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     o Gator Games Newsletter: June 27 to July 3 2011
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Game Trade Magagzine #137 Preorders PDF ready to download
These are NEW Preorders though October

Gator Games will be closed Monday, July 4th.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

50% off Flames of War - Mid War Monster Models
25% off Flames of War - Mid- War Monster books
25% off Wings of War planes (blister only)

Hundreds of items Discounted in store!

Here are just some of the sales!

20% off
older magic theme decks and intros
(in showcase)

25% off
Vampire the Eternal Struggle Card Game
Jaden Yuiki II
Yugi 5D's as marked
Yugi Selected older tins and old starters

40% off
Magic fire & lightening decks

50% off
Naruto Chosen starters

70% off
Next quest Pokemon

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Gator Games Online Store
There is a will call option for store pickup. You still must pay for it online via paypal.

o Gator Games E-Bay Store

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people
to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged!

o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Noon: D&D 4e D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard by John $3
the start of the campaign - try and show up

4pm D&D 4e D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard by Ryan $3
the most we can take is 5 or 6 players. no more.

Tues.: 11-2 Demos: Memoir '44 and Wings of War
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed.; NEW Noon: Redakai League $5
Win Promo cards for Games Played.
Everyone that shows this first event will recieve a 'Boomer' Welcome Card
This will be held during the summer.

Wed.;4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

06/29 "Using the Tools at Hand"
600 pts Unrestricted
Prize: Special Object of Choice
All Figures have Super Strength

07/06 "Stunt Doubles"
Prize: TBA
800 Pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: Any time a figure is hit by an attack, its controller may choose to redirect any damage and/or effect to an adjacent friendly figure

07/13 "Director's Cut
Prize: TBA
600 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: The first time each figure would be KO'd each game, it instead heals two clix from KO and receives action points until it has two

07/20 Heroclix Sealed
Prize: TBA
400 pts Sealed

07/27 "Papparazzi"
600 pts Unrestricted
Prize: TBA
Special Rules: All teams must include at least one figure with either the Reporter Keyword, or the Celebrity Keyword. All figures with the Reporter Keyword modify their attack by +2 when attacking a figure with the Celebrity Keyword. All figures with the Celebrity Keyword modify their Damage by +2 when attacking a figure with the Reporter Keyword

Thurs. 11-2 Demos: Star Trek Expediations and & Wonders
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective October 19, 2010)

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.
Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic are banned in the Standard format, effective July 1, 2011.

Weekend Events!

July 2, Sat 11am Resident Evil Tournament $5

2 promo cards will be awarded to each player.
(Alex and/or Nick might play)
Afternoon Demos: Redaki & Conquest of Nerath

July 3, Sun 11am 40K Tournament $5
Box set of $25 or less of choice will go to the Winner.
Please bring an army list
please email to get the rules or they are posted here.

July 3, Sun 3pm Painting Class by Nick
just show up - no paints or brushes are required.
We can take 7 people only.

July 9, Sat 11am (10:30 signups) Magic 2012 Core Pre Release $25 (36 players)
July 10, Sun 11am (10:30 signups) Magic 2012 Core Pre Release $25 (16 players)

July 16, Sat 11am (10:30 signups) Magic 2012 Launch Party $25
July 17 Magic 2012 Booster Draft by Aidan $15

July 23, Sat 11am Magic: Archenemy Tournament $5
July 24, Sun 11am Magic: Commander Tournament $5

July 30, Sat 11-3 am Free Game Day
Come and Pick a free Game, RPGs, Promos to Boardgames, Comics, Stickers, Dice and more!

July 31 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

Aug 13 11am 2012 Magic Game Day

Sept 10, 11am Magic Celebration Day
includes a mini- master tournament TBA

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

GAW 64-48 WHF Magewrath Throne/Balewind Vortex Mini $37.25
_____ GAW 64-49 WHF Eternity Stair/Dreadfire Portal Mini $37.25
_____ GAW 80-04 WHF Storm of Magic Mini Rules $49.50
_____ GAW 80-10 WHF Chimera Mini $41.25
_____ GAW 83-16 WHF CH Chaos Lord on Manticore Mini $49.50
_____ GAW 83-33 WHF CH Sorcerer Lord Mini $13.25
_____ GAW 83-34 WHF CH Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord Mini $13.25
_____ GAW 85-09 WHF DE Dreadlord on Black Dragon Mini $49.50
_____ GAW 85-34 WHF DE Supreme Sorceress Mini $13.25
_____ GAW 91-34 WHF VC Necromancer Mini $13.25
_____ PSI AOP6000 Unhallowed Metropolis RPG Revised HC $39.95

_____ WZK 70438 Star Trek Expeditions Exp Set $15.99
The planet Nibia is in peril and it is up to the crew of the Enterprise to prevent an impending Klingon invasion!
Star Trek Expeditions: Expansion Set supplements the hit Star Trek Expeditions game by providing three new crew members: Scotty, Sulu and Chekov
Each new crew brings their own unique talents and skills to the game, opening up even more avenues of gameplay. The Expansion Set also allows you to bring a fifth player to the table, increasing the size of your away team by one!
Coming in October from 2011!

***Magic: The Gathering Booster Battle Pack!***
_____ WOC 38534-D Magic the Gathering Booster Battle Pack Display (12) $119.88
Booster Battle packs are designed to be an exciting introduction to "Limited" play and can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience.
• 2-player game experience in one pack.
• Quick set-up - players should be able to battle within minutes of opening the pack! Perfect for players with down time at a tournament.
• Different experience with each pack - players customize their 20-card decks with cards from the boosters included in the pack. Nearly limitless "Limited" play!
• Contains two 20-card semi-randomized decks with appropriate land cards, two 15-card Magic 2012 Core Set booster packs, a Magic learn-to-play guide, and one rules insert - all for $9.99 MSRP.

o *** Manufacturer Info ***
these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Please note that the on sale date for Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition has been changed from the original street date of June 28th to July 1st

White Dwarf Notice
There was an error in July's White Dwarf #378. The Magic Dice on page 12 will go on Advance Order July 16th, but will not be on sale until July 23rd. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Looney Labs
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the IceDice street date is delayed until later this year. We are diligently working out the details, but do not have an exact date to announce. Out of courtesy, we wanted to give you the heads-up before your pre-order is due to your distributor this Friday the 27th. As soon as we have the new release date we will immediately send out an announcement. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Vallejo Paints will be going to $4.25 each shortly.

o Report Card Rewards
(for mail order, you may fax us your report card)

Good grades get free games! Gator Games rewards good students.

It's report card time and Gator Games has a special treat for all good students. From now until July 31, bring in your final report card for the year, and Gator Games will give free games to students with good grades. Any student from kindergarten through college can bring their report card to Gator Games.

Each Report Card has a $4.00 maximum that a student can get.
For every "A", students get 50¢ in store merchandise, and 25¢ for each "B".

For Pass/Fall, students get 25¢ for each "Pass" - each pass/fail report card will be on a individual basis.
We've seen pass/fails report cards with over 200 pass/fails, but if a major class with sub pass/fails, we take the main class only.
(an example I have seen is Arts & Crafts - then over 20 sub-breakdowns such as painting, drawing, ceramics, etc)

If a Student brings in a Straight "A" report card, an "A" in every subject, he or she will receive the $4.00 maximum in free games for that report card.

Gator Games will stamp each card with a Gator stamp when the grades are rewarded.
This is not a gimmick. This is free, no other purchase is necessary.
Ends July 31 2011


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 7 days.

PGG34000 Magnetic Bases: 20mm x 20mm Square (25) $8.99
PGG34001 Magnetic Bases: 25mm x 25mm Square (20) $8.99 $
PGG34003 Magnetic Bases: 25mm x 50mm Rectangle (10) $8.99
GMS0301-9026 GameScience RPG Dice Sets: Lime Green Precision-Edge d6 Set (12) $10.00
GMS2601-9026 GameScience RPG Dice Sets: Wisteria Purple Precision-Edge d10 Set (10) $9.00
GMS2602-9019 GameScience RPG Dice Sets: Peridot Precision-Edge d10 Set (10) $15.00
FBMZUB003 Freebooter's Fate: Washed Up Bits $9.75
KROKRCB013 Kromlech Conversion Bitz: OW2 Orc Veterans in Helmets (10) $8.99
KROKRCB015 Kromlech Conversion Bitz: Orc Running Legs (3) $8.99
MYS05202 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Dragonfire Green Polyhedral Set (7) $8.99
MYS05403 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Manaburn Orange Polyhedral Set (7) $6.99
MYS05501 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Scarab Blue Polyhedral Set (7) $6.99
MYS05502 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Scarab Purple Polyhedral Set (7) $6.99
MYS05503 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Scarab Red Polyhedral Set (7) $6.99
MYS05504 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Scarab Green Polyhedral Set (7) $6.99
MYS05601 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Blue Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
MYS05602 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Red Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
MYS05603 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Orange Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
MYS05604 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Purple Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
MYS05605 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Teal Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
MYS05608 Mystic Keeper Gaming Dice: Liquid Smoke Polyhedral Set (7) $4.99
LOO 814-19 Seven Dragons Shuffle Hands (25) Card Game $15.00
LOO 814-21 Aquarius Dragon Card (25) Card Game $15.00
EMMB502 Base for Ahnamoth (50mm x 1) $ 5.99
WOC 38060000 D&D - Conquest of Nerath boardgames $80.00
ACT009 Playmat: Dragon Castle by Randis Albion 15.00
ACT010 Playmat: Wings by Kekai Kotaki 15.00
MTTR2819 A2A: Disney
MTTR3317 Blokus To Go
MTTT8138 Blokus Junior
MTTW2793 Angry Birds Knock on Wood
SET5200 Quiddler Deluxe
UNV53756 Bowling Zombies
UPR 82668-D White Solid 50ct DP Dis (12)
UPR 82670-D Blue Solid 50ct DP Dis (12)
UPR 82675-D Yellow Solid 50ct DP Dis (12)
UPR 82801 MTG Card Back DP 80ct Accessory $11.00
MUMASLJO8 ASL: Journal #8 $ 29.99
CHX 25215 Opaque Poly D10 Dusty Green/Gold (10) Dice $5.50
CHX 25220 Opaque Poly D10 Dark Grey/Copper (10) Dice $5.50

UPR 81127-2 Gaming Card Case (Corrugated) 28.30
WOC 25066 Axis & Allies 1942 reprint Board Game $35.00
FFG CS2039 Anima Tactics DF Aizen Mini $17.99
FFG CS3039 Anima Tactics NF Male Wissenschaft A Mini $10.99

FFG CT45 COC LCG That Which Consumes AP LCG $14.95
With the element of surprise looming dangerously, no one is safe from That Which Consumes! From Hastur's Final Note which destroys all insane characters, to Yog-Sothoth's A Gift of Knowledge which trades wounds for success tokens, That Which Consumes will keep your opponents guessing what explosive event will come next. The sixth and final Asylum Pack in The Rituals of the Order expansion cycle, That Which Consumes introduces three copies each of 20 never-before-seen cards to the Call of Cthulhu metagame, expanding the deck-building options of all factions, including the new Order of the Silver Twilight faction.

S2P 4WF002 PF Book of Arcane Magic RPG $15.95
The Book of Arcane Magic conjures over 100 new spells, from minor cantrips to 9th-level powerhouse spells.

S2P 4WF003 PF Book of Divine Magic RPG $18.95
The Book of Divine Magic provides many new ways to define your divine spellcasters, with 21 new deities introduced, complete with dogmas, portfolios, and domains. Players will also find over 100 new spells, from minor orisons to fate-changing 9th-level spells. Plus, clerics can have divine animal companions, too!

CHA 23121 COC Curse of the Chthonians Role Playing 25.95
Curse of the Chthonians offers a beloved Call of Cthulhu title to a new generation of Call of Cthulhu gamers. Here are four adventures (Dark Carnival, Curse of Chaugnar Faugn, The City Without a Name, and Thoth's Dagger) written by some of the best Call of Cthulhu authors, including David A. Hargrave, Bill Barton, and William Hamblin, as well as the essay Kabbalistic Science of Gematria.

RGG 201 TransAmerica Board Games $32.95
Build the Rails from Sea to Sea! America in the 19th century: railroads are booming and the pioneering spirit is everywhere! In TransAmerica, each player endeavors to connect their five cities with a shared network of tracks.

MRP 0013 COC Dead But Dreaming 2 Role Playing 19.99
No one is safe. You aren't safe. Ancient and inimical, the alien influences of the Cthulhu Mythos are all around us. In our cities, our nightclubs, our backyards, and heading for our front porches. From the dreaming city of Kingsport, Massachusetts, to the lonely northern woods and the barren western deserts, they are here, destroying us, devouring us, shattering our minds with the one truth we cannot bear to admit: that no matter what we do we cannot escape the fact that, deep down, we are very much like them. Herein are 22 tales of Lovecraftian horror from the modern masters of Cthulhu Mythos fiction, including Scott David Aniolowski, David Annandale, Cody Goodfellow, John Goodrich, Will Murray, W. H. Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr, and Darrell Schweitzer, among others.

QNG 60713 Paris Connection Board Game 62.95
As French railway entrepreneurs, players in Paris Connection try to connect as many cities of the country as possible to their rail network.

QNG 60723 Lancaster Board Game 64.95
As mighty lords, the players support the king in his conflict against France and increase his influence in Parliament.

PLE 40601 Killer Bunnies Conquest o/t Magic Carrot BlueStr Card Game $35.00
All's fair in carrots and war! Find the Magic Carrot and claim ultimate glory over your opponents in the all-new Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot, the fun and crazy follow-up to the popular KB Quest card game. You'll be surprised by an entirely new array of wacky weapons, risky P-cards, and wince-worthy Terrible Misfortunes in the Killer Bunnies Conquest Blue Starter Deck, which can be played on its own, and is completely compatible with the KB Quest Blue Starter (and boosters).

AEG 5302 Nightfall Martial Law Deck Building $39.99
Darkness envelopes the world - chaos reigns! Humanity fights back in the only way they know how: with forceful control. But how does one control creatures whose existence defies all logic? Nightfall: Martial Law is a stand-alone expansion to the competitive deck-building game Nightfall. Martial Law features a complete new set of cards with special new powers, and unleashes all-new vampires, werewolves, hunters, and ghouls. Martial Law also introduces the new feeding mechanic: feed your chained orders to give them greater effects!

GMT 1102 Case Yellow, 1940 Board Game $55.00
September 1st, 1939: Germany invades Poland, setting off the Second World War. Except for minor attacks, France and Great Britain, the victors of World War One, do nothing. Meanwhile, the Germans feverishly apply the lessons they learned in Poland, and hone their operational techniques. The surprise German conquest of Norway jolts the Allies out of their lethargy. They do not have long to wait for the next blow. Case Yellow is a simple, but accurate, simulation recreating this monumental campaign.

GMT 1109 Night Fighter Board Game $55.00
NightFighter details the development of night-fighting tactics over Britain, the Reich, and the Pacific. Using a brand-new 'blind' play system, an umpire commands a Staffel of nightfighters in Holland, recruiting pilots, directing them on patrols, and playing out the engagements that the campaign generates, while simultaneously moderating the defending player who must find, fix, and destroy the incoming bombers.

S2P BED2005 Patriot Incident RPG $14.99
A militant patriot group has decided to take matters into their own hands, and their idea of a free America isn't what you'd expect. This module for the Terror Network campaign will keep players on the edge of their seats, figuring out ways to stop a devastating attack that not only threatens lives, but democracy itself!

CRI ASLTB4 ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/ Map $39.95
THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM w/MAP is an updated edition of the popular Battle of Arnhem module. TB4 includes 112 5/8" color die-cut counters and 100 counters, providing all the British 1st Airborne 'Red Devils' SMC and MMCs needed to play the scenarios. You also receive all the 5/8" counters in BLACK (German) and CREME (British) colors for all the scenarios just birng your black counters from HELL'S BRIDGEHEAD 3 and all you'll need are the markers from any release to get into the colorful and epic combat. The new edition also includes scenarios using the Ponyri-style layout, the latest edition of the SR booklet, and some new toys including the air-dropped Welbike Mk II and the British Jeep with K-Gun. Optional tweaks to the scenarios freshens the play experience, includes the new toys!

ASM DIT01US Dice Town Expansion BG $34.99
More riches, more fun, and even more tactic: rediscover Dice Town! You think you know everything there is to know about the city of Dice Town? Discover its seedy underbelly, pan for gold in the river, buy new merchandise from the General Store, hire bandits, hunt down outlaws, control ranches, ally with the Indians. From now on, nothing will ever be the same! This expansion for Dice Town allows the addition of a 6th player, and offers multiple new possibilities that make the game even more tactical, rich, and lively.

ASM FEL01US Felinia BG $49.99
Gold! Spices! Felinia is a mysterious continent, full of exotic riches! It's up to you to establish profitable trading posts, but be careful: the competition is stiff! Alone or with a partner, hire a ship, fill its holds with refined merchandise, and set off to make yourself a fortune in Felinia!

FFG VA78 COC AH Curse o/t Pharaoh Exp Rev Board Game 24.95
This updated and revised version of the 2006 Arkham Horror expansion, Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, adds a terrible threat to your game in the form of the Dark Pharaoh and his mysterious artifacts! With new Exhibit Item and Exhibit Encounter cards, players can uncover the artifacts that have gone missing from the museum's current 'Legacy of the Pharaohs' exhibit. But beware! The Dark Pharaoh will not let his treasures go so easily. The Avatar of Nyarlathotep, himself, joins the fray with the Dark Pharaoh Herald sheet, spreading his curse throughout the game, while Patrolled Neighborhoods, Benefits and Detriments, and Ancient Whispers all create additional layers to your games of Arkham Horror.

FFG WHC19 Warhammer LCG Sign in the Stars BP CCG 14.95
When the foul taint of Chaos disrupts the tranquility of Athel Loren, a lone Waywatcher may be the Wood Elves' last hope of defending their homeland against total destruction! The High Elves' Bladelord dominates the battlefield with his mastery of the Path of the Autumn Wind, while the Dark Elves' Enraged Manticore lays waste to everything it sees. Meanwhile, the Empire hero Luthor Huss charges into battle, and the Dwarfs observe the battle from the safety of their Gyrocopter! The fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, this 60-card pack contains 20 never-before-seen cards designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Warhammer: Invasion metagame.

PIP 31087 WM CG Long Gunner Infantry Mini $49.99 6/29 135
PIP 31090 WM CG Constance Blaize, Knight Proph Mini $14.99 6/29 135
PIP 32086 WM PT Thyra, Flame of Sorrow Mini $14.99 6/29 135
PIP 35046 WM Ret Lord Arcanist Ossyan Mini $14.99 6/29 135

WZK 70227 Marvel HC Captain America Grav Feed-so's allocated
America's greatest comic hero leads the charge against the world's most sinister villains in Marvel HeroClix: Captain America! Featuring 63 new, collectible HeroClix figures (59 new sculpts), Marvel HeroClix: Captain America also introduces a major subtheme: Removable Pieces! Have you ever dreamed of hurling Captain America's shield at Red Skull, or going Super Nova as the Human Torch? Each Removable Piece figure comes with an element that can be attached and removed to enhance your play experience! Marvel HeroClix: Captain America is offered in individual booster packs as well as Gravity Feeds - a 10-figure set containing the most popular heroes and villains from the booster release, completely re-dialed for a new gameplay experience! Each Gravity Feed comes with 24 single-figure blind boosters.

GW BL283 False Gods (Abridged audio) Horus Heresy abridged Audio book Graham McNeill $29.95
GW BL284 Sigvald Warhammer Heroes 4 Paperback Darius Hinks $8.99
GW BL291 Atlas Infernal 40K New Inquisitor novel Paperback Rob Sanders $8.99

BAI 23618-D Naruto CCG Tournament Packs III D(24) CCG $95.76
Due to the popularity of the first set, Bandai presents the Naruto CCG Hobby Exclusive Limited Edition Tournament III Booster Packs! The first Tournament Pack with No Reprints and specially made to assist with draft and sealed events for Naruto CCG players, this 60-card set introduces 34 new 'Chibi' Ninja cards and 24 Jutusu and Mission cards. 10 cards per pack / 24 packs per box.

KON 88691-D Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series 4 Dis (5) CCG 149.95
Featuring never-before-seen gold foil technology and legendary cards, this expanded and improved Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Gold Series includes, for the first time, an exclusive Official Game Mat

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you

VAL71101 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Blue RLM78 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71102 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Red RLM23 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71103 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Grey RLM84 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71104 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Green RLM62 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71105 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Brown RLM26 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71106 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic Yellow Lazure RLM05 Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71107 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic US Interior Yellow Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71108 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic UK Azure Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71109 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic UK PRU Blue Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71110 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic UK EXT Dk Sea Grey Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71111 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic UK Mediterranean Blue Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71112 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic US Sand Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71113 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic US Intermediate Blue Model Air Color $3.29
VAL71114 Vallejo Model Air Colors: 17ml Bottle Acrylic US Blue Grey Model Air Color $3.29
BPN1111 Stone Put Together & Take Apart Dice Tower $20.00
DP99214 Heavy Gear: Earth PAK / CEF LHT-67 Light Hovertank Pack $22.75
DP99223 Heavy Gear: Southern Starter Army $115.00
DP99224 Heavy Gear: Peace River Defense Force Starter Army $115.00
SMM28FM0023 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Rat Warrior $10.49
SMM28FM0060 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Dwarves New Adventurerd set (4) $30.75
SMM28FM0061 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Dwarf Robber $10.49
SMM28FM0062 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Dwarf Reveller $10.49
SMM28FM0063 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Dwarf Slaughter $10.49
SMM28FM0064 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: Dwarf Chief $10.49
SMMCPSH0077 Conversion Parts: SF Shields Set 1 (3) $8.25
FBMPIR012 Freebooter's Fate: Mono (1) $14.99
FNSPOL-10 15mm Ancients (17th Century) - Polish Commonwealth: Polish Tatar Style Cavalry (18) $30.00
ESXAST01 15mm Napoleonic: Fusilier with Shako, Firing $4.25
ESXAST02 15mm Napoleonic: Fusilier with Shako, Attacking $4.25
ESXAST03 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 1 $4.25
ESXAST04 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 2 $4.25
ESXAST05 15mm Napoleonic: Fusilier with Helmet, Firing $4.25
ESXAST06 15mm Napoleonic: Fusilier with Helmet, Advancing $4.25
ESXAST07 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 3 $4.25
ESXAST08 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 4 $4.25
ESXAST09 15mm Napoleonic: Grenadier at the Ready $4.25
ESXAST10 15mm Napoleonic: Grenadier, Kneeling $4.25
ESXAST11 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 5 $4.25
ESXAST12 15mm Napoleonic: German Fusilier with Shako, Advancing $4.25
ESXAST13 15mm Napoleonic: German Fusilier with Shako, Attacking $4.25
ESXAST14 15mm Napoleonic: German Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXAST15 15mm Napoleonic: German Fusilier with Helmet, At Attention $4.25
ESXAST16 15mm Napoleonic: German Fusilier with Helmet, Firing $4.25
ESXAST17 15mm Napoleonic: Officer Command Pack # 6 $4.25
ESXAST18 15mm Napoleonic: German Grenadier Attacking $4.25
ESXAST19 15mm Napoleonic: German Officer Command # 3 $4.25
ESXAST20 15mm Napoleonic: Jager $4.25
ESXAST21 15mm Napoleonic: Jager Command Pack $4.25
ESXAST22 15mm Napoleonic: Croats $4.25
ESXAST23 15mm Napoleonic: Croat Command Pack $4.25
ESXAST24 15mm Napoleonic: Landwehr $4.25
ESXAST25 15mm Napoleonic: Officer and Drummer Command Pack $4.25
ESXDD046 15mm Fantasy: Warriors and Wizards Pack (6) $4.25
ESXFOG016 Essex Field of Glory - Starter Sets: Parthian Starter Army $112.75
ESXMID039 15mm Feudal Medieval: Light/Med. Spearmen with Assorted Helmets $4.25
ESXNE35 15mm Napoleonic - Austrian: 12 Pounder Cannon $4.25
ESXNSS09 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Line Infantry (At Ready) $4.25
ESXNSS10 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Light Infantry (At Ready) $4.25
ESXNSS13 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Line Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXNSS15 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Artilleryman (6) $4.25
ESXNSS16 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Heavy Cavalry $4.25
ESXNSS18 15mm Napoleonic - Spanish: Heavy Cavalry Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA21 15mm Napoleonic - German: Mounted Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA22 15mm Napoleonic - German: Mounted Officer Command Pack With Helmets $4.25
ESXPNA23 15mm Napoleonic - German: Mounted Officer and Grenadier Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA26 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Dragoon $4.25
ESXPNA27 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Dragoon Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA28 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Lancer $4.25
ESXPNA29 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Lancer Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA30 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Hussar $4.25
ESXPNA31 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Hussar Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA32 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Cuirassier $4.25
ESXPNA33 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): Officer Command Pack $4.25
ESXPNA34 15mm Napoleonic - Cavalry (1805-1814): General Command Pack $4.25
QWSSPAT31 Pathfinder Legacy of Fire Dice (7) $18.00
QWSSTRI02 Exotic Dice Sets: White & Black Tribal Dice Set $18.00
QWSSTRI04 Exotic Dice Sets: Red & Black Tribal Dice Set $18.00
QWSSTRI06 Exotic Dice Sets: Black & Red Tribal Dice Set $18.00
MGE KW031-1 KOW Orc Ax Horde Mini $44.99
MGE KWO11-1 KOW Orc Great Ax Troop Mini $19.99
MGE KWO21-1 KOW Orc Ax Regiment Mini $24.99
MGE KWO22-1 KOW Orc Great Ax Regiment Mini $34.99
MGE KWO71-1 KOW Orc Krudgers Gang Mini $24.99
WMP 745 The Pledge Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 757 Cats Galore Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 759 Hen Pecked Puzzle Collectible 14.95
WMP 798 Wine Country Puzzle Collectible 14.95
OMM MOR339 Miniature Wargames Mag #339 Magazine 8.50
FFG DT016 Dust Tactics Light Panzer Walker BG $24.95
FFG DT017 Dust Tactics Light Assualt Walker BG $24.95

FFG DT015 Dust Tactics Operation Seelowe BG $39.95
The Allies are desperate; they face catastrophic losses across the coast of Great Britain. With the situation so dire, they have no choice but to split their focus, sending Her Majesty's fleet to face the Axis Kriegsmarine in the Channel, and leaving the naval base at Scapa Flow defenseless...or so it seems. Operation SeeLowe offers Dust Tactics players eight exciting, new scenarios, while new tiles introduce buildings into the game, and new rules and new super-strong and inhuman heroes further immerse them into this stimulating expedition. Also included is the untold history of the Axis and one of the cornerstones of their forces: the
Blutkreuz Korps!

CRI ASLTB4NO ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/o Map $24.95
THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM NO MAP is the same as TB4 but does not include a map. Counters, scenarios, rules, the works! For owners of the earlier edition of THIRD BRIDGE.

MDG 4294 Kings Vineyard BG $29.95
The King intends to appoint a new Master for his vineyard and wishes to discover which apprentice has the cleverest way with grapes. The wily King will pay three visits, judging the grapes for color, sweetness, and size of the vine, dispensing gifts of goblets, bottles, and barrels to demonstrate his appreciation.

ATM 080030-D The Spoils TCG 2nd Ed Bstr Dis (12) CCG 48.00
The Spoils is a Collectable Card Game surrounded in intrique, scandal, and mayhem! Revitalizing the cardpool with 300 handpicked cards from both Parts 1 & 2 of the First Edition, this 2nd Edition of The Spoils revisits the shadowy Arcanists engaged in surreal and obsessive rituals, the ruthless Bankers who overwhelm their opponents with bribery, bureaucracy, and hired goons, the mischievous Gearsmiths who delight in ingenious contraptions and gadgetry, and the adventuresome Rogues and bloodthirsty Warlords.

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10PAKDMC 10/11 Panini Dallas Mavericks NBA Champion Box Set 6/30/2011


11PAFS 2011 SCORE FOOTBALL 6/29/2011



10IGMCAN 10/11 In the Game Canadiana 7/1/2011

MTBBS28 McFarlane MLB Series 28 SPECIALTY Asst 71590-3 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-01 McFarlane MLB S28 Buster Posey 8ct 71601-6 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-02 McFarlane MLB S28 Carl Crawford 8ct 71602-3 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-03 McFarlane MLB S28 Adrian Gonzalez 8ct 71603-0 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-04 McFarlane MLB S28 Cliff Lee 8ct 71604-7 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-92 McFarlane MLB S28 David Wright 8ct 71592-7 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-93 McFarlane MLB S28 Kevin Youkilis 8ct 71593-4 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-94 McFarlane MLB S28 Andre Ethier 8ct 71594-1 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-96 McFarlane MLB S28 Ryan Howard 8ct 71596-5 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-97 McFarlane MLB S28 Jason Heyward 8ct 71597-2 6/27/2011
MTBBS28-MM McFarlane MLB Series 28 MASS MARKET Asst 71590-3 6/27/2011

Releasing next week

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MTFBCFS3 McFarlane College FB Series 3 Asst 8ct 74650-1 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-51 McFarlane College FB S3 Charles Woodson 74651-8 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-52 McFarlane College FB S3 Tim Tebow 74652-5 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-53 McFarlane College FB S3 Adrian Peterson 74653-2 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-54 McFarlane College FB S3 Joseph Addai 74654-9 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-55 McFarlane College FB S3 Beanie Wells 74655-6 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-56 McFarlane College FB S3 Troy Polamalu 74656-3 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-57 McFarlane College FB S3 Ndamukong Suh 74657-0 7/4/2011
MTFBCFS3-MM McF College FB S3 MASS RETAIL Asst 8ct 74650-1 7/4/2011

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