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     o Gator Games Newsletter: June 25 to July 15 2012
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GTM #149 ready to download for preorders

July Birthday Coupon is up too.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

Legend of the Five Rings and Naruto Boosters
Buy two and get one free!
*you pay for the hightest two*
(if multiples - highest 4, highest 6, etc)

50% off Uncharted Seas ships- minis !

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
+finecast is included on the 3rd week of release.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Games Online Store
There is a will call option for store pickup. You still must pay for it online via paypal.
In front of paypal is a place if you do not have paypal, you may use your credit card.

o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

Report Card Rewards
Bring in your last report card of the year and use it towards your purchase.

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)
ATG 1030 Once Upon A Time 3rd Ed $24.95
___ ATG 1031 Once Upon A Time Create Your Own Storytelling Cards 3rd Ed $9.95
___ IEL 51068 Mythic Battles $49.99
___ OOC 0502 Battlestations How Much For Your Planet? $24.99
___ CZE 01409 Batman Arkham City Escape $45.00
___ CZE 01443 LTR DBG Fellowship o/t Ring $40.00
___ KON 89149-D Yu-Gi-Oh Return Duelist SE BD(10) $99.90
___ AREWGF002A WG: WWI Wings of Glory Rules and Acc $29.99
___ AREWGF105A WG: WWI Fokker A.III (Immelmann) $13.99
___ AREWGF105B WG: WWI Fokker A.III (Hautzmayer) $13.99
___ AREWGF105C WG: WWI Fokker E.III (Buddecke) $13.99
___ AREWGF106A WG: WWI Halberstadt D.III (Camouflage) $13.99
___ AREWGF106B WG: WWI Halberstadt D.III (Keudell) $13.99
___ AREWGF106C WG: WWI Halberstadt D.III (Luftstreit..) $13.99
___ AREWGF107A WG:WWI Morane-Saulnier Type N (Navarre) $13.99
___ AREWGF107B WG:WWI Morane-Saulnier Type N (Gilbert) $13.99
___ AREWGF107C WG:WWI Morane-Saulnier Type N (Chaput) $13.99
___ AREWGF108A WG: WWI Airco DH.2 (Saundby) $13.99
___ AREWGF108B WG: WWI Airco DH.2 (Hawker) $13.99
___ AREWGF108C WG: WWI Airco DH.2 (Andrews) $13.99

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Preview Event
We will be running this Demo all week!

1750 Points Warhammer 40k 6th Edition League!
$10 entry fee 7/9-9/3 for July & Aug
you will play and arrange a game with an opponent at the store duirng store hours or at one of your homes. One game every 2 weeks with one additional games optional per opponent. 9//9 and 9/16 will be playoffs
at the store. We will be playing 6th edition rules. Please talk to Garrett or any other sales rep. and signup. Late players can be let in.
Game Time at the store will be Monday 3:30-6:30pm and Tues-Friday 11-3pm. Please call the store first to arrange your space and verify your time.
Handouts ready on Monday 7/9. There are over 20 players already.

Every Mon 11am -3pm D&D Encounters "Web of the Spider Queen" $5 by Phillip
D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you'll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards

Monday 4:30 Star Trek Heroclix Tactics $5
"Dogfight" 300pts Star Trek Tactics Only
Prize: Warship Voyager LE
Special Rules: All Characters can use Running Shot

Every Tues.: 4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3
8/21 we will be holding a seal tournament for Dragons Exalted - players will buy 4 booster packs and Gator gives the 5th one free.

Every Wed..: 4:30 Heroclix $5 unless sealed.

07/11 "Explosive Finish"
Prize: TBA
600 Pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: When a character is KO'd, do 1 click of piercing damage to each adjacent character

07/18 Infinity Gauntlet OP
Prize: Grandmaster LE and Mind Gem Special Object
300 pts Sealed

07/25 "Vampiric Strike"
Prize: TBA
500 pts Unestricted
Special Rules: When a character's attack KO's another character, the attacker heals 2 clicks before pushing damage is dealt

Every Thurs. 4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective March 1, 2012)
We can only take 16 people.

Every Fri 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonal foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.
July 6 11am - 2pm Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Preview Event
July 13 - There will be Launch Promos to all as prizes too.

Weekend Events!

July 14, Sat 11am - 2pm Free Games Day - come and get 2 free games (inside)

July 14 Sat 11am 40K Tournament $5 (outside)
1500 point Tournament. $5 entry - We will be using 6th Edition rules
There will be three rounds of 105 minutes with a lunch break after the first round.
Standard Army Construction
Winner to receive (at least) a $25 box prize with an additional prize to be raffled at the end!
Demand has been high for these tournaments so if you have any tables or terrain bring 'em down if the weather's good.

July 15 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15
There will be Launch Promos to all as prizes too.

July 21 Sat 11am Yugioh Epic Dawn Battle Booster Draft $15
Each player will get 6 packs (@ $1.99). There are three rounds of drafting. For the first round players open two packs, select 2 cards from the packs and pass the packs to the left. They then take 2 cards from the cards passed to them and continue passing and picking until all of the cards have been chosen from the opened packs. For the second round, the players repeat this but pass to the right, and for the third round they repeat this with the final two packs passing left again. At the end of the draft there will be a period of deck-building in which players must form a deck of at least 20 non-XYZ Cards, with a side deck of all remaining cards including all XYZ Cards. At the end of the tournament, all of the rare and special shiny cards will be re-drafted in order of tournament ranking. 1st Place Prize: Battle Pack Deck Holder & Boosters

July 22 Sun 11am Cardfight Vanguard Tourney $5

July 28 Sat 11am Game of Thrones (Melee) Tourney $5

July 29 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15

Aug 4 Sat 11am Magic 2013 Game Day $5
Bring a standard / type II deck

Aug 5, Sun 11am 40K Tournament $5 (outside)
1500 point Tournament. $5 entry - We will be using 6th Edition rules
There will be three rounds of 105 minutes with a lunch break after the first round.
Standard Army Construction
Winner to receive (at least) a $25 box prize with an additional prize to be raffled at the end!
Demand has been high for these tournaments so if you have any tables or terrain bring 'em down if the weather's good.

Aug 11, Sat 11am Warmahcine Colossal Event - 50 point Skirmish $5
e have the Colossal Event Kit for this event.
Scenarios will be rolled randomly for each round using the standard scenarios in the Warmachine Prime MkII book, Break the Line will not be used.
In addition to army lists, each army will have a colossal at no point cost. If a player does not have a colossal, a proxy will be provided.
If a theme force or force of renown is being used, the player must provide either the original printing of the force requirements or a photocopy of the original.
Armies do not need to be painted, but must be fully constructed.
With the exception of the provided colossal proxy, proxies will not be allowed in the tournament.

Aug 12 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15

Aug 18 Sat 11am - 2pm Free Games Day
- come and get 2 free games
Aug 18 Sat 2pm - 5pm Panting Class (tips, tricks and hanging out)

Aug 19 Sun, 11am Game of Thrones Tourney $5 - format TBD

Aug 25 Sat 11am Yugioh Epic Dawn Battle Booster Draft $15

Each player will get 6 packs (@ $1.99). There are three rounds of drafting. For the first round players open two packs, select 2 cards from the packs and pass the packs to the left. They then take 2 cards from the cards passed to them and continue passing and picking until all of the cards have been chosen from the opened packs. For the second round, the players repeat this but pass to the right, and for the third round they repeat this with the final two packs passing left again. At the end of the draft there will be a period of deck-building in which players must form a deck of at least 20 non-XYZ Cards, with a side deck of all remaining cards including all XYZ Cards. At the end of the tournament, all of the rare and special shiny cards will be re-drafted in order of tournament ranking. 1st Place Prize: Battle Pack Deck Holder & Boosters

Aug 26 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft $15

Sept 9 Sun, 11am Warhammer 40K League Playoffs

Sept 16 Sun 11 Warhammer 40K League Finals

Sept 29 Sat 11am Return to Ravnica Pre-release $25 (32 people)
Sept 30, Sun 11am Return to Ravnica Pre-release $25 (16 people)
(extra signups at 10:30am)

October 6. Sat 11am Return to Ravnica Launch $25 (32 people)
(extra signups at 10:30am)

October 27, Sat 11am Return to Ravnica Game Day $5
Bring a standard / type II deck


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.
S2P1001 Reaper Miniature Transport $ 31.25
CHX 27230 Vortex Poly D10 Bright Grn/Blk (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27232 Vortex Poly D10 Yllw/Blue (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27239 Vortex Poly D10 Teal/Gold (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27244 Vortex Poly D10 Red/Yllw (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27254 Vortex Poly D10 Pnk/Gld (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27255 Vortex Poly D10 Malachite Grn/Yllw (10) Dice $13.98
CHX 27430 Vortex Poly Bright Grn/Blk (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27432 Vortex Poly Yllw/Blue (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27439 Vortex Poly Teal/Gold (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27444 Vortex Poly Red/Yllw (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27454 Vortex Poly Pnk/Gld (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27455 Vortex Poly Malachite Grn/Yllw (7) Dice $9.98
CHX 27630 Vortex 16mm D6 Bright Grn/Blk (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27632 Vortex 16mm D6 Yllw/Blue (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27639 Vortex 16mm D6 Teal/Gold (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27644 Vortex 16mm D6 Red/Yllw (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27654 Vortex 16mm D6 Pnk/Gld (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27655 Vortex 16mm D6 Malachite Grn/Yllw (12) Dice $9.98
CHX 27830 Vortex 12mm D6 Bright Grn/Blk (36) Dice $13.98
CHX 27832 Vortex 12mm D6 Yllw/Blue (36) Dice $13.98
CHX 27839 Vortex 12mm D6 Teal/Gold (36) Dice $13.98
CHX 27844 Vortex 12mm D6 Red/Yllw (36) Dice $13.98
CHX 27854 Vortex 12mm D6 Pnk/Gld (36) Dice $13.98
CHX 27855 Vortex 12mm D6 Malachite Grn/Yllw (36) Dice $13.98
CHX LE864 Vortex Poly Asst Brt Grn/Blk (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE865 Vortex Poly Asst Mala Grn/Yllw (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE866 Vortex Poly Asst Pnk/Gld (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE867 Vortex Poly Asst Red/Yllw (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE868 Vortex Poly Asst Teal/Gld (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE869 Vortex Poly Asst Yllw/Blue (20) Dice $26.10
CHX LE870 Vortex Poly D10 Bag of 50 Dice Dice $69.60
CHX LE871 Vortex Poly D20 Bag of 50 Dice Dice $69.60
FFG BSG01 Battlestar Galactica BG Reprint
FFG GOT76 GOT LCG Lions o/t Rock Exp Reprint
FFG MAD06 COC MoM Forbidden Alchemy Exp Reprint
WZK 70445 Star Trek HC Tactics Str Set Reprint
WZK 70494 Star Trek HC Tactics Dis (12) Reprint
SJG 1483 Munchkin Deluxe BG Reprint
CHA 23106 Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed Reprint RPG
PSI FSD1001 Castle Panic BG Reprint
FG TRG4003 A Few Acres of Snow Reprint BG
ZMG 7031 Tales of the Arabian Nights Reprint BG
FFG CI01 Civilization Reprint BG
FFGTI03 Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Reprint $ 89.95
FFGTI04 TI: Shattered Empire Expansion Reprint $ 59.95
ASMECLI01 Eclipse- Sci-Fi Game reprint (we have plenty)
FFG FFS05 Stand. Card Game Sleeves Reprint Acc
FFG GOT36 GOT LCG Core Set Reprint DBG
FFG TI06 T.I. Rex (SA) Reprint BG
FFG TY05 Hey! That's My Fish! Reprint BG
FFG WIZ01 Wiz-War Reprint BG
IEL 51032 King of Tokyo Reprint BG
WZK 70445 S.T. HC Tactics Str. Set Mini
WZK 70494 S.T. HC Tactics Bstr Disp (12) Mini
GSIPMFB01 Forceball $9.99
VCTSB01 Scrumbrawl $39.99
PKU10763 PKM:B&W Stage 2 Figure Box $ 19.99
RGG A08 Galaxy Trucker Reprint BG
PTH6912 Farkle Flip $ 6.99
PTH6922 Farkle Score Sheets (75) $ 2.50
BOG 00540 Speedeebee! BG $15.00
FFG GOT76 GOT LCG Lions o/t Rock Exp Non-CCG
FFG MAD06 COC MoM Forbidden Alchemy Exp BG
EUR 100 Grass Card Game Non-CCG
GAW 40-02-6 40K Rulebook 6th Ed Hardback $74.25
GAW 40-09 40K Psychic Powers $13.25
GAW 40-41 40K Munitorum Templates $19.75
GAW 40-45 40K Munitorum Tape Measure $16.50
GAW 64-38 40K SU Tanglewire $10.00
PSI CT26210 SR Hazard Pay RPG $34.99
PSI CT352220 BT Era Report 2750 RPG $29.99
BFM BB136 Train Station (FOW) Mini $40.00
BFM BB140 Rural Road Exp. Set (FOW) Mini $45.00
BFM FW221 Know Your Enemy Late War 2012 Ed. Book $10.00
BFM GBX66 Panther G (late prod) Platoon Mini $70.00
BFM UBX27 M4A3 (76mm) Sherman Platoon Mini $58.00
BFM WI297 Wargames Ill. #297 Magazine $8.50
PEG 5209 Sandbags (Extras) Mini $21.99
FFG DWF01 Dust Warfare Core Book Reprint RPG
CardFight Vanguard English Extra Booster 03: Cavalry of Black Steel
YCW 300982 CV DB Sendo Aichi Majesty Lord V74 Acc
YCW 300999 CV DB Kai Toshiki Dragonic V75 Acc
YCW 301163 CV DB Suzugamori Ren Phantom V76 Acc
YCW 300890 CV Sleeves Mini Dragonic Kaiser V37 Acc
YCW 300906 CV Sleeves Mini Burning Knight V38 Acc
YCW 300913 CV Sleeves Mini Suzugamori Ren V39 Acc
YCW 300920 CV Sleeves Mini Spectral Duke V40 Acc
YCW 301170 CV DB Sendo Aichi Clow Wolf V77 Acc
YCW 301187 CV DB Kai Toshiki Thunder Dragon V77 Acc
YCW 301194 CV DB Suzugamori Ren Cavalry V79 Acc
KEN 188 Knights o/t Dinner Table #188 Comic 5.99
GTM 149 Game Trade Magazine 149 Magazine .50 (FREE with preorder)
GAW WD-390 White Dwarf #390 Magazine $9.00
CIS CS0010 A.T. Wissenchaft Box Set Mini $49.99
CIS CS3043 A.T. NF Type-009 Deathh Min i $11.97
DCG WAW-25 World at War #25 Magazine $29.99
GBG 030122 Sea Mega Lotus Dice Bag Acc $22.00
GBG 030132 Snow Mega Lotus Dice Bag Acc $22.00
GBG 030130 Snow Mini Combo Lotus Dice bag Acc $6.00
ACT 018 Come And Get It Playmat Acc
ACT 019 Against the Odds Playmat Acc
RPR 14645 Bladesinger Sister Mini $6.49
RPR 50262 Rhinocerix, Super Villian Mini $10.79
RPR 50273 Herq, Circus Strong Man Mini $5.99
RPR 50275 Super Hero Mini $7.49
RPR 59031 SW Terrantula Mini $6.99
RPR 60111 PF Holy Vindicator Mini $8.99
RPR 60125 Attic Whisperer Mini $4.99
VAL70602 Vallejo Surface Primers: Black (17ml) $4.50
VAL70609 Vallejo Surface Primers: Russian Green (17ml) $4.50
VAL73212 Vallejo Mediums: Decal Medium, Alcohol Based $3.50
VAL73213 Vallejo Mediums: Decal Fix, Water Based $3.50
VAL74600 Vallejo Game Colors - 200ml Bottle Primer White $16.95
VAL74601 Vallejo Game Colors - 200ml Bottle Primer Grey $16.95
VAL74602 Vallejo Game Colors - 200ml Bottle Primer Black $16.95
LAOGGA001-SML Paper Figure Counter Stands: Small (10) $12.99
S2P01012 Reaper Miniature Transport Empty (No Foam Trays) $29.99
KOP 17620 Numbered 1 to 14 D14 Acc $2.00
KOP 17621 Numbered 1 to 7 Twice D14 Acc $2.00
KOP 17622 7 Continents D14 Acc $2.00
KOP 17623 Days of the Week D14 Acc $2.00
SGS FARB03 FA Firestorm Arm. RB HC Mini $40.00
FFG GOT38E GOT LCG Winds of Winter CP LCG $14.95
FFG GOT39E GOT LCG Change in Seasons CP LCG $14.95
FFG GOT40E GOT LCG Ravens Song CP LCG $14.95
FFG GOT41E GOT LCG Change in Seasons CP LCG $14.95
FFG GOT42E GOT LCG Scattered Armies CP LCG $14.95
WOCA11210000 KJD:Battle Decks:Tatsurion v Razorkinder $ 19.99

COATPS-12 Joan of Arcs Victory: 1429 AD $29.95
Render to the Maid! covers the entire campaign of the siege and relief of Orleans, with one-month turns beginning in April, 1429. The French player must consolidate his polyglot army and its inspiring leader, while dealing with Joan's "voices" via an events table that leaves him feeling slightly out of control. The English player has to deal with Scots and herrings and trying to resist the "help" of an unwanted Burgundian ally. Both players face the challenges of making siege and open-field combat work for them, in an era where artillery and charges by armored knights belong on the same battlefield.

S2P CFG07001 Mistborn Adv. Game RPG $34.99
Based on the best-selling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all-new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Ruler's Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. It features new official fiction from Mr. Sanderson himself and loads of never-before-seen material, making it the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand.

BOG 00414 Spot It Jr! Animals BG $10.00
Designed for kids under 6, Spot It! Jr. Animals features adorable animals on all the cards, with one huge animal centered on each for easier spotting

BOG 00416 Spot It! On The Road BG $13.00
Everyone's favorite travel-sized game has officially hit the open road! Each colorful symbol is something one would see on a typical road trip. This edition of Spot It! also introduces a new way to play: One card is turned over, and all players scan the scenery for things that match the symbols from the card. Spot it to win!

IMP SKP1106 d-Infinity v3: Children of the North RPG $14.95
Vampires, zombies, Bigfoot, and every other sort of "Children of the Night" can be found in d∞ Volume #3! d∞ ("d-Infinity") is a multi-platform gaming supplement that covers a wide variety of rules systems and includes content that can be universally applied to many different sorts of table-top, live-action, and role-playing games. It includes both material that can be applied to all or many sorts of games and items that are self-standing and which can be played on their own. Features of each thematic volume include a self-standing game; new rules, stats, and bonus content tying in with several different game systems; character portraits; paper miniatures; and interviews. Rules systems supported include Pathfinder, OGL v.3.5, "Basic" system, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Call of Cthulhu, and Cthulhu Live.

KOP 17625 Where Are You? Dice Game Acc $7.00
A delightful party ice-breaker, brain-storming practice exercise, or educational story-telling tool, the Where Are You? Dice Game challenges players to explore their imagination as they attempt to explain the who, what, where, when, and why suggested by a roll of the five unique dice. Each player in turn rolls the five specially-designed dice, then must tell a tale that explains where and when he is standing, and what he is doing there.

JOL001 A Nation on Trial $15.00
A Nation on Trial is a set of Civil War miniatures rules designed for use with 15mm, 25mm, and 54mm scale figures that allows playing the big battles of the Civil War in a short period of time and a limited amount of space (no more than a 4x8' area).

TOY 12030 CT Pest Control Air Freshner Acc $6.99
Tired of unruly passengers riding in your car? Terrify them into subservience when they see you're a regular patron of Cthulhu's "All About Humans" Pest Control Service! This demented, delightful air freshener smells like Cucumber Melon; perfectly masking the scent of loathing and contempt you have for your fellow man

GMT 1205 Red Winter BG $50.00
In Red Winter, the first in a series of games covering battles of the 1939 Russo-Finnish Winter War and World War II, players assume the roles of the Soviet and Finnish commanders during the unusual battle for Tolvajarvi, Finland, controlling the actions of Finnish ski infantry, Soviet tanks and heavy machine gun companies, mortars, anti-tank guns, and other combat units.

GMT 1206 Next War: Korea BG $85.00
In Next War: Korea, the Korean Peninsula is on fire with two of the world's most well-prepared, antagonistic forces arrayed against each other. Can you, as the North Korean People's Army commander, conquer the South in three weeks before the full might of the U.S. can be brought to bear? Can you, as the Republic of Korea's Army commander, hold out against the renewed Communist assault until help arrives? And what will China do?

MFG 4499 Empire Express BG $30.00
The Express Way to Play Empire Builder! In Empire Express, players create competing railroad empires by drawing railroad tracks with crayons upon an erasable board. You win if you utilize your network of rail lines to acquire and deliver goods efficiently to accumulate the largest personal fortune! The base game provides pre-programed routes on a board depicting a north eastern portion of the US with demand cards providing players with an easy way to learn the system through play.

MGP 8310 Cities of Legend Skarr: City of Orcs RPG $19.99
Home to over 25,000 rampaging orcs, Skarr is a city of pure brutality, a place of nightmare that even the bravest adventurer will fear to tread. Built from the ruins of an ancient dwarven stronghold the orcs themselves destroyed, the hordes of Skaar range for miles in every direction, bringing slaughter and misery to any community unfortunate enough to be within range of their predations.

MGP 6203 Historia Rodentia RPG $19.99
Animals Go To War! The Badgers of Aquitar, the Reptiles of Scyzantium, and the Dogs of Axony fight across the world in 19th Century warfare in Historia Rodentia! A sourcebook for the Legend Roleplaying System, Historia Rodentia takes you to the world of the Brushfire wargame, covering the regions of Eutheria and Reptilia, alternate versions of Europe and the Middle East, and detailing over 20 different playable species from four Nations.

MGP 8501 Wayfarers: The World of Twylos RPG $24.99
Featuring a dark and vivid history, the World of Twylos campaign setting for Wayfarers provides descriptions of locations, personalities, items, creatures, folklore, religions, and organizations, inviting both Game Masters and players to explore the vast secrets of Twylos - and possibly to alter its fate!

MGP 8313 Legend Pirates of Legend RPG $19.99
Lay hand to your cutlass and stick your pistols in your belt, friend - adventure is waiting for you offshore. Band together with other scurvy dogs and take command of a ship and crew. Lead them to victory and plunder - or to a watery grave! The shining blue waters of the Caribbean lie before you and the wind is in your sails. What you do next is up to you! Pirates of Legend brings the golden age of piracy to life!

PSI CB7101 Dark Harvest LoF Resistence RPG $29.99
The first full supplement for Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein, Resistance covers everything from the merciless high politics in Victor Frankenstein's inner circle of advisors, to the desperate fight for life and liberty in the mud and darkness between loyal soldiers from both sides - and looming over all, the relentless Dark Harvest continues.

KON 89057-D YGO Samurai Warlords SD (8) CCG $79.92
Packed with some of the hottest Six Samurai cards ever released, from Great Shogun Shien and Legendary Six Samurai Kizan to Six Samurai United and Musakani Magatama, the Samurai Warlords Structure Deck features 41 cards including Dark Hole and Fiendish Chain, as well as a brand-new Six Samurai Xyz Monster - Shadow of the Six Samurai Shien! Each Structure Deck comes complete with 38 Common Cards, one Ultra Rare Card, two Super Rare Cards, a Rulebook, a Game Mat, and a Dueling Guide.

PSI TAG20200 Leagues of Adventure RPG HC RPG $39.99
Set in the late Victorian Age, Leagues of Adventure is a gritty steampunk game where characters eat savage warriors for breakfast - swinging single-handedly from the underside of an early airship while bare-knuckle boxing pterodactyls over a lost plateau! Whatever drives your character, thereÍs a world packed with danger, excitement, and mystery out there waiting to be explored!

SCU 0012 Steampunk RPG Uncharted Exp RPG $20.00
An expansion for the Uber RPG: Steampunk Ruleset, Uncharted is designed to lead Steampunk adventures to places distant from the comforts of urban habitation and countryside villas, complete with history, geography, places of interest, social structure, nine location frameworks, 34 story seeds, and over 30 new NPCs / creatures.

SJG 4411 Munchkin Conan BG $24.95
Kill the monsters, take their stuff, and hear the lamentations of their women! Conan - challenging the world, slaying monsters, defeating armies, laughing in the face of death. He steals the treasure, spends it, and steals more! Robert E. Howard's epic hero gets the full Munchkin treatment in Munchkin Conan, a 168-card core set - totally compatible with the Munckin line of games - that draws from the entire Conan mythos, giving players Conan's most fabulous treasures, and pitting them against the barbarian's most terrifying foes!

FFG MEC13 LTR LCG Foundations of Stone AP Card Game $14.95
Middle-earth's heroes pursue the source of the Misty Mountains' increased Orc activity deep into the dark of Moria where their search leads them beneath the mines, down into Moria's Foundations of Stone. This Adventure Pack's 60 new cards introduce a new hero, three copies of each player card, and continues the Dwarrowdelf saga for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with an all-new scenario that traps your heroes in treacherous underground currents that wash them into the deadly realm of the nameless things!

PSI CT26210 Shadowrun Hazard Pay RPG $34.99
Hazard Pay takes shadowrunners into different extreme environments across the Sixth World, providing the descriptions, plot hooks, gear, and other information gamemasters and players need to use these environments in their game. From mysterious monuments under the sea to battered jalopies that just might make it into orbit without disintegrating, Hazard Pay presents myriad challenges for runners who are prepared for trouble and ready for anything.

PSI CT352220 Battletech Era Report 2750 RPG $29.99
Era Report: 2750 pierces the luminous veneer of what many Inner Sphere and Clan historians alike have considered to be the golden age of BattleTech history: the height of the Star League era. Presented as a general overview of the period, rather than a focused report on a single conflict, this book includes descriptions of every major Inner Sphere faction active before the fateful events described in Historical: Liberation of Terra. Notable personalities, military forces, and an overview of the technological capabilities of the Star League age are also provided, along with special advanced-level rules for campaigns set during this time, whether played using the Total Warfare core rules or those found in A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game.

ASM DIV01 Divinaire BG $29.99
Bluff, Guess, Win! London, England, during the late 19th century. Prominent mediums gather for a historic tournament - to be named the best clairvoyant of the century! In Divinare, players attempt to guess the cards in the hand of their adversaries. But will bluffing, tactical playing, and their divinatory powers help make better predictions than their competitors?

ASM MC01 Monster Chase BG $14.99
It's your turn to scare those pesky Monsters! In the cooperative children's board game Monster Chase, players use toys to scare all of the monsters back into the closet. But, they're only spooked by one toy, so you'll have to choose carefully. If you don't find the right toy, you will have to add another monster around the bed!

CHA 2025 BRP Mythic Iceland RPG $35.00
The Nordic and Celtic peoples settled Iceland in the 9th century coming from lands with rich traditions of folklore, where the mythical and supernatural are part of daily life. This small country produced the largest body of medieval literature anywhere in Northern Europe, and Mythic Iceland mines this rich tradition, weaving background and adventure with the Basic Roleplaying system.

FFG MEC13 LTR LCG Foundations of Stone AP DBG $14.95
Middle-earth's heroes pursue the source of the Misty Mountains' increased Orc activity deep into the dark of Moria where their search leads them beneath the mines, down into Moria's Foundations of Stone. This Adventure Pack's 60 new cards introduce a new hero, three copies of each player card, and continues the Dwarrowdelf saga for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with an all-new scenario that traps your heroes in treacherous underground currents that wash them into the deadly realm of the nameless things!

RDG 4TAV Four Taverns BG $29.99
Where do adventurers gather? Why, at the finest Taverns, of course! With a little gold and a lot of luck, yours could be the Tavern where the bravest and boldest of the realm gather after fair maidens have been rescued, dragons slain, or any number of evils quelled. In Four Taverns, you compete against your opponents to have the best known Tavern in the Land. Hire Adventurers and send them out on Quests. The more Quests your parties complete, the more Adventurers come to your Tavern. However, take heed; for the other Taverns will often be playing for the same Quests you are. If they succeed where you fail, your Adventurers and gold will be lost!

ZVE 6413 Samurai Battles BG $79.95
Samurai Battles is the perfect blend of the beautiful and the historic, sure to please every breed of wargame fan - and the perfect way to explore the exciting battles of one of the most intriguing periods in the history of warfare. Whether you prefer the Art of Tactic or Commands & Colors style of play, Samurai Battles offers everything a wargamer could desire!

WZK 70370 MVL HC Chaos War Prmr Dis (24) [NET] Mini $37.88
Assemble your forces and battle it out with all of reality as the ultimate prize! Countdown to the full release of Chaos War with this 24-count Primer, featuring 10 figures with all-new dial designs and an impulse-friendly price point.

FFG DU19 Sky Traders BG $49.95
Launch your skyship into the clouds in Sky Traders, a board game of adventure, commerce, and intrigue! Evade ruthless Wind Pirates and manipulate the commodities market. Work with your peers to create larger profits for everyone - or try to undermine your rivals and keep all of the revenue for yourself. Trade your way to fortune and fame as you attempt to take control of the powerful Sky Guild!

FFG DW12 Deathwatch Honor the Chapter HC RPG $39.95
For ten millennia, Space Marines from a thousand chapters have fought and died in the name of the Emperor of Man. Take your place among these honoured heroes with Honour the Chapter! This supplement for Deathwatch provides a wealth of options for players interested in characters drawn from Chapters created during the Second or subsequent Foundings, complete with new character creation rules, a host of relics unique to each Chapter, and plenty of guidance and adventure seeds for Game Masters.

FFG OGE02 Gears of War Mission Pack 1 Exp. BG
Savage and merciless, General RAAM has led his specially chosen Locust warriors since Emergence Day, decimating the Coalition of Ordered Governments in battle after battle. Now, the time has come to face him in a final showdown! A "Print on Demand" expansion for Gears of War: The Board Game, Mission Pack 1 pits players against six all-new enemies in two of the most challenging and exciting missions yet ("Search for the Stranded" and "The Showdown"). This, along with nineteen new Locust AI Cards, six Enemy Cards, and four Special Weapon Cards, brings entirely new possibilities to your Gears of War: The Board Game experience.

FFG WHC31 Warhammer LCG Accursed Dead BP Non-CCG $14.95
The Undead and the forces of Destruction gain unprecedented necromantic prowess in The Accursed Dead, the third Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. Even the forces of Order gain new control over their fallen with cards that manipulate players' discard piles and the units therein. With its new units, tactics, and attachments, including a powerful new Artefact, the 60 cards introduced in The Accursed Dead add new strength to your Heroes, legends, and quests.

DOW 790011 Small World Realms BG $35.00
Renowned for their superb cartography, the maps of the Imperial Wizards detailed even the most obscure caves and secretive races of Small World. But the Great Cataclysm shook the landscape, redrawing frontiers and creating new Realms to be explored the world over! Small World Realms features scores of puzzle-like geomorphic Terrain regions and a dozen new Scenarios, including such instant classics as The Rusted Throne and A Game of Gods. Players can also creatively combine the Terrain to build their own custom maps and scenarios making Realms the definitive world-building toolkit for Small World and Small World Underground fans alike.

DV1 017 Thunderbolt Apache Leader BG $89.99
Thunderbolt Apache Leader (TAL) puts you in the cockpits of the world's best Close Air Support aircraft. In TAL, you'll zoom through canyons hunting enemy tanks and troops while dodging their AAA fire and SAMs. TAL puts you down in the weeds in eight campaigns spanning the globe.

DV1 024 Down in Flames Wingman Exp. BG $34.99
This expansion to the Down In Flames system includes two Wingmen cards for each of the aircraft types appearing in both Aces High and Guns Blazing, plus 10 new aircraft cards.

FFG CT56 COC LCG Lost Rites AP Non-CCG $14.95
Forbidden secrets and dark rituals alter the face of reality in Lost Rites, the fourth Asylum Pack in the Revelations Cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Scientists, cultists, monsters, and relic hunters scour libraries and haunted woods for powerful Tomes and the arcane knowledge they contain. Will the magical forces they unleash hasten the end of days? Or will heroic government agents and Miskatonic University faculty be able to force the Ancient Ones back toward their eternal slumber in distant realms?

IMP BWG636 The Fires of Heaven (HERO 6th) RPG $24.95
A decade ago, the United Worlds and Vorn were at war. Then, the Vorn withdrew from U.W. space, never to return. The Vorn remain a weight on the minds of U.W. military planners, but life goes on for everyone else. From the domes covering the frozen wastes of Tawhirimatea to the lush jungles of Yewel, humans and the other races of the U.W. live, work, and squabble on dozens of inhabited worlds, deal with the everchanging Jodoni defenses, wander about the aloof, cryptically prescient Ethereans, and worry about what was important enough to the Vorn to have them retreat when their victory was nearly certain. Fires of Heaven is a massive gameworld for HERO System 6th Edition detailing every aspect of the United Worlds, alien races, starship design and combat, psionics, and more.

IMP GMG5068 DCC #69 RPG $9.99
Villagers have gone missing! A mix of clues, superstitions, and omens point to the brooding citadel of the emerald sorcerer. Legends say that a green-skinned sorcerer dwells there, where he conducts strange experiments and builds enigmatic machinery. Now it's time to penetrate his inner sanctum! The Emerald Enchanter is a Level 2 Dungeon Crawl designed to kick-off the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

FFG GOT37E GOT LCG Song of Summer CP LCG $14.95
The A Time of Ravens Cycle has long had a far-reaching impact on A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Now, the cycle's six classic Chapter Packs are being reprinted in the 60-card format that best pleases players, arriving with three copies of each different card. Players once again have the chance to pick up the cycle's ravens, seasonal agendas, refugees, and the many notable characters that promote a colorful and diverse range of strategies for the Great Houses of Westeros.

FFG CT56 COC LCG Lost Rites AP LCG $29.95 146
Forbidden secrets and dark rituals alter the face of reality in Lost Rites, the fourth Asylum Pack in the Revelations Cycle for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Scientists, cultists, monsters, and relic hunters scour libraries and haunted woods for powerful Tomes and the arcane knowledge they contain. Will the magical forces they unleash hasten the end of days? Or will heroic government agents and Miskatonic University faculty be able to force the Ancient Ones back toward their eternal slumber in distant realms?

JPG101 Lupin the 3rd: The Card Game $59.99
In Lupin The Third, one of the players will control Inspector Zenigata and be visible on the game board along with his team of police agents, while the other players will work together to try together to steal the treasure and escape; these players are visible only when within view of Zenigata and the police, but both sides can use tricks to misdirect the other. What's more, as in the comic, Fujiko Mine can betray the group to try to escape with the treasure on her own!

OSPFOG015 Field of Glory - Napoleonic: Triumph of Nations $34.95
Based on the mechanics of the hugely popular Field of Glory ruleset, this supplement will appeal to fans of both the original game and of Napoleonic military history.

WZK 70278 Mvl HC C.W. Fast Forces Pack Mini
Six classic, fan-favorite heroes band together to challenge evil that no one of them could defeat alone! Led by Captain America, the Chaos War Fast Forces pack combines the might of six iconic and versatile heroes to energize your HeroClix battles - Thor, Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, Mockingbird, and the Wasp! The Chaos War Fast Forces pack features six figures with all-new dial designs, two exclusive maps, and an impulse-friendly price point.

WZK 70275 Mvl HC Chaos War Bstr Brick (8) Mini $63.31
Note: The Buy a Brick figures have not arrived as of 7/8, we will owe you the figure.
The Chaos King comes to HeroClix as both classic and current heroes fight for the fate of the universe! Utilizing the standard 10 booster-brick model, Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War features over 50 figures to collect and popular sub-themes including the Avengers, the Future Foundation, and the Pet Avengers!

PIP 33092 WM KD Vlad Tzepesci Epic Mini $39.99
PIP 71063 H TB Sons of Bragg Charc Unit Mini $39.99
PIP 73060 H LE Succubus Solo Mini $16.99
PIP 74061 H SK Tiberion Titan Warbeast Mini $17.99

PIP 1049 WM Colossals (SC) Book $34.99
PIP 1050 WM Colossals (HC) Book $44.99
Super-Sized Face Wrecking! Darkness descends upon the nations of the Iron Kingdoms as the undead legions of Cryx overwhelm Point Bourne, revealing their true strength. As war once again consumes the land, the embattled nations race to deploy colossal warjacks bristling with weaponry to turn the tide. But the emergence of new threats, both ancient and unseen, will force old enemies into uneasy cooperation in a fight for survival! The next thrilling chapter of the Warmachine saga, Colossals elevates your game with powerful, new, colossal warjacks, new warcasters for each faction, fully compiled and updated Unbound rules, and Theme Force lists for each new warcaster.

WZK 70892 CC HC Movie/Fig Combo Pk Mini [preorders only, out of print]
Have you ever imagined a place where Vulcans and vampires get along? Where wizards and wookies can be themselves? Welcome to Comic-Con San Diego! What started as a fringe comic book convention for 500 fans has grown into the pop culture event of the year that influences every form of entertainment, now attended by over 140,000 strong. Directed by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), Comic-Con The Movie Episode IV: A Fan's Hope explores this amazing cultural phenomenon by following the lives of five attendees as they descend upon the ultimate geek mecca at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. This special edition combo pack includes the full-length documentary on DVD as well as four exclusive HeroClix figures (Stan Lee, Morgan Spurlock, Harry Knowles, and Joss Whedon).

SJG1394 Illuminati: Bavarian Fire Dril $ 17.95
Bavarian Fire Drill is the second expansion for Illuminati. It adds 110 new cards illustrated (mostly) by the redoubtable Dan Smith. Control new and terrifying groups like Bloggers, Reality Shows, and Intelligent Design. Will you use Embedded Reporters and FEMA to destroy the Webcams, or will you be defeated by Bird Flu and Bobbleheads? Fans of the mega-hit INWO will recall the Deprogrammers and Science Alarmists, as well as more of the best groups from the best-selling conspiracy CCG.

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PSI HAY600 Chupacabra Save the Night CG RPG $19.99
PSI TMG87754 Alba Longa RPG $59.95

Code Quantity Description Unit Size Time Turn Price
GSO519 8.8cm PaK43/41 gun 1 D $8.00

FRO507 155mm C mle 1917S howitzer 1 D $8.00
French divisions usually mixed a light artillery regiment with the 75mm mle 1897 with a smaller regiment of heavier 105mm or 155mm howitzers.

FW222 Devil's Charge 6 L B $30.00
Well, we're finally here. In the past few years we've seen the US Army fight its way through the rocky hills of Tunisia and Sicily, painfully crawl up the boot of Italy, storm bloody Omaha Beach, and sweep across the France in what has been described as an 'American Blitzkrieg'. Its now the end of 1944 and that same army, for all of its hard-earned victories, is at the end of its tether. Fuel and supplies are only just arriving in force, the men are exhausted, and the raw recruits are fresher than ever. For the US Army, December was a time to pause briefly to rebuild their stocks and prepare for the final drive into Germany.

GSO520 8.8cm PaK43 Cruciform Mount 1 D $8.00
When emplaced in a position where it is protected by infantry, the powerful 8.8cm PaK 43 becomes an instant strongpoint around which to orchestrate your battle plan.

GSO521 12cm sGW43 mortar 1 D $7.00
During Operation Barbarossa in 1941 the Germans encountered the large Soviet 120-PM-38 12cm mortars. So impressed by this weapon that they immediately set about making their own version.

TD031 Armoured Gaming Set 1 ml C $24.00
Patton's unstoppable Third Army is poised to strike into Germany itself, with the hard-charging 4th Armored Division in the lead. Nothing, it seemed, stood in the division's way as it pressed on. The Armoured Gaming Set contains 16 full-colour themed dice and 30 full-colour gaming tokens

TD032 Tank Destroyer Gaming Set 1 ml C $24.00
The troops of the Tank Destroyer companies were trained to meet the enemy armoured spearhead and destroy it with superior fire and manoeuvre tactics. The realities of the war, however, saw very few German armoured spearheads approaching the Lorraine, so the TD Battalions were parcelled out into small platoon-sized packets across the front. The Tank Destroyer Gaming Set contains 16 full-colour themed dice and 30 full-colour gaming tokens.

TD033 SS Gaming Set 1 C $24.00
Gaming aids such as the SS Gaming Set help you keep track of the status of your units while on the battlefield. Whether its remounting a bailed out tank, ranging in artillery or digging in your infantry; these tokens cover every situation you'll come across in Flames Of War.

UBX28 M4A3 (late) Sherman Platoon 2-3 L B $58.00
The M4A3 (late) Sherman had additional armour plates added over vulnerable areas to provide enhanced protection for the crew, whilst still retaining the additional horsepower and speed that the M4A3 was known for. The M4A3 series represented the pinnacle of the wartime development of the Sherman.

GAW 89-12 WHF OR Goblin Shaman Mini $9.90
GAW 89-13 WHF OR Savage Orc Big Boss Mini $14.00
WOC 399620000 MTG - Magic 2013 - Booster $3.99
WOC 399630000 MTG - Magic 2013 - Intro Pack $14.99
WOC 399650000 MTG - Magic 2013 - Fat Pack $39.99
WOC 603210000 MTG - Magic 2013 - Deck Builders Toolkit $19.99

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WGF RS003 Samurai Cavalry - 16th Century (12) Mini $19.95
MGP 30009 CA Squad. #5 Klingon vs Orion Mini $39.99
MGP 30011 CA Squad. #7 Fed. Reinforcements Mini $39.99
FFG DT045 D.T. SSU Commissar's Squad Mini $19.95
FFG DT047 D.T. Axis Panzer Kamp. Mini $29.95
WYR 3056 Slate Ridge Mauler Mini $18.00
WYR 4050 Avatar Dreamer Mini $35.00
WYR 4053 Widow Weaver Mini $12.50
WYR 5064 Avatar Leveticus Mini $35.00
WYR 5065 Avatar Hamelin Mini $35.00
WYR 5071 Lenny Mini $15.00
SGS DWEX02 SW Naval Combat Deno Kit Mini $15.00
SGS DWCB01 DW Camp. Bk Hurricane Season Mini $40.00
SGS DWEX03 DW Lrg Landing Barge (1) Mini $22.00
SGS DWEX04 DW Landing/Plat/Landing Barge (1) Mini $22.00
SGS FAZR02 FA ZR RSN Spectre Cls Battleship Mini $24.00
SGS FAZR03 FA ZR RSN Spook Cls Cruiser Mini $21.00
SGS FAZR05 FA ZR RSN Argus Cls Carrier Mini $20.00
SGS FAZR07 FA ZR RSN Cerebus Cls Hvy Cruiser Mini $15.00
DP9 9029 HG Blitz weapons pack Mini $21.75
DP9 9054 HG Northern Thunderhammer Strider Pack Mini $46.50
DP9 9055 HG Southern Sagittarius Strider Pack Mini $31.00
DP9 9056 HG Drone pack Mini $11.25
DP9 9081 HG Northern Field Gun Two-Pack Mini $20.75
DP9 9082 HG Southern Field Gun Two-Pack Mini $20.75
DP9 9095 PAK-CEF HPC-64 Hover APC/CommandPack Mini $21.75
DP9 9115 Blitz Air Strike Counters pack Mini $21.75
DP9 9132 CEF Type F6-16 Frame Two-Pack Mini $33.00
DP9 9133 CEF Type F2-21 Frame Two-Pack Mini $33.00
DP9 9134 CEF Type F2-19 Frame Two-Pack Mini $22.75
DP9 9142 CEF FLAIL Platoon Pack Mini $26.00
DP9 9154 CEF GREL Infantry on Hoverbikes Plat Mini $22.75
DP9 9164 Southern MP Shields Five-Pack Mini $11.50
DP9 9165 CEF Type F2-25 Frame Two-Pack Mini $26.00
DP9 9197 HG Arena (PRDF) Gladiator Two-Pack Mini $20.75
LAOTJPL1171 Disposable Heroes Token Set (40) $21.99
CSMPC-001 Advanced Fantasy Miniatures: Fog of War ñ Module/Miniature Combo [TWO PARTS] $29.99
NBLMAT202 Noble Gaming Mats: Ocean Blue $39.99
NBLMAT203 Noble Gaming Mats: Desert Tan $39.99
NBLNMCY6-800 Check Your 6! Star and Pyramid Starter Set $49.95
NBLNMCY6-801 Check Your 6! MiG-21 (2) $12.95
NBLNMCY6-802 Check Your 6! Mirage II $12.95
UMWSA-032 Strange Aeons: Morbid Adventures $24.95
UMWSA-033 Strange Aeons: Dark Puppeteer $30.00
WLGWGB-FJ-27 28mm Bolt Action - Fallschirmjager Sdkfz 2 Kettenkrad $16.00
WLGWGB-FJ-28 28mm Bolt Action - German: Fallschirmjager 2.8cm SPZB 41 Anti-tank gun $16.00
WLGWGB-FJ-29 28mm Bolt Action - German: Fallschirmjager 10.5cm LG40 Recoilless Gun $16.00
WLGWGB-JI-22 28mm Bolt Action - Japanese: Jungle Fighters (10) $20.75
WLGWGB-JI-23 28mm Bolt Action - Japanese: Imperial Japanese Army Squad (10) $20.75
WLGWGH-MAC-2 28mm Ancients - Hail Caesar: Macedonian Royal Guard $32.00
WLGWGH-PE-26 28mm Ancients - Ancient Greeks: Persian Sparabara (8) $19.00
WLGWGN-RUS-04 28mm Black Powder: Napoleonic Russian Starter Army $96.00
PSCB001 15mm Mixed Base Set $10.50
PSCWW2V15014 15mm WWII: Easy Assembly Sherman M4A3 (Late) Tank $30.75
PSCWW2V20006 1/72nd WWII - German: Easy Assembly German Sdkfz 251/D Half track $22.75
COR280154 Infinity (#351) Ariadna: Dozers, Field Engineers (Traktor Mul Control Device)(1) $11.75
COR280256 Infinity (#352) PanOceania: Mulebots (2) $42.00
COR280553 Infinity (#353) Nomads: Daktaris 2 (Doctor) (1) $11.75
COR280554 Infinity (#354) Nomads: Nomads Support Pack (4) $31.25
COR280648 Infinity (#355) Combined Army: Malignos (Hacker) (1) $11.75
COR280825 Infinity (#356) ALEPH: Synchronized Deva Unit (4) $42.00
ZSM475271 This Quar's War: Spats and Pedrails $30.00
ZSM632551 This Quar's War: Tales of the Breach $30.00
ZSMZOM09 Zombiesmith Miniatures: Wedding Hunters (2) $8.00
ZSMZSQ26 This Quar's War: Kryst Sandstalkers $35.00
ZSMZSQ27 This Quar's War: Toulmore Veterans Squad (6) $22.50
ZSMZSQ28 This Quar's War: Toulmore Veterans LMG Team (2) $10.00
IMXCC_VBHT Voodoo Barbys Helmeted Roller Derby Team(5) $25.00
IMXDC-FSOO Dice: Impact! D6 Orange Flaming Skull Dice (set of 3) $7.96
IMXEO-ECH1 Elfball - Sideline Figures: Elf Cheerleader #1 $4.75
LLP4009 World at War: Into the Breach $47.00
LLP7000 Lock 'n Load: All Things Zombie! $59.99
HTM28SF036 HiTech Miniatures: Archdeacon Raphael $30.00
DCG1021 Wacht am Rhein $ 160.00
CEW 00004 Frontline General: Spearpoint 19 BG $29.95
GF9 72801 D&D Caverns o/t Underdark Vinyl Acc $19.99
GF9 72802 D&D Caverns o/t Underdark 3D Terrain Acc $39.99
OSP CMD025 Omar Bradley Book $18.95
OSP CMD026 Yamamoto Isoroku Book $18.95

OSP CMD024 Tokugawa Ieyasu Book $18.95
Towards the end of the 16th century three outstanding commanders brought Japan's century of civil wars to an end, and even though reunification was first achieved under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was his successor Tokugawa Ieyasu who was to ensure a lasting peace. In terms of his strategic and political achievements Ieyasu ranks as Japan's greatest samurai commander. Ieyasu was also patient, a virtue sadly lacking in many of his contemporaries, and unlike Hideyoshi never outreached himself. To establish his family as the ruling clan in Japan for the next two and a half centuries was abundant proof of his true greatness.

DCG MW01 Modern War #1 Red Dragon/Grn Cresct Magazine $49.99
Modern War #1 features the game, Red Dragon / Green Crescent, covering near-future conflicts around Asia's periphery from 2013 to 2021, as well as articles focusing on Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf, the 1972 Easter Offensive in SVN, Russia's New Military, and SEAL Team Six vs. Bin Laden.

LWG 0701 Prarie Aflame BG
Prairie Aflame is an operational treatment of Canada's Northwest Rebellion of 1885, where the Metis' (half Native and half European) attempt to set up a provisional government to gain recognition of their concerns with the federal government in Ottawa is met with dissension and military force.

LWG 09010 Ici, C'est la France BG
The Algerian War Of Independence 1954 -1962. This game covers the French insurgency war against FLN in Algeria during 1954-62.

LWG 1001 Saipan & Tinian BG
This first volume in the Island War Series simulates the American invasion and seizure of Saipan and Tinian in the summer of 1944 in the Pacific during World War II.

LWG 1101 Slouch Hats & Eggshells BG $28.08
Slouch Hats & Eggshells recreates the World War II campaign in French-held Syria and Lebanon, historically from early June 1941 through mid-July 1941.

LWG 1102 Hell Over Korea BG
Hell Over Korea is an expansion module for B-29 Superfortress covering B-29 missions in the Korean War from November 1950 through April 1951 - a standard six-month bomber crew tour of duty in Korea.

LWG 1103 Tonkin BG
Tonkin is a two-player, operational-level game that covers the crucial period of the First Indochina War fought between the Viet Minh and France from 1946 -1954. The game focuses on the intensive years from 1950-1954 in the northern part of Vietnam, called Tonkin, and Laos.

APL 0852 GWAS: Dutch East Indies BG $19.99
Dutch East Indies is a supplement for the Great War at Sea series, focusing on battles which could have and in some cases did take place in and around these islands over the period 1914-1917. Presenting 35 scenarios as well as background articles presenting the history of this Dutch territory, the politics of the Great Powers around it, and the ships that fought or might have fought there, Dutch East Indies includes a campaign game for those wishing to examine the challenges and surprises that would have faced Dutch and IJN planners in a 1916-1917 Japanese invasion of the East Indies.

OSP FOGN01 FOGN Triumph of Nations Book $34.95
Triumph of Nations, a companion for Field of Glory Napoleonic, provides players with all the army lists and details they need to recreate the battles of the later Empire, from the disastrous invasion of Russia to the glorious Hundred Days.

OSP ESS074 The 2nd War of Ital. Unif. Book $20.95
The culmination of decades of nationalist aspiration and cynical Realpolitik, the Second War of Italian Unification saw Italy transformed from a patchwork of minor states dominated by the Habsburg Austrians into a unified kingdom under the Piedmontese House of Savoy. Overshadowed by subsequent conflicts, the war saw the first widespread use of railroads in war and the first battlefield deployment of rifled field artillery, as well as the last major battle in world history where all the forces involved were under the personal command of their monarchs.

OSP RAID032 Knight's Move: Hunt for Marshal Tito Book $18.95
On May 25, 1944, 800 men of the 500th SS Parachute battalion descended on Drvar, a town behind enemy lines in north-western Bosnia; their aim was to kill or capture Tito, a major leader of the Yugoslavian partisan movement. The attempt to eliminate Tito was a colossal failure.

OSP NVG191 Ital. Lt. Tanks 1919-1945 Book $17.95
The Italian army, unlike those of the British and French, did not use tanks in combat during World War I and, by November 1918, only one training unit equipped with French Schneider and Renault tanks had been formed. Only in 1927 was the first tank unit formed as a branch of the infantry. Consequently, the Italians went into World War II without a tank capable of taking on medium tanks in the North African desert.

OSP CAM245 Demyansk 1942-1943 Book $21.95
The fighting around the town of Demyansk was one of the longest encirclement battles on the Eastern Front during the Second World War, stretching from February 1942 to February 1943.

OSP WEAP018 The Bazooka Book $18.95
The bazooka was the popular name given to the innovative US rocket-propelled, man-portable, anti-tank weapon that saw widespread service with US and other forces from 1942 to the early 1980s and was described by Eisenhower as one of the four "Tools of Victory" - with the atom bomb, the Jeep, and the C-47 Skytrain transport aircraft - that won World War II for the Allies.

OSP MAA478 The Australian Army of WWI Book $17.95
The Australian contribution to the Allied war effort during World War I is worthy of celebration. Some 400,000 Australians volunteered for active duty, an astonishing 13-percent of the entire (white) male population, a number so great that the Australian government was never forced to rely on conscription.

OSP ACE105 Defiant, Beinheim, and Havoc Aces Book $22.95
The World War 1 concept of the two-seat fighter persisted during the interwar period, with the RAF's biplane Demons being replaced by the twin-engined Blenheim IF - a fighter derivative of the light bomber then in service. In the mid-1930s, the Boulton Paul company developed the Defiant, a single-engined fighter in which all the armament was concentrated in the turret behind the pilot. Some - named Havoc by the RAF - were fitted with radar for nightfighter duties and others replaced the Blenheim as night intruders.

OSP ACE106 Spanish Repub. Aces Book $22.95
This volume details the exploits of the Spanish Republican Aces, complimenting previous works in the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series on Nationalist CR.32 Aces and Polikarpov I-15, I-16, and I-152 Aces.

OSP GM640 El Alamein 1942 Book $24.95
The battle of El Alamein marked the turning point in Britain's fortunes in World War II (1939-1945). There were three separate battles between July and November 1942, all of which were fought to halt the advance of Rommel's army towards the Suez Canal. This final battle at El Alamein, fought in October and November, saw the continuous bombardment of the German line that Rommel was instructed to hold at all costs by Hitler himself.

OSP GM842 Daring Dozen: SF Heroes WWII Book $24.95
The Daring Dozen, by journalist Gavin Mortimer, reveals the 12 legendary special forces commanders of World War II. Prior to World War II the concept of 'special forces' simply didn't exist. But thanks to visionary leaders like David Stirling and Charles Hunter, our very concept of how wars can be fought and won have totally changed. But these 12 extraordinary men not only reshaped military policy, they led from the front, accompanying their troops into the heat of battle, from the sands of North Africa to jumping on D-Day and infiltrating behind enemy lines.

OSP GM051 Plane Spotter's Guide Book $11.95
Aviation has revolutionized warfare over the last 100 years, and this new pocket guide gives the reader the essential details of 70 iconic aircraft, including the Sopwith Camel, the Spitfire, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the P-51 Mustang, and the F-4 Phantom.

IMP TLG8321 CC A Lion in the Ropes RPG $5.99
Lord Galveston's lands are plagued by murders! Strange tracks of a cat-like creature have been found around the villages, and rumors abound that a charon fiend, a dreaded beast of chaos, has come from the nearby wood and settled in the area. A twisted tale of wild beasts and the restless dead, A Lion in the Ropes is a Castles & Crusades adventure designed for 4-8 characters of 1-4 level

ATM 080021 The Spoils TCG Seed III Fall/Marmoth CCG $18.95
The setting is Marmothoa and the time is the brink of the new age. A battle of epic proportions ensues as the offspring of Gloamspike claim their place in the world. The Seven Swords battle the Demon Knights - and it falls upon you to choose the side of Evil or Slightly-Less-Evil. Concluding the Seed storyline for The Spoils TCG, the 55-card fixed set of Fall of Marmothoa introduces brand-new cards for all five factions bringing a fresh infusion of twisted and awesome characters, new tactics, gear, and items to The Spoils.


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