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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Nov. 17 - Nov 23 2008
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o Gator in-store Specials & Sales

Flames of War - with every purchase of Fortress Europe $39.99 book,  you will get a free $24.99 book!
It will be either D-Day, D Minus 1, Bloody Omaha, Viller's Bocage, Monty's Meatgrinder or Cobra.
I ordered one of each but Cobra and  Viller's Bocage is now out of stock for future orders.
Any others must be ordered and be in-print for me to buy for you.
This offer is good for Nov though Dec 15th.

Free Deadlands D20 book with any $25 in Role-Playing Games Purchase!

We marked our used lower. This is the same price we start our e-bay bidding at.
Store Floor only!

Book SC price  $5.99  -   Book  HC price $9.99
Module price $3.99 to $5.99 usually (can vary)

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Gator Clearances+
70% off clearances (marked with sale price on product)
Mechwarrior CMG, Mage Knight (starters and boosters only), Dreamblade, Indy Clix

over 50% off clearances 
Anachronism,  Yu-gi-oh Rise of Destiny, WoW Molten Core Raid Deck,  WoW Hero of Azeroth Starter Deck

50% off  clearances
Shaman King, Duelmasters, WWE/WWF Raw Deal, Game of Thrones ccg, Pokemon Next Quest, Spycraft ccg, Warlord, Most of Deadlands RPG, Most of Hell on Earth RPG, Lord of the Rings CCG,  Most Palladium (Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited, Fantasy RPG, Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts) ,
Confrontation (except starter set),  Hecatomb, Racer Knight, Xiaolin Showdown, Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, Battlefield Evolution, Starship Troopers, Spoils

25% off clearances  - Haloclix,  Horrorclix, most of WotC D&D 3.0 and 3.5 products,, Privateer Hordes

Yu-gi-oh  Magic Ruler and Lost Millenium $1.99 per pack
o Free promo with your purchase+ as supplies last
  Limit 3 per day / per person / per game -

These are for CCG's since many of these games are also RPG's
  Free with Purchase: DDM stat cards (no figure)
Free demos decks - Kingdom Hearts, Vampire the Eternal Struggle
Buy $20 Star Wars Pocket Models = free promo pack of 2 ships
  buy one pack/starter of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy one pack/starter of Bella Sara = 1 Free promo card (2+ $10 in product)
  buy $10: promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Spycraft, Warlord, Maple Story, Bleach
  buy $10:  promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, raw deal, Vtes, Naruto, Bleach, V:tes
  buy $15:  foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord, Maple Story
  buy $20:  foil promo = Bleach
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter:  Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  *Buy $10 in looney labs products:  and get either free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack
or a free Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower Pack  (retail $2) 
  Buy $10 in baseball cards:  and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy $10 in L5R cards:  and get a clan of the month packs (as supplies last)
How many packs we get depend on your Dojo Days Level.
level 4 and higher stores get a bonus cards to give out.  (We are level 2 now)  Please continue to sign up and claim us as your home store.
coming:  Dec-Unicorn
  Buy $25 in Yu-gi-oh cards = 1 free promo card
  Buy 3 booster boxes of Magic = Free playmat  or a free magic backpack
  Buy one booster box Bleach = Shoen Jump Playmat Free
o Mass buys
North Star Games 2008 Holiday Buy 3, Get 1 Free
NSG002  Cluzzle (2nd Edition)  $29.99 SRP ____
NSG101  Wits & Wagers 2nd Edition   $29.99 SRP ____
NSG200  Say Anything  $24.99 SRP ____
Offer valid November 1st to November 30, 2008. 

Stock Up on Intellinitiative Games!
Buy five copies of any of the following titles and receive a sixth copy of that same game for free!
ITG101  The 80's Game  $29.99 SRP ____
ITG103  The 90's Game  $29.99 SRP ____
ITG901  Word Sweep  $29.99 SRP ____
Promotion good through December 31, 2008.

Check Out this Great Offer from Tangent Games!
TAN0008 Bankruptcy! The Card Game   $19.95 SRP ____
Buy five copies of Bankruptcy! The Card Game and get a sixth copy FREE!

Make Your Conquest with ASSA Games!
AGG0001 Conquest of the Fallen Lands  $50.00 SRP ____
Buy three copies of Conquest of the Fallen Lands and receive a demo copy free!

Go Hollywood with Agman Games!
AGZ001  Reels & Deals  $17.95 SRP ____
Buy five copies of Reels and Deals and get a sixth copy free!

Practice Your Gift-Giving!
GFT002  GiftTRAP v.2  $29.99 SRP ____
Buy six copies of GiftTRAP v.2 and get two copies free!  Offer good through November 29, 2008.

Share in the Monkey Business with BC Games!
BCM201  Monkeys! $14.95 SRP ____
Buy five copies of Monkeys! and get one copy free! Limit one per store.
BCM301  d20: Expanded Character Record Sheets $4.95 SRP  ____
Buy ten copies of d20: Expanded Character Record Sheets and get one free! Limit one per store.

ZIP1100 Management Material    $14.95 SRP ____
ZIP1110 Management Material - Information Technology  $14.95 SRP ____
ZIP1200 Marriage Material $15.95 SRP ____
Purchase five copies of the above titles and receive a sixth copy of that same game for free! Promotion good through November 30, 2008.

Preorders Specials:
Special Offer on the Highlander TCG!
Buy one each of the Search for Vengeance Starter and Booster displays and receive a Search for Vengeance booster display free!
LMG1008DP  Highlander: 2nd Ed Search for Vengeance  $116.91 SRP   ____
LMG1008BP  Highlander: 2nd Ed Search for Vengence BD   $95.76 SRP ____
The search for Vengeance. This set is based on the highly acclaimed Highlander Anime by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Join Colin in his search for Marcus Octavious who killed his lover in the Highlands centuries earlier. The once great city of New York is now submerged under water, with only one dominant fortress towering over the sea, the fortress of Marcus Octavius. MacLeod is torn between saving the survivors of New York and hunting down his nemesis.

PLE41200 Killer Bunnies: Jupiter Laser Nov '08 $25.00  free promo with preorder

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will receive a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+

o Weekly Raffle
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
- you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment,, bitz parts or Sale items
o Gator Web Update
Anyone that would like the longer version of the Newsletter with descriptions sent, just e-mail and ask.

o Gator Events Yahoo Group
You may post for groups, adding members to your home events, look for other people to play with.  Just no buying and selling. Open announcements encouraged

o Gator Games E-Bay Store
Newsletter from e-bay sent out every Thursday

o Gator Games Used Inventory (not on e-bay)

o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403
Events:  Boosters and other prizes maybe added depending on how many players
We only have 8 spots available at store,  so prepay is advisable for popular events.

We are trying to run more demos and need your help.
We give $3 Store trade for coming in for a 2 hour demo. 
Every  person you show you get another $1 in trade.
We give a $10 max store trade for a 2 hour demo. 
And you get 20% off your purchase for the day.

Mon. :
  Warhammer 40k Skirmish League $3 fee 
11/17 600 pts  +1 If your force is fully painted, +1 Killing your opponent's most expensive unit

11/24 700pts +2 If your force is fully painted , +2 For losing less than 10 models
Dec: It will be manditory to have one tank in your army. We will be using the 40k skirmish rules with the Tank Bash rules for a bit of holiday fun.
  We will be using the revised rules for Combat Patrol AKA: 40k in 40 Minutes as found White Dwarf issue 284 or found at the following web-address
Prizes are given on a monthly basis. Make sure we mark your scores correctly.
Prepay is advised for this event - we can only hold 6 comfortably.
• Players can play no more than three games per week that will count towards the league totals.
note: You can come in during the day and get your 3 games in or anytime the schedule is open.
• Each win that you have will be worth 20 points.
• Each draw that you have will be worth 10 points.
• Each loss that you have will be worth 5 points.
• Scenarios will be rolled out of the back of  the rulebook.
• Bonus points will be awarded each week for special modifiers.
* E-figures Distribution and Games Workshop will be contributing to the prizes this month.

Tues.: 4pm Pokemon League $3  - we have openings.

Wed. 4:30 Heroclix by Jason Free (unless draft) 
11/19 Arkham asylum Week 3 : restricted 300 points  Prize: (feat) Retailiation

11/26  4pm Yu-gi-oh Hobby League/Tournament (age 13 and under) $5
Forbidden Cards

Thurs.:  11/20  WOW Battlegrounds Kit #10 Hobby League $3 (T-shirt to winner)

11/27 closed for Thanksgiving.
12/4 4pm Bleach TCG Tournament  - Free (Official Score Prizes)
12/11 4pm Vs. System Hobby League  Marvel Evolution Release Celebration Kit  $3
1st Place: (1) PUNISHER AND 1 Release Celebration T-shirt 
2nd - 4th Place: (3) THE WORKSHOP Promo Cards each  Participation: (1) THE TEN RINGS Promo Card

Fri.:  4pm Friday Night Magic Begins!  Magic Stardard 'type 2'  $3
Must have 8 to give the FNM prizes.
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack.

Friday 11/28 Noon to 3pm 40K Black Friday Vehicle Bash $5
(winners get a t-shirt, along with other prizes)   Please bring terrain.
objective: Kill as many enemy vehicles as possible, the player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the winner.
Weekend Events - 8 Person Limit

Nov 22 11am WoW Miniatures Monster Launch $3
extra game supplies including dice and UBases not available else until Dec.

Nov  23 Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shards from Gator
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack.

Nov 23 Sun 3pm Kingdom Hearts Demos by Janet (free demo decks given)

Nov 29 11am Flames of War Tanksgiving $3   (demos will be available)
Nov 29 2:30-5:30 pm 40K Black Friday Vehicle Bash $5
(winners get a t-shirt, along with other prizes)  Please bring terrain.
  objective: Kill as many enemy vehicles as possible, the player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the winner.

Nov 30 11am Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
   buy 3 packs of shards from Gator
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack.

Nov 30  3pm-5:30pm 40K Black Friday Vehicle Bash $5
   (winners get a t-shirt, along with other prizes)   Please bring terrain.
objective: Kill as many enemy vehicles as possible, the player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the winner.

Dec 6, Sat 11am VtES: Keepers of Tradition Sealed $20
starter decks are Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, and Ventrue
Dec 7, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shards from Gator
Dec 7, Sun 3pm Flames of War - 600 pts $3
+1 If your force is fully painted, +1 Killing your opponent's most expensive unit

Dec 14, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shards from Gator
Dec 14, Sun 3pm Flames of War - 800 pts $3
+2 If your force is fully painted , +2 For losing less than 10 models

There will be no weekend events scheduled
Dec 20 & 21,  Dec 27 & 28, Jan 3 & 4 for Holiday Shopping

Jan 10, Sat 11am Legend of the Five Rings Glory of the Empire pre-release $20
Jan  11, Sun 11am  Magic Booster Draft by Adam - $12.96
buy 3 packs of shards from Gator
We are keeping track of the most won games on a Monthly basis for a special magic backpack.

o Terrain Contest

Pieces are due Sunday, Dec 28th.

Two Age groups  - $25 in merchandise 1st place prize
  • Youngbloods age 12 and younger
  • Veterans age 13 and over

1. Piece cannot be bigger than 12" x 12" x 12"
    It can be a building, tower, bridge, etc. It can be one Hill, River,
    group of trees, cemetary, etc

2. Piece cannot have loose items on it.
    All has to be glued to your terrain base,  exception is Magnetic Pieces
   Your piece should be able to pass an upside down test without pieces falling off.

3. Must have 3 colors in the piece.  (flock, bushes, structures, rivers, etc) .

4. you can put miniatures on it, but I don't consider this a Diorama contest
(Next contest we will do that) If it is part of your terrain piece, it is.

o Gamer News

The Topps Company has announced that it is shutting down its WizKids subsidiary.

As the industry digests the news that one of the Big Three hobby gaming companies is shutting down, ICV2 asked for reactions, and look at some of the companies that might end up with the WizKids brands:

4Kids Entertainment sold over $7 million worth of Chaotic trading cards in Q3, but still lost money

It looks like Brett Ratner may end up directing a new Conan film

Joe Johnston will direct Marvel Studios' First Avenger: Captain America, which will be set during WWII and is slated to debut on May 6, 2011:

Rackham's Confrontation and AT-43 miniature lines were acquired by a new company, Rackham Entertainment SAS, on October 28th

Here's Top 20 Q3 2008 Manga Properties from the ICv2 Guide #60: Graphic Novels & DVDs

Here's Top Q3 2008 Traditional Graphic Novels from the ICv2 Guide #60: Graphic Novels & DVDs

And here's the Top Q3 2008 Anime Properties from the ICv2 Guide #60: Graphic Novels & DVDs

Catalyst Games has announced the impact of the WizKids closure on its license to produce games based on the BattleTech and Shadowrun properties

Konami and Upper Deck are launching a new Yu-Gi-Oh! organized play program, the Dragon Duel League

ICV2 recently caught up with Wizards of the Coast CEO Greg Leeds to get his thoughts on the state of the market and the implications of the WizKids shutdown, where he expects to find growth for Magic and D&D, and how licensed and new properties fit into the company's strategy:

Famed director Ridley Scott will direct a film based on the iconic Monopoly board game

Bucephalus Games, which recently shipped its first wave of games, correctly predicted the election results months ago when it chose Barack Obama for the "Presidential Co-Pilot" promo tile for its game Toboggans of Doom

Stan Lee is exec producing a one-hour series featuring a gay superhero for Showtime

It's time to wrap up the week's coverage of the shutdown of WizKids with a couple of items

Each copy of Boom! Studios' upcoming Warhammer: Crown of Destruction trade paperback will include an exclusive in-game item for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMORPG

o Product News
Note from Iron Wind:
"IWM is returning to the roots of the Babylon 5 miniature line, re-mastering and re-working the ships from the original master molds, to return a great line to the level of quality it deserves..."  So all of B5 will be back.  They will start re-releasing in November.
______ [IWM66-003] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Earth Alliance Starfury Fighters Flight (2) (SRP: $9.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-101] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser (1) (SRP: $17.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-102] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Minbari Nial Fighter Flight (2) (SRP: $9.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-108] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Minbari Tinashi War Frigate (1) (SRP: $12.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-202] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Centauri Vorchan Warship (1) (SRP: $12.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-203] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Centauri Sentri Fighter Flight (2) (SRP: $9.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-204] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Centauri Primus Battlecruiser (1) (SRP: $19.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-304] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Narn Frazi Fighter Flight (2) (SRP: $9.95) [November]
______ [IWM66-305] Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms: Narn T'Loth Assault Cruiser (1) (SRP: $19.95) [November]

From Wizkids.
What does that mean exactly? Stores that registered for December events will get the December prize kits AND the January prize kits.

Unfortunately, retailers won't be able to "sign" up for January events on our website so the promotion of those events will have to take place locally. I am also asking our Envoys to rally and save the day once again by notifying, organizing, promoting and maybe even providing marketing resources to the retailers which I will make available to them directly (I have to try to pull some strings on this).

Retailers should sign up for your local events. I'm not sure what formats will be run in January but I'll see if I can bend Jake's ear (and the Envoys) for some help. It's really important to show that this is still a powerful line worthy of supporting even during the transition.

Arkham Brick Fig
The Arkham Brick fig is about 500 units from selling out. The warehouse has begun charging cards and will be shipping the figs starting this week. Unfortunately, there will be no reprint on this fig right now. Forms received after the sell out will be returned. There is still time so you can take a shot at if the fig if you are interested.

From Flames of War
  As many of you will have noticed, we here at Battlefront Miniatures have recently experienced difficulty keeping our new items in stock. Most recently we have started selling out of the new release items on the first week! We are working on the problem of product availability, but in the meantime we must cope with the growing pains of the hobby. The out of stocks we are experiencing is truly an indication of how far the Flames of War hobby is truly growing! We received four hundred more Jadgpanthers than we did Konigstigers when they were released, and we sold out of the Jadgpanther after less than two days!  (They are asking us for preorders - I would love to have them from you to avoid disappointment)

Fortress Europe has done very well and is officially our best selling book ever!
FW204 Villers Bocage & FW206 Cobra is out of stock, so unless Gator Games has it, you cannot get these free when you buy your Fortress Europe.

o Pre-orders 
______ RGG 374     The Three Commandments  $34.95  Board Game
The players are novices of different religions, trying to collect as much good karma as possible. They take turns being the high priestess, who is the only one who knows the basics of her religion. Maybe treating the high priestess in a certain way is advantageous or perhaps the way you handle artifacts is important. Each religion has its own rules.  During the ritual, the novices take turns in trying to act appropriately to get karma. The high priestess tries to win over one especially zealous novice, because this will earn her extra karma. The player with the most karma will win

______ RGG 376     Carcassonne Catapult Exp    $17.50  Board Game
The newest "large" expansion for Carcassonne.  12 new tiles with a fair symbol are added to the game. When a player draws a fair tile, they place it and then a "catapult round" begins. For the first time, action/dexterity is added to the Carcassonne series. In a catapult round, players attempt to launch special tokens with the wooden catapult. Players have one each of four different kinds of tokens that determine what kind of catapult action is to be taken: Knock out tokens try to remove meeples;  Seduction tokens try to swap meeples; Target tokens try to hit the fair tile; Catch tokens must be caught for points

______ RGG A13    Leader 1     $59.95  Board Game
IN THIS SIMPLE YET FASCINATING cycling race simulation you decide the placement and energy management of your riders.  FACE ALL THE ELEMENTS of a "classic" or "stage" race: sprints, breakaways, falls, cracks, punctures, bonus time, made and broken alliances, final sprints.  WIN ON ALL GROUND: this will be your aim. Will you be best on plains and sprints? Will you fly in solitude on the mountain top? Or will you display a charismatic leader talent?  At the end of the track, only the finest strategist and the humblest hard-worker will win, entering with Leader1 in the legend of the greatest Cyclists of all time

______ WRLCE3  Ancient Britons Box Set (30)    Dec '08 $36.00 SRP
This boxed set contains 30 multi-part, hard plastic and metal 28mm Ancient Britons.

______ WRLIR3  Roman Praetorians Box Set (20)  Dec '08 $27.00 SRP
The Praetorians are the Emperor's elite bodyguard unit and as such were the best trained and best equipped force in the Roman army.

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
CAS347697  Miniature Instructionals: Accurate Model Aircraft Detailing (DVD) 
CAS347734  Miniature Instructionals: Accurate Model AFV Detailing (DVD)
1st of three Restocks of Call of Cthulhu Miniatures (found a new source for Rafm)
Arrriving late next week:  $2500+ Reaper restock
ZMG4032  Take Stock: The Power Stock Card Game  
ZMG4033  Gheos: The World Building Tile Game 
ZMG4035  Reiner Knizias SuDoku Card Game 
ZMG4036  Dragon Parade: The Chinese New Year Card Game 
MLB 45068   Stratego Reinvention  29.99

MLB 04351   Monopoly: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Edition 39.99
Build a real estate Empire set in the old Galactic Republic in a galaxy far, far away in Monopoly: Star Wars Clone Wars Edition! Use Galactic credits to acquire iconic properties like Raxus Prime and Coruscant in this new take on Monopoly based on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie.

MLB 45086   Risk Reinvention  45.00
History is written by the victors! The classic Game of Global Domination has been reinvented with revised rules for faster game-play, and two new, exciting levels of play: Bootcamp and Officer's Club.

THW1029b Dead Heat: The Game of Professional Zombie Racing! SRP: $12.00
Marvel (laugh your butt off) as highly trained Zombies (the fresher the better) streak down the track (okay shuffle) in quest for the gold (dinner). But these finely tuned (hungry) athletes aren't alone. Each Zombie is assisted by a loyal trainer (baiter) who desires only to share in their triumph (make a buck) all in the name of glory (because they have no other marketable skills.  Zombie racing...the name says it all!

THWUP101    Friday Night Fights: The Boxing Strategy Game    $10.00
A twenty-foot square ring doesn't give you much room to move and definitely nowhere to hide. Boxing - it's called the "Sweet Science" for a reason. You can move around your opponent flicking jabs and dancing away. "Rope a dope" and pick your spots firing punches and scoring points. All that skillful stuff, putting on a boxing clinic and looking pretty while you're doing it. Then.... BOOM!
Your opponent throws a hook from downtown and "out go the lights!"
Friday Night Fights is unlike any boxing game you've ever played. With FNF you can...
Build your fighter the way you want him. Boxer or slugger it's all up to you.
Fight your way to the title through 36 pre-generated fighters that are run by the game mechanics.
Become a promoter with your own fighters. Train them and pick and choose your opponents on your way to the top.

THW1028  FNG: Unconventional Warfare SRP: $20.00
UW introduces the "tactical role-playing" side of FNG. UW blends the traditional role playing game with a fast and easy combat system designed for a more personal level. Combining these two aspects allows players to enjoy the cinematic aspect of role-playing while keeping the excitement of a miniatures wargame. UW has a unique campaign system that generates your Missions and links them together in a simple yet realistic way. UW also features a character advancement system that allows you to "personalize" your troops.

THW1029 Warrior Heroes $25.00
Warrior Heroes combines the best of wargaming miniatures with the personal touch of role-playing. The combat system is best described as intense yet simple in mechanics. Combat takes center stage, as when you enter combat there's no guarantee that you'll survive. That's what makes it intense. Added to this is a simple-to-use campaign and battle-generator system that can give you the who, what, and why of your adventures. Within minutes the mechanics can generate a complete adventure, down to the motivation and actions of the enemy forces. All without a game master, because in Warrior Heroes everyone plays, not just watches. In short, Warrior Heroes can be anything you want it to be, from a role-playing game to a big battle game and anything in between.

MP XRP8102   Lands of Darkness #2: The Cesspools of Arnac (GSL)   12.00
There can be no points of light without Lands of Darkness! This all-new series of location-based encounters is ripe for exploration, gold, and glory, and can be incorporated into any existing campaign. Designed for character levels 3-5, Cesspools of Arnac explores the mysteries and monsters lurking within the dank sewers of a once-thriving city.

FFG BSG01   Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game   39.95  
This was allocated. We have 12 extra copies.
Based on the epic and widely-acclaimed new Sci Fi Channel series, Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is an exciting game of mistrust, intrigue, and the struggle for survival. In the Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, players play one of ten of their favorite characters from the show, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses, and must all work together in order for humanity to have any hope of survival. However, one or more players in every game secretly side with the Cylons, and players must attempt to expose the traitor while fuel shortages, food contaminations, and political unrest threaten to tear the fleet apart!

IMP GMG4375   The Random Esoteric Creature Generator   12.99
Looking to instill a little fear in your game? Then look no further than the Random Esoteric Creature Generator! Nothing brings the thrill - and terror - of discovery to a game like new monsters. The Random Esoteric Creature Generator ensures that each monster your PCs cross is unique, unexpected, and best of all - unknown! With an unlimited number of horrific combinations, this is the last monster book you will ever need!

JKL 160814   Phoenicia (UK Version)   50.00
Empires rise and fall! In the buffer areas and crossroads between civilizations, however, a clever ruler can sometimes adopt new ideas, establish trade, and found a city-state - such as the great Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon! Be the first player to successfully found a city-state in this strategy game of bidding and development.

JKL 162318   Power & Weakness   35.00
England in the 5th century. The Romans have abandoned England and the Saxons are conquering the island! Christianity is still weak and struggles against the old Celtic religion. In Power and Weakness, players compete to increase their influence and gain power in the provinces in their quest to wrest control over England.

JKL 171413   Quinamid   35.00
In this abstract 2-player game, players compete to create a line of five counters. The twist here is that the counters are placed in a series of five boards of differing size that are formed to make a pyramid - hence the name "Quinamid".

JKL 190314   Scanderoon   25.00
In this engaging and quizzical game, players are dealt a hand of cards each round with which they will compete to earn Victory Points by creating their own high-scoring row, while seeking to minimize their opponent's scores.

JKL 20--05   Take It Easy!   35.00
In this spacial bingo game, players compete to complete same colored/numbered lines across their hexagonal board.

JKL 20--09   Treasure Island   40.00
In this game of strategy and cunning for Pirates of all ages, players explore exotic islands seeking to claim as many treasures as possible, while thwarting competing pirates!

JKL 20--12   Take It To The Limit!   45.00
This advanced version of Take it Easy! features 64 tiles in each set, with four different colors running in each direction.

JKL 201819   Tara, Seat Of Kings   45.00
In Tara, players strive to become Ard Ri - High King of Ireland! Through the strategic play of cards representing your supporters and the use of 'cumals' (value of three cows), players attempt to promote their followers from Farmers to Herdsmen, Warriors to Chieftains, and finally to the ruling King in the four regions of Ireland.

JKL 211404   On the Underground (UK Version)   40.00
In On the Underground, players compete to build two railway lines connecting various destinations of the yet-to-be-built London Underground.

JKL 61825   Freya's Folly   40.00
Inspired by the legend of the Brisingamen, an enchanting necklace owned by Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility and passion, Freya's Folly follows the story of the creation of the Brisingamen. As dwarf craftsmen, players lead teams of dwarfs to mine silver and precious gems which you can sell to earn the prestige of your peers. However, if you help to complete the Brisingamen for Freya, her favors will bring you even more prestige! Will you be tempted by Freya's offer and turn your hand to crafting a piece of the Brisingamen?

JKL 70819   Ghosts For Sale   25.00
Buying castles in Scotland can turn out to be excellent business - even more so when they have ghost infestations! In Ghosts For Sale, players vie to be assigned castles and manors - and while a castle without ghosts may be useless, one which is too "populated" will end up terrorizing tourists and being valueless!

JKL 90308   Ice Flow   45.00
In Ice Flow, each player controls three explorers who are trying to cross the Bearing Straits from Alaska to Siberia through the strategic movement of their explorers and the ice flows as they drift from the Arctic into the warmer waters of the Pacific.

PSI MWP1003   Serenity RPG: Out in the Black (Reprint)   24.99   
This all-new adventure for the Serenity Role Playing Game introduces the mining town of Frisco, a detailed setting the crew may misbehave in for many adventures to come!

IMP OWC4003   Call of Cthulhu: Midnight Harvest   12.00
Tricks, Not Treats! The Autumnal Costume Fete fills sleepy Five Lanterns, Rhode Island, with outlandish garb sewn by the country's best costumers. This year, some of the outfits seem a little too real... and their designer will go to any length to keep his identity secret! A rash of missing children, the discovery of unholy texts, and gibbering lunatics wandering the streets hide the true menace as it reaches for its blasphemous goal. Can the investigators solve these disparate clues in time to stop the Midnight Harvest?

PLE 40200   Killer Bunnies And The Journey To Jupiter   50.00 
A hysterical new Killer Bunnies brand game! In this new strategy hex board game with classic Killer Bunnies card play, players move their ships around the board, engaging in space battles with their opponents on their way to gathering up carrots from random hexes and bringing them back to Jupiter first.

DIA 377396   Halo Interactive Strategy Game (only 2 copies in store, will not be able to get anymore)
Featuring the same premise and characters as the video game - including Master Chief, A.I., and Covenant - the Halo Interactive Strategy Game offers a modular board that can be re-configured to create a virtually limitless game play experience. In the game, players command armies of collectible character pieces for two different levels of play. Fans can follow story lines that expand the Halo experience in Campaign mode or go head-to-head in interactive battle sequences with Slayer or Capture the Flag modes.

PLE 70200   Time After Time   10.00 
There's a time for everything, but someone keeps changing the clock! In Time After Time, you must plan ahead and put your clocks in sequential order. But keep your eye on the little mice, who like to fiddle with your plan as time ticks away!

PLE 71200   Pick A Paint   10.00   
In this game of Rainbow Recall, players work together painting different objects with various colors until all of the objects are painted. But a color can only appear once in each row and each column.

PLE 86200   Ilium   40.00 
Troy, 1870. The famous archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, has discovered Ilium (ancient Troy) and now artifact collectors have rushed to send archaeologists to excavate the area.  Traverse dig sites to retrieve the best collection of artifacts. But, careful planning and timing is necessary, as the further down a site is uncovered, the more valuable the antiquity!

ASM FD01US   Formula De   59.99  
Do you dream of screaming through the streets of Monaco at over 200 MPH? Well daydream no more! Now you can experience the thrill of driving a real race circuit in a Formula One class car or a fully-stocked Muscle car! Speed, tactics, taking risks, and a dash of luck is the high-octane cocktail needed to race the world's most prestigious Grand Prix circuits in Formula De!

ASM GHOMU01   Ghost Stories Board Game   49.99  
Rise together - or die together! Wu-Feng, the Lord of the Nine Hells has found where the funeral urn containing his ashes is kept. His hordes are already marching upon the small village of the Middle Kingdom hiding them. As a taoist priest, you are the final defender of the living! Unite your forces to protect the village and prevent the return of the damned with a Thousand Faces in this thrilling cooperative board game inspired by the affluent history of Chinese phantom stories.

BGL 0002   Suicide Bomber   9.99  
Kaboom! It's time to blow up your friends and neighbors in this irreverent, darkly humorous card game. Plot and scheme against your opponent to maneuver your bombers. Can you get into position to score the CEO? Perhaps you can even create chain reactions with multiple bombs!

BGL 0008   Rorschach Inkblot Party Game   19.99 
Play personality detective as you unravel the inner workings of your friends' minds. They have secrets, and so do you. Maybe there's a maverick inside you - can your friends predict what you will do? Or will you keep them guessing while you expose their inner selves to the world?

BGL 0012   Living Labyrinth   19.99
In this fun, light-hearted race through an ever-changing maze of garden path tiles, players compete to be the first to cross the maze and reach their goal, all the while moving pathways, changing the maze, and even moving the victory goals! Only one player will succeed and escape the Living Labyrinth!

OTB 7007   Ninja Versus Ninja   19.99
Defend the honor of your dojo in this stealthy game of swords and rewards featuring artwork and figures designed by John Kovalic (Dork Tower)! As opposing Ninjas, victory hinges on eliminating Ninjas and skillfully venturing into the opponent's dojo. But how far do your Ninjas dare to go - and will they return?

RRG 855   First Hand   9.95
It pays to have the sharpest eyes and the fastest fingers in this wacky, fast-playing, wrist-twisting game where players attempt to position their hands to match the hands pictured on the cards in play! But watch out for the fake fingers!

SAG 001   Battlefields of Olympus Card Game   25.95   
In the kingdom of immortals, the restless gods decree that mortal man will fight one another to prove their loyalty. By order of Zeus, Ares leaves his throne to inform man of this noble contest. To the victors go the spoils of war and eternal gratitude from the gods! As the general of battle-hardened archers, infantry, and other units, players utilize a host of actions like scout, rally, and flank to ambush, skirmish, and surround their opponent as they struggle for valuable land and ultimate victory!

PUI 11255-D   Pokemon TCG World Championship Deck 2008
Learn winning strategies from some of the best players in the game and start making your own plans for the 2009 World Championships! The Pokemon TCG World Championship Deck 2008 series features four powerful decks to choose from - each one a card-for-card replica of an actual title-match deck! 60 cards per deck / 8 decks per display.

PUI 11275-D   Pokemon TCG 2008 Holiday Tin #2
Boasting two unique designs, each holiday tin contains four Pokemon TCG booster packs (one each of Diamond & Pearl, Diamond & Pearl - Majestic Dawn, Diamond & Pearl - Secret Wonders, and Dragon Frontiers), plus one of two foil Diamond & Pearl promo cards (Regigigas or Heatran)! Offered in 9-count displays.

GWI 235   Duck Duck Bruce   10.99
Look out ducks, make way for Bruce! In this quacked-up card game, ducks are waddling everywhere, and Bruce is hot on their tails. Gather the most high-scoring ducks by turning over cards one at a time. The more cards you reveal, the more you can collect. But if Bruce shows up, your ducks better take cover before that wily hound ruffles some feathers!

GWI 313   On The Dot   12.99 
See spots like never before! In this amazing brainteaser, try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly match the pattern shown on the dots card. Flip, rotate, and overlap the squares to make a "spot on" copy! On the Dot features over 60 different puzzles for hours of brain-boosting fun!

DSM 1155   Elmore Masterworks: Female Fighter With Sword & Shield   7.99
DSM 1156   Elmore Masterworks: Male Knight With Sword & Shield   7.99  
DSM 1157   Elmore Masterworks: Mermaid Warrior   7.99
DSM 1158   Elmore Masterworks: The Last Dragon - Female Mage   7.99
DSM 1159   Elmore Masterworks: Female Witch With Wand   7.99 
DSM 1160   Elmore Masterworks: Female Goth Warrior With Sword   7.99 
Premium pewter miniatures based on the artwork of Larry Elmore and meticulously sculpted by industry veteran Jeff Grace.

SJG01-0107 GURPS Thaumatology    $39.95
Every myth, fantasy story, and anthropological study has its own ideas on magic. Is it intuitive art or numerical science, insanity or perfect control, a quest for divinity or demonic blasphemy? For the roleplayer who wants to game out interesting, evocative ideas about magic, it may be all of the above. GURPS Thaumatology provides the systems to make magic work however we imagine it, while keeping it consistent and playable. GURPS Thaumatology is a collection of the best magic rules and systems from Third Edition - from GURPS Spirits, Cabal, Voodoo, Celtic Myth, and Religion to numerous articles from Pyramid (including Unlimited Mana!) - updated for Fourth Edition. It also has new tweaks to the spell-based magic of the Basic Set, guidelines for running magic-orientated games, and notes for adapting real-world occult beliefs into the system. Weighing in at 272 pages, this grimore is vital for any campaign using magic, from high fantasy wizards throwing fireballs . . . to seedy urban mages in the modern world . . . to bizarre worlds with multiple opposing systems of magic.

UDC 61857-D   Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: 5Ds Crossroads of Chaos Booster $3.99 no discount
Get ready to wreak some havoc and command the destructive power of "Black Rose Dragon," the newest of the legendary Dragon Synchro Monsters! Collect the many powerful new Zombie, Spellcaster, Plant, and Psychic monsters, including the first Synchro and Tuner monsters for these Types introduced in this 100-card expansion for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG featuring cards based on the all-new animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's! 9 cards per pack / 24 packs per box.

WOC 2178872   Dungeons & Dragons: Draconomicon I - Chromatic Dragons   39.95 
From powers and tactics, myths and lairs, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons describes several varieties of dragons, including red, blue, green, black, and white dragons, as well as three completely new chromatic dragons. In addition, this sourcebook provides new information about draconic nations and organizations, and how chromatic dragons fit into the D&D game.

WOC 2178972   Dungeons & Dragons: Martial Power HC   29.95  
This Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition supplement provides new archetypal builds for the fighter, ranger, rogue, and warlord classes, and includes new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

WOC 21795   Dungeons & Dragons CMG: Demonweb Booster   14.99  
Evil drow and their demon servants battle mind flayers for control of the Underdark in this latest D&D Miniatures Game release! Each booster pack contains eight randomized, pre-painted, plastic miniatures with stat cards, and a Demonweb set checklist.

WOC 2193172   Star Wars RPG: Scum and Villainy HC   39.95 
Covering everything from vile Hutt gangsters to smooth-talking con artists, Scum and Villainy brings the Saga Edition rules to the fringes of society, introducing new rules and information on smugglers, bounty hunters, crime lords, and anyone else that walks outside the law throughout the Star Wars setting.

WOC 95775   Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition   100.00 
Deploy your forces and prepare for battle as Axis & Allies celebrates 50 years of Avalon Hill games with this Anniversary Edition of the classic World War II strategy board game designed by Larry Harris. Utilizing the standard D6 combat system found in Axis & Allies Revised, Europe, and Pacific, this Anniversary Edition of Axis & Allies debuts Italy as the third Axis nation, while China is included as a US-controlled ally, cruiser class ships join the naval line-up for the first time, and two set-up options are introduced: Spring 1941 and Spring 1942.

PIP 31057   Warmachine: Cygnar Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team   16.99 
PIP 31058   Warmachine: Cygnar Trencher Cannon Crew   32.99
PIP 32053   Warmachine: Protectorate Blessing Vengeance Light Warjack   29.99  
PIP 32056   Warmachine: Protectorate Visgoth Rhoven & Exemplar Body   26.99
PIP 50021   Monsterpocalypse Comic Book #2   3.99
PIP 75016   Hordes: Minion Warlock Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath   32.99  

SJG1470 Munchkin Quest     $49.95
Kill the monster, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. That's what it's all about. Now Munchkin Quest brings the action to the gameboard! Cooperate with the whole group, adventure with a partner, or strike out on your own. You don't know what's behind a door until you open it . . . then another tile is added to the dungeon. Battle monsters for power and treasure, or send them after your friends. Reach Level 10, and then get out alive if you can! Designed by Steve Jackson, and illustrated by John Kovalic, this boardgame doesn't take itself seriously. Except for the loot - munchkins are always serious about that!

VLY004  Titan $69.95
Titan is back! And it has brought along a few hundred of its friends! Titan is a full-out monster slug-a-thon, in which players must be prepared to sacrifice their creatures to cause maximum damage to their opponents. Players take the role of the Titan, and roam the board attempting to recruit bigger and badder monsters to fight for their legions. But just as your own army grows, your opponents themselves will be seeking the clash of battle, and there can be only one true Titan!

VLY202  Municipium    $54.95
A prime mechanism of Roman expansion and control in the provinces was the municipium, the premiere Roman provincial town. Being granted the status of a municipium brought a town into the Roman orbit and involved both duties to Rome and a gradual extension of the Roman citizenship to the inhabitants. This game takes place in one of these municipalities in a western province. The time is the middle of the 2nd Century AD, when the Empire had reached its greatest territorial extent and was enjoying its longest period of imperial peace. Players are each in control of a powerful family and try to strategically place their family members in the various institutions throughout the municipium and gain the support of the citizens: Scholars, Merchants, Soldiers, and Priests. The player best utilizing their power will become the most influential family in the municipium.

WWP02793   VtES: Keepers of Tradition SD $79.92
WWP02791   VtES: Keepers of Tradition BD $104.64
The firm hand rules all! The Camarilla is the universal organization of vampires that speaks for and legislates every vampire in the world (at least, in theory). Bound by a number of Traditions detailing the creation, behavior and destruction of Kindred, the sect also strives to hide to existence of all vampire activity from mortal eyes. This deception, called the Masquerade, is at the core of the Camarilla's existence; the struggle to universally uphold the Masquerade is what drives much of the sect's policy and direction. A new expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, with 4 new starter decks (Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, and Ventrue) and over 24 starter-exclusive cards.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
BTH1440008   Terrain 1/144 Scale: Stone Wall Set   $18.00 
BTH150032  Terrain: 15mm Brick House Ruin & Walls Boxed Set (8)  $20.00
COR280109  Infinity (#031) Ariadna Line Kazak (Rifle) New Version  $18.00
COR280329  Infinity (#158) Yu Jing: Yaozao (1)  $16.50
COR280428  Infinity (#161) Haqqislam: Bashi Bazouk (Boarding Shotgun) (1)  $12.50
COR280525  Infinity (#159) Nomads: Tomcats (Fusil Combi + Light Flamethrower, D.E.P.) (1)  $12.50
COR280621  Infinity (#160) Combined Army: Seed Soldiers (Combi Rifle) (2)  $21.50
LNL2000  Flintlock: Black Powder, Cold Steel  $54.99
THW1025  5150: Illegal Alliens Sourcebook  $15.00
THW1026  5150: Infestation Scenario Book  $20.00
THW1027  5150: Under a Hishen Sky Scenario Book  $10.00 
THW1031  Colonial Adventures  $15.00
QWS 510ELF02   D10 Elvish Dice Set White & Black (5) 
QWS 510ELF03   D10 Elvish Dice Set Red & White (5) 
QWS 510ELF04   D10 Elvish Dice Set Red & Black (5) 
QWS 510ELF05   D10 Elvish Dice Set Black & White (5)
QWS 510ELF07   D10 Elvish Dice Set Black & Yellow (5) 
QWS 56ELF02   D6 Elvish Dice Set White & Black (5)
QWS 56ELF03   D6 Elvish Dice Set Red & White (5)
QWS 56ELF04   D6 Elvish Dice Set Red & Black (5) 
QWS 56ELF05   D6 Elvish Dice Set Black & White (5)
QWS 56ELF07   D6 Elvish Dice Set Black & Yellow (5) 
QWS KCTH18   Call of Cthulhu: Beige & Black Dice Set (7)
QWS KCTH22   Call of Cthulhu: Green & Glow-in-the-Dark Dice Set (7)
MLB 40613   Clue Reinvention
MLB 40615   Sorry! Sliders 

WTW 20501   Stone Altar Hill - Summer   16.50
WTW 6059   Rubble Walls - Grey   6.99
WTW 6061   Rocky Pool - Swampy   6.99
WTW 6129   Cement Rubble Rise A - Sandstone   15.00
WTW 6130   Cement Rubble Rise B - Sandstone   20.00
WTW 6412   Rubble Hill A - Sandstone   12.00
WTW 6413   Rubble Hill B - Sandstone   14.00
WTW 6700   Ruined Tower - Grey   15.00
Green-Cast is terrain made from over 90% recycled rubber offering both durability and quality at an affordable price.

MLB 16508   Cranium
Spell a word backwards, hum a tune, answer a multiple-choice question, draw with your eyes closed, and more when you play Cranium! Cranium offers 14 talent-tapping activities designed to bring out the best in you and your friends.

MLB 16509   Cranium Wow 
Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound, or wordsmith, Cranium WOW gives you and your team a moment to shine with a variety of activities and challenges that celebrate all of your interests and strengths.

MLB 16512   Cranium Whoonu Tin 
Your dad likes poodles more than pickles! Your best friend likes bubblegum more than museums! Whoonu! In Cranium Whoonu, you're sure to have unforgettable fun as you reveal your favorite things, share hilarious stories, and bond over surprising connections.

MLB 16513   Cranium Family Edition 
Cranium Family Fun features a variety of hilarious activities that will have everyone laughing, high-fiving, and working and playing together as players compete by building, flipping, sketching, sculpting, and guessing! With colorful Cranium Cubes and fun Flipper Frogs, The Family Fun Game delivers the ultimate game night!

MLB 16515   Cranium New Cadoo
Cranium Cadoo is packed with fun, with eight activity types and 300 cards guaranteed to get kids thinking, creating, giggling, and grinning!

MLB 40488   Scrabble Deluxe 60th Anniversary Edition 
Celebrate Scrabble's 60th Anniversary with this truly premium Scrabble experience that features a deluxe carrying case, 100 wooden letter tiles including two Diamond Anniversary Edition blanks, four deluxe curved tile racks, plush drawstring leather pouch, and a gameplay guide. The handy game case makes it easy to grab a game on the go, while the two built-in side trays provide easy compact storage and a rotating gameboard.

MLB 44902   Partini 
It's like a martini, but with a twist of fun! Partini is the recipe for the perfect party with six unique games guaranteed to "mix up" any party: Hum Punch, Mime Twist, Clay Smoothie, Straight Up, What Not, and Bouncers.

FFG GOT36   A Game of Thrones CCG Core Set   39.95  
Playable out of the box for 2-4 players in either the melee (multiplayer) or joust (head-to-head) format, the A Game of Thrones Core Set is an ideal starting point for new players looking to experience the intrigue, brutal betrayal, and epic battles of George R.R. Martin's bestselling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Each Core Set includes 240 fixed cards featuring a complete deck for the Starks, the Lannisters, the Baratheons, and the Targaryens, and comes complete with six massive plastic title figurines, gold dragon tokens, power counters, and a game board to enhance your adventures in Westeros.

EMI 001   Roll 'n Multiply   24.99 
Roll 'n Multiply, the exciting game of multiplication, strategy, and fun, assists younger students in basic multiplication skills while challenging players proficient in multiplication. Simply roll the die, and multiply the numbers together. Corresponding game pieces are then strategically placed on the playing board. Four in a row wins the game - but watch out! Your playing piece may be captured and then flipped to the opponent's side!

MTW QUAD01   Quadrago   29.95  
In this mind-twisting, two-player, three-dimensional, four-in-a-row game, players attempt to create a row of four wooden beads - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - in any direction, level, row, column, or plane on the board before their opponent does, with each move consisting of placing a bead and then an optional twist of the center piece.

ELF AYG5101   Conflict of Heroes: The Swamp Expansion Pack 1   10.00  
The initial German invasion of Russia was successful beyond expectation. But it quickly became apparent that the mighty Wehrmacht would face more than determined Soviet forces. The terrain itself would hamper and harass the invaders, just as it had every other would-be conqueror for centuries. In many areas, the invasion literally bogged down in the marshes and swamps of the steppe! With The Swamp you can recreate the harsh, water-soaked terrain that bedeviled the German invaders in your Conflict of Heroes games. This first expansion includes Map Board #6 featuring a massive boggy swamp, and two new scenarios that focus on the unique challenges of this troublesome terrain.

LB 01512   Monopoly: Here & Now World Edition
Today's properties! Today's tokens! Today's millions! Monopoly Here & Now World Edition is timeless fun for tomorrow's billionaires! Challenge your friends and family to exciting Monopoly fun, or play against an advanced AI with multiple difficulty settings.

USOMN080006     Monopoly: Philadelphia Phillies World Series 2008     $37.99
Phillies™ take the title! Here's your opportunity to celebrate 28 years of hard work and sacrifice as the Phillies take the win. Relive the playoffs as you play the game and honor Cole Hamels stellar pitching, Ryan Howard's record setting postseason home runs and Shane Victorino's team spirit. Own the best of the Phillies and their historic season as you buy, sell and trade Brad Lidge, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins in this classic game of risk taking and deal making. Batter up!

MLB 40202   Pictureka 
Find it fast! Find it first! It's an outrageous, contagious picture hunt! In this exciting game of visual hide-and-seek, players attempt to collect the most mission cards to win!

MLB 44951   Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition 
Celebrate a quarter century of one of America's greatest games! It's triple the fun for everyone with this 25th Anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit featuring three difficulty levels, plus a redesigned board highlighting more "wedge" questions.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
FUN FN-07797   Case Closed Season 3 Box Set (DVD)   49.99
FUN TBD01   Pumpkin Scissors Season 1 V1 Box Set (DVD)   59.99
FUN TBD02   Pumpkin Scissors Season 1 V2 Box Set (DVD)   59.99
MDB AWD-0825   Moribito Guardian of the Spirit V1 (DVD)   24.99 
MDB AWD-0869   Moribito Guardian of the Spirit V2 (DVD)   24.99
MDB AWD-0870   Moribito Guardian of the Spirit Part 1 (DVD)   34.99

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off. 
Code  Description  Release MSRP 
08UDKSPX   2008/09 UPPER DECK SPX BASKETBALL   11/19/08   $199.90
UPRTODES     TALE OF DESPEREAUX T/C     11/18/08     $47.76  
RAFFA   FANTASIC FOUR ARCHIVES T/C   11/19/08   $84.00 
08TOFBC   2008 BOWMAN CHROME FOOTBALL   11/19/08   $72.00
08UDHBSPP     2008/09 UPPER DECK POWER PLAY HOCKEY BOX SET     11/18/08     $39.99  
RIMPB09     2009 PRO BOWL VSR4 REPLICA MINI     11/21/08     $25.99  
RIDPB09   2009 PRO BOWL FULL SIZE DELUXE REPLICA   11/21/08   $109.99 
RIAPB09   2009 PRO BOWL FULL SIZE AUTHENTIC VSR4   11/21/08   $259.99 
GGS9080   YODA ESB STATUE   11/2008   $140.00 
GGS10666   JASON VOORHEES MINI BUST   11/2008   $55.00 
GGS10699   FREDDY KRUEGER STATUE   11/2008   $150.00 
GGS10689   LOTR BALROG WALLMOUNT   11/2008   $140.00 
GGS10695   LEATHERFACE MINI BUST   11/2008   $55.00 
GGS10571   GHOST HOUSE FIGURES SERIES 1   11/2008   
MTFBNYG3P   MCFARLANE NY GIANTS 3-PACK #92405-3   11/17/08 
08DPBDEE     2008 DONRUSS ELITE EXTRA EDITION BASEBALL     11/26/08     $100.00  
08TSBPP   2008 TRISTAR PROSPECTS PLUS BASEBALL   11/26/08   $99.80
08UDKBSRP     2008/09 UD NBA ROOKIE PREMIERE BOX SET     11/25/08     $9.99  
08TOKCS   2008/09 TOPPS CO-SIGNERS BASKETBALL   11/28/08   $100.00 
08TOKTO   2008/09 TOPPS TIP-OFF BASKETBALL   11/26/08   $35.64
IWTLA     TWILIGHT T/C ALBUM     11/26/08     $22.95  
IWTL   TWILIGHT T/C   11/26/08   $59.76 
08TOFL   2008 TOPPS LETTERMAN FOOTBALL   11/28/08   
08DPFBSR   2008 DONRUSS PLAYOFF NFL ROOKIES BOX SET   11/26/08   $100.00


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