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Jan 28 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (32 players)
10:30am singups

Jan 29 Sun 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Prerelease $25 (16 players)
10:30am singups

Feb 2 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Lanch (32 playesr)
10:30am singups

Feb 24 Sat 11am MtG: Dark Ascension Game Day
Bring a Type II - stanard deck

these may not appear in the GTM (Game Trade Monthly)

_____KON 88956-D Yu-Gi-Oh Ra Yellow Mega Pack Dis(24) CCG $119.76
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years introduced Duelists to a brand new kind of booster pack: the Mega-Pack. Mega-Packs contain at least 1 card of each rarity, including 1 Secret Rare, 1 Ultra Rare, 1 Super Rare, and 1 Rare in EVERY pack – guaranteed. Legendary Collection 2 was such a big hit that it became almost impossible to find. And Duelists kept wanting more, more, more. So we're making the most popular cards available again with the Ra Yellow Mega-Pack! Just like Legendary Collection 2, cards found in Storm of Ragnarok and Generation Force can support the multiple Deck themes found in the Ra Yellow Mega-Pack. 113-card complete set: 55 Common Cards, 11 Rare Cards, 14 Super Rare Cards, 16 Ultra Rare Cards, 17 Secret Rare Cards

_____ KON 88976-D Yu-Gi-Oh '12 Premium Collect Tin(16) CCG $159.84
In 2002, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME hit the shores of North America. Now, exactly 10 years later, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Premium Collection offers more than 20 brand new cards pulled from ten years of Dueling history. Cards from the Premium Collection tin will combo well with cards in Extreme Victory, Generation Force, Photon Shockwave, and Order of Chaos! Each Premium Collection tin contains 12 random foil cards from a 23-card set, which includes new cards from each of the 4 animated series. In addition, each tin also comes with 2 variant cards (same in every tin). That's 14 foil cards total per tin! This will be the only chance for gamers to get their hands on these Premium collector cards as they will be sold exclusively in this tin release!

_____ WZK 70262 Marvel HC Galactic Guardians Booster Brick CMG 147.84
• Defend the galaxy as you relive your favorite space battles with this generation-spanning cosmic expansion! Surf the spaceways or explore the astral plane with all-new versions of the Silver Surfer and Dr Strange, or crush your enemies with Galactus!
• "Galactus in a box"! Six new fan favorite colossal figures return to HeroClix in the form of even larger Super Boosters!
• Galactic Guardians utilizes a booster model similar to Giant-Size X-Men: eight standard, five-figure boosters and one super booster per brick.
• With over 45 figures to collect, popular sub-themes in this set include: Nova Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders, the Annihilation Wave and the all-new Annihilators!

_____ WZK 70266 Marvel HC Gal Grd Annihilators FF Pk CMG 16.95
• Straight out of the hit comic, Marvel's cosmic heavy hitters "the Annihilators" are here and they're ready for battle!
• Nova Prime joins the Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Ronan the Accuser and Quasar as they bring justice and order to the galaxy!
• Featuring six figures with all-new dial designs, two exclusive maps, dice and a great price point, the "Annihilators" Fast Forces pack is an excellent product for new and established players!
• Fast forces packs are designed for quick play and easy team-building for tournaments and casual play.

_____ WZK 70367 Marvel HC Gal Grd Primer Dis (24) CMG 75.75
• Cosmic powered battles come to HeroClix single-figure boosters! Conquer your foes with the Super Skrull or defend the cosmos with the Silver Surfer!
• Countdown to the full release of Galactic Guardians with this 24-ct. Primer Product. Plan your kick-off events now to increase awareness for Galactic Guardians!
• Featuring 10 figures with all-new dial designs and an Impulse friendly price point, the Galactic Guardians countertop display is an excellent product for new and established players!
• Single figure boosters are shrink-wrapped into "bricks" of six figures (four bricks per display) for easy "bulk" sales or sealed events!

_____ WZK 70451 Marvel HeroClix GSX Colossal Figures Case (8) CMG 126.75
• Now available to the core hobby channel, these colossal figures have a completely different dial and new Character Cards from the one in the Giant-Size X-Men booster release, making them a must have for players and collectors.
• Each figure also has different paint and plastic applications distinguishing them from the original release as well.
• The GSX Wave 2 case pack-out includes the following breakdown:
• Series 2 Onslaught (SKU 70452): 2 units per case
• Series 2 Nemesis (SKU 70453): 2 units per case
• Series 2 Frost Warrior (SKU 70454): 4 units per case
Customers may order 1 of each - but not individually preorder

_____ ZMG 27026 Agricola NL Deck Exp $14.99
The NL-Deck for Agricola is a new set of cards for Uwe Rosenberg's boardgame hit. The 60 Minor Improvements and 60 Occupations can be played as a stand-alone deck or shuffled into other decks. Play Agricola with a new thematic setting! Discover the Netherlands - a small country with more than just the stereotypical windmills, cheese and tulips.

_____ ZMG 37026 Agricola World Championship Deck Exp $14.99
A new set of cards for Uwe Rosenberg's boardgame hit. The 60 Minor Improvements and 55 Occupations are divided into 5 Mini-Decks and were created for the first Agricola World Championship 2011 in Vienna. The card set was designed and tested by users of the internet portal Play there and create your own cards!

o *** Mfg. Notices***

Alderac Entertainment Announces Emperor Edition release date push back
release of Emperor Edition into January 2012.


o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you.
We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards)
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SWMBRM2502 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Beveled Edge 25mm Runic Mountain 02 (10) $10.00
SWMBRM4002 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Beveled Edge 40mm Runic Mountain 02 (5) $10.00
SWMBRM6003 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Beveled Edge 60mm Runic Mountain 03 (1) $5.00
SWMBRM6004 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Beveled Edge 60mm Runic Mountain 04 (1) $5.00
SWMRLHB3001 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Round Lip 30mm Hollow Blanks (10) $10.00
SWMRLHB4001 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Round Lip 40mm Hollow Blanks (5) $10.00
SWMRLHB5001 Secret Weapon - Scenic Bases: Round Lip 50mm Hollow Blank (1) $5.00
SWMTER005 Secret Weapon - Terrain: Gothic Tank Traps $9.99
LAOTS230 Flaming Wreckage Marker Dials (Medium) $7.99
LAOTS231-HCL Mini Skirmish Bogey Markers $3.99
LAOTS271 Dungeon Door Tokens (10) $7.99
LAOTS272 Dungeon Door Markers - Medium (5) $6.99
LAOTS273 Dungeon Door Markers - Large (4) $5.99
MASB01126 Battle Bases: Mosaic Bases, Ellipse 120mm (1) $18.00
MASB02221 Battle Bases: Dark Temple Bases, Round 25mm (5) $6.00
MASB02227 Battle Bases: Dark Temple Bases, Flying 30mm (3) $7.50
MASB02228 Battle Bases: Dark Temple Bases, Flying 60mm (1) $7.50
MASB03107 Battle Bases: Ancient Bases, 40x40 Flying (1) $15.00
MASB03321 Battle Bases: Desert Bases, Round 25mm (5) $7.50
MASB03322 Battle Bases: Desert Bases, Round 40mm (2) $7.50
MASB03323 Battle Bases: Desert Bases, Round 60mm (1) $11.25
MASB03326 Battle Bases: Desert Bases, Ellipse 120mm (1) $22.25
MASC00035 Conversion Lab: Reaper Mask Heads (5) $6.49
MASD04000 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Discworld Hog Death (1) $16.75
MASD04100 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Discworld Elf Albert (1) $13.00
MASD04500 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Havelock Vetinari (1) $12.00
MASD04600 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Moist Making Money (1) $15.00
MASD04700 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Tiffany Aching (1) $13.00
MASD04800 28mm Discworld Miniatures: Vimes with Dragon (1) $13.00
MASF00024 Sci-Fi Terrain: Canal Vehicle Bridge $21.00
MAST00047 Infinity Sci-Fi Terrain: Large Tech Crates #1 (2) $18.50
MASW00011 Wolsung Miniatures: Orc Fisherman (1) $11.25
MASW00019 28mm Sci-Fi: Wolsung Abinav Singh (1) $13.99
SJG131319 Cthulhu Dice: Cthulhu Dice (Sparkly Pink/White) $5.95
DSP 2389 PS238 V9 Saving Alternate Omaha Comic $15.99
GTM 142 Game Trade Magazine #142 Magazine $free with preorders
BAI 23753 Resident Evil DBG Combo Pack Promo DBG $54.98
SJG 5536A Munchkin 25mmD6 Red Jolly Jumbo Dice Acc $6.95
SJG 5536B Munchkin 25mmD6 Grn Jolly Jumbo Dice Acc $6.95
GAW WD-383 White Dwarf #383 Magazine $9.00
FFG KB02 Kingsburg To Forge a Realm Expansion BG Reprint $29.95
FFP 0101 Last Night on Earth-The Zombie Game BG Reprint $49.95
FFG CT18 COC LCG Core Set Non-CCG Reprint $39.95
BFM WI290 Wargames Illustrated 290 Magazine $8.50
BFM WISPC01 Wargames Ill Best Gaming Tables Magazine $9.00
KEN 181 Knights o/t Dinner Table #181 Comic $5.99
GRR 2801 Dragon Age RPG Boxed Set 1 RPG reprint $29.95
WZK 70332 Star Trek Fleet Captains Board Games reprint
ULP82805 PKM: Black & White Playmat $ 19.99
ULP82870 Playmat: MtG Mana 3 WH $ 24.99
ULP82871 Playmat: MtG Mana 3 BU $ 24.99
ULP82872 Playmat: MtG Mana 3 BU $ 24.99
ULP82873 Playmat: MtG Mana 3 RD $ 24.99
ULP82874 Playmat: MtG Mana 3 GR $ 24.99
GHG-CB1015 Dice Bag: Feathers $ 7.99
GHG-CB1016 Dice Bag: Sun & Moons $ 7.99

RAF1200 Settlers of Catan Miniatures: Vikings Catan Game Set (25) $29.95
RAF1201 Settlers of Catan Miniatures: Chinese Catan Game Set (25) $29.95
RAF1202 Settlers of Catan Miniatures: Egyptian Catan Game Set (25) $29.95
Each set feature settlements, roads, and cities from different cultures in history, hand crafted in fine pewter. Also included is a special Robber piece modeled after each cultural setting.

FFGKB02 Kingsburg Expansion: To Forge a Realm $29.95
As the territories of Kingsburg expand, the forging of the realm continues! A host of new governors have been given command of outlying provinces of the royal realm, and once again they must influence advisers, strengthen their provinces, and defend the realm from the depredations of marauding foes. Competing with their fellows, governors must utilize brand new abilities and buildings to their fullest to secure a place on the king's council!

FFGSL01 Condottiere 3rd Edition $24.95
During the Renaissance, Italy was divided into numerous independent city-states, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. The best known of these were Genoa, Florence, the Duchy of Milan, and the Republics of Venice. This is the era in which the Condottieri appear: leaders of mercenary armies who offered their services to the most powerful cities. Formidable strategists and highly skilled soldiers, the Condottieri were not content to just hire out their command and their troops; they reshaped the political map of Italy with their intrigues, alliances, battles, and sieges. The most daring among them founded new dynasties: Francesco Sforza took possession of the Duchy of Milan, and Giovanni de Medici made Florence his kingdom.

MGP 3860 Traveller RPG Supp 12: Dynasty RPG $24.99
A complete guide on founding, growing, and running your own world in Traveller, this sourcebook enables the creation of sociologically diverse solar systems and empires.

MGP 6193 PF Van Graafs Journal of Adventuring RPG $29.99
Legendary explorer and adventurer, Van Graaf, takes you on a grand voyage of discovery, uncovering the mysteries and secrets behind every successful adventuring party. Compatible with Pathfinder, Van Graaf's Journal of Adventuring looks at the different tactics and ploys players can adopt when facing the worst adversities the Game Master can throw against them.

ATG 0298 AM Cradle & Crescent HC RPG $32.95
Travelers tell of lands to the east, beyond the shattered Byzantine Empire and the Crusader kingdoms of Outremer, where sorcerers ride carpets and whirlwinds, where jinn worship and trade openly in the great cities, and where fire is the sign of God. Those travelers speak the truth. Take your Ars Magica saga to the east, with details of the Islamic lands of the Mythic Middle East: Arabia, Persia, and the lands beyond.

SJG 131319 Pink Cthulhu Dice Game Game $5.95
Serving Cthulhu is fun, except for all those other cultists out to get you. So, get them first! Cthulhu Dice lets you drive your rivals mad... very, very quickly. The last sane cultist wins... unless everyone goes mad together! This edition of the Cthulhu Dice Game features one pink, custom, 12-sided die, 18 glass marbles, a baggie, and rules.

SJG 5529 Munchkin Pink Fairy Dust Dice (2) Acc $6.95
The Sparkly Good Fairy from Munchkin Fairy Dust is back - and she's brought sparkly Munchkin dice with her! This set includes two dice and four exclusive, Munchkin Fairy Dust cards, complete with rules for using them in ANY Munchkin game.

PSI CT35307 BT Jihad Final Reckoning RPG $29.99
Jihad: Final Reckoning completes the Jihad plot book series started with Blake Ascending, wrapping up the final years of the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere, and establishing the birth of the Republic of the Sphere. With articles covering the final fateful years of the war, this book includes articles and intelligence reports from across the Inner Sphere, along with additional rules and campaign tracks for BattleTech campaigns played using the Total Warfare and A Time of War game rules. This book also provides a snapshot of the postwar universe, laying the groundwork for future campaigns. Also included is a glimpse at the more fantastic weapons and assets the Word of Blake was developing before its final fall-complete with rules for top-secret units, including the Caspar III system and Spectral LAMs.

PSI CT26450 SR Artifacts Unbound RPG $24.99
This Shadowrun sourcebook explores the hidden powers of the artifacts gathered in the Dawn of the Artifacts series of adventures and reveals the effects they are having in the Sixth World.

MFG 3132 SOC Rivals of Catan Darkness Exp BG $15.00
Determine Catan's Spiritual Balance! Control Catan's Commerce! Barbarians Invade! This expansion for the Settlers of Catan Card Game features three, unique, 30-card theme decks (The Era of Intrigue, The Era of Merchant Princes, The Era of Barbarians) and requires The Rivals For Catan basic card set to play.

MFG 3116 SOC Oil Springs Expansion BG $5.00
Eureka! Oil has been discovered on the island of Catan! The great engineers of Catan have learned ways to improve production using this valuable new resource, both by converting it into other materials and enabling the upgrade of cities into metropolises. But oil is scarce and its use does not come without cost. Using oil produces pollution, as well as climate changing emissions, which bring with them the threat of coastal flooding - and absolute disaster! With the discovery of oil on Catan, the Settlers face a new challenge: deciding whether the common good is worth limiting oil usage or whether the pursuit of victory is worth the risk of ruin.

BAI 23804 Resident Evil DBG Nightmare DBG $29.99
Playable with both the core Resident Evil Deck Building Game and Resident Evil: Alliance, the 150-card Nightmare expansion set introduces new cards such as Luis Sera, Sergei Vladimir, and Mine Thrower designed to help add to the excitement of the four existing Modes of play: Story, Vs., Mercenary, and Outbreak. However, the nightmare is only beginning when the Infected Osmund Saddler makes his appearance!

S2P 4WF026 Albion Armitages Astounding Arsenal RPG $10.99
A dying man uses his last ounce of strength to hand you a map. A magical map, showing the way to Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal - a mysterious and oft-disbelieved weapons arsenal that not only changes locations, but even moves from one plane of existence to another. Only those with a map can reach the arsenal, and it's up to you to succeed where the first courier failed. Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal is a Pathfinder-compatible fantasy adventure designed for 8th-10th level characters.

S2P 4WF100 Strategists & Tacticians Guide/Warriors RPG $18.95
Follow resident schemer Flynn Dielle's advice on preparedness, improvisation, and survival, and you could be the next adventurer to save a village from a dragon using a young cow, two rubber trees, and a bag of holding! With Strategists & Tacticians - The Definitive Guide to Clever Warriors, players can make any character more versatile with variant class features for all the core classes, a dozen new prestige classes, spells for a variety of spellcasters, and over fifty feats that unlock new abilities and improve existing ones. Plus, new combat maneuvers allow you to throat hostages, sever limbs, choke your enemies, or take advantage of a free off-hand.

EDN 6600 Ghosts of Albion RPG RPG $40.00
There are things in this world that do not belong here - evil things. Supernatural creatures that are neither myth nor legend. These Enemies of Humanity seek to claim the world for themselves. Yet, in every corner of the globe, there are those who stand in their way - mystical guardians who protect the primeval essence of the Earth. The soul of England - its mystic spirit - is called Albion. Throughout the centuries it has had many champions - brave men and women who fought to maintain their freedom. Set in London at the dawn of the Victorian age, players in Ghosts of Albion join the fight to keep the ever-present forces of evil at bay. Based on Amber Benson and Christopher Golden's wildly popular BBCi drama and powered by Eden's Cinematic Unisystem, the Ghosts of Albion core rulebook includes new material from the creators themselves, plus new fiction and a complete, ready-to-run adventure.

PSI PHGDR01 Dungeon Run Game BG $49.95
A tale of teamwork and betrayal! Dungeon Run is an exciting dash through a dungeon packed with monsters and traps. In Dungeon Run only one hero can escape with the fabled Summoning Stone. Don't walk - run!

PSI CB5805 BRP Merrie England: Age of Eleanor RPG $34.99
A historical setting for Basic Roleplaying, Merrie England allows you to play in medieval England - but an England where Robin Hood roams the forests, where evil magicians cast spells on their enemies, where great dragons terrorize the land, and where the fairy folk still rule Fair Elfland. Revel in the mysteries of Morris Dancing, crusade against the heathen, uncover the secrets of the Masons, oppose the unjust taxes of your absent king, or simply abuse your authority over peasants and vassals. Your imagination is the only limit!

PSI CB6902 SW War o/t Dead Chapter Three RPG $24.99
In the months since the first Outbreak of the Living Dead, the survivors of the Pinnacle Cruise Ship have faced all manner of horrors. Chapter Three continues the War of the Dead saga as the characters are forced to uncover sinister plots within their own camp. A serial killer is on the loose, the Living Dead are mysteriously appearing within the walls of their safe haven, Government conspiracies are discovered, and not everyone is who they appear to be!

PSI CB6402 In Flames Uplifts RPG $19.99
Uplifting, the science of melding human-scale intelligence with alien biology, is rife on the Flame Worlds. This first supplement for the In Flames roleplaying game of action, adventure, psychosis, and discovery details the science of uplifting, famous uplifters of the Flame Worlds, Uplift equipment, and detailed descriptions of more than ten common Uplifts.

ZSG 010 Scavengers BG $24.99
Catch the Critters While You Can! Each year the Hamburger family escapes into the great outdoors for some rest and relaxation. During their stay, eager animals that you control scavenge for food that the careless family has left unattended. In Scavengers, players compete for food scraps at three different camps in their quest to stock up their food cards.

SCU 0008 Steampunk RPG RPG $25.00
Welcome to a world of mad, inspirational wonders and wild scientific theory wrapped in a fog, run by gears, and lit by gaslight. The Steampunk RPG provides all the tools and background you need to enter this retro-futuristic universe.

SCU 0010 Steampunk RPG Urban Steampunk Exp RPG $20.00
An expansion for the Uber RPG: Steampunk Ruleset, this sourcebook provides the framework for an overflowing steampunk city, including government, demographics, law enforcement, utilities, sanitation, new secret societies, 20 complete locations, 85 story seeds, and over 40 new NPCs.

WOG 051 Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles Board Game 60.00
Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles is a squad-level game covering the fighting of the 101st airborne from D-Day to the Bulge in their quest to liberate Europe from their Nazi oppressors. Lead your soldiers through 18 scenarios with geomorphic boards, counters, and a simple, fast-playing rule system that gives an accurate feel of WWII squad-level combat.

BAI 23985-D Naruto CCG Rebirth Coll Tins (12) CCG $179.88
Offered in three, unique configurations ("Toad Sages," "Shattered Bond," and "Eight Ninja Dogs"), each Naruto TCG collectible tin contains four boosters (two each of Series 22 "Weapons of War" and Series 23 "Invasion") and two exclusive foil cards.

WZK 70481 Marvel HC Incredible Hulk Dis (24) CMG $3.99 each
The Hulk smashes into the HeroClix arena in a big way! Featuring your beloved Green Goliath and his arch rivals Abomination and The Leader as well as sub-themes from Planet Hulk, World War Hulks, Fall of the Hulks, and the New Fantastic Four, this 51 figure set features the "Enhanced Alter Ego" mechanics, which includes the new Reverse Alter-Ego and the continuation of the "In Pack, Buy it By the Brick Figure" (AIMarine Red Hulk)! The Incredible Hulk is introduced in individual boosters, as well as Counter-Top displays packed with 24 single-figure blind boosters (four bricks of six figures) featuring a compilation of 10 figures from the base set all completely redialed and ready for action in any HeroClix format, and Fast Forces 6-Packs containing a map, dice, and six figures (with never-before-seen dials, powers, and abilities) that can be used to form numerous HeroClix teams.

FFG TH19 Tannhauser Natalya Board Game 12.95
A naturally gifted scientist and tinkerer, Natalya is an Epic Hero expansion for Tannhauser. Natalya comes complete with a sculpted and painted miniature, character sheet, tokens, equipment cards, and a rulebook which contains rules for including her in your team as well as a unique scenario to test her leadership skills and the resilience of her KBA suit.

GMT 1113 Combat Commander: Resistance! Board Game 55.00
Expanding upon Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Mediterranean, Combat Commander: Resistance! adds the Partisans and their war behind the front lines. This fourth volume of the Combat Commander series features special rules and components for fighting with Partisan forces against the Axis nations of Europe.

DV1 023 Field Commander Rommel DELUXE Board Games $49.99
Take command of General Erwin Rommel's forces in three exciting WWII campaigns: France 1940, North Africa 1941, and D-Day 1944. This Deluxe Edition of Field Commander: Rommel features mounted maps, extra-thick counters, and a new box.

WWK WWSM01 Space Maze Board Games $59.99
` In this terribly annoying and irrational maze game, players are captains of their species flying their UFO's to the notorious Space Maze, rumored to contain an ancient relic with mysterious powers. Your mission is simple: steal the relic and conquer the galaxy! But you're not alone - other species are docking their UFO's as we speak! Go in there and grab that relic and make sure those other (inferior) beings don't!

CZE 01267-D WOW CCG 2011 Fall Class Str DeckD(10) CCG $109.90
Class Starter Decks for World of Warcraft: The Trading Card Game showcase a selection of cards from recent and older sets, and are designed to help form the brand-new Core format: a compact, new, player-friendly format that prioritizes game time and minimizes down time. Each 60-card deck can be played directly out of the box, providing quick entry into the game for new players. Featuring Goblin and Worgen heroes, Class Starter Decks for the Fall 2011 series include: Alliance - Worgen Rogue, Human Death Knight, Dwarf Warrior, Gnome Warlock, and Draenei Shaman / Horde - Blood Elf Paladin, Undead Priest, Goblin Mage, Troll Hunter, and Tauren Druid.

KON 88823-D Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Arsenal 5 BD (24) CCG $95.76
The newest Hidden Arsenal booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG includes the hottest and most powerful cards from the Duel Terminal! This all-foil, 60-card set contains highly anticipated Gem Knight and Laval themes seen in Generation Force and Photon Shockwave.

KON 88875-D Yu-Gi-Oh Samurai Assault SE D(10) CCG $99.90
The Six Samurai Attack! Start building your very own Six Samurai Deck with Samurai Assault! The Six Samurai are one of the most powerful Decks in years, and the booster packs that introduced them are available again for a limited time! Players can combine the Samurai cards from Samurai Assault with more Six Samurai cards available in Extreme Victory booster packs and in the Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega-Packs. Each box of Samurai Assault contains one pack each of Strike of Neos, Crimson Crisis, and Storm of Ragnarok, plus one Super Rare Elder of the Six Samurai.

WZK 70311 DC HC Superman Battle/Smallville FF CMG $16.95
Faster than a speeding bullet, Superman battles to defend his hometown from the villainy of Lex Luthor and Bizarro in this exciting 6-figure HeroClix Fast Forces pack! Designed for fast and easy play, the "Battle for Smallville" Fast Forces pack features six figures with all-new dials, two exclusive maps, a rules insert, and a code to unlock the six figures and one map in HeroClix Online.

WZK 70353 LTR HC Counter-Top Display (24) CMG $3.99 each
Join your favorite Middle-Earth Heroes and Villains as you test your wits in The Lord of The Rings HeroClix! Featuring 21 precisely sculpted characters from the award-winning Lord of The Rings film trilogy, these figures are completely HeroClix compatible with Marvel and DC HeroClix! The Lord of the Rings HeroClix is introduced in Counter-Top displays packed with 24 single figure blind boosters (4 bricks of 6 figures), as well as Starter Sets containing eight figures (three exclusive figures and five completely redialed from the base set), Campaign Rules for recreating the epic battles of Middle Earth over multiple maps and sessions, plus six maps, 48 Horde tokens, a 2011 Official Rulebook, and a set of themed dice forged from the depths of Mount Doom.

WZK 70357 Lord of the Rings HeroClix Str CMH $36.95
Join your favorite Middle-Earth Heroes and Villains as you test your wits in The Lord of The Rings HeroClix! Featuring 21 precisely sculpted characters from the award-winning Lord of The Rings film trilogy, these figures are completely HeroClix compatible with Marvel and DC HeroClix! The Lord of the Rings HeroClix is introduced in Counter-Top displays packed with 24 single figure blind boosters (4 bricks of 6 figures), as well as Starter Sets containing eight figures (three exclusive figures and five completely redialed from the base set), Campaign Rules for recreating the epic battles of Middle Earth over multiple maps and sessions, plus six maps, 48 Horde tokens, a 2011 Official Rulebook, and a set of themed dice forged from the depths of Mount Doom.

WZK 70495 Mage Knight Board Game BG $84.50
The Mage Knight Board Game throws you and up to three other Mage Knights into the sprawling and ever-changing world of the Atlantean Empire, a land that is but a distant memory since your transformation into a mysterious Mage Knight. Build your armies, defeat bands of marauding enemies, and eventually conquer cities in the name of the mysterious Void Council. As a Mage Knight you must control your reputation and walk the line - or embrace the role of benevolent leader or brutal dictator. Accumulate Fame and experience to acquire powerful Spells and abilities, then use your power to influence units to join your ranks. Featuring a variety of campaign options allowing you to play both competitively or cooperatively, the Mage Knight Board Game comes complete with 240 cards, eight intricately painted miniatures, 196 tokens, 20 map tiles, 54 mana crystals, seven mana dice, two game mats, and two rulebooks.

BAI 23804 Resident Evil DBG Nightmare DBG $29.99

WOC 31732PR D&D Shadowghast Manor DT Pre-Rel RPG $11.95
Offering Dungeon Masters an easy and inexpensive way to include great-looking terrain in their games, this accessory provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles with which to build exciting encounter locations. Emphasizing haunted houses and crypts as an extension to the Dungeon Tiles Master Sets, this set contains six double-sided sheets of illustrated, die-cut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock.

WOC 34416PR D&D Book of Vile Darkness Pre-Rel RPG $29.95
This roleplaying game product is intended for Dungeon Masters looking to broaden their campaigns to include dark subject matter and truly evil threats. It features a detailed look at the nature of evil and the complex challenge of confronting the many dilemmas found within the deepest shadows. Filled with malignant secrets and musings that can inspire adventures or entire campaigns, The Book of Vile Darkness provides Dungeon Masters with sample roleplaying encounters, adventure hooks, skill challenges, rituals, and lore for some of the most despicable creatures to infest any campaign world, plus new character options for players who like to flirt with evil, and a full-color, double-sided poster map presenting iconic evil sites for heroes to explore.

BFM GBX54 SS Kradschützen Platoon 1-3 units Early-Mid War 45.00
The Schutzstaffel or SS are the military embodiment of the Nazi political party. Their motorcycle troops move swiftly and decisively against the enemies of Germany. The Kradschützen form the building blocks of an effective strike force. Swift application of power is enabled by the BMW motorcycle, which allows the SS troops to exploit gaps in the enemy's line or rapidly reinforce the riflemen during an enemy counterattack. Each small box includes one SS-Kradschützen HQ section, one SS-Kradschützen Platoon HQ section with one Light Mortar team & one Anti-tank Rifle team, three Schützen squads, Kurt Meyer (in mounted & dismounted versions) & one Small base, six Medium bases & six Large bases

BFM GBX59 Gebirgsjäger Infantry Company 1 unit Early-Mid-Late War 45.00
The Gebirgsjäger or mountain troops were light infantry trained for mountain warfare. Due to the terrain they operated in, the traditional support available to the regular infantrymen of the German Army such as heavy artillery or tanks were not available to the Gebirgsjäger. Each small box includes Gebirgsjäger Company HQ & two Gebirgsjäger Platoons with Command SMG team, Light Mortar team, Anti-tank Rifle team & Infanterie squads, four optional Panzerknacker figures, four optional Panzerfaust figures, eight Small bases & sixteen Medium bases.

BFM GE835 Gebirgsjäger Mortar Platoon 1 unit Early-Mid-Late War 17.50
However, in the hands of an experienced crew the 8cm GW34 become the single most lethal weapon at the disposal of a German commander. German mortar crews gained almost mythic status among ally and enemy alike for their effectiveness. Each blister includes six 8cm GW34 mortars with crew, Command SMG tea, Observer Rifle team, two Small bases & six Medium bases. To learn more, click on the team above.

BFM GE504 3.7cm PaK36 gun (Gebirgsjäger) 1-2 unit Early-Mid-Late War 17.50
It proved to be an excellent weapon during the early years of the war until the introduction of well-armoured tanks such as the T-34 rendered it obsolete. This didn't halt its career; it remained an important secondary weapon. The design was conventional but rather heavy for its intended purpose. Originally intended to be horse drawn, later versions had rubber tired wheels and air brakes to allow them to be towed by vehicles. Attempts were made to lighten the gun but not many of these versions were made, as the alloys needed for the job were more essential to aircraft production. Each blister includes two 3.7cm PaK36 guns (with Steilgranate option) with crew, one Command SMG team, one Small base & two Medium bases

BFM GE893 Unterscharfuhrer Michael Wittmann 1 unit Early war 14.00

Michael Wittmann joined the SS in 1937. His first command was in an Sd Kfz 222 armoured car in Poland. He soon came to command a StuG III A after the campaign in France and went into action with the rest of the battery in Greece. Each blister includes Dismounted Michael Wittman figure, one StuG A with Michael Wittmann Tank Commander figure & one Small base.

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FOX310086 Architecto
FOX310093 Equilibrio
FOX310413 Six
FOX310536 Turbo Mind Twister
FOX310581 Abalone Classic
FOX310697 Taiga
FOX310703 Paradisio
FOX310710 Fauna
GSSRNPS02 Puzzle Strike Upgrade Pack
INVKT20-E Khet: Eye of Horus Beamsplitter Exp
KPL13531 15mm Metal Sibl 2/bx $ 8.00
KPL13532 15mm Metal Sipp 2/bx $ 8.00
KPL13533 15mm Metal Sire 2/bx $ 8.00
MGKWPD12-1 Warpath - Forge Fathers: Steel Warriors Section (10) $19.99
MGKWPD13-1 Warpath - Forge Fathers: Stormrage Veterans $19.99
MGKWPD21-1 Warpath - Forge Fathers: Steel Warriors Platoon (20) $31.99
MGKWPD70-1 Warpath - Forge Fathers: Huscarl $13.99
MGKWPD81-1 Warpath - Forge Fathers: Forge Father Army $74.99
AOW43 Avatars of War: Herald of Pestilence $18.00
FFGSL01 Condottiere 3rd Edition $24.95
GCTBCY004 Bushido Miniatures - The Cult of Yurei: Orphan and Wrath $19.25
GCTBPR004 Bushido Miniatures - The Prefecture of Ryu: Matsu $14.00
GCTBSW001A Bushido Miniatures - The Savage Wave: Bakemono (3) $19.25
GCTBSW004 Bushido Miniatures - The Savage Wave: Waka (Oni) $26.25
GCTBTR004 Bushido Miniatures - Temple of Ro-Kan: Shisa (2) $19.25
TABEDE-BL-BDG Eden 32mm - Non Player Fighters: Bloody Degenerate $13.50
TABEDE-BL-CHA Eden 32mm - Non Player Fighters: Scavanger $18.00
TABEDE-BL-COR Eden 32mm - Non Player Fighters: Foul Corrupter $12.00
TABEDE-BL-DEG Eden 32mm - Non Player Fighters: Degenerates $21.00
TABEDE-BL-GRI Eden 32mm - Jokers: Grigoriy $16.50
TABEDE-BL-GRL Eden 32mm - Convoi: Gretchen & Luie $18.00
TABEDE-BL-MBO Eden 32mm - Clan Bamaka: M'Bonga Quiet Heart $12.00
TABEDE-BL-SRL Eden 32mm - ISC: Serial 5#3N20N $37.50
WLGWGB-AI-100 28mm Bolt Action: M3 Half Track $36.00
WLGWGB-AI-101 28mm Bolt Action: M8 Greyhound Armoured Car $32.00
WLGWGB-AI-102 28mm Bolt Action: Sherman M4A3 (75mm) $40.00
WLGWGB-RI-29 28mm Bolt Action: Soviet Anti-Tank Squad $12.00
WLGWGB-SP-23 28mm Bolt Action: Wulfen SS (Frau Growler & Werewolf) $12.00
WLGWGN-CAS-01 28mm Black Powder: Napoleonic British Casualty Markers $10.00
WLGWGN-CAS-02 28mm Black Powder: Napoleonic French Casualty Markers $10.00
WLGWGN-CAS-03 28mm Black Powder: Napoleonic Russian Casualty Markers $10.00
WLGWGN-RUS-23 28mm Black Powder: Napoleonic Russian Command (1809-1815) $12.00
WLGWGP-CLU-02 28mm Pike & Shotte - Clubmen Militia with Pike & Musket (6) $16.00
WYR1044 Malifaux 32mm - Guild: Lady Justice - Alternative $10.50
WYR1045 Malifaux 32mm - Guild: Lady Justice - Avatar of Balance $35.00
WYR2047 Malifaux - Ressurectionists: Molly Squidpiddge $10.50
WYR2049 Malifaux - Ressurectionists: Crooligans (3) $18.00
WYR2050 Malifaux - Ressurectionists: Rogue Necromancy $14.00
WYR2051 Malifaux - Ressurectionists: Flesh Construct - Alternative $10.50
WYR2052 Malifaux - Ressurectionists: The Drowned (3) $18.00
WYR3030 Malifaux - Arcanists: Kaeris Blister Pack $10.50
WYR3031 Malifaux - Arcanists: Gunsmith, Male $9.00
WYR3039 Malifaux - Arcanists: Gunsmith, Female $9.00
WYR4042 Malifaux - Neverborn: Pandora (Alternative) $10.50
WYR4043 Malifaux - Neverborn: Pandor - Avatar of Insanity $40.00
WTW40000 28mm Terrain: Rubber RPG Tiles - Cavern $19.99
WTW40001 28mm Terrain: Rubber RPG Tiles - Fieldstone $19.99
WTW40002 28mm Terrain: Rubber RPG Tiles - Gothic $19.99
WTW40100 28mm Terrain - Fat Dungeon: Huge Wall Stater Pack $24.99
WTW40101 28mm Terrain - Fat Dungeon: Huge Wall Expansion Pack $19.99
HLD1011 Hell Dorado - Demons: Jinx $7.99
HLD3010 Hell Dorado - Lost: Bran Carnoth $24.99
HLD5005 Hell Dorado - Mercenaries: Gilles de Rais $14.99
HLD6011 Hell Dorado - Saracens: Hashishin $10.99
HLD7010 Hell Dorado - Westerners: Sister Eloise $10.99
HLD7011 Hell Dorado - Westerners: Grenadiers $11.99
WLG H002 Hail Caesar AV1 Biblical & Classical Mini $34.80
WLG IRCOM1 Imperial Roman Legionary Command (3) Mini $7.73
WLG IRHEL1 Unleash Hell (General & Dog) Mini $9.67
WLG IRHEL2 Hold The Line Mounted Roman General Mini $11.60
WLG IRPRI1 Primus Pilus Mini $3.87
WLG OS02 Operation Squad Vechicles Mini $40.89
WLG P15 Imperial Harquebusiers Mini $46.38

MDG 4298 Tok Tok Woodman Korean Dexterity Game** BG $25.00
Axe Your Friends to Play! Described as a "Reverse Jenga", Toc Toc is a fun, fast-paced game of dexterity developed in Korea where players are woodsmen trying to chip away snippets of bark without hacking off the center pieces.

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11PAFGS 2011 Panini Gold Standard NFL 12/7/2011
11PAFRSL 2011 Panini Longevity NFL 12/7/2011

MTFBS28 McFarlane NFL Series 28 HOBBY Asst 8ct 74750-8 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-51 McFarlane NFL S28 Roethlisberger 8ct SOLID 74751-5 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-52 McFarlane NFL S28 Clay Matthews 8ct SOLID 74752-2 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-53 McFarlane NFL S28 Dez Bryant 8ct SOLID 74753-9 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-54 McFarlane NFL S28 Drew Brees 8ct SOLID 74754-6 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-55 McFarlane NFL S28 Michael Vick 8ct SOLID 74755-3 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-56 McFarlane NFL S28 Andre Johnson 8ct SOLID 74756-0 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-57 McFarlane NFL S28 Barry Sanders 8ct SOLID 74757-7 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-59 McFarlane NFL S28 Peyton Hillis 8ct SOLID 74759-1 12/5/2011
MTFBS28-MM McFarlane NFL Series 28 MASS Asst 8ct 74750-8 12/5/2011

Releasing next week

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11TOEAP 2011 Topps American Pie T/C 12/14/2011


11PAFPP 2011 Panini Plates & Patches NFL 12/14/2011
11TOFBS 2011 Bowman Sterling NFL 12/14/2011


11AATMP 2011 Ace Authentic Match Point Tennis 12/12/2011
11LEMRR 2011 Leaf Rookie Retro 12/12/2011


MTTWDTVS1 McFarlane "The Walking Dead" TV S1 Asst 14420-8 12/12/2011
MTTWDTVS1-21 McFarlane The Walking Dead TV S1 R Grimes 14421-5 12/12/2011
MTTWDTVS1-22 McFarlane The Walking Dead TV S1 D Dixon 14422-2 12/12/2011
MTTWDTVS1-23 McFarlane The Walking Dead TV S1 Z Walker 14423-9 12/12/2011
MTTWDTVS1-24 McFarlane The Walking Dead TV S1 Z Biter 14424-6 12/12/2011

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Oriental Adventures HC D&D USED/ S83 Price: $19.99
Black Ops GURPS Third Edition USED/ S83 Price: $8.99
CthulhuPunk GURPS USED/ S83 Price: $9.99
Fantasy Folk GURPS Second Edition USED/ S83 Price: $6.99
Space Adventures GURPS USED/ S83 Price: $9.99
Space GURPS Third Edition USED/ S83 Price: $5.99
Ultra-Tech GURPS Second Edition USED/ S83 Price: $5.99
Vampire The Masquerade Companion GURPS USED/ S83 Price: $9.99
Vampire The Masquerade GURPS USED/ S83 Price: $5.99
Werewolf The Apocalypse GURPS USED/ S83 Price: $6.99
Monte Cook's World of Darkness HC USED/ S83 Price: $19.99
The Complete Barbarian's Handbook AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $6.99
The Complete Book of Dwarves AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $6.99
The Complete Book of Elves AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $5.99
The Complete Druid's Handbook AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $12.99
The Complete Fighter's Handbook AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $6.99
The Complete Ranger's Handbook AD&D USED/ s72 Price: $5.99
Dragon Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane Power Incarnate USED/ s72 Price: $14.95
Damnation View CthulhuTech Story Book USED/ s75 Price: $19.99
Dark Passions Cthulhu Tech USED/ s75 Price: $7.99
Master Book - The Key That Unlocks The Adventure USED/ S63 Price: $6.99
Mortal Remains Cthulhu Tech USED/ s75 Price: $19.99
Vade Mecum The CthulhuTech Companion USED/ s75 Price: $19.99

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