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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Sept 14 to Sept 20 2009
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Happy Birthday to Gator Games - Sept is our Anniversary Month!
To honor this occassion
** We are offering $5 store credit in our New web store! **

Signup now and register on the blue bar - right hand side.
Credit has been applied to those that have already signed up.
Anyone who signs up by Sept 20th, will recieve the $5 web store credit.
If you shop the store, there is a will call option.
IF there is nothing for you now, we need to list over 8000+ items,
sooner or later something will come up that you want.

Help Wanted -  Part Time
Please Do not put in a Job Application unless you have this skill set.
We are accepting applications for the winter season.

Must play Warhammer 40K currently
Must be able to Touch Type.
Accurate & Attention to Details
Must be able to write Neatly and Legible at all times
Must be able to work Fri-Sat-Sun - Weekends

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

Ahoy, mateys!
September is upon us, and with it one of the most important holidays on the Gregorian calendar

- International Talk Like A Pirate Day! -

Avast! , Saturday September 19th  be yer chance to live the dream and talk like a salty sea dog. 

Take out yer spyglass and gander at these Piratacular Promotions!

20% off Pirate Themed Product+ 
example (Walk the plank, Pirate playing cards, Warmachine pirates, Battlestations Pirates exp.)+

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items
+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.

+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.
note: BFM will not let us discount over 10% - so that is the maximum discount.
note : Mayfair, Games Workshop will not let us discount over 20% - so that is the maximum discount.

o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D. and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
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o Full Newsletter with descriptions.
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players except for FNM.
All events are now taxable

Mon:  4pm to 6:30ish pm Role-Playing by Gary $2
5 people MAX - your fee goes to the GM for running your game.
Gary can run Werewolf, Hunter, Vampire, Scion and D&D
First time players are welcome! Every wanted to try it? Here is your chance.
Characters will be provided,
9/14 Scion RPG Part II
9/21 Werewolf RPG Part I
9/28 Werewolf RPG Part II
10/5 D&D 4.0 Part 1
10/12 D&D 4.0 Part 2

A Passage Into Mystery is a special team-created 6th-level adventure that uses tiles from DU3 Caves of Carnage and monsters from the Monster Manual: Legendary Evils miniatures expansion. Characters will be provided.

Tues.: 4pm Pokemon League by Rickki $3
Win Booster Packs, Pins and Stickers based on your game play. At least one booster pack is opened every week for additional prizes.
We are looking for a new gym leader starting in Sept. Please contact Jean if interested.

Wed. 4pm Heroclix by Jason free unless draft
Specifics to each event posted at store.

Thurs. 4pm Official Yugioh Tourney $5
Official Championship Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists (Effective Sept. 1, 2009)

Fri.: 4pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $3
Prize Pool = 1 booster per every 2 players
8 players only

Weekend Events!

Sept 19, Sat Noon Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day $5
A Passage Into Mystery is a special team-created 6th-level adventure that uses tiles from DU3 Caves of Carnage and monsters from the Monster Manual: Legendary Evils miniatures expansion. Characters will be provided. We can take 5 signups only.

Sept 20 Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
From the Vault: Exiled foils will be included in prize picks

Sept 26, Sat 11:00 Magic: Zendikar pre-release $25
Extra signups start at 10:30 (this is dependent on the weather)
6 Zendikar boosters per player
we will not have Zendikar Game mats as prizes but will include other Game Mats.

Sept 27, Sun 11:00 World of Warcraft TMG Battlegrounds $5
We will open a booster for prizes.
Sept 27, Sun  3pm World of Warcraft TCG Battlegrounds $5

Oct 3, Sat 11:00 Magic: Zendikar launch party $25
Extra signups start at 10:30 (this is dependent on the weather)
6 Zendikar boosters per player

Oct 3, Sat 3:30 Battlestar Galactica Board Game - Free signups
  5 people max - need to commit to 1 hour
(a game is usually 2 hours)

Oct 4, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $11.97
From the Vault: Exiled foils will be included in prize picks

Oct 18, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam -$11.97
From the Vault: Exiled foils will be included in prize picks

Oct 31, Sat 11am Yugioh S
tardust Overdrive Sneak peek $20
All participants will receive a limited edition Ultra Rare card and have the chance to win a Stardust Overdrive Game Mat or T-shirt!

Nov 1, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $11.97
From the Vault: Exiled foils will be included in prize picks

Nov 7, Sat Noon D&D Weekend in the Realms $5
Nov 15, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $11.97
From the Vault: Exiled foils will be included in prize picks

We will not be having any Weekend events  after Nov 15 for Holiday Shopping. (expect pre-releases)
We will resume events Jan 16th.


o Product News

Magic Sliver Decks - we are going to even get less than we did for From the Vault,
we will be doing the same thing. Putting one or two on ebay at retail for everyone
to bid, one will be given free in the Monthly Raffle, and the rest will be opened and
given away as prizes in our Magic Tournaments.  Our Allocation was 8 decks.


o Gamer News for more Gamer Links - see our twitter page.

Rough Magicks and Arkham Detective Tales for 'Trail of Cthulhu' Free PDF samples

Savagepedia: The Unofficial Savage Worlds Wiki

Character archetypes

Archive for Iron Kingdoms RPG - over 20 links!

A Re-Imagined Star Tours to Blast Off in California and Florida in 2011

Toys R Us national Video game trade-in program, classic games accepted | As far back as the (OMG!) Intellivision!

Gnomestew Blog: Top 30 Game Mastering Articles!

New Stargate movies finally ready to begin shooting?

Podcast - RPG Countdown (09 September 2009)  covering Top 10 sellers

Quiznos: Buy 1 Sub + Soda, Get 1 Sub FREE Through 10/12

War of Worldcraft, Introductory adventure for HERO System 6th Edition

Blog: The coming of HERO 6th Edition - the Changes here

Gamer Tots - Making RPGs Kid Friendly

Critical Bits for the week ending 2009-09-12


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
RPR 03372 Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior 8.99
RPR 03404 Gris Knotslip, Dwarf Trapfinder 5.79
RPR 03430 Young Swamp Dragon 16.99 
RPR 03433 Gnome Sorcerer 3.99 
RPR 03434 Dwarf Barbarian 4.99 
RPR 10029 Townsfolk 29.99
RPR 14537 Xeldorian, Tyrant Of Darkness 15.99 
RPR 14548 Bloodstone Gnome Beetle Rider Lancer 7.99 
RPR 50050 Lobo Sanchez, Mexican Bandito 3.99 
RPR 50097 Cyber-Reaver 8.99
RPR 50100 Viet Cong Guerrilla 3.99
RPR 50101 Astronaut 3.99 
RPR 50102 Bearers And Porters 10.99 
RPR 50103 Nova Corp Soldier 3.99

Time Spiral Singles
Shards of Alara Singles (prob Sat 19th)
PZO 1110 Pathfinder RPG: Core Rulebook HC 49.99  *reprint*
PIP 35001 Warmachine: Ret Warcaster Dawnlord Vyros 14.99 
PIP 35006 Warmachine: Retribution - Chimera 20.99 
PIP 35008 Warmachine: Retribution - Dawnguard Invictor Unit 44.99
PIP 35023 Warmachine: Retribution - Narn, Mage Hunter Of Ios 9.99
PIP 74039 Hordes: Skorne Tyrant Rhadeim Character Dragoo 34.99 

White Dwarf #356 $9.00
Deck boxes that will hold the planechase cards are in.
IMP TLG1120 The Crusader: The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer Volume 5, #20 3.99

PIP 1019 Warmachine: Retribution Of Scyrah Softcover 34.99 
PIP 1020 Warmachine: Retribution Of Scyrah Hardcover 44.99
Retribution is at hand! Hidden behind their impenetrable borders, a sect within the long-secluded nation of Ios is preparing for war. This full-color Warmachine sourcebook features complete faction rules and profiles for fielding the Retribution of Scyrah, including five new warcasters, as well as an in-depth look at the history of the ancient and long-secluded nation of Ios.

ATG 1240 Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord 19.95
The Lich Lord has returned! And, he's released the dead from their wormy graves. Now these undead hordes are stalking the land. The call has gone out for great heroes to stop this evil plague... are you brave enough to enter the Tomb of the Lich Lord? The first set for the Dungeoneer card game, Tomb of the Lich Lord features 110 new Dungeoneer cards, including undead-themed monsters and six new heroes for your Dungeoneer game: Necrowarrior, Necromancer, Dwarf Avenger, Darkling Rogue, Human Paladin, and Elf Sorceress.

FG CS1019 Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Samael Agent 9.99 
FFG CS1021 Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Elhaim Maiden Light 9.99 
FFG CS1022 Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Church Agent 9.99
Increase your force and tactical flexibility with heroic character blisters containing a highly detailed metal miniature, a character card, asset card, and all the action counters you need.

FFG CT26 Call Of Cthulhu LCG: Twilight Horror Asylum Pack 9.95
This second series of Asylum Packs for the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game transports players to the hallucinatory splendor of H.P. Lovecraft's dream world. Whether you want to play the intrepid human Dreamers, beastly Gugs, or the tricky Zoog, the Dreamlands expansion has something for everyone.

FFG VA60 Descent: Quest Compendium 29.95
The Descent: Quest Compendium presents sixteen of the most cunning, deadly, and puzzling scenarios for your gaming table, brought to you by a cadre of acclaimed and award-winning game designers and authors including Keith Baker (Gloom), Kenneth Hite (Where the Deep Ones Are), Mike Selinker (Yetisburg), and John Kovalic (Dork Tower).

FFG VA66 Ad*Astra 59.95
Ad*Astra takes three to five players into a possible future where five disparate human subraces must explore the galaxy and search for new habitable planets. Players will discover resource-rich planets and mine them to build space ships, colonies, and factories. Players can also find ancient alien technologies that can swing the balance of power in the universe. This interactive, science fiction-themed Eurogame features a modular game layout, high-quality plastic playing pieces, cards, and counters, and a strategic action-programming system where players must plot their moves in advance as well as try to predict the actions of their opponents.

FFP 0203 A Touch of Evil: Something Wicked Expansion 39.95 
The Something Wicked Expansion is packed full of new material including four exciting new Heroes, a new full size game board of the mysterious Echo Lake and its surrounding countryside to add to the main Shadowbrook board, over 130 new game cards including decks for three new Locations to explore, four fearsome new Villains to hunt, and much more!

FFP 0204 A Touch of Evil: Hero Pack 1 24.95 
The Hero Pack 1 Expansion for A Touch of Evil introduces four exciting new monster-hunting Heroes - Adrianna the Foreign Traveler, Harlow Morgan the Inventor, Lucy Hanbrook, and the infamous highwayman, The Scarlet Shadow - each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature. Also included are 10 powerful new Event and Location cards as well as a deadly new Villain...the Necromancer. With total control of the Walking Dead, the Necromancer strangles the streets of Shadowbrook with an endless horde of zombie minions and an unquenchable thirst for destruction!

IMP GMG9102 Level Up #2 (GSL) 1.99 
This second issue of Goodman Games' official 4E RPG magazine features new character options, monsters, Azagar's Advice for Adventurers, and the endearing wisdom of Dear Archmage Abby.

MGP 10000 Judge Dredd RPG 49.95
Welcome to Mega-City One, a city of over 400-million people - and every one of them a potential criminal! Mega-City One demands a special breed of law enforcer - the Judges! Toughest of all Judges is Dredd, a man vested with the power of instant justice - a man whose court is the streets and whose word is the Law!

MGP 6114 Fantasy Craft HC 49.95
The ultimate fantasy toolkit is here! At last, you can run a full-blown fantasy campaign of any scale using the award-winning Spycraft engine, or introduce some unexpected adventure into any Crafty setting!

MGP 6147 Earthdawn RPG: Player's Companion 34.95
The Earthdawn Player's Companion provides rules for advancing characters far beyond the limits set in the Earthdawn rulebook: expanding the existing Disciplines to Fifteenth Circle, offering new talents and spells, and providing rules for expanding character's use of thread magic. The Player's Companion also provides rules for playing questors and Lightbearers, rules for ship combat, and guidelines for creating new Disciplines and creatures.

MGP 6148 Earthdawn RPG: Gamemaster's Companion 34.95
Before science, before history, an era of magic existed in our world's dim past. Magic flowed freely, touching every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Namegiver races. It was an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and mythical stories. It was the Age of Legend. The Earthdawn Gamemaster's Companion provides additional rules for running games of Earthdawn.

MGP 6665 Paranoia XP: Troubleshooters 39.95
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Paranoia, this marvelous tome features new rules to ignore and new missions to be excited by, all dedicated to those staunch defenders of Alpha Complex, the Troubleshooters!

IMP PELGT08 Gumshoe: Trail of Cthulhu - Arkham Detective Tales 17.95 
Introducing four labyrinthine and spine-chilling mysteries for your Trail of Cthulhu investigators!

PUI 10503 Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Supreme Victors 3-Booster Pack
Ultimate Challenges... Supreme Victors! Increase your power with impressive new Pokemon that will take you to the pinnacle of Pokemon battles - the Battle Frontier! In the Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Supreme Victors expansion, you'll find more sizzling Pokemon SP like Blaziken, more ferocious Pokemon LV.X like Charizard LV.X, and more opportunities to battle your way to the top! Your victory will be supreme when you play with Pokemon trained by Team Galactic, the Battle Frontier elite, and the Sinnoh League Champion! Platinum - Supreme Victors features over 150 new cards and remains compatible with previous releases.

IMP TLG7651 Siege: Tainted Lands 29.99 
Upon the far slopes of the Turmberg Mountains lie the fog-enshrouded Tainted Lands. Utilizing the Siege engine, famed game designer James M. Ward invites you to plunge into a world of unrivaled horror where the supernatural dominates!

USO CL00360 The Office Clue 40.00
Six Employees, one Team Building Clue game, nine Office weapons! Michael Scott has called six of his Dunder Mifflin employees into work on a Saturday. Upon arrival they discover Toby (Michael's nemesis from HR) "dead" in the lobby. Along with Toby are instructions for a mandatory Team Building game of CLUE in which the office workers must compete. The prize: an additional week of paid vacation for the winner! The employees must determine: WHO "killed" Toby, with WHAT office weapon, and WHERE the crime occurred.

USO MN00512 USA's Greatest Cities Monopoly 35.00 
New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia... now you can own them all! America's favorite board game brings you the chance to wheel and deal the USA's greatest cities, from Chicago to San Francisco, Atlanta to Las Vegas. Celebrate "Capitalism" as you buy, sell, and trade American travel destinations from sea to shining sea.

USO YZ00488 It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Yahtzee Collector's Edition 17.00
This special edition of Yahtzee features classic images imprinted on the cup and dice from the beloved Peanuts classic, "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

HLP 001 Hot Lead: How To Paint A Better Miniature DVD Set 40.00 
Focusing on Award-winning and internationally-renowned painter Laszlo Jakusovszky's techniques and using film-quality, professional video and macro lenses, Hot Lead features over eight hours of footage on three DVDs covering the entire painting process, from selection, prep, and painting, to varnishing miniatures.

APL 1810 2nd World War at Sea: Strait of Magellan 9.99
The stormy waters at the Southern Cone of the Americas saw very little fighting during the Second World War. But that didn't keep staff officers from the South American navies and the Royal Navy from wondering what would happen if the Axis fleets did penetrate into the region. This supplement for Second World War at Sea features ten scenarios based on battles that might have taken place in these waters, but ultimately did not, and requires ownership of Cone of Fire, Midway, Bismarck, and Leyte Gulf games and the East of Suez supplement to play.

APL 1812 Panzer Lion 9.99
In a series of actions along the frontier between Romania and Ukraine, Lt. Gen. Hasso von Manteuffel's Panzer Division Grossdeutschland and supporting units effectively destroyed four Soviet tank corps and their supporting infantry. Panzer Lion features 10 scenarios.

APL 1813 Panzer Grenadier: Aachen 1944 - Germany Invaded 9.99
This supplement for the Panzer Grenadier series features 10 scenarios based on the battles of October 1944 between divisions of the United States First Army driving onto German soil and those of the German Seventh Army desperately trying to keep them out of the Reich. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of our Cassino '44, Road to Berlin, Battle of the Bulge, and Elsenborn Ridge games.

GHQ 5000 Burning Empires: Bloodstained Stars 25.00
Written by Sydney Freedberg of the National Journal and extensively illustrated by Christopher Moeller, with new paintings and nearly 100 new sketches, Bloodstained Stars contains expanded source material for waging war and combating the Vaylen threat in Christopher Moeller's Iron Empires universe, and also serves as a setting book for the award-winning Burning Empires roleplaying game.

MSL 77009 Alpha Omega: The Encountered Volume 1 39.95
The Encountered contains over 200 creatures, with full-color illustrations, orthographic views, rules for creature creation, templates for modifying or customizing creatures, an encounter management guide, and several optional factions for use with Alpha Omega.

FOW BBX09 - Royal Artillery Battery 1-2 units late war $65.00
British 25 pounder artillery.  A unit would consist of 1 box for your 4 gun battery or grab two boxes for your 8 gun battery.  The truly brave and artillery crazed players will want to grab 4 boxes worth for a total of 16 guns.  Granted each 8 gun battery fire at separate targets but think of what it would look like on a table.  Throw in an air observation plane and you are in business.  The updates on this box that separates it from the old box is that the staff team has a resin base and it looks like the crew have had a facelift.  Vehicles are not included with this box except for an observation carrier.  Have a look at the pictures of the new staff team base and the stats of the guns.

FOW GBX13 - Artillery Battery, 10.5cm leFH18 howitzers 1 unit late war $65
This box consists of 4 German 105mm guns with resin bases, a staff team with resin base, a command team and 2 observers with their kubelwagon transports. Any German player can take artillery even most tank armies get the choice of these.  There are some lists that German players will need a total of 6 guns which means 2 boxes may be warranted or perhaps the GE571 blister would be a good choice.  See more information about these guns along with pictures.

FOW WI263 - Wargames Illustrated Issue #263 $8.00
This issue includes a lot of great information for the desert campaigns in North Africa which obviously goes along with our release of North Afrika. I found another great article in the magazine covering the Dacians which I found to be a great read personally.  Also coverage of Historicon 2009 is in this issue.  If you don't have an auto-ship and would like one with a minimum of 6 issues, let me know.  If you are not up for the auto-ship, you can pick up individuals now.

CAT 35204 BattleTech: Handbook - Major Periphery States 34.99
Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, Marian Hegemony, Outworlds Alliance, and Circinus Federation. Each is a unique star-spanning empire whose hardy-people have carved out their freedom with bare hands: an identity they will not give up without a fight. Even the Great Houses have begun to learn that underestimating these Periphery States is dangerous indeed. Handbook: Major Periphery States collates the essential history, politics, and culture of the Major Periphery States into a single volume, and includes new support vehicles, creatures, and more!

WOC 24178 Dungeons & Dragons: Revenge Of The Giants HC 29.95 
Fee-Fie-Foe-FUN! Evil giants seek to avenge past defeats by ravaging the civilized lands, and the only thing standing in their way is a renowned band of heroes. This D&D super-adventure, designed for paragon-level characters, can be played as a stand-alone adventure or serve as the foundation of an entire D&D campaign.

WOC 2418172 Star Wars RPG: Galaxy At War HC 39.95 
From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War to the Sith-Imperial War, soldiers have their work cut out for them. This supplement for the Star Wars roleplaying game provides rules for military units as well as new character options, new gear and starships, and a host of adventure hooks and campaign seeds.

WOC 24206 Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master's Guide 2 HC 34.95
This core rulebook for Dungeons & Dragons features advice and rules for Dungeon Masters of all levels of experience, with a particular focus on running adventures and campaigns in the paragon tier (levels 11-20).

PSI AOP10101 Cthulhu 101 8.95 
Aimed squarely at those who are "Cthulhu-curious" and modeled after such short, light-tone books as the Bluffers Guide series, Cthulhu 101 combines clear, concise answers to common questions like "What is Cthulhu?," "Who is H.P. Lovecraft?," and "What is the Cthulhu Mythos?", complete with "Top Ten" lists of Lovecraftian stories, movies, and other Mythos milieu.

PSI FSD1001 Castle Panic Boardgame 35.00
The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters. They watched and waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldiers - but now they've gathered their army and are marching out of the woods! Can you work with your friends to defend your Castle, or will the Monsters tear down your walls and destroy the precious Castle Towers?

PSI VLY601 Such A Thing Game 19.95 
Originally released as Ein Solches Ding in Germany and now translated into English, Such A Thing is an association game where players must think of things that fit a number of given characteristics (ex: "heavier than a boot," "is useless once used," and "breaks when left in the freezer") based on cards in their hand.

WWP 25313 Vampire the Requiem: Night Horrors - The Wicked Dead 32.99
Less than Kindred, more than Kind! Vampires call each other Kindred. Living dead playing at being a big, happy family. But not everything gets invited to the reunion. Some creatures are too grisly, too monstrous, too strange to be part of the family. These are the vampires that vampires fear. Meet the Wicked Dead! This Antagonist Book for Vampire: The Requiem features details on the Strix, strange nemeses from the nights of Rome, as well as new lineages of vampire, from the horrifying Jiang Shi to the grotesque Cymothoa Sanguinaria.

BB106 Entrenchments 2+ units e/m/l war  $18.00 
BB107 Log emplacements 2+ units e/m/l war $18.00 

FOW BBX08 Armoured Platoon 2-4 units mid-late war $50.00 

This British box contains 4 Sherman V's and a Firefly Vc.  Each of the models has had stowage and other various items sculpted on them to make them unique.  A player can use this box to make a British platoon with an extra tank to use with a second box to get the core requirements for a company.  This works for the British or any other list out there that uses British organization in late war, like the Polish 1st armored.  Buying 4 boxes of these will get a player enough tanks to make 4 platoons with Firefly tanks along with 4 tanks in the company HQ (company commander, 2iC, plus 2 Sherman V's).  Have a look of the contents of these great looking tanks.

FOW BR601 Sherman ARV 1-2 unites late war $11.00

This is the long awaited armored recovery vehicle for the British.  This tank can be found in most tank lists for the British and their allies (British Empire, Polish, etc).  An ARV allows a player to tow a bogged down or destroyed vehicle or gun 4" if it ends its movement next to it.  The bogged down vehicle is freed if the ARV does not bog itself.  A destroyed vehicle is just moved (think of a destroyed vehicle on a bridge and all the bog checks one has to take to get past it).  The rules for recovery vehicles are on page 41 of the rulebook and pictures of the Sherman ARV.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
ARCACCF001 Sci-Fi Terrain: Concrete Fortress Box Set $90.00
ARCACCF002 Sci-Fi Terrain: 1'' Tall Concrete Walls (2) $8.00
ARCACCF003 Sci-Fi Terrain: 2'' Tall Walls (2) $14.00
ARCACCF004 Sci-Fi Terrain: 3'' Tall Walls (2) $18.00
ARCACCF005 Sci-Fi Terrain: 3'' Tall Walls with Steel Gates (2) $18.00
ARCACCF006 Sci-Fi Terrain: Concrete Wall Catwalks (2) $11.00
ARCACCR001 Environment Terrain: 3 Crater Set (3 pieces) $9.00
ARCACCR002 Environment Terrain: Bubbly Craters (2 pieces) $10.00 
ARCACFB001 Miniature Bases: 25mm Round Cobblestone Figure Bases (5 Bases) $6.00
ARCACFB002 Miniature Bases: 30mm Round Cobblestone Figure Bases (5 bases) $8.50
ARCACFB003 Miniature Bases: 25mm Round Skull Figure Bases (5 Bases) $6.00
ARCACFB004 Miniature Bases: 30mm Round Skull Figure Bases (5 Bases) $8.50 
ARCACFB005 Miniature Bases: 25mm Round Tech Figure Bases (5 Bases) $6.00 
ARCACFB006 Miniature Bases: 30mm Round Tech Figure Bases (5 Bases) $8.50
ARCACFB007 Miniature Bases: 30mm Broken Tile Display Bases (5 Bases) $5.00 
ARCACM001 Miniature Bases: Mushrooms $3.00
ARCACMT001 Miniature Bases: 3 Hole Movement Bases (4 pieces) $6.00 
ARCACMT002 Miniature Bases: 5 Hole Move/Display Bases (4 pieces) $9.00
ARCACMT003 Miniature Bases: Objective Markers (6 pieces) $8.00 
COR280132 Infinity (#200) Caledonian Volunteers (Rifle, Light GL) $19.50
COR280336 Infinity (#192) Yu Jing: Dàoféi (Multi Rifle) $12.75 
COR280435 Infinity (#191) Haqqislam: Bashi Bazouks (Combi Rifle, E/Mauler) $11.25
COR280533 Infinity (#198) Nomads: Zondbots $15.00 
FBMASS003 Freebooter Miniatures: Assassin # 3 $14.95
MBA10110B 28mm European Buildings: Small Stucco Townhouse with Dormer $39.95 
MBA10147 Miniature Building: Market Stalls (3) $24.95
MBA10183 28mm European Buildings:  Corner House with Turret $59.95 
MBA10184 28mm European Buildings: Witt House $59.95
MBA10185 28mm European Buildings: Ruined Cafe $59.95
MBA10186 28mm European Buildings: 
CORner Shop $84.95 
MBA10505 28mm European Buildings: Roadside Inn $299.95
MBA10610 28mm High Adventure Series: Necropolis Shrine $74.95
MBA10611 28mm High Adventure Series: Jepson's Hideaway Jungle Bar $99.95 
MBA10612 28mm High Adventure Series: Expedition Campsite $44.95
MBA10714 28mm Middle Eastern Buildings: Stucco Wall Set $39.95 
MBA10715 28mm Middle Eastern Buildings: Gate $24.95 
MBA10807 28mm Americana & Modern Series: Country Chapel $99.95
MBA10809 28mm Americana & Modern Series: Plantation Out Building $39.95
MBA10901 28mm Americana & Modern Series: Mobile Home $69.95 
MBA15106 15mm Buildings: Small Countryside Buildings $39.95
MBA15107 15mm Buildings: Hedgerow Set $64.95 $35.72 
WSTB-SOTR07 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Boyes Anti Mech Rifle Team (2) $9.00 
WSTB-SOTR07 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Boyes Anti Mech Rifle Team (2) $9.00
WSTB-SOTR08 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Piat D's (4) $9.00
WSTB-SOTR08 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Piat D's (4) $9.00
WSTB-SOTR09 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Bazooka Team (2) $9.00
WSTB-SOTR09 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Bazooka Team (2) $9.00
WSTB-SOTR11 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Mortar Team (4) $12.00
WSTB-SOTR11 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Mortar Team (4) $12.00
WSTB-SOTR16 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Packed 30 cal (2) $9.00 
WSTB-SOTR16 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: British Packed 30 cal (2) $9.00
WSTSHS-SOTR16 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: German Pickelhaube Helmet & Gas Mask Heads $7.00
WSTSHS-SOTR17 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: French Adrian Helmet & Gas Mask Heads $7.00
WSTSHS-SOTR18 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: American Civil War Kepi & Gas Mask Heads $7.00 
WSTSOV-SOTR11 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Soviet Zombie Bombs (4) $12.00
WSTUS-SOTR07 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: U.S. NCO's Various Weapons (4) $9.00 
WSTUS-SOTR07 Secrets of the 3rd Reich: U.S. NCO's Various Weapons (4) $9.00 
IIG-1500 Disposable Heroes: Red Sun, Red Death - Guide to the Pacific War Theater $17.00 
ATO2-4 Against the Odds 08: Fortress Berlin $34.95
ATOATO7-1 Against the Odds - Vol. 7 Num. 1 - Issue #25: Storm Over Taierzhuang $34.95 
COA0810-111 Command at Sea: Vol. 7 - Atlantic Navies $125.00
DCG1019 RAF: Lion vs. Eagle - The Battle of Britain, 1940 $75.00
DCG3019 Highway to the Reich: Operation Market Garden $160.00 
DFL006006 Dragonfire Armada Ships: The Flying Scout $20.00
DFL008004 RPTiles Crypt Tile Set $15.00 
DFL008005 RPTiles Encampment Tile Set $15.00 
DFL008006 RPTiles Terrain Tile Set $15.00
DFL008016 RPTiles Treasure Tile Set $15.00 
DFL008103 RPTiles Tavern Set $15.00 
DFL008401RE Power Tokens: 4th Edition Burst/Blast Templates - Red (GSL) $15.00
DFL008415BA Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Black (GSL) $15.00
DFL008415BL Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Blue (GSL) $15.00
DFL008415BU Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Burgundy (GSL) $15.00 
DFL008415OR Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Orange (GSL) $15.00
DFL008415PR Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Purple (GSL) $15.00 
DFL008415RE Power Tokens: 4th Edition Conditions Tiles: GM Supplement - Red (GSL) $15.00
DSDRUS013 AE-WWII: Spawn of the Apocalypse $6.99 
DSDRUS014 AE-WWII: Beast of the Apocalypse $9.99
DSDRUS015 AE-WWII: Child of the Prophet $6.99 
DSDRUS016 AE-WWII: Follower of the Prophet $6.99 
QTP001 SHAKO II - Rules and Army Lists for Napoleonic Wargaming $42.00 

USO CM00362 A Charlie Brown Christmas Checkers/Tic-Tac-Toe Combo 20.00
USO YZ00493 A Charlie Brown Christmas Yahtzee 17.00
MAOWBB03 Batt-Ball: Batt-Man
MAOWBB01 Batt-Ball: Aristocrat
MAOWBB05 Batt-Ball: Champion
MAOWBB02 Batt-Ball: Barbarian
MAOWBB09 Batt-Ball: Gnome
MAOWBB13 Batt-Ball: Troll 
MAOWBB12 Batt-Ball: Starlet 
MAOWBB07 Batt-Ball: Dwarf
MAOWBB10 Batt-Ball: Ogre
MAOWBB04 Batt-Ball: Catcher
MAOWBB11 Batt-Ball: Pitcher
MAOWBB14 Batt-Ball: Veteran 
MAOWBB08 Batt-Ball: Elf
MAOWBB06 Batt-Ball: Cyclops 

TCD 1281-D Chaotic TCG: Secrets of the Lost City - Alliances Unraveled Booster Display 95.76
TCD 1305-D Chaotic TCG: Secrets of the Lost City Starter Display (10) 119.90 
Join triumphant veterans from the TV show and new faces as they explore and redefine the world of Chaotic in Secrets of the Lost City! This expansion for the Chaotic TCG introduces the new power of Expend which enables Creatures to unlock the true potential of the elements, while High Muges for each Tribe reveal their unique Mugical talents, and Warbeasts, Assassins, and Shapeshifters enter the fray determined to wield the elements of Perim to victory for their Tribe. Secrets of the Lost City is offered in 38-card Starter Decks containing a 24-card pre-constructed deck, four rare Insert Foil Cards, one 9-card Secrets of the Lost City: Alliances Unraveled Booster Pack, one Master Upload and Tip Card, a playmat, and a rulebook. Supplement your decks with Alliances Unraveled 9-card boosters packed in 24-count displays.

EYE 301 Flat Acting Game 29.95
In the Flat Acting Game, players take control of rival movie genres competing to claim the best movie sets.

FFG DE08 Descent: Road To Legend - Lieutenant Kar-amag-atoh 9.95
FFG DE09 Descent: Road To Legend - Lieutenant Slaggorrath 9.95
FFG DE10 Descent: Road To Legend - Lieutenant Dar Hilzernod 14.95 
The path has been long and arduous. Many a foe has been slain, and many a hero has fallen. Now, a new terror is entering the field of battle. Standing proud, the Lieutenants of the Overlord are now something to be truly feared! Featuring detailed sculpts by Cipher Studios (Anima Tactics), these fearsome foes are now available as pewter miniatures designed to bring a new dimension to your Road to Legend campaign.

FFP 0202 A Touch of Evil Special Edition CD Soundtrack 11.95 
This Special Edition CD Soundtrack adds five additional tracks of blood-curdling music to the original score, complete with liner notes from the composer, and two exclusive, music-themed promo cards for the game.

HPC 001 Host-Party Murder Mystery Activation Card Display (12) 299.40
Looking for fun? Throw a Killer Party! With the Activation Card, you can choose from over 120 Mystery Party Games and custom generate your own Part Kits. Each Host-Party Murder Mystery Kit includes: Instructions and Game Materials, Scripts, Clues, Invitations, Party Recipes, Nametags, and Tips from other hosts.

PHI 70001 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #1 - The Dark Heart Of The Forest 31.99
Warlord 4th Edition reinvents the epic fantasy card game game "you already know how to play". Originally published in 2001, PHOENIX Interactive takes seven years of experience, streamlines the game, and for the first time offers it in a customizable format. All cards are contained within Adventure Path Sets, each containing two ready-to-play, 55-card decks and a Rules Sheet.

PHI 70002 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #2 - Against The Tyrants 31.99 
PHI 70003 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #3 - The Temple Of Eternal Flame 31.99
PHI 70004 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #4 - Forbidden Knowledge Of Kylnion 31.99 
PHI 70005 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #5 - Ambush In The Swamps Of Eban-tarsis 31.99
PHI 70006 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Base Set #6 - The Gargoyle's Retribution 31.99 
Each Adventure Path Set contains two ready-to-play, 55-card decks and a Rules Sheet.

PHI 70011 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #1 Shattered Empires - Secrets Of The Frozen Peaks 31.99
PHI 70012 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #1 Shattered Empires - Ports Of Treachery 31.99
PHI 70013 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #1 Shattered Empires - War On The Plains 31.99
Each Expansion Set contains two ready-to-play, 55-card decks and a Rules Sheet.

PHI 70021 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Learn-to-Play Set 19.99
Deep in the jungles of Ne-rubu Tabaqu drums that were silent for a thousand years can be heard again as an ancient evil is on the rise. Honoring the new alliance between Morghen Dythanus and the Vaneris, the Queen of the Merelves sends her daughter Yvaalis up the Tabaqu Agu to find out more. This Learn-to-Play Set for Warlord: Saga of the Storm 4th Edition contains two ready-to-play decks with 50 cards each, a single 20-sided dice, and a Quick Start Rules Sheet.

PHI 70022 Warlord: Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition - Treasure Chest Expansion 24.99
This all-foil mini-expansion for use with Warlord: Saga of the Storm features 40 of the most played cards in the 4th Edition game, including Judge Aeacus, Incinerate, Aegis, and Pyrothraxas, as well as 15 all-new indispensible additions to your deck, one character for each faction, plus one action card and one item card for each class.

PHI 70031 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #2 Crimson Coast - Justice Of The Black Sun 31.99
PHI 70032 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #2 Crimson Coast - Terror From The Deep 31.99 
PHI 70033 Warlord Saga Of The Storm 4th Edition: Expansion #2 Crimson Coast - Virtues Of The Stalwart 31.99
Each Expansion Set contains two ready-to-play, 55-card decks and a Rules Sheet.

IMP SFR2010 Dragon Dice: Acolytes of Eldarim Kicker 10.95 
The Acolytes are single-colored dice that come in all five elemental colors. The Acolytes are specialists of their type, and include a new class of units, the Shieldbearers, who serve as protectors of the Acolytes. Each Dragon Dice: Acolytes of Eldarim expansion contains six common, three uncommon, and two rare.

FDX 03890 Wizard Of Oz Board Game 39.99 no discount
Battle Winged Monkeys, escape the Wicked Witch's Castle, help Tin Man find a heart, Scarecrow a brain, Cowardly Lion courage, and show Dorothy that there truly is no place like home! Build your very own Yellow Brick Road each time and begin your journey towards the Emerald City!

WNM1126 Monopoly: The Classic Edition $24.95
Monopoly as your remember it. High Quality components, original game play and fond memories of great fun! Finally ... Monopoly for the speciality retailer!

WNM1128 Power Yahtzee $11.95
The Best-Selling dice game of all-time has been given a remarkable shot in the arm. Thanks to the power die, players can score double and triple points ... and even take a 4th roll if they're lucky enough.

WNM1129 Take A Chance $11.95
You can turn $10,000 into $100,000 in thirty minutes? Take a Chance will have you buying, rolling and making money in no time. The cards each picture dice rolls that pay-off big. You need to own cards of several colors to be able to roll all the dice. Match your dice rolls to what's on the cards and you'll get rich quick!

WNM1130 25 Random Things about Me $15.95
Play 25 Random Things about Me and get to know the people you thought you already knew! During game play, you'll try match fun facts on the game cards with your opponents. Make a match and then add a new, totally random thing about yourself to your list. The first person to complete a list of 25 random things wins.

WNM1131 CirKis  $27.99
CirKis is a captivating abstract strategy game for the whole family. Two to four players take turns placing one of their nine differently shaped pieces on the beveled game board next to the last piece played. The aim is to complete Circles and Stars to score points. CirKis is very easy to learn as there is only one rule: Each new piece must touch the last piece played. That's it! Although CirKis is quickly learned, it soon becomes apparent that strategic thinking is crucial to scoring high, making each game more rich and diverse than the next as players evolve their offensive and defensive strategies. Be the first player to score 40 points to win the game!

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MDB KVD-0921 Dirty Laundry DVD 29.99 

FUN FN-08430 Save Me! Lollipop Complete Series DVD 29.98 
Nina was just another girl who dreamed of finding a prince to defend her honor and protect her from harm. Little did she know, two such boys would fall from the sky! Zero and Ichii are sorcerers from another world taking part in a test. The only way to pass the curious quiz? Find the coveted Crystal Pearl! It's going to be tough - other examinees seek the jewel as well, and some will stop at nothing to capture the prize. Oh, and Nina ate the Crystal Pearl after mistaking it for a piece of candy!

FUN FN-07776 Negima Box Set DVD 39.98 
From the creator of Love Hina! Vampires, Robots, Sorcery... and that's all before gym class! Wizard-in-training Negi Springfield is only 10 years old, but he also happens to be the newest English teacher at the all-girl Mahora Academy. Too bad a bachelor's degree and an enchanted staff can't prepare a lad for the chaos of being surrounded by dozens of Junior High girls!

FUN GN-08318 Black Lagoon Complete Set DVD 69.98
Okajima Rokuro - now known almost exclusively as 'Rock' - was once a typical, put-upon Japanese businessman, until he was kidnapped and ransomed by the Lagoon Company: a band of mercenary pirates operating out of the crime-riddled city of Roanapur. Abandoned by his bosses, he must try and stay afloat amongst the ever-shifting politics of the criminal underworld, while simultaneously avoiding death at the hands of his quick-tempered, gun-toting co-worker, 'Two Hand' Revy!

MDB AWD-0936 Huntik: Secrets And Seekers Volume 1 DVD 16.99
Magic, mystery, mythology, and adventure come together in Huntik! Join Lok Lambert and Dante Vale as they travel the globe with their group of amazing Seekers, exploring exotic locations, unlocking ancient secrets, and uncovering powerful spirit-warriors, called Titans, to use in battle against the evil Organization.

MDB AWD-0951 Green Green Complete DVD ThinPack 19.99 
In ages past, a man and a woman tasted forbidden love. Even though they could not be together, they made a vow that would transcend time. In modern day, Yuusuke, a student at the Kanenone all-boys academy, is one of the reincarnated lovers. When an all-girls class is transferred to the school for a summer session, could one of them be his past romance?

FUN FN-08340 Heat Guy J Complete Series Box Set DVD 49.98 
They needed a hero, so they built Heat Guy J! Android J was secretly built by the government as a special agent to combat crime in the oceanic city-nation of Judoh. While J initially appears to be human, the illusion quickly disappears in clouds of scorching steam when he fights. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run - from the underground legend known as the Heat Guy!

FUN GN-08662 Ergo Proxy Box Set DVD 49.98
The domed city of Romd is an impenetrable would-be utopia where humans and robots coexist, and everything is under complete government control - or so it appears. While working on a mysterious murder case, Re-l Mayer, a female detective from the Civilian Intelligence Office, receives a foreboding message that something is going to "awaken." That night, she's attacked by a deformed super-being. What was this unidentified monster that attacked her, and who was the figure that came in between them? As Re-l attempts to unlock this spiraling mystery, a metaphysical battle cry leads her to the unknown outside world...

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
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Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off.

Code  -  Release -  MSRP
09TOBBC 2009 BOWMAN CHROME BASEBALL 9/17/2009 $71.82
09TOFF 2009 TOPPS FINEST FOOTBALL 9/16/2009 $107.88 
HW12BC 1:12 '66 TV Batcycle with Sidecar  #P6923 9/16/2009
09UDFSPX 2009 UD SPX FOOTBALL 9/22/2009 
HW50STRN Mattel 1:50 StarTrek Romulan Narada 4ct P6921-9983 9/22/2009
MTFBDC2P09 McFarlane NFL 2009 Cowboys 2-Pack Box Set #93243-0 9/21/2009
MTFBS20BR McF NFL Series 20 B Roethlisberger SOLID 93262-1 9/21/2009
MTFBS20EM McFarlane NFL Series 20 Eli Manning SOLID 93263-8 9/21/2009
MTFBS20LF McFarlane NFL Series 20 L Fitzgerald SOLID 93266-9 9/21/2009
MTFBS20MT McFarlane NFL Series 20 M Turner SOLID 93265-2 9/21/2009
MTFBS20PR McFarlane NFL Series 20 P Rivers SOLID 93264-5 9/21/2009
MTFBS20TR McFarlane NFL Series 20 Tony Romo SOLID 93261-4 9/21/2009

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