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     o Gator Games Newsletter: July 7 to July 13 2008
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o Gator in-store Specials & Sales o
These have to be non-sale or discounted items

20% off Miniatures (CMG's too)  +

Games Workshop 5th Edition 40K rulebook that are bought July 12 or July 13
   will enter you into two contests. 
Entries have to be turned in by Sunday, July 13 by 5:30pm  for faxing to GW.
1) Bitz Tub Contest  - if you guess the number without going over, you win the bin of bitz.
2) 5th editon open book quiz. -
    Winner will get a $90 battleforce. We will be rolling dice to break any ties.

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+There will be items marked no discount or on sale. These do not count.
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

50% off  clearances  Shaman King, Duelmasters, WWE/WWF Raw Deal, Game of Thrones,  
Mechwarrior CMG, Mage Knight,

25% off clearances  - Haloclix,  Horrorclix, Confrontation (except starter set), 
GW Lord of the Ring's blisters (some 50%)

o Free promo with your purchase+   as supplies last
  Limit 3 per day / per person / per game - We add new promos monthly.

These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm and get one free figure, counters, maps - your choice
     we have free cards (no figure) for ddm too with each purchase.
  buy one item  of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy $10 non-foil promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord
  buy $10 non-foil promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, raw deal, Vtes, Naruto
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord,
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  Buy a 40K starter and get a promo card
  Buy any looney labs product and get a free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack
  Buy $10 in baseball cards and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
* New  Buy $10 in L5R cards and clan of the month packs (just rec'd Dragon, phoenix and Spider)
Please continue to sign up for the Imperial Assembly and claim us as your home store.
  We get free promos and items to give you- Please continue. :)
* New  Buy $25 in Yu-gi-oh cards = 1 free promo card starting Sat, July 12th

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will recieve a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+ Lilli volunteers for them, if you  bring in games for soldiers, she will make sure they are shipped to them. It is for all over the world as well as the United States.
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Weekly Raffle
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
   - you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment,, bitz parts or Sale items

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people
to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store
Newsletter from e-bay sent out every Thursday

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Store Trade given for running events at Gator Games
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players

Mon. :
  4pm  Yu-gi-oh Constructed Tournament $5
This is a formal tournament setting and these reports are submited to UDE. You are allowed to play in one tournament a week no matter what the store is.  If we cannot enter your results from mulitple weekly play, then you just won't play with Gator.  Signups start the same day from 11am when the store opens.. Any trading is after the tournament outside after the tourney. Any mention of selling cards - you are out of the tournament and banned from Gator Tourneys and you will be asked to leave the premise.. All backpacks and extra cards are behind the counter until the tournament is over. Tournament players stay in the store, if you go outside to trade or look at cards, you are out of the tournament.  If you are not part of the tourney - you can trade outside. No watching allowed.
List of forbidden cards - new changes

All players will chose from any championship pack.  Winners will an extra prize such as  deck boxe, deck sleeves, playmats or extra hobby league foil cards.

Tues.:   . Noon Warmachine Tourney - 500 pts  $3
      4pm Pokemon League $3  - we have openings.

Wed.     4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft)
   Half of paying attendance will go to boosters as prizes.

Thurs.:  7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31  4pm Bleach  $3  (offical tournament prizes)
7/24 noon World of Warcraft TCG 2008 Battlegrounds Kit #7
7/31 noon VS System - Marvel Universe Beatdown Kit 1

Fri.:  Noon- Warhammer 40K Tourney - bring 500 pts
  We will be using the revised rules for Combat Patrol AKA: 40k in 40 Minutes as found White Dwarf issue 284 or found at the

     4pm Magic Stardard 'type 2'  $3
  Friday Night Magic will start in August

Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

7/12   Sat  11 - 3:30 pm Giveaway Day - only 1 item per person
  We have some items from RPG day, Yu-gi-oh and magic promos, minatures, comics, etc.
7/12   Sat  4pm  Kingdom Hearts Tournament $3
7/13 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor from Gator
7/13 Sun 3pm  World of Warcraft '08 Hunt for Illidan Release Celebration Kit

7/19 Sat Noon Bleach Bounts Pre-Release $25
   will get a starter and 3 boosters (Sealed)
7/20  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor from Gator
7/20 Sun  3pm  2:45-3pm  Warmachine's Summer Rampage.

7/26 Sat  Axis and Allies  Miniatures - all day $3 (we will have a demo person too)
7/27 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor from Gator
7/27 Sun 2:45-3pm  Warmachine's Summer Rampage.

8/2 Sat  Free Giveaway Day - only 1 item per person
8/3 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor from Gator
8/3 Sun 2:45-3pm  Warmachine's Summer Rampage.

9/6 11am Sat Warmachine: Legends Legacies Tourney $5  (8 players only)
This fall, fight for glory in the Iron Kingdoms! WARMACHINE: Legends creates epic clashes that will shape the fate of nations in this map-based campaign. Earn the right to the Legendary Champion, Legendary Strategist, or Legendary Assassin awards and have your name forever etched in the annals of history.  (3 metal medallions, 8 full color buttons, 8 score cards) This is NOT a league kit, it is for supporting an event based on the release of the new book

o Gamer News
Genius Products is prepping a sophisticated strategy-heavy board game based on the Halo video game--and plans call for plenty of expansions as well.

Starting on July 6, the Chaotic TCG will be available at Best Buy--the first TCG product that the consumer electronics giant has carried in years.

o Product Information
Instead of random boosters, Mutant Chronicles will now be in Military Packs
(we have samples in the store)
______ FFG MC05      Mutant Chronicles Advanced Recon     $19.95
______ FFG MC06      Mutant Chronicles 13th Banshee Division      $19.95 
______ FFG MC07      Mutant Chronicles Nepharite Overlords     $19.95  
______ FFG MC08      Mutant Chronicles Gommorian Hammer     $19.95
______ FFG MC09      Mutant Chronicles Warmaster's Legions   $19.95  
______ FFG MC10      Mutant Chronicles Fury's Wrath       $19.95    
______ FFG MC11      Mutant Chronicles The Book of Law     $19.95   
______ FFG MC12      Mutant Chronicles Venusian Command     $19.95  
______ FFG MC13      Mutant Chronicles Order of the Bear     $19.95 
______ FFG MC14      Mutant Chronicles Necrotech       $19.95
______ FFG MC15      Mutant Chronicles Striker Division        $19.95
______ FFG MC16      Mutant Chronicles The Dark Wager      $19.95 
______ FFG MC17      Mutant Chronicles The Second Directorate    $19.95 
______ FFG MC18      Mutant Chronicles Vulkan's Fist        $19.95 
______ FFG MC19      Mutant Chronicles Archinquisitor Nikodemus     $9.95  
o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM
______ [CDGWGO002] Wargods Of Olympus: Spartan Peltasts Booster (2) (SRP: $7.95) [July Release]
______ [CDGWGO104] Wargods Of Olympus: Dienekes, Spartan Hero (SRP: $7.95) [July Release]
______ [CDGWGO105] Wargods Of Olympus: Alkaeus, Spartan Hero (SRP: $7.95) [July Release]
______ [CDGWGO106] Wargods Of Olympus: Theophon, Spartan Hero (SRP: $7.95) [July Release]
______ [CDGWGO302] Wargods Of Olympus: Spartan Peltasts Unit (10) (SRP: $31.95) [July Release]
______ [CDGWGO502] Wargods Of Olympus: Spartan Chariot (SRP: $31.95) [July Release]
______ [DVGDV1-004] Modern Naval Battles - Global Warfare (SRP: $39.99) [August Release]
______ 08UDBM   2008 UD MASTERPIECES BASEBALL  09/30/08     07/11/08   
______ PPEEBNBB  ELVIS "BY THE NUMBERS" T/C BOX-BLASTER    08/19/08   07/08/08
______ PPEEBN  ELVIS "BY THE NUMBERS" T/C    08/12/08   07/08/08
______ IWXFMA  X-FILES MOVIE "I WANT TO BELIEVE" MOVIE T/C ALBUM    07/25/08   07/10/08
______ IWXFMMS  X-FILES MOVIE "I WANT TO BELIEVE" T/C MINI SHEET    07/25/08   07/10/08
______ IWXFM  X-FILES MOVIE "I WANT TO BELIEVE" T/C    07/25/08   07/10/08
______ 08SKMB   2008 SPORTKINGS SERIES B  07/28/08     07/11/08
______ RIAWR78-03   WASHINGTON REDSKINS F/S AUTHENTIC T/B 1978-03  07/15/08     07/11/08
______ RIDWR78-03  WASHINGTON REDSKINS F/S DELUXE REPLICA T/B 1978-03    07/15/08   07/11/08  
______ BW08SS  BENCHWARMERS 08 SIGNATURE SERIES T/C    07/28/08   07/17/08
______ 08UDFSPRT  2008 UPPER DECK SP ROOKIE THREADS FOOTBALL    09/??/08   07/18/08 
______ 08UDHFU  2008/09 FLEER ULTRA HOCKEY    10/02/08   07/18/08


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. Not responsible for typos.

PIP NQ19   No Quarter Magazine #19   5.99
FFG VA09   Arkham Horror Board Game   49.95  reprint
RPR 03316   Kar'drakir, Dragonman Warrior   12.99 
RPR 03329   Hannah Blackruby, Female Wizard   4.99 
RPR 03330   Lilaea, Naiad   4.99  
RPR 03331   Bettina, Female Hero   4.99 
RPR 03332   Young Fire Dragon   14.49 
RPR 03335   Dark Heaven Classics: Male Wizards   8.99 
RPR 14499   Bloodstone Gnome Matron   4.99  
RPR 14503   Tasanee, Venomspitter Hero   10.99 
RPR 50009   Chang, Honolulu Investigator   4.99
restock of Gurps including out of prints (black ops, Supers, Old West, Imp. Rome, arabian nights and more)
restock of chessex (7) sets  and some (6) sets - more in transit
ULP82243   DP: MtG Eventide, Cinder      $9.75
ULP82248-P Portfolio: MtG: Eventide      $9.40
ULP83222-P Portfolio: 4pkt MtG Eventide, Cinder  $8.25
CFY0113 Chainsaw Thugs     $9.99
CFY0119 Doc Akron     $14.99
CFY0125 Molotov Thugs      $8.99
CFY0129 Aniel      $8.99
BMM209    Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados: Robin Hood's Men (12)    $30.00 
BMM210    Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados: Sheriff's Men (12)    $30.00 
BMM211    Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados: Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John (4)    $11.50 
BMM212    Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados: Alan Dale, Will Scarlet, Much, The Happy Minstrel (4)    $11.50
BMM213    Swashbucklers, Rogues and Desperados: Sherwood Authorities (4)    $11.50    $5.75 

FFG CS2012   Anima Tactics: Dark Faction Samiel-Black Lion   12.99 
Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters containing a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, asset card, and all the action counters you need.

FFG ST02   MiniMonFa   24.99 
FFG ST03   MiniMonFa: Undead Expansion   9.99  
FFG ST04   MiniMonFa: Fairy Expansion   9.99  
It's hard to be a monster! Hidden away in the depths of their dungeons, monsters just want to be left alone! But the cruel archmages and their nasty heroes just won't let that happen. Build your dungeon, stock it with adorable minimonfa, and send your bloodthirsty heroes off to slaughter the opposition!

MFG 3067   Settlers of Catan: Traders & Barbarians   42.00 
Immerse yourself in The Settlers of Catan with this deeply rich set of four variants and five compelling, linkable scenarios! Add a harbormaster, a friendly robber, or special events, and reinvent your Catan experience with five challenging scenarios: The Fishermen of Catan, The Rivers of Catan, The Caravans, Barbarian Attack, and Traders & Barbarians.

A stunning collection of the fantasy and science fiction art of Clint Langley, based on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Clint Langley is the Black Library's most prolific artist and included within are his full colour novel covers and collectible card game art with insightful commentary by Black Library authors on his work.

The long-awaited return of the Ultramarines series, starring Uriel Ventris, by Horus Heresy author Graham McNeill. Killing Ground picks up where Dead Sky, Black Sun leaves off as Uriel finds himself on a chaos world and choices to make, none of which are very appealing or may bring him home.

SAB BL154   RUNEFANG     $7.99
In this latest fantasy novel by author CL Werner, the fate of Wisseland hangs in the balance under an mighty assault from an undead hoard. Their only chance of survival is to retrieve a lost artifact, the legendary Solland Runfang.

This Omnibus collects the first two Blood Angels novels,
Deus Encarmine and Deus Sanguinius. In this two-book sequence, battle-brothers Rafen and Arkio find themselves pitted against each other in a battle for the very soul of the Blood Angels Chapter..

PZO 4014   Gamemastery Map Pack: Caverns   12.99   
GameMastery Map Pack: Caverns contains 18 full-color, 5 x 8-inch map tiles, stunningly crafted by cartographer Corey Macourek, that unite to form a wide variety of cavern locations.

PZO 9010   Pathfinder 10: Curse of the Crimson Throne - A History of Ashes   19.99   
Forced to flee the city of Korvosa and pursued by sinister agents of Queen Ileosa, the heroes travel to the Cinderlands to seek out advice on how to defeat the ancient evil that has claimed their queen's mind. This installment of Pathfinder features an in-depth exploration of the Shoanti barbarian way of life, an exploration of the harsh badlands known as the Cinderlands, and six new monsters native to these lands.

GFT003  GiftTRAP v.2  $29.99
GiftTRAP is the hilarious new game that's taking the gaming world by storm and putting the social back into board games. The goal is to really get to know your friends and family. You win by knowing your friends and choosing the right gifts, but most of all it's just fun to play and gets you talking about things that matter. This new edition also features a new "Internationalized" board which is in 12 languages. The "GIVE" and "GET" tokens and the pro-play cards have all been redesigned to remove/reduce dependency on language.

ZMG4048 Traders of Carthage   $24.99
Between the famous Egyptian city of Alexandria and rich and powerful Carthage, you are merchants buying and shipping goods. But your timing must be just right - while your wheat, wine, fabrics and jewels usually find buyers, your ships also risk raids from ruthless pirates. Buy and sell wisely and store your goods properly, and you may become one of the wealthiest merchants to ply the waters of the Mediterranean!

MGP 3802   Traveller RPG Spinward Marches   29.95  
The Spinward Marches is one of the most volatile sectors in the Traveller universe, with the Zhodani Consulate and Third Empire frequently clashing over frontier worlds. This sourcebook details the sector, with descriptions of many of the worlds, their governments, the vast corporations active there, and the alien species that inhabit many of the systems.

CAT 35130   Battletech: Technical Readout - 3075   39.99 
From 'Mechs to battle armor, Support Vehicles to DropShips, Technical Readout: 3075 provides a comprehensive look at the latest machines of war debuting during the Jihad. Each military vehicle is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, and some of the unit's most famous pilots.

WOC 2152274   Endless Quest: Search For The Pegasus   5.99 
by Roger E. Moore Pick a path to adventure! In this Endless Quest adventure your best friend Clarion the Pegasus has been kidnapped by the Evil Blue Hag! It's up to you and your friends, a noble gnome and a colorful leprechaun, to save Clarion before it's too late!

PIP 41067   Warmachine: Horgenhold Forge Guard Unit Box   44.99 
PIP 41068   Warmachine: Horgenhold Forge Guard   14.99 
PIP 41069   Warmachine: Orin Midwinter   9.99 

PZO 9513   Pathfinder: Module Lb1 - Tower of the Last Baron   12.99 
The crumbling ruins of the Tower of the Last Baron stand at the edge of civilized lands, lost and forgotten. But now, an evil stirs from within its depths that threatens all of the surrounding countryside. This OGL-compatible dungeon adventure set in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting is suitable for low-level characters.

WWP 40105   Mage The Awakening: Silver Ladder   31.99
The history, methodology, and ultimate goals of the Silver Ladder are revealed in this Character Book for Mage: The Awakening revealing new spells, artifacts, imbued items, Legacies, and characters to pursue the shared dream of Hieraconis.

WIZ 3261   Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four Starter Game   24.99  
The Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Four Starter Game contains everything you need to join the exciting world of HeroClix. Featuring the Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom in a new, comic book-style presentation, this Starter Game comes complete with seven HeroClix figures with character cards; a two-sided, full-color, 36" x 36" map; two six-sided dice; one turning ring; a set of object and terrain markers; and the latest and most up-to-date version of the HeroClix rules and Powers and Abilities Card.

Wizards of the Coast ***7/11 STREET DATE***
WOC216530000    D&D Minis: Against the Giants Huge Pack    $21.99
Fee Fi Fo FUM! This latest Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game release includes figures based on popular D&D game characters as well as monsters plucked from the pages of the 4th Edition Monster Manual and various D&D Roleplaying Game supplements. This set features huge-sized figures, including several iconic giants.

WOC216530000    D&D Minis: Gnaw Demon Promo Mini      FREE*   ____
*Order a full case of WOC216530000 Against the Giants and receive one free alt paint promo mini.  While supplies last.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
RPR 09220   Olive Skin Shadow   2.99
RPR 09221   Olive Skin   2.99  
RPR 09222   Olive Skin Highlight   2.99
RPR 09774   Olive Skintone Triad   8.95 
BMM155    Aliens & Spacemen: Falcon (1)    $50.00 
BMM156    Aliens & Spacemen: Triad (1)    $50.00  
BMM157    Aliens & Spacemen: Seawolf (1)    $50.00  
BMM404    Gang Land: Box 4 Streets of Chicago (20)    $40.00   
BMM512    The Wild West: Tombstone Civilians (20)    $40.00  
BMMPC-03    Pulp Characters: Egyptian Agents (5)    $13.00 
BMMPC-04    Pulp Characters: Russian Agents (5)    $13.00   
BMMPC-05    Pulp Characters: German Agents (5)    $13.00  
BMMPC-06    Pulp Characters: Japanese Agents (5)    $13.00   
BMMPC-07    Pulp Characters: American Agents (5)    $13.00  
BMMPC-08    Pulp Characters: British Agents (5)    $13.00 
CMURFA032    Crusader Miniatures Rank and File: Early Imperial Roman Command (4)    $9.00  
CMURFA033    Crusader Miniatures Rank and File: Middle Imperial Roman Spearmen (8)    $16.00  
CMURFA034    Crusader Miniatures Rank and File: Middle Imperial Roman Command (4)    $9.00 
CMURFA041    Crusader Miniatures Rank and File: Persian Sparabara Spearmen (8)    $16.00 
CMURFA042    Crusader Miniatures Rank and File: Persian Sparabara Command (4)    $9.00   
GMT0401    Borodino (Triumph & Glory V2)    $20.00 
KEALAUB001    Alkemy Aurlock Nation: Starter Box French (5)    $40.00   
KEALAUB002    Alkemy Aurlock Nation: Toad Thunder Warriors (3)    $26.50 
KEALAVB001    Alkemy Kingdom of Avalon: Starter Box French (5)    $40.00 
KEALAVB002    Alkemy Kingdom of Avalon: Templar Novices (3)    $26.50 
KEALJAB001    Alkemy Jade Triad Empire: Starter Box French (5)    $40.00  
KEALJAB002    Alkemy Jade Triad Empire: Triadic Guards (3)    $26.50   
KEALKHB001    Alkemy Khaliman Republic: Starter Box French (5)    $40.00 
KEALKHB002    Alkemy Khaliman Republic: Malikh Tuaregs (3)    $26.50   
OGP32    Old Glory Pirates Ship: Black Cutlass Ghost Ship w/ Crew (31)    $151.00 
OGP35    Old Glory Pirates Ship: Nave Poderosa Del Tosero (1)    $176.00 
OGP36    Old Glory Pirates Ship: Xebec Ship (1)    $75.00 
OGP38    Old Glory Pirates Ship: East India Merchantman (1)    $150.00 
WYR1011    Wyrd Miniatures 32mm: Lady Justice - Death Hunter (1)    $7.50  
WYR5009    Wyrd Miniatures 32mm: Rusty Alice , Steampunk Mercenary (1)    $7.50  
EVMBA001    Finished Terrain: Rock Cluster (5)    $5.00 
EVMBA002    Finished Terrain: Small Blast Craters (3)    $12.00   
EVMBA003    Finished Terrain: Large Blast Craters (3)    $15.00 

DOW 7607   BattleLore: Goblin Skirmishers Pack   20.00  
The Goblin Skirmishers Pack contains 20 new BattleLore Figures: one Gobllin Band Leader, three Goblin Drummers, eight Goblin Spear Bearers, and eight Goblin Slingers; plus 10 new banners, a Rules Booklet with two new adventures, and four new Specialist and Weapon Summary cards.

DOW 7608   BattleLore: Dwarven Battalion Pack   20.00   
The Dwarven Battalion Pack contains 20 new BattleLore Figures: four Iron Dwarf Bagpipers, eight Iron Dwarf Spear Bearers, and eight Iron Dwarf Axe Swingers; plus 14 new banners, a Rules Booklet with two new adventures, and three new Specialist and Weapon Summary cards.

USO ST00129   Democrats Vs. Republicans Stratego   30.00  
Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans take their campaigns from the bureaucratic arena onto the battlefield in this politically-themed version of the classic game of battlefield strategy.

APL 1806   Great War at Sea: South China Sea   9.99  
Featuring new information from "Plan Red," this expansion and scenario supplement to Sea of Troubles details Britain's and the United States fight for the Far East in a war that never happened.

FFG GOT34   A Game of Thrones LCG: The Battle of Ruby Ford Chapter Pack   9.95  
Go back to where it all began with a glimpse of the most epic battle of them all - The Battle of Ruby Ford! Each 40-card, fixed Chapter Pack adds 20 distinct cards to a player's A Game of Thrones Living Card Game (LCG) collection.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
MDB AWD-0842   Strawberry Panic V3 (DVD)   22.99 

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20 to 25% off.
Code    Description     Release    MSRP   
07UDHBAP   2007/08 UD BE A PLAYER HOCKEY  07/09/08     $103.92  
08UDFH  2008 UPPER DECK FOOTBALL HEROES    07/08/08   $119.76 
RIDWR78-03   WASHINGTON REDSKINS F/S DELUXE REPLICA T/B 1978-03  07/15/08     $109.99  
RIAWR78-03  WASHINGTON REDSKINS F/S AUTHENTIC T/B 1978-03    07/15/08   $269.99 
UPRMM2   MARVEL MASTERPIECES SET 2 T/C  07/15/08     $107.64     
08TOF  2008 TOPPS FOOTBALL    07/16/08   $59.40 
08TOFJ  2008 TOPPS FOOTBALL JUMBO-10/47    07/16/08   $100.00 
08DPMDA  2008 DONRUSS AMERICANA    07/16/08   $160.00 


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Not responsible for manufacturers delays.

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