $4.99 
LAOTS205-BRN  RPG Accessories: Broken Rudder Tokens (10)  $4.99
LAOTS206-ABR  RPG Accessories: Bridge Hit! Tokens (10)  $4.99 
LAOTS207-BLK  RPG Accessories: Engine Damage Tokens (10)  $4.99 
SMMBREG0040  Round Bases: Egyptian Ruins 40mm Round Edge Bases # 1 (2)  $10.50
SMMBREG0041  Round Bases: Egyptian Ruins 40mm Round Edge Bases # 2 (2)  $10.50 
SMMBREG0042  Round Bases: Egyptian Ruins 60 mm Round Base # 2  $10.50 
SMMBSEG0027  Square Bases: Egyptian Ruins Square Bases 50mm / 25mm (2)  $10.50 
SMMBSEG0028  Square Bases: Egyptian Ruins 95 mm / 45mm square base  $6.99 
SMMBSET0029  Square Bases: Elven Temple Ruins Square Bases 20mm (5)  $6.99 
SMMBSET0031  Square Bases: Elven Temple Ruins Square Bases 50/25mm (2)  $6.99 
VTXP0016  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian 1805-1808 Line Infantry Marching  $20.00
VTXP0017  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian 1805-1808 Grenadiers Marching  $20.00 
VTXP0018  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian 1805-1808 Line Infantry Command  $20.00 
VTXP0019  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian 1805-1808 Mounted Colonels  $15.00 
VTXP0020  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian Pavloski Grenadiers Marching  $20.00 
VTXP0021  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian Pavloski Grenadiers Command  $20.00
VTXP0022  Victrix 28mm Metal: Russian 1805-1808 Russian Imperial Guard Marching  $20.00 
VTXP0024  Victrix 28mm Metal: Old Guard Mounted Grenadier & Chasseur Colonels  $15.00
BBG4000  Please Stand By Zombies Miniatures (2)  $12.00
HLD1005  Hell Dorado - Demons: Great Damned One of Wrath  $27.99 
HLD2004  Hell Dorado - Immortals: Blade Master, Hybrid  $10.99 
HLD3005  Hell Dorado - Lost: Saurav-Geet  $10.99 
HLD6004  Hell Dorado: Husaym al Dim  $19.99 
HLD6006  Hell Dorado - Saracens: Blessed Warrior  $11.99 
HLD7006  Hell Dorado - Westerners: Sara Zingaresce  $12.99
HTM28SF002  HiTech Miniatures: Shield Bearer (1)  $9.00 
HTM28SF003  HiTech Miniatures: Hell Cruiser Arcturus  $60.00 
KRM421_KLITE  KR Multicase: K-Lite Empty [Holds 1 KR Multicase]  $26.99 
TYV15028  Monty Python Toy: Black Knight Mini Bobbler  $9.95 
TYV15033  Monty Python Toy: Knight of Ni Mini Bobbler  $9.95 
MDG7086  Red Premium Set of Crokinole Discs (14)  $8.95
MDG7087  Black Premium Set of Crokinole Discs (14)  $8.95 
MDG7088  Natural Premium Set of Crokinole Discs (14)  $8.95
OSPMAA467  North American Indian Tribes of the Great Lakes  $17.95 
OSPNVG146  Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships  $19.95 
ZENBN001  Zenit Fantasy Miniatures: Nemesis Rulebook  $22.49 
ZENNM004B  Zenit Fantasy Miniatures - The Thousand Faces Cult: Gladiators (2)  $16.49 
ZENNP005  Zenit Fantasy Miniatures: The Arbonte´s Menace  $74.99 
CRP27M002  False Peace Double-Sided Battlemaps  $19.99 
GMS4802-0020  GameScience Special Dice: Translucent Dark Smoke d30 Inked (1)  $7.50
GMS4802-0021  GameScience Special Dice: Translucent Dark Smoke d30 No Ink (1)  $6.00
GMS9001-8001  GameScience Special Dice: Ugly Dice (7)  $10.00 
OSPDUE006  USN Carriers vs IJN Carriers: The Pacific 1942  $22.95 
OSPGM078  Overlord  $18.95 
WMP 091  Historic Pennsylvania Puzzle    Puzzle    $14.95 
WMP 092  Historic Massachusetts Puzzle Puzzle    $14.95  
WMP 682  Crazy Toys Puzzle   Puzzle    $14.95 
WMP 729  Lucky Strike Puzzle   Puzzle    $14.95 
DCG WAW-18 World at War #18    Magazine  $29.99  
IWM 10-048 BF Scale Str Box 1-3 Lances (12mechs)  Mini   $44.95
IWM 10-049 BF Scale Str Box 2-2 Stars (10mechs)    Mini   $39.95   
COR280349  Infinity (#292) Yu Jing: Haramaki Zensenbutai (4)  $36.00 
COR280446  Infinity (#290) Haqqislam: Al Hawwa' Unit (Hacker) (1)  $11.75 
COR280546  Infinity (#293) Nomads: Bakunin Überfallkommando (4)  $36.00 
COR280640  Infinity (#294) Combined Army: Noctifers (Spitfire) (1)  $15.49
ASMGOS01US  Gosu: Goblin Armies Arise!  $29.99 
MASB00110  Battle Bases: Ruins Bases, Regiment 100x20mm (3)  $17.50 
MASB00111  Battle Bases: Ruins Bases, Regiment 125x25mm (3)  $17.50
MASB00743  Battle Bases: Mystic Bases, WRound 50mm (1)  $6.99
MASB01010  Battle Bases: Temple Bases, Regiment 100x20mm (3)  $17.50
MASB01011  Battle Bases: Temple Bases, Regiment 125x25mm (3)  $17.50
MASB01026  Battle Bases: Temple Bases, Elipse 120mm (1)  $20.99 
MASB01626  Battle Bases: Old Factory Base, Ellipse 120mm (1)  $18.00 
MASB01726  Battle Bases: Infested Bases, Elipse 120mm (1)  $20.99
MASB01741  Battle Bases: Infested Bases, WRound 30mm (5)  $6.99 
MASB01742  Battle Bases: Infested Bases, WRound 40mm (2)  $6.99 
MASB01743  Battle Bases: Infested Bases, WRound 50mm #1(1)  $6.99 
MASB01744  Battle Bases: Infested Bases, WRound 50mm #2(1)  $6.99 
MASB01926  Battle Bases: Skulls Bases, Ellipse 120mm (1)  $18.00 
MASB02001  Battle Bases: Chaos Bases, 20x20mm (5)  $7.00 
MASB02043  Battle Bases: Chaos Bases, Wround 50mm (1)  $6.99 
MASB02204  Battle Bases: Dark Temple Bases, 25x50mm (4)  $10.50 
MASB03103  Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 40x40mm (2)  $5.99
MASB03104  Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 25x50mm (4)  $8.99
MASC00032  Conversion Lab: Knights Legs #1 (5)  $10.49 
MASF00003  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Set #1 (6)  $66.50 
MASF00004  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Set #2 (9)  $87.50 
MASF00005  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Long Straight (2)  $26.25 
MASF00006  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Short Straight (4)  $26.25 
MASF00007  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Turns (4)  $26.25 
MASF00008  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Endings (2)  $17.50 
MASF00010  Sci-Fi Terrain: Housing Module #1 (1)  $34.99
MASF00018  Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal T-Junction (1)  $17.50
MASF00019  Sci-Fi Terrain: Small Hills #1 (2)  $34.99 
MASF00020  Sci-Fi Terrain: Medium Hill #1 (1)  $27.99
MASP00029  Condition Markers: Infinity Templates (3)  $22.50 
MASP00030  Condition Markers: Objective Markers Flag (5)  $6.00 
MASP00031  Condition Markers: Objective Markers GeoData (5)  $6.00 
MASR00001  Rubber Moulds: Heavy Fur (1)  $22.50 
MASR00002  Rubber Moulds: Light Fur (1)  $22.50 
MASS01901  Movement Tray: Skulls 5x3 20x20mm  $12.25 
MASS01902  Movement Tray: Skulls 5x4 20x20mm  $12.25 
MASS01903  Movement Tray: Skulls 5x3 25x25mm  $13.99
MASS01904  Movement Tray: Skulls 5x4 25x25mm  $13.99
MASS01905  Movement Tray: Skulls 5x2 25x50mm  $13.99 
MASS01906  Movement Tray: Skulls 3x2 40x40mm  $13.99 
MASS02011  Movement Tray: Chaos 5x3 20x20mm  $12.25 
MASS02012  Movement Tray: Chaos 5x4 20x20mm  $12.25 
MASS02013  Movement Tray: Chaos 5x3 25x25mm  $13.99 
MASS02014  Movement Tray: Chaos 5x4 25x25mm  $13.99 
MASS02015  Movement Tray: Chaos 5x2 25x50mm  $13.99 
MASS02016  Movement Tray: Chaos 3x2 40x40mm  $13.99 
FENFA152 Fenryll Miniatures: Snakes Priestess II (1) $10.50
FENFPM04 Fenryll Miniatures: 54mm Athena (1) $43.75
FENFPM05 Fenryll Miniatures: 54mm Valkyrie (1) $43.75 5
FENFPM06 Fenryll Miniatures: 54mm Anuman (1) $35.00
FENNAF Fenryll Miniatures: Naheulbeuk Collector: Campfire (1) $3.49
FENSF16 Fenryll Miniatures: Carnivorous Plants (1) $16.75
FENTC40 Fenryll Miniatures: Orc N' Roll $15.00
FENTC44 Fenryll Miniatures: Orc & Dwarf Fathers Christmas $15.00
FENTDM Fenryll Miniatures: Wizard Tower (1) $132.99
FENVPA02 Fenryll Miniatures: Punk Biker (1) $16.75

WZK 70138    DC HC Dr Manhattan Comic Con Version CMG  $79.99  
Playable at three power levels, from 600 to 1800 points, as part of a force or an aspect of the "Thousand Suns" scenario, featuring the awesome power of Dr. Manhattan through the years, from the crime dens of New York in the 1950s to the Keene Act riots and the battlefields of Vietnam in the 1970s, this colossal version of the DC HeroClix: Dr. Manhattan figure features an "Aspect Dial" that makes battling against him an unpredictable challenge!  

FFG DT013   Dust Tactics Special Ops Grenadiers  BG $14.95 
Wield the deadly precision of expert snipers and the superior tactics of long-distance observers with these miniatures expansions for Dust Tactics! The Axis Special Ops Grenadiers are deadly squads formed in response to recent devastating losses at Stalingrad. The Sturmgrenadiere Sniper Squad, secretly trained by the Blutkreuz Korps in the heart of the Black Forest, use a highly specialized weapon: the Sniper Gewehr. The Sturmgrenadiere Observer Squad (also known as Beobachter), like their Allied counterpart, is adept at collecting the coordinates needed to guide a devastating artillery strike.
FFG DT014   Dust Tactics Special Ops Rangers   BG $14.95   
Wield the deadly precision of expert snipers and the superior tactics of long-distance observers with these miniatures expansions for Dust Tactics! The Allies Special Ops Rangers expansion contains figures and cards for both a sniper squad and an observer squad. These highly trained units specialize in frustrating their enemies from afar, whether by picking off individual targets with high-powered rifles, or by providing coordinates for artillery-bearing units.   

USO MN04382 Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly   BG $40.00
   Do you have what it takes to outwit and outlast the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean as you buy, sell, and trade prominent movie locations including Blackbeard's Cabin, WhiteCap Bay, St. James Palace, and the deadly Mermaid Pools? The fate of the high seas lies in your hands as you battle for ultimate control of the Fountain of Youth in Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Monopoly  

USO YZ04385  Pirates of the Caribbean Yahtzee  BG $25.00
    Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas with America's all-time favorite dice game. Fit for any pirate, the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collector's Edition of Yahtzee includes a silver chalice movie replica that serves as the dice cup, while collectible dice featuring skull & crossbones are ready for you to shake up and roll classic dice combinations

MMY 007 Deep Vistas Map RPG $13.99
The Stalactite Gate serves as a secure guard post carved from a massive rock formation atop a bottomless chasm, while the Chapel of Scarabs features a cursed altar of sacrifice overlooking a pit filled with flesh-eating beetles. Each double-sided, 22 x 33-inch map features 1-inch grids and includes a 5 x 7-inch terrain card.

MMY 008 Deep Vistas II Map RPG $13.99
The Dark Elf Courtyard features the elevated parapets, grand stairways, and stone-carved halls of an underground stronghold, while the Slave Pits detail a forced labor camp for the confinement of prisoners. Each double-sided, 22 x 33-inch map features 1-inch grids and includes a 5 x 7-inch terrain card.

MMY 009 Deep Vistas III Map RPG $13.99
The Silent Garden represents an ancient dark elf sepulcher festooned with a creepy mix of stalactites, webs, and open caskets, while the Chasm Bridge presents a vast span over a chasm of flowing magma, with a defensive gatehouse and immense doors. Each double-sided, 22 x 33-inch map features 1-inch grids and includes a 5 x 7-inch terrain card.

APB SGAME    APBA Pro Soccer Board Game BG $22.00
For 60 years APBA has been the unchallenged KING of quality sports entertainment products! Now, with APBA Soccer you can get in on the excitement. Fun, quick,and easy-to-play, APBA Soccer puts you right in the middle of the action with four classic European teams to choose from. These legendary artists of the pitch will allow you to enjoy the thrill of Futbol the way it was meant to be. From the coaches perspective you manage your team and set the strategy to put them in position and lead them to victory!

MAT M1009 Pictionary Man BG
Pictionary Man combines Pictionary with charades to take this classic game to a whole new level of hilarity!

MAT R1886  Bezzerwizzer BG  
Think you know it all? Bezzerwizzer introduces a new twist on trivia with 20 categories of questions, plus stealing and tile-swapping for fast-paced game play.

MAT V6742  Minute to Win It Card Game    Non-CCG  
Take the hilarious fun of the hit NBC gameshow, Minute to Win It, wherever you go! Completely portable, the game asks players to select and complete simple, nerve-racking tasks using everyday household items in under a minute.

UGS FX6    Flip Six   Non-CCG   $6.00 
It's flippin' good fun for everyone! Starting each round with six cards, players try to reduce their points by getting rid of cards and/or trading them for lower cards. After ten rounds, the player with the lowest cumulative score wins.

UGS MP100  Mystic Pyramid    Acc    $25.00   
Focus your energy, ask your question, and summon the power of the Mystic Pyramid! Tap into the wisdom and guidance of the Mystic Pyramid with over 100 unique responses.

PSI CB7002  AFF Out of the Pit    RPG   $24.99
Out of the Pit they come! From the darkest corners, from the deepest pools, and from dungeons thought only to exist in nightmares come the Fighting Fantasy monsters - the downfall of many a brave warrior. 250 of these loathsome creatures from the wild and dangerous worlds of Fighting Fantasy are collected here - some are old adversaries, many you have yet to meet - each of them described in minute detail.

PSI CB7003  AFF Titan   RPG   $24.99
Titan contains everything you need to know about the world of Advanced Fighting Fantasy - covering the turbulent history, from its creation and early civilizations - through the devastating War of the Wizards - to the present-day wilderness and anarchy where the delicate balance between Good and Chaos could at any moment be overturned. Featured within are detailed descriptions and maps of Titan's three main continents (Allansia, Kakhabad, and Khul), as well as information on all the gods, deities, and demons, and the forces - and races - of Good and Evil.

VCT1000  ScrumBrawl: The Arena Beckons!  $39.95
ScrumBrawl is a sport where fantastic creatures vie for supremacy within the Arena, scoring goals by maneuvering various types of orbs into portals set within the Arena or fighting other creatures to the death to prevent them from reaching the portals. ScrumBrawl is a fast-paced, high energy board and card game for 2 to 4 players where conditions can change rapidly forcing combatants into constantly rethinking their strategies for scoring and engaging in combat. No lead is safe and no two matches are ever the same making each game a unique and often humorous experience.

TLG8015D  Castles & Crusades: Castle Keepers Guide, Digest  $24.99 
The Castle Keeper's Guide is the 3rd of 4 core books offered for the Castles & Crusades fantasy role playing game. This guide expands upon the C&C core rules already presented in the Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure and Of Gods & Monsters (due Summer 2009). By presenting multiple variants of multiple rules the CKG presents both the novice and veteran gamer the tools that they often need to expand and develop the game. The CKG is a toolbox for gamers, filled with guidelines and rules as well as notes on directions for design, all laid out for the Crusader to enhance their game.

GMT1105  Fighting Formations: Gross Deutschland Motorized Division 1942 - 1943  $85.00 
The game has card Assets -- including such things as snipers, artillery, air support or demolitions -- but is not card-driven. It is also not the typical Igo-Yougo fare with a strict sequence of play. Instead, the base game engine is an impulse-type back and forth mechanic whereby the various Orders carry with them a certain cost in Initiative, with the person having the most Initiative at any given time being able to take the next action on the map.

PIP 34091 WM CX Bane Thralls*   Mini   $79.99 
PIP 35039 WM Ret Arcantrik Force Generator* Mini   $84.99

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