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o Events and Demos at Gator Games
Location: 4212 Olympic Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

Jan 15,22,29  4pm Friday Night Magic $5
Jan 17, 31 11am Magic Booster Draft  $15
Jan 30 11am Magic the Gathering Worldwake Prereleases $25
Feb 6  11am
Magic the Gathering  Worldwake Launch Parties $25
March 6
Magic the Gathering  Worldwake Game Day -TBA no info

o SHORT SOLICITS (These items may not appear in Game Trade Magazine)

______ GAW 48-95  40K SM Legion of the Damned Squad  $35.00
______ GAW 48-96  40K SM Damned Legionnaires $16.50
______ GAW 48-97  40K SM Damned Legionnaire w/Heavy We $13.25
______ GAW 51-01-N 40K TY Codex  $25.00
______ GAW 51-11  40K TY Ravener Brood  $44.50
______ GAW 51-12-N 40K TY Gargoyle Brood $29.00
______ GAW 51-13  40K TY Trygon / Mawloc $49.50
______ GAW 51-15  40K TY Pyrovore $33.00
______ GAW 51-16  40K TY Termagant Brood (12)  $24.75
______ GAW 51-17  40K TY Hormagaunt Brood (12)  $24.75
______ GAW 51-36-N 40K TY Venomthrope $20.00
______ GAW 51-43  40K TY Hive Guard $20.00


o Product Announcments
Mega Miniatures is bye-bye.
I'm sorry to announce that Mega Miniatures has informed us that effective December 31st, 2009 they will no longer be producing miniatures for sale through Distribution AND Retail channels. Furthermore, production of the following items that have been solicited, but not yet released, have been cancelled:
MEM-37005 Zombies SET 5
MEM-37006 Zombies SET 6
MEM-30008  Dumpsters
MEM-71201 BioBugs
MEM-71301 Troglodie Chimps
MEM-71401 Troglodie Gorillas


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
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E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

MXMCB019  Conversion Bitz: Wings (5) 
MXMCB020  Conversion Bitz: Dragonfly Wings (10)
MXMCB021  Conversion Bitz: Black Lotus Tribe Shields (10)
MXMCB022  Conversion Bitz: AK Guns (10)
MXMCB010  Skull Tribe Helmets (10) 
RGG404  Dominion Expansion: Seaside
ADB 0397 Starline 2400 Klingon F5W Ships (3) 19.95 
ADB 4325 Federation Commander Squadron Box #25 34.95 
ADB 4326 Federation Commander Squadron Box #26 34.95 
ADB 4409 Federation Commander Border Box #9 99.95 
ADB 5740 Captain's Log #40 19.95 
KEN 156 Knights of the Dinner Table #156 4.99
FAM 29 Cribbage Board - "29" 10.99
FFG CS1025 Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Cennette 9.99
FFG CS1027 Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Drake 9.99
FFG CS3025 Anima Tactics: Neutral Faction - Grimorium 39.99
RPR 01426 2009 Christmas Sophie 9.99   *Reaper Special Edition*
RPR 03458 Dark Heaven: Cadarius, Wizard 3.99
RPR 03459 Dark Heaven: Angel Of Justice 8.99
RPR 03460 Dark Heaven Legends: Classics - Samurai 9.99
PR 14557 Warlord: Elven Standard Bearer 6.49
RPR 14558 Warlord: Elven Musician 3.99
RPR 14561Warlord:  King Axehelm Of Kragmarr 6.99
RPR 14567 Warlord: Bloodstone Hok Sergeant 3.99
RPR 50111 Chronoscope Modern: Diamond Sue Dawson, Cowgirl 3.99
RPR 50126 Chronoscope Modern: Blubbery Rand, Super Hero 4.49 
RPR 50127 Chronoscope Modern: Alien Oppressor 3.99 
UPR 82418 MTG Zendikar 9-Pocket Portfolio
UPR 82424 Pokemon Platinum 4 4-Pocket Portfolio
UPR 82425 Pokemon Platinum 4 9-Pocket Portfolio
WLG WGBAA1 Bolt Action US Airborne 40.00 
WLG WGBP001 Black Powder Rulebook 53.00
WLG WGP05 ECW Parliament Cavalry (12) 30.00 
WLG WGP06 ECW Covanenter Infantry (40) 30.00 
WLG WGROE001 Rules of Engagement Rulebook (WWII) 44.00
GAW WD-359 White Dwarf #359 9.00
PIP 31065 Warmachine: Cygnar Lieutenant Allister Caine 2009 11.99
PIP 35010 Warmachine: Retribution Houseguard Halberdiers 54.99 
PIP 41080 Warmachine: Dannon Blythe & Bull Bounty Hunter 17.99 
PIP 41082 Warmachine: Ghordson Basher 25.99
GAW 48-98 Warhammer 40K: Space Marines Megaforce 175.00
GAW 50-99 Warhammer 40K: Ork Megaforce 200.00
GAW 64-43 Warhammer 40K: Fortress of Redemption 99.00 
GAW 86-99 Warhammer: Empire Brigade 190.00 
GAW 89-98 Warhammer: Ork Brigade 190.00
GAW 65-96 Warhammer: Army Figure Case 99.00
GAW 65-97 Warhammer 40K: Army Figure Case 99.00
GAW 51-05 Warhammer 40K: Tyranid Battleforce 105.00
Thunder from Fenris
The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Vol 2
Forged by Chaos

GAW 90-15 Warhammer: Skaven Screaming Bell / Plague Furnace 57.75 
Of all the diabolical wonder weapons of the Skaven, none is as notorious as the Screaming Bell. It is from these unholy altars that the Grey Seers preach their plans of total domination in the name of the Great Horned Rat. The Plague Furnace is a disease-ridden altar to the Great Horned Rat and an unholy pulpit for a Plague Priest. This box set contains one multi-part plastic Skaven war engine that can be assembled as a Screaming Bell or a Plague Furnace.

FFG CT28 Call Of Cthulhu LCG: In The Dread Of Night Asylum Pack 9.95
It is at night that the Dreamers fitfully sleep, and it is at night that the horrors of the Dreamlands awake. In the Dread of Night contains 20 never-before-seen cards based on the dark mythos of master horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Call of Cthulhu metagame.

S2P 10203 Deadlands: Reloaded Gm Screen 19.99
Dead men tell no tales, whether they've quit walking or not, and the Weird West is filled with secrets. This three-panel, landscaped screen helps a wily Deadlands Marshal keep his plans close to his chest as well as providing easy reference to eleven of the handiest charts west o' the Mississippi, including an expansive list of combat options and maneuvers, as well as a new, introductory adventure, "Murder on the Hellstromme Express."

MLB 04391 Scrabble Slam Deluxe Card Game
In Scrabble Slam, players race against each other to change the existing four-letter word and get rid of their cards. "Game" could become "fame" and "fame" could become "fate" - you never know where it'll go!

ZMG 7041 Megacorps 34.99
In this epic game of economic domination, players control a MegaCorp - one of six enormous conglomerates that dominate economic and political life in the mid-21st Century. You control industries, manipulate governments like puppets, and even wage war to open new markets. But, watch your back! Kleptocracies can steal ownership of your industry, Dictatorships can nationalize an industry to shut you out, and Democracies can buy you out! Become the most prominent and profitable Megacorp to earn your place at the top and win!

RGG 411 Assyria 59.95
2000 BC. A new empire is about to emerge in the north of Mesopotamia. Nomadic tribes gather under the leadership of Assur, a city-state dedicated to the cult of the powerful mountain god. But life in the desert is precarious, and before ruling the world, one must first learn to survive.

RGG 412 Ystari Treasure Box 34.95
This "Treasure Box" features a selection of six games produced in cooperation with Ystari Games: Amyitis, Caylus Magna Carta, Metropolys, Mykerinos, Nile, Sylla, and Yspahan.

MGP 10004 Judge Dredd RPG: Democracy Falls 24.95
Democracy Falls - a hub of opportunity for those in the Cursed Earth with the skills, gear, and guts to try and survive within its gang-patrolled wall. When the appearance of a new criminal game in the lower blocks called Bloodrace claims its first Judge's life, the Chief Judges take action!

MGP 6668 Paranoia XP: Internal Security 39.95
With this high-security book, players can leave behind the trials and tribulations of Troubleshooters and instead bask in the joy of being Blue Level Internal Security Troopers - to serve, to protect, to vaporize!

UDC 73373-D World Of Warcraft TCG: Scourgewar Booster Display (24)
The ever-expanding reach of the Lich King has drawn the forces of both the Horde and the Alliance to the frigid lands of Northrend, but they do not know the horrors that await them. The unrelenting forces of the Scourge have risen and they will stop at nothing until the last breath of life has been siphoned from Azeroth! This expansion set for the World of Warcraft TCG introduces all-new content, including mounts, several new keywords, and a new master hero  - Kel'Thuzad -  as well as full integration of the Death Knight class and an alternate rules set to use with existing World of Warcraft TCG cards.

CAT 11060 Poo 12.99
Ready to take it like a monkey?! In this fast and furious card game, players take the roles of monkeys having all too much fun doing what monkeys do. Last player standing with at least a little fur still showing wins!

CAT 11070 Ergo 14.99
Do you exist? I think therefore I am? From Socrates to Descartes, the question has dogged mankind. Now with Ergo you can prove your existence while disproving the existence of your friends.

PUI 10513 Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Arceus 3-Booster Pack
Stepping out of ancient times comes a Pokemon so mighty that legends say it shaped the universe itself! The Pokemon TCG: Platinum-Arceus expansion introduces the Alpha-Pokemon Arceus and its multiple Energy types. So, harness and wield this awesome power - or rise to its incredible challenge! Capture previously unseen Pokemon LV.X to aid you in this titanic struggle, and turn the tide of battle with all-new Trainer and Stadium cards. With new gameplay, new Trainer cards, and an exceptional subset of the new Alpha Pokemon Arceus, the 100+ cards in the Pokemon TCG: Platinum - Arceus expansion will give players everything they need to control the powers of one of the most powerful Pokemon ever!

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic Corner Ruin (BB516)
The box contains one painted Ruined Building Corner.

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic Tank Traps (BB517)
The box contains four painted Tank Traps

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic Ruined Columns (BB518)
The box contains two painted Large Columns, two Small Columns and one Ruined Column Obstacle.

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic Ruined Walls (BB519)
The box contains five painted Wall Sect

AEG RACBG001 Rush n' Crush 49.95
When you weld guns and armor onto a race car, you need some real psychos to drive them. But we did it. Why? Because chaos is fun! Break-neck speed and road-rage are not only encouraged, they're required, in this fast and furious armed racing game! Rush N' Crush comes complete with "Arcade" mode for the fast and merciless, "Overdrive" mode for the refined driver looking for some finesse, and a modular racetrack with 10 tiles to combine into numerous racetracks.

S2P BED2001 Terror Network: A Counter Terrorism RPG 19.99
You and your fellow agents are the nation's unsung heroes! From the Mountains of Afghanistan to the Streets of  Boston, fight on the front lines against Terrorist Networks like Al-Qaeda. With 42 Skills and a gritty, high body count system, Terror Network is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

CB7 5100 100 Sci-Fi Adventure Seeds 24.95
Never run out of adventure ideas again! This tome contains 100 generic Sci-Fi plots for gamers to incorporate into their science fiction campaigns, each complete with a premise, three twists, and an epilogue.

CB7 5500 Barbarians of Lemuria (Legendary Edition) 24.99
Half a million years ago, on the lost continent of Lemuria in the Pacific, the first civilizations arose from the red murk of barbarism. For thousands of years the first men had struggled heroically to overcome the Dragon Kings, but, at last, they were destroyed or driven from the land. And so began Nemedis, the first kingdom. Over the centuries her children spread throughout the vast, untamed lands of prehistoric Lemuria, and kingdoms were founded, and fought, and fell. But, before long, the first great Empire would unite these tiny warring kingdoms into one mighty power! Enter a savage age of sorcery and bloodshed, where strong men and beautiful women, warlords, priests, magicians, and gladiators battle to carve a bloody path leading to the Throne of Lemuria!

FFG WHF01 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set 99.95
Grim and perilous adventures await in the Old World in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! As unlikely heroes thrust into adventure by the hands of fate, players will take up arms and spells to combat the might of enemies terrifying to behold! This Core Set comes complete with four comprehensive rulebooks that provide all the knowledge players need to explore the Old World, including information on 30 different careers and four different races to expand character options, plus over 30 Custom Dice, party sheets, and more than 300 cards that keep players in the game with no need to look up skills or abilities.

MFG 45512 Steam Locomotive Set 25.00
This supplement to Martin Wallace's Steam provides players the option of replacing their wooden marker disks with wooden train engines. The Steam Locomotive Set contains 144 wooden train tokens (six colors for six players) and one pawn (in a color different from the player colors), all packaged in a handy, plastic storage container.

MFG 4552 Steam: Steam Barons Expansion 50.00
This expansion for Martin Wallace's Steam introduces a whole new way to play Steam, with players now competing for ownership of the various companies, with the primary shareholder in each company deciding the actions of that company each turn. You'll need to know when to invest, and when to cash in to better manage your rail to riches! Also included are two new maps of the North of England and the majority of the United States East of the Rocky Mountains, as well as new wooden train markers.

MGP 6669 Paranoia XP: Treason In Word And Deed 9.95
Internal Security believes that there is a traitor in your team! Therefore, you will be locked inside this vault for the next 72 hours and subjected to a series of rigorous psychological tests to determine your loyalty. If you are loyal, you have nothing to fear. However, if you are a despicable traitor, then you will be uncovered and punished!

MGP 6670 Paranoia XP: Termination Quota Exceeded 9.95
Your termination quota's exceeded, but your happiness index is still way down in the doldrums of despair, and your loyalty index ain't looking too good. Total Security means that everything's tracked and monitored, including your own dwindling chances of survival. There's a whole sector of traitors out there, and your gun won't fire until the next business day.

AEG 5004 Abandon Ship 34.95
Rats are fleeing a sinking ship and you need to be crafty to get them to safety. It's every rat for himself in this fast-paced game of strategy, luck, deceit, and sometimes even cooperation.

AEG 5010 Tomb: Cryptmaster 59.95
Tomb: Cryptmaster is a stand-alone expansion to the dungeon adventure game where each player recruits a unique party and races to clear the most dungeon territory - and live to brag about it! Tomb: Cryptmaster introduces two new boards, 80 new characters, 400 new cards, more spells, items, prayers, and tactics, a revised and expanded rulebook, and the new Cryptmaster deck.

ATG 1320 Ren Faire Card Game 24.95
You and your friends are newbies at the Renaissance faire. Food, music, mock combat... it sounded like some kind of off-beat rock concert! Problem is, you stick out like a sore thumb! Now you and your friends have one afternoon to assemble the ultimate Renaissance costume, but you're low on cash and the only way to earn more is to perform for the crowd! In the Ren Faire card game, your goal is to outfit your Character with Costumes whose icons fill the slots on it. To do this, you play Performance cards that award you coins for doing silly stunts, then buy the transparent Costume cards that stack above your Character card.

RGG 399 Imperial 2030 59.95
In the year 2030, China, India, and Brazil are in ascendance, threatening the hegemony of the old Imperial powers of the United States, Russia, and Europe. This has sparked a new global race for power and influence. Ultimately, these nations are only puppets in a treacherous game, as their fates are controlled by powerful international investors operating in the background. In Imperial 2030, each player takes on the role of such an investor on the constant lookout for the maximum return on his investment in their quest for ruthless control of the great powers.

RGG 403 Power Grid: Brazil & Iberia Expansion 24.95
RGG 402 Power Grid: Factory Manager 44.95
In Power Grid: Factory Manager, each player owns a factory and tries to earn the most money during the game. To be successful, they must use their workers to buy the best machines and robots at the market and to run the machines most effectively in their factory.

RGG 414 Havana 44.95 E MW SW W
In order to make Cuba's capital city Havana gleam in renewed splendor, many magnificent buildings are being built. As overseers of this grand beautification, players compete for Pesos, building materials, and workers as they strive to bring their architect into play, all the while collecting taxes, sending out thieves, hindering the construction of opponent's buildings, or simply hosting a siesta under the protection of their body guards.

LOO 009-D Chrononauts Display (6) 120.00
In Chrononauts, players become Time Travelers who seek to return to their original alternate realities by changing history (done by preventing assassinations, averting disasters, and so on), while simultaneously seeking to gather up the right combination of amazing artifacts, plucked from the future or rescued from the past. The huge deck of 135 cards features a unique 32 card TimeLine deck that's used to track Ripples and Paradoxes as they are formed, by the actions (and reversed actions) of the Chrononauts.

LOO 041 Chrononauts: The Gore Years 3.00
A lot has happened since Chrononauts was published, and the Timeline has slipped out of date. So, how would the past eight years be different if Time Travellers changed the outcome of the 2000 election? Well, for starters, they'd be called the Gore Years! This 11-card expansion brings Chrononauts into the 21st Century with five new TimeLine cards, three Alternate Reality Patches, and three new Chrononaut Character ID cards.

PIP 50029 Monsterpocalypse Series 4: Monsterpocalypse Now Map Pack 12.99 
Each Monsterpocalypse Now Map Pack contains one double-sided map and an exclusive building, giving players new locations to smash while bringing new strategic options to the game.

PAL 0232 Dead Reign: Dark Places 12.95
When there is no place to hide and the dead are everywhere, where do you go? Who can you turn to? What happens next? Dead Reign: Dark Places presents four new, gruesome zombies that will make your skin crawl, plus more survivor secrets, and details on traveling the urban underground.

ZMG 4300 Pocket Battles: Celts Vs Romans 15.00
In this fast, portable, tile-based war game, players field units of Romans, Elves, and World War II commandos as they battle on a tabletop arena. Pocket Battles comes complete with six dice, 60 tiles, and two player aids.

ZMG 7026-E Agricola: Farmers of the Moor Expansion 45.00
This expansion for Agricola adds the challenges of feeding your family and heating your home to the harvesting-and-building strategy board game. Farmers of the Moor contains 150 cards, new tiles representing different terrain (such as forests and moors), and wooden victory-point pieces shaped like horses.

PZO 1113 Pathfinder RPG: GM Screen 14.99
Protect your important notes and die rolls from prying player eyes with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM Screen! From skill check Difficulty Classes to two-weapon fighting modifiers, this durable, four-panel screen gives you the tools and charts you need to keep the game fast and fun.

DOW 730114 Memoir '44: Battlemap Volume 3 - Sword Of Stalingrad 24.00
The third in the series of Memoir '44 Battle Maps, Sword of Stalingrad features two new, ready-to-play Overlord Scenarios on large-scale, double-sided paper maps as well as two regular Memoir '44 scenarios. Also included is a new Combat Deck specifically designed for urban warfare.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.

GTM 118 Game Trade Magazine #118 .00
99060101434 Crimson Fists Assault Pack 14 Bits 21-Nov-09 $13.25
99060101433 Crimson Fists Command Pack 8 Bits 21-Nov-09 $9.90
99060101437 Crimson Fists Shoulder Pads 10 Bits 21-Nov-09 $9.90
99060101436 501192101795 9 - Crimson Fists Tactical Pack 13 Bits 21-Nov-09 $11.50
99060101435 501192101794 2  - Crimson Fists Tank Pack 8 Bits 21-Nov-09 $8.25
99229999107 501192101786 7  - Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard Extension 2 x Flat Board Sections 28-Nov-09 $90.75
99120199024 - - Imperial Warzone Scenery Bundle 28-Nov-09 $748.50
ADA17201 Squadron Strike!: British Fleet Box #1
ADA17202 Squadron Strike!: Russian Fleet Box #1
ADA17203 Squadron Strike!: Japanese Fleet Box #1
GZMHFM15 Hobby World - Game Forces Magazine Issue 15 (English Issue #4) $11.99
ADB0397 Starline 2400 Miniatures: Klingon F5W (3) $11.95
APL0833 Great War at Sea: Great White Fleet (Revised Edition) $19.99 $
APL1813 Panzer Grenadier: Aachen 1944 (Zippy Game) $9.99
APL1814 Panzer Grenadier: Roer River Battles (Zippy Game) $9.99
APL1815 Panzer Grenadier: West Wall (Zippy Game) $9.99
APL1816 Panzer Grenadier: Siegfried Line (Zippy Game) $9.99
COL3161 Hammer of the Scots (Third Edition)
DP9-9165 Heavy Gear: Earth Type F2-25 Frame Two Pack (2) $24.95
DP9-9166 Heavy Gear: Earth Alpha Squad Pack (4) $20.95
DP9-9167 Heavy Gear: Earth Beta Squad Pack (4) $22.95
DP99164 Heavy Gear: South M.P. Shield Five Pack $10.95
GF904150 Magnetic Bases 50mm Round $11.99
OWMDM10b Otherworld Miniatures (Dungeon Monsters): Troglodyte Warriors II (3) $22.00
OWMDM17 Otherworld Miniatures (Dungeon Monsters): Hook Horror $22.00
OWMDM3B Otherworld Miniatures (Dungeon Monsters): Ogre II $16.20
OWMDM3C Otherworld Miniatures (Dungeon Monsters): Ogre III $16.20
ANC20195 Xyston 15mm: Spanish Musicians & Standards $8.00
ANC20203 Xyston 15mm: Spanish Nobles $6.50
ANC20220 Xyston 15mm: Carthaginian Elephant w/Mahout $8.00
DP9-9097C Heavy Gear Blitz! Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1 $29.99
DP9ADP08 Gear Krieg - World at War (Full Color SC) $38.00
DP99161 Heavy Gear: Northern Aller Main Battle Tank Custom $40.95
DP99162 Heavy Gear: Southern Visigoth Main Battle Tank Custom $40.95
MFG45512 Wooden Game Accessories: Steam Locomotive Set $25.00
BAU15ARA Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Arab Tent $5.99 no discount
BAU15ARA-b Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Arab Palace Tent $12.25  no discount
BAU15ARA-c Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Bedouin Tent $12.25 no discount
BAU15ASX Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Anglo-Saxon Geteld $5.99 no discount
BAU15BRD Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Rural Wooden Bridge $25.99 no discount
BAU15BTS Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Straight Buttress (4) $12.99 $ no discount
BAU15BUA Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Near East Walled City Set $129.99  no discount
BAU15BYZ Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Byzantine Tent $5.99 no discount
BAU15BYZ-b Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Byzantine HQ Tent $12.25  no discount
BAU15CHI Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Chinese Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15CTF Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Angled Counterfort (2) $12.99  no discount
BAU15DKN Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Spartan Dokana $5.99  no discount
BAU15ELF Kleos (15mm Fantasy Tents & Baggage): Elven Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15EMI1 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Emishi Foot Archers (8) $5.99 no discount
BAU15EMI2 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Emishi Heavy Archers (8) $5.99  no discount
BAU15EMI3 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Emishi Mounted (4) $5.99 no discount
BAU15GAT-a Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Near East Main City Gate $25.99  no discount
BAU15GOT Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Gothic Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15GRK Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Greek Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15Hut Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Small Round Stone Hut $5.99  no discount
BAU15LEG Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Roman Legionary Tent I $5.99  no discount
BAU15LEG-b Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Roman Legionary Tent II $5.99  no discount
BAU15MDV Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Medieval Tent I $5.99  no discount
BAU15MDV-b Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Medieval Tent II $5.99 no discount
BAU15NKE Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Egyptian Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15OTM Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Ottoman Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15PAV Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Stone Paving Section $12.99  no discount
BAU15PIG1 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Incendiary Pigs (4) $4.50  no discount
BAU15PIG2 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Domestic Pigs (6) $4.50  no discount
BAU15PRS Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Persian Tent $5.99  no discount
BAU15PRT Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Roman HQ Tent $5.99 no discount
BAU15RKO Kleos (15mm Fantasy Tents & Baggage): Orc Houz $12.25  no discount
BAU15RNS Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Medieval Pavilion $12.25  no discount
BAU15SHD Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Extension for Buildings $5.99  no discount
BAU15STB Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Mycenaean Stable $21.50  no discount
BAU15STH Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Medieval Straw Hut $5.99  no discount
BAU15SWH Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Small Stone WareHouse $12.99 no discount
BAU15TBT Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Tibetan Maikan Tent $5.99 no discount
BAU15TOW-a Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Near East Tower $25.99  no discount
BAU15TRY Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Mycenaean Small House $12.99 no discount
BAU15TRZ Urbis Architectural (15mm Ancient): Mycenaean City House $25.99  no discount
BAU15VKG Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Viking Tent $12.25  no discount
BAU15WAL-a Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Near East Wall $25.99  no discount
BAU15YAY Hostis (15mm Ancient): Ottoman Javelinmen (8) $5.99  no discount
BAU15YUR Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Mongol Yurt $5.99  no discount
BAU15YUR-b Kleos (15mm Ancient Tents & Baggage): Nobles Mongol Yurt $5.99  no discount
BAU28TRG1 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Basha (4) $10.50 no discount
BAU28TRG2 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Masha (4) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG3 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Zowa (4) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG4 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Zaffa A (4) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG5 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Zaffa B (4) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG6 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Leeda (3) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG7 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Banna (2) $10.50  no discount
BAU28TRG8 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Infantry Hand Weapons Pack (16) $10.50 no discount
BAU28TRG9 Esair - Land of Giants (28mm Fantasy): Trog Infantry Pole Weapons Pack (16) $10.50  no discount
BAU48001CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Yuri Vasiliev (Russian) $14.99  no discount
BAU48002CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Kurt Maler (German) $14.99  no discount
BAU48003CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Boris Zyukow (Russian) $14.99  no discount
BAU48004CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Friedrich ''tank man'' Vogt (German) $14.99 no discount
BAU48005CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Zhdan Petrov (Russian) $14.99  no discount
BAU48006CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Rolf Krause (German) $14.99 no discount
BAU48007CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Viktor Suchoj (Russian) $14.99 no discount
BAU48008CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Karl Schwarz (German) $14.99  no discount
BAU48009CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Irina Krylov (Russian) $14.99  no discount
BAU48010CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Hans Wolff (German) $14.99  no discount
BAU48011CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Igor Povlyak (Russian) $14.99  no discount
BAU48012CS I-48 Combat (32mm WWII): Mark Shuster (German) $14.99  no discount
BAUBIVIK Hostis (15mm Ancient): BI Viking Army Pack (72 figures & camp) $59.99 no discount
BAUDBAVIK Hostis (15mm Ancient): DBA Viking Army Pack (50 figures & camp) $49.99  no discount
BAUHOP1 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Generic Fortified Camp (Round Corners) $52.50  no discount
BAUHOP2 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Marian Roman Fortified Camp (Round Corners) $52.50 no discount
BAUHOP3 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Roman Marching Camp $39.99  no discount
BAUHOP4 Hoppidus (15mm Ancient): Imperial Roman Fortified Camp (Round Corners) $52.50  no discount
BAUVIK1 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Command (8 figures per pack) $5.99 no discount
BAUVIK2 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking ShieldWall Spearmen (8 figures per pack) $5.99  no discount
BAUVIK3 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Bondi w/ Swords (8 figures per pack) $5.99  no discount
BAUVIK4 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Bondi w/ Axes (8 figures per pack) $5.99  no discount
BAUVIK5 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Archers (8 figures per pack) $5.99 no discount
BAUVIK6 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Huscarls Shield & Sword (8 figures per pack) $5.99  no discount
BAUVIK7 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Huscarls 2 Hand Axe (8 figures per pack) $5.99  no discount
BAUVIK8 Hostis (15mm Ancient): Viking Berserker (8 figures per pack) $5.99 no discount
MASP00027 Condition Markers: Marker ''Acceleration'' (5) $9.00 $5.40 
MASS00101 Movement Tray (Ruins): 5x3 20x20mm $13.00 no discount
MASS00102 Movement Tray (Ruins): 5x4 20x20mm $13.00  no discount
MASS00103 Movement Tray (Ruins): 5x3 25x25mm $13.00  no discount
MASS00104 Movement Tray (Ruins): 5x4 25x25mm $13.00  no discount
MASS00105 Movement Tray (Ruins): 5x2 25x50mm $13.00 no discount
MASS00106 Movement Tray (Ruins): 3x2 40x40mm $13.00 no discount
MASS00201 Movement Tray (Shale): 5x3 20x20mm $13.00 no discount
MASS00202 Movement Tray (Shale): 5x4 20x20mm $13.00 no discount 
MASS00203 Movement Tray (Shale): 5x3 25x25mm $13.00 no discount
MASS00204 Movement Tray (Shale): 5x4 25x25mm $13.00  no discount
MASS00205 Movement Tray (Shale): 5x2 25x50mm $13.00  no discount
MASS00206 Movement Tray (Shale): 3x2 40x40mm $13.00  no discount
FDX 05710 Premium Chess 20.80
MGE KWE11-1 Kings Of War: Elves Bowmen Troop (10) 14.99
MGE KWE12-1 Kings Of War: Elves Bowmen Command Troop (10) 14.99
MGE KWE15-1 Kings Of War: Elves Bolt Thrower (1WM) 14.99
MGE KWE21-1 Kings Of War: Elves Bowmen Regiment (20) 24.99
MGE KWE24-1 Kings Of War: Elves Sea Guard Regiment (20) 24.99
WTW 06046 Ready To Paint: Round Rock Lookout A 8.00
WTW 06047 Ready To Paint: Round Rock Lookout B 12.00 
WTW 06048 Ready To Paint: Round Rock Lookout C 16.00
WTW 06622 Rubble Walls Grey Winter 11.00
WTW 06630 Rubble Piles Grey Winter 11.00 
WTW 06704 Ruined Tower Brown Winter 18.00
WTW 07301 Stone Altar Hill 18.00 
FDX 05710 Premium Chess 20.80
PIP 71042 Hordes: Trollblood Fennblades (plastic) 49.99
PIP 73041 Hordes: Legion Of Everblight Warspears (plastic) 44.99
RKH ATARBX03 AT-43: Oni Army Box 70.00
RKH ONAT43 AT-43: Oni Army Book 18.00 
RKH ONC102 AT-43: Oni Unit Box Light Enforcer 30.00
RKH ONHE01 AT-43: Oni Unit Box Samurai Byron Samedi Ox 30.00 
RKH LICH03 Confrontation: Manilia Hero Box 35.00 
RKH LILV03 Confrontation: Knights Units Box 35.00
RKH LILV04 Confrontation: Knights Attachments Box 25.00
FFG WTM11004 World Tank Museum Kursk: Mk. Vi E "Tiger I" (early Production) 2.99
FFG WTM11005 World Tank Museum Kursk: Mk. III J 2.99
FFG WTM11006 World Tank Museum Kursk: Tank Destroyer "Nashorn" (Rhinoceros) 2.99
FFG WTM11007 World Tank Museum Kursk: Mk. V D "panther" 2.99
FFG WTM13001 World Tank Museum Kursk: T-34/76 Model 1942 2.99 
FFG WTM13002 World Tank Museum Kursk: Su-122 2.99 
FFG WTM17001 World Tank Museum Kursk:Anti-Tank Gun Pack 2.99
RPR 09247 Shadow 2.99 (Reaper Pro-Paints)
RPR 09248 Midtone 2.99 (Reaper Pro-Paints)
RPR 09249 Highlight 2.99 (Reaper Pro-Paints)
RPR 09783 Triad 8.95 (Reaper Pro-Paints)

MAT G6850 Mad Gab Game 49.99
It's not what you say, but what you hear! In this entertaining, talk-out-loud game, players square off against their opponents in solving mondegreens - puzzles comprised of small words that, when said together, sound like a phrase, famous person, place, or thing.

QNG 50031 Nelly 49.95
Nelly, the hippo, lives in a big pond in the middle of Africa together with the little turtles and a white heron. She has everything she needs - water, plenty of food and her friends who comfortably sit on her back enjoying the sun. Only some cheeky crabs annoy her because they keep pinching her nose. Which turtle is able to stay on Nelly's back when she ducks underwater to get rid of the crabs?

QNG 60532 Sultan 34.95
Precious stones are on offer at the magnificent sultan's palace. The players have to get hold of the most precious collection of all if they want to impress the sultan and win the game. But who can foresee the plans of the other players and make the right bid at the right time? Only the best players can call the bluff.

QNG 60552 San Francisco Cable Car 49.95
Each player conducts their own cable car company and tries to expand their network. Victory points are awarded for each destination station connected to a player's line. Who will finally be the owner of the most successful cable car company? Includes the Expansion Cable-Car-Company": Being shareholders, the players build the rail network of all the cable car companies and buy their shares. For each completed line the respective cable car company gains profit points. Profit points determine the value of the shares which the players obtain during the game.

QNG 60562 Colonia 64.95
Colonia in the Middle Ages is the largest city of the "Holy Roman Empire". Being one of Europe's metropolises it is renowned for its famous cathedrals and vivid trade. In this game the players are the leaders of patrician families, holding influential positions in the Colonia City Council and controlling the city's fortune.

QNG 60577 Granada 54.95
Granada - lots of artisans, traders and entire families have settled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, because the Palace of Alhambra promises all people work, contracts and above all prosperity. A Stand-Alone Game from the award-winning designer Dirk Henn, based on "Alhambra" - a bestseller all over the world.

QNG 70093 Roma II Arena 24.95
The revolt in Rome will not end for a long time to come! Join the action and find out who is the most powerful ruler by skillfully playing your cards. No matter if you strengthen your own position with strong cards like Arena or Ballista or if you augment your victory points with Templarius and Triremis - you will be the winner if you use your characters and buildings with wits.

OSP ACE090 Fiat Cr.42 Aces of World War II 22.95 
The Fiat CR.42, a logical development of the Fiat CR.32, was the last single-seat fighter biplane to be produced. Drawing on research from a range of sources, this book examines the extensive employment of the Italian fighter plane during the course of World War II.

OSP CAM214 Coral Sea 1942 19.95
The Battle of the Coral Sea is unique in the annals of naval history. It is the first battle in which enemy fleets never came within sight of one another. Instead, aircraft launched from carrier decks were sent out to attack the enemy with bombs and torpedoes. Using the latest research and numerous period photographs, retired USN Commander Mark O. Stille tells the story of this important and unique battle in the Pacific War.

OSP CAM216 The Six Day War: Jordan and Syria 19.95 
Following the lightning destruction of the Egyptian forces at the outbreak of the Six Day War, Israel turned to the forces of Jordan and Syria, with whom Egypt had signed a mutual-defense pact, and who had now entered the war. Comprehensively illustrated with artwork, maps, and battlefield views, this new history brings one of the most important of 20th century campaigns to life.

OSP COM081 Israeli A-4 Skyhawk Units In Combat 22.95 
Using previously unpublished first-hand accounts and rare photography from the IAF archives and pilots' private collections, Shlomo Aloni tells the definitive history of the IAF's A-4 squadrons, including the story of Ezra "BABAN" Dotan who became an ace with an unique double-kill of MiG17s.

OSP DUE024 Fw 190 Sturmbock Vs B-17 17.95 
The Fw 190 was one of the best air superiority aircraft of World War II. Although the Fw 190s were responsible for shooting down hundreds of Allied bombers, they met their match against the United States Air-Force B-17 'Flying Fortress.'

OSP ELI177 German Special Forces of World War II 18.95 
This long-overdue study of the troops that made up Germany's elite special forces of World War II details the legenday Skorzeny Commandos, as well as lesser-known units such as the Brandenburgers and the Kleinkampfverb•nde, complete with uniform and kit detail together with action accounts of many of their daring operations.

OSP ESS040 Anglo-Afghan Wars 17.95 
During the 19th Century Britain entered into three brutal wars with Afghanistan, each one an imperial struggle for power. This book reveals the history of these three Anglo-Afghan wars, and the torturous experiences of the men on the ground as they struggled against the inhospitable Afghan terrain and an unrelenting enemy.

OSP MAA451 Imperial Roman Naval Forces 31BC - AD 500 17.95
The Roman navy, although somewhat overshadowed by the Legions, played an important role for the Roman Empire. For the army to conquer and rule its vast territories, control of the sea lanes was essential. This book provides a detailed re-evaluation of the vital contribution made by the Roman navy to imperial power, covering the organization of the fleets and the everyday life of the soldiers.

OSP MAA456 Mounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard 17.95
Mounted upon their huge black horses, the Mounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard were the senior heavy cavalry unit of the French army and were never defeated in battle. Along with detailed artwork depicting the unit's colorful uniforms, this book gives a history of the unit's organization and record drawn from original letters, orders, and inspection reports that still survive in the Paris Archives.

OSP NVG161 Ships of the American Revolutionary Navy 17.95
In this title, Mark Lardas explores the origins of American warships, primarily light and medium frigates, built for the Continental Navy during the years 1776-1783. With a close look at how these ships performed in key battles, as well as the exploits of John Paul Jones - the founding father of the United States Navy - this is a complete, illustrated overview of the ships' service and development until France's entry into the war and the subsequent decline in importance of the Continental Navy.

EPC 003-D Epic TCG Pre-Constructed Deck Display (12) 155.88 
The fate of the world hangs in the balance as gods do battle, unleashing mighty champions, powerful artifacts, and devastating events to crush all who oppose them! Created by award-winning game designer Robert Dougherty and Magic Hall of Famer Darwin Kastle, the Epic trading card game boasts fast and furious gameplay! Offered in four unique, thematic configurations (Call to Arms, Graft-Steel Domination, Restless Dead, and Savage Lands), each 56-card pre-constructed deck comes ready for tournament play right out of the box, complete with two rares, two new ultra-rares, and a quick-start rules sheet. Offered in 12-count displays.

WOC 25129 Forgotten Realms: Return of the Archwizards TP 14.95
by Troy Denning  From the depths of the demiplane of shadow comes a new magic so mysterious it confounds even the Chosen of Mystra. From beneath the dune seas of Anauroch escapes one of Toril's most powerful and ancient evils - the phaerimm. From Evereska, the last elven refuge on comes word of invasion. From nowhere appears a group of enigmatic sorcerers determined to destroy the phaerimm and save Evereska - for purposes known only to themselves. This omnibus collects the entire Return of the Archwizards trilogy: The Summoning, The Siege, and The Sorcerer.

JKL 0063 Tulipmania 1637 28.00 
The tulip, a flower native to east Africa, created quite a ruckus upon reaching the shores of Europe in the mid-1500s. The Dutch, well-known for their trading prowess, were the center of the tulip trade. In Tulipmania 1637, players portray wily investors, using their network of buyers and colleagues to make smart investments, artificially raise prices, fleece their network at the best time, and make their escape with the most money.

JKL 0087 Confucius 65.00
Set in imperial China during the Ming dynasty, Confucius revolves around the period of restoration and reconstruction where the government was re-established by the Emperor Hongwu under a new legal code stressing family relations and based on Confucian ideas. Using a vast standing army, areas of China under Mongol control and many adjoining territories were brought into the Empire through military conquest. In Confucius, each player represents a Chinese family seeking to extend its power in the government, the army, and the navy through the subtle application of political and social influence, rather than through direct conflict.

JKL 0178-D Opus-dei: Existence After Religion Display (6) 200.00 
Billed as the world's first atheist card game, Opus-Dei: Existence After Religion, is a new, entertaining, and irreverent card game that takes place in a universe where religion is almost completely something of the past. In this world without religious dogma, the players represent rival "Zeitgeists" competing in a battle of rational ideas to maintain ethics, morals, and meaningful lives for all by virtue of reason!

SRG201  Race for the Summit  $19.99 SRP 
Race for the Summit is a rock climbing card game where 2-6 players challenge a towering rock spire and attempt to be the first to reach the top. Choose from 8 climbers, each with their own preferences for various hold types, as well as a unique special ability that can only be used once per game. Climb conservatively and hope your opponents take too many chances or be aggressive and risk a fall of your own. Players must compete for position with their opponents while at the same time trying to find the optimal route for their own ascent. Environment cards dictate conditions on the rock, while Action Cards can offer more options through special climbing moves or cause adverse events that players will need to overcome. The game includes 130 cards, 16 of which are translucent plastic allowing players to stack cards on top of each other and still see the underlying holds as they climb the spire.

LLP1011 LnL: Battle Pack Bravo  $33.00
Scenario pack for Band of Heroes and Noville: Bastogne's Outpost.
Includes twelve new scenarios, designed by Mark H. Walker, Dale Holmstrom, Jeff Lewis, Yvan Descotes, Olivier Revenu, and Stephan
Tanguay. Stuffed with a gorgeous, new map that features a castle on hilly terrain.

W3D8401 Pass the Popcorn $24.99 SRP 
The Pass the Popcorn Game(tm) is movie guessing mayhem! Shout it out!
Be the First To Guess the Name of Famous Movies! You'll be given Cast Names, Character Names, The Story or a Famous Quote from the Movie.
Every player has a set of tiles to complete. Turn over your tiles by naming the movie first.

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FUN FN-09577 One Piece Season 2: Fourth Voyage DVD 49.98
MDB AWD-0964 Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Volume 7 DVD 24.99
FUN FN-09851 Blassreiter Part 2 DVD 59.98 
FUN FN-09861 Dragonaut: The Resonance Complete Part 2 DVD 49.98 
FUN FN-02298 Tsubasa Season 2 DVD Box Set 69.98 

FUN AR-09752 Guyver Complete DVD Box Set (Viridian Collection) 49.98
A world controlled by the Chronos Corporation, a sinister brotherhood who hide their fangs behind masks of humanity. While investigating a mysterious explosion near his school, Sho Fukamachi happens upon the Chronos Corporation's greatest weapon: a techno organic suit of bio armor known as "the Guyver." But Chronos is determined to conceal their secrets at any cost, and Sho soon finds himself relentlessly pursued by its army of horrific bio-monsters. With nowhere to run, he is forced to call upon the fearsome power of the Guyver and rip his opponents limb from limb in a desperate struggle for survival! Contains episodes 1-26.

FUN FN-09896 Ichi Movie DVD 24.98
Beautiful Ichi wanders blindly from village to village, searching for the sightless swordsman who long ago taught her to kill. Her technique is exquisite and explosive, her defenses as impenetrable as the darkness in which she moves. Many along her solitary path are touched - some by the sound of her delicate music, others by the edge of her lethal blade.

FUN FN-01180 Spice and Wolf Season 1 Complete DVD Set 59.98
Lawrence, a traveling merchant searching for profit, finds a naked girl with the ears and tail of a wolf asleep in his cart. Her name is Holo - a harvest goddess with an untamed beast lurking inside who longs to return to her beloved northern home. Armed with his street smarts and her animal instincts, a simple peddler and a forgotten deity begin a journey through the wild countryside. Along their path, the riches of happiness shall be reaped, even as the bankruptcy which dwells in the human heart is exposed.

FUN FN-07804 Case Closed Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century DVD 19.98
A phantom thief is on the loose, and his explosive capers are knocking out lights all over town! His target is a priceless Russian heirloom that people are literally dying to get their hands on. Pint-sized gumshoe Conan Edogawa is on the case, but there's more to this mystery than anyone suspects. Things are heating up, and Conan's gonna need help to uncover the Last Wizard of the Century!

FUN FN-09625 Baccano! DVD Box Set 49.98 
A mafia turf war is raging on the mean streets of the Big Apple, a place where regular joes bounce between backdoor booze joints and the breadline. But this caper ain't about a simple gangland brawl. It's about hoods who can't seem to die proper after catching a bullet or five between the eyes. Baccano! is chock-full of sadistic hit-men and the dames they love, mad bombers going boom, monsters going bump, and soul-sucking alchemists bootlegging an elixir of eternal life.

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Code - Release - MSRP
RASGH  STARGATE HEROES T/C  12/9/2009  $84.00
10PPR  2010 PRESS PASS RACING  12/9/2009  $83.72
MTFB08W3BF  NFL 2008 WAVE 3  BRETT FAVRE (JETS) SOLID #74145-2  12/8/2009 
MTFB08W3CP NFL 2008 WAVE 3  CLINTON PORTIS SOLID #74141-4 12/8/2009
MTFB08W3DD NFL 2008 WAVE 3  DONALD DRIVER SOLID #74143-8 12/8/2009
MTFB08W3JC NFL 2008 WAVE 3  JAY CUTLER SOLID #74142-1 12/8/2009
MTFB08W3MB NFL 2008 WAVE 3  MARION BARBER SOLID #74144-5 12/8/2009
09PAKPT  09/10 PANINI THREADS BASKETBALL  12/16/2009  $96.00
09UDHBD  9/10 UPPER DECK BLACK DIAMOND HOCKEY  12/15/2009  $95.76

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