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     o Gator Games Newsletter: Dec 22 to Dec 28 2008
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Gator Games wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Winter Solstice.  May you and yours have a very merry one! Thank you for Shopping at Gator Games during this hard economic times.

Gator Games will be open Dec 24 11am to 3pm.
December 25 - closed
December 31 and Jan 1st - closed

Terrain Contest Pieces are due Sunday, Dec 28th.

We have to cancel events though Jan 5th. We do not have the room since boardgames are the hot sellers this year.  We have stop trading for out of stock cards till this time too. We will resume normal activities Mon, Jan 5th. I am sorry to disappoint.  - Jean

o Gator in-store Specials & Sales
(we have boxes for blister purchases for wrapping. please ask)

After Holiday Sale - Starting Friday, Dec 26th..  20% most items in the store +
December 26th thru December 28th. Star Wars Gift with Purchase Weekened!
1st 24 people that buy any Star Wars gaming product (be it miniatures or roleplaying books ) made by Wotc, you will get a free booster pack of Star Wars™ Miniatures: Alliance and Empire™   (Licensed products are not included in this promotion) This is a grass roots promotion by WotC. One per person.

+ Excludes Candy, Consignment, Items marked no discount, bitz parts or Sale items

+ If item on sale, you get the higher discount.
+ No stacking of discounts. No combined Discounts.

o Gator Clearances+ (marked with sale price on product or sticker)

70% off clearances
Mechwarrior CMG ($2.99), Mage Knight (starters and boosters only), Dreamblade ($4.49), Indy Clix

over 50% off clearances 
Anachronism,  Yu-gi-oh Rise of Destiny, WoW Molten Core Raid Deck,  WoW Hero of Azeroth Starter Deck

50% off  clearances
Most of Deadlands RPG, Most of Hell on Earth RPG, Most Palladium (Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited, Fantasy RPG, Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts) ,
Games Workshop Lord of the Rings, Battlefield Evolution, Starship Troopers, Spoils

25% off clearances  - Haloclix,  Horrorclix, most of WotC D&D 3.0 and 3.5 products,  d20 Atlas, d20 FFG

Yu-gi-oh  Magic Ruler and Lost Millenium $1.99 per pack
o Free promo with your purchase+ as supplies last
  Limit 3 per day / per person / per game -
New items in blue
   Please ask for promos as many people do not want them. ?? idk. either.

Magic Promotional Special - we need to know by Dec 30th to put in your order.
This is special order only -  when you buy the Magic Novel: Agents of Artifice, a Planewalker Novel, you will receive a Agents of Artifice Promo card. Limit one card per book purchased.

CCG specials
  Free with Purchase: DDM stat cards (no figure)
Free demos decks - Kingdom Hearts, Vampire the Eternal Struggle
Free paper playmats and instructions for Kingdom Hearts
Buy $20 Star Wars Pocket Models = free promo pack of 2 ships
  buy one pack/starter of L5R = 1 free promo non-foil
  buy one pack/starter of Bella Sara = 1 Free promo card (2+ $10 in product)
  buy $10: promos =  Kingdom Hearts, UFS, SNK, Maple Story, Bleach
  buy $10:  promos = WoW, Vs. , game of thrones, Vtes, Naruto, Bleach, V:tes
  buy $15:  foil promo = L5R, Spycraft, Warlord, Maple Story, Vs.
  buy $20:  foil promo = Bleach, Vs
  buy Kingdom Hearts Starter:  Foil Riku (does not count with $10 purchase deal)
  Buy $10 in baseball cards:  and get National Baseball Card pack of 13 cards
  Buy $25 in Yu-gi-oh cards = 1 free promo card
  Buy 3 booster boxes of Magic = Free playmat  or a free magic backpack
  Buy one booster box Bleach = Shoen Jump Playmat Free
  Buy 6 boosters of magic and get a free Wotc land pack

  L5R - imperial gift with any purchase. - 1 per person.
  Buy $10 in L5R cards:  and get a clan of the month packs (as supplies last)
How many packs we get depend on your Dojo Days Level.
level 4 and higher stores get a bonus cards to give out.  (We are level 2 now)  Please continue to sign up and claim us as your home store.

Buy a box of Magic Boosters (36 packs) and get a special European Land Pack Free (wotc special)
The Euro Lands cards are "magic land" cards that contain scenes based on European locations.  Previously the Euro Lands cards were only available to European purchasers of boxes of Nemesis, Prophecy, and Invasion boosters, who cut out the bar code on the booster and mailed it in order to receive a pack of these special cards via the mail.

RPG specials
Buy One of Each - 4E Player's HB, DMG and Monster Manual
and get a free Stained glass (without frame) only 1 left to pick from.

Deadlands D20 -  Free with any $100 rpg purchase (please ask)
most of the line we are selling at 50% off.

Boardgames specials
Buy $10 in looney labs products:  and get either free fluxx 10th anniversary expansion card pack or a free Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower Pack  (retail $2) 

Formula De' - free promo race car (attached to package) - at least 1 left as of Sat.

SJG3907 Munchkin Quest with all the promos  49.95 each.
The Munchkin Quest Gold Piece can be spent during the game every other turn.  It's worth 100 gold pieces, which can help the lucky Munchkin buy that ever-so-needed level.The Coaster Room looks like a Munchkin Quest room tile, but is actually a drink coaster.  Depending on which room your glass is resting on - either the Tavern or the Lab - sipping the drink itself grants special bonuses.  Promo Set 1 contains a new room tile: the Troll Booth on one side and the Healing Fountain on the other.  And since every room needs a monster, we've included the classic Troll.  Filling out the sheet is everything you need to add both to Munchkin Quest - rules, links, and even the monster's card!

Miniatures specials
Flames of War: The Art of War II book- get a free poster

o Happy Birthday Club
All Birthday Club members will receive a special coupon in email during their B-day month+
our coupons is sent out via
o Happy Birthday Discount
If it is your birthday - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise.+
o Senior Citizen - 10% off
If you are age 65 and over - prove it and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o  Miltary Discount - 10% off
In times of war, we do honor our Armed Services, show us your military I.D.  and receive 10% off most merchandise+
o Redeem your Kumon Dollars
Kumon dollars are worth 1¢ for each dollar+
o Weekly Raffle -
Every purchase puts you into our weekly raffle.
Every Sunday, we pick a name and if you happen to see your name by the end of Saturday, you win.  Pick a prize.
To allow more selection, any one item in the store that is discounted 50% off ($40 or under) can be chosen as your prize.

o Stamp Card Program
For every $15 of non-discounted or non-sale merchandise you buy
- you get 1 stamp on your Gator stamp card.
When you collect 10 stamps, turn it in for $10 in free merchandise.
+ items marked No-Discount are counted for the Stamp Card program.
+ Excludes Candy, Consignment,, bitz parts or Sale items

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o Events and Demos at Gator Games

There will be no events though Jan 4th for Holiday Shopping.
We will be resuming events on Jan 5th.


o Gamer News

OgreCave Christmas List - very good recommendations

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced that it is taking control of "all operational and business aspects" of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, effective immediately.  Upper Deck sued.

Yu-Gi-Oh! organized play is "in a transitional period," according to an open letter to Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Duelists from Konami VP Yumi Hoashi released late Sunday.

Saying that it "refuses to abandon players," Upper Deck has announced that it will continue to support Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG organized play programs

In a little over two years, became the number one anime Website.   In Part 1 of this two-part interview, Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao talks about how his site will transform into the newest legitimate channel for distribution of anime.

In Part 2, Gao argues that Crunchyroll is the new Toonami for a new generation of anime fans.

Two companies that were making a play to acquire HeroClix from Topps in the wake of its WizKids shutdown.

Fox's remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still topped the weekend box office with an estimated gross of $31 million, more than twice as much as its closest competitor.

Robert Carlyle will star in Stargate: Universe, the new series from Sci Fi Channel

Bettie Page, pinup queen and the inspiration for many artists, film-makers, and other creators, passed away in Los Angeles on Thursday at the age of 85.

Victor Gorelick and Fred Mausser will serve as co-presidents of Archie Comic Publications, Inc., the company announced on Friday

The top comic titles were AWOL in November, leading to a weak month over-all, based on the Top 300 comics

These are estimates of the sales of the Top 300 Comics by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during November 2008.

Hasbro withdrew its suit against the Calcutta brothers who developed Scrabulous last Friday.

Universal and Stuber Productions have signed a deal to produce a feature film based on the Bakugan anime and game property.

A second Bakugan anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestoria, will air in North America next spring.

A fifth Terminator film will be directed by McG and released in 2011.

4Kids Entertainment has reduced its staff by around 15%, according to a statement from the company.

A record $7.8 million worth of Hollywood memorabilia, including $240,000 for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, was sold last week.

Keanu Reeves is eager to play Spike Siegel in a live action adaptation of the Cowboy Bebop anime.

Pokemon USA has announced the February release of Pokemon TCG: Platinum, a launch that is being coordinated with the release of Nintendo's Pokemon Platinum video game

Majel Barrett Roddenberry, widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and voice of the Starship Enterprise's computer, has died at the age of 76.
Forgotten Futures RPG: Complete Rules For Adventures in Victorian and Edwardian Fantasy and Science Fiction.
The Forgotten Futures Compendium
Taking the Tunnel: introduction module

o Pre-orders
MFG 4500   Empire Builder $42.00
Discover a modern North American classic.  Celebrate one of our most vital and enduring passions: railroads. Use your initial investment to build track. Then pick up commodities where they are grown, mined, or manufactured and deliver them to a lucrative place of demand. Complete a delivery and make the money you need to buy larger, faster trains, and expand your railroad empire. Win the game by building the most effective railroad empire!  With over a million variations, Empire Builder® never grows old. Capture the entrepreneurial spirit of North America and learn to build an empire. Whether you share Empire Builder® as an evening with friends or as a rainy day activity with your family, you'll always find it captivating!  After enjoying this game, you can explore one of its many sequels, including  the award winning Eurorails?™ and Australian Rails™

IMP OWC4006     Call of Cthulhu: A Peculiar Pentad (Officially Licensed Call of Cthulhu Advenutre)    $12.00
It's a lonely life investigating grisly affairs and confronting unnameable horrors, and it requires all sorts of materials that can't be bought at the corner store as well as information that isn't found in mass-market publications. Sometimes it seems like an investigator is all on his or her own, with no one to turn to for advice, assistance, or just fairly-priced goods of a specific nature. But if you wander down the right back alley, you may be surprised what you find.  A Peculiar Pentad presents five shops that every investigator may want, or need, to visit-a rare book store where the proprietor quotes from texts that were supposedly lost to the ages; a repair shop whose owner can get any mechanical device, no matter where or when it was made, functioning as good as new-probably better; a private social club that caters to those who have seen things no human ever should, and more.  Written by a quintet of fan-favorite and award-winning game designers including Jeff Grubb, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Jeff Quick, John D. Rateliff, and Thomas M. Reid, A Peculiar Pentad is the first in a series of sourcebooks designed to provide resources and inspiration to Call of Cthulhu players and Keepers alike.

IMP PFSSUB08    The Cartographer's Annual Vol. II (DVD case, Add-On to CC3)   $39.95
For the second year now the Cartographer's Annual has gathered glowing comments and enthusiastic responses from the mapping community. Get an entire year's worth of stunning symbol sets, map styles, and insider tutorials in one fell swoop. So whether you want to create maps in Pete Fenlon's classic style, draw battle maps for your miniatures game, or design a star system for your sci-fi game, this is for you.

o NEW RELEASES - General Games - In-stock
0 to 7 days before it hits the store due to shipping
E-mail with your name and phone number or call if you want us to put something on hold or order in for you. We hold items in-stock for 3 days (no holds on cards) Pre-orders are held for 7 days. All stock numbers, titles, and prices are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
BFM TD017   Guards Gaming Set   20.00   
DCG FM-148   Fire & Movement #148   7.99   
HER 500   Fantasy Hero (Reprint)   31.99 
KEN 146   Knights of the Dinner Table #146   4.99    
IMP PFSCD3   City Designer 3 (software)  39.95    
FFG CS1012   Anima Tactics: Light Faction - Fallen Angel Dinah   9.99
FFG CS2018   Anima Tactics: Dark Faction - High Arbiter Alasto   9.99 
KEN 146   Knights of the Dinner Table #146   4.99 
RPR 50023   Doc Holiday   4.99 
RPR 50027   Captain Griffon, Superhero   4.99 
RPR 50033   Horace Action Jackson   4.99 
RPR 50034   Kascha Switlik, Female Skydiver   4.99 
RPR 50035   El Diablo, Professional Wrestler   6.99 
MEM 20037   Ladder Attackers (6)   9.99    
MEM 20040   Canoe (1)   9.99
MEM 40028   Sharks (5)   9.99    
MEM 40029   Sea Creatures (7)   9.99   
MEM 40030   Dolphins (5)   9.99   
SBL PLAINS   Combat Mat: Plains (6x4) 67.85 (no discount)
SBL SANDS   Combat Mat: Sands (6x4) 67.85 (no discount)
KPGP-P0501   Communism in the West: Cuba 1958 and Boliva 1967   $16.00  
RAF0015  Charlie Company: Tabletop Vietnam Rules  $20.00 
RAF0016  Modern Day Heroes Rule Book  $20.00
RAF0047  Death in the Dark Rule Book  $20.00 
RAF0999  Bases: Bases (6) Solid  $5.95
RAF1000  Bases: Bases (6)  $5.95 
RAF1001  Bases: London Sewer Lid (6)  $6.95 
RAF1002  Bases: Chicago Sewer Lid (6)  $6.95 
RAF1003  Bases: N.Y.C Sewer Lid (6)  $6.95 
RAF1004  Bases: Sci-Fi Base (6)  $6.95 
RAF1005  Bases: Plain Sewer 1 (6)  $6.95 
RAF1006  Bases: Plain Sewer 2 (6)  $6.95 
RAF1007  Bases: Chinese Power Base (6)  $6.95 
RAF1008  Bases: Bio-Hazard Base (6)  $6.95 
RAF1009  Bases: Grate (6)  $6.95 
RAF1010  Bases: Metal Starship (6)  $6.95 
RAF1011  Bases: Deck Plate (6)  $6.95 
RAF1012  Bases: Alien Rune (6)  $6.95 
RAF1941  Bases: German Base Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1942  Bases: Russian Base Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1943  Bases: British Base Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1944  Bases: American Base Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1945  Bases: WWII Battle Bases German (6)  $6.95 
RAF1946  Bases: WWII Battle Bases German (3)  $6.95 
RAF1947  Bases: Russian Set (6)  $6.95 
RAF1948  Bases: Russian Set (3)  $6.95 
RAF1949  Bases: British Set (6)  $8.95 
RAF1950  Bases: British Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1951  Bases: American Set (6)  $8.95 
RAF1952  Bases: American Set (3)  $8.95 
RAF1953  Bases: Japanese 3 Piece Set (2x1'',1x2'')  $8.95 
RAF1954  Bases: Japanese 3 Piece Set (6x1'')  $8.95 
RAF1955  Bases: Japanese 3 Piece Set (3x2'')  $8.95 
RAF2956  Call of Cthulhu Miniatures: Deep Ones-Pack Two (3)  $7.95 
RAF2996  Call of Cthulhu Miniatures: Driver Set  $6.95 
RAF4580  Accessories: Coffins (4)  $5.95 
RAF4581  Accessories: Wizard's Labrotory  $5.95 
RAF4582  Accessories: Bone  $5.95 
RAF4583  Accessories: Death Columns (4)  $6.95 
RAF4584  Accessories: Summoning Stones (6)  $5.95 
RAF4585  Accessories: Gates (2)  $10.95 
RAF4586  Accessories: Mad Scientists Lab (4)  $6.95 
RAF4587  Accessories: Torture Chamber  $5.95 
SPGSDW001  The Uncharted Seas: Iron Dwarves Starter Fleet  $30.75 
SPGSDW006  The Uncharted Seas: Iron Dwarf Frigates 2 (x6)  $8.00 
SPGSOR005  The Uncharted Seas: Orc Raiders Battlecruiser (1)  $17.00 

SMGSG0002W  Napoleon's Triumph: The Battle of Austerlitz, 2 December 1805   $59.95
On 2 December 1805, the Emperor Napoleon had lured the Allied Army under Czar Alexander into attacking him in one of the most famous traps in military history. The Allied army attacked but was split in two by a French counter-attack and disastrously defeated, giving Napoleon one of the greatest victories in the history of war - Austerlitz. Napoleon's Triumph is built on the same foundations as its acclaimed predecessor, Bonaparte at Marengo, but is bigger and grander in scale. It uses two boards to make a double-size 44" x 34" map of the Austerlitz battlefield and has twice as many pieces as the earlier game, but defying the tradition that big wargames must also take a long time to play, Napoleon's Triumph can be played from start to finish in a single evening.

SMGHG0002W   King of Siam: A Fast-Playing Subtle Battle of Wits   $34.95 
King of Siam is a game for 2, 3, or 4 players based on that power struggle. The players vie for influence with the opposing factions and attempt to steer the faction in which their influence is greatest into power. This must be done, however, without the struggle becoming too overt, or the British can move in. King of Siam, is an easy to learn, unique, fast-playing subtle battle of wits based on that fascinating historical struggle. The printed game materials are in English and German, and additional translations are available for download.

LOO-001 Fluxx 4.0     $16.00
Fluxx has gotten a complete makeover! We've made a lot of changes to the game in our recent editions, and it's time Original Fluxx moved into the New Era. All the artwork is now in color, and the deck size has increased to the new 100-card standard. Creepers were such a success in Zombie Fluxx that we've turned War, Death, and Taxes into creepers in this new edition of the original game! It's the ever popular Card Game of Ever Changing Rules - now in Color!

LOO-034 Treehouse: Pink    $13.00
Pink Treehouse is a special new edition of the award-winning game Treehouse, featuring totally pink gaming pyramids! While the standard Treehouse set includes pyramids of 5 different colors, the actual game does not require all these colors - you can also play Treehouse with a set of pyramids that are all the same color. Pink Treehouse introduces a long-awaited new color to the Icehouse game system (which pyramid fans will love) and best of all, Looney Labs will donate a portion of the proceeds from this product to the fight against Breast Cancer.

TLG1113 The Crusader: Vol.4 No. 13    $3.50
One of the few in print gaming magazines available to the public today. Now Monthly the Crusader brings tons of crunchy bits for your regular game of C&C as well as most any other game you play. Now with cartoons, reviews and more.

IMP GMG4411   Hero's Handbook: Dragonborn (GSL)   19.99 
Born of dragons and steeped in war, the greatest warriors have always been the dragonborn. Herein, players and DMs alike will learn the secrets of the last of the warrior-kings, the sinister plots of the Cult of Tiamat, the mysteries of the Forbidden City, and the siren song of long-lost homelands.

HER 232   Champions: Shades of Black   26.99  
The evil Black Paladin has devised a cunning plan to return his long-dead love to life... and if he succeeds, the two of them may become powerful enough to conquer the world! This adventure for Champions pits your heroes against the Knight of the Crow in a battle to defeat ultimate evil.

TCC1243 Chaotic: DVD & Starter Deck Combo     $19.99
One of two different starter decks - Overworld and Underworld. Chaotic is the first entertainment brand specifically designed to unite the worlds of immersive story-telling, roll-playing, and technology.  This revolutionary trading card game brings together on-air, online and in person game play. The television series which airs on CW4Kids and Fox, two teenage boys, Tom and Kaz, discover a portal to the secret world of Chaotic while playing the Chaotic Trading Card Game.  There they find that the game is actually real! While in Chaotic they can also transport to Perim, a parallel universe which is inhabited by four tribes(that we know of), consisting of hundreds of unique Creatures. This Collectors Combo introduces the world to this great property with a DVD of the first two Chaotic episodes along with the Chaotic Dawn of Perim Starter Deck.

TCD 1119-D   Chaotic TCG: M'arrillian Invasion - Rise of the Oligarch Booster Display (24)   95.76    
The ancient legends are true, the mythical M'arrillians are real! Experience the devastation as this merciless new Tribe overwhelms Perim, inundating and conquering scores of treasured Locations in their wake. The beleaguered Tribes quickly realize that to defeat their enemy, they must explore the mysteries that lurk in the uncharted regions behind the Doors of the Deepmines! Explore the world of Chaotic as the M'arrillians continue their conquest of Perim in this 100-card expansion introduced in 9-card boosters packed in 24-count displays.

APL 850   Panzer Grenadier: Campaigns and Commanders Volume 1: War in the East   19.99
War in the East includes the campaign games "The September Campaign: 1939," "Barbarossa: 1941," and "The Battle for Germany: 1945." It also includes historical articles and strategy tips on how to use Leader Characters in battle. Requires ownership of Eastern Front Deluxe, Road to Berlin, and White Eagles to utilize all of the campaigns.

IMP XRP6107   Advanced Adventures #7: The Sarcophagus Legion   12.00 
A group of hardy adventurers must rescue a captured princess from the clutches of the desert dervishes in The Sarcophagus Legion, an adventure compatible with the first edition of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game designed for 4-6 characters of levels 2-4.

IMP XRP8103   Lands Of Darkness #3: The Woods of Woe (GSL)   12.00 
There can be no points of light without Lands of Darkness! This all-new series of location-based encounters is ripe for exploration, gold, and glory, and can be incorporated into any existing campaign. Designed for character levels 6-8, Woods of Woe delves into the mysteries and monsters within a dark and foreboding grove.

MGP 3809   Traveller RPG Pocket Edition   19.95 
Harking back to the days of the Little Black Books, Traveller Pocket Edition is a portable, bite-sized rulebook that nonetheless packs in all the rules of its full-sized counterpart.

MGP 6661   Paranoia XP: The Thin Green Line   19.95  
Attention, citizen! You're in The Computer's Army now! As part of your heroic sacrifice (service!) to Alpha Complex, you will fight on the front lines against the Commies, the hideous monsters of Outside, rival Complexes, and corrupt renegade warlords! If you survive, maybe you'll even be promoted into the elite ranks of the Vulture Troopers!

MGP 6662   Paranoia XP: Alpha Complex Nights 2   19.95  
Alpha Complex Nights 2 introduces a pair of lengthy missions revolving around giving your players enough rope to hang... er, I mean lots of authority and responsibility: "Viva La Revolution" and "The Communist Cafeteria Conspiracy."

MGP 7815   Conan RPG: Betrayer Of Asgard   29.95  
A new enemy has arisen in Asgard, and tracking down the source of this power will not prove easy! Written by master story-teller Gareth Hanrahan, this Conan RPG campaign has multiple endings, allowing a Games Master to tailor it to his own group of players, and keep them guessing right to the explosive end.

FFG SC02   Starcraft Board Game: Brood War Expansion   59.95 
With the shattered Zerg hive torn apart by fierce infighting, the Protoss seek to reunite with their Dark Templar brethren and begin rebuilding their devastated homeworld, Aiur. Terran Emperor Mengsk I, having achieved his goal of total domination over the human colonies, must now face two formidable threats. On one side is the rising power of the woman he betrayed - Kerrigan, now the infamous Zerg Queen of Blades
and on the other, a malevolent conspiracy deep within his own ranks. This expansion to the award-winning StarCraft: The Board Game provides a wide range of new units, planets, orders, and technologies, and introduces brand-new rules for Leadership Cards, Heroes, and Scenario Play.

FFG TD03   Tide of Iron: Normandy Expansion   59.95 
By the summer of 1944, almost every nation in Europe had fallen under Nazi occupation. To stop Hitler's invading forces and to free those countries under his control, Allied forces drew up plans for an assault, code-named Operation Overlord. In the early morning of June 6th, American soldiers landed in two separate areas of the 60-mile coastline of Normandy, France. The D-Day invasion had begun! Featuring new tanks, troops, and terrain, the Normandy expansion builds upon and enriches the Tide of Iron base game by allowing players to recreate Allied beach landings against fortified German defenses.

FFG TD04   Tide of Iron: Designer Series   29.95 
Compiled by distinguished conflict historian Dana Lombardy (Streets of Stralingrad), the Tide of Iron: Designer Series is a hardcover collection of twenty scenarios crafted by today's most famous wargame designers, including several scenarios that incorporate the North Africa Days of the Fox Expansion.

FFG TM03   Talisman Revised 4th Edition: The Reaper Expansion   24.95
Will you look Death in the Eye? The race to the Crown of Command has never been deadlier as Death himself wanders the land! Can the heroes fulfill their epic quests with the spectre of the Grim Reaper hounding their every move? The Reaper expansion offers Talisman Revised 4th Edition players four new character cards and plastic figures, 90 new Adventure Cards, 26 new Spell Cards, 12 Warlock Quest Cards, and the Grim Reaper, a dark figure that players manipulate against each other.

ZMG 7026   Agricola   70.00  (reprint)
In Agricola (Latin for "farmer"), players attempt to build and cultivate a farm through collecting clay, wood, or stone, building fences, harvesting the land, and raising a family.

HDG 2002   The World's Greatest Screen (Black)   29.95 
Compatible with wet erase markers and crafted of four sturdy vinyl panels with clear pockets on either side for a total of eight panels designed to hold 8.5" x 11" and A4 paper, this fully customizable game aid allows Game Masters to create their own RPG Screens.

ZMG 9012   Start Player   10.00  
Always having trouble deciding the start player of a game? Well, trouble no more with Start Player, a game accessory of 55 cards featuring art from Ted Alspach's webcomic "Board2Pieces" and packed with questions to help determine who is the start player.

RGG A14   Chicago Express   59.95 
All aboard for the Chicago Express! B&O, C&O, Pennsylvania, and New York Central railroads drive from the East Coast across the growing eastern US to Chicago, while smaller, more aggressive railroads like the Wabash spring up to further expand America's extensive railroads. As railroad executives, players vie for the maximum return on their investment in the Chicago Express!

RGG A15   Alhambra: Power of the Sultan Expansion   29.95 
This expansion for Alhambra contains four new modules featuring new tiles, cards, and markers: Die Karawanserei (The Caravan), Die K'nste der Mauren (The Art of The Moorish), Die macht des Sultans (The Power of the Sultan), and Die neuen W'rtungsk'rtchen (New Value Cards).

BOE 002   Playing Gods Expansion Pack   4.99    
The earthly and divine realms meet in Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination.  Whether wreaking disasters of biblical proportions on innocent populations or bestowing providence and goodwill, the gods have ever made sport of humans. Easily incorporated into the existing rules and card decks, this Expansion Pack features 30 deluxe cards that provide special attacks and defenses based on each of the five major religion's characteristics.

BLP HTBA1   Warhammer Historical: Warmaster Ancients - Medieval Armies   35.00
This supplement for Warmaster Ancients is packed with over 30 new armies including The Samurai, Anglo-Normans, Armies of the Hundred Years War, The War of the Roses, The Army of Saladin, and many more! Also featured are comprehensive rules on fighting sieges including siege cannons, trebuchet, spies, and saboteurs.

CPS 1004   Eagles of the Empire: Spanish Eagles   65.00
Suitable for solitaire play, Spanish Eagles introduces two complete battles from the Napoleonic Wars: Albuera and Talavera.

BLP 140   Warhammer 40K: Hammer of Daemons MMPB   7.99 
When the forces of the Imperium suffer a crushing defeat by Chaos, Grey Knight Alaric is captured and taken back to a daemon world in the Eye of Terror and forced to fight as a gladiator for his daemonic masters. His only chance of escape is to find a legendary weapon with the power to destroy the forces of Chaos that imprison him!

BLP 141   Warhammer: Oathbreaker MMPB   7.99
In the bleak mountains of the Warhammer Old World, the dwarf race fights a bitter battle for survival against its ancient enemies. When the hold Karak Varn is overrun by skaven ratmen, Dwarf Thane Uthor makes a rash vow to the enormity of such a task!

BLP 143   Warhammer 40K: Scourge the Heretic MMPB   7.99
While Space Marines and the Imperial Guard battle aliens among the stars, it is the job of the Inquisition to hunt down the heretics who corrupt society from within. When an Ordo Hereticus warband is sent to investigate an inter-planetary people-trafficking operation, they soon find something much more sinister!

BLP 160   Warhammer: The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Volume 1 MMPB   11.99
The Dark Elves are feared throughout the Old World for their evil, savage ways, yet one member of this despicable race stands out for his treachery and cunning - Malus Darkblade. Possessed by the ancient daemon Tz'arkan, Darkblade must recover five items of unimaginable power within one year or forfeit his soul forever!

BLP 161   Warhammer 40k: Blood Angels - Red Fury MMPB   7.99  
Following the tragic events that led the Blood Angels to the brink of civil war, the Chapter's strength has been badly depleted. With tempers flaring, and mutants running wild on their homeworld, can the Blood Angels and their successor Chapters put aside their rivalries and rebuild the Chapter before it's too late?

BLP 162   Warhammer: Time of Legends - Nagash The Sorcerer MMPB   7.99  
Next in the ground breaking Time of Legends series, Mike Lee tells the bitter story of the rise of Nagash, a priest king whose quest for immortality would unleash a plague of death and evil in a time when the dead will rise again!

BLP 169   Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy - Mechanicum MMPB   7.99 
In this epic tale, author Graham McNeill tells the story of the civil war on Mars, home to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the genesis of the Dark Mechanicum.

BLP 170   Warhammer 40k: Dark Disciple MMPB   7.99 
The brutal sequel to Dark Apostle! Ever driven by his lust for power, Marduk, aspiring Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Chaos Space Marine Legion, strives to unlock the secrets of an ancient and deadly artifact.

BLP 171   Warhammer: A Massacre In Marienburg MMPB   7.99 
The sequel to A Murder in Marienburg! Marienburg is the greatest port of the Old World, and stands at constant alert against its enemies. When the port comes under attack from a horde of undead led by an all-powerful necromancer, the people of Marienburg must fight a desperate battle to save their city - and themselves!

BLP 172   Warhammer 40k: Imperial Guard Omnibus Volume 1 MMPB   13.99  
Collected within are three novels of war and heroism - Fifteen Hours, Death World, and Rebel Winter - spanning frozen ice worlds, deadly jungle planets, and battlefields of endless war, plus three brand-new short stories!

BLP 400   Warhammer: Grudgelore Background Book   29.99 
This background book details five dramatic chapters in the history of two ancient holds of the dwarfs. Written as if an artifact from the Warhammer World, Grudgelore contains a wealth of associated background about the dwarfs and in-character tales of heroism and desperate battles.

BLP 401   Warhammer: The Art of Clint Langley Artbook   29.99  
This stunning collection of the fantasy and science fiction art of Clint Langley, based on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, features a selection of full-color novel covers and collectible card game art with insightful commentary by Black Library authors on his work.

BLP 561   Warhammer 40K: Storm of Iron (2007 Edition)   7.99  
In a dark and gothic future, humanity fights a constant battle for survival in a hostile universe. Now hell has come to Hydra Cordatus, for a massive force of Chaos-spawned Iron Warriors have invaded the planet, laying siege to its Imperial citadel. But what prize could possibly be worth so much savage bloodshed and destruction?

BPN8015 Mini Dice Tower    $15.00
Finally, an affordable, portable, durable, stable randomizer you can take with you anytime and anywhere you game. Measuring approx 15 cm tall, 10 cm wide and 10 cm deep with an adjustable, removable drawer at the bottom to catch your dice.  Constructed of laser-cut 3mm unfinished birch, it's ready to use now, or you can customize it with your own designs.  Paint it, stain it, spray it, attach decals or glue on your favorite scenes, however you want to make it your own.

DKGOAS  Oasis $14.95
"The Fantasy Trip"-compatible science-fiction adventures are ready-to-play role-playing adventures, designed for solitaire or group play. All components (except dice) are included--the adventure booklet, rules, pieces and board: You sign on with the Andromeda Mining Corporation's Reverted Worlds Project--a high-paying gig with few risks. When tasked to recover an errant probe, you look forward to another boondoggle until you land on Oasis, and find that it isn't what you bargained for...

DSZ1000 Drinking Suddz     $19.99
This game is not for the weak. Developed by a bar owner in Milwaukee (beer town).  This game is more exciting than a regular drinking game.  Drinking Suddz combines great fun and drinking with strategic game play.  Gather your friends for a buzz filled night of laughs and Suddz.  This game can be played with 2 or more players . Even partners or teams.  Every game is never the same.  Wild cards add to the fun and excitement to personalize each and every game played.

BFM SU732    Strelkovy Company   unit size 2-6 $20.00 
This is the late war infantry choice for your Soviet army.  With this you can make Strelkovy or Motostrelkovy Battalions.  This blister contains a minimum strength Strelkovy company (which due to Soviet organization is similar to a platoon of other nations).  You will need 3 blisters of these to form a full strength company out of Fortress Europe.  Here are some pictures:

BFM SU734    Machine-gun Company    unit size 1-2  $20.00 
A complete company of HMG's ready to go to assist the Soviet Horde. Have a look at them here:

BFM TD018    78th Sturm Gaming Set    unit size 2+ $20.00 
This is your dice and token tin for the 78th Sturm in Stalin's Onslaught. Check it out here:

BFM  GE257    SdKfz 251/16D (Flame)    unit size 2-6   $11.00  
You can use 2 of these for the HQ weapons choice for the Panzerspahkompanie on page 33 of Monty's Meatgrinder. You can also field 2-6 of these in Fortress Europe (page 34) for your panzergrenadier companies.  Flamethrowers are quite fun and can present a bigger threat to your opponent than any big gun or infantry assault.   This halftrack is the "D" variant that you see in late war.  Have a look at it here:

***12/23 STREET DATE***
OSPBTO036  Samurai Armies 1467-1649 $25.95

***12/30 STREET DATE***
CYT35160   CBT: Record Sheets: 3039 $9.99
Companion volume to the Introductory Box Set and Technical Readout: 3039 (though Technical Readout: 3039 is not needed to use the Record Sheets: 3039 with the Introductory Box Set).  Record Sheets: 3039 includes more vehicle movement and combat rules, fleshing out the Vehicle and Infantry QSR rules from the Introductory Rulebook (contained in the Introductory Box Set) for more combined-arms action and fun.  It uses the new Introductory Box Set and Total Warfare-style record sheets and includes ready-to-play scenarios and quick-start rules for generating your own scenarios.

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: Games and Accessories
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you.
IWM 20-443   Hammerhands (3075)   12.75  
IWM 20-444   Atlas II (3075)   13.25   
IWM 20-445   Longshot Mech (solaris VII)   9.50  
WIZ PP552    Marvel HC Jean Grey Phoenix     60.00 
FDYCR001   Cesarean Romans: Romans in Camp   $23.00  
FDYCR11  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Throwing Javelin  $23.00 
FDYCR12  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Attacking with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR13  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Attacking with Javelin  $23.00 
FDYCR14  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Advancing with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR15  Cesarean Romans: Numidian Allied Light Cavalry  $25.00
FDYCR16  Cesarean Romans: Spanish Allied Caetrati Javelinmen  $23.00 
FDYCR17  Cesarean Romans: Roman Tribunes  $23.00 
FDYCR18  Cesarean Romans: Legionary Command  $23.00 
FDYCR21  Cesarean Romans: Centurions Advancing  $23.00 
FDYCR22  Cesarean Romans: Centurions Attacking  $23.00  $13.80
FDYCR23  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Gallic Legionaries Attacking with Javelin  $23.00 
FDYCR24  Cesarean Romans: Gallic Legionaries Advancing with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR25  Cesarean Romans: Gallic Legionaries Attacking with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR26  Cesarean Romans: Numidian Allied Javelinmen  $25.00 
FDYCR27  Cesarean Romans: Numidian Allied Light Cavalry 2  $25.00 
FDYCR28  Cesarean Romans: Numidian Allied Light Cavalry 3  $25.00 
FDYCR31  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries at the Ready  $23.00 
FDYCR32  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Throwing Javelin 2  $23.00 
FDYCR33  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Attacking with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR34  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Gallic Legionaries at the Ready  $23.00
FDYCR35  Cesarean Romans: Allied Gallic Cavalry  $25.00 
FDYCR36  Cesarean Romans: Allied Gallic Cavalry 2  $25.00 
FDYCR37  Cesarean Romans: Allied Gallic Cavalry 3  $25.00 
FDYCR38  Cesarean Romans: Allied Gallic Cavalry 4  $25.00 
FDYCR41  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Advancing with Sword  $23.00 
FDYCR42  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Advancing with Sword 2  $23.00 
FDYCR43  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Attacking with Sword 2  $23.00 
FDYCR44  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Advancing with Sword 2  $23.00 
FDYCR45  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Attacking with Sword 2  $23.00 
FDYCR46  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries at the Ready 2  $23.00 
FDYCR47  Cesarean Romans: Spanish Allied Cavalry  $25.00 
FDYCR48  Cesarean Romans: Spanish Allied Cavalry 2  $25.00 
FDYCR51  Cesarean Romans: Mounted Roman Generals  $25.00 
FDYCR52  Cesarean Romans: Mounted Roman Standards  $25.00 
FDYCR53  Cesarean Romans: Mounted Centurions  $25.00 
FDYCR54  Cesarean Romans: Proximus the Slave Trader  $23.00 
FDYCR55  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Characters  $23.00 
FDYCR56  Cesarean Romans: Legionaries Characters  $23.00 
FDYCR57  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Marching  $23.00 
FDYCR58  Cesarean Romans: Veteran Legionaries Marching Characters  $23.00 
FDYGPR32  Foundry General Purpose: Crates, Sacks & Barrels  $23.00 
FDYGPR33  Foundry General Purpose: The Smithy  $15.50 
FDYOWA4  Old West: Apache III (6)  $23.00 
FDYWP1  28mm Historicals - Weapons: Pike 100mm Steel Pin (40)  $10.50 
FDYWP2  28mm Historicals - Weapons: Spear/Lance 80mm Steel (40)  $10.50 
JRM1508  Terrain: 15mm Middle East - House of Shehhi  $5.75 
JRM1564  Terrain: 15mm Stalingrad - G.U.M. Dept Store  $17.00 
JRM1638  Terrain: 15mm Napoleonic - French Villa  $5.75 
JRM6151  Terrain: 25mm Medieval - Tavern Set 6pc  $6.50 
MASBB01S02A  Battle Bases: Ruins Bases, 25x25mm (5)  $6.95 
ANC20003   Xyston 15mm: Hoplites in Metal Cuirass (8)   $5.49  
ANC20109  Xyston 15mm: Mounted Macedonian Generals (4)  $7.99 
ANC20186  Xyston 15mm: Gallic Swords in Sheaths (24)  $5.50 
URM13003   Urban War Militia: Militia Females with Pistols (5)   $15.99  
URM13109  Urban War Viridian: Viridian Sniper Veteran (1)  $7.99 
URM13146  Metropolis - Viridian: Urban Interdict (1)  $8.00 
URM13151  Metropolis - Viridian: Land-Pilot (Female) (1)  $8.00 
URM13436  Metropolis - Triads: Saburai (Female) (1)  $8.00 
URM13516  Metropolis - Koralon: Reaper Hybrids (2)  $16.00
URM13644  Metropolis - Junkers: Loricatus (Female) (1)  $8.00 
URM13717  Metropolis - VASA: Black Legion Serg (1)  $10.00 
URM13721  Metropolis - VASA: Red Guard (1)  $10.00
URM13732  Metropolis - VASA: Mechsoldat (Female) (1)  $8.00 
ANC20003   Xyston 15mm: Hoplites in Metal Cuirass (8)   $5.49 
ANC20109  Xyston 15mm: Mounted Macedonian Generals (4)  $7.99 
ANC20186  Xyston 15mm: Gallic Swords in Sheaths (24)  $5.50
JRM3038   Terrain: Rivers - 15mm River Ford   $8.00 
JRM3039  Terrain: Rivers - 15mm River Crossing with Bridge  $14.00
JRM3226  Terrain: Rivers - 28mm River Ford  $12.00 
JRM3422  Terrain: Rivers - 6mm River Ford  $5.50 
JRM3623  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Straight Trench  $9.00 
JRM3624  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench End Position Right  $6.00 
JRM3625  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench End Position Left  $6.00 
JRM3626  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench 45 Turn Concave  $9.00 
JRM3627  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench 45 Turn Convex  $9.00 
JRM3628  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench 90 Turn Left  $7.00 
JRM3629  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench 90 Turn Right  $7.00 
JRM3630  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Heavy Weapon Trench  $9.00
JRM3631  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Trench Set  $25.00 
JRM4412  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Stone Arch Bridge Unpainted  $11.00 
JRM4413  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Wooden Russian Bridge Unpainted  $14.00 
JRM7033  Terrain: 28mm Sci-Fi - Corridor Ruins  $15.00
JRM9531  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Stone Arch Bridge Painted  $18.00 
JRM9532  Terrain: WWII - 15mm Wooden Russian Bridge Painted  $23.00 
KPGP-P0501  Communism in the West: Cuba 1958 and Boliva 1967  $16.00 
RAF2040  USX Modern Day Heroes: USX Starter Set  $39.95
RAF2041  USX Modern Day Heroes: SWAT Team  $33.00
RAF2042  USX Modern Day Heroes: Liberation Army Set  $33.00 
RAF2043  USX Modern Day Heroes: USX Adventure Heroes  $33.00 
RAF2044  USX Modern Day Heroes: Cthuhlu Monsters  $33.00 
RAF2045  USX Modern Day Heroes: Zombie Horde Set  $33.00 
RAF2799  USX Modern Day Heroes: Qi Lin - Chinese Lion with Base  $14.95
RAF2801  USX Modern Day Heroes: Mr. Korson-Antiquarian  $4.95 
RAF2802  USX Modern Day Heroes: Desiree Dark ''Mercenary''  $4.95 
RAF2803  USX Modern Day Heroes: Hanna - Survivor  $4.95 
RAF2804  USX Modern Day Heroes: Briggs - Rogue Cop  $4.95 
RAF2805  USX Modern Day Heroes: ASP - Female Assassin  $4.95 
RAF2806  The Man - SWAT Team Leader  $4.95 
RAF2807  USX Modern Day Heroes: Sgt. Flanagan - SWAT Sgt.  $4.95
RAF2808  USX Modern Day Heroes: SWAT Grunts (4)  $11.95 
RAF2809  USX Modern Day Heroes: Decius - Terrorist Cell Leader  $4.95 
RAF2810  USX Modern Day Heroes: Terrorist Cell (4)  $11.95 
RAF2811  USX Modern Day Heroes: Karl H. Ungus -Terrorist Enforcer  $4.95 
RAF2812  USX Modern Day Heroes: Hank Thorton WWII Reinactor  $4.95
RAF2815  USX Modern Day Heroes: Sydney Greenspan The Boss  $4.95 
RAF2816  USX Modern Day Heroes: Harold Smith - White Collar  $4.95 
RAF2817  USX Modern Day Heroes: Gloria - Hired gun  $4.95 
RAF2818  USX Modern Day Heroes: Hammer- Biker  $4.95 
RAF2819  USX Modern Day Heroes: Paige Fox - Reporter of Note  $4.95 
RAF2820  USX Modern Day Heroes: Burt Jackson, Trucker (1)  $4.95 
RAF2821  USX Modern Day Heroes: Young Werewolf  $4.95 
RAF2822  USX Modern Day Heroes: Zombies (4)  $9.95 
RAF2823  USX Modern Day Heroes: C.S.D. MK-1  $4.95 
RAF2824  USX Modern Day Heroes: Professor Eddie Coffin (1)  $4.95 
RAF2825  USX Modern Day Heroes: Hubert - Equalizer  $4.95 
RAF2826  USX Modern Day Heroes: Jocelyne La Femme Sans Merci  $4.95
RAF2827  USX Modern Day Heroes: The Pretender (1)  $4.95 
RAF2828  USX Modern Day Heroes: MK-1 A.S.D Aerial Surv. Drone  $6.95 
RAF2829  USX Modern Day Heroes: Delilah  $4.95 
RAF2830  USX Modern Day Heroes: The Pretender 2  $4.95 
RAF2831  USX Modern Day Heroes: The Pretender 3  $4.95 
RAF2832  USX Modern Day Heroes: Desire Dark Up-Gunned  $4.95 
RAF2833  USX Modern Day Heroes: Briggs W/S.A.W  $4.95 
RAF2834  USX Modern Day Heroes: CSD MkII Enforcer  $10.95 
RAF2835  USX Modern Day Heroes: Gloria (Uzis)  $4.95 
RAF2880  USX Modern Day Heroes: Parking Curbs 1:43 Scales (6)  $6.95 

FFG GOT39   A Game of Thrones LCG: A Change Of Seasons Chapter Pack   9.95 
Expanding upon the Summer/Winter mechanics seen in the two previous Chapter Packs, the A Change of Seasons 40-card Chapter Pack adds 20 distinct cards to a player's collection, allowing them to customize and create strategies and decks of their own for the A Game of Thrones Living Card Game.

FFG MC03   Mutant Chronicles CMG: Karak's Curse Warband   14.95  
Karak's Curse provides the dramatic addition of the dangerous heretic Karak to the war-torn Mutant Chronicles universe. As the first unit from the new Ilian faction, Karak wields a powerful, disciple-creating ability that ensures he'll never fight alone and an all-new fortification piece that'll change the way players build their armies! This fixed Warband pack for use with the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game comes complete with a large, double-based Karak the Keeper Ilian figure, 10 all-new Command Cards, and a terrain-fortification piece (Karak's Command Tent).

FFG MC04   Mutant Chronicles CMG: Undying Legions Warband   14.95 
The deadly new demon faction, Ilian, receives reinforcements with the release of the Undying Legions for the Mutant Chronicles Collectible Miniatures Game. Between the chilling powers of the brutish Ice Golem and Ilian's relentless Undead Legionnaires, no faction is safe! This fixed Warband pack contains the imposingly large, double-based Ilian Ice Golem figure, as well as Undead and Cursed Legionnaires, all-new Command Cards, four new Unit cards, and a sheet of Ice tokens.

DKGDSI  The Dark Star Incident,    $14.95
The Dark Star Incident is a science fiction adventure for Dark City Games' "Legends of Time and Space." It is suitable for solitaire or group play. Two parsecs out from Void Station 57, the Abaddon/Sheol binary system spins through the stygian darkness. The twin planets would be lifeless ice-rocks if not for the Dark Star Containment facility for the criminally incorrigible. The Terran Bureau of Investigation has traced a deadly new street drug to the facility. As contract investigators, you must resolve the situation as quickly as possible. However, your investigation only scratches the surface of a far greater menace.

GNF1002 Fae Noir: Amazing Arcana $19.99
Amazing Arcana is the magic supplement for the Fae Noir game. It contains a comprehensive look at the state of the mystic arts around the world, new spells, new arcane edges and flaws, complete rules for the creation and use of enchanted items in your campaign, and a menagerie of spirits and the undead.

KHP008  Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone    $45.95
Sci-Fi in the world of Greek Legend.  In ancient times, the spacefaring Hellenes and their Gods defeated an empire that threatened the entire galaxy. Now, after centuries of darkness, their enemies have returned for a final reckoning, and only a chosen few -- wielding the power of the Gods -- stand between them and certain destruction. Hellas is an exciting fusion of high drama, action-adventure, romance, mythology-infused space opera and science fiction!

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders Anime/Manga/DVD  Deposit is required.
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
BAN 26060   Gundam Seed Destiny TV Movie 4 (DVD)   29.99
BAN 80413   Gurren Lagann Set Part 2 (DVD)   39.99  
FUN GN-08488   Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Season 1 (DVD)   59.99  
MDB KVD-0861   Kiss In The Dark (DVD)   24.99  
MDB KVD-0900   Cleavage (DVD)   29.99  
FUN FN-07907   Glass Fleet Complete Collection Box Set (DVD)   59.99
FUN FN-08417   Moonphase Complete Collection Box Set (DVD) (Viridian Collection)   49.99    
FUN FN-09531   Ouran High School Host Club Season 1 Part 2 (DVD)   59.98   
FUN GN-08555   Black Lagoon Season 1 Complete Collection Box Set (DVD)   49.99
VIZ DDN07   Death Note V7 (DVD)   24.98  
VIZ DDN08   Death Note V8 (DVD)   24.98
VIZ DNR28   Naruto V28 (DVD)   19.98  
VIZ DNR29   Naruto V29 (DVD)   19.99  
VIZ DNR30   Naruto V30 (DVD)   19.99 
VIZ DNR31   Naruto V31 (DVD)   19.99 
VIZ DNRBS11   Naruto Box Set 11 (DVD)   49.99  

o NEW RELEASES: Special Orders: TV, Sports Cards Boxes & Statues
We do not carry these items in store, but will order them for you. 
Deposit is required - have to order by case if listed that way.
I can get sport, trading (non-gaming), out of print and non-popular (clearance)
cards. Please inquire about price - I will check my cheapest source
There is box discount, usually 20% off. 
Code  Description  Release MSRP 
08TOBS     2008 TOPPS STERLING BASEBALL (5 CARDS)     12/24/08 
08UDBSS   2008 UPPER DECK SWEET SPOT BASEBALL   12/23/08   $119.94 
08DPBPPC   2008 PLAYOFF PRIME CUTS BASEBALL   12/26/08   $200.00
08TOBBS     2008 BOWMAN STERLING BASEBALL     12/29/08 
08TOKH   08/09 TOPPS HARDWOOD NBA   12/31/08   $90.00
08UDHT     2008/09 UPPER DECK TRILOGY HOCKEY     12/30/08     $179.91    
MTHALO09HC   HALO 09 Heroic Collection 2.5" 3-Pack Asst 18670-3   12/29/08   
MTHALO09HCRT   HALO '09 Heroic Coll 2.5" Red Team SOLID #18671-0   12/29/08   
MTHALO09HCBT   HALO '09 Heroic Coll 2.5" Blue Team SOLID #18672-7   12/29/08   
MTHALO09HCLW1   HALO 09 Heroic Col 2.5 Lone Wolves 1 SOLID 18673-4   12/29/08   
MTHALO09HCLW2   HALO 09 Heroic Col 2.5 Lone Wolves 2 SOLID 18674-1   12/29/08 


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