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     o Gator Games Newsletter: June 22 to June 28, 2009
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Anyone who would like an Direct Order form in PDF file
for Games Workshop 3.3 megs, just hit reply and ask
and I will send it to you.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

20% off*  Monday - Thurs only
Exceptions = Any New Product Area's  (RPG and Mini's)
and new ccg's releasing this week

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
note: BFM will not let us discount over 10% - so that is the maximum discount.

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Baseball Card Clubhouse - an event free for Scouts 
Have your scoutmaster contact us if interested.

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people
to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged!

o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Demo Policy
We are trying to run more demos and need your help.
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

o Report Card Rewards

Good grades get free games! Gator Games rewards good students.

It's report card time and Gator Games has a special treat for all good students. From now until June 30, bring in your final report card for the year, and Gator Games will give free games to students with good grades. Any student from kindergarten through college can bring their report card to Gator Games. 

Each Report Card has a $5.00 maximum that a student can get.
For every "A", students get 25¢ in store merchandise, and 10¢ for each "B".

For Pass/Fall, students get 10¢ for each "Pass"  - each pass/fail report card will be on a indivivial basis.
We've  seen pass/fails report card with over 200 pass/fails, but if a major class with sub pass/fails, we take the main class only.
(an example I have seen is Arts & Crafts - then over 20 sub-breakdowns such as painting, drawing, ceramics, etc)

If a Student brings in a Straight "A" report card, an "A" in every subject, he or she will receive the $5.00 maximum in free games for that report card.

Gator Games will stamp each card with a Gator stamp when the grades are rewarded.
This is not a gimmick. This is free, no other purchase is necessary.
Ends July 30 2009

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players except for FNM.

Tues.: 4pm Pokemon League by Ethan $3 
Win Booster Packs, Pins and Stickers based on your game play. At least one booster pack is opened every week for additional prizes.
We are looking for a new gym leader starting in Sept. Please contact Jean if interested.

Wed.  4pm Heroclix by Jason  free unless draft 
Specifics to each event posted at store.
6/24 Ground Control (Constructed/Sealed) Bing 200 pts in characters. All characters brought must have the boot symbol. Purchase one booster and create a 300 point team using the booster and brought charactters.

Thurs.  4pm Official Yugioh Tourney $5
* Must have an Active Konomi Card to play.*
(pick up from Gator and then you must sign up on web site to activate your number)
These must be scanned before play. No active card = no Play
Official Championship Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
no more extra prizes, people in the tournament complain about them
  (so no deck boxes, foils etc, Gator was furnishing those)
30 min of trading after tourney is over. No other hanging around.

Fri.:  Noon Magic  Magic Standard 'type 2'  $3
Prize Pool = 1 booster per every 2 players

4pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2'  $3
Prize Pool = 1 booster per every 2 players
8 players only

Weekend Events!

June 27, Sat  11am  World of Warcraft Miniatures Game: 2009 Battlegrounds Kit #6 $5
Exclusive Miniature Jezbella of Karabor, Miniatures Action Bar Card Viper Sting and  Smite

June 28 , Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96

July 4, Sat Closed
July 5, Sun Noon L5R: Celestial Edtiion Sealed $25   Playing for a Sword (displayed in store)
  We have free decks and showing people how to play.

July 11, Sat 11:00 am Magic: The Gathering 2010 Core Set Prerelease $25
July 12 , Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96

July 18, Sat 11am Magic the Gathering 2010 Launch Party $25
July 19, Sun 11am WoW Miniatures Battleground Kit 7 $5

July 25, Sat TBA
July 26 , Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96

Sept 19, Sat Noon TBA - Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day
Sept 26, Sat 11:00 Magic:  Zendikar pre-release 
Oct 3rd, Sat 11:00 Magic: Zendikar launch party.


o Preorders  (These items will not appear in Game Trade Magazine)'

______ ASM FDC2    Formula De Expansion 2   $29.99   Board Game
______ FTE PT-715    Zip Kicker  2 Ounce Spray Bottle    $6.39     Accessory
______ PHI 70021  Warlord Saga of the Storm 4th Edition L2P Set  $19.99    CCG
______ PHI 70002  WL 4th Ed Set #2 Against the Tyrants   $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70003  WL 4th Ed Set #3 The Temple/Eternal Flame   $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70004  WL 4th Ed Set #4 Forbidden Knowledge/Kylnion   $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70005  WL 4th Ed Set #5 Ambush/Swamps of Eban-Tarsis $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70006  WL 4th Ed Set #6 The Gargoyle's Retribution $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70011  WL 4th Ed Exp#7 Secrets o/t Frozen Peaks $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70012  WL 4th Ed Exp #8 Ports of Treachery     $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70013  WL 4th Ed Exp #9 War on the Plains $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70031  WL 4th Ed Exp #10 Justice of the Black Sun    $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70032  WL 4th Ed Exp #11 Terror from the Deep    $31.99    CCG
______ PHI 70033  WL 4th Ed Exp #12 Virtues of the Stalwart  $31.99    CCG
______ PUI 11500-D   Pokémon PT Supreme Victors Bstr Dis (36)
______ PUI 11501-D   Pokémon PT Supreme Victors TD Dis (8)
______ PUI 10503  Pokémon PT Supreme Victors 3 Bstr Pack
______ PUI 11289-D   Pokémon 2009 Fall Tins Dis (9)

______ WOC 24207    D&D Dragon Magazine Annual V1 HC  $29.95    113
This tome collects the best Dragon magazine content from the past year into one easy-to-reference source. The articles contained herein provide exciting character options for players as well as inspiration and campaign-building support for Dungeon Masters. In addition to the compiled articles, the book contains never-before-seen notes from the designers, developers, and editors, taking you behind the curtain and offering a firsthand glimpse into the origin and evolution of each article.

______ MFG0457A   Eurorails Revised     $38.00 SRP  
   Based on the award-winning Empire Builder® game system, Eurorails allows players to amass fortune and power by picking up commodities from cities that produce them and delivering them to cities that need them. Efficient rail lines and effective laying of track means larger fortunes for the players.

______ MFG48722   Catan Card Game: Artisans and Benefactors     $6.00 SRP   
   Welcome to the 7th expansion to Klaus Teuber's Catan Card GameT! Here you'll find 30 new cards that can help you enhance the "happiness" of your principality's residents. After all, happy, contented citizens have higher morale and often work harder. This allows you to constructively expand with less fear from your twin foes of randomness and luck.


o Product News from Wizards of the Coast
Magic 2010 fat pack update -
We've been ramping up the amount of fat packs we're making for each set, but we're still falling a bit short.  As such, we are getting close to running out of Magic 2010 fat packs, so please get your preorder in for this set soon to secure yours.

The new Magic product, Planechase, which supports a new casual player format, is selling extremely well. At the pace we are taking preorders we will sell out before the end of June, for a product that releases September 4th. Do not delay, get me your orders now. These come 4 decks to a display, each deck has a MSRP of $19.99. Gator Games is taking Display orders only = $79.96.  We will not be discounting them since we will be allocated. Wizards of the Coast has our allotment at 10 displays, this is all we can get. 
Four Versions - Each One Contains:
    * 10 different all-new plane cards
    * A ready-to-play 60-card deck with 8 rare cards and a Zendikar preview card
    * Six-sided planar die
    * Planechase strategy insert with multiplayer rules
    * Magic "learn to play" guide


o Gamer News    for more Gamer Links - see our twitter page

Pictures of the New Magic 2010 Dual Lands play mats.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #452: Instant Reward Cards

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #451: Police in a Modern Campaign

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #450: Use Logic Puzzles to Develop Plots and Stories

Podcast : RPG Countdown (17 June 2009)
Jean loves this show, if you go here, most of the links will show the product.
10: Warships of Babylon 5, Mongoose Publishing
9: Rome, Alephtar Games
8: Ready-Made Player Characters (World of Darkness), White Wolf Publishing
7: Damnation View, WildFire
6: Dungeon Perils 1, Fat Dragon Games
5: Basic Dungeons 2, Fat Dragon Games
4: Malfeas, White Wolf Publishing
3: The Day After Ragnarok, Atomic Overmind Press
2: The Testament of Longinus, White Wolf Publishing
1: Mouse Guard, Archaia Studio Press

Magic Workstation Software is a universal engine and can support many of popular ccg's including MtG Deck Testing

83 free D&D adventures downloads

Complete spoiler for #dnd miniature set, Legendary Evils


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
KOP 09916 Lrg Blk Vel/Blu Satin Lined Dice Bag  $7.50  
KOP 10298 Transparent 19mm D6 Blue Double Die   $0.25   
KOP 10299 Transparent 19mm D6 Clear Double Die  $0.25   
KOP 10300 Transparent 19mm D6 Green Double Die $0.25   
KOP 10301 Transparent 19mm D6 Purp Double Die   $0.25   
KOP 10302 Transparent 19mm D6 Red Double Die    $0.25   
KOP 10303 Transparent 19mm D6 Yel Double Die     $0.25   
KOP 11952 Trans Clr/Red/Wht/Blu 3 Dice in Cube    $0.75   
KOP 12457 Transparent D12 Clear Double Die $1.00   
KOP 12458 Transparent D20 Clear Double Die $1.00   
KOP 12593 Transparent D10 Blue Double Die  $1.00   
KOP 12594 Transparent D10 Green Double Die     $1.00   
KOP 12595 Transparent D10 Red Double Die   $1.00   
KOP 12598 Transparent D12 Blue Double Die  $1.00   
KOP 12599 Transparent D12 Green Double Die     $1.00   
KOP 12600 Transparent D12 Red Double Die   $1.00   
KOP 12603 Transparent D20 Blue Double Die  $1.00   
KOP 12604 Transparent D20 Green Double Die     $1.00   
KOP 12606 Transparent D20 Red Double Die   $1.00   
KOP 13870 Double Dice Tube Game    $4.00  
FFGVA11 Descent: Journey in the Dark - Reprint!  $89.95
DVG 9100   Bang! 4th Edition Reprint  19.90
RPR 03414   Harstov, Irongrave Knight Lord   7.99 
RPR 03415   Lanura Windsong, Female Elf Wizard   3.99
RPR 03416   DHL Classics: Female Undead   9.99 
RPR 14538   Vysa, Darkspawn Elf Captain   4.49  
RPR 14540   Crusader Casualty Marker   3.99 
RPR 14541   Overlord Casualty Marker   3.99 
RPR 50079   The Invisible Man   3.99  
RPR 50081   Father Thomas, Vicar   3.99 
RPR 50082   Cobra, Modern Ninja   3.99  
RPR 50089   Raptor, Superhero   7.99  
GAW 02-11   Lord of the Rings: Galadhrim Knights   33.00  
GAW 02-12   Lord of the Rings: Galadhrim Warriors   33.00
GAW 64-21   Warhammer 40K: Terrain - Temple Of Skulls   29.75
GAW 86-08-N   Warhammer: Empire Battalion   105.00
RAF2920    Call of Cthulhu Miniatures: Night Gaunt    $9.95  
RAF3708    Demons of Darkness: Wizard with Wagon    $10.95   
RAF3860    Witches: Hansel and Gretel    $5.95 
RAF1005    Bases: Plain Sewer 1 (6)    $6.95  

FFG WC12   World Of Warcraft: The Adventure Game - Brebo Bigshot Character Pack   11.95  
FFG WC13   World Of Warcraft: The Adventure Game - Shailara Witherblade Character Pack   11.95
FFG WC14   World Of Warcraft: The Adventure Game - Thundershot Character Pack   11.95
FFG WC15   World Of Warcraft: The Adventure Game - Wennu Bloodsinger Character Pack   11.95 
In the World of Warcraft, there are many heroes and many perils. As each foe falls, a new enemy is revealed; as each hero falters a new champion stands forth. Now, new heroes have risen to take their place in the Hall of Legends! Each character pack contains one miniature, four character cards, nine character tokens, and a complete 23-card ability deck, plus 28 new challenge cards, four new quests, and four new discovery tokens to add to the game.

FFG WW18A   Wings of War Playmat - East   39.95 
FFG WW18B   Wings of War Playmat - West   39.95 
Produced in cooperation with Nexus Games and designed to be used as scenario maps for reconnaissance and bombing missions, or as an impressive table covering to enhance your Wings of War experience, each Wings of War game mat measures 38.6" x 26.8", and is crafted of a durable rubber foam with fabric bonded to the top.

GRR 2523   Mutants & Masterminds: Warriors & Warlocks   29.95 
This Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook features fantasy-themed information on character design, magic, equipment, villains, monsters, and more! Also included is a rules companion to Green Ronin's popular Pirate's Guide to Freeport, along with an introduction and overview of Freeport as a setting for fantasy adventures.

MGP 4444   Battlefield Evolution: Pacific War   24.95 
With fully featured Japanese, American, and British armies spanning both the early and late war periods of the Pacific theatre, this supplement for Battlefield Evolution: World at War introduces army lists, units, and new rules to fully reflect warfare in the Pacific during World War II.

MGP 6131   Corporation RPG: Machines Of War   29.95 
War is here! Though the Corporations no longer seek openly to annihilate each other in world-scarring battle, skirmishes flare along countless fronts not drawn on any map. From grimy alleys to trading floors to sumptuous hotels, Agents fight and die in secret for the Corporations that own them. Unthinkable technologies are forged each day, in blasphemous laboratories buried far from the light. Men are mutilated and modified until they resemble machines; machines are twisted to think like men. War is here, Agent, and you must make ready to fight. Unleash the Machines of War!

MGP 7817   Conan RPG: Catacombs Of Hyboria   24.95  
Continuing the series of 'slide-in' adventures and encounters books, including Ruins of Hyboria and Adventures in Hyboria, Catacombs of Hyboria is the perfect Games Master's aid when the players take the route never guessed! Simply slide in a catacomb from this book, be it in the wilderness, jungle, desert, or city, and your players will marvel at your foreplanning - while you have plenty of time to regroup and work out how to get them back on track!

MGP 8160   Runequest: Guilds, Factions And Cults   24.95  
From humble craftsmen guilds and cults following demonic demigods, to nation-spanning political forces and the mightiest gathering of mages, Guilds, Factions and Cults allows players and Games Masters to create new guilds and cults within their games, detailing their membership, benefits, and rivalries.

UDC 71664-D   World of Warcraft TCG: The Death Knight Deluxe Starter 24.99
Opening up an entirely new dimension of the World of Warcraft TCG, The Death Knight Deluxe Starter introduces the long-awaited Death Knight class from the World of Warcraft MMO's Wrath of the Lich King expansion to the TCG arena, complete with new heroes, abilities, equipment, quests, and allies! Containing everything two players need to play, this 36-card Death Knight starter deck includes three Ghoul token cards, and features a 17-card Death Knight pack with one new hero and 16 other exclusive cards to enhance the Death Knight class.

TCD 1253-D   Chaotic CCG: M'Arrillian Invasion - Forged Unity Booster Display   95.76
The M'Arrillian Invasion Forged Unity expansion for the Chaotic CCG focuses on the four dryland Tribes of Perim as they form an alliance to combat the M'Arrillian Invasion. New creatures, attacks, battlegear, mugic, and locations encourage multi-tribe armies and new battle strategies, while each tribe receives a powerful General and Lieutenant. Plus, a new Warbeast with the most energy ever seen in a Chaotic Creature is introduced, as well as a secret M'Arillian attack plan that culminates with a card so powerful that it says you win the game!

MFG 4551   Steam Board Game   55.00 
Steam places you in control of a railway company, with goods to deliver and track to be built! Opportunities abound, but your opponents can also take advantage of goods, demands, and the terrain to challenge you. Spend your money carefully, create a network of tracks to connect cities, and deliver goods to become the greatest railroad of them all!

PUI 10493   Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Rising Rivals 3-Booster Blister Pack $13.20
Capture awesome Pokemon LV.X! Challenge Gym Leaders! Rise to the level of the Elite Four, and discover the elite Trainer in yourself! The Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Rising Rivals expansion brings powerful Trainers and amazing Pokemon together in new and exciting ways, expanding your game play strategies. This 110-card expansion is introduced in two, unique, 60-card theme decks (Drill Point and Cutting Edge) offered in 12-count displays, and 10-card boosters packed in 36-count displays and 3-pack blisters.

RGG A26   Alhambra Big Box   79.95  
In Granada, one of the most impressive building projects of the Middle Ages has begun: the construction of Alhambra. A palace, fortress, and a small city - all-in-one - Alhambra is made up of the world's most beautiful gardens, pavilions, chambers, and towers. The most prominent builders in all of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills in building Alhambra. Compete against your opponents to build the greatest and most impressive Alhambra. This "Big Box" edition contains the basic game and all five expansions. The box liner is designed to hold all the expansions separately for easy access and after-game storage.

CHA 23113   Call of Cthulhu: Terrors From Beyond   25.95
Terrors From Beyond introduces a collection of 1920's adventures for use with Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu: "A Method to Madness," "Death by Misadventure," "Ghost Light," "Grave Secrets," "The Burning Stars," and "The Dig."

MAT N1386   Apples To Apples To Go 24.70
Apples to Apples To Go is the portable version of the wild, award-winning card and party game that provides totally portable fun for four to eight players! Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things, and events. Fast moving and refreshing, Apples to Apples To Go is the perfect game for fun on the run!

OOC 0901   Who Would Win?   19.95
Ben Franklin vs. Barbie in a lion taming competition! Mick Jagger vs. Pocahantas in a kayaking race! Nelson Mandela vs. Sean Connery in a poker showdown! In Who Would Win?, two players draw random character cards and turn up a random event card. Then, each debates as to why their character would win, while other players serve as the jury. With 110 character cards and 110 event cards there are over 1,000,000 possibilities!

FFG CT25   Call of Cthulhu: Bag of Cthulhu   14.95
For those with the psychic fortitude to endure the terrors or H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, this otherworldly pouch is the answer to their blasphemous prayers. It contains 24 small and six large statuettes, carved in intricate horrific detail based on Henry Anthony Wilcox's "Horror in the Clay" from H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu. These tiny replicas of the High Priest of Rl'yeh can be used for a variety of nefarious purposes.

KON 88082-D   Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Raging Battle Special Edition Display (10)  10.99
The Raging Battle Special Edition provides Duelists with three packs of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Trading Card Game booster release at a great value. As an added bonus, 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards (Allure of Darkness or The Dark Creator) will be included in each Raging Battle Special Edition. 

PZO 4020   Gamemastery Map Pack: Wizard's Tower   12.99
GameMastery Map Pack: Wizard's Tower contains 18 full-color, 5" x 8" map tiles, stunningly crafted by cartographer Corey Macourek, that combine to form a variety of locations in the mysterious tower of a powerful wizard. Locations include: Library, Museum of Curiosities, Laboratory, Experimental Vat Chamber, and a Meditation Chamber.

PZO 9210   Pathfinder Chronicles: Dungeon Denizens Revisited   19.99 
In the three decades since the birth of fantasy roleplaying, a host of creatures unique to gaming have burst into dungeon corridors and trapped treasure chambers, eager to devour intrepid explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Denizens Revisited presents an in-depth look at ten of these unusual creatures, from the ravenous otyugh to the gargantuan purple worm. Learn the lost secrets of rust monsters, owlbears, and ropers, and delight at new uses for the mysterious mimic or the disgusting gelatinous cube.

PIP93111   P3: Black Primer $9.99
   When used on metal and plastic models, Formula P3 Black Primer is designed to provide maximum adhesion and create a surface that is ideal for painting. Each can contains 12 ounces of black spray primer.

PIP93112   P3: White Primer $9.99
   When used on metal and plastic models, Formula P3 White Primer is designed to provide maximum adhesion and create a surface that is ideal for painting. Each can contains 12 ounces of white spray primer.

PIP32058   WM:Prot Exemplar Bastions, Menoth of  $44.99
   The first of Privateer Press's new plastic miniature kits, the Exemplar Bastions. Our new plastic models maintain the excellent detail and quality you've come to expect from Privateer Press. These models were designed with the hobbyist in mind, and the high-quality plastic makes assembly and conversion work easier than ever before. Best of all, each Exemplar Bastion kit contains a full five-man unit.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
wager on your venture - when the doors open, the builder of the most famous hotel/casino wins ownership of the entire block.
CDG WGE139   To-tanem Artifex With Weapons Power   8.95
CDG WGE161   Priest Of Ptah With Apis Bull Statue   8.95
CDG WGE162   To-tanem Captain With Doorway   8.95
CDG WGE163   Asar Hero Elephantine With Campfire   8.95
CDG WGE164   Khemru Crypt Lord With Giant Scarab   8.95
CDG WGE165   Basti Champion With Pole Arm & Shield   8.95
CDG WGE166   Basti Hero With Auxiliary Weapon Sprue   8.95
CDG WGE702   Stone Colossus   59.95
DCG FM-149   Fire & Movement #149   7.99
DCG ST-257   Strategy & Tactics #257   25.99  
MYY10BREAD 10 Bread Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens) $2.50  
MYY10BRICK 10 Brick/Clay Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)    $2.50
MYY10CARROT     10 CarrotVeggie Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)  $2.50
MYY10FISH  10 Fish/Food Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)     $2.50
MYY10GOLD  10 Gold Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)  $2.50
MYY10GRAIN 10 Grain/Wheat Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)   $2.50
MYY10MEAT  10 Meat or Chicken Leg Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)   $2.50
MYY10PIG   10 Pig/Boar Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens) $2.50
MYY10SHEEP 10 Sheep Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens) $2.50
MYY10REED  10 Reed Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)  $2.50
MYY10STONE 10 Stone/Ore Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)     $2.50
MYY10WOOD  10 Wood Token Set (10 Wooden Tokens)  $2.50
MYY7030 Yucatan Token Set (19 of each of 5 resources) $17.95
OSPWAR138  Roosevelt's Rough Riders $18.95
LAOGMG041    Savage Worlds: Official Savage Worlds Template Set (3)    $24.99  
LAOGMG042    Age of Sail Accessories: Trafalgar Ship Templates    $7.99 
LAOGMG043    Age of Sail Accessories: Trafalgar Turn Tools    $3.99  
LAOTS110    Savage Worlds: Official Savage Worlds Token Set (64)    $24.99   
LAOTS111    Condition Markers: Mecha Combat Token Set    $19.99   
LAOTS112    Condition Markers: Gothic Infantry Marker Set    $9.99   
LAOTS113    Condition Markers: Gothic Vehicle Marker Set    $9.99 
LAOTS114    Condition Markers: Wound Markers    $4.99 
LAOTS115    Condition Markers: Immobilized Markers    $4.99   
LAOTS116    Condition Markers: Red Objective Marker    $4.99 
LAOTS117    Condition Markers: Blue Objective Marker    $4.99  
LAOTS119    Condition Markers: To Ground Marker Set    $4.99 
RAF0940    RAFM Historical Miniatures: Siege Equipment - Caranade (6)    $6.95
RAF0940    RAFM Historical Miniatures: Siege Equipment - Caranade (6)    $6.95 
RAF0941    RAFM Historical Miniatures: Siege Equipment - 24 LB. (6)    $6.95 
RAF0941    RAFM Historical Miniatures: Siege Equipment - 24 LB. (6)    $6.95  
RAF2047    USX Modern Day Heroes: Enforcer Drones Unit box    $33.00   
RAF2839    USX Modern Day Heroes: Cultists (4)    $11.95   
RAF2840    USX Modern Day Heroes: ASD Mk1A1 (Minigun)    $6.95 
RAF2841    USX Modern Day Heroes: ASD Ml1A2 (missile)    $6.95 
RAF2894    USX Modern Day Heroes: Scenic Accessories - Toilets (3)    $6.95  
RAF2895    USX Modern Day Heroes: Scenic Accessories - Mail and paperboxes(3)    $6.95  
RAF2896    USX Modern Day Heroes: Scenic Accessories - Canadian post box (4)    $7.95 
RAF2897    USX Modern Day Heroes: Scenic Accessories - Paper box (6)    $7.95 
RAF2898    USX Modern Day Heroes: Scenic Accessories - US post box (4)    $7.95   
RAF3892    Crypt Ghouls: Ghoul with Club    $2.95   

MDG 7030   Yucatan Token Set   17.95
Contains 19 of each of 5 resources: wood, brick, stone, sheep and grain. This allows you to ditch the cards in a four player game and take it to a new level! Great for smaller players who can't handle the cards too!

BEL AOM01   Age of Muskets Volume 1: Tomb For An Empire   100.00 
Great Britain sent her troops to defend Portugal, within the context of the European Coalitions against France. In Spain proper the war, which presented certain aspects of a civil war, saw an uneasy alliance of reformists and traditionalists under the name of "Patriots" facing the puppet King Jose I Bonaparte and the occupation army. Featuring six introductory battle scenarios and 18 campaign scenarios of increasing complexity, and packed with regional maps, counters sheets, player aids, dice, and complete rules, Tomb for an Empire simulates the conflict that took place in the Iberian Peninsula from 1808 to 1814.

BOG 00103   Gobblet Gobblers   19.99
Let the Gobblers gobble up, line up, and win! Pick your Gobblers family and line up three of them in a row to win the game. The Gobblers have a strong appetite and can gobble up smaller Gobblers. These cute little characters will test your strategy and stimulate your memory.

BOG 00300   Yamslam   19.99
Roll to Win! Calculated chances and strategic choices will place the odds in your favor. After each roll, choose the dice that will get you the best combination. Race to get the special bonuses before your friends do and keep the suspense rolling until the end with Yamslam!

BOG 00350   Chickyboom   24.99 
Chickyboom keeps your roost rocking with fun and laughter! The chickens are resting comfortably in their old funky perch until one decides to leave and causes the old perch to sway. Easy, quick, and steady hands will get the chickens out of the roost before it goes BOOM!

RRG 932   Pants on Fire   19.95
Liar, liar, pants on fire! Can you tell who's telling the truth and who's a liar? A card is flipped over... and you come face to face with three events in your life. Everybody races to write down a little something about each event and then... one by one, reveal their secrets. But who says you have to tell the truth? Time to embellish a bit, twist the facts around, or just lie like a rug! But remember, everyone will be betting on which of your stories are real and which are false.

OSPGEN701  Armies of the Napoleonic Wars:     $40.00
   The Napoleonic Wars saw almost two decades of brutal fighting, from the frozen wastelands of Russia to the wilderness of the Peninsula, and from Egypt to the bloody battlefield of Waterloo.

OSPGEN650  No Greater Ally    $24.95
   There is a chapter of World War II history that remains largely untold; the story of the fourth largest allied military of the war, the only nation to have fought in the battles of Leningrad, Arnhem, Tobruk and Normandy.

OSPCAM210  Operation Dragoon 1944     $19.95
   Operation Dragoon, the Allied landings in southern France on August 15, 1944, was one of the most controversial operations of 1944, leading to a deep divide between United States and British planners. The US objective was to threaten the rear of the German armies occupying France by a landing on the eastern French coast and to push rapidly northward towards Lorraine to meet up with Allied forces bursting out of Normandy.

OSPACE087  Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific     $22.95
   The arrival of the Spitfire in Burma came at a crucial time as the RAF struggled against the Japanese to support the Chindit operation on the ground. Proving a huge boost to morale, the Spitfire played a large part in defeating the enemy, and covering the subsequent Allied advance through Burma, protecting the ground troops and providing vital supplies.

HBC0051 Herobits: Series One Display  $150.00 SRP 
   This fast paced game of strategy is centered on a devastated future Earth where great wastelands have formed, and mutated and misshapen creatures roam the barren plains.  Among them, mechanical monsters called Reapers dig, drill, and blast to feed "the Machine".

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.

MDB AWD-0909   Voltron V8 (DVD)   34.99 
MDB KVD-0911   Bible Black New Testament Volume 3 (DVD)   29.99  

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
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Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off. 
09DPBDCC     2009 DONRUSS CENTURY COLLECTION BASEBALL     6/24/2009     $100.00  
09RAKWNBAS1     2009 RITTENHOUSE WNBA SERIES 1 SET     6/24/2009     $99.99  
09TOFMAG     2009 TOPPS MAGIC FOOTBALL     6/26/2009     $96.00
BPFP226     Beckett FB PLUS-#224     6/22/2009     $9.99
HW50STC     6/22/2009 
JT64BMA1   JADA 1:64 BATTLE MACHINE WAVE 1 ASST, 12CT #12111   6/24/2009   
UDAPSMJ3   UDA PRO SHOT MICHAEL JORDAN S3 (CASE UPC #64967)   6/22/2009   $17.99 
UDAPSTW3   UDA PRO SHOT TIGER WOODS SERIES 3 (CASE UPC 66428)   6/22/2009   $17.99
09TOBAG     2009 TOPPS ALLEN & GINTER BASEBALL     7/1/2009
09DPFDC     2009 DONRUSS CLASSICS FOOTBALL     7/1/2009     $108.00  
09PPR2     2009 PRESS PASS RACING SERIES 2     7/1/2009  
G64BJ8     GREENLIGHT 1:64 BJ AUCTION BLOCK #8, 12CT     6/30/2009 
G64MC10   GREENLIGHT 1:64 MCG #10 STOCK/CUSTOM, 12CT   6/30/2009   
HW50STENTR   Mattel 1:50 StrTrk Enterprise Refit 4ct P6921-9993   6/28/2009   
HW55CARSA   Mattel 1:55 Pixar Cars 24ct P7001 monthly preorder   6/30/2009  


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