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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Sept 6 to Sept 11 2011
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Looking for Game Industry People
Is there a any local industry people (freelancers and publishers and artists)
and media (bloggers and podcasters) that would like to come to
Gator Games & Gamerati Game Day,
Sun, Sept 19th. Noon-3pm
Please contact Jean

GTM #139 Ready to Download

conventions coming up!
THE SHIELD 2011 - Historical Convention
Nov. 4-6th  Quality Inn - Fresno
no website.

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

25% off Reaper Miniature Blisters

10% off our clearance and used webstore
Coupon Code "geeksrule" though Sept. 11

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
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o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 11-2 Demos: Star Trek and Thunderstone
4pm D&D 4e D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of NeverWinter by Ryan $3
Ryan will be running till the Holiday Break.

We are looking for a new DM to do a new campaign in Jan.
Please email if you are interested.
you may earn $20 in store trade weekly.

Tues.: 11-2 Demos: Gears of War and 7 Wonders
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed.; 11-2 Demos: Quarriors and Treasures & Traps (Jean's & Lisa's favorite game right now)
4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

09/07 "Three Laws"
Prize: Nick Fury LMD LE
500 Pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All figures must have the robot keyword

09/14 "Funny Looking"
Prize: TBA
700 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All Figures must have a non-standard skin color (Blue, Green, Purple etc.)

09/21 Heroclix Sealed
Prize: TBA
300 pts Sealed

09/28 "Fog of War"
Prize: TBA
600 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All ranged attacks or abilities have their range reduced by 1

Thurs. 11-2 Demos: Got 'Em and Villages & Villians.
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

Sept 10, Sat, 11am Magic Celebration Day $5
We will run mini- master tournament - do not bring a deck
Gator will be furnishing booster packs for all rounds.
We will be asking for the Land back.

Sept 11 , Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15

Sept 17  Sat 11am Yugioh Sealed Tournament  $20
A playmat will be given to the winnner.  5 packs Sealed.

Sun, Sept 18th will be a big day at Gator.
Sept 18, Sun Noon to 3pm Open Door Church San Mateo will be holding their 3rd Annual Community Jam.
Across the street from Gator at Piccadilly Lane between 41st and 42nd Avenues
Jack's Prime will be giving out burgers and Neal will be there with coupons and handing out some card games.

At Gator Games - Gamerati Tour 2011 by Ed Healy
"It's good to be a gamer"

Looking for Game Industry people
Is there a any local industry people (freelancers and publishers and artists)
and media (bloggers and podcasters) that would like to come?
Please contact Jean

Sept 24, Sat 11am (10:30am signups) Magic: Innistrad Prerelease $25 (36 people)
Sept 25, Sun 11am (10:30am signups) Magic: Innistrad Prerelease $25 (16 people)

Oct 1 , Sat 11am (10:30am signups) Magic: Innistrad Launch $25 (36 people)
Oct 2 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 1/4 - Innistrad League TBA

Oct 16, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 2/4 - Innistrad League TBA

Oct 30, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 3/4 - Innistrad League TBA

Nov 13, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 4/4 - Innistrad League TBA

no events starting Nov 19 to Jan 18th for the Holiday Season.

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

____ PSI CB5615 Savage Worlds: Caladon Falls (Hardcover) RPG  $34.99
____ ZMG 7063 Ares Project Board Game $49.99
____ IMP BPN1120  SOL (Custom Wood Board Game) BG $35.00
____  IMP HMS2000 Jump the Shark BG $19.99
____ IMP SND0032 Run for your Life, Candyman! 2nd Edition BG $34.99

____ IMP SKP1006 d-Infinity V3: Children of the Night RPG  $14.95
Rules systems supported include Pathfinder, OGL v.3.5, "Basic" system, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Call of Cthulhu, and Cthulhu Live.

____ WZK 70474  Quarriors! Rise of the Demons Expansion DBG  $20.99
This new expansion for the popular Quarriors! Dice Building Game add the following to your game:

____ WZK 70495  Mage Knight Board Game Board Game  $79.00
The Mage Knight Board Game throws you and up to three other Mage Knights into the sprawling and ever changing world of the Atlantean Empire, a land that is but a distant memory since your transformation into a mysterious Mage Knight. Build your armies, defeat bands of marauding enemies, and eventually conquer cities in the name of the mysterious Void Council. Designed by renowned designer Vlaada Chvatil, Mage Knight is a game of Epic Exploration and Conquest that mixes character development, intrigue, and the clashing of swords to create a truly unique gaming experience.
As a Mage Knight you must control your reputation and walk the line or embrace the role of benevolent leader or brutal dictator. Accumulate Fame and experience to acquire powerful Spells and abilities, then use your power to influence units to join your ranks. Will you destroy an ancient Draconum and gain favor with the people, or burn down a monastery to steal the powerful artifact hidden there? Both paths may lead to victory, but the decision is yours to make. The Mage Knight Board Game comes with a variety of campaign options, allowing you to play both competitively or cooperatively. Will your path intertwine with your fellow Mage Knights as you quest to conquer the Atlantean cities, or will you be sleeping with one eye open?
The game features an impressive 240 cards, 8 intricately painted miniatures, 196 tokens, 20 map tiles, 54 mana crystals, 7 mana dice, 2 game mats and 2 rulebooks!

____ WZK 70353 Lord of the Rings HeroClix  2.99 each
Join your favorite Middle-Earth Heroes and Villains as you test your wits in the first Lord of The Rings 24 ct. Counter-Top Display! Featuring 21 precisely sculpted characters from the award winning Lord of The Rings films, these figures are completely HEROCLIX COMPATIABLE with Marvel and DC HeroClix!

____  WZK 70357 Lord of the Rings HeroClix Starter  $34.99
The battle of Middle-Earth continues with your favorite heroes and villains in the Lord of The Rings Starter!
Featuring 3 figures EXCLUSIVELY FOUND in the Starter and 5 other figures COMPLETELY REDIALED from the base set!  The Starter also boasts Campaign Rules, which lets you recreate the battles of Middle Earth over multiple maps and sessions. Included in the packaging are 6 Lord of The Rings maps, 48 Horde tokens, 1 2011 Official Rulebook, and 1 set of themed dice forged from the depths of Mount Doom.  The Starter set is a perfect way for New HeroClix players to learn the ropes of the HeroClix realm as it provides everything you need to start a game with your friends!


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.

FFG TI04 Twilight Imperium Shattered Empire BG $59.95 
MAT N1384  Apples to Apples Party Box BG $39.99 
BFMWI287  Wargames Illustrated Magazine #287  $8.00
CRI 8017 First Wave At Omaha BG  $99.95
GGP1002    Gaming Paper 1 in. Hex Singles     $ 9.99  
GGP1003    Gaming Paper 1.5  in. Hex Singles     $ 9.99  
GGP7101    Gaming Paper Adventures: Citadel of Pain     $ 19.99  
GGP7102    All Stars take on the Mega Dungeon     $ 14.99 

FFG TH15    Tannhauser Shogunate Trooper Pack   Board Games $19.95 
The Shogunate Troop Pack for Tannhauser includes one painted Ashigaru figure and one Shin Agent figure, each with character sheets. This, along with 24 game tokens, 17 equipment cards, and a 12-page rulebook with an included scenario, lets you add these versatile killers to your Reich or Shogunate team.  
FFG TH24    Tannhauser Iroh Minamoto    Board Games $12.95 
This single miniature pack for Tannhauser contains one painted Iroh figure with a character sheet, 12 game tokens, 11 equipment cards, and a 12-page rulebook that includes a dedicated scenario!         

CZE 01209   Food Fight Card Game    Card Game   30.00  
Out of the Frying Pan... Into the Line of Fire! Fight a battle of the bulge as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner serve up a hot plate of beatings in Food Fight! Bacon vs. Eggs! Burger vs. French Fries! There's strong, then there's tasty. Recruit Major Weiner, Private Pancake, and Mean Burrito to battle across each of the three meals. Choose the most delicious entrees, saddle them up with side dishes, and give them a little punch with your standard assortment of condiments. 

CRI ASLBFD  ASLComp Berlin Final Days o/t 3rd Re BG  $99.95
This revised, limited edition of Berlin - Final Days of the 3rd Reich features a map updated to the Berlin - Tyrant's Lair look; new counters including Ponyri Eastern Front infantry and SW sheets; Ponyri-style scenarios with tweaks; and two new scenarios for owners of Berlin - Tyrant's Lair.

CRI ASLNT ASLComp Nordic Twilight BG  $59.95 
Nordic Twilight brings the final days of the Third Reich to the scene of one of the most bitter battles of early 1945 on the Western Front. Included is a historical mapsheet, two sheets of brand-new, color die-cut counters, a special rules booklet, and eight scenarios depicting the action from initial probe to final onslaught.

CRI ASLTB4  ASLComp Battle of Arnhem w/ Map BG  $39.95
This updated edition of the popular Battle of Arnhem module includes 112 color die-cut counters plus 100 additional counters, providing all the British 1st Airborne 'Red Devils' SMC and MMCs needed to play the scenarios. The new edition also includes scenarios using the Ponyri-style layout, the latest edition of the SR booklet, and some new toys including the air-dropped Welbike Mk II and the British Jeep with K-Gun.

S2P 4WF005  Luven Lightfingers Gear/Treasure Shop RPG $18.95 
In his years traveling the lands with the Company of the Sunset, Luven Lightfinger learned a thing or two about what equipment an adventurer really needs. Part sourcebook, part catalogue, Luven Lightfinger's Gear and Treasure Shop is chock-full of new items for outfitting your Pathfinder characters. From weapons, armor, and trail gear to potions, oils, and kits, Luven's shop has it all

S2P 4WF013  Inkantations RPG $16.95
A new magic - the arcane art of Inkantation, creating tattoos that are much more than mere decoration - brings all new options for Pathfinder players. Now, heroes can adorn themselves with symbols and images infusing power into their very flesh, with tattoos containing magic both familiar and unique. The enthralling Painted Lady prestige class, the Tattoo Mage wizard class option - whose entire body is a spellbook - and the Inked sorcerer bloodline all await you inside. Also included are rules and guidelines for crafting tattoos, feat and skills for Inkantationists and mundane artists alike, and feats for the decorated adventurer allow you to customize your character like never before!

APL 0847  PG: Airborne BG $24.99
In the early morning hours of June 6, 1944, American paratroopers landed in Normandy, heralding the Allied return to Europe and the eventual destruction of the Nazi regime. Fierce battles broke out as they fought to secure bridges and roads, and eliminate German resistance. Airborne features 20 separate scenarios based on these intense firefights and the actual battles waged in Normandy during and after the American landings.

DP9 9187C HGA Arena Core Rules Mini Rules $45.00
Take on the role of team manager and build up your team to pit against the competition with the Heavy Gear Arena Core Rulebook packed with robust tournament campaign rules, in-depth Gear Customization, Duelists capable of growing in experience and talent, and Support Personnel to aid your team's growth.

DP9 9210  HGA Two Player Starter Kit Mini  $67.00
Heavy Gear Arena is a fast-paced, highly customizable tactical battle game rooted in the Heavy Gear setting. The Heavy Gear Arena: Two-Player Starter Kit comes complete with a digest-sized edition of the Heavy Gear Arena Core Rulebook, four Hired Guns Minis (Grizzly, Hunter XMG, Black Mamba, DartJager) plus extra weapons, four six-sided dice, and a measuring tape.

FFG DT022 Dust Tactics Revised Core Set BG $79.95
The perfect introduction for new players or a great expansion for veterans, the Dust Tactics Revised Core Set includes all-new, never-before-released miniatures exclusive to this Core Set, an updated and comprehensive rulebook, the ÑVictory BridgeĆ® scenario book, six custom dice, two double-sided terrain posters, 10 unit cards, nine double-sided hazard squares, two ammo-crates, and two antitank traps.

FFG DT023 Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack  BG $14.95 
With the intimidating forces of the rival bloc spread out on the battlefield before you, what kind of army will you build? Gather your forces with the Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack, featuring unit cards for all the units released before Operation ÑSeeLoweĆ®, including preview miniatures available from Dust Tactics Game Night Kits, all updated to the new army point costs detailed in the Revised Core Set.

FFG GE01  Gears of War: The Board Game BG $69.95
Based on the wildly popular third-person shooter by Epic Games, Gears of War: The Board Game allows one to four players to take on the roles of COG soldiers seeking to destroy the Locust horde who must cooperate to complete missions against an ingeniously challenging and varied game system.

FFG MEC04  LTR LCG Journey to Rhosgobel AP LCG  $14.95
There's no time to lose in the Journey to Rhosgobel, the third Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle containing 60 never-before-seen cards for use with The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

ASM DIX03  Dixit 3 Odyssey BG $36.99
The fantastic universe of Dixit, winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2010, returns to entrance you once more! With Dixit Odyssey you can continue the storytelling adventures in enchanting and dreamlike new worlds! Discover 84 new cards in this standalone game for up to 12 players containing a new, more practical scoreboard, voting pads, and new "rabbit" tokens.

ASM GAL01US Galapa Go BG $12.99
On a tiny, remote island, evolution has taken a strange turn. Giraffes with the heads of lions, gorilla heads on alligator bodies, and more crazy, mixed-up animals live side-by-side with the normal creatures you know. It's up to you to rescue these scientific oddities before poachers move in and threaten this wild kingdom. Think fast and move faster, because in Galapa Go!, only the fastest players can save these endangered species before it's too late.

FFG OMAD02  COC Mansions/Madness Season/Witch Exp
A bright, young, Miskatonic University student has disappeared, having checked into an infamous Arkham boarding house to study its reported supernatural properties. Now, as the celebration Walpurgis Eve approaches, you and your fellow investigators are tasked with venturing into the decaying Witch House and solving a mystery that has plagued Arkham for generations. But are you prepared to face the horrors that await you? Designed by Richard Launius (Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), Season of the Witch sends players on a tense and terrifying race against the clock. Can you solve the mysteries of the Witch House before they consume Arkham forever?

FFG OSL10 Space Hulk Mission Pack 1 Exp Non-CCG
Failure is not an option! While you may have survived the harrowing challenges of Death Angel, the mission is far from over. The Mission Pack 1 expansion brings twelve new Location cards that provide alternate missions for players. Plus, new terrors emerge in the form of Adrenal Genestealers, and an all-new Terrain card will threaten to thrust unfortunate space marines out into the cold embrace of space!

FFG OSL11 Space Hulk Space Marine Pack 1 Exp Non-CCG 
Rally your battle brothers with Space Marine Packs, introducing brand-new Combat Teams to your game, ready to blast their way into the carnage that is Death Angel. Space Marine Pack 1 comes complete with two new Combat Teams and their respective Action cards: the deadly Chaplain Raziel brings his ironclad faith to the fight while Brother Adron readies his Cyclone Missile Launcher for absolute devastation. Also included are eight Combat Team cards, which replace the original six Combat Team markers from the Death Angel game, making it easier to randomize and select your teams.

GMT 1101 Sekigahara BG $59.00
Based on the Japanese campaign waged in 1600, Sekigahara simulates this 7-week war, fought along Japan's two major highways and in scattered sieges and backcountry skirmishes, which elevated Tokugawa Ieyasu to Shogun and unified Japan for 265 years.

GMT 1104 No Retreat - The Russian Front BG $60.00
No Retreat: The Russian Front is a new edition of the two-player Victory Point Games 2008 CSR Award Nominee wargame that retells the story of the titanic struggle between the invading armies of Nazi Germany versus Communist Russia during World War 2. This edition combines both the original game and its two extensions (Na Berlin! and No Surrender!) using deluxe components.

GMT 1108 Space Empires 4X BG $65.00
eXplore! eXpand! eXploit! eXterminate! This game of space exploration, colonization, and conquest is jam-packed with carriers and fighters, mines, cloaking, a very large technology tree, fifteen ship classes from scout to dreadnaught, merchant shipping, mining, terraforming, bases, shipyards, black holes, warp points, and non-player aliens.

GMT 1111 Sun Of York BG $55.00 
The Wars of the Roses (1453-1485) were the result of the struggle for the English crown between the Houses of Lancaster and York - both descended from the Plantagenet line, both with equal claim to the throne. By the end of the bloody struggle, both houses would be extinct and the crown grasped by the first of the Tudors. Sun of York is a card game depicting the tactical battles fought between these two royal houses.

HERO1106  HERO System 6th Edition: Champions Beyond  $34.99
Evil and injustice don't exist only on Earth; you can find them in space and on other planets as well. Champions Beyond looks at the current state of the Galaxy as known to Champions Universe Earth in the early twenty-first century - what alien species are out there, which ones can have superpowers, and what connection (if any) those super"humans" have to Earth and its people. Champions Beyond also has detailed information about the Moon (where various villains and heroes are active) and the planet Malva and its decadent inhabitants, who pit super-powered gladiators against one another in the arena for their own amusement.

HERO1300  Star Hero (6th Edition)  $44.99
Sleek starships, strange planets, unusual aliens, weird mental powers, blaster pistols, time travel _ all these, and more, are part of the amazing universe of Science Fiction. Star Hero discusses and describes the Science Fiction genre for gaming, and shows how to create characters, campaigns, starships, and other elements of Science Fiction using the HERO System rules.

IPG0201  Pathfinder RPG - Kingdoms of Legend: The Elusive Foe  $12.99
A Treacherous Wilderness Chase! Adventurers become entangled in a murderous plot and must pursue the villains into the wild woods outside Turnberry Castle. The dangerous trek over land and sea eventually leads to a secret base and a cut-throat group of assassins and thieves. Can the PCs survive the harrowing journey and bring justice to these evil killers, returning to Turnberry triumphant? The Elusive Foe is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible adventure for four 3rd level heroes set in the Kingdoms of Legend campaign setting.

PZO3004-2  GameMastery: Critical Fumble Deck  $10.99 
he Critical Fumble Deck is a sequel to last year's popular Critical Hit Deck and is designed to balance out the system, allowing both minor and major mishaps to occur during combat. The Critical Fumble Deck consists of 52 full-color standard-sized cards, ready to use out of the box with the enclosed rules. The Critical Fumble Deck is compatible with the world's most popular roleplaying game.

CLP 105 Got Em  Board Game  $28.00
Seize and capture your opponent's pawns in this delightful game with two unique ways to play! Brainy Got'Em! offers the strategic challenge of outsmarting and cornering your opponents with deliberately placed walls, while the tricky yet fun-for-all-ages Bright Got'Em! has the same goal of trapping your opponents, plus colorful surprises that will keep you on your toes!

DCG EXC7701 Ancient Conquest Board Game  $44.95
Battle with Egpy, Medes, Arameans, Urartu, Assyria, Mitanni, Lysdians, Hittites, Elamites, Jews, Cimmerians, Caldeans, Kassites, Phyrgains, and other ancient nations in Ancient Conquest, a 1-4 player game of the epoch until the Persian and Peloponnesian wars.

DCG EXC7704 Battle for Stalingrad Board Game  $54.95 
Battle for Stalingrad is an operational level game focusing on the climactic battle of World War II.

MGP 6196 The NeXus Files RPG $19.99 
For thirty months, Jonny Nexus recorded the thoughts aroused by, and the lessons learned from, his twice-weekly roleplaying habit in a column he wrote for Mongoose Publishing's Signs & Portents magazine. Part travelogue, part guide, part manual, and part manifesto, these are those columns.

MGP 6197 Stars Without Number RPG $39.99
The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes. The Jump Gates fell six-hundred years ago, severing the links between the myriad worlds of the human diaspora. Now, the long isolation of the Silence falls away as men and women return to the skies above their scattered worlds. Will you be among them? Stars Without Number is designed to provide Game Masters and players alike with the tools to carve out worlds of their own from the darkness of the interstellar void.

MGP 6198 Earthdawn RPG Nations of Barsaive V4 RPG $29.99
Nations of Barsaive Volume 4 offers an in-depth look at the troll raider clans that sail Barsaive's skies and prey on the lowlands, as well as detailing the Twilight Peaks, featuring information on the nine most powerful trollmoots in Barsaive, including their histories, goals, and significant members.

MMT 4003 Parsely #3 Spooky Manor BG  $5.00 
Play anywhere, anytime, with anyone! The third Parsely game inspired by old-school, computer text adventures, Spooky Manor is presented as a z-fold pamphlet featuring the game guide on one side, and a manor map on the other.

MMT 4004 Parsely #4 Space Station BG  $5.00 
Play anywhere, anytime, with anyone! The fourth Parsely game inspired by old-school, computer text adventures, Space Station is presented as a z-fold pamphlet featuring the game guide on one side, and a deck map on the other. 

NSG 300 Crappy Birthday BG  $14.99
Here's wishing you a Crappy Birthday, the frenetic card game where it's fun to give Bad Gifts! In Crappy Birthday, players are dealt five Gift Cards. When it's your turn, it's your birthday, and everybody gives you a crappy "gift" from their hand. You shuffle the cards, turn them over one by one, and pick the gift you dislike the most, and the player who gave you that gift earns a point. The first player to three points wins! 

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you
WLG BBI111 Churchill Mk VII Mini  $46.40 
WLG BP002 Last Argument of Kings (Black Powder) Mini  $36.30 
WLG BWM103 Sdkfz 250/1 Neu Halftrack Mini  $30.93
WLG BWM123 Wittman's Tiger  Mini  $48.33
WLG HCE05 Dacian War Host (40) Mini  $48.33
WLG HCE07 Boadicea Triumphant(+chariot) Mini  $28.98 
WLG HCE08 Sarmatian Cataphracts (8) Mini  $46.40 
WLG HIR01  Imperial Roman Legionaries(20+Scorpion) Mini  $38.66
WLG HIR04  Imperial Roman Scorpion Battery (3)  Mini  $38.66
GMT 0011MM  For the People II Mounted Map Accessory $20.00
GMT 0208MM  Barbarossa to Berlin Mounted Map Accessory $20.00
GMT 0501MM  Empire of the Sun Mounted Map  Accessory $20.00
GMT 0509MM  Commands and Colors Mounted Map  Accessory $20.00 
HLD1009  Hell Dorado - Demons: Lesser and Great Damned Ones of Pride  $24.99 
HLD3008  Hell Dorado - Lost: Sling Maiden & Maggot Bearer  $12.99 
HLD5004  Hell Dorado - Mercenaries : Helle Moller  $10.99 
HLD6009  Hell Dorado - Saracens: Hunting Panther  $9.99
HLD7009  Hell Dorado - Westerners: Baptiste Valombre & Sir Valet  $14.99
MGKWE78-1  Kings Of War - Elves: Elven Archers (10)  $29.99 
MGKWE81-1  Kings Of War - Elves: Elven Army (71 + 2 WM)  $74.99 
MGKWK70-1  Kings Of War - Abyssal Dwarves: Lord's War Conclave (4)  $34.99
MGKWO12-1  Kings Of War - Orcs: Orc Morax Troop  $24.99 
MGKWO60-1  Kings Of War - Orcs: Orc Goreriders  $34.99
MGKWO81-1  Kings Of War - Orcs: Orc Army  $74.99 
SPGDWCA08  Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica: Icarus Class Medium Flyer (2)  $16.49
SPGDWCA09  Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica: Galen Class Escort (6)  $9.99 
SPGDWCA10  Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica: Plutarch Class Destroyer (3)  $11.99 
SPGDWCA11  Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica: Prometheus Class Dreadnought (1)  $23.49 
SPGDWCA12  Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica: Callimachus Time Dilation Orb (1)  $24.99 
SPGDWFS26  Dystopian Wars - Federated States: Washington Land Ship Waterlined (1)  $19.99 
DY4000125  Wise Alec Family Trivia Game $ 26.00
GDY4000132  Chronicles of the Mind $ 12.95
GDY4000141  Words of the Wise $ 12.95
GDY4000151  Wise Alec: Nature Nuts Travel Game & Exp $ 14.95
GDY4000161  Wise Alec: Sports Buffs Travel Game&Exp. $ 14.95
GDY4000171  Wise Alec: Civilize This! Travel Gm&Exp $ 14.95 
MTTT8498  Mindflex Duel $ 188.50
TWE2000  Powerz Battle Stickers: BD $ 71.76 
BWHFLC0001  Iron Empires: Faith Conquers $ 17.95 
BWHFLC0002  Iron Empires: Shevas War $ 17.95 
DCGST270  Strategy & Tactics #270 $ 29.99 

EXC7701  Ancient Conquest $ 44.95
Battle with Egpy, Medes, Arameans, Urartu, Assyria, Mitanni, Lysdians, Hittites, Elamites, Jews, Cimmerians, Caldeans, Kassites, Phyrgains, and other ancient nations in Ancient Conquest, a 1-4 player game of the epoch until the Persian and Peloponnesian wars.                 

EXC7704  Battle for Stalingrad $ 54.95
Battle for Stalingrad is an operational level game focusing on the climactic battle of World War II.      

WZK 70165  DC HC Watchmen Crimebusters FF 6 Pk  CMG 16.99
Who Watches The Watchmen? DC HeroClix: Watchmen Crimebusters Fast Forces features six of your favorite characters from the Watchmen Movie - Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite Owl, Ozymandiaz, Silk Spectre, and The Comedian - complete with brand-new tampos and dials, two exclusive maps ( "Karnak" and "Dr. Manhattan's Lab"), a pair of dice, and a rules sheet.

WOC385340000 MtG: Booster Battle  Pack 2011 Display $ 119.88
BB534 Extra Large Desert Hill $ 25.00
BB535 Desert Escarpment $  25.00 
BB538 Desert Palms  $ 30.00

BR305 Morris CS9 1 unit early war $21.00
The Morris CS9 Armoured Car was based on the Morris C9 4x2 15-cwt truck. The chassis was fitted with a riveted hull on top of which sat an open top turret which was able to accommodate two men. The armament for the Morris CS9 was provided by either a Boys anti-tank rifle and a Bren light machine-gun.  Each blister pack contains two armoured cars and you can learn more about them by clicking on the cars above.

GBX52 Hellfire and Back Stuzpunkt Nests 1-2 units early war $ 35.00
German strongpoints were formed along the Egyptian-Libyan frontier to slow British counter-offensives launched from Egypt. At Halfaya Pass their Luftwaffe 8.8cm Flak36 guns made light work of the then undefeated British Matilda tanks. Each Stützpunkt was based around a key fortified position held by entrenched infantry supported by machine-guns, anti-tank guns and the devastating Luftwaffe 88s. Lurking behind the strongpoints are artillery and mobile reserves of panzers and motorized infantry.  Each small box set contains two 'nests,' a 5cm AT gun and a 2cm AA gun.  To learn more about the nets, click on the image above.

IBX04 Self-Propelled Coastal Gun Platoon 1 unit early war $26.00
The Autocannone da 102/35 is a 102mm naval gun mounted on a 6-ton FIAT 634N truck for coastal defense. Due to the superior performance of the 102/35 gun it also saw service as a long-range anti-tank gun.  Each small box contains two SP Costal Guns and you can read more by click on the battery above.

BX05 M11/39 Platoon 2-3 units early war  $ 2.00
The M11/39 was the first M series tank built for the Italian Army. The first prototype was completed in 1937 and the vehicle was accepted for service in the following year. The vehicle was armed with a limited traverse 37/40 gun mounted in the right side and two 8mm Breda machine-guns mounted in a turret that provided a 360 degree field of fire.

GAW 83-32 Nurgle Chaos Lord 1 Fig Clampack  $13.25  New - Plastic blister
GAW 88-34 Lizardmen Saurus Oldblood 1 Fig Clampack  $13.25  New - Plastic blister
GAW 45-67 Dark Eldar Lhamaean 1 Fig Clampack  $15.25  New - finecast
GAW 45-68 Dark Eldar Sslyth 1 Fig Clampack  $15.25 New - finecast
GAW 47-60 Lord Castellan Creed 1 Fig Clampack  $18.25 Now in Finecast
GAW 47-62 Colour Sergeant Kell 1 Fig Clampack$20.75 $30.00 Now in Finecast
GAW 50-62 Ork Weirdboy 1 Fig Clampack  $22.25  Now in Finecast
GAW 51-62 Tyranid Venomthrope 1 Fig Clampack $24.75  Now in Finecast
GAW 84-43 Dwarf Grudge Thrower 1 Fig Box  $38.00 Now in Finecast
GAW 84-44 High King Thorgrim Grudgbearer 1 Fig Box  $49.50 Now in Finecast
GAW 84-62 Dwarf Master Engineer with Great Weapon  $15.25 Now in Finecast
GAW 84-63 Dwarf Thane with Army Battle Standard 10-Sep-11 $18.25 Now in Finecast
GAW 90-41 Skaven Doom-flayer 1 Fig Box $23.00  Now in Finecast

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