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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Sept 1 to Sept 7 2008
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o Gator in-store Specials & Sales
20% off General Sale!  Through Sept. 7th.

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Gator Clearances
over 50% off clearances   
Anachronism, Yu-gi-oh Lost Millemium, Yu-gi-oh Rise of Destiny, WoW Molten Core Raid Deck,  WoW Hero of Azeroth Starter Deck

50% off  clearances
Shaman King, Duelmasters, WWE/WWF Raw Deal, Game of Thrones ccg,   Mechwarrior CMG, Mage Knight, Pokemon Next Quest, Spycraft ccg, Warlord, Most of Deadlands RPG, Most of Hell on Earth RPG, Dreamblade, Lord of the Rings CCG,  Most Palladium (Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited, Fantasy RPG, Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts)

35% off clearance - Confrontation (except starter set), 

25% off clearances  - Haloclix,  Horrorclix, Indyclix,

GW Lord of the Ring's blisters & boxes (some 50%), - going to be sent back soon

o Free promo with your purchase+   as supplies last
  since the sale is going on, you will have to buy the 20% more to get a promo.
  Limit 3 per day / per person / per game -
* New Promos added, most games get promos added monthly

  * new this week, Maple Story, Yu-gi-oh, Flamethrower (zombie fluxx) and Dungeon and Dragon CMG and Star War CMG promos.
These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  buy $20 aam, swm, ddm and get one free promo figure (has date on it) , counters, maps - your choice
we have free cards (no figure) for ddm too with each purchase.
  buy one pack/starter of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy $10 promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Bella Sara, Spycraft, Warlord, Maple Story
  buy $10 promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, raw deal, Vtes, Naruto, Bleach
  buy $15 foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord, Maple Story
  buy $20 foil promo = Bleach
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter - Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  *Buy $10 in looney labs products and get either free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack
   or a Flamethrower Pack  (retail $1.99) 
  Buy $10 in baseball cards and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy $10 in L5R cards and get a clan of the month packs (as supplies last)
  How many packs we get depend on your Dojo Days Level.
   level 4 and higher stores get a bonus cards to give out.  Please continue to sign up and claim us as your home store.
   Oct - Lion   Nov- Crane   Dec-Unicorn
   Buy $25 in Yu-gi-oh cards = 1 free promo card
  Buy 3 booster boxes of Magic = Free playmat
  Buy 2 Shards of Alara Magic Boosters = Free Magic Backpack
   buy one booster box Bleach = Shoen Jump Playmat Free
  Buy $100 of Games Workshop = Free Eldar Bonesinger

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will receive a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Weekly Raffle
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
   - you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment,, bitz parts or Sale items

o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store
Newsletter from e-bay sent out every Thursday

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We are trying to run more demos and need your help.
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

Mon. :
    3:30  Warhammer 40K League- bring 500 pts $3 
  We will be using the revised rules for Combat Patrol AKA: 40k in 40 Minutes as found White
Dwarf issue 284 or found at the following web-address
Prizes are given on a monthly basis. Make sure we mark your scores correctly.

For Oct  6, 13, 20 and 27  3:30 Warhammer 40k Escalation league $3
Prizes will be awarded to players each week. Winner will get a $25 in Games Workshop Merhcandise.
  (if a tie, the prize is split - 2 winners would be $12.50 each)
• Players can play no more than three games per week that will count towards the league totals.
note: You can come in during the day and get your 3 games in or anytime the schedule is open.
• Each win that you have will be worth 20 points.
• Each draw that you have will be worth 10 points.
• Each loss that you have will be worth 5 points.
• Scenarios will be rolled out of the back of  the rulebook.
• Bonus points will be awarded each week for special modifiers.
Week One (500 points)   +1 If your force is fully painted , +1 Killing the opposing HQ model 
   (if there is more than one HQ, then it is one of the two)
Week Two (650 points)  +1 If your force is fully painted , +1 Killing your opponent's most expensive unit
Week Three (750 points)  +1 If your force is fully painted , +1 Killing all opposing scoring units
Week Four (1,000 points)  +2 If your force is fully painted , +2 For losing less than 10 models

Tues.:   4pm Pokemon League $3  - we have openings.

Wed.    4:30 Heroclix by Jason $3 (unless draft) 
too many special rules for Sept. - See schedule at the store.
9/3 School Is In! 300 pts Prize: TBD
9/10 Secret Invasion Week 5: Skrull Traitor's draft 400 pts Prize: LE Reed Richards
9/17 Secret Invasion Week 6: Skurll Accusation!  400 pts  Prize: LE Sue Richards
9/24 Secret Invasion Week 7:  We Knocked Out  ... a Skrull? 300 pts  Prize: LE Johnny Storm

Thurs.:    9/4  4pm  VS System  Marvel Universe City Champs Kit  $3
1st place Exclusive Iron Man T-Shirt & Foil Extended-art Prize Cards
9/11  4pm VS System  Marvel Universe City Champs Kit  $3
  1st place   Exclusive Iron Man T-Shirt & Foil Extended-art Prize Cards
9/18 4pm Bleach TCG Tournament  - Free  (Official Score Prizes)
9/25  4pm Bleach TCG Tournament  - Free   (Official Score Prizes)
10/2 5:30 reserved for cub scout troop 449
10/9  4pm VS System Marvel Universe Beatdown Kit 2 
  1st place Exclusive Playmats & Foil Extended-art Prize Cards
10/16  4pm VS System Marvel Universe Beatdown Kit 2 
  1st place Exclusive Playmats & Foil Extended-art Prize Cards

Fri.:    4pm Magic Stardard 'type 2'  $3
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack.
  We cannot run FNM as planned, we have to meet certain criteria before they will give us back
  our old status, basically as soon as we run one month of tournaments, we should qualify

Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

9/5 11am Sat Warmachine: Legends Legacies Tourney $5  (8 players only)
PJ, the privateer rep will be here.
This fall, fight for glory in the Iron Kingdoms! WARMACHINE: Legends creates epic clashes that will shape the fate of nations in this map-based campaign. Earn the right to the Legendary Champion, Legendary Strategist, or Legendary Assassin awards and have your name forever etched in the annals of history.  (3 metal medallions, 8 full color buttons, 8 score cards) This is NOT a league kit, it is for supporting an event based on the release of the new book.

9/6 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor/eventide from Gator
We will give a magic backpack away to the winner of the most monthly games.

9/6 Sun 2:30ish  AEG CB2 L5R CCG Event Kit #2 $5
- 9 Clan Binders (One of each Clan)    
- Yobanjin Alliance Alternate Art Promo x6 (Exclusive)
- Seppun Goharu Promo x24 (Exclusive)

9/13 Sat 11am Yu-gi-oh Hobby League Tournament (ages 13 and under only) $5
no trading allowed - no watching - presell spots at 10:30am
Participation card for 2008 Kit #9 is: Dark Dust Spirit
If you do not have a yu-gi membership card or number - your parents will have to come in
and sign you up. UDE wants parental consent.
9/13 Sat 1pm  L5R pre-release The Heaven's Will  $25
    one starters and 4 boosters Sealed.
9/14  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor/eventide from Gator
We will give a magic backpack away to the winner of the most monthly games.
9/14 Sun 3pm
Monsterapocalypse by Tim ! 
This is a new Miniatures game that is supposed to be huge. Come and learn how to play.

9/20  Sat 11am Games Workshop Chapter/Clan  Ork vs. Space Marine Battles !
  Bring 500 pts. See below
9/20 Sat 3pm SWM League - Free
9/21  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor/eventide from Gator
We will give a magic backpack away to the winner of the most monthly games.
9/21 3pm Wings of War Demos by Russell

9/27 Sat 11am  VTES: ANARCHS AND ALASTORS STORYLINE Draft - 50 new promo cards $2
Format : The Anarchs and Alastors V:tes Storyline League will be played as a series of five draft games, played using the Recursion Limited rules. The first game will be played with three to five packs, as determined by the Ian. Before each game thereafter, players will draft one additional pack. In addition, before beginning each round, a set of cards will be made available for auction. Players will bid pool for these cards and add them to their opening hands or crypts. Cards can be drafted from any set. Each player can choose which sets he or she wishes to draft, and in what order they want to draft the packs. The auction cards and promo cards support anarch and trophy-hunter strategies. There will be incentive for players to draft sets that support those strategies, as well. 
9/28  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor/eventide from Gator
We will give a magic backpack away to the winner of the most monthly games.
9/28 3pm Wings of War Tournament  $3  (if no players, demos will be run instead)

Oct 4 Sat 11am Yu-gi-oh Hobby League Tournament (ages 13 and under only) $5
no trading allowed - no watching - presell spots at 10:30am
If you do not have a yu-gi membership card or number - your parents will have to come in
and sign you up. UDE wants parental consent.
Oct 4  Sat  3pm Dungeons and Dragons (DDM) tourney $3
10/5 Sun 11am  Shards of Alara Launch Party $26.26 
Each player receives one Shards of Alara  Tournament Pack and three Shards of Alara Boosters to build a 40-card minimum deck. Players must  choose one of the five Shards and construct a deck only using cards that share the same colors of  the Shard chosen. 
The top-4 finishers each win a Shards of Alara Deckbox and everyone will get one promo card.

Oct 11, 18, 25   Sat's noon - Privateer's Monsterpocalypse - 3 events   $5 per person
-PJ, the privateer rep will be doing the games.
(Winner and PJ will get a lt. edition mega forms that is given to the winner of each event)
3 events = each have a form
Oct, 12, 19, 26  Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shadowmoor/eventide from Gator
We will give a magic backpack away to the winner of the most monthly games.

o Games Workshop Space Marine CHAPTER/ Orc CLAN  Contests
1. ASSAULT ON BLACK REACH Ork and Space Marine Quiz
All those that buy an 40k Assault on Black Reach Set (releases 9/6) will be given a Ork and Space Marine Quiz.
All Entries are due by Sunday, Sept 7th at 6pm (store closes). This is an open book test.
The winners with the most correctly answered questions will be determined by a dice rolloff.
Winner will win $25 in Games Workshop Merchandise. (no age on this contest)

2. Design a Chapter or Clan Contest  This is for Space Marines and Orks only!!
Two age groups for this contest  1.  Youngbloods (age 12 and under)  2. Veterans (age 13 and over)
  All entries are due by 9/20 (The Day of the Great Battle)

Each person picks either Space Marines or Orks and designs a Chapter or Clan.
They fill out no more than one paragraph for each section on their Chapter/Clan.
•Clan Leader/Captain: name of the heroic/diabolic character that leads your army.
•Clan Markings/Chapter Symbol: What markings do your troops wear to differentiate themselves and proudly display their army affiliation?
•Clan/Chapter Traits: Describe what makes your army different from other Clans and Chapters. 
Does your Ork Warboss have an unnatural fear of speed and therefore only has foot-slogging Orks, or does your Chapter want to prove its combat prowess by only having infantry and Walkers?
•Brief Clan/Chapter History: Describe why or how your Clan/Chapter developed their unique perspective on warfare. What was the major event that made them unique?
Winner will win $25 in Games Workshop Merchandise.

3. Painting Contest  This is for Space Marines and Orks only!!
  Paint up one figure as a representative of the Clan or Chapter.

Two age groups for this contest  1.  Youngbloods (age 12 and under)  2. Veterans (age 13 and over)
signup when you buy your figure from Gator Games starting Sept 6.
  All entries are due by 9/20 (The Day of the Great Battle)
Prizes are awarded for any or all of the following categories: 
a)  Most Original (one winner for each, Marines and Orks)
b)  Best Painted (one winner for each, Marines and Orks)
It cannot be the same model for both contests.
Winner will win $25 in Games Workshop Merchandise and announced on 9/27/08

4.  It's time to Battle! - Play a battle with your newly formed Ork Clans or Space Marine Chapters.
  No Age - those who show are entered.  500 pts. 
Space Marines and Orks only.
    9/20/08 11am  ASSAULT ON BLACK REACH Orks vs Space Marines!
We will be using the revised rules for Combat Patrol AKA: 40k in 40 Minutes as found White
Dwarf issue 284 or found at the following web-address
number of rounds will be based on how many people that show.
Winner will win $25 in Games Workshop Merchandise.

o Gamer News
Roleplaying Tips Weekly #414: Wordplay as Character Inspiration

The One Sentence NPCs PDF Is Here

Check Out The One Sentence NPC Generator

Chaotic USA will release a collectible tin product for its popular Chaotic TCG

RPG publisher Mongoose Publishing will become a "sister company" to Rebellion, the top independent electronic game developer in the United Kingdom and owner of the rights to 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd character:

DaVinci Games selected Alliance Game Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors as the exclusive distributor for daVinci's products in North America

At Gen Con Indy, Fantasy Flight Games announced its plans to produce a new board game based on George R. R. Martin's popular fantasy novels: A Song of Ice and Fire

Two classic offerings from Mayfair Games will receive new treatments in the second half of 2008: Tigris & Euphrates and Hey! That's My Fish! Deluxe!:

Catalyst Game Labs has two prominent new properties planned for release in the first part of 2009

Immortal Eyes Games, the German-style game imprint of Winning Moves Games, has released a number of new European imports for 2008, with more on the way.  Vineta is the company's latest offering:

As of last Thursday, Virgin Comics' New York office has been shut down and operations suspended

The producers will soon decide whether to go ahead with the Rifts feature film

Board games and the big launch for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition kept the game category steady to up a little in the hobby channel in the second quarter

Wayne Charness, Senior Vice President at Wizards of the Coast parent Hasbro, has fired off a letter of protest to the aide to presidential candidate John McCain who disparaged Dungeons and Dragons players:

Roughly a year after the Supreme Court decision allowing companies to control prices, one game company that we're aware of, Mayfair Games, has used the decision aggressively.

Italian game publisher daVinci Games and America's Mayfair Games announced an end to their six-year co-publishing agreement today.

Fluxx: Introducing Meta Rules & Revising Old Answers

Bowman Sterling NFL Case Rip (lots of rookie player cameos)

Wizards of the Coast announces reorganization, layoffs

Polymancer Studios Announces Fantasy Gaming Magazine, Seeks Writers

o Product Information
Games Workshop announced Monday a price increase from 6% to 70%, with an overall average of 20%:

Wizards of the Coast Announcments
* Starting in October the WPN D&D Delve will be taking over the D&D Kits.
* There will be no more Axis and Allies Mini kits from here on out.
*Do to production issues WotC switching the release dates of D&D Martial Powers book and the D&D Starter kit.  The Starter kit will be released on October 21st, and the Martial Powers book will be released on November 17th.
*There have also been changes to the Deluxe Edition of the Core books, they will all have the current errata and will be a foil type cover instead of the 'pleather'.
*Last week for DDM Night Below - it is now 'off the market' to buy from Wizards.  This set is full of creepy crawly beasties like the Shadow Dragon, an Otyugh and a Flesh Golem! Gator Games has a few left.

Reaper Miniatures
September will see the re-release of several of our current best selling models in a new miniature line we call P-65 Heavy Metal.
P-65 was the metal formula that made Reaper famous and is a blend of white metals designed to capture every subtle detail as well as allow for maximum metal flexibility for straightening and posing. Bringing this metal formula back into production is a big step for Reaper so they felt it only appropriate to name the new line P-65 in honor of its heritage. P-65 is a lead based alloy similar to 60% lead - 40% tin solder and is the perfect mix to cast miniatures in. To gauge both the commercial and public acceptance of P-65 initially Reaper will release a group of specially selected models from our current figure lines eventually followed by new models.
The P-65 miniature line is designed specifically for the adult modeler and is being released to give them a choice in how they spend their hobby dollars.

Dream Pod 9 and Steve Jackson Games announced an agreement today for a new line of roleplaying products based on DP9's best-selling Heavy Gear. "The world of Heavy Gear was always intended to support multiple gaming formats," said Robert Dubois, Licensing Manager for Dream Pod 9. "We've focused our efforts on the miniatures line, with Heavy Gear Blitz! We are overjoyed that a publisher with the experience of Steve Jackson Games is interested in continuing the RPG material." The line will launch with a new edition of Heavy Gear, bringing the Silhouette mechanics to their fourth edition. This core game will contain everything needed to create characters and roleplay in the world of Heavy Gear. Further releases will update Heavy Gear's best-known places and personalities, bringing the story up to date with the miniatures line. New releases will explore military hardware, locations, factions, and the whole universe in greater detail than ever before. The line will primarily be released in PDF via e23. Heavy Gear is set on the world of Terra Nova, over 4,000 years in the future. On this war-torn world, the elite armor units are giant humanoid battlesuits known as Gears. City-states battle for position within their leagues, the leagues battle for control of Terra Nova, and everyone battles against the malevolent Earth forces who are trying to retake their lost colony. "Heavy Gear has the deep background and rich setting that brings excellent roleplaying," said Paul Chapman of SJ Games. "We're excited to be able to bring the world of Terra Nova to a new generation of gamers, and to support the fans that have been following it for the past decade." The fourth edition of the Heavy Gear RPG will be released in 2009. Watch for updates at

o Pre-orders  - Not in GTM
Monty Python Fluxx!  $20
Yes, you probably already heard, but we are currently taking preorders for the newest version of Fluxx.  Possibly the wackiest yet, Monty Python's zany humor is a perfect fit to combine with the card game of ever-changing rules.  We are expecting it in mid-to-late September, but we don't have an exact date.  The 1st 20 that pre-order, Gator has purchased the 1st promo card for it, which will be yours free when you purchase your deck.

WOC217120000  4E: Starter Set  $16.99
80 pages softcover, plus accessories
This new box-set makes it easier than ever to start playing Dungeons & Dragons immediately.
The D&D Roleplaying Game Starter Set introduces the complex world of D&D play to new fans in simple, easy-to-understand ways while retaining the fantastic inspiration of the full game experience.
This product includes an introductory version of the 4th Edition rules, dice, map tiles, character and monster tokens and an adventure to get started playing right away!

Releasing at the end of September
GAW48-01-60  40K: Codex: Space Marines $25.00
The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are Humanity's ultimate warriors, dedicated to the defence of the Emperor and the Imperium of Man. They are barely human at all, but superhuman, having been made superior, in all respects, to a normal man by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Organized into small independent armies called Chapters, their unswerving loyalty is to the Emperor of Mankind and no other.
This 144-page Warhammer 40,000 Codex contains all the rules you'll need to field a Space Marine army, as well as detailed background information, bestiary, accompanying artwork and 'Eavy Metal showcase.
You must possess a copy of Warhammer 40,000 in order to use the contents of this book.

We have just received information regarding the following; please get your numbers to us at your earliest convenience.
Shipping to us in the next 1-2 weeks:
Both the 1st and 2nd series of Planes (FFGWW07 & FFGWW08) will be returning
The new UFS boosters for Soulcaliber (FFGUFS10A) & King of Fighters (FFGUFS10B) will be shipping
2 new miniatures Veronica (FFGCS2016) & Kyler (FFGCS2017) will be releasing
FFGMC01 Mutant Chronicles Starter Set  $29.95
FFGMC05 Advanced Recon $19.95
FFGMC06 13th Banshee Division  $19.95
FFGMC07 Nepharite Overlords $19.95
FFGMC08 Gommorian Hammer  $19.95
FFGMC09 Warmaster's Legions $19.95


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
   0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

SRY 4125   Scrye Magazine #125   5.99   
RPR 03298   Spirits (2)   9.99  
RPR 03333   Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric   8.99
RPR 06201   Bloodstone Gnome Pulgers   39.99  (army pack)
RPR 06203   Necropolis Ghasts   39.99   (army pack)
RPR 06204   Elf Fairies   39.99  (army pack)
RPR 14501   Scuttlebones, Undead Crab   16.99  
RPR 14502   Necropolis Ghast   4.99  
RPR 14506   Necropolis Ghoul   4.99
RPR 50012   Jack The Ripper   5.99  (Chronoscope)
CHX 27204   Borealis 2 D10 Pink/silver (10)   13.75
CHX 27224   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Magenta/gold (10)   13.75
CHX 27225   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Light Green/gold (10)   13.75
CHX 27228   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Smoke/silver (10)   13.75
CHX 27267   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Royal Purple/gold (10)   13.75
CHX 27286   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Teal/gold (10)   13.75
CHX 27400   Borealis Poly Clear With Black (7)   9.80 
CHX 27404   Borealis 2 Poly Pink/silver (7)   9.80
CHX 27407   Borealis Poly Purple/white (7)   9.80  
CHX 27420   Borealis Poly Aquerple/black (7)   9.80  
CHX 27424   Borealis 2 Poly Magenta/gold (7)   9.80
CHX 27425   Borealis 2 Light Green/gold (7)   9.80
CHX 27426   Borealis Poly Sky Blue With White (7)   9.80  
CHX 27428   Borealis 2 Poly Smoke/silver (7)   9.80
CHX 27467   Borealis 2 Poly Royal Purple/gld (7)   9.80
CHX 27486   Borealis 2 Poly Teal/ Gold (7)   9.80
CHX 27604   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Pink/silver (12)   9.80
CHX 27624   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Magenta/gold (12)   9.80
CHX 27625   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Light Green/gold (12)   9.80
CHX 27628   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Smoke/silver (12)   9.80
CHX 27667   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Royal Purple/gold (12)   9.80
CHX 27686   Borealis 2 16mm D6 Teal/gold (12)   9.80
CHX 27804   Borealis 2 12mm D6 Pink/sliver (36)   13.75
CHX 27824   Borealis 2 12mm D6 Magenta/gold (36)   13.75
CHX 27825   Borealis 2 12mm D6 Light Green/gold (36)   13.75
CHX 27826   Borealis 12mm D6 Sky Blue/wht Blk (36)   13.75  
CHX 27828   Borealis 2 12mm D6 Smoke/silver (36)   13.75
CHX 27867   Borealis 2 12mm D6 Royal Purple/gold (36)   13.75
QWS KCTH21   Call Of Cthulhu: Black & Green Dice Set (7)  22.00
RIO362 Stone Age  $44.95  (reprint)
RIO255 Power Grid  France/Italy  $14.95 (reprint)
RIO251 Jambo  $24.95 (reprint)
MEM 39004   modern: Kung Fu (8)   11.99   
MEM 40090   Farm Animals (9)   11.99    
MEM 70007   sci-fi: Visitors (8)   11.99   
MEM 70008   sci-fi:Star Bar 1 (8)   11.99    
MEM 70009   sci-fi:Star Bar 2 (8)   11.99
DCG ST-252   Strategy & Tactics #252: The Solomon Campaign 24.99
GTM 103   Game Trade Magazine #103  (free to customers that put in monthly pre-orders)

SRY 4125   Scrye Magazine #125   5.99
Scrye #125 features an exclusive preview of the Star Wars Galaxy CCG from Sony Online Entertainment, and well as a look at the new Lineage of the Legends set for Naruto CCG and the Task Force expansion for Axis & Allies Miniatures: War at Sea! Scrye #125 also includes coverage of the Magic: The Gathering Nationals, HeroClix: Secret Invasion, World of Warcraft TCG: Black Temple Raid Deck, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more; plus game news, reviews, and a look at the lighter side of gaming with John Kovalic's Dork Tower and Aaron William's Full Frontal Nerdity comic strips!

IMP FDP5014   Counter Strike: Konarmiya   22.95
This simulation game of the battles between Soviet Russia and the Republic of Poland during the summer of 1920 focuses on the climactic portion of the entire Russo-Polish War, which began in 1919.

GMD1000 Desolation RPG   $39.99
High fantasy is brought low in this new post-apocalyptic setting from Greymalkin Designs ( After the Night of Fire, survivors are faced with life in a broken world twisted by magic. Will they attempt to rebuild, seize power amidst the chaos, or merely survive? Desolation, which uses the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, contains a full setting and all the rules needed by gamemasters and players.

OBG2503 The Chain Game   $24.99
Unlock your mind for spontaneous laughter! Race to say a common phrase using one word from the previous phrase. Keep the chain going and you keep your links. If the horn blows, the time is up, and you lose a link. The next player reads a new card and the fun continues! Fast, fresh, and free-flowing... The Chain Game will be the link that brings your friends and family together.

BAI 14619-D   Naruto CCG: Lineage of the Legends Booster Display (24)   95.76    
The tenth release for the Naruto CCG, Lineage of the Legends covers the lineage of the Leaf Village's Hokages from the First to the Fifth. In addition to a brand-new Fourth Hokage card, legendary Sannin Ninjas appear again but as youngsters still learning their special Ninja abilities and Jutsus. Offered in 24-count displays.

WOC 24015   Magic the Gathering: From the Vault - Dragons Boxed Set   34.99  
   (very limited, pre-orders filled, our extra will be going on ebay, wotc limited 2 per store)
Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering with the From the Vault: Dragons Limited Edition boxed set featuring 15 Dragon cards, including the Shivan Dragon, Kokusho the Evening Star, and Two-Headed Dragon, each printed in distinctive foil, plus a sneak preview Dragon ("Hellkite Overlord") from the upcoming Shards of Alara expansion, and a newly designed Spindown life counter.

Flamethrower Pack $1.99  (promo cards for Zombie Fluxx)
A pack of seven cards: a Flamethrower (Keeper) and six extra zombie Creepers to use it on.  You may have noticed that there is duplicate art for many of the zombies in Zombie Fluxx.  We like each card in Fluxx to be unique, so we commissioned the artist to make us some new Zombies (they'll be in the next printing).  You can substitute in these new zombies so that every card in your deck is unique - or you can just add these in, to heighten the zombie fun!

SAB BL161  RED FURY  $7.99
The next installment in the popular Blood Angels series, Red Fury starts a new story arc telling the Blood Angels fight to restore their Chapter to its full glory!

The second novel in the new, high-profile Warhammer fantasy series Time of Legends from Darkblade co-author Mike Lee. Nagash the Sorcerer tells the story of the rise of Nagash, a priest king whose quest for immortality damned Nehekhara and its people forever.

AEG 3208   Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Legend of the Burning Sands   39.95 
To the north of the Empire of Rokugan lies a mysterious land called the Burning Sands, where great empires meet and sometimes clash, where deadly intrigues abound in a great city known as the Jewel of the Desert. Since its debut in the Legend of the Burning Sands collectible card game in 1998, the Burning Sands has exerted a powerful pull on the imagination of gamers, and now this setting can be incorporated into the Legend of the Five Rings RPG campaign world or used as a stand-alone roleplaying game. Continuing the history of the Burning Sands, this sourcebook features descriptions and new mechanics for all of the major factions of the Burning Sands, from the proud Yodotai and Senpet Empires to the stealthy Assassins and Jackals.

AEG 5002   Straw: The Game That Broke The Camel's Back   14.99 
After a bountiful day at the bazaar, the caravan is leaving, and you must quickly pack your items onto the back of the Camel. But beware! Even beasts of burden have their breaking point! In this light-hearted family game, players try to pack as many item cards atop the Camel without breaking its back.

AEG CB1   L5R CCG: Event Kit #1  $100.00
Each Event Kit contains nine Clan Boxes (one of each Clan), four Clan Standard Promo Cards, 24 exclusive Hunger of the Dead Promo Cards, and 24 packs of Words & Deeds Boosters.

AEG CB2   L5R CCG: Event Kit #2  $150.00
Each Event Kit contains nine Clan Boxes (one of each Clan), six exclusive Yobanjin Alliance Alternate Art Promo Cards, 24 exclusive Seppun Goharu Promo Cards, and 24 packs of Words & Deeds Boosters.

EDN 2300   Abduction Card Game   10.00 
You've been abducted by aliens. Be the first to escape - the others better not get in the way! In Abduction, players take the role of victims of an alien abduction trying to escape from captivity on an alien ship. Cards are placed throughout the game to determine the ship's layout, and represent the exploration of the ship. Other cards allow players to find weapons, or use other special powers, by holding a specific card or playing other cards as events.

GRR 2522   Mutants & Masterminds: Wild Cards HC   39.95 
Aces and Jokers Wild! Do you feel lucky? In 1945 the alien "Wild Card" virus released over Manhattan changed the world forever! Of the survivors, ninety-percent were mutated into the hideous freaks known as "jokers," while only a rare one-percent became "aces," people gifted with superhuman powers. In 1985, George R.R. Martin and a stellar group of authors introduced readers to the world of Wild Cards. Now, Mutants & Masterminds players can make this world their own with the Wild Cards campaign setting, featuring a full history of the Wild Cards universe, profiles and game stats for dozens of major characters, background information and rules on the Wild Card virus, an introductory adventure, and advice on running your own Wild Cards campaign.

PAG 1013   Delta Green: Eyes Only   39.95    
Delta Green: Eyes Only brings together three of Pagan Publishing's long sought after Delta Green chapbooks - Machinations of the Mi-Go, The Fate, and Project Rainbow - as well as three scenarios and source material on tradecraft and policing millennial NYC.

RGG 366   Witch's Brew   34.95 
Who will create the best witch's brew? Whether it's the druid, the witch, or the wizard - all of these masters of magic will aid the players as they brew their potions in hopes of becoming rich and successful!

RGG A12   Batavia   59.95    
Magnificent sunsets, exotic flora and fauna, the aroma of the finest spices - the Far East has always had a magical appeal to adventurers, soldiers of fortune, explorers, traders, and merchants. Now, Batavia takes players - representing merchants - into the golden age of the East India companies as they visit trading posts all over Asia.

SCP 001   K. R. Bourgoine's Adventurer Card Game   19.99   
Created by K. R. Bourgoine, co-author with Gary Gygax of all the new Gord the Rogue stories, players in this fast-paced fantasy card game battle their way through Count Lodrac's castle acquiring treasure and magical weapons while encountering monsters and dangerous traps in their quest to hunt down and slay the dreaded Vampire Lord.

PZO DED23000   The Gamers: Dorkness Rising DVD   22.99
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising follows Lodge, Dungeon Master and budding writer, who wants his gaming group to finish their adventure. Unfortunately, they're more interested in seducing barmaids, mooning their enemies, and setting random villagers on fire. Desperate to rein in his players, Lodge injects two newbies into the fray: a non-player character controlled by Lodge, whom the power gamers immediately distrust, and the rarest gamer of all - a girl! Can the group overcome their bickering to save the kingdom, or will the evil necromancer Mort Kemnon triumph unopposed?

WOC 2199574   Magic The Gathering: A Planeswalker's Guide To Shards Of Alara   16.95
by Doug Beyer & Jenna Helland
This lavishly illustrated field guide details the five, unique mini-planes of Shards of Alara, the next expansion block for Magic: The Gathering.

UDC 62309-D   Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Duelist Genesis Boosters $3.99 pack (no discount)
Be prepared to kick your Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Dueling into overdrive with The Duelist Genesis! This 100-card expansion for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is the first to feature cards from the all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and introduces new types of monsters (Psychic-Type and Synchro)  and an amazing new game mechanic!

MGP 3808   Traveller RPG: Book 0 - An Introdution To Traveller   9.95 
This booklet provides all the core rules for Traveller, offering everything you need to begin your voyages across known (and unknown) space.

MGP 6119   Chimaera Universe RPG   34.95 
Strap on that cape, pull up your cowl, slide on those power gauntlets, and hide behind that maską‚ it's up to you to be a Hero! The Chimaera Universe Roleplaying Game lets players immerse themselves into the world of the greatest super heroes of all time and the most nefarious villains to ever endanger the planet!

MGP 7809   Conan: Trial of Blood   34.95 
The first mega-campaign for the Conan RPG Second Edition, Trial of Blood places a group of young adventurers in the path of prophecy and potentially disastrous events that could change Hyboria forever!

AEG 5001   Tomb Board Game   59.99  
Tomb pits opponents against one another in a fast-paced board game of monsters, traps, and treasures! After assembling their party from a plethora of random characters at the Inn, players set out to plunder the Tomb, which is created before the game begins, with each player secretly hiding treasure, traps, and monsters in each room!

IMP GMG9701   Character Codex   4.99 
Record your rise from apprentice to archmage with the Character Codex! Providing a record of your character that expands as your character does, this invaluable resource features plenty of space for all your hero's statistics, equipment, cohorts, and magic items, and includes an adventure journal and a region to design your character's keep!

PIP93093 P3 Super Glue    $6.99
This adhesive combines both very high bonding strength and rapid curing speed for an easy and convenient hobby experience. This formula has excellent flow characteristics, a tapered applicator to fill small or inconvenient gaps, and a pin cap to prevent blockages.

PIP93095 P3 Clippers $14.99
Sturdy, strong, and durable, Formula P3 Clippers make the first steps of converting and cleaning models simple and straightforward. Their offset blades produce a clean cut, and the spring return makes extended use comfortable and easy.

PIP93096 P3 Modeling Drill and Pinning Set   $12.99
All models benefit from the extra durability provided by pinning during assembly. The Formula P3 Modeling Drill and Pinning Set provides the control and comfort necessary to make pinning your models easy. This set includes a drill (also known as a pin vice) with two .85mm bits and 12 .85mm brass rods (pins) suitable for pinning Warjacks, Warbeasts, and trooper models. Additional sizes are also available, look for Formula P3 Pinning Expansions.

PIP93097 P3 Pinning Expansion: .50mm $4.99
Used for pinning delicate and thin models, this expansion set for the Formula P3 Modeling Drill provides smaller drill bits and brass rods to pin fine models. Expansion set includes three .50mm drill bits and six .50mm brass rods in six inch lengths.

PIP93098 P3 Pinning Expansion: .85mm $4.99
Used for pinning most trooper models, this expansion set for the Formula P3 Modeling Drill includes replacement drill bits and brass rods. Expansion set includes two .85mm drill bits and six .85mm brass rods in six inch lengths.

PIP93099 P3 Pinning Expansion: 1.25mm     $4.99
Used to pin large warjack or warbeast parts, this expansion set for the Formula P3 Modeling Drill contains larger drill bits and brass rod for longer or heavier models. Expansion set includes two 1.25mm drill bits and six 1.25mm brass rods in six inch lengths.

PIP93100 P3 Pinning Expansion: 1.90mm     $4.99
Used for large modeling projects or replacing whole spear shafts, this expansion set for the Formula P3 Modeling Drill provides drill bits and brass rods for the heaviest models. Expansion set includes one 1.90mm drill bit and six 1.90mm brass rods in six inch lengths.

PIP93101 P3 File Set $8.99
This set of three files is an essential tool for preparing your models for assembly and painting. The Formula P3 File Set includes a round, half-round, and a triangular file for removing flash and mold lines.

PIP93102 P3 Sculpting Set  $9.99
The Formula P3 Sculpting set contains three tools with all the most common and useful shapes to sculpt or modify miniatures. Containing a needle tool, spatula blade, flat blade, smoothing edge and more, this set is ideal for use with Formula P3 Modeling Putty.

PIP93103 P3 Modeling Putty   $9.99
Improve the look of your models with Formula P3 Modeling Putty. This high-quality modeling putty provides the perfect medium for filling gaps and adding strength to joins. It also holds its edge and retains an amazing degree of detail, making it perfect for sculpting fine details on your models while using the Formula P3 Sculpting Set.

PIP93104 P3 Hobby Knife   $6.99
This high-quality hobby knife provides excellent control and comfort over prolonged use. Designed for maximum utility, the Formula P3 Hobby Knife comes with five extra blades and is an essential tool for any hobbyist.

PIP93105 P3 Hobby Knife Blade Refill $4.99
This refill set for the Formula P3 Hobby Knife includes five blades in a plastic safety container.

PIP93106 P3 Mixing Medium  $4.99
Painters of all skill levels use mediums to thin their paints to improve flow characteristics when mixing washes and blending colors.  Formula P3 Mixing Medium is a matte medium that has been formulated specifically for use with the Formula P3 Paint line, so that you can get the most out of your painting experience

PIP93107 P3 Wet Palette   $19.99
Preserve your paint. The Formula P3 Wet Palette drastically slows drying time to keep your colors liquid over extended painting sessions. Formula P3 paints, Hobby Brushes, and Wet Palette form a complete package and provide the ultimate painting experience. The Formula P3 Wet Palette includes one plastic palette case with palette sponge and one pad of palette paper.

PIP93108 DVD: P3 Modeling & Painting v1: Core Techniques  $29.99
This revolutionary product covers the basic core techniques of model assembly and painting in sufficient detail to introduce new painters and enrich experienced hobbyists. Featuring Privateer Studio painters, this first DVD in the series helps players get an army painted and on the table.

PIP93109 P3 Wet Palette Refill Pads  $11.99
Preserve your paint. The Formula P3 Wet Pallet drastically slows drying time, keeping your colors liquid over extended painting sessions. This pack contains two pads of palette paper designed for use with the Formula P3 Wet Palette.

PIP NQ20   No Quarter Magazine #20   5.99  
No Quarter Magazine is a bi-monthly, full-color magazine focusing on all Privateer Press product lines. WARMACHINE®, HORDES™, and RPG players will enjoy the Iron Kingdoms™ content in each issue. Content ranges from fiction set in the WARMACHINE world of the Iron Kingdoms, to modeling advice for novice and expert alike. Play challenging new scenarios for WARMACHINE and HORDES and get new gear for your RPG characters while GMs find new foes to throw against their players. Play Like You've Got A Pair!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
BFM AC001   Hurricane II Flight (1:144)   45.00
BFM UBX03   Rifle Company   50.00   
BFM AC001   Hurricane II Flight (1:144)   45.00  
BFM TD012   Generic American Game set   20.00 
BFM TD014   Generic Soviet Gaming Set   20.00  
CHX LE831   Borealis 2 Poly D10 Assortment Bag Of 50   67.20
CHX LE832   Borealis 2 Poly D20 Assortment Bag Of 50   67.20
CHX LE833   Borealis 2 Poly Pink/silver Bag Of 20   25.20
CHX LE834   Borealis 2 Poly Magenta/gold Bag Of 20   25.20
CHX LE835   Borealis 2 Poly Light Green/gold Bag Of 20   25.20
CHX LE836   Borealis 2 Poly Smoke/silver Bag Of 20   25.20
CHX LE837   Borealis 2 Poly Royal Purple/gold Bag Of 20   25.20
CHX LE838   Borealis 2 Poly Teal/gold Bag Of 20   25.20
QWS 6020ELFB   D20 Elvish Dice Box Mixed 120.00

FBMFAR004    Freebooter Miniatures: Fairie of the Woods    $16.49   
RATRTMBA001    Broadsword Adventures: Goran vs. Phaecia (2)    $7.00 
RATRTMBA002    Broadsword Adventures: Ibyssian Lion Guard (2)    $7.00 
RATRTMBA003    Broadsword Adventures: Heralte City Guard (2)    $7.00 
RATRTMBA004    Broadsword Adventures: Heftig & Kurze, Black Company Mercs (2)    $7.00
RATRTMBA005    Broadsword Adventures: Ungeheuer (1)    $12.00
RATRTTBA001    Broadsword Adventures: Savage Tales of Fantasy    $20.00  
BSMTS006    Old West Miniatures: Tombstone 6    $16.95 
COR280125    Infinity (#151) Ariadna: SAS Trooper (1)    $12.50  
COR280328    Infinity (#146) Yu Jing: Domaru Butai (1)    $12.50  
COR280524    Infinity (#150) Nomads: Meteor Zond Remote (1)    $21.50  
COR280619    Infinity (#153) Combined: Rasyat Trooper (1)    $14.25 
WTW06149    28mm Terrain: Cement Rubble Building A (Sandstone)    $24.00  
WTW06212    28mm Terrain: Rugged Spire A (Southwestern)    $8.00  
WTW06213    28mm Terrain: Rugged Spire B (Southwestern)    $8.00 
MAX 7060LOT   Sleeves: Reap It (50) 3.38
MAX 8221   Mini-sleeves: Robo Fury Blue (50) 3.38
MAX 8269   Mini-sleeves: Robo Fury Red (50)  3.38
MAX 8696   Sleeves: Robo Fury Blue (50)  3.38
MAX 8726   Sleeves: Robo Fury Red (50)  3.38
RPR 09223   Redstone Shadow   2.99 Reaper Pro-Paints
RPR 09224   Redstone   2.99   Reaper Pro-Paints
RPR 09225   Redstone Highlight   2.99   Reaper Pro-Paints
RPR 09775   Redstone Triad   8.95  Reaper Pro-Paints
VAL 70301   PA Light Rust   3.29   
VAL 70302   PA Dark Rust   3.29   
VAL 70303   PA Yellowish Rust   3.29   
VAL 70304   PA Truck Primer   3.29   
VAL 70305   PA Light Rubber   3.29   
VAL 70306   PA Dark Rubber   3.29   
VAL 70307   PA Red Tail Light   3.29   
VAL 70308   PA Green Tail Light   3.29   
VAL 70309   PA Periscopes   3.29   
VAL 70310   PA Old Wood   3.29   
VAL 70311   PA New Wood   3.29   
VAL 70312   PA Leather Belt   3.29   
VAL 70313   PA Stencil   3.29   
VAL 70314   PA Canvas   3.29   
VAL 70315   PA Light Mud   3.29   
VAL 70316   PA Dark Mud   3.29   
VAL 70317   PA British Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70318   PA US Army Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70319   PA USMC Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70320   PA French Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70321   PA Highlight British Tkr   3.29   
VAL 70322   PA Highlight US Tkr   3.29   
VAL 70323   PA Highlight USMC Tkr   3.29   
VAL 70324   PA Highlight French Tkr   3.29   
VAL 70325   PA Russian Tank Crew I   3.29   
VAL 70326   PA Russian Tank Crew II   3.29   
VAL 70327   PA Italian Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70328   PA Japanese Tank Crew   3.29   
VAL 70329   PA Highlight Rus Tkcr I   3.29   
VAL 70330   PA Highlight Rus Tkcr II   3.29   
VAL 70331   PA Highlight Italian Tkcr   3.29   
VAL 70332   PA Highlight Japans Tkcr   3.29   
VAL 70333   PA German Tank Crew (Black)   3.29   
VAL 70334   PA German Tkcr I (Feldgrau)   3.29   
VAL 70335   PA German Tkcr II (Feldgrau)   3.29   
VAL 70336   PA Afrikakorps Tkc   3.29   
VAL 70337   PA Highlight German (Black)   3.29   
VAL 70338   PA Highlight Ger I (Feldgrau)   3.29   
VAL 70339   PA Highlight Ger II (Feldgrau)   3.29   
VAL 70340   PA Highlight Afrikakorps   3.29   
VAL 70341   PA Flesh Base   3.29   
VAL 70342   PA Highlight Flesh   3.29   
VAL 70343   PA Shadows Flesh   3.29   
VAL 70344   PA White (German Tanker)   3.29   
VAL 70345   PA Splinter Camouflage Base   3.29   
VAL 70346   PA Splinter Blotches I   3.29   
VAL 70347   PA Splinter Blotches II   3.29   
VAL 70348   PA Splinter Strips   3.29
DCG3015E War In The Pacific Extension Kit  $40.00   

TLC MSY1010   Midnight Syndicate: The Dead Matter CD   14.99
The highly anticipated follow-up to Midnight Syndicate's The 13th Hour CD, The Dead Matter draws listeners into a supernaturally-charged world of forbidden relics, druids, vampires, and the living dead. Featuring music inspired by Midnight Syndicate Films' upcoming major motion picture, The Dead Matter, the CD also includes several tracks from the score to the movie.

WOC 2192274   Heaven's Bones: A Novel of The Mists MMPB   6.99 
by Samantha Henderson
Dr. Sebastian Robarts is a man paralyzed by the fate of his adored wife, dead in childbirth, their only child with her. He searches for a way to build angels from women, a pastime known to Scotland Yard as murder. Robarts meets the Vistani seer named Trueblood, who becomes his assistant and leads him to the Antebellum-era domain of Riverbend, controlled by the sadistic Dr. Weldon, to create angels, unfettered by conventional morality, or even rules. When the murderer returns to earth, it is the task of a Vistani policeman and a woman with a strange connection to Robarts to stop him... if he can be stopped!

WOC 2193572   Cross Country HC   21.95
by Tim Waggoner
Cross Country's secrets run deep. When a grisly murder, hearkening back to a series of killings from years ago, shakes the community, it falls up the local sheriff to utilize her unique psychic gifts to track down the murderer before the killing spree begins anew!

TOY 09145   Battra Larvae   34.99 
Relentless and remorseless in its attack in its larval form, Battra was a horribly brutal opponent to Godzilla!

TOY 70003   Labyrinth Door Knocker   24.99  
The door knockers are a dynamic duo literally living upon a set of doors. One has a knocker ring in his ears; the other in his mouth. This Officially Licensed Labyrinth collectible comes complete with a hanger, perfect to meet and greet those about to enter your humble abode.

WOC 2198074   Dark Sun: The Verdant Passage MMPB   12.95
by Troy Denning
Return to the magic-blasted deserts of the Dark Sun world! A maverick statesman, a half-elf slave girl, and a man-dwarf gladiator band together to face off against the vile magic of a sorcerer-king who's spent a thousand years draining the world of Athas of its precious life-force!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.  
ADV DGZBX3   Gantz Complete Series (DVD)   89.98  
BAN 61356   Super Robot Wars Divine Wars V7 (DVD)   49.99 
BAN 61363   Super Robot Wars Divine Wars V8 (DVD)   49.99    
BAN 61370   Super Robot Wars Divine Wars V9 (DVD)   49.99 
BAN 61448   Haruka: Beyond Stream of Time V2 (DVD)   29.99 
BAN 61455   Haruka: Beyond Stream of Time V3 (DVD)   29.99
BAN 61479   Haruka: Beyond Stream of Time V5 (DVD)   29.99 

DIA 373486   Bakugan Battle Brawlers V1 DVD   19.95
FUN GN-08326   Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage V2 (DVD)   29.99    

FUN GN-08120   Karin V4 (DVD)   29.99  
FUN GN-08282   Kyo Kara Maoh Season 2 V7 (DVD)   24.99 
FUN GN-08327   Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage V1 Limited Edition (DVD)   39.99
FUN GN-08328   Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage V1 (DVD)   29.99  
FUN FN-01505   Shuffle V6 (DVD)   29.98   
FUN FN-01506   Shuffle V6 with Series End Box (DVD)   39.98  
FUN FN-02248   Dragon Ball Z: Season 6 (DVD)   49.98   
RST CDVD0823   Holy Virgin / Spotlight (DVD)   19.99
VIZ DPMBBS02   Pokemon Season 9: Battle Frontier Box Set 2 (DVD)   39.99
VIZ DPMDP01   Pokemon Diamond & Pearl V1 (DVD)   14.99 
VIZ YDNE01   Death Note Movie Live-Action (DVD)   24.98 

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off.   
Code  Description    Release MSRP
07TOKL   2007/08 TOPPS LETTERMAN BASKETBALL  09/05/08     $225.00  
08UDK  2008/09 UPPER DECK BASKETBALL    09/02/08   $79.84
08TOFK  2008 TOPPS KICKOFF FOOTBALL    09/04/08   $35.64
08UDHLM   2008/09 UPPER DECK LEGENDS MASTERPIECES HOCKEY  09/03/08     $125.82 
08UDSMLS   2008 UPPER DECK MLS SOCCER  09/02/08     $71.64
08TOK   2008/09 TOPPS BASKETBALL  09/11/08     $71.64  
08TOKJ  2008/09 TOPPS BASKETBALL JUMBO    09/11/08   $100.00
08UDFP   2008 UD PREMIER FOOTBALL  09/10/08     $300.00  
BPRA14  BECKETT RACING ANNUAL PRICE GUIDE #14    09/10/08   $19.95


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