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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Oct 3 2011 to Oct 9 2011
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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events: Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store, so prepay is advisable for popular events.
If the wind isn't blowing, we can usually take another 8 players.

Mon. 11-2 Demos: 7 Wonders and Treasures & Traps
4pm D&D 4e D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of NeverWinter by Ryan $3
Ryan will be running till the Holiday Break.

We are looking for a new DM to do a new campaign in Jan.
Please email if you are interested.
you may earn $20 in store trade weekly.

Tues.: 11-2 Demos: Got 'em and Ice Dice
4pm Official Pokemon CCG, Nintendo DS and Pokemon Rumble League by Rickki $3

Wed.; 11-2 Demos: Eldar Sign and Star Fluxx
4pm Heroclix $5 unless Sealed (Play starts 4:30)
they usually do not play till 4:30, they only play 2 games instead of 3
Heroclix players will get 10% off their heroclix purchase if they play.
Prize for the Winner, Prize for 2nd place, Prize for Fellowship (sportsmanship)
Gator Games will add prizes, so all players will get a prize.

10/05 "Beatdown"
Prize: Green Kryptonite Special Object
200 Pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All figures have invulnerability for the entire game. Invulnerability cannot be countered with Outwit.

10/12 "Theme Teams"
Prize: Zibarro LE Figure
900 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: All teams must be themed-teams

10/19 Heroclix Sealed
Prize: Commander El LE Figure
400 pts Sealed

10/26 "Planet Pride"
Prize: White Kryptonite Special Object
500 pts Unrestricted
Special Rules: Teams must be composed of either all earthling characters or all alien characters

Thurs. 11-2 Demos: Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy
4pm Official Yugioh "Advanced Format" Tourney $5
Official Championship/Turbo Packs to all that enter, 2 to the winner.
30 min of trading after tourney is over.
Yugioh Advanced Format - Limited and Forbidden Lists

Fri. 3:30 pm Friday Night Magic Standard 'type 2' $5
We can only take 16 people.
note: The official Prizes are only the FNM Cards.
Gator Games will be adding additonial foils, boosters and possbile other prizes.
We will 'not' be doing random prizes as we will let the 'winners' pick their choice of foil.
There will be a prize for everyone and 1st & 2nd are guaranteed one booster.
Boosters will be added based on the number of players and other prizes, so say we add a $25 playmat there will be less boosters.

Weekend Events!

Oct 8 Sat, 11am Commander Format - Magic $5

Oct 9 Sun 11am Games Workshop The Overtyrant's Decree! Free
We play till 5:30pm Period or the end of the 5 rounds.
The MAW PIT battle rules
• any hero combination up to 250 points max 2 heroes, characters must be named and are allowed to be special characters
• No mounts
• No missile weapons
• No wizards, this is a contest of strength!
• There is a one time bonus of 5 points for the figure being fully painted
• 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss
• There is no combat resolution; this is just a straight slugfest. You place the two models in base contact and the guy who dies loses
• The one with the most points after 5 rounds wins; if there is a tie the combatants will have a final match.
winner to choose a Box Set $25 or less

Oct 15 Sat, 11am Bandi Resident Evil Outbreak and Star Trek Deck Building Game
demos and promos given out.
Oct 16, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 2/4 - Innistrad League

Oct 22, Sat 11am 40K Tournament Free
winner to choose a Box Set $25 or less
The tournament will consist of 3 games of Warhammer 40,000 for each player using 1500 point armies. The 5th edition rulebook will be in use for all games and will be the definitive guide for all rules. The time limit for each game is 2 hours. At the end of 2 hours, time will be called and all games must be finished immediately. No additional time will be provided. Note: do not begin a round unless there is ample time for both players to receive their turn.
• In each game, players will play a scenario. Each scenario will have a list of special rules and other information. Each pair of players will receive a copy of the scenario at the beginning of each round.
Battlepoints scoring: Basic Battlepoints are determined by the chart below.
Winner Loser
Massacre 20 0
Major Victory 17 3
Minor Victory 13 7
Draw 10 10
In addition each scenario will contain more battlepoints to be earned.
Tiebreakers will be determined by strength of schedule.

Oct 23 How to paint Miniatures by Randi Free
bring your models you are working on
if you do not have a model - one will be provided.
(best painter will get a prize)

Oct 29 Sat, Free Game Day - come and pick a new RPG item.
Oct 30, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 3/4 - Innistrad League

Nov 5 Sat 11am Magic Mini Master Tournament FREE (8 people only)
Nov 6 Sun 11am Magic Mini Master Tournament FREE (8 people only)

Nov 12 Sat 11am Commander Tournament $5

Nov 13, Sun 11am Magic Booster Draft by Aidan $15
also Week 4/4 - Innistrad League

no events starting Nov 19 to Jan 18th for the Holiday Season.

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

BAI 23720-S Star Trek DBG Next Generation $39.99
Customers that pre-order Star Trek DBG Next Generation Deck Building Game will receive 2 special exclusive promotional cards that are not found in the game with each copy of the game.
The 2 promotional cards are: 1 FOIL Jean-Luc Picard - 1 FOIL Q (Human Form)

____ ASM CLAU02 Claustrophobia: De Profondis BG $49.99
____ ASM HATTA01 Hattari  BG $19.99
____ ASM TAK01US Takenoko BG $44.99
____ ASM GHOMU03 Ghost Stories Black Secret Exp $46.99
____ ASM JSLC03 Jungle Speed Raving Rabbids $24.99

____ DVG 9103 Bang! Gold Rush $16.90
A cascade of gold nuggets will be the reward for the quickest gunslinger! Earn shiny gold nuggets and buy new equipment. Thanks to the new shadow-gunslingers, you keep playing until the last BANG!

____ DVG 9204 Lupus in Tabula Lady Werewolf's Revenge $16.90
Under the light of the full moon Lara, the lady Werewolf, takes her revenge! Who will survive? The village of Tabula has grown! Creepy creatures have joined the villagers. A whole new faction works in the shadows. And even ghosts have special powers!

____ RGG 456 Puerto Rice Anniversary Edition $100.00
This is the same great game with expansions and very special components. Prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, craftsman, or builder?
Which roles will you play in the new world?
Will you own the most prosperous plantations?
Will you build the most valuable buildings?
You have but one goal: achieve the greatest prosperity and highest respect!
This goal is attained by the player who earns the most victory points!

____ RGG 457 Friday TBA
Friday is a solo adventure - only you can win the game! You are helping Robinson, who came ashore on your island, fight against many hazards. At the beginning, Robinson is not very skillful. With each fight he wins you will improve his abilities, but defeats are also helping to get rid off of his worse habits. However, life on the island is energy-sapping, so that Robinson not only gains experiences during his time there, but also starts aging and tends to get clumsy. In this game, Robinson is represented as a card stack of different behaviors. You are forced to improve this card stack, so you can collect the cards at the end of the game to give Robinson the best chance to win against the tough pirates!

____ RGG 461 Power Grid: The First Sparks (stand alone) $44.95
As clan leader you are responsible for the well-being of your clan during the Stone Age. You need to develop new hunting technologies and get new knowledge, to successfully hunt food or to learn to control fire. With help of these skills you will harvest enough food to feed your clan and to spread it far enough to reach new hunting areas. In this game you are always confronted with manifold decisions: which technology cards offer you the biggest advantages, when it is the right time to spread your clan on the game board, which hunting areas will grant the most food? Reaching new hunting areas or trying to secure parts of the game board for your own clan are important factors for your strategy. Empty spaces are cheaper for your clan to settle in compared to spaces, where other clans already settled earlier. If you are the first to increase your clan size to 13 clan members you will win The First Sparks.

____ RGG 462 Power Grid: The Robots Expansion TBA
This expansion can only be played with a copy of Power Grid. The game rules for Power Grid are the same. This expansion includes components and rules for adding robot players to the game.

____ RGG 463 Stone Age: Style is the Goal Expansion $34.95
They build their huts and hunt for food during the day. In the evening, our Stone Age inhabitants sit by the fire and share stories of their days. But one notices that something is new and whispers: "Why do you have a tooth hanging there?" The answer, "It is a decoration!" "I want something like that to wear, too!" In Stone - Age: style is the goal, a new item emerges: decoration. And with decorations come traders. The players can now trade their resources for decorations. Now, there is a new workplace in the village, new cards, and new huts to expand the world of Stone Age, with room for a 5th player! Stone Age - style is the goal - is the long anticipated expansion for Stone Age.

o Manufactuer Announcements

WotC: The following items have been announced as out of stock and no plans to reprint:
WOC367110000 - MTG Innistrad Fat Packs
WOC367070000 - MTG Innistrad Intro Decks\

Also, Wizards of the Coast announced this as out of stock, no further status was given.
WOC251510000 - D&D DU6 harrowing Halls


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
Pre-orders are held for 10 days.
Num Product Name Retail Cost
FFGFFS03 Green Label: Standard American Board Game Sleeves (50) $2.99
FFGFFS05 Silver Label: Standard Card Game Sleeves (50) $2.99
TAPBF4133 Miniature Basing/Flock: Battlefields XP - Wilderness Tuft 4mm $5.99
TAPBF4134 Miniature Basing/Flock: Battlefields XP - Meadow Flowers $5.99
TAPCP3019 Army Painter: Alien Purple Primer $14.99
TAPCP3022 Army Painter: Ultra Marine Blue $14.99
TAPST5108 Warpaints - Hobby Starter Brush: Wargamers Most Wanted $16.50
RPR 03582 Mind Eater  Mini $7.79
RPR 03583 Blabbering Horrors Mini $7.99
RPR 14633 Gilok Onyxfist, Dwarf Wizard Mini $5.99
RPR 50240 Buck Fannin, Cowboy  Mini $5.99
RPR 50248 Shoggoth Mini $9.49
RPR 59011 Savage Worlds Andrew Lane: The Ghost Mini $6.29
RPR 59013 Savage Worlds Hangin Judge Mini $6.29
RPR 60081 Pathfinder Runelord Azlantist Mini $7.49
RPR 60082 Pathfinder Vordakai, Cyclops Lich Mini $11.29
MDG 7102A 7 Wonders Brown Mag Cpr Sleeve (100) Acc $3.32
MDG 7102B 7 Wonders Blue Mag Cpr Sleeve (100) Acc $3.32
MDG 7102C 7 Wonders Purple Mag Cpr Sleeve(100) Acc $3.32
UPR 82816 MTG Innistrad 9pkt Portfolio Acc $10.00
UPR 82817 MTG Innistrad Vertical Deck Protecto Acc $11.00
UPR 82818 MTG Innistrad Top Load Deck Box Acc $3.00
UPR 82819 MTG Innistrad Playmat Acc $25.99
UPR 82850 MTG Innistrad Horizontal Deck Protector Acc $11.00
UPR 82851 MTG Innistrad Side Load Deck Box Acc $3.00
MGE AKM21-1 Hobby Set Acc 24.99
GF9 BB505 Large Desert Hill Miniatures Games $25.00
GF9 BB534 Extra Large Desert Hill Miniatures Games $25.00
GF9 BB535 Desert Escarpments Miniatures Games $25.00
GF9 BB537 Desert Oasis Miniatures Games $25.00
GF9 BB538 Desert Palms Miniatures Games $30.00
LOO 048-S Looney Pyramids Rainbow (NO EU) Acc $10.00
LOO 049-S Looney Pyramids Xeno (NO EU) Acc $10.00
PIP NQ38 No Quarter Magazine #38  Magazine $7.50
GTM 140 Game Trade Magazine #140  Magazine Free wtih preorders
MAT W4729 Phase 10 Card Game Card Game $7.99
GGP1002 Gaming Paper 1 in. Hex Singles $ 9.99
GAWWD381 White Dwarf # 38 1 $ 9.00

BAI 23711 Resident Evil DBG Outbreak Game Mat Acc $24.99
BAI 23803-S Resident Evil DBG Outbreak Deck-Building $29.00
Playable with both the Resident Evil Deck-Building Core Game and Resident Evil: Alliance, this 150-card expansion introduces the new "Outbreak" Mode that puts the players in danger of turning into the Infected themselves. New characters such as Kevin, Ryman, David King, and Mark Wilkins will help you while you're alive. However, life doesn't end as an Infected, as you can rise from the dead and attack your fellow players as new Infected Characters and Infection Cards!

ACT 001 Dragon Castle Playmat Accessories $15.60
Featuring stunning, full-color artwork produced by some of the top artists in the industry, these playmats are a must-have for true gaming enthusiasts. Each 24" x 14", rubber- backed mat is limited to a one-time-only production run, in very limited quantities.

ACT 002 Deadly Encounter Playmat Accessories $15.60
Featuring stunning, full-color artwork produced by some of the top artists in the industry, these playmats are a must-have for true gaming enthusiasts. Each 24" x 14", rubber- backed mat is limited to a one-time-only production run, in very limited quantities.

ACT 003 Midnight Tides Playmat Accessories $15.60
Featuring stunning, full-color artwork produced by some of the top artists in the industry, these playmats are a must-have for true gaming enthusiasts. Each 24" x 14", rubber- backed mat is limited to a one-time-only production run, in very limited quantities

LOO 001M2 Fluxx Mixed Display Card Game $96.00 30-Sep 138
The ever-changing card game of Fluxx just got more mixed-up! Each PoP display contains one each of Star Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Martian Fluxx, Original Fluxx, and EcoFluxx.

LOO 040 Ice Dice (NO EU) Board Game $20.00
Ice Dice is a fast-playing, easy-to-learn dice game where players attempt to collect three matching sets of pyramids. If the piece you roll is gone from the bank, you can steal it from your opponent! Rules to a bonus game, Launchpad 23, are also included, along with a colorful, 24-page Guide to Looney Pyramids promoting the game system and 11 other games that can be played with the pyramids. Each Ice Dice game comes packaged in a pyramid-shaped, zippered pouch with 30 pyramids, two custom dice, and instructions for two games.

LOO 047-S Star Fluxx  Non-CCG $16.00
Just when you thought that Fluxx had gone as far as it could go... it blasts off for the Stars! Explore the vastness of space-themed humor with your valiant Captain, Engineer, and, of course, your Expendable Crewman.

ELG 001  Tic Tic Boom Non-CCG $11.95
In Tic Tic Boom, players race to spell "KABOOM" on the communal board, while using their wits to activate powers (and score points) by combining cards to spell BAM, BOOM, or K.O. to defuse opponents or defend yourself from the onslaught of incoming attacks.

GF9 72719 D&D DM's Map Set RPG $39.99
Gale Force Nine's Official Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Mat Set contains two vinyl game mats for staging your own encounters and adventures. One mat is a simple 1" grid of stone tiles, the classic dungeon environment. The other mat is a green grass field, ideal for staging outdoor confrontations. Each high-quality vinyl mat measures 20" x 30" and can be used with wet-erase markers.

PSI AOP6000 Unhallowed Metropolis RPG Rev HC RPG $39.95
It has been two-hundred years since the first outbreak of the Plague, when the dead rose to feed on the flesh of the living. Countless millions perished in the chaos that followed. Now London, the capital of the Neo-Victorian Empire, is a vast, densely crowded city. Predators, human and inhuman, stalk the slums and rookeries, preying on the unwary and the helpless. Even in this time of darkness there are those with the strength to fight. Undertakers, Mourners, soldiers, and scientists do battle with the horrors of the age, keeping a solemn vigil over the Unhallowed Metropolis. Newly revised and updated with new art and streamlined rules, Unhallowed Metropolis is an apocalyptic Neo-Victorian dystopia, providing a rich roleplaying experience steeped in alchemy, mad science, and undeath.

PSI CB7311 QUERP Modern Heroes RPG $24.99
Welcome to a world much like our own, where people live out their daily lives against a background of crime, war, failing economies, and widespread famine. It's a world in peril - but you have the power to do something about it in QUERP: Modern Heroes.

PSI CB7321 Faded Lands Sokara Worn Torn Kingdom RPG $19.99
Welcome to a world much like our own, where people live out their daily lives against a background of crime, war, failing economies, and widespread famine. It's a world in peril - but you have the power to do something about it in QUERP: Modern Heroes.

PSI SG-2001 Confusion Espionage/Deception C War BG $59.95
Confusion takes players back to the early 1960s and the Cold War between the United States and the USSR as each takes on the role of their selected nation's spy agency: the CIA or the KGB. As leader of a spy syndicate, you're tasked in deploying spies and utilizing their talents and knowledge for maximum effect in escorting a Top Secret Briefcase to its destination. But, be on alert - your opponent has placed a double-agent in your team of spies!

PSI SG-9002 Survive 5-6 Player Mini Exp BG $7.95
Play with up to six players for even more explosive fun in Survive: Escape >From Atlantis! This 5-6 Player Mini-Expansion includes: 60 Plastic People Tokens, one Sticker Sheet, one Rules sheet, and five Mountain Tiles.

PUI 10659 Pokemon Zoroark Illusions Box CCG $15.60
Unleash the magic and discover the Illusion Fox Pokemon, Zoroark, like you've never seen it before in the Pokemon TCG: Zoroark - Illusions Collection! Zoroark is ready for battle with its powerful, rare Snarl attack - as both a collectible foil card and a fantastic oversized card with an amazing foil 3D effect! Each box contains a foil Zoroark promo and oversized 3D card, three Pokemon TCG booster packs, and a bonus code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online that unlocks a Pokemon TCG booster pack online and your special Zoroark card - as both a card and a cool new Item for your avatar!

SJG 5523A Munchkin 25mmD6 Red Jumbo Dice (2) Acc $5.95
SJG 5523B Munchkin 25mmD6 Orange Jumbo Dice (2 Acc $5.95
SJG 5523C Munchkin 25mmD6 Yellow Jumbo Dice(2) Acc $5.95
SJG 5523D Munchkin 25mmD6 Green Jumbo Dice (2) Acc $5.95
SJG 5523E Munchkin 25mmD6 Jumbo Blue Dice (2) Acc $5.95
SJG 5523F Munchkin 25mmD6 Purple Jumbo Dice(2) Acc $5.95
All gamers love dice, especially cool, unusual dice . . . and they'll love the Munchkin Jumbo d6s! These 25mm sixsided dice are available in six colors (conveniently matching the six player and monster colors from Munchkin Quest). Each pack has two jumbo dice - a "Munchkin d6" and a "Monster d6," with classic John Kovalic art on every face. Plus, every set comes with a pair of new Treasure cards (one for Munchkin and Munchkin Quest) that gives the players abusive bonuses just for owning these dice! (And more colors means more bonuses . ..) Two 25mm six-sided dice and two cards in a blister pack.

WWP 55566 Hunter Compacts and Conspiracies RPG $14.99
For many hunters carrying the Vigil, the hunt is only one part of their lives. Many belong to hunter organizations-the more localized compacts, or the globe-spanning conspiracies. Joining such a group comes with varying advantages-safety in numbers, a paycheck, access to unique weapons and critical information, and camaraderie. But it also comes replete with new problems: competition, cover-ups, and a rigorous set of rules to which one must adhere or face the always unpleasant consequences.

FFG DU16 Arcana Revised Ed Non-CCG $34.95
In Arcana, 2-4 guild leaders send their loyal Agents into the districts of Cadwallon to gain power through intrigue, bribery, and coercion! This revised edition of Arcana introduces two new guilds plus six new rule options for players to choose from, or incorporate them all for a more challenging experience.

FFG MEC05 LTR LCG The Hills of Emyn Muil AP LCG $14.95
The hunt for Gollum continues in The Hills of Emyn Muil, the fourth Adventure Pack for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! The Hills of Emyn Muil includes a Quest card and its related Encounters, as well as new Hero, Attachment, and Ally cards.

FFG RT08 Rogue Trader Fallen Suns HC RPG $24.95
A lost Eldar Craftworld has begun a dark voyage of death and disaster, and only the Rogue Traders of the Koronus Expanse stand in the way of its rampage! Fallen Suns is the third and final installment in The Warpstorm Trilogy for Rogue Trader.

FFG TH16 Tannhauser Mizu Kage BG $12.95
This single figure expansion for Tannhauser features a dramatically posed and painted Mizu Kage miniature, plus new rules for Allied forces and a unique scenario highlighting Mizu's talents.

FFG TH17 Tannhauser Itami  BG $12.95
Drawn forth from Naraka by a blend of science and mysticism, Itami is a hybrid of human and Oni, the denizens of the Realm of Suffering. While even the Shogunate do not fully understand his abilities, they are astounding! This single-figure expansion for Tannhauser features a beautifully sculpted Itami miniature, complete with new rules for the Nippon Accord and a unique scenario designed to highlight Itami's mysterious powers.

FFG WHC23 Warhammer LCG The Inevitable City BP LCG $14.95
The Inevitable City is the first Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion Th Card Game. With half of its 60 cards (three copies each of 20 unique cards) devoted to the corrupting forces of the Ruinous Powers, The Inevitable City is an invaluable Battle Pack for players of the Chaos faction. Additionally, players of other factions will find a variety of useful tactics, units, and support options, while Goblin Squig Trackers, Ancient Stegadons, and the powerful vampire Mannfred Von Carstein join the battle for the Old World!

S2P SGP1102 Ironclaw Players Book RPG $29.95
The Player's Book contains everything you need to play Ironclaw, the award-winning roleplaying game of anthropomorphic fantasy! Choose your species: will you be a stealthy cat, strong horse, flying bat, cunning weasel, or will you create your own? Dozens of career, skill, and upgrade options await you, as you immerse yourself in a complex world of deadly intrigue, dark cults, forbidden places, and deadly combat!

S2P SGP1103 Ironclaw Hosts Book RPG $29.95
From mysterious creatures and practitioners of the dark arts, to the secret schemers and pretenders who would seize the throne of the High King, the island of Calabria is rife with peril! This Host's Book serves as a guide to all corners of Calabria, and offers many enemies to fight, as well as advanced upgrades for characters who have proven themselves worthy in trials by fire. No Ironclaw campaign is complete without these rules!

PUI 10656-S Pokemon Super Snivy Box 17.99
PUI 10657-S Pokemon Terrific Tepig Box 17.99
PUI 10658-S Pokemon Outstanding Oshawatt Box 17.99
Make the most of the great Grass Snake Pokemon Snivy, the superb Sea Otter Pokemon Oshawott, and the fantastic Fire Pig Pokemon Tepig in the Pokemon TCG: Black & White Starter Figure Box! Inside, you'll find a special foil promo card, an amazing 3D oversized card, and an awesome figure! Also included are three Black & White Emerging Powers booster packs and a special supplemental code card that will unlock all of this and more in the Pokemon TCG Online!

PUI 10703 Pokemon B&W Emerging Powers Mini Bin 2.40
Each mini-collector's album holds 60 cards, and includes a sample pack with three cards from the Pokemon TCG: Black & White - Emerging Powers expansion.

PUI 10627-C Pokemon Leg Reshiram/Zekrom Case (12) CCG
The depth of black, the vastness of white, the skills of YOU! In the Pokemon TCG: Reshiram Box or Zekrom Box, you'll find either the amazing Reshiram or the outstanding Zekrom as a spectacular collectible figure that brings legendary force to your training! Plus, you'll get four booster packs from the Pokemon TCG: Black & White Series expansions, a specially selected foil promo card of Reshiram or Zekrom, and special code cards that unlock boosters for the Pokemon TCG Online.

IMXIG-DDBG Dunger Derby the Board Game $15.00
Wild Pig Racing! Dunger Derby the Board Game is fun game aimed for childern and family play. Race your wild boar around the track with the first one to cross all 4 gates winning. The game is playable by children as young as 6 with parental help and an entire game takes around 30 minutes to play.

IMXIG-FBAL Forceball Board Game $10.00
Forceball is a fast and futuristic sport card game for 2 players. Each match consists of three periods. A period starts with a face-off to decide who's the attacker and who's the defender, and then progresses with the players taking turns either attacking or defending. The period ends when all cards in the deck have been used, and the deck is then reshuffled for the next period.

IMXIG-SHOT Passing Shot Tennis Dice Game $12.00
Passing Shot is a dice game for two players that simulates a tennis game. Player take on the role of a tennis player. Strategic use of the dice rolls allow you to score enough points to win game, set and match. Passing Shot has easily scaled rules to allow for different age ranges to play or for the complexity of the game to be modified. Game contains 10 Tennis dice (in two colours) and 4 plastic scoring tokens (in 2 colours).

SBLMK2E Armytransport Carry Case: Mark II (EMPTY) $49.99
This item is always sold empty. Same dimensions, shape, pockets as the standard ARMYTRANSPORT, With removable "PADDED" shoulder strap, Buckles for adding an ARMYTRANSPORT Platoon case, A large mesh back pocket, the back of the case unzips for easy loading of trays

FFG OMAD03 COC Mansions/Madness Silver Tablet
A promising professor has absconded with university property - an ancient and mysterious silver tablet. Now, you've been hired to search her manor for clues to her whereabouts, all while treating the matter with the utmost discretion. But what darker secrets does the tablet hold, and why did Professor Wolcott cut off all communication with the outside world? A story expansion for Mansions of Madness, The Silver Tablet tasks players with solving the horrifying mystery behind an ancient artifact... all while resisting its sinister powers! This expansion comes complete with three double-sided reference sheets, two Keeper Action cards, five Event cards, three Objective cards, and nearly 50 Clue, Exploration, Lock, and Obstacle cards.

OPD KGBGD Kobold Guide to Board Game Design Magazine $19.99
Pull up a chair and see how the world's top game designers roll! The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design gives readers an insider's view on how to make a board game that people will want to play again and again. Author Mike Selinker (Betrayal at House on the Hill) has invited some of the world's most talented and experienced game designers to share their secrets on game conception, design, development, and presentation, including Dale Yu (Dominion), James Ernest (Kill Doctor Lucky), Lisa

GAW DF-01 Dreadfleet Board Game 115.00
For two bleak decades the Undead reavers of Count Noctilus have plagued the oceans of the world. After each raid, the Dreadfleet disappears into its lair as quickly and silently as it appeared, far from the reach of Man. And yet there remains hope. Captain Jaego Roth of the Heldenhammer has vowed to hunt down and destroy Count Noctilus and his Undead captains once and for all! With him sail the most notorious and cunning of the pirate lords of Sartosa, each borne to battle upon a giant warship bristling with cannons, organ guns, and bolt throwers. At the stroke of midnight on Geheimnisnacht, most forsaken of nights, the Heldenhammer and her companions sail into the realm of undeath known as the Galleon's Graveyard. One by one, Count Noctilus and his vile allies move in to stop them. Dreadfleet is a boxed game for two (or more) players that includes everything you need to make war on the turbulent seas of the Warhammer world. 

KON 88801-D Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection 2 29.99
This sequel to 2010's Legendary Collection is the biggest value in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG history! Featuring cards taken from Storm of Ragnarok, Extreme Victory, and Generation Force that can support the Deck themes found in Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years, each box contains a mix of fixed and random content totaling 58 cards, including 28 foil cards, 13 Ultra Rare promo cards (including Uria, Lord of Searing Flames; Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder; and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms), and five Mega-Packs pulling from a specially made 266-card Mega-Set that collects the top cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era (2005-2008), all packed in a GX-themed binder.

FFG GOT36 A Game of Thrones Core Set (reprint)
FFG GOT66 AGOT LCG: Kings of the Storm (reprint)
FFG GOT74 AGOT LCG: Queen of Dragons (reprint)
FFG GW03 Blood Bowl Team Manager

PIP 25001 WM Two-Player Battle Box  Mini Game $99.99
The battle lines are drawn in this two-player game between the powerful northern Khadoran Empire led by the Kommander Sorsha Kratikoff and the religious zealots of the Protectorate of Menoth led by the High Exemplar Kreoss and his personal retinue of warjacks.

BFM BB109 Desert Sandbags - Dug In Markers 18.00
These Dug In markers are suitable for use with any army in Italy or North Africa. Markers are provided prepainted. There are a total of 8 markers per small box. Inside, there are two suitable for command or rifle teams and six that are perfect for AT guns, HMGs or even artillery

BFM BB125 Desert Hazards 30.00
The desert is full of unseen hazards. The fighting men would often run into terrain that held hidden features, difficulties or advantages undetected when viewed from a distance. Each box contains the following prepainted terrain: two Desert Bases, two Rocky Ground Markers, one Wrecked Panzer III, one Wrecked M13/40, one Wrecked/Bogged Crusader, and one Bogged Truck.

BFM BB502 Large Rocky Hill 25.00
These hills can be used to represent the rocky outcrops found on the battlefields thought out the course of history. Often the hard rock will be exposed after the softer rocks and soil have been eroded away.

BFM BB516 Gothic Corner Ruin 25.00
One of the first pieces of the Gothic Ruin series and the first to sell out is back. The Large Gothic Corner Ruins works great for any 25-35mm scale game and presents a large selection of windows for snipers! Each box contains one fully painted ruin

BFM BB519 Ruined Walls 25.00
This box set is prefect to break up the straight and flat playing field with a bit of cover for 25-35mm models. Each box set contains five wall sections and comes prepainted. To learn more, click on the links above.

BFM BB533 Extra Large Rocky Hill 25.00
In Flames Of War these would be difficult or very difficult going depending on the rockiness. Some of the taller rock faces you may like to count as impassable. Each box comes with one fully painted uber-hill and two baggies of static grass.

BFM BB536 Escarpments 25.00
Escarpments makes great riverbanks, making an impassable wall or hiding artillery. Each box set contains two hills and two baggies of static grass.

GW BL222H Gaunt's Ghosts: Salvation's Reach $24.99
40K Hardback - Dan Abnett

GW BL286 Red & Black $17.00
40K Audiobook - James Swallow

GW BL252S Sabbat Worlds Anthology SB $8.99
40K Paperback - ed. C Dunn & D Abnett

GW BL298 Thanquol's Doom $8.99
Warhammer Paperback - CL Werner

GW BL315 Dreadfleet $7.99
Warhammer Paperback - Phil Kelly

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IDSDAB-001 Dabble $ 24.99
LLP1012 LnL: Heroes of the Gap
LLP4007 WAW: Paris is Burning
ZVE SRS28753 Skyscrapers BG $49.00 135
CMN0042 28mm Fantasy Miniatures: CMON Contest 17 - Kingha the Amazon (Limited Edition) $14.99
DAG0006 Dark Age Apocalypse: Forcelists $39.99
DAG2214 Dark Age: Dragyri Greater Storm Elemental (1) $19.99
DAG9318 Dark Age Bases: Groundwerks Base Inserts - 30mm Graveyard (3) $14.99
DAG9418 Dark Age Bases: Groundwerks Base Inserts - 40mm Graveyard (2) $12.99
DAG9518 Dark Age Bases: Groundwerks Base Inserts - 50mm Graveyard (1) $7.99
S2PSGP1102 Ironclaw - Player's Book $29.95
S2PSGP1103 Ironclaw - Host's Book $29.95
WLGWG-CE-CHA-3 28mm Ancients - Hail Caesar: Celtic Chariot 3 $21.00
WLGWG-CE-SAR-01 28mm Ancients - Hail Caesar Sarmatian Cataphract Support (2) $10.49
WLGWGB-BI-35 28mm Bolt Action - British: British Army Six Pounder AT Gun $21.00
WLGWGB-FJ-30 28mm Bolt Action - German: Fallschirmjager Flamethrower & Sniper $7.00
WLGWGB-JI-21 28mm Bolt Action - Japanese: Japanese Type 92 HMG Team $10.49
WLGWGB-WM-110 28mm Bolt Action WWII: US Military Policeman on Harley Davidson $10.50
WLGWGN-RUS-02 28mm Black Powder: Late Russian Napoleonic Infantry $35.00
WLGWGP-SAK-02 28mm Pike & Shotte: Scots Saker Cannon + Crew $26.25
WLGWGT-BPC-01 28mm Black Powder: Bonnie Prince Charlie $8.75
WLGWGT-DOC-01 28mm Black Powder: Duke Of Cumberland $8.75
URM10139 Warheads: Watt the Reeve $7.99
URM10140 Warheads: Constable Keys $7.99
URM10141 Warheads: Constable Stone $7.99
URM10142 Warheads: Llewellyn the Inn $7.99
URM10143 Warheads: Sally Trumpet $7.99
URM10144 Warheads: Pierre le Rosbeouf $7.99
URM10145 Warheads: Thorkell the Smith $7.99
URM10146 Warheads: Tom Noddy $7.99
URM10147 Warheads: Lumpi $7.99
URM10148 Warheads: Horni $7.99
URM10149 Warheads: Alfie $7.99
URM10150 Warheads: Belli $7.99
URM10151 Warheads: Frenzi $7.99
URM10152 Warheads: Nasti $7.99
URM10153 Warheads: Hati Hroovitnisson $11.49
URM10154 Warheads: Wendi Moddersson $7.99
URM20104 Warheads: Medieval Tales Comic - Issue Four $13.25
URM23925 Urban War: 2nd Edition Rulebook $19.99
URM30107 Warheads: Medieval Tales Boxed Set #7 - Trusty Townies $48.25
URM30108 Warheads: Medieval Tales Boxed Set #8 - Raucous Raiders $48.25
URM33210 Metropolis - Urban War 2.0: Gladiator Strike Team $45.99
URM33410 Metropolis - Urban War 2.0: Triad Strike Team $45.99
URM33510 Metropolis - Urban War 2.0: Koralon Strike Team $45.99
URM33610 Metropolis - Urban War 2.0: Junker Strike Team $50.00
URM33710 Metropolis - Urban War 2.0: VASA Strike Team $41.75
WGFAS002 Wargames Factory - SciFi: Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons (8) $19.95
WGFHM002 Wargames Factory: War of the Spanish Succession - Cavalry (12) $19.95 \
HTM28SF010 HiTech Miniatures: Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer $26.85
HTM28SF011 HiTech Miniatures: Dark Fallen Lord Xavier (1) $33.00
HTM28SF012 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 1 $27.00
HTM28SF013 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 2 $24.00
HTM28SF014 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 3 $21.00
HTM28SF015 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 4 $21.00
HTM28SF016 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 5 $21.00
HTM28SF018 HiTech Miniatures: Alpha Corporis # 7 (Standard Bearer) $27.00
HTMBAR021 HiTech Miniatures: 60mm Round Rocky Base (1) $4.49
KST020 Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Imperial Tie Pilot (71mm) $58.25
KST021 Star Wars Premium Miniatures: Emperor Palpatine (69mm) $64.99
KSTKMV025 Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Colossus (80mm) $67.75
KSTKMV026 Marvel Comics Premium Miniatures: Wolverine (70mm) $64.75
OGMZGW-01 25mm Gladiator Wars: Heavy Gladiators $16.00
OGMZGW-02 25mm Gladiator Wars: Medium Gladiators $16.00
OGMZGW-03 25mm Gladiator Wars: Light Gladiators $16.00
MGE KWE90-1 KOW Elves Drakon Lords  Mini 29.99
MGE KWE91-1 KOW Elves Drakon Riders Mini 34.99
MGE KWM82-1 KOW Mhorgoth Rising Battleset Mini 74.99
MGE KWO12-1 KOW Orc Morax Troop  Mini 24.99
MGE KWO60-1 KOW Orc Gore Riders Mini 34.99
MGE KWO72-1 KOW Orc Warlord  Mini 13.99
MGE KWO81-1 KOW Orc Army Mini 74.99
DP9 9023 P.R.D.F. Strike Squad  Mini $44.50
DP9 9024 Northern Strike Squad Mini $44.50
DP9 9025 Southern Strike Cadre Mini $44.50
DP9 9026 P.R.D.F. Fire Support Squad Mini $53.75
DP9 9027 Northern Fire Support Squad Mini $53.75
DP9 9028 Southern Fire Support Cadre Mini $53.75
DP9 9086 P.R.D.F. Cataphract Pack Mini $34.00
DP9 9103 P.R.D.F. Coyote Strider Mini $34.00
DP9 9140 Southern Naga Strider Custom Pack Mini $40.00
DP9 9147 Northern Mammoth Strider Custom Pack Mini $51.75
QWS 46AFU02 Antique Fudge White/Black Set (4) 10.80
QWS 46AFU05 Antique Fudge Black/White Set (4)10.80
QWS 46AFU07 Antique Fudge Black/Yellow Set (4 ) 10.80
QWS 46AFU18 Antique Fudge Beige/Black Set (4) 10.80
QWS 56MDW35 D6 Metal Dwarven Dice Set (5) 43.50

DIA 442406 Monopoly Dr. Who Limited Ed Board Game 66.00
This special Doctor Who edition of Monopoly features all-new graphics and exclusive pieces spotlighting Matt Smith as the 11th incarnation of the Doctor.

GF9 72719 D&D Dungeon Master's Map Set Accessories $39.99
Gale Force Nine's Official Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Mat Set contains two vinyl game mats for staging your own encounters and adventures. One mat is a simple 1" grid of stone tiles, the classic dungeon environment. The other mat is a green grass field, ideal for staging outdoor confrontations. Each high-quality vinyl mat measures 20" x 30" and can be used with wet-erase markers.

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There is box discount, usually 20% off.

Code Descrption Release
11TOFPR 2011 TOPPS PRIME NFL 9/28/2011
11PPRWME 2011 Press Pass Wheels Main Event Racing 9/29/2011
MTTWDCS1 McFarlane The Walking Dead Comic S1 Asst 14410-9 9/26/2011
MTTWDCS1-11 McFarlane Walking Dead Comic S1 R Grimes 14411-6 9/26/2011
MTTWDCS1-12 McFarlane Walking Dead Comic S1 Michonne 14412-3 9/26/2011
MTTWDCS1-13 McFarlane Walking Dead Comic S1 Z Lurker 14413-0 9/26/2011
MTTWDCS1-14 McFarlane Walking Dead Comic S1 Z Roamer 14414-7 9/26/2011
11TOBUS 2011 Topps Baseball Update Series 10/5/2011
11TOBUSJ 2011 Topps Baseball Update Series - JUMBO 10/5/2011
11PAFAM 2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia NFL 10/5/2011
10IGHCVW 10/11 In the Game Canada vs World Hockey 10/6/2011

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